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A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
"Promises and smiles..."

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
Today we learned Elena is a terrible person.

V6 Siblings
I'm related to everyone.

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience


V3 Read-A-Thon
Nick is frustrating to read because he's kind of a greatest hits of common SOTF problems - he stumbles into a massive group thread, he immediately gets 'separated' from the people he looked to be joining up with, and then he proceeds to go inactive.

In truth there isn't a tremendous amount to his character either. He's just there. More than half of the body of his profile is taken up with the fact he's gay - and though that's not his sole personality trait or what entirely defines him (barely comes up in the game), it's indicative of the problem that Nick just didn't have a lot of substance. He meets some people, he's mildly helpful to them, he meets someone else, barely has a conversation, and then he's on his way out the door.

Sparing a moment for his death; it's standard old school 'throw-them-in-the-grinder'. In all fairness he gets more respect in terms of thought and some narrative from his perspective than I've seen other inactives treated with, but he also pretty much ... well, he kind of gets overwhelmed extremely easily by Lex Machina. When someone that's armed, athletic, and specifically stated to be agile gets punched in the face and then stunned long enough to be killed with a chainsaw by someone like Lex, leaves a bit of a sour taste in the mouth.

Nick's not bad but that's kind of the problem. There's nothing about him that leaves an impression.

V3 Read-A-Thon
I'm actually feeling some nostalgia. Roll me someone.

It is a year of abstinence in the UK, which yes, is still stupid.

Namira can draw or something
About one year on from teaching myself how to mouse draw (tl;dr I can't hold a pen/pencil/stylus for long periods of time because my hand cramps). Comic turned out as a bit of a wash (I am... not good at maintaining consistent schedules), but I've been steadily getting back into sketching recently. It's been fun. Will post a few things in here as I do them, although the first group will probably have been seen before cause I got so excited about them.


National Novel Writing Month 2014
Good going guys. Keep it up!

A Wild Beard Appears; A Pathfinder Experience
I just killed my first PC.

I feel bad. :(