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Def Not Rattlesnake
Nov 30 2013, 03:56 PM
Does Vlad's ult still amp Ignite damage? I know it used to, along with Swain's dot and Poppy's ult. I think Poppy's still does, but not sure about the others.
I don't remember. I don't have ignite on EUW, where I'm playing him >_>

Speaking of which, Deamon and I just played and I beat a level 30 Rengar in lane. GET FUCKED RENGAR.

Vlad consists of just farming and staying in lane forever because he has a spell which heals him whilst dealing damage, and if you get a decent amount of spell vamp, his self damage from his E (which is an AOE that hits everything around him) is nullified by the spellvamp.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
they make me so angry.

there was a good proportion of my last ironman where the only deaths I had were things I could fully attribute to "Chrysalid bullshit"... because I woke them up half way through my turn and they used their free move to run right into my face... I can deal with the 'free move' cheat the aliens get most of the time... but when its chrysalids, who can move RIDICULOUSLY far with that free move and invariably go and stand right next to you... it's very frustrating.

Luckily I didn't actually run into them that many times in the main game.

Speaking of infinite sustain vlad is hilarious now that I have the hang of him a little better.

Though, I'm really really missing ignite.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
I had a weird dream about XCOM which basically listed off full biographies for half the memorial wall in my last playthrough.

It was a bit depressing actually.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Alex was beginning to get under her skin. Kam could understand starting to side-eye someone who had a gun and said that they'd use it if necessary, but at this point, the other girl was straight up twisting what Kammy was saying. Reminded her of being on student council actually... a few of the group's members had made a habit of trying to be clever and sneaky by doing that type of thing.

"Alex I understand you're antsy, but you're reading things from what I'm saying that I'm not saying. You're acting like I'm looking for an opportunity. I said that I would if I HAD to, not that I would if I COULD. Those are two very, very different things. Got it?"

Holy hell. Kam had sympathy for distrust on the island, she really did. However, surely there came a point where you had to accept that someone was just telling the truth? If Kammy had meant them harm, she could've lied through her teeth and claimed pretty much anything she wanted, never brought up the gun at all. Surely her mentioning that she was aware that it MIGHT be necessary to use it was a show of faith in of itself?

Christ. Diplomacy was failing her. It was like trying to push through a brick wall.

The hospital's doors slammed. Kammy jumped and whirled, heart in her throat and... nothing. The wind had blown them shut. Good lord that had been scary.

"False alarm I guess. Jeez that was-"

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Aura Master Fox
Nov 26 2013, 12:33 PM
So... does anyone else love using create-a-character features way too much?
I spend ridiculous amounts of time making sure my characters look good.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Kam's head tilted to the side. There was an obvious... edge in the question from Alex. It was pointed, probing. Not quite an accusation but near enough to make her hesitate for a second time before shaking her head. Kammy wasn't totally sure how to respond. The straightforward response was that no, she hadn't threatened anyone, because it was true. The more complicated specifics were that she hadn't threatened anyone because it hadn't been necessary. Really, she didn't like thinking about that type of possibility - on the other hand, ignore the possibility and then what would happen?

She opted for the full truth. "I haven't needed to," Kammy looked down at the gun. She still wasn't used to its weight on her hip, and the conversation wasn't doing much to make her forget about it. "If I had to, I would, but yeah, I'm not going around brandishing the thing, I just... it pays to be careful. Lot of killers out there. I can't look after someone I care about if I can't look after myself, first."

Kam was beginning to feel uncomfortable. It was probably saying all of this out loud. She'd thought an awful lot of it but hadn't actually vocalised until just now. It was a very harsh reality, and seeing the response of the other two was making it clear enough that they found it unpalatable. What was she supposed to do if attacked though? Just run? That didn't sit too well with her. In any case, better to be upfront than lie, otherwise, if Kam DID start travelling with these guys, how'd they react to her being aggressive?

Carlon was being a little off too. He wasn't looking straight at her, as if Kammy had said something that he found difficult to swallow. But then... oh. Oh.

Yeah. The slight hesitation when he'd referred to Michelle, and the sudden cooling in his demeanour. Kam didn't let it show on her face, but inwardly it felt like a punch to the gut. Even someplace like this and she couldn't get away from people having a problem. Urgh. Whatever. More important things to worry about, and it wasn't like Carlon had openly insulted her. Just gone a bit... unsettled.

Even so, it was starting to seem like striking out on her own again might not be such a bad idea. Hopefully this, in both cases, was just a slight hiccup and they could stick together. Four heads were better than one. Maybe other Cammy would smooth things over when she woke up.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Kammy hesitated for a second. Right. Yeah. For all she'd been looking back at her time searching for Michelle, she'd been trying not to think about what might have triggered Eliza off. What she had that set her apart from the other familiar names amongst the living and the dead (and christ it felt awful to just refer to people as 'the dead') was that Kam had met her on the island. She'd been... bitchy, sure, but lethal? With intentions to kill? Kammy didn't know how you even began to look for that.

"Eliza... she came into a barn I was searching. We spoke a little, but she wasn't like, aggressive, or anything. Unfriendly, at worst."

Her shoulders slumped a little when Alex said she didn't know anything. Maybe other Cammy... but she was asleep and Kam didn't want to just barge over and wake her up. Kam needed to rest too. She could take a break and then ask the other girl when she got up. It seemed like a decent enough plan.

Flashing Carlon a smile, Makatala finally came over properly, so they weren't having a conversation from that awkward spot where you couldn't quite just talk, you sort've had to call out a bit.

"Like I said, I could use the company... and if nothing else, strength in numbers, right? I'd much rather scare someone off cause we're in a foursome than have to make threats," her face fell, slightly. "Or have to follow through on threats. Christ this is messed up..."

The Farmer and the Viper
Okay... don't freak out. He couldn't have gone far, could he? Like, there wasn't any reason for Paris to have up and left so far as Cho could- A streak of paranoia hit Sunny like a bolt of lightning. She rolled over- her bag, her bag was-... Right where she'd left it, propped up against the tree. The gun Paris had given her was still on the ground alongside her, and when Cho gave a little peek... it didn't look like any of her stuff was missing. Not from in the bag, anyway.

The shield was absent, as was Paris himself. Cho hesitated. If he was going to skip out on her and leave her high and dry, surely there were bigger priorities than a big cumbersome hunk of metal. Why leave the gun, if he was running off?

It didn't go a long way to cooling her agitation.

Sunny's heart was hammering all the way up until there was a rustle and Paris emerged from the surrounding woodland.

"Hey!" she called as he appeared, trying not to sound either too angry or too relieved. "Where were you? I was worried."

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Other Cammy was asleep, but the other two both had questions for Kam, it seemed. There was a constant battle inside of her not to, in complete absurdity, just break out laughing. Relief? It was relief. Holy shit an almost normal conversation. People that didn't have agendas or insults on their tongues.

Kam didn't laugh though, she listened. There were the questions that she wanted to ask, of course, but she could be polite and answer first. They had plenty of ti- Well. They had some time. Couldn't say plenty when killers were on the loose. Kammy need to focus on searching as much as possible. Maximise her chances.

"Not much, sorry," glancing at Carlon, she shook her head. "No. I've only seen Eliza Patton and Madeline, you know... that quiet girl. It's been frustrating. A little lonely. I've been on the east side, that sort've farm area on the map. I guess it's good nobody has been out for blood, but... it has made me feel like I haven't made a lot of headway."

She rolled her shoulder for a moment. Her hand unconsciously brushed the gun again. "I don't know. I wish that it wasn't something that I had to be concerned about..." Kam's eyes lowered to the floor, then back up to the other two.

"Ah... anyhow. Thanks for the offer. I'll be upfront with you guys though, I'd love to stick around but... well. I'm looking for Michelle, my girlfriend. It'd be great if you knew anything about her but if not, and if you aren't willing to come along with me, then I'll make my own way," she held up a hand. "Not saying that I wouldn't appreciate the company, but I can't just sit around waiting when she might be in danger. That's priority one, you know? I just can't let anything get in the way of that."

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Kam breathed out a quiet little sigh of relief, probably inaudible to anybody but herself. She kept turning over those thoughts from the first day over and over - not who CAN you trust, but who can you NOT trust. Kammy wanted so badly to be able to hold onto those principles, but thinking back to two days worth of announcements, the fact that Naomi was dead, that she'd been killed by Summer of all people - one of the people that Kam figured she probably WOULD be able to trust... and the whole mindset she'd been trying to put herself into just seemed hopelessly naive.

That this group - Alex and Carlon but especially Cammy, who she considered a friend, was obviously non hostile. That was something. That was a font of sanity in the midst of all this. Not Eliza telling her that Michelle was going to die, not Madeline saying that there wasn't really anyone out there for her. Just people she could trust. Awesome. Maybe even they'd be able to tell her something - anything about Michelle. But damn, selfish of her, to be this way. Okay so these guys probably had their own agenda but Kam was starting to crave some actual company. Perhaps... she could join them? Form up a group?

The more that Kam thought about that idea, the more that she liked the sound of it.

Makatala rubbed her forehead with the back of her arm and smiled again, a very slight flicker of discontent showing when she brushed against her hair. It was minor, in the grand scheme of things, but her hair was starting to get a little lank. For some reason that upset her more than it should. She'd always taken good care of it, wanted it to look, y'know, good, but it was just-

Urgh. Nevermind. More important things, like not being killed. She'd take it being ripped out by the roots over losing someone to this deathtrap.

"I'm coping, more or less. You know, as much as can be expected. Haven't had any call to use this uh-" she gestured to the pistol, "This. Which is even better."

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
((Kam continued from Setting Up Base Camp))

Everything was fucked up.

People - people Kammy knew, saw every day, shared classes with, like, were still getting killed. By other people that fell into those exact same boxes. Not only that, but another day burned, and another day with few sightings of anyone period, and more importantly, no sign of Michelle. Kam had trekked what must have been miles and other than an occasional gunshot, which had done little to settle her nerves, there had just been nothing. No-one she knew. No-one she didn't know, for that matter. She was starting to wish she'd stayed with the girl from - Madeline! That was her name, a lot of good it did her now. Not Eliza though. Given the announcement... not sticking with Eliza seemed like a good idea indeed. Still... anything to break up being alone with her thoughts. Too easy to let them stray to dark and foreboding places, too easy to start thinking about all the dangerous people out there that could've done Michelle harm...

Also, Kam was getting tired. Superficial maybe, but her calves had started to burn a little, and her feet were beginning to hurt too. Although she was used to carrying her weight around, she wasn't in shape by any means... and all the walking was beginning to wear away at her. She had easy motivation not to stop, but Kammy was really starting to need a rest.

When she'd first spotted the hospital, Kammy had felt a bit dubious of it, concerned that a building might be a hunting grounds... However, a twinge in her thigh was a quick reminder that she needed to stop, at least for a while, and she told herself that there was just as much chance for Michelle to be in there as pretty much anywhere else. She had to at least check, right? Even if Michelle wasn't there, then maybe there'd be someone who had seen her someplace else. If Kam could narrow things down just a little bit... That had settled it enough for her to make an approach.

Cautiously, Kam stepped through the doors of the building, one hand on the holstered gun. She immediately hesitated - a group, or rather a trio, was already inside. She held up her free hand, trying to indicate she didn't mean anything by it.

A closer glance, and a slight smile broke out on her face. Other Cammy. Okay, progress, someone she both recognised and liked. That would get her places. The other two, a little less distinct, but... hey, actually, this wasn't so bad. Kam felt the smile broadening almost of its own accord as she took a couple steps forward.

"You guys... have no idea how relieved I am to see you."

The Farmer and the Viper
((Cho continued from Old Holmes))

Sunny slept soundly. If she'd been able to remark upon it, she would've been very surprised that she could sleep like that whilst in such danger, whilst in such grief. Well. Maybe.

Paris was a godsend. She regretted now only having had a couple of conversations with him back at school. He was pleasant company, could talk about all kinds of stuff, seemed to find her genuinely funny... it took a lot to make her forget that they were on an island surrounded by potential killers, but he just about managed it, somehow. Of course... thinking about Gabby, it all came rushing back, and perhaps that was why they could both relate to one another. They shared that pain, and had stumbled upon each other and found solidarity.

It ran a little deeper than that though, didn't it? Cho was friendly, just not so much touchy-feely. Around him though, it didn't seem quite as important. Holding hands was a comfort. Stroking her hair was a reassurance and made her stomach flutter a little. It was confusing to resolve the feelings between gratitude and appreciation and something a bit more ... serious.

She'd been thinking about that when she dozed off, and she was still thinking about it as she stirred, sat up, and found herself alone.

The Farmer and the Viper
Katy almost lashed out. Not because she was scared, or fearful for her life. Just out of pure, blind rage, because whoever had bumped into her had, of course, jarred the shit out of her busted hand.

Katy sucked air through her teeth and whispered an almost inaudible "Oh my God" as she cradled her hand, backing away from the kid that had bumped her.

"Fucking right, you're sorry." She managed once fire in her hand cooled down to more of a smolder. She stopped to look at him. He was a brownish kid with curly hair, looked vaguely familiar. Then again, half the school could be considered vaguely familiar, considered they were all locked in a building for a few hours every weekday together.

"Do I know you?" She asked, figuring cursing the kid out wouldn't be very productive.

The subtitle is my favourite part of this thread.

The Farmer and the Viper
((Katy Warren continued from Not Like Any Previous Sleepovers ))
((Added in capacity as moderator))

While Katy was, according to her dad and her own sense of confidence, a Judo prodigy and a consummate martial artist, she was coming to realize something about herself that was unfortunate at this point in time.

She didn't have the greatest sense of direction.

The realization came to her the day after she had left behind the girls at the school. Everything had gone smoothly for awhile until she had hit the forest. Something about being surrounded on all sides by trees, with no landmarks, really put a damper on finding her team. Right now, it was more important finding herself.

The map had said something about a clearing, and that's what she was looking for now. Not that she was sure of her heading. She could have been just been going deeper in the first, for all she knew.

"This is fucking bullshit." She hissed to herself.

National Novel Writing Month 2013
I was lagging behind thanks to essays, but breaking my hand has more or less killed this year's nano for me. :/

Thread Cleanup
Nov 11 2013, 05:37 AM
What, if anything, is being done for threads outside the V5 subforums which lost some or all of their posts? Particularly those which have gathered additional posts since the loss?
We can't do anything about those.

Resuming Site Activity
Nov 8 2013, 10:20 AM
For handlers that have lost more than two-three threads, the normal two week deadline seems a touch short due to some characters needing to finish out old threads and jumping towards new ones. Is there a way of extending these deadlines in these circumstances?
This is one of the reasons we're considering a three week deadline. In absolute fairness we'd like to give leeway where we can but given the absolute mess of where the board is at just now we'd rather not play too too fast and loose with the activity rules.

We'll try to be accommodating though.

When dealing with threads that have been partially eaten by the crash, will you need to delete them entirely, or are you able to fix them without removing the uneaten data in the process? I ask because there are quite a few threads that have only been partially devoured, so it'd be nice to know exactly how great of a progress loss we're looking at here, and if there are any plans to save the data in the unaffection portions of threads if completely deleting them is the only option.

The best solution is probably to repost the threads from scratch. It sounds like a lot of work but the whole 'missing posts' malarky makes things very difficult to read. We're not going to just plain nuke threads that still have posts though, more - start the threads again, with the handlers copy and pasting the corresponding posts in the corresponding places. The solution will be along these lines but we're still finalising some details.