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As I've said before...

Damn these Aussies and their time travelling malarky!

It's still midday over here!

Disney Mafia Game Thread
Thanks for pointing that out Moth.

EBWOP people! It's right there in the rules! I know it's instinctive, but damn it, you'd better drum it OUT of your instinct when you're playing in the game!

[/bastard mod]

Proceed! ;)

What the ...
Rosa wasn't sure if Charlene had taken her advice or had just been acting on her own initiative, but either way, she let out a characteristic pleasured mew as the blonde got to work with her tongue. Inexperience showed through a little with the lack of technique (Oh, and who's a connoisseur of sex now?), but what the hell, getting eaten out was getting eaten out, and just because the woman between Rosa's legs wasn't a pro didn't mean that it wasn't a damn good feeling.

Fuck, I don't know if this is a one time thing, but I'd have no problem with letting this chick, heh... practice a little.

"Oh fuck!"

Eventually, the constant lapping of a hot wet tongue at her pussy was too much for Rosa, and she came, briefly bucking her hips up into Charlene's face. The other girl must have been masturbating or something, because a shiver ran through her as well not long afterwards.

Charlene got up, and Rosa grinned at the suggestion that followed. Although she hadn't noticed the en suite before, having sex in the shower didn't strike her as particularly appealing. Not enough room, for one thing. Rosa picked herself up from the bed and slipped herself behind Charlene, leaning forward and gently sucking on a spot on the blonde's neck. At the same time, Rosa reached a hand around Charlene's front, delicately slipping a finger into her. Withdrawing her lips a little, Rosa murmured into the blonde's ear.

"I have a better idea. Why don't we see what kind of... toys are in Rosa's little bag today?" Rosa stepped back, reluctantly withdrawing her digit from Charlene and retrieving her bag. Sure enough, after a moment's rummaging, she located something she'd brought along just for the hell of it.

That was, a strap-on.

Rosa revealed the sex toy to Charlene, grinning devillishly.

"Now... you had to eat me out... I think it's only fair you get to do the fucking, no?" Rosa offered the item to Charlene. "Well, unless you'd prefer something else..."

Disney Mafia Game Thread
Apologies for the belatedness of this write up.

"But I do love being evil..."

Hades was in fine spirits that night, and was coasting around the streets, setting the odd thing on fire as he went. He paused for a second to glare at a fire hydrant, then his ears pricked up. He stopped and waited for a moment, and sure enough, face came around the far corner.

Hades didn't hesitate, bringing some fire into his palms and unleashing it down the road at the unsuspecting face, melting her into a pool of what smelt suspiciously like molten rubber. Hades shrugged, then went off, whistling to himself.


Later that night, a soft growling was heard around the streets. Were anybody awake or not cowering under the nearest bed, they would have seen Scar stalking his way through the streets. Sniffing somebody out. Smelling... fire.

Scar turned a corner, and saw the silhouette of somebody, lit against some low flames which, strangely enough, seemed to be getting used as an impromptu barbeque. The lion, confused, approached further, but Korazon wheeled around with a snarl.

"Why hello my furry friend, what would bring you here?" Scar's response was nothing less than a snarl as he hurled himself at Korazon, who yelped with dismay. "Ow! Ow! Ow! BAD LION! BAD!" Scar ignored him of course, and after a moment, Korazon threw up his arms, and dropped through a swirling portal that had suddenly appeared in the ground.

"Screw this!" he muttered. "I didn't sign up to be savaged by overgrown housecats!"

Scar, feeling cheated, but nevertheless reassured that this was the last he'd see of Korazon, turned and went searching for easier prey.


Killer Moth heard something drop through his mailbox, and curious, went to go and see what it was. He was rather amused to discover a bottle labelled 'drink me' on the floor of his porch, and after a second or two, decided to drink it, just for the heck of it. However, after a few moments, he began hacking and wheezing, and he knew immediately he'd made a horrible mistake.

Killer Moth has been poisoned


DEAD (Or running like small girls)
faceinabook - Elastigirl. Cop
Korazon - Hades. Mafia Jackass of All Trades

Moth (poisoned)
Grim Wolf

23 alive makes it 12 to lynch. You have until the 4th at 20:00 GMT.

James "Jimmy" Robertson
Seems okay. Approved.

Just a word of caution for the future. Try not to go too overboard with the sussing out aspect. It's been known to be used as a cheap excuse to mindread. Some people, remember, are very good liars.

James "Jimmy" Robertson

Before I go onto my main problem, I have a super quick issue, and that's that 210 lbs and 6ft 1" isn't an entirely healthy weight, it's like, 20-5 pounds overweight. Honestly, it can depend a lot on how a person is built, but that is a little hefty if you're talking 'healthy'

The big thing of course is the disorder. Thing about the PKU is that I'm pretty sure that the symptoms aren't what you've described. At least two of them sound like things that would occur developmentally, as in, when he was quite young, if the disorder hadn't been treated, as opposed to suddenly becoming stupid because he hasn't taken his supplements.

Most of the rest of it seems alright, although I'm kinda curious as to what happened to the troublemakers, as it seems a bit odd they'd just wail on Jimmy for long enough to break his nose and leg without his friends helping or suffering any apparent consequences.

My honest advice to you is to drop the PKU. It adds nothing to the character, and is more of a gimmick than an actual trait. Either way, it doesn't contribute to him, and actually makes me less interested in Jimmy, why? Because I look at him and think 'You know what? He's going to go onto the island, and his meds will have been taken off him, or he'll have none left, or he'll lose them, and then he'll go around acting like a moron', and immediately, it turns me off. I don't like being able to predict what'll happen, and the best way to avoid that is to make them a more normal kid.

Axe the PKU, make Jimmy a footballer with an interest in psychology who's now recovering from getting beaten up the previous year. Lumping the disorder onto that doesn't help. Less is more.

There are a couple of other things to bring up, but I really need you to decide what you're doing with the concept as a whole before I get onto them.

Grim Katana
Uh, wow.

Moving this to the abandoned characters forum on account of nothing for 14 days, although I'm surprised it wasn't already denied full stop. Eh well.

SOTF Sims!
Hey, that's a sweet job, at least in my opinion.

I particularly like the recreation of the scene, nice thought!


*is playing it (well, 2) right now*

What the ...
All of a sudden, everything flipped over, and Rosa found that rather than looking down on Charlene, she was now staring up at her, the blond lying right on top. She hadn't expected the other to reverse things so abruptly, but perhaps Charlene had wanted to take the pace into her own hands. For all that, being on the bottom wasn't exactly uncomfortable for Rods. In fact, there was something... reassuring? Comforting? About having the weight of another person on top of her.

For a second or so, Rosa felt like she was being sized up as Charlene's wonderfully bizarre eyes roamed over her body, but the delay was over quickly with another (remarkably chaste) kiss. Charlene then begin lowering herself, kissing her way down Rosa's body and causing her to shiver with anticipation. It was definitely getting into the more serious stage of things, and Rosa found herself wondering what sort of stuff Charlene was 'into' so to speak. There were a fair few things that sprung to mind that the two of them could do, and Rosa tried to recall if she'd slipped anything 'fun' into her shoulder bag before heading out. With her, that was a distinct possibility.

Rosa tensed in anticipation as she felt her panties sliding off, baring her pussy to Charlene. Allowing the blond to spread her legs quite willingly, Rosa let out a little moan as Charlene tenderly kissed her down there. The Fiametta gently toyed with her own nipple for a second, then called out softly.

"Keep going... use your tongue."

If Charlene needed instruction, well, then Rosa was happy to give it.

Disney Mafia Game Thread
Ey folks. Just a reminder to send in your night actions by 20:00 GMT tonight. I'm sitll owed a couple.

Merry Christmas SotF
*cough* *cough*

James "Jimmy" Robertson
Before I go over this or anything, I have an honest question: Are you the same guy that submitted the original 'Maximillian Meursault' character? I ask because I checked your IPs and they don't match, so this whole thing looked rather odd in my eyes.

If you ARE Misanthrope, it would have been kinda helpful if you'd said in the first place. However, even if you're the same guy, I'd prefer if you changed the name of the character, because that's now got a negative association with it, if you get my meaning. Like, you say 'Max Meursault' and people are going to think of the permadenied version, not an entirely different character (which this submission seems to be)

So yeah, if you could clear that up and alter the name prior to a proper critique, that'd be great, thanks.

What the ...

Rosa had spurred Charlene to get moving once again, which was a relief. Sex shouldn't be about one person taking charge all of the time. Sure, somebody was usually in control, but always, always... it wasn't just about going full ahead with one person doing everything. Otherwise, well, you might as well have a sex toy, for all the closeness you'd get out of the act.

She let out a soft sigh as Charlene's hands found her boobs, and responded by actually taking the blond's nipple into her mouth and gently sucking. Rosa, although it was something that she'd never openly admit, had a bit of a thing about breasts. She liked guys and girls, but there was just... something about another woman's chest that she found to be a turn on.

Did that make her a 'boobs girl'? Rosa would have smirked at the thought if her mouth wasn't otherwise preoccupied. That was what guys always went on about, wasn't it? Ass and boobs. Right about now, she could see where they were coming from.

Okay... I'm done going in front for now. She can push things on when she's ready for it...

Locked Door; Pants Down
((Sorry to interrupt, but can you remember to keep it in past rather than present tense?))

The Questions Game
Question: What is the worst thing you've ever done and managed to get away with?

Rosa Fiametta: *blushes*

Bounce: Beyond staying up to obscene hours on the internet... I do little wrong.

Brock Mason: I tried to cheat on a test. I didn't get caught, but I couldn't get through the notes either. Waste.

Kris Hartmann: I once snuck into the skatepark at night when it was closed to get extra practice for a competition.

If you could be the opposite gender for a day, would you? If yeah, would you extend the time, and by how much?

Rosa Fiametta: Sure I would. As for how long... fuck, I guess it depends on how much I like it. Probably no more than a week I guess.

Bounce: No.

Brock Mason: Um... well, no! That's just weird.

Kris Hartmann: Eh, why not? I'm good with being a girl though, so a day's fine for me.

You've just found a solid gold ring in the gutter that you know Old Lady Maslow lost a while ago, and you also happen to know she'll die in a week. What do you do?

Rosa Fiametta: I'd give it back. Junior's got money, he'd buy me a ring if I wheedled enough.

Bounce: Who is old lady Maslow, and why should I care about her? I owuld keep it. It would be the fool woman's own fault for losing it.

Brock Mason: Erm... well, if I was sure I wouldn't get caught with it... finders keepers, I guess.

Kris Hartmann: Return it of course! Who steals an old lady's ring just because they can?

If you could slap any celebrity, who would it be?

Rosa Fiametta: I'd rather just slap some of the people I know.

Brock Mason: Any so called genius.

Bounce: Liam Black. That moron.

Kris Hartmann: Rodney Mullen. He's too good! It's not fair.

Question: Is there anybody you have/used to have an embarrassing/unrealistic crush on? Why?

Enzo Moretti
This character biography has had no alterations for more than two weeks and has been put in the abandoned characters forum. This profile is eligible for resubmission by the handler upon alterations requested from the staff.

Maxwell "Max" Meursault
Denied. Permamently. This is just a slight rewrite of another handler's (also permamently denied) character, and that's not gonna fly. For one thing, it's plagiarism, for another, the character, was, well, permadenied.

Sorry, but there's no way I can approve this.

What the ...
"Hey... I'm barely getting going."

It seemed like Charlene had stepped off the gas a little, wanting Rosa to take the intiative, which she didn't mind too much. The light touch of Charlene's finger gave Rosa a small case of goosebumps, but it was hardly going to flick any switches any time soon. Rosa hoped that, after instigating things (or at least, the more serious side of things), Charlene wasn't just going to lie there and let her do all the work. This was a two person thing. Had to be.

Hoping to get the blond going a little more, Rosa adjusted herself, such that she was kneeling on the bed, but lightly resting her rear on Charlene's waist. Rosa then leaned forward, right in close over the other girl, shifting back a little so she could get into the right place. Rosa took a soft grip of one of Charlene's breasts in one hand, gently squeezing and massaging it. Keeping that up, she lowered her head to the other breast and began to lightly flick at the nipple with her tongue, planting little kisses on it now and then.

God but she's got some gorgeous tits... hopefully she'll want to be seeing mine soon enough...

All I can say is that people are probably looking ahead to prom.

I doubt it's anything personal, but in honesty there aren't a lot of 'fighting' characters about, at least, not that'd be involved in that kind of thing. If you've been waiting a while, I'd just rattle off a post 'summarising' the rest of the events and then pull your character out. It's better to be moving. Don't let them stagnate.

What the ...
As Charlene moved back away, Rosa pushed the lattice of her sandals down her calves. It was a lazy way to remove them, and it would be annoying to get them back on again, but in all honesty? She wasn't in the mood to unlace footwear right about now. That was always the way... get the immediate pay off, regardless of the consequences.

Rosa felt a little relieved that Charlene was backing off a little. She'd felt on the back foot the entire time, but it seemed the blonde wasn't quite as crazed as Rosa had been suspecting. Good, that made things more... personal, and less physical.

Ha, you met this girl, what, five minutes ago? That's not gonna get you 'personal' Rosalia, and you know it.

Rosa grinned as the other girl made a beckoning gesture at her. How could she refuse that sort of invitation? Rosa crept up the bed until she was positioned virtually right over Charlene, hands placed either side of her such that she wasn't lying on her, although that was liable to change soon.

"Well... I was thinking we could start like this..." Rosa pushed a hand underneath Charlene's back, seeking and finding the clasp to her bra. She wasted no time in undoing it and pulling it away. Rosa let out a little sigh at the sight of Charlene's boobs - just gorgeous, and lightly caressed the nipple of one of them with a single finger.

Damn but that's a pair...