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I'm gonna be away from tomorrow 'til the third of January.

Sweet for Some and Painful for Others [CONTENT]
((Been kinda leaving this hanging, I'll just finish it up))

Katie put a friendly arm around Reneé, trying to communicate all the comfort she wished to say through a mere hand. She couldn't speak right now though, because the pack was gathering. Hyenas. Katie thought bitterly. Vultures. What kind of sick fuck likes laughing at others' misfortune? To her, that was exactly what they were doing, getting their kicks just because they disliked somebody. Hell, if it was somebody who was their friend they'd probably still do it.

Katie just tried to get Rio out of there as quickly as possible, nudging her on a little, making sure she would walk a little faster. The quicker they left, the better. A couple of the guys, peering into the locker room in a perverted fashion, let out guffaws or whoops when the pair of them emerged. Katie persuaded her seething mind not to retaliate. As one of them made a particularly vulgar comment - Katie decided that the restriction pertained only to physical striking. She simply responded by lifting the middle finger of her free hand emphatically at them. There were a couple of indignant shouts, but finally, Katie got Rio away.

"Let's get you out of here," Katie murmured to her friend.

((Katie continued elsewhere))

Sweet for Some and Painful for Others [CONTENT]
Despite her friend being near hysterical, Katie could just about make out what she was telling her through the door. Oh yeah, right, I should probably have gone and got it in the first place... Katie looked around and spotted Reneé's bag, lying on the floor, persumably where it had been dropped. Towel? I can do one better. Katie went over as quickly as possible and grabbed the bag, first checking that it actually had some clothes in it. Then she returned to the shower stall and slid the bag awkwardly underneath the door, although it needed a little forcing to push it through the fairly narrow gap.

"There, now get your clothes on and we can get the heck out of here pronto," Katie was still rather worried, it had been up to five minutes since Reneé had first come back into the locker room, in any case, it wouldn't be too long before the onlookers that had caused Rio to become so distressed (and probably what she was now afraid of seeing) came onto the scene. Katie anxiously rubbed her hands together as she stood there. What had started as a normal day had turned into a rollercoaster, and considered that was how she felt, Rio must have been even worse...

Sweet for Some and Painful for Others [CONTENT]
Katie was a little confused by the reaction which came back at her from the other side of the shower stall. On the other hand, Rio had just been rather badly traumatised, by all accounts, so it wasn't too surprising that she wasn't particularly coherent. Still... it was hardly reassuring that Rio couldn't recognise the voice of one of her best friends, even with the circumstances as they were.

"Hey, don't worry, it's Katie. C'mon, I'll get your clothes and we can leave before anybody else comes in." Katie said through the door, in what she hoped was a soothing tone. Unless they left quickly, there would be all sorts in here - and a lot of the girls had reason to dislike Rio. It was a natural flair, a natural firiness. She and Katie weren't too different, when it came down to it, Katie was just better at surpressing her anger and temper, and didn't have the acting potential... but that was by the by, her priority was getting Rio out of there before things went from bad (putting it lightly) to worse for the rising (or was it falling now?) star.

Katie didn't really care how this situation had come around in the first place, in all honesty, the most important thing was that her friend was in trouble and she was going to do her very best to get her out of it. That was just the way she was. If somebody would be designated driver on a night out, it would be Katie, if someone stayed sober to keep an eye on their friends, it would be Katie. She had been a worrier for a long time now, and although it could be annoying, it was worth it at many a time.

Simon murmured and shifted a little but no more than that, as he had dropped straight off almost the moment his head had hit the pillow. For him, at least, and for now. there was contentment, and that was good enough for him.

((Simon continued elsewhere))

Simon chuckled. "Apartment remember? It's just through the door, you don't need to worry," Simon made sure to walk slowly enough that Madison could still grab hold of him if she needed to, and in that fashion he proceeded to his bedroom, leading her gently. Simon blushed slightly at the rather disarrayed contents of his room, and then a little more, he opened his mouth and gave the reason.
"Um... I'm going to get in bed, if you want to get undressed I'll uh, be looking the other way..." Simon went over to his bed, casually removed his shirt, struggling a little over his arm once again, before proceeding to strip down to his undershorts, then getting into his bed and shuffling over to the wall and closing his eyes.

Wow, totally abandoned, you better hope she doesn't need any help or you are going to look reeeaaally bad.

Sweet for Some and Painful for Others [CONTENT]
((Katie continued from Out on the Town and Out of the Closet
Chris Joesi continued from.... um.... nowhere...))

Katie was a little late getting out of her class, and so only arrived on the scene after all of the excitement had passed. Obviously something had happened, you didn't get a hallway full of students chanting 'Blood Boy' on any normal day. Katie saw said... freak? Crazy? Disturbed? guy go past her, totally unreadable, although when you wore a mask all of the time, that was no great achievment.

Of course, since she hadn't seen any part of what had happened, Katie had no idea of the dramatic events which the hallway had been home too. That would change quickly. Lurking on the fringes of the crowd was a relatively familiar face, his hat, at least, was unmistakable. There was only one guy in her grade that wore a cowboy hat, indoors at that.
"Chris! Average Joe, what the heck happened here?" Chris turned around, a bit of a smirk on his face.
"High almighty Miss Valenti got put in her place that's what. It was aw-!" Chris' memory had some fatal gaps in it in this respect, either that, or his knowledge. He didn't know, or couldn't recall, for instance, that Katie was one of 'Miss Valenti's' closest friends at Southridge high school. As it did sometimes, anxiety and irritation at Chris' tone caused Katie's anger to tick over. She grabbed Chris by the lapels and slammed him against the wall, despite being a good three inches smaller and nowhere near as strong as him. Chris looked more surprised than hurt.
"Perhaps you don't know Rio is one of my best friends Chris?" 'Average' shook his head wordlessly. "Don't ever talk about her like that in front of me again. Where did she go?" Chris managed to speak.
"I-into the girls locker room," Katie looked at him, and smiled, mock brightly.
"Thank you so much," she dashed off, pushing through the crowd to get to said locker room. Chris remained, looking after her, even after she disappeared into the crowd, stunned at the little explosion of anger from a girl who had a reputation was one of the nicest and caring girls in the school. Chris straightened up his hat (glad that he was at the back of the crowd and nobody had seen what happened) and discretely walked away in the opposite direction.

Katie made it to the other side of the crowd in short order, everybody too caught up in gossiping about the events to bother stopping her from pushing through. As she walked, she got the general gist of what had happened, causing her to become even angrier - mostly focused towards Blood Boy and Troy McCann (wasn't he being supported on somebody's arm back there?) but her immediate concern was to talk to her friend.

Reaching the showers, Katie needed no direction to find where her friend was - she could trace the sobs from here. Katie walked right up to the door and put her head up against it, the sounds of crying clear even above the sound of the shower water.
"Reneé? Rio? That's you in there right? I heard about what happened. Are you ..." Katie trailed off. Of course she wasn't okay, what kind of stupid question to ask was that?

((Chris continued Elsewhere))

Out on the Town and Out of the Closet
Katie had no interest in any of the drama going on, and since it appeared that things might be about to get a little bit messy, she decided that it was high time to get out of the bowling alley. Katie was somewhat disappointed that Simon seemed to have disappeared, but it wasn't like he was a boyfriend who had abandoned her, he was just a nice guy. None of Katie's particular friends seemed to be around, so there was nothing to stay for. She discretely left the building, avoiding the confrontation developing around Gabe McCallum and whoever else was down there...

((Katie continued in Sweet for Some and Painful for Others [CONTENT]))

Party Hardy, Rock and Roll
Sean caught the beer that Michael tossed him easily, and raised it in wordless thanks to him. Since he appeared otherwise... uh, 'occupied' with the Captain of the football team, Sean decided not to bug his teammate for now and find somebody else to talk to. Sean smiled when he saw a couple of newcomers arrive. Already the party was heating up, considering he had been one of the first there, Sean made a resolution to be one of the last gone, probably heavily drunk in the early hours of the morning. That was typical Sean really, incredibly competitive, even with petty or somewhat trivial matters. At this point he was backing himself to outlast every other person to get to the party in terms of drinking.

Well, better get started! Sean thought jovially, cracking open the beer that he held and taking a long drink from it. He moved aside and continued to sip thoughtfully, waiting for somebody to either talk to him or to spot somebody he would like to speak with.

Don regarded the beer he had been thrown with a frown. He was momentarily tempted to throw away his restraints and just drink, but he reminded himself that not only was he underaged (not that it would matter much in this kind of enviroment) but he wasn't supposed to drink whilst taking his pills. He had been told that as a kind of afterthought, but he had remembered it nontheless. Evelyn hadn't noticed him speaking to her, so he shrugged and walked further inside, slouching down onto a chair and staring vacantly at the far wall.

Simon almost sprung to her side, immediately anxious and offering his arm to support her again.
"You sure you're alright?" he asked softly, a worried note in his voice. Hopefully he hadn't messed up his diagnosis, but he did know that these kinds of injuries were painful, so there was no need to hit the panic button yet.

Urgh... bad situation, I really hope that she's okay, if it gets found out she broke her leg or her ankle or something and I said she was fine it wouldn't be good at all... wait, what am I thinking? I should be concerned about her wellbeing, not my own reputation or standing...

Damage Control
I think, considering Katie, she would fit into the Close Set area of Renee's friends, so if she's looking for sympathy she would know where to turn to ;) .

Party Hardy, Rock and Roll
"C'mon mini man, don't be so damn square!" Sean O'Cann, denied the opportunity to drag his best friend Tyson Neills out to Hardy's party, had decided to do his utmost to pull, push, or otherwise cajole another of his associates to come along. Sean's task was made either easier or harder (depending on how you looked at things) by the fact that the guy he was attempting to bring with him already knew that the party was going on. Don Joesi was an oddity on Sean's scale. Obviously he was extremely clever (well duh, he had skipped a grade) but he was also surprisingly good at baseball, and been on the point of breaking into the team throughout the season, even starting a few times for them. He didn't pitch, so Sean had no reason to resent him for somehow trying to muscle onto his turf, and considering Don was best at bat and on base... they couldn't have been further apart in their specialities. But it didn't stop there, Don was some four inches taller than Sean, and for a guy with as much talent at such a young age, he was remarkably mature. Most of the guys on the baseball team called Don 'LJ' or 'Little Joe' and it was only Sean personally who called him 'mini man' referring to his age rather than size. Right now, Sean was attempting to convince Don, but not meeting with much success. (Unsurprisingly, considering the methods he was using).

Don responded to Sean's comment with a small, half smile at the smaller guy, which just irritated him more.
"Look Sean, if you're so desperate to have somebody with you, take ... I dunno, Nick Jones or something, you should have problem convincing him," the casual insult caused Sean to bristle.
"Don, I do not appreciate knocks like that, okay? I know Nick Jones is gay, insulting me like that is not clever," Don, who, in sharp contrast, thought that it was rather clever, smiled again and held up a placating hand, wondering if Sean knew how much like a girl he sounded when he spoke in that way.
"Alright, I'll go, but only if it'll make you shut up!" Sean favoured him with a grin, then walked into the road and hopped into his beat up old car. Sean's family were fairly rich, but all 'Lucky' tended to get was faithful old hand-me-downs. Don squeezed into the passenger seat, and Sean immediately took off - far too fast as it happened.

Not too long afterwards, they were pulling up at their team-mate's place. Sean got out, almost jumping with excitement. Don followed more slowly, shaking his head and smiling to himself. He is so gay, even if he doesn't admit it... Still, his problem, not mine Don's two-toned eyes twinkled as he chuckled, but Sean was far too caught up in the moment. He veritibley skipped into the doorway, and burst into the site of the (hopefully) awesome party.
"Nail down the beers and hide the ladies!" Sean hollered. "Lucky and LJ have arrived!" Don snickered as he followed Sean in. No need of hiding the ladies with you around Sean... 'Lucky' shot Don an annoyed look.
"Will you stop laughing every time I say something?" Sean asked him.
"Only if you stop saying something oxymoronic as regards to your sexuality every time you open your mouth," Don stepped past him before he figured that one out (Don figured he had been speaking too fast for it to be deciphered, even if it was a great retort). Don quirked an eyebrow when he spotted Evelyn.
"I thought the party hadn't started yet? You been warming up Evelyn?"

Simon nodded "All right," he had some fresh sheets ready, luckily, in fact, so Madison wouldn't have to sleep on the same place he had been for the last week or so. Simon wasn't the cleanest guy in the world, well... perhaps that wasn't exactly true, Simon wasn't particularly neat, but he did draw the line, especially where hygiene was concerned. Simon moved over to the cupboard in his living area and opened it up, revealing neatly folded sheets and pillowcases. It paid to be organised, no matter how token it was. There had to be some semblance of order about the place.

"Ah, that," Simon replied, exercising especial stress on it. "Rest assured that I have no intention of uh... groping?" Simon, with that out of the way, went back over to his chair and sat back down. "Just let me know when you're tired and I'll go get the bed ready, change the sheets, that sort of thing," Simon couldn't help but wonder about Maidson's reactions... had she already had some sort of experience in this area? Was she... frightened of guys? In some ways, that rang very true indeed, especially in relation to how shy and fragile she was. Simon decided that he wouldn't press her about it, if Madison wanted to talk about that issue, then he would listen, but he could be jumping at shadows and fabricating falsehoods in his mind... best just to take things at face value.

Bobby Jacks
Big revamp, Bobby V 1.3 Somebody on the staff might want to check this over, since there's been a few big changes.

Name: Bobby Jacks
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Southridge High School
Hobbies and Interests: Bobby is completely dedicated to his favourite sport – boxing, and also reads a great deal. The books are on virtually any subject, and Bobby reads through them slowly but inexorably.

Appearance: Bobby is a rather big guy, around six feet and three inches tall, and weighing approximately 205 pounds. Bobby is no lightweight, but a good deal of his weight is muscle, as he’s been utterly devoted to boxing (and the training involved) since he was nine years old.

Bobby’s nose has been broken at least twice, and he has a fairly battered looking face, despite having a hell of a chin for taking punches. He has a little bit of facial hair - a small goatee, and almost shoulder length hair, which is usually bound in a ponytail, both beard and ponytail are blond. Bobby was not exactly a looker in the first instance, but nor is particularly bad looking, although his only real claim to being conventionally handsome is having remarkably smooth skin. Bobby is dark skinned, not deep black - but a lighter, chocolate tone.

Biography: Bobby has never really associated himself closely with anybody, for some peculiar reason, companionship doesn’t appeal to him in the slightest.

Of course, there are always those out to make friends, but whenever they approach the serious young man, they always seem to find themselves politely, but firmly brushed off.

Anybody who attempts to find the reasons for his self-imposed social exile invariably turns out absolutely stumped. The best that it could be put is that “Bobby Jacks doesn’t have friends because people don’t interest him,” and even that is a bad summary.

Bobby always was a big guy, he was born bigger than most of those his age, and as he grows up, he looks to be staying that way. Bobby could be intimidating if it wasn’t for his quiet and serious nature, most people would put a label on him which would say something along the lines of “The quiet, serious guy,” Very few fellow students could claim to have held meaningful conversation with him, and virtually none could say they were a friend.

Up until he discovered boxing, Bobby was always slightly overweight. He was occasionally ridiculed for it, but his silence was usually found unnerving, and it was boring – Why mock somebody you can’t get a rise out of?

When he was nine, his father (a huge fan of boxing) took him to see a professional match. From there, for Bobby, it was plain sailing. Bobby immediately besieged his father with requests to get taught boxing, as he had absolutely loved the fight.
His father, overjoyed that his son shared his passion for the sport, and that he was finally showing an interest in something physical agreed almost straight away.

It was indeed a straight road from there, Bobby has been completely dedicated to the sport for nine years now, and he has a record of twenty-five fights, twenty-three wins and seventeen knockouts.
The two losses were in his first two fights; both were a learning process (and also a discovery process, finding he had a natural affinity for boxing anyway). Bobby found he had a taste for competition, and made short work of the local amateur division. Afterwards, Bobby was up and away, boxing his first professional fight at the absolute minimum age of eighteen and managing to win a small time competition.

However, recently Bobby's ideal career has hit a huge speed bump, not in fact due to losing, but of winning - too well. Before this incident, Bobby had also been growing increasingly frustrated with the agent his proud father had insisted on hiring, which stalled Bobby's fighting as he attempted to negotiate better deals for Bobby, deals that he really couldn't care less about. With time to reflect, the young boxer realised that there was no real net gain in isolating himself from others, but easing himself into an area that he has never had to contemplate before has proven difficult.

The aforementioned speed bump stemmed from a rather direct confrontation with his much reviled agent, a man by the name of Phillip Gray. To cut a long story short, Bobby told Gray that he either got him a fight and stopped procrastinating over things like purses and contracts, or he was out on his ear. Gray; a somewhat crafty man, agreed to Bobby's demands, pulling some strings and putting Bobby into a so-called 'exhibition' fight against the area's resident Heavyweight champion. However, far from becoming disheartened at the mammoth task ahead of him, Bobby trained harder than ever, dropping a considerable amount of weight in preparation for the bout.

When the big night finally came around, Bobby thought that he was ready, only to see that he had underestimated the sheer power of his opponent. With his favoured power game barred to him, Bobby switched to a style which focused more on finesse, but still had little luck, and was beaten from pillar to post for ten rounds straight. Despite receiving a beating, Bobby was deemed to have not taken enough punishment for the fight to be stopped. It was in the eleventh round when Bobby's life was turned upside down.

A relentless assault by Bobby's opponent, and the referee was just about ready to call it a night, Bobby was barely defending himself and seemed dead on his feet. The man he was facing got a little cocky, and stepped back, raising his arms in the air. Then Bobby seemed to switch on. Springing forward, he hit his opponent with a quick fire combination, then a strong hook, then another. The other boxer tried to fight back, but Bobby parried and hit him full on with the strongest punch he'd ever thrown and knocked him out like a light. Later that day Bobby was notified that his opponent had died after complications arose once he was knocked out and taken to a nearby hospital.

Although Bobby was not blamed, at least as far as the law was concerned, for this unfortunate turn of events (since fighters being killed in-ring does happen now and then). He has been in an awful state since then. Bobby's next fight is due, but he still does not know whether he will be able to cope. The law might not call Bobby a killer, but he himself sees blood on his hands.

Advantages: Bobby is a strong puncher, has prodigious stamina, and can absorb a lot of punishment, if that resilience will carry from punches to other wounds remains to be seen…
Bobby is also a particularly cool-headed individual; he’s calm in a crisis and can plan well. This may help to keep his head during the progress of the game, but you never know who’ll crack…

Disadvantages: Bobby has pretty much no hope of joining up with a group, he has no close friends, and it’ll be difficult to trust somebody so obviously strong and tough. There is also the stigma and psychological factor of having killed somebody once before. Far from hardening him to death, it has had rather the opposite effect. If threatened, Bobby might prove incapable of retaliating.

"Aw... not even snuggling?" Simon asked with a grin, then half shrugged. "I don't mind about that, 'sides, it would be a little weird. Sure, I guess there's such a thing as... uh, love at first sight, but that doesn't necessarily mean, um... you know," Simon looked down at this disabled arm and pulled his sleeve over it, concealing the old injury from view. It wasn't nice to look at, that was sure, Simon was just lucky that it didn't twinge on him, if it hurt as well as looked as bad as it did, then Simon would be truly miserable. With only the looks... it was bearable, he supposed.

The second seemed even better than the first - if that was even possible, Simon wasn't entirely sure. This time he seperated the two of them, and looked at Madison with a slight smile on his face. He shifted awkwardly, and managed to shrug his jacket off, although much to his annoyance, he had to manipulate it considerably with his left hand in order to get it past his forearm. Simon flexed a little bit.

"Sorry," he apologised. "I was getting a little hot..." suddenly, he grinned again. "I guess this solves the dilemma of the bed..." Simon looked down and coloured when he saw that his arm was exposed, the twisted and scarred flesh clearly visible. As it always did when he could see his disability, Simon's stomach dropped and his face set into a frown. Whilst he tried not to let it bother him, when it was open to the air, it looked so bad it was difficult for it not to...

Prom Night
Hm.. let's do a play by play on this :D

Bobby: This is an easy one, cuz Bobby wouldn't go, full stop. He's really antisocial, and he needed a lot of convincing just to go to the bonfire (that being from one of his closest... 'friends') So meep. The only thing that would drag him out of his shell is an (extremely unlikely) invitation from Serenity, cuz he's had a soft spot for her (not crush exactly) since they spoke on the beach in The Mind of Angelic Ones.

Tyson: Tyson would probably go, but I highly doubt that he would manage to get a date ;) So he would probably go alone, and his ideal date would likely be somebody absolutely inattainable (because nobody likes him, lol).

Sean: Sean's similar in that it is very unlikely he would get a date, however, there's a little more of a chance for him, as he's not a complete moron, just rather arrogant. He's just the sort to ask a girl to go with him and not understand why he would be rejected. Still, he's capable of being charming, so you never know.

Chris: He would probably go along, not attempting to get a girl to go with him, but rather just to join in with the fun and hopefully pick up some fond memories along the way. If he's asked to go, all the better!

Keiji: The puppy dog is the same really as Chris, although if he did ask somebody, it would be in a very cute way ;) So he'd probably go alone.

Ricardo: Can you really imagine Ric going to the prom? No chance whatsoever.

Katie: Katie will be going along, probably dateless, unless somebody asks her on the off-chance, really she'd just go to enjoy the party.

Don: The younger Joesi won't be going, he's not old enough to get drunk ;) and isn't close to anybody in his entire grade, which sort of includes his brother (considering he once drove him to attempt suicide)

Simon: Simon will be going with new girlfriend Madison Conner, yay for relationships!

Simon grinned. "I don't think you need to apologise for that... it was... um... heck, I don't know what it was except amazing," Simon was a little curious that Madison appeared to be blushing, but maybe that was just an excited flush, for all he knew, he was looking the same.

"Um..." he said, and then went on, a little awkwardly. "Uh... care to um... give it another shot?" Simon blushed as he spoke, tentative, but anticipatory, he guessed she wouldn't take offence... after all, he wasn't asking her to have sex or anything, that was... wrong, would be wrong. A kiss... now that was right.

At the point he had gone in close, Simon had frozen - utterly convinced that he'd just managed to screw up one of the only concrete friendships he'd ever had - even if he had only met Madison that very same day. What he had not been expecting, in fact, what Madison actually did was the furthest thing from his mind. Simon had thought perhaps he might get pushed away, or manage to laugh it off as a friendly hug, or something. The kiss blew his mind.

I.. I.. if this morning somebody had said this would be where I am tonight, I would have... I don't know. I've never kissed anybody before.

One thing went without saying for Simon, this was the greatest experience he had ever had the pleasure to have, perhaps for some, it would not be so, and Simon was sure that some of the more cynical and 'world-smart' would scoff at him refering to it as such.

Why the hell am I even thinking this now, of all the times in the world!?

When they broke apart (at some length, Simon seemed to think it) his face broke into a very soft smile, affectionate, and... could it be called loving? This, somehow, seemed to be a somewhat unconventional way of making a... girlfriend? Was that true then? Were the pair of them together, or was it just a moment of madness? Judging by the feelings welling up inside him, it was decisively not.

"Madi... that was... that..." Simon was having no more luck at forming a coherent sentence than she, for somebody who was usually fairly eloquent, being tongue-tied was a unique experience.

From what I've heard about love... it seems that this is it...