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Bear likes to draw
In like flynn, because I never get to be the first person in the avalanche.

What kind of information do you need, Bear? Keira So'oialo is the request but I've not formally written up a lot about her yet so I'll need to tell rather than link.

The Riverside Incident (Interest Check)
It'd be possible to run on Mini, but the AU schedule is super backed up right now, just so you're aware.

Merry Christmas
Aperture science would like to congratulate- [ERR SEASONAL GREETING MESSAGE NOT FOUND]

Bear likes to draw
I really enjoy your style. : )

(Merry Christmas)

The Riverside Incident (Interest Check)
I likey.

Sexual Orientation/Gender Thread 3: Electric Boogaloo
My answer keeps changing ;~;

The Great V4 Read-A-Thon!
Dec 13 2011, 10:22 AM
This is an outstanding idea. You should do it for v2 and v3 also, there's a lot of really overlooked writing in there. V1's a lot more rough around the edges, but still good too :P.

Bit of a problem: My power cables seem to have gone completely. As in, they're so shite that they're not actually charging my laptop anymore (it's the cables, not the laptop, this has been a consistent problem). That means... well, I might struggle to get online because if there's no battery, there's no internet.

If I can't solve the problem then I'll be back Friday at the latest, until then, don't expect anything from me. Really sorry guys, this is totally out of my hands.

Edit: Okay I have things... semi-stable, but if I abruptly vanish, you'll know why.

Survivor Mafia: Sign-ups
Sign-up no-jutsu.

Homestuck Mafia: Fallout Thread
Personally? I wasn't the biggest fan of this game - and it wasn't because I was immediately killed, although it does factor. I know it was a decision based off the background, but making people write like their characters immediately ensured that certain people had huge targets on them - which I think was made pretty clear by the fact that I was targeted by two killers on night one. I would not be surprised to learn that it was because I was Dave. It just... unbalanced things, in my opinion.

Also I strongly oppose 'outside influences' on a game. They make me grumpy. The game overall seemed to run smoothly enough, I just had a couple of bugbears with it - there's such a thing as too eclectic.

V5 Concepts Thread
I'd like to mention at this point that we don't tend to accept alluded to 'unknown incidents' in profiles. It makes it too easy for character elements that we as a staff don't like to see to slip under the radar.

Football team
Dec 5 2011, 11:36 PM
Joey Polpetta played his freshman year as a lineman. He's short, but pretty strong, and definarely heavy (got a belly). His sophomore year he quit to become waterboy (are there elections for this?) and junior senior yes he kept to watching pro ball. but he'd know kids on the team.
Waterboy will not require elections unless it gets heavily contested or something :P

Cheerleader Assemble!
Captaincy is actually decided by a vote between the handlers involved with a given team, then randomly drawn if there are ties. :)

The Mafia Waiting List
The original mafia mod feels like dabbling some more. I'll do some form of Final Fantasy mafia.

The Mafia Waiting List
Stickying, because I'm not sure why it isn't already.

Mafia league table/points system?
I... completely forgot about this.

If you give me a bit, I can set up something along the lines of what I was thinking, because I was more thinking a "Points" system than precise placing.

Open Moderator Applications (New mods and stuff!)
Dec 2 2011, 11:04 AM
Miss. Rugga, you're a moderator now? Now when you inevitably set your plans of internet domination into effect I want you to remember your naive British friend and spare his life.
Y'know I recall similar sentiments when I made it onto staff...

*puts Vicky under 24/7 surveillance*

Introduction Thread
asdfg how did I not notice that!?

Introduction Thread
Hiya new guy. If you have any questions then don't hesitate to drop a PM to one of us with the coloured names. The blues are moderators and the reds are admins.

Homestuck Mafia: Game Thread
the hammer didnt matter to me its just i wanted to make sure the people whove said hammering might affect them badly didnt have to

and they didnt so no problem