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NaNoWriMo 2012
I hammered it out!

Admittedly a fair chunk of it is plot summary vs. actually fleshed out writing but the ideas are there and sometimes I have to resort to that cause I struggle to actually put them on the page. But hurrah!

Weapons List on the Wiki?
The student pages for each versions already list the assigned weapons.. It's not as organised but it's considerably less work.

NaNoWriMo 2012
I've fallen thoroughly behind, so right now I'm considering just going on a typing binge.

And/or skipping some of the earlier parts to focus on the later scenes that are clearer in my mind's eye. My main problem has been that the main plot I came up with had to have a lot of background, so I'm a ways in and still haven't got anywhere close to the point in the story that provided the initial spark of the idea. Effectively I'm caught up in the set up, and I keep on realising that there are new scenes I need to include.

Sara Corlett
Hey DollBreaker, I shall be your critiquer for this fine morning/evening/indeterminate time of day.

Sara is temporarily denied, pending just a couple of changes.

Firstly, I'd like a specific outfit for the day of the abduction, as for the main game, we're going to need something specific.

Secondly, I'd quite like to see what Sara's current grades are, as you've put what they were in middle school but haven't elaborated. The implication is that she became a better student but I'd like some explicit indication of this.

Also, if Sara is so incredibly shy and anti-social, I'm not sure why she'd be coming on a school trip surrounded by people she, by the profile's own admission, doesn't get on with particularly well/doesn't really want to be around. I'd like there to be some justification for this.

Finally I'm not sure being a good liar is an appropriate advantage to Sara's character. Whilst being able to come up with stories is one aspect of lying, true, there are a lot of social and conversational cues to lying, and I can't see somebody as socially awkward as Sara being able to successfully execute those. The advantage either needs reworking, or to be removed and replaced.

Let me know when you're done editing and I'll have another look.

General SOTF Discussion Thread?
This thread hadn't been posted in since March. There is in fact a discussion thread already.

I don't mean to come down on you like a ton of bricks here, but can you make sure if you're posting in an old thread that it's not just dredging the thing up? Something that hasn't been posted in for six months is more likely than not done and dusted.

Single Handler Seeking Good Info
Because it has been treated as an excuse to be exceptionally macabre multiple times in the past, and in all likelihood if the mother was any decent stretch along the school wouldn't want to leave themselves open to being held culpable in the event anything happened.

Single Handler Seeking Good Info
1. You choose where you want to place your characters.

2. There might be. We (the staff) haven't established anything just yet. Roll nulls still exist as a concept but until we can figure out how to make them more fairly/representatively awarded we have them on ice.

3. Controversial matters are not against the rules. However, in terms of the staff perspective, the more exotic or strange aspects a character has in their profile, the more detailed and well-explored said aspects will have to be. Pregnancy will almost definitely see the character denied.

4. I don't fully understand what you're asking. Yes, that is how the process works, but posting order isn't immutable, if somebody is taking forever (a week plus) then it's okay to skip. The posting order can change when you leave a thread, it doesn't have to be when you 'die'. What I don't get is this part " And this also applies when getting your characters approved, right?" - what do you mean when getting your characters approved? the approval process is completely separate from any kind of posting order.

5. No, it's not against the rules, we just aren't generally a big fan of that kind of thing. It's creatively limiting and leads to you playing with yourself a lot, which isn't that interesting.

6. It's okay to have characters with pre-existing relationships with other characters, including siblings. It's against the rules to have a character related to somebody from a previous version.

7. It is not against the rules, they just require good justification and enough indication that these aspects are not going to be used just to make somebody who will be very good at playing the game.

V5 Final Applications are Open!
When it happens and you'll know when we hit it, respectively.


NaNoWriMo 2012
I'm at 9,000 now. : D