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G030 - Corlett, Sara[/DECEASED]

Name: Sara Corlett
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Playing piano, Reading and writing various forms of literature, Day Dreaming

Appearance: Sara is 5'6 tall, coming in at about 135lb, making her fairly average. Being somewhat of an indoor person, her skin has a slightly pale appearance, but not enough to make her stick out amongst the crowd. Contrasting with her pale skin is her silky, straight brown hair, coming down to her shoulders; her bangs fall just above her almond-shaped blue eyes, which seem to have a perpetually sleepy appearance to them. She wears a burgundy pair of thick-rimmed glasses due to her less-than-impressive eyesight. Her small nose is slightly thin, as well as a bit pointy, and beneath it is a thin mouth with curved, plump lips. Her eyebrows are thin and dark, appearing almost black. On the day of abduction, Sara was wearing a black polo shirt, plain blue jeans, and black low-top sneakers.

Biography: Sara's parents, Jonathon Corlett and Maria Caldwell, met in March of 1993. Jonathon was published fiction author, and Maria was a school teacher who loved to play piano. After they knew each other for a few months, the two went on various dates and eventually got married. In October of the following year, they discovered Maria was pregnant. Sara was born on July 16th, 1995, and went on to be the only child. From birth, Sara had poor eyesight, resulting in her wearing glasses for most of her life and being unable to see things that are far away.

Because Sara was the only child, she lived a very protected life due to her parents' over-care. Instead of playing outside like most other kids, she would be found in her bedroom, usually reading a book. She never resented her parents for their worry, as she found reading to be more interesting than playing anyway. She learned how to read fairly early, and was reading through short novels during her first years at elementary school. This lead her to become somewhat distant from the other children, who'd bully her for being the odd one out. This resulted in most of Sara's childhood being spent alone, with few friends, and being introverted to this day.

During the time she spent without a book, she would cope by day dreaming. Since she was ridiculed for reading about fantastic worlds and tales, she would create her own stories in her head. By the time she was finishing elementary school, Sara was incredibly creative and would write short stories in her free time, putting the imaginary worlds on paper. When her father read her stories and saw that his writing was rubbing off on her, his encouragement only fueled her inspiration more. Sara continued to read and simply imagine things past her bedtime, causing her to spend many days tired. She began to find that expressing her creativity with words wasn't enough for her, and approached her mother, asking to teach her how to play piano. She quickly learned the basics; she knew the various keys and chords by heart, she could read sheet music, and she soon began to improvise her own pieces. Her love of playing piano was rivaled only by her fear of attention, and so Sara kept most of her songs a secret, afraid of any criticism she'd receive or mistakes she would make playing in front of other people.

By the time Sara began middle school, she vowed to break out of her introverted shell and make a few friends. Most of her attempts to do so ended in failure -- the conversations she tried to have with strangers were often strained and awkward. She couldn't find many students to relate to, as most of them weren't as interested in reading, writing, or playing piano as she was. Many students started to slack off around this time, procrastinating and failing to do work, and Sara found that she was the only one who enjoyed reading and writing assignments. In an attempt to fit in more with the others and get friends, she stopped doing homework, focused solely on day dreaming during class, and tried to do as little as possible and still drag by a barely passing grade. When she did write stories, the topics covered were much darker than before, touching on subjects like betrayal, death, and various types of horror. She read only in secrecy, but her tastes in reading had changed as well, transitioning from fantasy stories about wizards and dragons to gritty, realistic murder mysteries and such. Her mother, Maria, was both upset and concerned at Sara's sudden behavior, both threatening to punish and offered to help her daughter. Sara, feigning apathy, merely ignored her mother's words and took any punishment.

Her misbehavior didn't help her at all, as she discovered that simply doing bad in class wasn't going to help her relate, and that most of the darker, emo classmates were essentially anti-social to begin with. By the time she realized this and panicked to do better, she found that her lack of attention caused her to learn very little over the past months. Under the stress of fixing her grades, she went many nights with only an hour or two of sleep, and a few without any sleep, the sleep deprivation resulting in her getting headaches, stress, and general malaise for quite a while even after she stopped losing so much sleep. While her grades in reading and writing classes managed to find their way back on track, Sara's grades in math, science, and history courses never fully recovered, causing her to get mostly C's and B's in said classes for the rest of that year. However, as of high school, her grades have mostly gone back to how they were, now being low A's and high B's.

Giving up on her attempt to become more social, Sara returned to her original lifestyle by high school. She went back to wearing bland, uninteresting clothes and spending most of her free time reading and writing; however, she would sometimes socialize with others, although she'd be constantly anxious that they'd ridicule her for being her, and rather than face rejection, she chooses to let herself go unnoticed for the most part. She'd withdraw herself to the emptiest corner of the cafeteria during lunch, writing poems and stories. At first glance, many people assume she is just a shy girl, and nothing special. She dislikes living such an isolated life, but realizing her past attempts all ended in failure, she merely accepts it. She considers her ideal future after school to be living alone, in a quiet place, writing poems and stories. Despite her behavior around others, Sara decided to go on the senior trip, hoping to see the Sleeping Beauty Castle, as she always saw it at the beginning of every Disney movie and had wanted to see it in person for all of its glory, and then possibly go and see a few of the shows in the various theaters.

Advantages: Sara is secretive, unwilling to let others know about her plans and such. Her antisocial behavior could scare her away from students who may be a potential threat.
Disadvantages: On the other hand, her social awkwardness can make it difficult for Sara to find allies, and her fear of being an outcast can scare her away from joining a group. Her poor eyesight also renders her unable to see well in long distances, meaning she could be threatened by an enemy in hiding or be unable to hit a faraway target.

Designated Number: Female student No. 030


Designated Weapon: Roll of Tin Foil
Conclusion: Tremble, opponents, lest G030 mildly inconvenience you with a devastating assault of awkward silences! She is SO fucked. - Jim Greynolds


G029 - Leverett, Zoe[/DECEASED]

Name: Zoe Leverett
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Drawing, digital art, graphic design, classical mythology, The Daily Chum.

Appearance: Zoe Leverett is a girl of above-average height and slim build, standing 5'7” and weighing 130 pounds. She has high cheekbones, a pointed chin, and an oval-shaped face. Her eyes are small and hazel, her nose is long and thin, and her lips are full. Her strawberry blonde hair is combed straight and falls to her shoulders, and her bangs are carefully cut. Most days, she wears rectangular glasses with thin black frames, though she only needs them to read small print. Zoe wears makeup very infrequently, though sometimes applies light eye shadow on days when she does not wear her glasses. She has a fairly pale complexion, with traces of freckles on her cheeks and arms.

At school and home, Zoe dresses plainly, preferring t-shirts in muted colors (especially navy and Prussian blue). She wears blue jeans and black Converse All-Stars. She carries an unadorned black messenger bag that usually contains her sketchpad, pencils, and tablet. At interviews and meetings about her art, she usually wears a white button-down blouse and long black skirt, and occasionally comes to school wearing such an outfit if the meeting is right after the school day ends.

On the day of the abduction, Zoe was wearing a faded navy shirt with a small, stylized gray crown on the front. She was wearing her jeans and Converse All-Stars, and had her glasses on.

Biography: Zoe Leverett was born on April 18th, 1994. Her parents are Tim Leverett, a database manager at SEIU's Seattle local, and Meghan Leverett, an elementary school teacher. She has one sister, Lauren, who is two years older than Zoe and currently attending Carnegie Mellon University. Zoe has little contact with her extended family, both her parents having moved to Seattle from upstate New York in 1988.

As a child, Zoe was intellectually curious but socially shy, preferring to stick to a small group of friends and reluctant to make new ones. She got along well with her parents and especially her sister, coming to admire Lauren greatly. Zoe would occasionally try to change her hairstyle to match Lauren's or ask her mother to buy her clothes like the ones Lauren wore, though this trend faded as Zoe entered middle school and high school. Lauren, for her part, welcomed Zoe's admiration. Noticing Zoe's relative shyness, Lauren often invited her to socialize with her and her friends.

Zoe was a quick learner in elementary school and always received good grades. Additionally, Tim Leverett encouraged both his daughters to learn how to use computers at a young age, buying them educational software and even teaching them basic Java programming during summers. Both sisters enjoyed these early lessons, though Lauren showed more of an interest and talent in computer science than Zoe as the programming moved to more advanced topics.

For her part, Zoe developed a strong interest in drawing during middle school, teaching herself principles of composition and anatomy. Words and social interactions always having come difficult to Zoe, she quickly grew to appreciate the idea of communicating ideas non-verbally. Talking to fellow students came much easier, she found, when her art could serve as a conversation starter: if she had her sketchpad in front of her with a finished piece on the current page, her classmates would sometimes look at it, compliment it, and ask her about her drawings. Being able to respond to questions about a topic where she had expertise was much easier for Zoe than initiating conversations and making small talk.

During 8th grade, Zoe's mother suggested she learn digital image editing, and bought her a copy of Adobe Photoshop for her 14th birthday. Zoe took to the program, becoming skilled at manipulating photos and adding effects to her physical drawings. These skills led her to join the Daily Chum as a graphic designer, where she has worked for all four years of high school. Zoe is known to other staff at the Daily Chum as quiet and workmanlike, following instructions from editors efficiently but rarely contributing ideas of her own.

Zoe's art before high school showed little in the way of unified themes, largely consisting of practice pieces meant to teach herself artistic principles or how to use Photoshop tools. However, towards the end of her freshman year, Zoe started to incorporate mythical themes into her work. She had read D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths and Edith Hamilton's Mythology many times as a child, and had been fascinated by the stories within.

Accordingly, Zoe started to include figures from classical myth in her art. Initially, this was limited to Greco-Roman mythology, though she quickly began to read about other mythical traditions and expanded her work to include characters and scenes from them. By the second semester of sophomore year, Zoe's work had converged on the theme of mythicizing the modern and mundane. She might depict a modern character in heroic ancient clothing, or mix elements of the two in a single figure. Her final project for her sophomore year art class, for example, was a large drawing of a professional football game, parts of the scene fading into a depiction of a Roman gladiatorial melee.

Zoe's passion for her art began to color her ways of speaking. Though typically quite reserved and slightly nervous in social situations, she often finds herself lapsing into grandiose descriptions and classical allusions when discussing art (particularly when describing what she intended to convey with her own). She is largely self-conscious about this way of speaking and tries to cut herself off if she starts, for fear of appearing pretentious or bizarre.

Throughout Zoe's sophomore and junior years, she attempted to submit her work to contests and galleries, as well as to convince her parents to allow her to apply to art schools and art programs at universities. Neither effort met with much success: she was often too self-conscious about her work to promote it properly, and her parents stressed to her the importance of a college degree that could lead to stable employment. They encouraged her to continue her artistic pursuits as a hobby but study computer science in college like her sister, which Zoe agreed to.

Zoe's artistic struggles led to the development of persistent self-doubt, as she still wanted to turn her art into a career but questioned whether she was talented or passionate enough to do so successfully. Additionally, she wanted to make her parents happy and, when Lauren was accepted to Carnegie Mellon's prestigious computer science program at the end of Zoe's sophomore year, follow in her footsteps. She decided to devote less time to developing her own art and more to academics and her work at the Daily Chum. Her grades, which had previously averaged in the B range during early high school, improved to a mix of mostly A's and B's as she spent more time applying herself.

The summer before she left for Carnegie Mellon, Lauren began to notice Zoe's changing academic priorities. While initially pleased with Zoe's decision, this quickly gave way to a sense of unease that Zoe was sacrificing her own passions in order to be more like her sister. Lauren and Zoe had a long conversation in which Lauren asked Zoe what she really wanted to do with her life and Zoe, afraid that a different answer would disappoint the sister she looked up to, insisted that following in her father's and Lauren's footsteps was what she wanted. Lauren seemed to consider the subject settled, and has not had any significant conversations about Zoe's academic and career pursuits since.

In May of 2011, however, Zoe met Maximilian Sawyer after the latter noticed her working on a piece and struck up a conversation. They discussed her work and the fact that she was unlikely to pursue it professionally, and Max quickly encouraged Zoe not to give up. He offered to use his family's financial resources and connections to get her work exposure, eventually formalizing the relationship as one roughly analogous to agent and client.

Max's efforts quickly paid dividends. Since the summer of 2011, Zoe's art has been featured as part of exhibits showcasing young artists in Seattle, spotlighted by local newspapers and blogs, and even featured as part of Elevate Yourself, a 2012 promotional campaign by a Seattle-based vitamin water company. Based on this success, Zoe spoke to her parents again about the possibility of studying art in college, eventually convincing them to let her apply to Reed College in Portland. She was accepted at Reed in the spring of 2012.

During the summer after they first met and started working together, Zoe and Max became close and soon began dating. Zoe was grateful for Max's efforts to help her pursue her passions, and was drawn to his brash, confident demeanor. In interviews about her art, she has expressed admiration of people who “live their own myth”, a category in which she likely includes Max.

The relationship between Max and Zoe soon grew into an unhealthy one, however. Max often makes offhanded jokes at Zoe's expense, and has reacted angrily when Zoe has expressed offense and asked him to stop. They became sexually involved soon after dating, which Zoe has always consented to but has felt somewhat uncomfortable about. Moreover, Zoe often feels unwelcome and condescended to at posh events that Max invites her to, which Max sometimes attempts to console her about afterwards but rarely puts a stop to as it happens.

Due to Max's hostile reaction upon being confronted about his belittling jokes, Zoe often finds it difficult to communicate with Max and will remain silent about her anxieties. She often worries that tying herself to Max and his corporate sponsorships means she has sold out an is an inauthentic artist, or that her allusion-filled way of speaking during interviews will reflect poorly on Max and embarrass him. However, due to a combination of her unwillingness to communicate and Max's emotional inattentiveness, he very rarely becomes aware of these worries.

Zoe has a hard time judging whether her relationship with Max is healthy or not, and so prefers not to think about the subject much and pretend that the situation is largely okay. She reasons that since Max has helped her so much in pursuing her artistic dreams and has never physically abused her, any complaints she has about his behavior must be the result of her own paranoia and oversensitivity. Still, after incidents where Max's verbal treatment of her is particularly abusive, she often finds herself wishing she could stand up to him, or that somebody else would notice and do so on her behalf.

Zoe is fairly socially isolated. She was close to Lauren and a number of her friends back when they attended Aurora, but since their graduation she has had few close friendships. This largely stems from her social anxiety: people who try to befriend Zoe find she can talk readily about her own art, but as the topic of conversation gets farther from the visual arts, she becomes more reserved and awkward. Most of her current social contact is with Max, and with the occasional person he introduces to her who likes her art and wants to meet her.

Advantages: Zoe is unassuming and non-threatening, and unlikely to strike anyone as a threat or schemer. If she manages to meet up with Max, she could potentially rely on his protection.
Disadvantages: Zoe has slight social anxiety and suffers from bouts of depression and self-doubt. Her relationship with Max may also hurt her, either through acts of abuse he commits on the island or through association with the poorly-liked boy. Her physical condition is mediocre, and she is unaccustomed to spending much time outdoors or performing physical activity.

Designated Number: Female student No. 029


Designated Weapon: Machete
Conclusion: G029... you have 'snap case' written all over you. If I were your loverboy, I would keep both hands over my crotch. - Jim Greynolds


B035 - Gilbert, Ray[/DECEASED]

Name: Ray Gilbert
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: Senior
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Video Games, WWE Wrestling, Writing

Appearance: Ray Gilbert is African-American with light brown skin. He's at a height of 5'8 and weighs 135 pounds. He is skinny, with no athletic build and has dark brown eyes. Because of how well-defined his cheeks are, he looks younger than he is. He has black hair that is grown out like a small afro, however he never combs or brushes it. Therefore, his hair is wild and untamed. Ray tends to wear simple casual clothing, rather than name brand wear. Even though he's not a goth he tends to wear dark colored clothing, and prefers wearing a black hoodie over his shirts. He's not a very fashionable person, and doesn't care particularly for what he will wear.

At the time of the abduction, Ray is wearing a black jacket over a plain white t-shirt. He's also wearing black jeans, plus black and white worn-out gym sneakers. He had a fake gold necklace on, and an old black watch on his left wrist. He's carrying house keys, a cell-phone, and his wallet in his back jeans pocket and a pick in his left-side jacket pocket.

Biography: Ray Gilbert was born to parents Aaron and Lonni Gilbert, and has a little brother named Jalen. Jay's family was barely middle-class, as both his parents struggle to keep a decent home. His father works for a construction company, and his mother is a middle-school English teacher. He has a little brother named Jalen, who is six years younger than he is and has just started seventh grade. His family life could be seen as a struggle, as his parents fought constantly as he grew up. Although it was never an abusive relationship, the constant arguing and fighting did take its toll on Ray. It would only get worse the summer before his senior year, as both of his parents decided to separate. Ray decided to stay with his father, while Jalen moved in with his mother as she had gotten an apartment complex.

Ray has a good relationship with both his family members, even though he doesn't engage himself much because He tends to keep to himself, therefore he doesn't interact with them. Although he isn't shy he doesn't like talking about himself, because he doesn't like the attention. He grew up going to church, as his grandfather was a pastor. His church wasn't quite big, and the only members who came were usually just family members. Still, he enjoyed going to a small family church rather than a big one, as he didn't like being around too many people.

In his elementary school years, Ray had tried out for numerous sports such as basketball, baseball, track and wrestling. However, he didn't have too much of an interest in any of the sports mostly because he wasn't as good as everyone else. By middle school, he stopped playing as he was usually mocked and teased by the other kids for how bad he was. Also, he hated the feeling of being inferior to everyone else.

While he wasn't too good at sports, he did however find interests in writing stories. As a kid, he would write stories using plots similar to TV shows he had enjoyed. By the time he entered high school, he took a lot of creative writing classes to better his skills. He also became interested in WWE Wrestling, loving the fighting and the promo segments. His favorite character growing up was The Rock until he retired, but now it's John Cena. Whenever there was a live event in the area, he always saved money to see a show with a few friends. He loves video games, preferring first-person shooters and the occasional wrestling game.

Ray can be seen as an average high school student, who isn't popular or a complete loner. He does have a few close friends at school, and is nice to everyone. However since he was bullied in elementary school, he tends to stay away from any drama that may arise and doesn't engage too much in social activities. He's very quiet, and is said to be shy around large groups of people. He's a great friend, and is good at being a team-partner with anyone. Still, he'd prefer to work alone because he feels less stress and does a better job without being pressured.

In the classroom, Ray is somewhat of a slacker; only doing enough to get by. He makes average grades of b's and c's, but never pushes himself to do better. When he's interested in a subject, he tends to do better and can get better grades. His favorite classes tend to be gym and creative writing, as they don't require too much effort to pass. He's not too good at math or science, because of the level of stress those classes provides him. He tends to have a hard time paying attention, and is either doodling in his notebook or just daydreams constantly.

Ray can be an awkward person to be around depending on the situation. With friends, family, and other people he's comfortable with, he's laid-back and humorous. If a situation becomes too emotional or stressful, he zones out, withdrawing himself from everyone by staying quiet. He's not too good at choosing sides or standing up for himself either in arguments, as he withdraws himself quickly to avoid any further drama and attention. Ray doesn't like discussing about his future, as he prefers to live in the 'Here & Now' rather than worry about where he'll be in five years. Still being from a church family, he's had to deal with talks of his future numerous times, and has been lectured constantly to take his future more seriously.

Advantages: Ray is friendly, and a great team-worker. Being a nice guy, he tends to make people like him more than hate him. He's also a great listener, willing to help other people even if he doesn't get any benefit from it. Ray hardly stresses out, and is usually calm and collected in any situation he finds himself in. If he does feel too stressed, he doesn't lash out but withdraws himself from everyone around him until he has enough composure to deal with whatever problem he's up against. Once motivated, he does push himself to do whatever is needed even if no one else thinks he can do it. He never gives up once he's started something, preferring to fail than to just be a quitter. He also sees himself as a realist. He's not a follower, and prefers to do his own thing especially if someone else is doing something he doesn't like.
Disadvantages: His kindness could become a problem for him, as he does not like doing anything bad to others. He doesn't stand up for himself, and rarely argues or fights because of this. He has problems doubting himself, and second guessing any decision he makes. He doesn't have any athletic build, so he isn't too intimidating and is clumsy at times. He doesn't know much about the outdoors, so the island itself could become a problem for him. When it comes to decisions that affects other people, he tends to make decisions that wouldn't hurt them in anyway despite any benefit it could give himself.

Designated Number: Male student No. 035


Designated Weapon: Guy Fawkes Mask
Conclusion: Selflessness? Psh, M35, you bring shame to the name of Anonymous. lrn2ply - Jim Greynolds


B033 - Meyers, Jason[/DECEASED]

Name: Jason Liam Meyers
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Photography, Soccer, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Appearance: Jason is of average height and weight at 5'10" and 157 lbs, although he has a lean frame. Long, wavy auburn hair hides the small heart-shaped birthmark behind his left ear most of the time. Jason's round green eyes are accentuated by thick eyebrows and the freckles that are splashed across his cheekbones. His eyes seem even more dramatic due to his long, pinched nose and thin lips. Jason's Irish heritage provides him with a pale complexion that is usually clear of acne. His legs are well toned from soccer activities.

Jason doesn't really care what he wears. He can usually be seen wearing a combination of t-shirts or v-necks, jeans or light-colored shorts, and worn-out sneakers. Jason is always seen in his trademark black hoodie and fedora. On the day of the trip, he was wearing an orange t-shirt under his black hoodie, dark denim jeans and worn-out green sneakers. He was also donning his fedora.

Biography: Born in Seattle, Jason Liam Meyers was the only child of Clarissa Cox and Matthew Meyers, a nurse and a police officer, respectively. Since both parents had careers that called for long shifts and odd hours, Jason spent many hours with a babysitter in the family's townhouse while his parents were at work.

A lot of kids who met Jason saw him as funny. He joked and told stories, and often broke into song, although his singing voice was poor. Another defining characteristic is his optimism, which carried on into his adolescence. This is shown by the fact that he always seemed to be smiling. The weekly visits to the local Methodist church only strengthened it, as he was a 'good person'. He's visited the church regularly his entire life. He got his pacifist trait from seeing violence on the news at night, and believes there wouldn't be a police force if there was no crime in the first place. He didn't know the actual term for pacifism, but he was a pacifist from age five onwards.

From the moment he started school, he made friends. It came naturally, to walk up to a kid and start joking and laughing and swapping stories. Jason didn't care about what gender his friends are, as he's friends with boys and girls. Most of the time, he and his friends were joking and talking, and sometimes running around. A loyal and friendly person, it seemed only natural to Jason to walk up to other children and establish a friendship.

One thing that had always fascinated Jason was photographs. He'd spend hours looking through old family albums, admiring the photos of his father as a small child in Germany, and of his mother as a young girl in Ireland. He yearned to have his own camera so he could take pictures.

When he was ten, he finally asked for a camera. His parents told him that he'd have to get the money for himself, hoping to teach their son the value of money. Jason, being only ten, did not really have an exact understanding of how expensive a camera could be. He began to save up and buy the camera himself. He thought that after a few weeks, he would have enough. He started doing chores around the house, then started to sell lemonade. Next, he did chores and odd jobs for the neighbors, such as raking the leaves, mowing the lawn and walking the dog. He realized that these jobs were easy, and required little experience to do them. He'd eventually do them for free, but would do that later on. Finally, he got a camera three months later. Not only that, but he became hardworking and willing to help others.

His first camera was a second-hand $30 Instamatic Polaroid camera his parents got off of eBay. Before he ever took a picture, Jason took tips from websites he found on photography. He was awful at first, but steadily got better at it as he learned bout lighting and theme. As he earned more, he slowly upgraded his camera to a digital camera that he got with his own money, because he was now fourteen, and could do other jobs, like going on errands. As he grew older, he began to sell some of his photos to some classmates for a quarter, allowing more money to slowly flow in. Jason joined the Photography Club at Aurora in his sophomore year, and prefers to take pictures of urban scenes, mostly people going about their day. His parents are glad that he has a hobby, but they sometimes help out with the money.

At age fourteen, he was deemed responsible enough to get a dog, a pet he'd been wanting for most of his life. He happily chose a male Pomeranian named Ginger. He spent a considerate amount of time with Ginger, and taught him tricks, although Ginger isn't a very athletic dog. He often took Ginger on walks. On these walks, he'd snap a few photos, and upload them when he got home.

He began to realize that he needed another hobby other than photography around fifteen, so he'd have variety to his hobbies. He started up soccer because it seemed sporty and less 'barbaric' than football, and has been steadily increasing his skill in the game, mainly as a midfielder. Jason's fairly good at it, as he has naturally strong legs and high stamina. He joined the Aurora High School Varsity soccer team in his junior year. This has allowed him to make some friends, too.

Jason got into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic after watching the first few episodes in the eleventh grade. He found out when he saw some My Little Pony pictures floating around the internet, and decided to check it out. It was well-written and already had a large fanbase. He won't admit to being a fan (even to his parents) and only watches the show when alone. Despite his precaution, during Christmas Break of his senior year, other classmates became aware that Jason was a 'brony' because he had been careless with his username on several fan sites. Jason had used the name "Jackson Matthews" as a user name, which was the same name he used in all of his jokes. The very few people who found out cut ties with him and spread it around the school. This has thrown him out of several friend groups, his only friends the ones who didn't really care. Jason was devastated about the losses, but has put of a facade of optimism despite it. He has been harassed from time to time, but his social life is otherwise unaffected.

Jason and his parents share a healthy bond, even though his parents have odd schedules. The time lost in unusual shifts in work is made up by being together whenever there's time and through text. A lot of time is spent eating out, going to the park, or watching a movie. His parents push him to get a career in one of his hobbies, namely photography, which Jason plans on doing professionally. Jason appreciates his parent's support.

Schoolwork was always hard for Jason. He worked hard to get the average Math and Science and above average LA and Social Studies grades. He's doing excellent in French, and manages to get passing grades in PE. His current grades are Bs and Cs, and his parents are indifferent to his grades as long as they're above a D. Jason prefers French over most of his other subjects, as learning another language is fascinating. He plans on going to college and finishing his education. He's applied for the Art Institute of Colorado, as it was the first school he found with a decent photography course.

Advantages: Jason is a loyal and friendly person, and he makes friends fast, allowing him to make some alliances. Jason is also an athletic person, and has high stamina from soccer.
Disadvantages: He's a pacifist, and won't physically harm anybody. His overall reputation and nice attitude might have people write him off as a weakling from the beginning, making him an easy target.

Designated Number: Male student No. 033


Designated Weapon: Smith & Wesson .357 Revolver
Conclusion: Ponies. Fucking PONIES. Let's see the magic of friendship when his bestest buddy is re-purposing his intestines as house decoration. - Elias Östberg


G026 - Clarke, Nina[/DECEASED]

Name: Nina Clarke
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High
Hobbies and Interests: Law, piano, outdoors activities, watching sports, social work, some gun usage

Appearance: Nina is petite and delicate in appearance, at 5’3” and 120 pounds. She is African-American, and has chocolate-brown skin. Nina’s hair is dark brown, and while it is straight and long, she generally wears it in a bun. Her eyes are pale gray and almond-shaped. She has an angular, long face, her nose is pointed upwards, and she has flattened ears and delicate eyebrows. Nina has a very stern expression, and appears very regal and haughty. Nina wears light eyeshadow and paints her nails red, but her chest is very flat due to her small stature. Nina is very well-groomed, and takes pride in her appearance; she is a perfectionist, and makes sure everything is done right. Nina has very white teeth.

Nina has a firm, mature voice, and she is very direct in her speech. In terms of clothing, Nina prefers highly practical clothes. When she was abducted, she was wearing a denim jacket over a white t-shirt, jeans and hiking boots. She also wore a silver pendant depicting her older brother Michael. She has silver, gun-shaped earrings in both her ears. Nina is right-handed. She tends to crack her knuckles frequently, and often musses and fixes her hair when bored or sitting.

Biography: On July 19th, 1993, Nina was born to Renee and Eli Clarke in Seattle, Washington. Renee was a police officer on the SWAT Team, and Eli had a desk job in the precinct. Nina also had an 8-year older brother named Michael looking after her. Her parents had wanted to try for a girl, and they were fortunate enough to have one. Renee and Eli’s parents were both older when they had their kids, and had died when Michael was 6.

The family was reasonably well adjusted for some time. However, when Nina was 2, things went poorly. Eli, a recovering alcoholic who was somewhat temperamental at best, started drinking heavily when he lost his job and was unable to find one for several months. Renee left when he became violent, and won full custody of the two children. Eli was arrested three years later on the charges of unpaid child-care bills. Nina never saw or attempted to contact him again; her mother was hurt by the failure she perceived of herself, and never spoke of him.

After this, Renee was left with two children and the funds of a single mom working a full-time job. She made good salary, but lacked time for her children, who often were left in the care of Renee’s friend and neighbor Rachel. Rachel was stern and worked the kids hard teaching household skills, but Nina enjoyed spending time with her, especially when they were given free time to play together. When Renee was off from work, she would care for them, but make sure they knew how to deal with practical problems. She was a strong believer in practical and useful knowledge, and wanted to make sure her kids could handle themselves in the real world.

Nina started camping when she was 6. Renee, having grown up in rural Minnesota, had camped extensively, and had backpacked across several states in her youth. Her mother would take Nina and Michael on week-long trips to national parks and reserves, teaching them survival skills throughout. Nina enjoyed the peacefulness away from the city, and took to the teachings with vigor.

When Nina turned 8, she convinced her mother to let her take up piano, desiring to participate in something beautiful and elegant. With extensive practice, Nina became rather skilled, and has performed several recitals with moderate success. She still plays at school to relieve tension.

Once Michael, and later Nina, became 10, Renee deemed her children old enough to start learning important morality lessons on a regular basis. She spent time every day describing what kind of people she faced, and how some of them committed terrible crimes. Nina was fascinated and horrified, and decided that she wanted to put an end to this. As soon as it became available, she took a Criminal Justice class, which she excelled at. When Nina turned 14, Renee took her, as she had with Michael, to the shooting range to teach basic gun safety and proper firearm usage. Nina paid close attention, and followed the gun safety rules strictly under the tutelage of her mother.

When Michael, a boisterous young man, turned 18, he went to a nearby college, majoring in Medicine and earning a minor in therapy. He is currently in med school in California. Nina and Michael are very close, and although they occasionally bicker over trivial things, they are still very loyal to each other.

Both Nina and her mom are tomboys, and enjoy physical activities. They both enjoy frequent workouts at the local gym, and regularly watch sports, especially football and baseball. They occasionally disagree about which is better, but are still very close and loving, and rarely have serious fights.

Nina is an intelligent, hard-working girl who makes reliably good grades. She enjoys Criminal Justice and Psychology classes, but also PE and Social Studies; the psychology of historic figures intrigues her. She studies very hard, and is a perfectionist, refusing to take grades less than perfect. She regularly volunteers at a Soup Kitchen and at the SPCA, due to her firm belief in making a difference. She plans to become a police officer like her mom, but also considers becoming a doctor like Michael.

Nina is a very moral person; she respects the concept of right and wrong, and believes in punishment for those who do bad things. She is a strong, independent person, and does not desire marriage or romance, nor does she wish for kids. Nina is cocky and headstrong, stubborn in her beliefs and strong of will. About 6 weeks ago, Nina was shadow-boxing when she accidently stumbled and struck the wall, breaking her left hand; it is currently in a splint, though she has some use of it.

Nina is a friendly person; she tries hard to make good first impressions, and enjoys socializing with people. She is very spunky and energetic, and often acts as a driving force to her friends. She is very loyal, and defends those she loves closely. She hates bullies and considers them to be nothing more than young criminals, refusing to associate with anyone who acts cruelly to others. Nina’s other problem is with laziness; she believes that people who do not do their jobs, or who do not work hard, are not deserving of help, since they should be able to do it themselves. Politically, Nina considers herself an Independent, due to mixed views on a number of issues.

Advantages: Nina is trained with a gun, and knows how to shoot well. She is also very dexterous and agile, and has good stamina and endurance. Nina has extensive experience with outdoor activities, and possesses numerous survival skills, such as basic plant recognition, firemaking, and disguising campsites. She is a calm, driven and focused and focused young woman, and does not easily panic.
Disadvantages: Nina, although fit, lacks size, and would fare very poorly in a fistfight with a larger opponent. She also has a strong code of honor and righteousness, and would refuse to harm another person out of hatred, or as a tactical move. Nina would refuse to allow an ally to be hurt, and is too loyal to let someone who trusts her be endangered when she can prevent it. Nina is also very headstrong, and would not back down from somebody even if it was obvious who was going to win. She also recently broke her left hand, and would struggle to use it as well as she usually could.

Designated Number: Female student No. 026


Designated Weapon: Pistol Dagger
Conclusion: It... is a gun. Well kind've. Not really. But hey, the not-really-a-gun may help her get an actual gun, and until then G26 actually has the skills to keep herself going. ...That was almost positive. I must be going soft. - Jim Greynolds


B029 - Masters, Matt[/DECEASED]

Name: Matt Masters
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Professional Wrestling, volunteering, working.

Appearance: Matt is 6'5" and weighs 230 pounds, mostly muscle due to a lot of working out. He is Caucasian, but posesses a slight tan as a result of spending a lot of time outdoors. He has very short brown hair with a little bit of stubble on his chin. He has blue eyes that he inherited from his mother, and a somewhat angular nose. His face, as a whole, is very solid, with well-defined features. He's not a pretty boy, but he's not ugly either. He has a tattoo of a cross on his back and a large scar on his right arm from an incident at the construction site he works at. His body is incredibly well toned, and when combined with his size he looks more like an MMA fighter than a high school student.

Matt's attire usually consists of old, worn-out looking clothes combined with WWE merchandise. On the day of the school trip, he was wearing a dark brown T-shirt with a skeletal dragon design on the front, old, worn-out blue jeans, and brown work boots. He also had a Big Show stocking cap in his bag, in case it got cold on the trip.

Biography: Amy Masters was a lovely young girl fresh out of college with aspirations to become a singer. She worked hard to get a job as a secretary to pay the bills until she got her big break. Everything was going well for her until one night, where she met a guy at a club. One thing led to another, and around a month later, after experiencing some stomach pains, Amy discovered that she was pregnant.

She found the father a few days later at the same club where they first met and told him of her pregnancy. The man immediately shunned her and her child, leaving her alone with her unborn baby. Amy immediately decided to keep the child, and take responsibility for him or her. Nine months later, Matthew Christopher Masters was born at the local hospital.

Matt lived all his life in relative poverty. They could always get by and pay the bills, but not by much. While he was still very young, he noticed that most other children had two parents, while he only had one. When he asked his mother, she told him the truth after a brief hesitation, that his father had left her when she was pregnant. Matt never learned who his father was,
but he resented him for abandoning his mother.

He encountered difficulties quite early on as a child, as he grew quicker than most other kids. This, in addition to his poverty and lack of a father, resulted in him being teased a lot as a child. The teasing mostly subsided as he grew older and gained significant muscle mass to compliment his height.

One day, young Matt saw a WWE program on TV, and he immediately knew what he wanted to do with his life. He loved the physicality, the excitement, and the story behind the matches. Most of all, he loved the matches where the hero would overcome all odds to defeat the bad guy, and win the championship. Matt always wanted to be that "good guy" wrestler, the one that the fans cheered and the kids looked up to. His childhood playtime almost always consisted of him playing the role of the hero, pinning the invisible villain while the imaginary fans cheered. As soon as he turned 13, he began working out so that he could get in shape and be strong enough to become a wrestler once he graduated high school. Unfortunately, thanks to his poverty, he was unable to afford a membership to the local gym. He worked around this, however, by doing most of his workouts that don't require equipment at home, and by taking walks in lieu of using the treadmill. Even today, he still tunes in to the WWE every week to see the heroic faces outmatch the devious heels.

At 15, Matt made his first good friend, a girl named Angel White. She was a girl from the neighboorhood that became Matt's best friend fairly quickly thanks to their similar interests. Angel lived alone with her father, who was an aggressive drunk that was physically and mentally abusive. She often went to Matt's house as a sanctuary, and Amy always set aside an extra place at the dinner table for her. Matt felt a compulsion to look out for the girl, and almost never left her side. The two's friendship was very strong, and many people joked that they were dating. While Matt did genuinely love Angel, it was more of a brother-sister-style bond than a romantic love.

Everything changed one morning, however, when Angel came to Matt's house a complete wreck. No longer able to deal with her father's abuses, she was searching for any way to escape her miserable life. Amy managed to get her to stay with them, promising to call social services. Angel left that night to gather her things from her house while her father slept. She never returned, and the next morning she was found dead, having been choked to death. The crime scene cast heavy suspicion on her father, and a Trial was quickly brought to order. Matt and his mother were both called up to testify, being the last people to see interact with Angel while she was alive. Their testimonies, combined with the mountain of evidence, proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Angel's father was the culprit, and he was sentenced to death row.

Even though Angel's father was punished for his crimes, Matt was still distraught over the whole event. Angel was his best friend, the only person outside of his family that he truly cared about, and the horrid things that her father did to her haunted him, because in his mind, he failed to protect her. Matt was depressed for a long time after the event, and that was reflected in his daily life. He mostly shut himself away from the rest of the world, and didn't come out of his room except for meals and school. He had difficulty watching news stories and TV shows dealing with abuse or similar topics, because they reminded him too much of the day Angel died. If anyone even mentioned Angel in conversation, Matt would remove himself from the situation. Matt's depression worried his mother immensely, and he spent months in grief therapy attempting to cope.

A few months after the trial wrapped up, Matt was still in a funk about the whole scenario. He needed some way to pick himself back up and start living again. It was then that he discovered a flyer requesting volunteers at a local center for abused women and children. Matt joined the program, and began helping out at the center at least three times a week. He mainly assists with counseling kids around his age and doing some odd jobs around the center. Once he started helping out at the center, Matt started feeling happy with himself again, and stopped beating himself up about Angel's death so much.

At 16, Matt began to notice Amy struggling to pay the bills, and set off to search for an after-school job. A family friend, Oscar Cardenas, offered Matt a job helping out at the construction site that he ran. Matt began to help at the site after school, checking their plans and making sure they have the tools required. His strength even allowed him to help hauling boards and pipes occasionally. Matt's new job allowed him to help out his mom, as well as giving him a little bit of spending money.

Another scarring event happened about a year after Matt started working at the site. A worker was fired for not only being a sub-par worker, but also spending more time ogling girls on the sidewalk than actually working. The next day, the disgruntled ex-employee brought a gun to the site and started shooting, killing one worker before being subdued. Matt hid behind a car during the whole event, and has been terrified of guns ever since. It took a while for him to muster up the courage to return to the construction site, but Oscar didn't hold it against him, as he understood how traumatic the experience had been for Matt.

Matt does fine in school, mostly getting B's and C's, with straight A's in Gym. He is able to focus well, but at times he has trouble grasping some of the higher-level material. He is by no means dumb, just more adept with physical skills than he is with mental skills. Matt gets on fine with most of his classmates, but doesn't have a lot of friends, mostly due to his preferring to stay quiet and not say much most of the time while in school.

Recently, Matt met another student by the name of Cassidy Kant. After a deep conversation involving Matt's reasons for volunteering, the two hit it off, and becams close friends. This culminated in the two going to prom together, and they have been officially dating ever since.

Advantages: Matt is incredibly strong, and very tough to boot. He knows quite a few wrestling moves, which could prove very useful in a fight. Matt's impressive size could also make people want to ally with him, seeing him as a powerful asset to their team.
Disadvantages: Matt doesn't like to hurt people, and certainly does not want to kill anybody. His fear of guns could also be a hindrance if he is assigned a gun as a weapon. In addition, he has a protector's mindset, and may recklessly put himself in danger to protect his friends.

Designated Number: Male student No. 029


Designated Weapon: MP 18
Conclusion: The big wuss who's afraid of guns... gets given a gun. ...To be quite honest I'm not sure I need to say anything else. This speaks for itself. - Elias Östberg


B027 - Fletcher, Theodore[/DECEASED]

Name: Theodore "Theo" Fletcher
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Reading and writing, school work, video games, especially RPGs, Dungeons and Dragons, jogging

Appearance: Theodore is at about 5 foot 11, and rather thin at 150 lbs, and his limbs are very long, making him appear very gangly. He is Caucasian, and has little body hair. His hair is about shoulder-length, black and wavy, and despite a normal washing schedule, it is rather greasy. His head is rather angular, with somewhat larger ears and a slightly pointed chin. He has slight stubble on his chin. His eyes are wide and pale blue. His skin is mostly clear, but acne is a perpetual problem for him. His eyelashes are oddly plush, and he has almost stenciled eyebrows. His nose is mostly normal, if a bit low on his face, and he has an oddly large Adam’s apple. Theo is somewhat ugly, enough to be of notice. He is generally well-groomed despite being unattractive, and he does not lack in proper hygiene. Theo often taps his feet or wrings his hands, especially when tense. He does not sit still well. He has large hands and manicured nails.

Theo has a higher-pitched voice that still often cracks. At the time of the abduction, Theodore is wearing a well-worn black sweatshirt he has owned for years, a present from Nancy. He also has blue jeans, designer blue sneakers and a silvery silk scarf that he borrowed from his mother. He has black socks and an old wristwatch, and he has a pierced left ear with a simple stud. Theo loves hats; at the time of the kidnapping, he is wearing a white fedora with a pink rose attached to the side. Theo slouches, and is left-handed. Theo moves with no serious issues and can walk and run efficiently.

Biography: Theo was born on October 12, 1993, at 7 pounds 12 ounces, in the town of Rupert, Florida. His sister Nancy was born two years later, in the same place. Theo grew up in a nice house with Alan, his surgeon father and Eva, his pediatrician mother, along with his younger sister Nancy and a cat named Leo, in a small town. Alan and Eva had been introduced years ago by their parents, who had died when Theo was too young to remember them. They moved to the quiet city of Rupert, Florida primarily because they wanted a nice, peaceful neighborhood for their children to grow up in safety and peace, without the stresses, dangers, pressures and sins of the big city.

Theo was a well-adjusted, intelligent and happy child for the first few years of his life. He and Nancy were very close and spent lots of time playing together. Nancy was more direct and goal-oriented, and Theo was the rational planner; he was always very meticulous and tried to work out as many flaws as possible. Alan and Eva could afford to shower luxuries on their children, but were very frugal; they desired for their children to grow up working, not out of malice, but in a legitimate desire to teach Theo and Nancy life lessons.

However, as soon as Theo started going to school, he was immediately and out-of-place. At home he was talkative and intelligent, but here, his outspoken nature was offensive rather than endearing. He preferred to think before he did anything, but due to the nature of conversations, often just said what he was thinking. He was awkward and antisocial, and preferred reading alone to playing with the other children. Theo's bluntness was very alienating, and others were easily offended by him. He was strange-looking and acting and the other kids didn't like him.

Theo struggled to make friends; the people he could speak to were the ones who appreciated his honesty, which were very few. While rarely outright bullied, Theo was ostracized, and eventually nobody would speak to him but the teacher. Theo began to blame himself for these problems, and became very antisocial. Theo’s teachers attempted to get his classmates to spend time with him. However, they would often complain of him being mean due to an offhand comment on their poor work. Theo was given many discussions on diplomacy, which he had trouble taking to heart due to him feeling that it was like lying.

His parents, while loving, were unsure of how to deal with Theo’s problems with socializing. While consulting with Theo, then 8, he stated he would feel better in a different school. Eventually, Eva and Alan reluctantly decided to move from the town, which had only one school, to a larger city. They ended up deciding on Seattle for its cooler climate and liberal culture.

While the transition went smoothly and Theo loved the new city, Nancy started school shortly after, and her personality took a drastic turn. Nancy made several new friends, and while she and Theo were still on good terms, the two spent less time with each other. Nancy began to have her own problems, and did not worry so much about Theo. He started to feel less respected and cared for because of this and the problems with his parents. He spoke very little in class, only when called upon, and rarely interacted with his classmates due to worrying about them hating him.

At school, Theo had better relationships, but struggled with making close bonds. He liked people, but he just had no idea what to say to people to not offend them. He eventually formed one good friend; her name was Ingrid Lee, and in 5th grade they met and became inseparable. Ingrid was sympathetic and kind and treated each of her peers with love and respect. She and Theo enjoyed hours of simply talking, and Theo developed a strong crush on her.

Then, in 8th grade, Ingrid’s family moved back to Japan to be with the rest of their family. Theo was devastated, especially when she simply stopped returning messages. She, quite simply, had little time for her American friends after returning, especially when she had to spend more time on school due to slipping grades. He became aggressively antisocial, and would snap at people when they approached him. Eventually, Theo's anger became depression, and he spent very little time with others. When his parents tried to talk to him about it, he would throw out an excuse and tell them to go away. He wrote and read a lot, because he enjoyed studying the psychology of each character, and how honest you could make them. He then got interested in world-building and foreign cultures.

He also dove into school work, hoping that the straight A’s he earned would be enough to earn the respect of everyone. He enjoyed long night runs while listening to loud music, imagining a fantastical story playing out with that song in the background. He imagined escaping into another dimension dozens of times, each world different from the last.

While Theo did well in all classes, his favorites were English, Math and Science. He loved reading and writing, and the logic of sciences made sense to him; it was clear-cut and honest, no need for complex nuances and a fear of making a faux-pas. He disliked History, because it was basically all about people doing something foolish and ruining something important, a fear he often experienced at the time of his isolation.

His parents decided that Theo's problems were too severe for them, and had him attend loss therapy for Ingrid. While he still missed her afterwards, he realized that there would be other people to meet, and he decided he did not want to miss out on those relationships. He was in therapy for 2 years before being deemed stable. During that time, Theo made acquaintance with a few people, but struggled to maintain connections.

In 10th grade, a chance to make proper friends came up. A group of gaming juniors took notice when Theo presented a Dungeons and Dragons-based story in English class, and asked him about it. He explained his fascination with gaming, and they offered him a chance to play in their campaign. Theo eventually agreed, and joined the first social event he’d participated in for several years.

This gaming group was fun and lively, and the joy he felt after each game carried over to other aspects of Theo’s life. He talked more openly, smiled more often, and was in general a happier person. He did fairly well, especially at making plans and tactics. His friends did note, however, that Theo often held up the game with his need to overly plan out his every move for fear of a mistake. Theo joined the track team next, competing in long-distance endurance marathons. He excelled for his ability to block out pain and fatigue and keep on going.

Theo started being friendlier, as well. While he lacked tact and struggled to be diplomatic, he was more aware of other’s feelings and tried to succeed at making friends. His group of friends was small and rather stiff, but it was growing, as was Theo. He and Nancy also started spending time with each other, though mostly just watching television together.

In terms of personality, Theo is an awkward but friendly person. He desires close relationships, and he want acceptance above all. His primary issue is his lack of tact; Theo is brutally honest, and will blithely point out flaws or fallacies without intending to sound impolite. Despite this, Theo is an emphatic, loving person and genuinely wants to make others happy. Theo hates injustice and desires equality for everyone, and is a strong supporter of universal rights for everyone from gays to women to people with severe mental illnesses.

Theo’s sense of humor is very wry and sarcastic, and he tends towards witty quips when stressed. He does this to cover the anxiety he experiences in serious situations. Theo is very eloquent, and enjoys the usage of a variety of complex, erudite words in his regular speech pattern, which may be a factor in throwing people off.

Theo is a very loyal person; when he trusts someone, they are worth more than he is. Theo, to himself, can only be as good as the person he is with. Theo has had chronic trouble with self-esteem for most of his life. He believes he must work especially hard to prove himself and overcome his flaws. He thinks that people are innately good, and does not believe that others deserve to suffer because of another person's mistakes. Theo feels that if someone makes a mistake and offends someone, it is purely the offender's fault. He is especially hard on himself when he does this.

Theo is very emotional; when he is happy, he smiles and stands up straight. When sad, he slouches even worse and pouts melodramatically. When he is angry, he glares and stomps. Theo is very open about his feelings, and can be blunt and overly honest, even when it should seem obvious that those words would be a mistake. Theo is bisexual, and does not believe gender or sex should be a factor in who you love or how you love them, a feeling his liberal family is accepting of. He is currently not dating, however, due to a belief that maturity is important for a proper relationship, especially after his problems when Ingrid left. He does not smoke, has never drunk and is a virgin. Theo hopes to become a doctor, to care for people in a way he can without having to have especially good social skills.

Advantages: Theo is an excellent runner, and is very fast and agile, while also possessing excellent endurance. Theo is also skilled at planning, and is very meticulous.
Disadvantages: Theo is very honest, and could easily alienate people who try to ally with him. He is also poor at fast reactions, and does not perform well in tense or sudden situations. Theo is also pacifistic and does not believe that harming others, physically or mentally, is acceptable.

Designated Number: Male student No. 027


Designated Weapon: Browning Hi Power 9mm
Conclusion: Nice gun. Shame this guy lacks anything approaching the balls to actually make use of it. - Elias Östberg


B026 - Hanley, Harry[/DECEASED]

Name: Harry John Hanley
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Making money, drama, singing, helping out at his dad's car lot.

Appearance: While not often described as handsome, Harry has a youthful appearance that he makes no attempts to hide. His straight, brown hair is kept carefully untidy, slightly too long and brushed over to one side. He has particularly neat eyebrows - that sometimes call into question whether he plucks them - that frame wide blue-grey eyes. His nose is straight and his mouth unobtrusive. He has wide cheekbones, an almost heart shaped face, and his expression is often screwed into a mischievous smile. In the summer his face often becomes adorned with freckles across his nose and cheeks, something he had hoped to grow out of. Additionally, he has a dimple in his left cheek that he pretends to hate but is secretly rather fond of. He is still almost entirely incapable of growing meaningful facial hair, and as a result consciously remains clean shaven.

At 5'9 and weighing 140 lbs Harry is overwhelmingly average in build. He has good posture, feeling that it is something that makes a good impression, and always tries to dress fairly tidily. He makes good use of polo shirts, which he owns in a variety of colours and brands, worn with nice jeans or chinos. At the time of capture he was wearing a bright blue polo shirt, dark blue slim leg jeans and nike training shoes. A few weeks ago he injured his right knee running after a customer at work, and as a result sometimes walks with a slight limp when exerting himself from where the injury has yet to fully heal.

Biography: Harry was born on April 11th 1994 to Sharon and Gary Hanley. He was a particularly annoying infant, difficult to satisfy, and crying whenever he felt he wasn't receiving enough attention. As his mom didn't work and his dad made good money selling used cars this wasn't too much of an issue until his sister Amelia was born when Harry was three years old. He came up with elaborate schemes to try and get rid of her, which he would helpfully explain to his Mom beforehand as he often needed her help in sourcing some of the materials or using the phone, and so they were never very successful. He did manage to sell her to an old woman in the park once, but failed to convince Sharon to hand her baby daughter over and was instead told off. Discipline was generally fairly lax in the Hanley household, and Harry and his sister would run riot over the neighbourhood as soon as they were old enough. He would often sing when he was small, and as he had a tuneful voice this was encouraged by his relatives.

When he was five, his mom got a new friend, Peter Small, who would visit the house often. He and Mia were often sent into the garden to play when this happened, but Harry didn't mind too much as Peter would buy his patience with sweets and toys and promises of more if he didn't tell his dad that Peter had been round. Being a child of dubious morals, Harry was only too happy to oblige, and Mia was too young to understand. Except that it was Mia who eventually let the affair slip, asking their dad why he didn't bring sweets home every day like Peter did.

There then followed a strange couple of weeks in Harry's life where he was sent to live with his grandparents, and then when he came home his dad didn't live with them any more and Peter was around a lot more often. Only a few weeks later Peter moved in, while his dad lived in a caravan on the used car lot site. His mom got a part time job waitressing which was unsettling for Harry and Mia who were used to her being around all the time and instead got sent to daycare. His parents officially divorced three weeks before his sixth birthday, and Sharon and Peter got married three months later. Harry was a page boy at the wedding, and Mia a flower girl.

It was around this time that Harry started school, something he was vehemently against because a couple of his naughty friends said it was going to be boring and he wanted to fit in with them. Secretly, however, he was quite excited to be a part of the bigger school as he had heard the food was better and the gym had ropes they could climb. In class he was quickly identified as one of the naughty kids, and often told off for swearing in class and talking back to the teacher. At the same time his teachers picked up on the fact that he was quite bright, good at problem solving and getting on with his peers, but lacked any sort of drive to learn. He simply didn't care about why things were the way they were, couldn't see the point of knowing how to add when he could be sticking clay in the classroom computer.

When he was about eight his parents started speaking to each other, and have since remained on good terms. Despite this, Gary has always held a certain degree of resentment, and will often subtly try to one-up his ex-wife by helping his kids break the rules she imposed, or trying to buy them better gifts. Harry has often used this to his advantage, to the admonishment of his sister. At around the same time Harry figured out how good money was. Peter was the manager of a large local grocery store and earned a fair enough wage, and then his dad would always give him money if Peter had, so his funds built up quickly. But Harry soon found that it wasn't enough for all the things he wanted to buy, he had a long list of gadgets and toys and computer games, so he started trying to earn money around the neighbourhood. Harry quickly became known as the kid who spent his summers washing cars and his winters shovelling snow. He spent a week with his cousin's dog to try and get over his fear of them so that he could also earn money dog-walking.

This practice continued throughout middle school. One day he was sitting in the canteen with a group of friends and one of them moaned that they wanted a chocolate bar but didn't quite have enough money for the vending machine. Harry offered to sell the kid his own chocolate bar for whatever money he had, and was accepted on the offer. He realised the gap in the market between the over-priced vending machines and his friends, who were generally low in cash. With some help from his dad who drove him out to the nearest Costco he bought multipacks of chocolate bars and started selling them to his friends. No pressure, cheaper than the vending machines, available any time a teacher wasn't looking and he wasn't busy. His backpack was slowly emptying of books and filling up with candy bars. His school work didn't really suffer as he hadn't been trying at it anyway, but he started to spend his evenings working out the buying habits of his friends. When his school stopped serving some forms of junk food on healthy eating policies he found ways to get around it.

The other thing that happened in middle school was that he started to get into drama. It happened because he got his first crush on a girl, who happened to be in the drama club, and he hoped that she might notice him. As it happened, his confidence, charm, and ability to lie came together to make him into a convincing actor. However much he enjoyed his life, he found it fascinating to try and see the world through someone else's point of view. He also started taking singing more seriously when the school tried out doing a musical and his ability from childhood resurfaced. As one of the few singing boys in the school he was ushered into the school choir by one of his teachers.

In tenth grade he first had the idea to start selling alcohol. It took a couple of weeks to figure it out, and initially it was only to a close friend or two who were organising parties. His cousin supplied him to begin with, but quickly became edgy about the morals of the situation and dropped out. After a battle of conscience, combined with an awareness of the law, he asked his dad. Despite initially getting angry, Gary agreed to be a supplier for a cut of the profit, provided that he never be implicated should Harry get caught. Delighted to have a source Harry accepted the terms without question, and since then the illicit business has grown. He continues to keep it under very tight control and is very careful about it. Everything is stored at his dad's house and only transported into the area a couple of days before the party. Until he gets to know people, a lot of the process is done anonymously, and fortunately he has managed to evade suspicion thus far.

His relationship with his sister has complicated over the years. They got on remarkably well as children and were always happy to play together, mainly because Harry was never particularly boisterous and Mia a bit of a tomboy. They grew apart in their teenage years as Harry became busy with earning money and Drama, and Mia became busy with swimming, something she is very good at and she competes at state level competitions much to the pride of their family. Sometimes it bothers Harry that his mom and step-dad aren't as proud of him as they are of his sister, even though he feels that he works just as hard as her. Despite this, his relationship with Sharon and Peter is good, he tends not to cause them too much trouble as he doesn't want his allowance revoked.

Never happy with his earnings, Harry also has two jobs. He works at the movie theatre in the Lone Pine Mall on weekends, and helps out at his dad's car lot after school when he can. Recently he was chasing a customer at work who had walked out of the shop without paying for their popcorn, tripping over and badly twisting his right knee. He got the excitement of getting taken to hospital by a colleague and undergoing surgery to repair the ligament. Fortunately he healed well after the operation, but develops a limp when he walks too far or runs anywhere. This has led to a certain degree of laziness.

Combined with his heavy involvement in drama at the school, having recently taken on the role of Marius in Les Miserables, Harry is pretty much always on the go. He doesn't have time for serious relationships (both platonic and romantic), but considers himself to be well liked enough within the year, even if the majority of his relationships with his peers are quite superficial. He gets along well with most people due to his charming nature, but he particularly enjoys spending time with people who share his hobbies such as the Drama group. The fact that many people only pretend to like him because he can sell them alcohol is something he tries not to think about, and he often finds it hard to tell the people who genuinely like him from those that are only interested in his wares. Harry is an eternal optimist, truly believing that if he tries hard enough, everything in his life will fall into place. He has great plans for his future. Appearing in the musical as a major role has eaten up a lot of the time he would normally spend helping his dad out, and this means that their relationship is becoming strained.

Following school Harry is planning on starting his own business and becoming rich. However, as he hasn't had that million dollar idea yet, he currently plans to go to community college and take some business courses in the hope that it will spark his imagination. He is looking forward to moving into his own place, which he hopes to accomplish while he is at college. Beyond that, Harry has never though about his future other than wanting to have a lot of money.

Advantages: Harry is exceedingly charming, and able to talk his way out of a lot of situations, or into situations. Additionally, thanks to his many resources he is well liked by a lot of people. He would have probably brought some stuff to sell on the trip with him and so wouldn't be hard pressed for food. His slightly corrupt morals might mean that he finds himself able to corrupt himself in other ways, and his abilities as an actor mean that he can act his way out of situations.
Disadvantages: Many of his relationships with his peers are superficial and fuelled by supply/demand. As he is always busy Harry has no time for exercise or sports and as a result isn't in very good shape. He can't run more than a hundred feet at any kind of speed, especially with his current knee injury limiting him. Harry is going to have to come to terms with the fact that he is in a situation he can't buy his way out of, and it is going to be difficult for him to deal with. He finds it hard to read other people and to tell what their feelings are towards him, such as whether they like or dislike him.

Designated Number: Male student No. 026


Designated Weapon: Desert Eagle .50 Cal
Conclusion: I wonder if B26 thinks he can corner the market on bullets. Maybe he could try and trade the wrist-breaker to some sap who doesn't know any better... - Elias Östberg


B025 - Salazar, Esteban "Steven"[/DECEASED]

Name: Esteban "Steven" Rivas Salazar
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Journalism, watching baseball games, photography, gossip, classical music

Appearance: Steven Salazar is small for his age, barely scraping 5'4" and weighing 125 pounds. He has a face that is a bit too narrow to be considered handsome, especially considering his somewhat pronounced cheekbones, which can make him appear almost gaunt. Steven keeps his dark brown hair short and well-combed, parted on the left side of his head. His nose is fairly thin, and his ears are small. Steven's deep brown eyes lie beneath thick, bushy eyebrows. His skin tone is slightly on the dark side, even given his Hispanic ancestry. He generally has a clear complexion, rarely breaking out and suffering only mildly on those occasions when he does.

Steven prides himself on being able to project the right appearance for the right occasion, dressing for adaptability and versatility. He normally wears a button down, long-sleeved white shirt and black jeans, giving him the ability to alter the formality of his appearance by tucking his shirt in or rolling the sleeves up. He also tends to wear a somewhat-battered black duffle coat, though he removes it and carries it over his arm or stows it most of the time when inside. If he knows he's going to be conducting more formal interviews, Steven makes sure to wear a blazer instead; similarly, if he's going to be writing a feature on a specific club or activity, he tries to dress appropriately for it. Steven favors boxers over briefs. For the most part, he chooses unpatterned boxers, preferring darker, cooler colors like blues or greens, occasionally foraying into blacks. He is very particular about the brand, having bought only one brand for the past five years, because they are suitably supportive without being tight enough to ride up, even on the occasions when he jogs.

On the day of the abduction, Steven was wearing black jeans, a long-sleeved white button down, his duffel coat, and black tennis shoes.

Steven always stands straight, and, whenever possible, walks with unhurried, measured strides, trying to portray an air of confidence and ease with everything his does. He speaks loudly and enunciates clearly, without any discernible accent.

Biography: Steven Salazar was born on June 23, 1994. His parents, Raoul and Caroline, were both from families with long histories in Seattle and Latin American roots (predominantly Mexican, with a bit of Puerto Rican mixed in). Steven was their third child, respectively two and four years younger than his older brothers, Victor and Elias. He was named after his paternal grandfather, who died of lung cancer a few months before Steven's birth. His other grandparents all remain alive today.

Steven was a very outgoing child. He grew up in relative comfort. While his family was solidly on the bottom edge of middle class, his parents made sure that their children always received the best the family could offer. They were both creative and involved, spending a lot of time with their children. Because they believed that early exposure to television could be harmful to children, Steven grew up without TV until around his eighth birthday. This meant that he spent most of his free time running around, playing with other kids, and using his imagination.

Steven also greatly enjoyed preschool and elementary school. As he was only two years younger than Victor, the boys often attended the same schools, and Steven spent as much time as possible glued to his brother, who he idolized. Of the Salazar children, Victor was the quietest and most reserved, standing in contrast to the athletic Elias. Victor was always willing to put up with Steven hanging around, but typically engaged his younger brother in quiet activities, including reading and writing. Victor and Steven would often sit for hours, playing pretend and telling each other stories.

Steven made many other friends as well. He never took to sports or other athletic activities, but he was easygoing and able to joke around with other kids quite well. He was assertive and confident without being overbearing. While he was never a leader, Steven was also never pushed around or peer pressured, due to his strong sense of self. This rubbed some kids the wrong way, and he was involved in his share of arguments, though these never escalated into physical conflicts, in no small part because Steven was always a small boy. He did develop something of a temper and a sharp tongue, never picking on people but never taking an insult quietly, either.

Because he had such a wide range of friends, and because his brother was friends with many of Steven's classmates' older siblings, Steven had an easy time learning gossip. Unlike most of his friends, he took an interest in it, trying to understand what made his classmates tick. Steven never used what he heard about his peers against them, even while angry, because he knew that doing so would compromise his reputation and make him less likely to be able to learn new things. He did, however, sometimes take solace in unflattering information about those who wronged him, whether it was correct or not.

Steven's interest in his peers' business grew as he did. By middle school, he was getting along with most people, ignoring the rest, and had established himself as a willing confidante to most of his close friends, listening and offering advice when requested.

It was also upon entering middle school that Steven picked up several of his other hobbies. He took an interest in the news, particularly the newspaper. Initially he simply read the comics, but, with his television access still largely restricted by his parents, the news became Steven's source of information in the world. He found that he could impress his teachers by being well-educated about current events. He was also fascinated with the occasional inaccuracies in the paper, realizing that what people were told in some cases mattered more than what was actually true. Steven began to write in a diary, chronicling his school life in as objective a fashion as he could. While his dedication was intermittent at best, the process helped him improve his grammar and writing skills, until he ended up near the top of the class in English.

It was also during middle school that Steven became aware of his sexuality. As puberty hit, he found himself attracted to his male classmates. Steven and his parents had always had a close relationship, so, after discussing his feelings with Victor, he approached them. While Steven had been raised loosely Christian, his family was on the whole quite liberal, and accepted his orientation with no notable drama. The exception was his maternal grandparents, who were cut from more traditional cloth. Initially, they gave Steven a very cold reception, expressing hope that he would change his mind as he matured and repent. This resulted in significant strife within the family for several years, and while his grandparents eventually loosened their opinions, Steven's relationship with them still remains somewhat strained, as he has not entirely forgiven their past actions towards him.

It wasn't long before Steven came out at school as well, and while he has occasionally been the target of an some unpleasantness, he found that Seattle was by and large a decently liberal place, so it was not hard for him to figure out who his true friends were and find a close circle of accepting and supportive peers. Steven was also fairly skilled when it came to snappy comebacks, and his temper meant he was unlikely to let wrongs against him pass unaddressed. Because of this, most of his intolerant classmates learned that he was anything but easy pickings and left him alone.

During gym class, Steven grew to appreciate several sports. His favorite was baseball, though he was absolutely terrible at it. He liked the teamwork required for the game, though, and soon was reading the sports section of the paper just as closely as the news, following the Seattle Mariners, even when their performance was less than inspiring. Games are one of the few things he actively tries to catch on television.

As he entered high school, Steven made more friends than ever before. He kept up with school gossip whenever possible, continuing to advise his friends when he could. He also finally was able to get involved in a school paper. Steven joined the Aurora newspaper freshman year, and has been an active member ever since. Steven handles occasional features, as well as a gossip column. What he publishes in the latter, however, is more speculation about changes to school programs or policies, as well as humorous and clearly false rumors about celebrities and sports figures. A large part of Steven's writing style is inspired by one of his journalistic heroes, Hunter S. Thompson. Steven was exposed to Thompson's works right at the start of high school, and grew to greatly respect and appreciate the idea that journalists can be a part of the material they cover. He does not, however, approve of Thompson's drug experimentation, believing that drugs are harmful and a problem in society, an opinion he expresses fairly frequently in his writings.

While Steven prefers to write in a very loose, personal fashion, he is more than capable of conducting himself with professionalism and writing in a more classic news fashion when required. He has started a blog that updates sporadically, musing on current events and his own life. As part of his work on his blog, Steven has taken up photography, though he is not very good at it. When working with the school paper, he prefers to rely on the talents of the numerous skilled staff photographers.

Steven remains very close to his family. He is very open and communicative with his parents, and even actively keeps in touch with his extended family, some of whom read his blog. He also keeps in contact with his brothers when possible, though both live away from home. Elias is currently serving in the military, while Victor is working and attending community college, studying biology.

Steven hopes to attend college himself, and has made a concerted effort to achieve good grades in all of his classes. While English is by far the easiest for him, Steven is an intelligent boy, and school is on the whole not particularly challenging for him. Even in science, which he struggles with more than any other class, his grades have not dropped below a mid-B since sophomore year. While studying or writing, Steven likes to play classical music, which helps him concentrate. He enjoys the music overall, marveling at how emotional a work of art can be without resorting to words. Steven often attends school orchestra performances, and greatly admires those classmates who participate in them, though he has never made any effort to learn an instrument himself.

Steven's social group is very large. He has friends in most of the cliques, and makes an effort to visit most clubs and sports teams on paper business. For the most part, though, he is closest to friends he's known for a long time and to his fellow journalists. He cares deeply about his friends, and always tries to make time to participate in activities that are important to them. He is also always available to give advice or provide a sympathetic ear to people who are having problems. Steven can be somewhat sarcastic, and is very opinionated on most subjects, and never misrepresents his views to ensure peace (though he does not attempt to provoke others and does not continue arguments once he decides that they are hopeless). His temper still causes some problems, as he does not tolerate people treating him poorly, and will loudly voice his displeasure if he feels he's being wronged. This has caused occasional issues with school staff, though Steven has never been punished more severely than with a reprimand as he does not start conflict or escalate beyond insults. There are some people who don't get along well with Steven due to run-ins in the past, but he tends to avoid people he dislikes wherever possible, so his life is relatively free of social drama.

Advantages: Steven is intelligent, social, and knows a lot about his classmates. While he doesn't really know anyone's dark secrets, his interest in his classmates, combined with his work for the newspaper, mean he can match just about any name to a face, and probably have a good idea about what social groups his classmates belong to.
Disadvantages: Steven is small and physically unimposing. He would not be challenging to overpower, even for somebody not in the best shape. While he is not without discretion, he can often let his temper get the better of him, escalating situations when they would be better left alone. Finally, Steven legitimately cares about people and wants the best for his friends, and will probably act in their benefit, which could prove quite disadvantageous for him.

Designated Number: Male student No. 025


Designated Weapon: Bayview Huskies Hockey T-Shirt
Conclusion: Snarky kid armed with a t-shirt. This isn't going to end well. Entertainingly maybe, but not well. - Elias Östberg


B024 - St. Ledger, Francis[/DECEASED]

Name: Francis Joseph St. Ledger
Gender: Male
Age: 18
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Soccer, performing music (acoustic guitar, saxophone, trombone and keyboard), reading, street dance, "parkour"

Appearance: Francis is a fairly tall individual, as he stands at 6’2” following a recent growth spurt. He is also a very skinny individual; he weighs only 155lbs, and his ribs can be seen when he breathes in. This is mostly genetics, although the sports he participates in also has something to do with it. It isn’t too noticeable, however, as Francis normally wears slightly baggy clothing.

Francis has light blonde hair which he prefers to be kept fairly long, although his mother constantly fusses over it, saying how nice he’d look with shorter hair. It reaches his shoulders at the back, and mostly covers his ears. The fringe of Francis’ hair is swept to his right, reaching his right eye, and some people who dislike him have called it an “emo-fringe in training”. Whenever it’s sunny for long periods of time, Francis’ hair will gradually become lighter, often turning almost white.

Francis has naturally pale skin, which he strives to keep completely free of blemishes. He does, however, have a dusting of freckles across the bridge of his thin nose, although they’re pretty unnoticeable. Francis has a rather thin face to go with his thin body, and fairly dull blue eyes, which are oval in shape. He also seems unable to grow any facial hair, although he doesn’t mind this. Francis also has an average sized mouth, and average sized ears.

Francis normally wears polo shirts and chinos with a belt, although he will sometime wear jeans, all of which are slightly baggy. His favourite pieces of clothing are a pink polo shirt and a belt with the Superman logo on the metal buckle. Francis also normally wears a pair of white Vans. Whenever he is performing street dance, however, Francis will wear a plain grey t-shirt under a similarly plain grey hoody, with whatever trousers he can find and a pair of battered black trainers. On the day of the abduction, Francis wore his pink polo shirt, with a pair of white chinos and white Vans. He also had his Superman belt, as well as a white cotton wristband with the Manchester United emblem on his right wrist and a black digital watch on his left. He had his street dance clothing with him as well, in his bag.

Biography: Francis was born to Christian and Harriett St. Ledger, a wealthy couple who both work as lawyers in Seattle. He also has an older brother named Darius, who is 21. As his parents’ jobs are very time consuming, Francis doesn’t often get to see them. When he was young, his parent figure was a child minder named Emma McCarroll, and until recently, Darius looked after him too. Now that Francis is eighteen, however, Francis can rely on himself more. He still has a fairly good relationship with his parents whenever he does see them, especially when they go on vacation. He does find them slightly embarrassing sometimes, as he sees them as rather old-fashioned.

Francis had a good early life, albeit a fairly ordinary one. He was a very outgoing and confident boy, quickly striking up friendships with boys and girls his age. Francis would spend most of his time idly playing soccer with his friends or Darius. When Darius wasn’t around, or it was too rainy to go outside, however, Francis would read something from the St. Ledger’s extensive library. Harriett and Emma both encouraged this, often asking Francis whether he wanted to read to them instead of vice versa. Francis’ collection of books has, by now, grown, but his favourite genre of books remains the same; fantasy and adventure. In particular, Francis enjoys the Skulduggery Pleasant and Mortal Engines series, although he’s not a fan of Harry Potter, calling it “overrated and stupid.”

Francis has always been a guy whose interests change almost weekly. For a long while his major interest was knights and medieval weapons. After that, he was hugely interested in wrestling. Most recently, Francis has shown an interest in playing the electric guitar, although he himself has acknowledged that there’s a large possibility he’ll get bored of it and it’d be a large waste of money. The one interest that Francis has that has never disappeared, however, is soccer. Whether it’s a kick about at the park or a proper match for the school team, Francis will make sure he’s there. He is a very versatile player too, and can play as a central midfielder, goalkeeper or winger. At the moment, he plays in central med for the school team. His best quality is probably the fact that he’s not afraid to get stuck into tackles and headers. Francis follows the English Premier League, as he doesn’t think that the American leagues are anywhere near as interesting. He supports Manchester United, although he also has a soft spot for Wigan Athletic.

As stated, Francis’ early life was fairly ordinary. He was a bright, confident and outgoing boy, who was also polite to his peers and superiors. As he got older, however, things started to change. Francis had been friends with a group of boys since he was around five. They all had similar interests to Francis, and while not exactly the politest, they were seen as good, friendly people. When Francis was around 15, they started to become rowdier, ruder, and generally more unpleasant. Francis wasn’t entirely sure about their behaviour, but out of loyalty to his friends, he stayed with them, making sure he acted just like them. This had a bad effect on his personality. He didn’t enjoy himself whenever he was out with this group of friends, and when he returned home he would be very moody and grumpy, arguing about the most ridiculous of things. Eventually this desire to fit in grew so great that he decided to give up playing the trombone and keyboard, which he had recently started learning, because in the group’s eyes, they were seriously uncool.

Christian, Harriett and Darius were rather perturbed by Francis’ change in personality, but they had no idea what had triggered it or how to stop it. When Francis was 16, however, the St. Ledgers went on vacation to Sicily for two weeks. Francis forgot to bring his mobile phone with him, so he had no way of contacting his friends back in Seattle. His parents noticed that Francis was much more cheerful for the whole duration of the trip than he was back at home. As soon as they returned from Sicily, Francis went out with his group of friends. When he returned, he was as moody as he had been before the trip. From this Christian and Harriett deduced the reason why Francis was acting so grumpy.

While his parents didn’t want to see Francis grumpy, they also didn’t want to split him up with his friends. Harriett suggested that he joined a club outside of school or something similar. Francis agreed with the idea, but also wanted to do something that would make sure his “friends” didn’t laugh at him for. Eventually he decided to join a small group that ran weekly, teaching people street dance. Francis quickly found that he seriously enjoyed street dance, and he often practices especially tricky moves in his bedroom. This has, unfortunately caused a couple of breakages to furniture over the two years Francis has performed street dance. At the group, Francis met a boy the same age as him named Rene Dougherty. Rene had very similar interests to Francis, but was pretty quiet and shy compared to Francis’ normal group of friends. The two started hanging out outside of the street dance group, and whenever they did, Francis was much more cheerful and happy.

Whenever Francis was hanging out with Rene, they’d mostly play or watch soccer, or practice street dance moves. One thing that Rene was interested in was parkour. He’d never actually attempted it himself, but found the whole idea intriguing, something Francis agreed with. The two had a desire to attempt parkour, but weren’t exactly fans of running all over the city, and eventually concluded that the whole thing could be too dangerous for them. However, they figured that their agility from street dance could help them do stuff similar to parkour, if not the actual thing. Rene and Francis attempted a number of stunts, too technical and time-consuming for street dance, and without the high speed of parkour. While the danger had been lessened, accidents still occurred, the most serious being Rene breaking his arm attempting to do a backflip. So far, Francis’ most impressive stunt is where he runs towards a tree, taking a couple of steps onto the actual trunk, before flipping backwards off. The two call the whole thing “parkour” although they admit that’s just to make it sound cooler, as the whole thing is more of a mix of street dance and stunt work.

At school, Francis does fairly well. He does excellently in PE and English, and does okay in most of his other subjects. His best subject, however, is music. Francis shows great enthusiasm for it, and is interested in the background to the pieces and their composers, as well as listening to the music itself. The subject prompted Francis to practice an instrument or two himself. He started learning the aforementioned trombone and keyboard, the former because it interested him, and the latter because Christian and Darius both played it. He has also recently started learning the acoustic guitar and saxophone, because they also interest him and he thinks they’re both cool, even if his group of friends doesn’t. Whilst Francis did give the trombone and keyboard up for a while, he has recently decided to start them again, no matter what his “friends” think. Francis also plays for the school soccer team and plays trombone in the school band. He has not joined the book club, however, as he thinks it ridiculously nerdy.

Francis is, at most times, a friendly and confident individual, as he has started hanging out with Rene and people like him more and more. He is very sociable, willing to talk to anyone who strikes up a conversation with him, even if they’re the sort of people the “popular crowd” would never associate with. He can get a little flustered when talking with girls he likes, however. He still feels loyal to his old group of friends in the popular crowd, though, and still hangs out with them a lot. Whenever he does so, Francis becomes moody, grumpy, argumentative and rude. Francis can also become moody if he gets stuck at something, such as a difficult piece of homework, or argumentative when someone strongly and constantly disagrees with his views. This means he has just about as many friends as he does enemies.

Advantages: Francis is agile and fit from soccer and street dance. At most times, Francis is a confident and friendly person, so could make allies more easily.
Disadvantages: Francis has several enemies who have had to deal with him when he’s in his grumpy moods. If he gets into one of these moods on the island, he could annoy and anger people. Francis could also get overconfident in his “parkour” abilities, and attempt to do something needlessly dangerous.

Designated Number: Male student No. 024


Designated Weapon: Insulated Blanket
Conclusion: That'll give him something to be 'grumpy' about. Maybe he can do us all a favour and stunt-jump his way into breaking his neck. Parkour. What a jackass. - Elias Östberg


B023 - Jennings, Jesse[/DECEASED]

Name: Jesse Jennings
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Socializing, Dating, Politics, Card Readings, Running, Volunteering, Fashion

Appearance: Jesse stands 5'8" and weighs 138 pounds, and is instantly recognizable around Aurora due to two things: his afro, and his near-Hollywood good looks. He's a relatively light-skinned African-American whose time on the track team has given a lean if not noticeably toned look to his body.

Jesse has been naturally good looking for pretty much his entire life. His eyes are a dark chestnut color with relatively little gradation to them. He's got smooth skin that resisted most facial outbreaks during his teenage years, and his natural dimples give him a deceptively boyish smile. A military brushing regimen his father drilled into him has given him straight, white teeth, and he's never had a cavity. His nose is a slight bit crooked and he sometimes wishes he had a more pronounced jawline to make himself look older, especially since he can't grow any facial hair beyond some peach fuzz on his upper lip. Jesse has been growing his afro for the past two years, and it's now at a rough length of 5-6 inches around his head. He does take pains to keep it mostly symmetrical and well-maintained, both to complement his overall look and keep his father from getting on his case about it.

Fashion-wise, Jesse currently favors preppy-style brand names and slim-fitting products. He'll wear buttoned but untucked printed shirts with light jackets or blazers and black, grey or navy jeans, as well as a scarf, skinny tie, or pair of aviator sunglasses whenever the situation demands it. For the trip, he was wearing grey jeans with a striped blue and white Oxford shirt, Converse sneakers, and sunglasses.

Biography: Jesse was born on May 12, just north of Seattle in the city of Everett; his parents had recently moved to Washington state from Atlanta, Georgia. His father, Airman First Class Walter Jennings, had completed his six-year deployment with the United States Air Force when he attended a job fair for Boeing, which would eventually lead to a job offer as a support technician at their Everett factory. Walter would move to Everett with his fiancee, Martine Bordelon, a second-generation Haitian immigrant who had just finished college. They married and Martine gave birth to Jesse's older brother Lucas in 1991, then Jesse in 1994 and finally his sister Nadege in 2001.

A new baby put Jesse's family in the market for a bigger house, and they moved to Seattle in 2002. His father had recently left Boeing to take a management position with TLG Aerospace in downtown Seattle, and his mother worked as a realtor and would have more business in the city. Martine eventually switch jobs amidst the housing market crisis in 2008, and became an organizer and consultant for various Seattle-area non-profit organizations, as well as an elected Public School Trustee.

At home, Walter Jennings' military-inspired parenting methods would often contrast with Martine's softer, more nurturing and permissive approach, but the two of them both knew how to compromise and provided a stable home life for their family. This dichotomy would show itself early on in Jesse's life, as he was a much different child than his older brother. While Luke was studious, disciplined and serious, clearly taking after his father, Jesse was more free-spirited and outgoing, and discovered at an early age that he loved to be the center of attention. As a result, he naturally gravitated more to his mother's tutelage, and developed both good people skills and a charming personality, as well as a tendency to bend the rules when he could without much fear of reprisal.

Jesse grew to be a good but unexceptional student at school. He got A's and B's but never excelled at any particular subject. With his looks and outgoing nature, he was always a member of the "popular" kids and enjoyed his high status in the social pecking order, becoming something of a class clown would often make his voice known (whether jocular or serious) without bothering to seek permission or wait for his turn. Depending on the teacher's temperament, he was seen either as a favorite student who wasn't afraid to speak his mind and stand out, or as a cocky young punk with a smart mouth who was just clever enough to usually stay out of trouble. Both of these descriptions could fit, of course. Jesse liked attention, and seemed to enjoy pushing people's buttons. He had a laid-back, relaxed attitude to many things and found it funny when other people got worked up over something while he leaned back with a sly grin on his face.

For a while after Nadege was born, Jesse found himself suffering from middle-child syndrome; Lucas remained his father's favorite and his mother was preoccupied with the new baby. However, Nadege would also eventually gravitate more to her father. She was both an unrepentant tomboy and a borderline genius with an almost prodigal aptitude for math and sciences, which led her to become fascinated with Walter's work in engineering at an early age, and after Luke obtained a scholarship from Gonzaga to study pre-law and moved out, Nadege stepped more fully into her elder brother's spot. Jesse maintains a good if somewhat distant relationship with his father, seemingly content to go his own way without having to worry too much about living up to the demanding expectations Walter placed upon his other kids.

Martine, for her part, was happy to spend comparatively more time with Jesse, and he would occasionally assist with her various job contracts as he entered his teenage years, becoming a familiar face at several local charities and fundraisers. Jesse also learned some of the card tricks and psychic readings his grandmother had passed onto his mother from her knowledge of voodoo and Haitian culture, and during the summers he began making some money by offering card readings to tourists and other folks at the Seattle Center. Jesse never really believed in voodoo or psychic powers, but his natural charm and salesmanship served him well, and he got a kick out of trying to predict people's futures even if it was all guesswork and reading body language.

At Aurora, Jesse is a member of the track team and runs middle distances and hurdles, although he's never been more than average compared to teammates. His popularity and group skills also gravitated him to politics, and he was a member of the the student council in his junior year, as well as a part of the Youth Legislature and an occasional minor cast member in school theater productions. He would eventually decide not to run for council his senior year, preferring to focus on outside issues rather than another go-round with school politics. Jesse's family have always been active Democrats, and he was especially inspired by President McAllister's 2008 election, so over the past year he's volunteered with Fuse Washington, a youth group dedicated to promoting various Democratic or otherwise progressive candidates and initiatives leading up to the 2012 elections. He maintains mostly A's and B's in his academics, and is considering focusing on business or political science classes in college, although there's no one subject he's truly passionate about and wants to keep his options open.

Jesse isn't averse to using his good looks and people skills to his advantage at school. He has a wide range of friends and utilizes his social network to continuously seek out new dates and potential girlfriends, things he doesn't have much trouble finding. Many see him as a womanizer who drifts from one casual relationship to the next, and while his rumored promiscuity is somewhat exaggerated, his reputation isn't entirely undeserved. Jesse likes dating and intimacy, and has had several sexual partners over the past couple years, but he's been either unwilling or unable to commit to any long-term relationships. People can find him to be a closed book after a while, unwilling to develop or express himself on much more than a superficial level, able to develop lots of surface friendships but few truly close ones.

This has also led to accusations of him being shallow, simply going with the crowd when it comes to forming opinions and interests. And while Jesse will certainly admit that his pop culture taste in movies and music have always been as mainstream as you can get, he's also a fan of reading classic novels and plays, and even counts Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series as a guilty pleasure. Aside from reading though, he's unlikely to enjoy activities that don't have a social aspect to them. He's dismissive towards most aspects of "geek culture" beyond the odd fantasy novel and latest cell phone, and has little patience for introverts and loners at school. If someone's outwardly friendly and personable, Jesse considers them worth talking to and calling a friend, but if they're not, he doesn't think they're worth his time.

Jesse's decided to take a gap year after high school, continuing his work with Fuse until the elections in November. He'd originally hoped to spend some time in California afterwards, but his mother is trying to convince him to look into a youth program with Global Visionaries, a group she'd previously worked with, and take part in a pre-college leadership program that would include a trip to Guatemala in the spring. Either way, Jesse's planning to apply to the University of Washington for 2013, and while he hasn't fully planned out the upcoming year, he has to admit that Guatemala would look better on his application.

Advantages: Jesse is good-looking, mostly well-liked, and has charisma and charm to spare. He's friendly with most of his fellow students and his political skills, as well as his ability to read body language and judge people accordingly, can serve him well to defuse potentially hostile situations. Jesse gravitates to group environments and should be able to find safety in numbers, but he also has a cunning streak in him and looks out for number one above all, meaning he would be likely to recognize early when a situation is likely to go bad and remove himself from harm before it happens. His running has left him in good shape and his low body fat and lean frame will help him stretch his supplies.
Disadvantages: Jesse is overconfident in himself and can be outright cocky, and not everyone thinks as highly of him as he does. If people do "see through" him or speak up against him, he won't be able to just ignore or dismiss them on the island like he does in Seattle, not that he has much experience with not getting his way in the first place. Jesse's led a mostly charmed life thus far, and has had very little in the way to prepare him for adverse situations, leading him to be undisciplined and often lazy. He has no applicable survival skills or fighting experience beyond what he's seen on TV.

Designated Number: Male student No. 023


Designated Weapon: Riz Action Figure with Kicking Action
Conclusion: This guy reminds me of me. Too bad he isn't getting threatened by G.I Joes or he'd have this one well in hand. Charm shouldn't be underestimated though; stick what brought you to the dance kid, and you'll do okay. - Elias Östberg


G019 - Millers, Miranda[/DECEASED]

Name: Miranda Millers
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Fashion, track, anime, video games, gossip, health and fitness, finances, pop music

Appearance: Miranda has long wavy chestnut brown hair, that reaches to the middle of her back. It tends to get in her face often, leading to her usually holding it back in a hairband. Occasionally she styles it in other ways, such as in a ponytail, but she generally prefers wearing hairbands of various colors.

Miranda's pretty tall for her age, at 5'9 and weighing 155 pounds. She has always been a little embarrassed at her height, but it hasn't stopped her from often wearing high heels of some kind or another. However, she does own sneakers, thanks to her frequently practicing her running skills. She has an athletic looking body with lean muscle, caused by her being on the track team. Miranda has a heart shaped face, with big brown eyes, a small nose, and slightly bowed lips. She has a light pink skin tone due to her Caucasian ethnicity, and she takes good care of it with anti-acne cream and washing the make-up off before she goes to bed. She's a frequent user of makeup, and usually wears foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, and other forms of it. While she usually follows what makeup trends are common, she's not too afraid to experiment a bit with it on occasion.

Her dress style tends to observe current fashion trends. As of recently, she's been preferring to wear bangle bracelets, long bead necklaces, pastel shades, and vaguely "retro" inspired dresses, though a few ruffles and lace have appeared here and there. Miranda has a personal preference for wearing things that show off her legs, such as shorts or skirts, due to her personal belief that her legs are the best thing about her body, though during the winter she makes sure to cover up. As noted, she usually wears high heels unless exercising, or in cooler weather where it would be impractical. Miranda has always loved shades of all kinds and shapes, and frequently has some on her. Her personal favorite would be a pair of cat-eye black lenses with red frames. It's worth noting that despite one would think, Miranda's outfit choices aren't actually overly expensive; instead she always tries to get things at the lowest price and keeps her old clothes in her closet whenever they've gone out of fashion, just in case. On the day of the trip, she was wearing a knee-length sleeveless white sundress with a red polka dot pattern. While she wore vibrant red high-heels with this outfit, she also brought a pair of running shoes with her in her bag. In addition, she wore a matching red hairband, letting some of her hair frame her face. In her ears she wore earrings with small red teardrop shaped pendants. She rounds out this outfit with a red sash tied around her waist.

Biography: Miranda was born in Seattle, being an only child. Her father was a businessman, who was wealthy thanks to being successful at the stock market and was fairly high up in his workplace, while her mother was a housewife. From a young age, her father always tried to teach her how to be a "proper" lady and while he wasn't particularly cruel with her, he was fairly strict and had always been brutally honest whenever she had asked him a question. One could say that he was more interested in raising a heiress to his fortune rather than actually raising a daughter. However, Miranda had always been closer to her mother, who she would occasionally ask for advice on various topics, though she doesn't like "bothering" her with her problems in life. Despite this, her mother is one of the few people she is particularly emotionally open with. While her parents did disagree on how to raise her and Miranda has been familiar with the arguments, having heard them many times, she never really agreed or disagreed about one side or the other.

Miranda, when she initially started schooling, was somewhat quiet. She wasn't shy in any sense of the word, but she just didn't talk much at first. As the years went by Miranda was being invited to parties that her classmates were having all the time. Perhaps it was because it was known that she came from a wealthy family, but in the end her classmates were drawn to her. Around this time her personality began to change steadily, and she became more outgoing and charismatic due to being around more people. However, she had ended up following the crowd most of the time, despite how she felt about things. As they got older, her group of friends had started poking fun at the less "popular" of her classmates, and Miranda couldn't help but join in, only at the feeling that if she didn't, she would lose the support of her friends.

Soon she was hiding her interests and personality traits that she knew they would make fun of, even to this day. One of the biggest examples would be her interest in anime and video games. It started with an interest in Pokemon, but as she grew older she started getting into all sorts of anime and video games after looking around and finding some new series. She tends to prefer "cute" things, such as anime of the "moe" genre or games about taking care of some sort of creature (such as Neopets). However, she also tries her hand at watching and playing any kind of anime and game that she could get her hands on, such as first-person shooters or MMORPGs. Miranda tries to hide this interest as much as possible, due to the notion that if someone found out they would never take her seriously again, true or not. In fact, she sometimes hides her interests by poking fun at them publicly, such as saying all those who watch anime are "fat, lazy slobs", despite being into it.

Miranda often found herself pouring over fashion magazines with some of the girls she had befriended, and soon developed an interest in that. While she did love looking at the beautiful clothes, she didn't want to be a model or fashionista as much. Rather, she loved the idea of being the one coming up with trends and outfit choices. Soon she started observing fashion trends, and while her outfit choices did follow whatever trend was in-style at that moment, she also looked into how the clothes were made and the trends were decided. Miranda isn't entirely sure, but she has thought about working in the fashion industry once she graduates, though she hasn't talked about it much in front of others. Fashion remains her main interest in terms of occupation, and she is a member of the Fashion Club. To this day, her father doesn't know that she wants to pursue an interest in fashion. In the hopes that she'd learn ahead of time and follow in his footsteps, he has begun teaching her lessons about financing, stock marketing, saving money, and other similar topics on how to run a business. While these lessons have often confused Miranda, she does remember quite a bit from them.

When she first entered high school, she had decided to join the track team on a whim, and after the first few meetings she was enthusiastic about it. Soon she was practicing daily to make sure she was in shape, would avoid junk food in favor of more healthy options, and at parties she would avoid any drugs being passed out and would only drink on special occasions. Miranda wanted to make sure that she stayed healthy enough to participate. She has ever since has been peculiar about keeping herself physically healthy, and she intends to stay that way.

Miranda has always been a big fan of music. Her tastes in music are of the "silly" pop song variety, but she doesn't mind too much. In fact, she loves them and will defend them if someone pokes fun of them. Much of her music choices are artists who are currently popular, and she tries her best to learn trivia about them and to memorize the lyrics.

Thoughout her high school years, she has had a history of going on dates with various male classmates. Usually they were set up by a friend, or that someone asked her out and she didn't see why she shouldn't accept. Usually these relationships didn't last too long, mostly because Miranda had never been interested in her date in a romantic way; she usually thought that she was going to warm up to the male in question. While some of them have ended pleasantly, with them still being friends, other times the boy is left with a grudge. This has resulted in her getting a reputation for being somewhat cold in relationships. It took Miranda a while to figure out why exactly she had trouble with dating, until the start of senior year. She had managed to discover that she had a crush on a female classmate, much to her confusion and embarrassment. It has been on her mind all year for obvious reasons. However, she hasn't talked much about this, though some have noticed she has been acting unusual all year.

Around school, Miranda is known to be part of the "cool crowd". This is in part due to a level of charisma that she has steadily learned over the years, and she's able to easily get people on her side because of it. In addition, she tends to be friends with many of the more popular girls. This doesn't mean that people are not angry at her for things she and her friends have done. She's known to be a gossip, and has made fun of her classmates, occasionally in part because she's felt that she needs to. Regardless, she is known to be somewhat popular among her classmates. While usually very much social, the other side of her personality tends to come out around close friends in private, revealing that she can be somewhat quiet, nervous, and subdued, especially in comparison to her public persona.

In regards to schoolwork, she's often had trouble learning the material. It's not that she's unintelligent. In fact, outside of school she's shown to be somewhat clever, particularly in regards to socializing or anything relating to her interests. Rather, she just has trouble learning in an academic setting, which has impacted her scoring on assignments and grades. Miranda hasn't been officially diagnosed with a learning disability of any kind, however. She has refused the use of tutors due to the belief that everyone would not take her seriously if she saw any, and instead tries to plow through, only occasionally asking for help among her classmates only if she feels she needs to and telling them not to mention it to anyone. Overall, she has been known to refuse help from others if they ask her directly, even if she needs it. Her grades have never been too spectacular, but she is passing; she mostly gets Cs with the occasional B, only getting As if she works particularly hard.

Despite her extroverted demeanor, she has problems with anxiety, which she tries to cover up as much as possible. This is caused in part by her frequently trying to portray herself as something she isn't. It doesn't help that oftentimes she gets pressure from her classmates or her father to act a specific way, or at least so she feels. To some extent, she is a perfectionist, and if things go out of control she could easily be overwhelmed, especially if she feels she somehow "failed". Miranda has tried simple breathing exercises and other stress-relieving methods to calm herself down more often. However, she still has the habit of making herself look like the "popular girl", while ignoring her actual desires and fears. While she seems fairly normal and happy to most people, she has been known to get quite insecure and defensive.

Advantages: Miranda is somewhat charismatic, so she could potentially get what she wanted from her classmates. She is also athletic and tries to keep herself healthy, lessening risk of exhaustion. She can be fairly clever if she pushes herself.
Disadvantages: Miranda's behavior has made her many enemies over the years, and some might desire revenge. She has spent much of her life pretending to be something she isn't, and as a result she has the tendency to not react well to stress, especially in regards to failure. Miranda has a noted history of refusing help, which may act against her in-game. Finally, while she does have her moments of brightness, she has always had trouble learning things at school, which may effect her decisions.

Designated Number: Female student No. 019


Designated Weapon: War Spear
Conclusion: Looks like those aspearations are going to come to nothing. - Josh Baines - Oh you SUCK - Your mom sucks! - My mom is a classy lady you
- - -
Yeah. You two aren't allowed to do this any more. - Jim Greynolds


G017 - Locke, Jacquilyn[/DECEASED]

Name: Jaquilyn Locke
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High
Hobbies and Interests: Cheerleading, karate, acting, stunts

Appearance: Jaquilyn is 5'6", and 125 lbs. Her thin face and high cheekbones are framed with black, permed hair that falls just below her shoulders. She is part Egyptian, and has a tan, smooth skin tone. Combined with her sharp, hazel eyes, she looks like an amazon. She is slim and tall, with long shapely legs. Her torso is moderately muscled, but she is slender nonetheless. She carries herself high and proud. Jaquilyn likes hoop earrings, eyeliner and mascara. She highlights her Egyptian features with cat eyes. She has a small nose, and full red lips.

Jaquilyn likes to wear V-neck shirts with long sleeves over short shorts or mini skirts. Her aim is classy, but seductive. Her favorite color is orange, and she prefers dark, bold colors. Her bottoms are usually white, black, or denim. Underneath, she wears tennis shoes or short boots, depending on what fits her outfit best.

Biography: Jaquilyn grew up in a privileged setting. Her father is a legal consultant, and her mother is an ex-supermodel. Her parents often host big parties and barbecues, and she was very friendly with all of the neighbor children. Don, her older brother, would invent games for them all to play, most of which had no winners or losers, but kept the kids active and entertained.

Jaquilyn's father, Harvey, originally wanted to write fiction about law enforcement. He was fascinated by the law, and had a knack for writing. When he went to college, he double majored in law administration and English. When Mr. Locke was told by publishers there was a lack of interest in his sub-genre, he decided to go into politics. He joined city council in 2003, and lost the 2009 mayoral election. Never the type to give up, he decided to campaign even harder next election.

Jaquilyn drifted from her father when he ran for mayor. Her father started acting aggressively friendly. She hated seeing him like this, and resolved she'd never pretend to be what she's not, and act just as she felt. Her stunningly beautiful mother also became a social climber. Ms. Locke never minded being shown off, and she always loved taking any opportunity to talk her husband up. Rebelling from her parents, Jaquilyn would always speak her mind. She'd call her peers out if they are lying or trying too hard to impress people. She'd raise her eyebrows if a girl was wearing clothes that don't flatter her figure.

When she was seven, Jaquilyn found her brother playing Dead or Alive, a complex hand-to-hand combat game. She liked the idea of being able to defend herself, and thought martial arts looked amazing. She was disappointed to find Karate lessons wouldn't make her an acrobatic, steel-shattering weapon, but she loved the fatigue and reward of a workout. Rather than using brute strength, Jaquilyn's developed a very swift form. She found she could escape many holds effortlessly, and trip up opponents. Breaking boards was more difficult, but she could when she needed to.

Jaquilyn's mother suggested she take up a more feminine sport, telling her karate might intimidate boys. Jaquilyn saw truth in this, but was too proud to up and quit. She began to cheerlead while simultaneously working up belts. She is currently a brown belt on the verge of going red. Her goal is to go black before she leaves for college. Jaquilyn joined the sport for fun and to support the football team, she never interacted with other cheerleaders much outside of cheer.

Her brother, Don, who's 8 years older than Jaquilyn, was the perfect student. He got outstanding grades, volunteered in the community, and finished his undergraduate early. The two always teased each other, and were always close close. They had no kind of sibling rivalry; both were able to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses. Jaquilyn was proud of her brother for his achievements, and he supported her in all athletic competitions. When he visits, conservative Don would often disagree with the liberal Harvey Locke, and their arguments left Jaquilyn resenting politics even more. She adopted a philosophy that people would be better off without a government telling people how to live.

Bianca Howard grew up with Jaquilyn, making her the only person outside of Jaquilyn's family who could get away with calling her Jaqui. Their moms were best friends since high school, so Bianca and Jaquilyn were practically sisters. Because Jaquilyn grew to hate the passive-aggressive behaviors of many high school girls, Bianca was the only girl Jaquilyn wasn't prejudice against. Jaquilyn's other close friends would learn just to call her Jaq.

When unsure what she wanted to do with her life, Don suggested she become a stunt double. He pointed out that she was both fit and pretty enough to double for an actress. Jaquilyn thought about this, and concluded she would love the excitement and minor glamour that would come with it.

Throughout high school, Jaquilyn earned a reputation as a superstar flirt. With a stunning, half Egyptian ex-model for a mother, Jaquilyn has always desired to be beautiful. All of the friends Jaquilyn has over always commented on her mother’s beauty. For this reason, she became quite jealous of her mother. Jaquilyn did not develop the dramatic curves her mother has, but still grew into a very beautiful young woman.

In middle school, Jaquilyn noticed boys starting to give her attention, and she liked it. She wouldn't hesitate to strike up a conversation with the nearest boy, cute or not. Because she relentlessly paraded herself around since freshman year, rumors about her promiscuity took form. She would merely laugh at such suggestions, never confirming or denying them. Because she was an attractive cheerleader, the guys she'd allegedly had sex with would rarely deny the rumors.

Jaquilyn's favorite class was always gym. She preferred classes about physical things like science, health, and anatomy rather than math and history. In gym she would get to show off her athletic ability and hang with the guys. She befriended friends most of the jocks who go all out in gym, and would call them out if she catches them going easy on her.

Advantages: Jaquilyn is fit, agile, trained in hand-to-hand combat, and friends with many of Aurora's male athletes.
Disadvantages: Because Jaquilyn has no filter, she has offended some people. Anyone she doesn't like knows she doesn't like them. She'll definitely have some enemies on the island.

Designated Number: Female student No. 017


Designated Weapon: 56 oz. Bag of Skittles
Conclusion: Sadly guns > kung fu. At least she gets to taste the rainbow before she dies. - Matt Richards - Dude, you know what that's slang for, right? ...urban dictionary it.


G014 - Emerson, Megan[/DECEASED]

Name: Megan Emerson
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: Senior
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies & Interests: Reading, Piano, and Video Games

Appearance: Standing at 5'7'' and weighing in at approximately 139 lbs., Megan's figure does not radically stand out among her peers. Her plain brown hair runs down the back of her head and extends over her shoulders about an inch or two. She has a somewhat big forehead she tries to hide with her bangs. Her small eyes have a blue-green iris, and they are accented by her slim, dark brown eyebrows. Her nose is small with a slight turn upward. Her lips are small but somewhat full. She lacks conspicuous muscle tone due to being involved in non-physical activities. Her English ancestry is shown through her white skin with a slightly pink hue.

In terms of fashion, Megan is not very concerned about her plain style of dress. It is an ordinary sight to see her in a dark green hoodie, a pair of blue jeans, and tennis shoes, usually gotten from thift shops and the like. Megan almost always wears a sky blue, crochet knit cap her mother gave her on her 15th birthday.

On the day of the trip, she deviated slightly in her usual style by wearing a black hoodie a graphic of music notes on a staff, with a dark green tank top obscured underneath the hoodie. Besides from that one quirk, she wears her standard blue jeans and a pair of light green sneakers, all topped off with Megan's blue knit cap.

Biography: Megan was born on September 16th, 1994 in Erin, Tennessee, to Rebecca and Lucas Emerson, a 7th grade English teacher and a nurse, respectively. She is the middle child of her family, arriving after her sister Emma by two years but preceding her brother Daniel by about one year.

Megan had a healthy family life, for the most part. Her mother taught her how to read at an early age, and by the time she entered Kindergarten, she was already at a 1st grade reading level. As such, she developed a close bond to the English language, sneaking away to try reading various books from her mother's personal library and eventually built up a modest collection of her own.

However, Megan was rarely able to spend time with her father. Being a nurse who worked night shifts at a hospital about an hour away, he was always either at work or asleep. The only thing he did for recreation was deer hunting, where he would go on the occasional days he had off. One day when Megan was 10, she asked her dad to take her hunting with him. He stuck to his word, and brought her with him one Saturday in mid-November. Her first time out was rather rough, as she barely had control over a hunting rifle and her only kills were four trees and a few blades of grass. However, she enjoyed it as it was one of the only times their schedules would align together. Since that day, Megan's dad took her with him every time he could.

Megan shared a strong bond with her brother, Daniel. As children, they always played together and were inseparable. She saw him as her one true "best" friend, as he always found a way to cheer Megan up when she feels down.

As for her sister, Emma, Megan had an interesting relationship with her. Emma had always been a bossy person who got her way with anything. As such, she sometimes bullied her siblings, more so with Megan than Daniel due to their closeness in age. However, Emma would help Megan out with anything troubling her, especially when it came to her schoolwork as Megan was always terrible in arithmetic. Even though Emma was rather punishing at times, she still cared for her sister and would do anything to help.

When she was about 5, Megan's uncle gave her family a Super Nintendo, which led her and her brother into the world of video games. They would play Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country together for hours on end, and they both fell in love with gaming. Through both of their efforts, they had amassed a hoard of about 400 games, of which they both love each and every one.

Megan discovered her passion for playing piano at an early age. When she was around 7, her grandfather (a piano teacher) started to give Megan several lessons, teaching her basic playing skills (e.g. posture, reading music, basic songs and scales) every once in a while. She was able to fully get into piano playing when she was 11, when her grandfather surprised her with an old Casio keyboard she has kept to this very day. She had even tried her hand at writing a few tunes herself, but because of her shyness and avoidance of any attention brought on her, she kept her compositions to herself.

When Megan was 14, her father was notified of a higher paying job opportunity up in Seattle, so after some careful deliberating and some preparations, the family moved cross-country Megan felt very sad about having to say goodbye to her friends in Tennessee, but she was also very excited to live in a big city like Seattle. She felt conflicting emotions about this move, but she saw how Daniel stayed optimistic even though no one knew what living in Seattle would be like. As such, she adopted her brother's hopeful outlook and accepted her fate. Megan eventually grew to enjoy Seattle; the one thing she hates is how it rains so much that she can't go read outside as often as she would like to.

In her school life, Megan averaged herself out to be a B student. Due to her advantage of learning how to read at an early age and her mother's book collection, she was already familiar with a majority of the required reading material. Upon moving, she immediately signed up for Aurora High's school band as one of the piano players, which she holds proudly in her heart both from her love of the piano and from recognizing herself as an important contributor to a group. However, her math skills were very below proficient, and only through the intervention of her sister's tutoring sessions, she managed to scrap by the required classes with D+'s all around the board.

Megan is a passive, quiet person. She only hangs out with people she has known well enough, and she seldom speaks her mind without a prompt from someone else. As such, she avoids large social gatherings with strangers, both as a fear of standing out and from past experiences of being put on the spot by her extroverted friends.

However, she has come to embrace her Type-B personality. She manages tasks with a relatively low stress level, and as such, does not easily give up or get frustrated. She keeps going on whatever she is currently doing until she gets it done. She tends to be the listening ear to stressed out friends, so she ends up hearing what's going on with everyone (which she secretly loves). The only time her quietness works against Megan is when enough stress builds up and she explodes in rage.

For life after high school, Megan is undecided between continuing her education in music or English. As such, she has applied and has been accepted into relatively good schools, both of which have respectable music and English programs.

Advantages: Megan's background with hunting (while being somewhat rusty) gives her a slight advantage over the normal high student in terms of experience with hunting rifles. Her calm attitude and composure helps keep her mind in check.
Disadvantages: Because of her lack of regular physical exercise, Megan is not a fast runner or a physically strong person. Due to her shyness, she does not have a significant relationship with most of her classmates. If enough stress does accumulate, she shuts down and stops thinking.

Designated Number: Female student No. 014


Designated Weapon: 8 oz Bottle of Fake Blood
Conclusion: Well hey, it's not all bad G014, you could use it to fake being dead. Y'know, before you become actually dead, cause only a moron falls for that type of thing. - Josh Baines - I guess we know not to trust you if you say she's died then, Baines


G013 - Murphy, Jessica[/DECEASED]

Name: Jessica Murphy
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Cheerleading, swim team, babysitting, being a lifeguard, teaching swim lessons, and reading.

Appearance: Jessica stands at a relatively average 5'4, and weighs in at 115 lbs. A lot of this is muscle weight due to how active she is. Even during stretches of inactivity, for example between the summer and swim season, she doesn't gain much weight due to her fast metabolism. Some of her weight is a bit of the curvaceousness she has picked up over her teenage years, with most of these curves being around her hips rather than around her bust. She has a heart shaped face and brown eyes. She uses makeup only on days where she isn’t planning to go swimming, usually choosing a small amount of eye shadow and mascara. She has a rather pale complexion with rosy cheeks. She has large dimples and a small button nose. She has average sized ears with attached earlobes that are normally complemented by small, silver-colored, hoop earrings. Her blonde hair, when not put up, goes down to the base of her neck. However, it is normally in a simple bun with bangs in the front. She typically dresses in a comfortable manner, usually wearing a t-shirt and jeans. For footwear she normally wears a simple pair of sneakers, but occasionally wears flats or heels if she's feeling fancy that day.

On the day of the trip she was wearing a light green t-shirt with a tiny pocket over the left breast. She was also wearing dark blue skinny jeans and gray sneakers.

Biography: Jessica was born in raised in Seattle, living in the same house the whole time. She is the oldest child of three, having two younger sisters, Sara being two years younger, and Brittany six. Her parents both work at nearby corporate buildings, her dad writing up presentations for executives, and her mom works in human resources.

Prior to starting school Jessica was sent to day care due to her parents working full time. When she first started school Jessica was a bit shy, but by the end of her first year she had a lot of friends in her class. At the end of her kindergarten year her parents signed her up for swim lessons. She loved it almost immediately due to her feeling it was like flying, but without being able to fall.

Most of elementary school passed without incident, other than that in fifth grade she was allowed to stay at home without her parents or a babysitter, although her parents only would do this when they were going to be a short distance away and not for longer than two hours at a time. They also made sure they had their phones on so that if there was an emergency they could get home. They gradually let Jessica watch her sisters for longer and longer amounts of time. This is when she first had to keep watch over her siblings, and led to her starting to babysit to earn a little money once she was in eighth grade.

In middle school she joined the cheerleading squad, due to having a few friends who were also trying out and also because she enjoyed the exercise. Now that she's in high school, she tends to have a slight dislike for girls who joined cheerleading just to be popular, rather than actually enjoying it.

In late middle school she didn't have to watch over her younger siblings as much, as her parents started trusting them to stay home without her. However, she still took the time to look out for them and give them advice. With Sara, they go through periods of being really good friends, and then times where they rarely speak to each other. This is due to Sara often getting slightly obsessive over perceived insults. Jessica rarely has a problem with Brittany, mostly due to the larger age gap. Brittany often tries to live up to Jessica and recently joined the middle school cheerleading squad. This level of reverential attitude is part of Jessica's conflict with Sara, due to a bit of jealousy on Sara's part. She gets along pretty well with her parents. They occasionally have to get on her if her math grade is slipping, but otherwise they are pretty happy with how she's doing.

Once she got to high school, Jessica joined the swim team to continue her love of swimming. In the summer before her sophomore year she became a lifeguard at the public pool after getting her certification. She has only had to rescue one kid during that whole time, a little kid who had parents that didn’t pay much attention. She also became an instructor for a few classes of beginning swimmers, and she instantly liked being called Miss Jessica. She tends to be a bit soft with the kids, except in situations where something is unsafe.

In school her attitude depends on the class. In English she's very involved in class discussion and even takes the AP level of the class. She also stops by after class to discuss books she's been reading with her teacher. Typically she reads mystery novels, but occasionally will read some sort of romance. She likes the mystery novels because she enjoys trying to figure out the clues before the character does, and the romance novels are appealing because she likes reading books where relationships go somewhere good since she gets tired of seeing the brief and dramatic teenage relationships. She also takes AP French. In other classes she tends to get involved in off-topic discussion a lot, although she always makes sure to get her work done. The exception is math where she has to focus the whole time to have a chance to do well. She gets A's in most of her classes, with the occasional B thrown in, except in math where she's had to study hard to get C's throughout high school.

Socially, she does pretty well, getting along with most people. She tends to have a rather happy personality, although her way of explaining things, while being good with kids, can come off as condescending to those her own age. She tends not to have a problem during normal conversations, but explaining something to someone sometimes causes problems. She hasn't given up trying to explain things though because she feels like she has a responsibility to help people when she can. She tends to hang around with the other swimmers and cheerleaders, but also has made friends in different groups from her AP English class. She tends to decline commenting on certain activities of friends, such as partying or drugs. It's not enough to stop her from being friends, but she avoids being in that part of their lives.

She tends to like guys who stay out of trouble, which isn't always obvious when she starts dating them, leading to a breakup later. She's dated quite a bit. Part of the problem is that she isn't very good at communicating what she wants in the relationship, usually leading to annoyance when the guys don't match up with her unspoken standards. Jessica usually makes the mistake of judging by first impressions, leading her to date guys she doesn't know well at all. Another reason is that the guys she goes for generally get annoyed over how she cares more about feelings and going out, and not so much about anything physical.

She plans to go to college after high school and become an elementary school teacher. This is because she's discovered she likes teaching kids through teaching swim lessons.

Advantages: Jessica's positive attitude is unlikely to earn her many enemies. Her swimming has given her a lot more stamina, which would help her run longer, or deal with being exhausted for a lot of the time. She's also flexible. Her first aid and CPR knowledge from being a lifeguard could help her take care of injuries she gets, and also to help out any of her friends.
Disadvantages: She tends to be very nurturing, attempting to help people rather than hurt, which would make it very hard to harm others, even in self defense. Her condescending tone could cause issues with others. Her high metabolism could lead to her being exhausted quickly due to the low amount of food she'd have on the island.

Designated Number: Female student No. 013


Designated Weapon: Sledgehammer (10 lbs head)
Conclusion: I'd say hammer time, but that thing weighs so much she'd be lucky to hit her own foot. - Matt Richards - 'Hammer time' on an 18 year old? That's just creepy dude


G012 - Black, Cassandra[/DECEASED]

Name: Cassandra Black
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: French Literature, Basketball (spectating), Finance

Appearance: Cassandra stands at 5’5” and weighs 135 pounds. She has moderately pale skin from her European heritage and is moderately slim, with a little bit of fat and little muscle. She is a bit curvy, with hips and shoulders that are slightly larger than average for a Caucasian girl of her height. She has slightly above-average sized breasts and a fairly soft stomach. She has wavy, brown hair that she wears at shoulder-length. She doesn’t do anything to her hair other than comb it, so it has a neat, but natural look. She has round green eyes, and a small nose and mouth that sit on a somewhat narrow face.

Cassandra has no piercings, tattoos, or scars. She typically wears a fitted t-shirt, bootleg-cut jeans, and sneakers. She wears no jewelry, and only puts on makeup for special occasions. When she does wear makeup, it is very little, only ever using light amounts concealer and eyeliner. The only aspect about her appearance that particularly stands out is her immaculate posture, especially when she is among her peers, who tend to slouch constantly. She almost always carries a cross-shoulder bag, which is full of her notebooks and textbooks.

Biography: Cassandra Black was born to her single mother, Nancy Black. Nancy always told Cassandra that she didn’t know who her father was, but Nancy knows that Cassandra was born from an anonymous one-night stand. Nancy had only gotten a first name from the man, and, because he paid for the motel room in cash, Nancy could not easily track him. She did not have the funds to hire a private investigator to track the man down, so she gave up on trying to find the man and instead focused on raising her daughter to the best of her abilities. Cassandra was born on September 12th, 1993, in Detroit, Michigan.

Growing up, the Black family was very poor. Nancy worked multiple dead-end jobs in an attempt to keep herself and her daughter from starving, but Cassandra got very little in the way of material goods growing up. Some of the jobs Nancy held included waitress, dishwasher, and cashier at a local Safeway. Because Nancy didn’t even have enough money to replace the television when Cassandra was an infant, the only form of entertainment that Nancy could think of for Cassandra was to go with her daughter to the public library and read to her daughter from the cornucopia of books on her days off. Nancy herself had loved reading growing up, so she figured that she could share this passion with her daughter. Once Cassandra reached the age where she could read, Nancy allowed Cassandra to check out as many books from the library as the girl wanted, and Cassandra would always surprise her mother with how much and how quickly she would read.

Cassandra’s aptitude for reading extended to other academic pursuits as well. With little to do at home after the library closed, she began asking her teachers for extra work, and her teachers were thrilled to have an engaged student in a group that was otherwise completely disengaged with their education. However, Cassandra’s academic inclinations made her the target of bullying from her classmates and her neighbors. The bullying was mostly taunts and teases, and occasional some of the bigger bullies would push her around a little to scare her. Cassandra’s mother was too busy to fully take notice of what was happening to her daughter, and Cassandra was silent about the taunting and teasing that she received. Cassandra detested the bullies, so she began to hold back her otherwise somewhat outgoing nature and limit her interaction with her peers.

One day, walking home from the library, Cassandra saw a group of boys playing a pickup game of basketball in a local playground. Although she was naturally uncoordinated and unathletic and thus did not enjoy playing sports, Cassandra decided to sit down and watch, and realized that she really enjoyed watching the sport. She continued to sit down and watch the same group of boys play on many occasions, as they tended to play when she was walking home from the library. The boys, seeing that Cassandra had taken interest in their games, eventually began talking to her. Cassandra was able to easily connect with these boys, and she learned the rules of the game from them. She never tried to play, however, and was just content watching. She also greatly enjoyed having friends that she could interact with, because she lacked friends at school and her mother was too busy working to spend a lot of time with her.

Cassandra was 12 when her mother was killed. Nancy had been walking home from work, when two attackers mugged her and then proceeded to stab her repeatedly. Cassandra was terribly traumatized by what had happened, not even fully believing that her mother was dead. However, the funeral forced Cassandra to realize that what had happened was real, that her mother was gone. Cassandra suddenly regretted a lot in her life, mostly how much time she had spent engrossed in reading or watching basketball instead of spending the little off time her mother had from work with her. Cassandra grew a little bit angry with herself, but also angry at her neighborhood. Those same boys that bullied and harassed her were doomed to become the muggers that killed women like her mom. Cassandra’s grief largely manifested itself in the form of anger, and she very suddenly developed a short temper. It didn’t help that Cassandra didn’t have anyone close by to really talk to about her mother’s death right after it happened, because her mom was the only adult in her life and her friends weren’t emotionally mature enough to know how to comfort the grieving Cassandra.

In the aftermath of Nancy’s death, her sister Meredith had flown to Detroit to deal with the funeral planning and watch over Cassandra. Cassandra was then further stunned when social services notified her that her aunt Meredith was her godmother, and that she would be moving in with Meredith in Seattle. Meredith was better off financially than her sister Nancy, and she was in a stable marriage with her husband Joe. Joe was a partner at the Seattle office of a major consulting firm, and Meredith was formerly a recruiter at the same firm. Meredith retired to take care of domestic life once Joe reached partner. Meredith and Joe had no kids of their own, so they were somewhat expecting to become like parents to Cassandra. When Cassandra moved to Seattle, she was slow to acclimate to her new lifestyle. She didn’t like the new food she was eating, she didn’t like the new clothes she was being given, and she didn’t like the new activities that her suburban relatives tried to force her to engage with. Her grief still manifested in the form of anger, and the transition to Seattle gave her more things to be angry at. After a few months of constant arguing, Meredith and Joe realized that it was better to let Cassandra transition to her new life on her own terms, and they backed off. Cassandra would often yell at her aunt and uncle, and the two correctly figured that her anger was her way of coping with her mother’s death, so they were patient in letting Cassandra vent her emotions. Meredith eventually decided that Cassandra should see a psychiatrist to help deal with her emotions, and through her sessions Cassandra began to control her temper and manage her grief better.

Cassandra had a very difficult time relating to most of her new classmates, who mostly came from middle or upper-middle class backgrounds. To her, they didn’t seem like they valued what they had, both materially and with their families. She viewed them all as spoiled and snobbish compared to her basketball-playing friends in Detroit, so she didn’t try to hard to make friends with many of them. She was used to having a small circle of friends to socialize with, so maintaining a small number of friends in Seattle made the transition a little bit easier for her. Most of Cassandra’s friends were the boys and girls who played basketball, because she would often go to their games and talk with them about the sport afterwards. With people who weren’t her friends, she would often snap with very little provocation, and this short temper left her new classmates baffled. Academically, Cassandra’s grades hurt through middle school, while she was grieving over her mother’s death. However, they got better over time, as Cassandra began to heal.

While in middle school in Seattle, Cassandra began to take French in school, and she found the language stunningly beautiful. Cassandra began to spend much of her free time studying French, and once she was adequately proficient, reading French literature. Cassandra’s love of everything French was further solidified when she spent the summer after her sophomore year of high school traveling around France with Meredith and Joe. To her, French was everything that her past was not; it was sophisticated, elegant, unlike the poor and destitute Detroit in which she had been raised, and that opposition drew Cassandra.

Upon entering high school, Cassandra immediately began to look forward to her next goal: college. She didn’t want to end up like her mother, poor and without any potential for a career, so she was going to succeed in high school so that she could get into the school of her choice. Cassandra had, in the few years since her mother had died, come to realize that the best way that she could provide for herself and her kids is through financial security, which could only be achieved with a college degree. She spent all of her free time between studying and various extracurriculars that meant nothing to her. All the volunteering, all the student government work, all of the articles written for the school paper, those were all with one thing in mind: an Ivy League degree. Although she found much of what she was doing tedious, she had the drive necessary to grind out what she felt she needed to do. During her junior year of high school, Cassandra began researching earnings of various professions, and found that going into the financial market and becoming something like an investment banker or private equity manager would give her a very fruitful future. With that in mind, Cassandra began teaching herself economics and finance, and set her sights on a very specific set of colleges known for having good connections to the biggest firms. Cassandra actually found herself somewhat drawn to the theories of economics and finance, which was refreshing to her in a curriculum of math, science, and English literature that she found somewhat drab, and her interest only served to push her further down the path towards the finance world.

During her senior fall, Cassandra applied early decision to Dartmouth College. While she was hedging her bets and writing the applications to other schools, she got her letter of acceptance, and immediately disengaged with her extracurriculars. She still studied hard and read about economics in her spare time, but all the résumé padding for college was done, and she would not continue to do things that she didn’t like. Instead, she spends her free time reading French novels and watching basketball.

Advantages: Cassandra is very driven and resolute in her decisions, which will help her keep a level head while on the island. Additionally, she is fairly intelligent and is very good at logical reasoning, which should help her formulate plans for avoiding danger.
Disadvantages: Cassandra has very little in the way of friends and has a hard time connecting with a lot of the Aurora High students, which will greatly limit her ability to make allies on the island. Additionally, she is not athletic, so she will be easy to chase down and fight in hand-to-hand combat.

Designated Number: Female student No. 012


Designated Weapon: Kama (Sickle)
Conclusion: Speaking French... I can see that being helpful in every possible way. Her chances are sickeningly low. - Josh Baines - Baines you're a tool. That reeked.


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