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Mass Destruction
((Kammy continued from Self Aid))

Makatala's skull pounded as she walked. She couldn't tell if it was because of her cut, a lack of sleep, dehydration, or some sickening combination of all three and pretty much didn't care. She just knew that it really, really sucked, little spikes of pain shooting across every time she turned her head or moved it too quickly.

She held the gun at her side, giving it occasional glances. A winner's weapon, and a killer's weapon. Twice over now. Kam recalled the three victims that had been written out onto the paper that even now was somewhere in her bag. She supposed that this particular pistol's body count had increased to five... and that was a dumb way of thinking of it. The - what was it called - Ballestair-Molina was a murder weapon, but it hadn't got up and started firing by itself. Adam Dodd had killed people using it, and now Kammy had too. Tools didn't carry responsibility for how people used them.

In any case, it was late, or rather, early. Kam had slept a good chunk of the day, walked for most of the rest of it. Trying to be thorough about the ground she covered in her search made progress slow, slower than Kammy was happy with. It was a tradeoff either way - moving faster and reaching more of the marked locations, or being methodical and missing nothing, but spending hours at a time to cross the distances. Her previous excitement about other-Cammy's information had more or less died away completely; Kam knew where Michelle HAD been, but by now... she could've made it halfway across the island.

Kam gave herself a mental slap as she drew up on the building which her map told her was an Aviary. Had to concentrate, pay attention, now moreso than ever. Cautiously, Kam opened the doors, stepping through and glancing this way and that. The place looked completely ruined, or at the very least, deserted for quite some time-

Murmured voices. Kammy looked around, saw blurred figures in one of the rooms off to the side - the sign denoted it as the gift shop - she wasn't alone here.

A moment's pause, and Kam hurried forward, putting a pillar between herself and the other room, peeking partially around to call out.

"I see you in there. Who is it?"

Self Aid
((Kammy So'oialo continued from Voyage of the Dawn Treader))

And just when she thought she was getting somewhere, fluke chance kicked Kammy in the teeth.

Danger zoned. They'd danger zoned the shipping yard... aka the only place Kam knew for certain that Michelle had been recently. It hadn't been much to go on in the first place, and now even that slender string had been snapped. Short on ideas, low on morale, Kam had spotted this overlook and moved towards it in the vague hope that it would be a good vantage point to try and spy out the area. No such luck.

Hearing the announcement on the way to her destination; as well as destroying her chances of picking up Michelle's trail, it threw into sharp reality what Kam had done. As if she hadn't already constantly been thinking of the way the gun had kicked in her hand, the way Alex had cried out in pain, Cammy had sobbed... now there was the teeny tiny matter of the deed having been announced to the entire damn island. It wasn't that- okay, maybe Kam was a coward for not wanting other people to know, keeping it a secret to herself. She could handle the guilt, maybe, not really, but she wasn't suicidal or manic depressive, so just about, but her friends knowing... Anyone knowing really. Judgement, fear, shock, that's what people would be holding towards Kam right now, and she hated that.

It was the thought that chased her to sleep, as she curled up out of sheer exhaustion in the corner of the women's bathroom, using a hoodie as a blanket.

When she awoke a few hours later, it felt as if her head was splitting in two. Kammy swore, then wished she hadn't as it sent pain arching across her skull. Oh fuck, she was dumb dumb dumb! She'd got so damn excited about the search, then so damn despondent about the danger zone, that she'd forgotten to treat the huge fucking cut!

Kam jumped to her feet and then wished she hadn't, stumbling to the side and catching herself from falling only by dint of slamming into the wall. She let out a groan that was one part pain and one part frustration, then turning, allowed herself to slide down to the floor again. Okay, okay. She had to treat this before it got all infected and screwed up. If it wasn't already.

She could do this, right? Michelle had talked to her about first aiding before, admittedly it had been the midst of a bunch of other stuff, and Kammy had been busy and not paying one hundred percent attention... but the basics were there. Kam hoped the basics were there.

So she... had to clean it first. Kammy moved across to her bags, turfed the first aid kit out of her daypack, grimacing as the motion caused several magazines of ammunition to spill out onto the floor, rattling onto the tiles. With the kit in hand, Kammy grabbed onto a sink and hauled herself back to her feet again - goddammit, her arm was stiff too. She took a glance and winced, blocking Alex's attacks had left the flesh bruised black and yellow. It looked nasty. Kam glanced into the mirror.

Well. That was worse.

The whole left side of her face was covered in dried blood, making her look like she was wearing some kind of macabre mask. The caking got worse the higher up it was, terminating just below her hairline with a gory matting of scabbed and bruised skin. Holy shit, it was like she'd been made up for a freaking zombie walk or something, except with actual blood and actual injuries. It was matted into her hair too, and that was almost the clincher, wasn't it? Dumb and petty maybe, but Kammy always spent so much damn time making sure it looked good and to see it in such a fucking state was...

Nevermind. Cleaning.

Kammy tried the faucet on the sink, and to her surprise found that after a few sputtering seconds, that there was running water. She gave it a dubious look. It was stained a light brown... probably rust. There wasn't much of an option here though, and after a moment's hesitation, Kam took a pad out of the kit and ran it under the stream. The next few minutes were occupied just cleaning up her face, avoiding the actual wound and tackling the blood. With the crimson mask mostly cleared, Kammy tried a smile on for size. It looked just as weak and forced as it felt.

No more procrastinating, time to handle the wound itself. Kam looked at herself.

"This is gonna suck."

So disinfectant was a thing, right? She had this, she had this. There was alcohol in the medkit, alcohol pads, according to the text. So if she used that, she could make sure it was... sterilised, or something. Kammy tore open the packaging and gingerly swiped it across the wound-


Stinging wasn't even the word to describe it, that burned, and burned bad. Her hand had jerked away too, halfway torn the scabbing, and now she was bleeding again. Kam just stood and stared at herself for a couple of seconds. Tears in her hand, a trickle of blood running down past her eye. Well, it wasn't going to get any easier, was it? Kammy gritted her teeth and went for it.

The pain made her want to scream herself raw, repeating the mantra over and over in her head that it was going to be over soon, that she couldn't make noise unless someone else came along. Kam wanted to puke.

And then it was done. Or near enough done. She didn't even fucking care. The bloody pad was tossed down and a patch of gauze clumsily cut out as Kammy ineptly bandaged her head. She probably needed stitches or something, but so long as she could stop the bleeding... she could worry about field sutures later. Kam didn't trust herself with a needle next to her head, even if there WAS one in the medkit.

Kam looked at herself one last time. Yep, still resembled shit. Haggard, pale, a bandage awkwardly strapped around her skull. She'd wasted enough time though; it was time to resume the search.

Gathering her things up, Kam headed out the door.

((Kammy continued in Mass Destruction))

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Kam stood there silently and just watched as her friend blew out her rage and burst into tears. She wanted to go over there and comfort other-Cammy, and at the same time felt rooted to the spot. What reassurance could Kam offer? She was the one who'd just gunned down two people, two actual people right in front of her. Fuck.

Her head hurt a lot. It matched up pretty well with the sickness in her stomach, although Kam couldn't tell whether that was because of the bloody gash, or down to - ...the rest of it. Her mind didn't want to confront any of this, didn't want to acknowledge what she'd just done. Kammy forced herself to. She had to.

There was a moment of bizarre isolation, Cammy hunched over crying, the new arrival appearing at her side, and Kam made herself look at the bodies. She'd answered perfectly truthfully, she hadn't meant to, and a hell of a lot of comfort that was. It was an excuse, the type of thing that a kid would say. Facts were that Kam had pulled the trigger and shot them both down, bad enough that she'd killed Alex, but Carlon had got caught in the crossfire too.

She wanted, badly wanted, to reassure herself that she didn't have any other choice.

She couldn't believe that, not even for a moment.

What the hell was everyone else going to think? Everyone here? Two people wasn't an accident, they were going to think Kammy was a cold-blooded murderer even though she- she- ...

...she wanted to see Michelle so badly, if her girlfriend would even look her in the eye after this.

"I know this ... isn't the best time for all of this, but I need to know. I'm looking for Michelle... swimming Michelle. Have you seen her?"

Kammy wasn't expecting the answer to be yes. Even less that it'd been recently. Kam nearly smiled and failed miserably. Shipping yard. Cammy had seen Michelle at the shipping yard - the shipping yard... holy shit, holy fuck! That was right nearby! Only a little ways away!

She still needed to rest, but staying around this place made her queasy. Besides, the longer she waited, the colder the trail would get, and this was an actual honest-to-jesus lead! Kam just... just had to hope things would pan out. Hope she'd be forgiven.

((Kammy continued elsewhere))

Merry Christmas SOTF!
Merry chrimmus.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Grim Wolf
Dec 24 2013, 07:36 PM
I'd actually like to jump back in to the DA:O part of this conversation and say that while I favor the mage, I'm currently playing as an ambitious and vengeful Human Noble Rogue, with Shale, Morrigan (as a Healer) and Dog/Sten. I do love Oghren, though.

Is anyone else hoping Inquisitions lets you get the Warden and Hawke as party members?
Depends on whether Hawke draws their personality from how you 'set' it during DA2. Not sure how to feel about warden, given they weren't voiced in the first game and the personality obv isn't as defined as Hawke... I'd on the one hand LOVE to see my own custom warden in the game, but I'd hate it if they weren't, y'know... acting like my warden.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Azazel is lord king of boss bullshit.

Ricky Does Countdowns!
Really well put together. Nice one.

The Farmer and the Viper
Sunny's ears were ringing, hands aching from the recoil, eyes wide as she stared. But... but- it wasn't supposed to be loaded! Paris had told her that it wasn't loaded! And now Katy was- oh fucking shit christ that was a lot of blood.

The panic was replaced by well, more panic when the response to being shot wasn't keeling over or screaming or anything like that, instead Katy's grip shifted and she took Paris to the ground in some kind of sweep before beginning to choke him. Shit! Cho hadn't meant to do anything, just calm her down, and now she was shot and STILL flipping out!? What the hell was wrong with this girl - what the hell was WRONG with this fucking situation?

Paris was wheezing, making some kind of noise behind the hands, but couldn't even get enough air to say anything. Help, he had to be asking her for help.

Cho couldn't think of anything else she could do; a running charge forward and she was thundering across the gap, launching her foot towards Katy's head...

The Farmer and the Viper
Cho didn't remember raising the gun, definitely didn't remember picking it up, but there it was in her hands regardless. Katy was acting more and more aggressively by the second, and Cho started with alarm when she saw the other girl grab hold of Paris and yank him forward. Paris was talking fast, trying to placate Katy, even as she held him by the collar. He definitely sounded concerned, and Sunny was faltering.

The gun was clasped tightly in her hands. Not loaded, but what Katy didn't know wouldn't hurt her, right? Probably not the ideal solution to threaten violence, but hopefully given an incentive to chill out, Katy would slow the hell down and get more rational about all of this. Then they could sort it all out-


Cho, as it happened, had never held a gun in her life. Gun safety wasn't a notion dear to her heart; her parents would certainly have never allowed firearms of any type around the house. Cho held on tightly indeed, to the point where, as her finger squeezed down on the trigger... the gun went off with an earsplitting bang.

Gangplank is league-king of trolling.

He might even edge out Singed in that regard.

What is going back?

Posted Image

SOTF: The Game
I will bro it up.

SOTF: The Video Game
I endorse this product and or/feature.

Sounds fun, I'm game!

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Kammy just needed time. To think of something to say to her, to think of a way to shout Alex down, make this right, diffuse it all.

The sound of the gunshots seemed to reverberate around the room for an eternity, ringing in her ears. Her vision was obscured, constantly blinking involuntarily and christ, the pain shooting through her head... yet all of those things seemed to just fade into the background. Kammy had fired - jesus fuck why had she fired?

Someone was yelling behind the buzzing in her ears. Kam straightened up, struggling to get her hand underneath her to lever herself into a sitting position. Alex had knocked her down hard, and she was dizzy, her balance thrown completely. The shouting... was it Alex? Carlon? It seemed like a girl's voice but-

Looking just confirmed what Kam had already known the moment she'd pulled the trigger, and then so much worse.

Carlon was on the ground, unmoving. Alex was down too, Cammy hunched over her body- form, hunched over her form because body meant she was definitely dead and Kam didn't KNOW that she was definitely dead.

Cause if she clung to that then maybe, just maybe, that faint glimmer of hope would come true, reveal that Alex - and Carlon - had just gone down out of surprise and shock, or just been grazed, and Kammy wouldn't have to admit that all she'd thought of when holding that gun out was to stop Alex swinging, stop her hurting her in any way she could.

Including lethally.

Kammy got to an unsteady knee, then gained her feet, swayed a moment, but stayed up. She could feel the stream of blood all the way down the side of her face... dripping from her jaw. A look from this angle told her everything she needed to know, condemned her. Kam had actually truly done it. They were both dead.

Other Cammy was soon leaping up, yelling at her, accusations, demands. The gun was still in Kam's hand, but down, loose, not wanting to hold it, not wanting to let it go.

"I just- she hit me and I panicked, all right!? I didn't mean to- I wasn't trying to kill anyone- it just- I had no time to react! What was I supposed to do, let her cave in my head!?"

I screwed around in a 1v5 bot game

This ensued.

Posted Image

ft. 2 solo barons, 2 1v5 pentas, and 1050 on siphoning strike.

General Video Game Discussion Thread

Dec 5 2013, 04:49 PM
Dec 5 2013, 04:14 PM
Turtle: Kha Zix

Turtle: Posted Image
That instinctively made me go "DAMMIT TURTLE"

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Dec 5 2013, 02:18 PM
Dec 5 2013, 08:15 AM
So I never got Oghren first before.

...but he's freaking hilarious.
I regret that Oghren doesn't fill a party slot that Sten or Allistair don't fill better. My party is usually Sten as bruiser, Alistair as anti magic and tank, Wynne as mage (healing, some detriment spells) and Warden as rogue.
I love Sten dearly but I would argue Oghren is a better brusier by dint of his berserker specialisation. He's at the very least not obsolete compared to Sten.

But OTOH I've played the game so many times with the exact same party composition that it's fresh air just to pick new people here and there.

Who aren't Alistair.


*coughs awkwardly*

The Farmer and the Viper
He had an explanation, a reassurance for her. Of course he did. For a moment Cho felt silly for being worried, and then dismissed that. She liked Paris, he'd helped her out, but anything could happen.

'Anything' already had happened.

The thought was an uncomfortable one. Cho was almost relieved when someone burst through the trees, up until they gave Paris an angry shove. Sunny recognised the girl, though it wasn't the recognition that game with friendship. Katy... did judo, always seemed to bring up Japan on the rare occasions she had anything to talk about that wasn't a surly dismissal.

Cho shifted from foot to foot. She wasn't sure what had Katy so pissed, and the other girl needed some calming down.

"Yeah... Katy," looking over to Katy herself now. "Is everything all right? I mean, I know I'm not the prettiest, but I didn't mean to frighten you or anything."

Barely qualified as a joke, really. Wouldn't be winning any prizes for that one.