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Shock Me
"Cameron! Cameron!"

They felt ill, hot and cold. This wasn't possible. One second Cameron was talking, the next-

Enzo didn't even know who it was, couldn't parse it, in the frantic instants after the sickening impact of-

"C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon don't do this don't do this."

Vinny didn't know first aid. They didn't know how this was meant to work. One hand was scrabbling at their bag the other was on Cam's stomach and christ and christ there was just so much too much blood, warm and spilling around their fingers, and Cameron was trembling, and coughing, and...

The bag opened, the first aid kit followed. What was in there? What did any of that stuff even do? This wasn't patch-up-better, this was surgery and anaesthetic and a team of doctors, not, not-

Not just Enzo.

"Cameron please, c'mon, please, keep your eyes on me, eyes on me! Okay?"

They were babbling. The kit opened and then spilled, a bandage unrolling and going bouncing across the floor, unraveling as it went. Enzo might have sworn and might not have sworn, and someone else was here now and it was two, three, four seconds before it clicked that it was Vanessa. The kit went forgotten, the other hand joined their first because that was what they did on TV and in movies, they put pressure on and that was supposed to be good and stem bleeding but christ, christ christ christ it was just welling up even further, and Enzo's hands were slick and hot and the ragged edges of the tear were rubbing against it and... and-

Cam raised her hand. She smiled.

"No! Don't you apologise! It's not- there's nothing to say sorry for- Cameron! CAMERON!"

I wanna be king of the pirates!
I can't be a superhero right now and that makes me sad because I'm at work : (

You Gave Up Being Good When You Declared a State of War
Leaving right now became not quite leaving right now as Jerry did the Jerry thing and pissed Asuka off. Toby stopped psyching up and for a second just stared.

For fuck's sake, was this actually happening, because she really didn't have time for ... it.

Asuka was giving Jerry a gun? That was... amongst the worst ideas Toby had seen so far today.

No, scratch today. Last few weeks, last months. Why oh why would you arm Jerry. Even to prove a point. Especially to prove a point.

She didn't think Jerry would actually shoot her. He was a jackass, but not that flavour of jackass.

It was still a colossally bad idea.

And now Jerry was 'with' her.

With a gun.



Toby started to jog away through the corridors, and had never been less reassured to have company.

((Toby continued in Ain't nobody got time for that))

Shock Me
It wasn't quite right to call the noise that happened a 'thunk'.

It was heavier than that, like someone softening up a steak with a hammer.

It was along the lines of...

It wasn't....


Vinny's eyes definitely weren't closed any longer.


Shock Me
"Amen to that."

Brady was special, but B.B was a friend too. Heck she'd introduced them both.

Vinny didn't wish that they were here, not in a million years, they just missed their company, which wasn't really the same thing. Maybe if they could speak on the phone or... or something?

"Eh, neither. Let you know if it changes."

It didn't usually change over the course of the day, but if Enzo knew anything about gender, it was that it didn't make any freaking sense to them. Dysphoria was fun like that - like some kind of jackass ninja of sadness.

They still didn't open their eyes.

"Wish I knew, Sardine. There's gotta be something we can figure out. There are, you know... people, and..."

They trailed off and shook their head.

"Yeah. I'm not so good at this am I? Thinking beyond six seconds."

Shock Me
((Enzo continued from Call Me Maybe))

Vincenzo thought a fair bit on whether it had been a good idea to leave Tessa behind. She hadn't been fun to be around, but maybe there had been an inkling of something there. A plan, at the very least. Like, totally, one hundred percent valid of Cam to point out that she'd been a raging, condescending bitch, but... The nucleus of an idea was there. Enzo didn't know whether or not Tessa's plan would have worked, but they weren't going to get an opportunity to try it out.

Which kind of left them in an uncomfortable headspace, trying to decide whether they'd rather take the 'safe' option or at least go out knowing that they'd tried their hardest. In the end, Vinny supposed they'd erred on the side of caution, and more importantly, on the side of what Cameron was doing. Enza was hardly a yesman, but Tessa could have had the greatest idea in the world, and if Cam hadn't gone along with it, they would have had a real hard time choosing to split away from her.

Fact was, Cameron was one of Vinny's best friends, she was somewhat injured, and she was all they had right now.

Moving around the place hadn't come to much over the past day or so, which was, well, shitty. After encountering three people on the first day, within the first while of moving anyway, Vinny had felt sure that they'd be in for a few more people. Friends, hopefully, but if not at least folks they could work with, get... something going.

Enzo hadn't got that far ahead in the plan yet. More numbers, more safety was a nice theory, but there had to be something else the Cochise students could do as a group, right? They had their share of smartasses and innovators, creativity and hard work. Between all of them, there was surely something that could be done about this situation. Maybe they were just delaying the inevitable, refusing to accept that their own ability to actually affect this situation was sickeningly limited. They didn't have a miracle idea for breaking off the island. They didn't even have an idea. Trying to stay safe was nice in theory. And that's all it was, theory.

If Cameron wasn't there, Vinny would have been freaking out, end of story. They managed to talk, had a few half-hearted conversations here and there. Still been enough to keep them both going. Sometimes the company was enough on its own. In this scenario, it wasn't really, but it was better than nothing.

Today had started off feeling like it was possibly going to be a Girl Day, but then had sank back into ambiguous nothingness by the time Enzo had been awake for few short minutes.

Strangely enough, numbing was an interesting side effect of some motherfucker making jokes about people dying. Bradley had died, and Enzo had never thought they'd have a second to spare on Bradley, but they'd never wished the guy dead. Plus, being Brady's cousin and all... fuck. It was just... fuck.

"Shitty, thanks for asking," they murmured back in response to Cameron. Their eyes were closed, and it was a force of will not to clunk their head backwards against the base of the shelf they were propping themselves up on.

"...I'm really glad ice cream husband isn't here."

That was the slimmest of consolations. Brady wasn't here. He was safe.

Call Me Maybe
Tessa spoke, Vinny listened.

And she... actually made a fair shake more sense than Enzo had expected. There was a switch.

Okay Vincenzo didn't really know a whole lot about radio technology, to be fair. Their technical know-how extended about as far as stream set-ups and computer specs. However, what Tessa was saying was pretty much the most logic that had come out of her mouth since... pretty much they started things off on the original sour foot.

The collars weren't made of magic. If the terrorists had the ability to set them off, then it only followed that the ability had to come from somewhere. Radio signals... that just made sense. How else would they do it? Freaking morse code?

Old school SOTF!

"Now you will die! Dash, dot, daaash, dot..."


"Wait for it- dot, dash..."



Fuck, this place was making them morbid.

Of course, just as soon as Vinny started considering the idea, actually, genuinely considering it, the more a faint kindling, flicker of hope began to burn, Cam broke back in with reality.

Shit. Right. They were being watched. Constantly.

The idea might have worked, but laid out in the open like that and...

Dammit. It was dead in the water before the ship was even launched.

Their shoulders drooped a little.

"Yeah," they answered Cameron softly. "Let's get out of here, Sardine," they headed over to the door, offered Cameron their shoulder to lean on, but before they began to walk, briefly glanced back. "Hey, look, Roswell. Don't get yourself killed, okay?"

Like it meant anything.

Like walking away felt as if they were doing anything other than seeing someone for the last time.

((Vincenzo Gatti continued Shock Me))

You Gave Up Being Good When You Declared a State of War
It wasn't Jerry who hailed her back at first, but one of those in the room with him.

Not the ideal start, even if Toby was trying to avoid tunnel vision. Not very well, mind, but she was trying. Her priorities had been more than rattled by the announcement, especially when it came to her actual goals. This wasn't the reality she wanted to live in, the reality where she was barely able to spare a thought to grieve over a friend dying because another friend was dead. Toby could barely process that Abby was dead, let alone deal with it. She didn't even want to address that the first person to die was Jennifer.

She was trying to calm herself down, and it wasn't working.

Toby slid just a little further around the door frame, catching a glimpse of who it was that'd spoken. Oh, Asuka. Their social circles - insomuch as either of them had ones that counted - had ... brushed, here and there, but they weren't close. Toby didn't think she'd exchanged more than a handful of words with her throughout high school. In any case, she made an asinine comment about said lack of familiarity, and Toby had to clamp down on an angry response.

No, actually, Toby didn't wish either of them had known each other better. Because there shouldn't have been a 'before' to look back on. They shouldn't be in this fucked-up situation for Asuka to express regret that the most significant conversation they'd ever had was one of them borrowing a pen from the other.

"Don't we just," was what she managed in reply.

Then Jerry piped up again, and Toby very nearly punched the wall.

He asked her exactly what she was about to ask him.

"I was hoping you would've seen him," Toby let the 'dead' part lie. If she didn't address it, it wouldn't be there.

She let out a breath. "Fuck."

All right. All right. She'd tried. That was important.

"I really need to make sure he's okay, so if he's not here..." she trailed off, looked at the three in the room. Asuka, Jerry - another girl just to the side, who Toby recognised as Nadia Riva. They'd crossed paths on runs on occasion, but again, nobody close. "Look, I don't know what you guys have all got planned or anything so I'm not going to get in your hair."

Another glance around them. Two people she didn't know if she could trust and one that she sort of trusted but didn't really like. Jerry was, well, Jerry. He was a jackass, but Toby couldn't see him hurting anyone.

But then, she couldn't see Kimiko hurting anyone, before this morning.

Company was... it was a risk, there were no two ways of slicing it. More of a risk than going it alone? It was hard to say. Damn hard.

"If you wanna come with, I'm going to go find Travis," she spoke looking right at Jerry. "But you better not slow me down, if you do."

Toby bounced lightly on her heels. She was prepared to run and not stop until she was sure her friends were safe.

She couldn't protect Abby. She hadn't even had the chance. She couldn't let that happen again.