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General Video Game Discussion Thread
Dec 29 2015, 06:04 PM
What really is also amazing about MGSV is how it's written. The writing. o-o
I'm probably having the most fun playing that I've had with a metal gear game, but the writing definitely isn't there in places for me.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
I'm still wishing I could play as my (female) MGO soldier, but it's good stuff anyway.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Oh hey there you are.

Vote: Prim

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Phantom Pain is pretty fun.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Okay, good, tested.

Prim's gone to ground super hard and I don't like it.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
I'll stop thinking Doc is shady when he shows more town motivated play, tbh.

'shoot me! nyeh nyeh, I won't die!' is not a town-angled response to this sort of situation. Why aren't we being discouraged from wasting resources rather than quasi-taunted?

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
There has to be a catch. Not being able to post in the thread isn't exactly a drawback when you can relay messages to others.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
There's a difference between bastard and flagrantly overpowered.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Personally the reason I want a shot at Doc is because his role sounds too overpowered for me to believe. Lynchproof, killproof tree? Sure, tree stump is a role.

But tree stumps can't vote.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Dec 24 2015, 08:43 AM
Dec 24 2015, 08:04 AM
Prim and Aura doing the exact things I disliked about yesterday.

RC providing too much summary and not enough analysis.
Uh, I pointed out that the lacking nightkill is bad for us.

Nobody stated that before.
You summarised the night. You were doing similar things yesterday, too.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Prim and Aura doing the exact things I disliked about yesterday.

RC providing too much summary and not enough analysis.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
FoS: Aura, RC, Prim

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Dec 19 2015, 06:09 PM
So I'm going to change my vote.


Vote: Slam
A wild bandwagon appears!

Primrosette used WAGON HOP!

It's not very effective...

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Dec 17 2015, 11:46 AM

Anyway @Nam, would you be able to give short reads on Goose, Bik, Backslash and Aura? Also maybe Slam and MW, if your thoughts of them have changed since last time you posted on them?

Aura: Leaning scummy. Too much avoidance of people who are addressing him and dodging points that get raised. Not the top of my list, but not far off it either.

Backslash: Low ... well not quite low activity so much as low contribution? she's only dipped her toes into a couple of discussions and it makes me leery. Kinda in the middle because nothing she's said has struck me as explicitly suspicious.

Bikriki: I don't disbelieve he's a hammerer necessarily but I've seen very little from him otherwise. I really don't see how going 'I'll hammer myself!' helps matters, however. A vote is a vote regardless of whether it can only happen at the end of a lynch.

Goose: He has a dangerous role but he's town.

Slam: The way he's acting is super, super off. I share sentiments about like 'why would you state it's bad for you to die' as a big ol' thing for scum. I just... well, I have no idea where he's coming from.

MW: His argument with Vyse had all the markers of a townie slapfight.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Dec 18 2015, 02:03 AM
MK Kilmarnock
Dec 18 2015, 02:00 AM
Then let's go back to my previous point where it seems fairly reasonable to assume Doc's the cult leader.
I kinda of really doubt that, because giving a cult leader a posting gimmick that screams "I AM CULT" every other sentence seems too obvious.
There is no such thing as too obvious in mafia.

I know I neglected to give thoughts, got distracted last night. Gonna have to be after work today, now.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
"The cult is known to the Bastard Pantheon, though we do not speak of it. Words are power, and power corrupts. It is known, it is known. It has no place among us, however, nor the tree god among its ranks. It shall be rooted out in time. Presently, we suspect the Teemie as the source of its corruption, which is why our most brightly shining child received an anonymous message earlier in the phase asking them to Beware the Teemie. This is not a certainty, however, and we will need time to draw more guaranteed conclusions. For now, know only that the tree god watches over all, and the wrath of the Bastard Pantheon will weigh heavily on all false prophets as equally as it does the harbors of violence against our children.

Praise be me,

readthoughts to follow, @frogue

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
*eyes Doc dubiously*

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Way, way, way too late for that, buster.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
All right.

Now that I'm in my haven (tm) (a coffee shop), and not posting in between do other things, allow me to go into more detail.

Goose's ability to shoot someone is 50/50. It can be good or bad. They could shoot someone who could be scum and that would be good for town. But if he shoots someone that is town, then that could hurt town and scum would be able to have one townie out of the way. Although, I don't really get why people are offering to get shoot/lynched. What if the person who gets shot/lynched has an important role?

Let's take this apart.

This post contributes nothing. It's so pointless to comment 'oh, a vig could kill scum OR town!', and it becomes doubly so when you fluff it by adding 'and it would be good if he killed scum but bad if he killed town!'. Like... well, duh?

And framing it as a 50:50 is inherently a dangerous thing to do. There are not 50% scum and 50% town. I have no idea what the exact ratio is but naturally there will be more town than there are anti-town and third party. Guiding the vigs kills - all right, that can help reduce the odds of hitting town, but if Gianni were to just randomly shoot someone every day (as would happen if he didn't PICK someone), it is far, far more likely that he will hit town than scum.

So not only do we have a nothing post that does nothing but summarise something that is incredibly obvious, it also incorporates a pretty dangerous view. I'm not certain if that was on purpose, but it is something I picked up on a second read through and I feel as if it's a point worth emphasising in general to everyone anyway.

And the thing about filler posts like that is that they're a great way for scum to seem lie they're contributing to the game without actually providing anything with enough substance to stick out their necks and risk getting caught. Scum know more. The more they post and speak, the more likely that something will tip their hand. But hey, what can you do instead? Give a little comment dressed up as analysis to avoid being called as quiet, when the actual analysis of the post is paper thin.

So I throw a vote down. I'm happy to do that.

- Prim doesn't respond in their next post, but does the post after that. I'm not going to read too much into it, but the gap was noticeable.

Frogue, what is your read on me do far? I know that I haven't posted much but I would like to know your thoughts on me. Do I seem suspicious at all?

Namira, I know I should have said something earlier. But I really don't understand your vote for me. Am I giving off any scummy vibes that would make you vote for me?

- So then we get this.

- Asking why I'm voting for them when I - albeit briefly, had already given reasons, once in my vote ('Waffle post') and once shortly thereafter where I mentioned the 'that post was a nothing dressed up as a useful contribution'. I don't see what isn't to understand there.

- Inviting Frogue's read could go either way for me. It's both a nice way to try and boost your cred by implying 'hey look, nothing to hide from scrutiny!', but also kind of brave for scum to ask for additional attention rather than deflect or sidestep.

Point is, this question was already answered, and at the risk of sounding bloodthirsty, I would rather vote for something I dislike than vote for noone and sit there twiddling my thumbs.

Yeah, I'm going to do this. As my vote on Yugi was just a joke vote. And well, I'm starting to get suspicious of someone else anyway.


Namira voted for me because I did something scummy? I don't see anything that seemed scummy in my posts. All I have really done was ask a couple of questions and a post about Goose. Yeah, I don't see how that is scummy anyway. And her vote on me seems like a scummy move. So I'm kind of raising an eyebrow at her. Yeah, I feel like Namira is giving a weak reason to vote for me.

Frogue, I will try to answer your questions but please bare with me as I can't do lengthy posts like MurderWeasel. Is it actually normal for MurderWeasel to do long posts on Day 1?

This, though? This is what kicks things into overdrive for me.

I explained what I felt was scummy about the post that you made. It does not counter that point to say 'Well I don't think I'm scummy!'. I mean. Uh. Well. Of course you'd say that. I hesitate to even count that as a point; it's meaningless. (fun extra 'and a post about Goose' is mentioned without actually going into the reasons I found it to be off in the first place, which I will remind you, I had already pointed out. Twice. i.e. the post is brought up but not the actual content of said post...).

But let's get into the meat of things.

And her vote on me seems like a scummy move. So I'm kind of raising an eyebrow at her. Yeah, I feel like Namira is giving a weak reason to vote for me.

As previously bolded, and as excerpted here - again, just for emphasis.

The moment Vyse, by far one of the most vocal players so far, brings up my vote being aimed at a 'weak' target, Prim immediately flips around my pressure on them by saying 'this is a scummy move!' - buddying up to someone who has said a lot and threw a little shade my way. oh la la - a double whammy, because not only is it buddying to someone who has being consistently town read, but without the remotest bit of explanation, suddenly my vote is a scummy move.

Without any kind of additionals. Why is it a scummy move? Where's the rationale? If I'm doing scummy things why aren't you trying to put together a case? If there's things getting your hackles up in my post, why aren't you highlighting them to everyone?

Yeah, I feel like Namira is giving a weak reason to vote for me.

Whoops, I thought I didn't have a reason? According to you my vote wasn't justified, not 'weak'.


Frogue: I don't know why Vyse would vote for MurderWeasel so it's kind of hard to comment on that. I can't really get a read on MurderWeasel at the moment so I think they might be null right now until I see a reason to think otherwise. I'm not seeing anything suspicious about MurderWeasel to be honest. At least not yet. It's really hard for me to read people. I think Loretta is the best for a lynch as well she can't vote and that doesn't really help town at all.

Town: Frogue, MK Kilmarnock, Loretta, Flare, Yugikun

Leaning Town: VysePresident, Deamon

Null: dmboogie, Pippin, Bikriki, DuckyB, MurderWeasel, General Goose, RemoteControl, Decoy, penguin_alien, Slam, Backslash

Leaning Scum: Namira

Scum: None

I'm not sure if anyone is acting differently yet. It's a little early to tell in the game. I think I got the questions done.

Host of null and zero putting money where the mouth is.

Posted Image

I'm not trying to buddy up with Vyse. Your vote for me just seems odd, Namira. Isn't there anyone else that seems scummy to you at all? Why am your target for a vote?

Why me? Why not any of these other scummy people such as- Oh wait you don't think anyone is a scum read. WHOOPS.

- Whether or not there's anyone else that seems scummy is irrelevant to the fact that I think you are scummy and therefore voteworthy.

I'm not really buddying with Vyse. But I think they are right. You just have a very weak read on me and you have voted for me for no good reason.

Is the read weak or is it my vote?

I'm going to go ahead and do this. As I think Loretta getting lynched would be a good idea. Since they can vote at all. It would be a good idea to get rid of them right away as they will be no use to Town. I don't know if they are scum, town or even a jester. But I might as well do my vote.


Can someone spell me a M.I.S.D.I.R.E.C.T.I.O.N?

Why so fussy about a single vote on day one? If you have nothing to worry about then surely just me voting you isn't cause to get fretful...