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Pre-Game Senior Prank
Well pregame ain't gonna be rolling too much longer so I suggest somebody makes a poll to actually decide what's gonna happen. Otherwise you'll run out of time.

Favourite Quotes
So, I don't know if this has been done before, but I was wondering what quotes people liked. They can be from films, books, games, people you know, SotF, whatever. Funny, inspiring, badass, just anything that you've really liked.

I'll be contributing once I have y'know, a computer.

Still nothing, and will be the case until at least monday. Fuck. This. Bullshit.

Calling All Jerks!
Yeah... the bastard.

What kind of Roleplays do you like?
I don't mean to discourage, but the alt. rping section is tricky to manage. You tend to end up with four topics for the one RP. Just remember to keep it small enough it can work within the board.

PS: SOTF not good enough for you!? Burn the heretic!

Height/Weight Chart
What James said

JFGI dude.

So far as I know, that just means a lot of people are accessing the server right now. I'm sure-ish it isn't a fault with thewiki itself.

Disney Mafia Sign-Ups
I have roles created and assigned. I need to write PMs and send them out, which is contingent on megetting my computer back. Sit tight folks, thanks for your patience.

You Abbreviate Survival of the Fittest As...
And then the poll was a zombie...

Really, I don't object to revival within reason, but bringing something three months gone back is a bit much.

40,000 posts!
MK Kilmarnock
Nov 24 2009, 09:03 PM
Hell, to think that nearly 1/20th of those posts are yours.

Seems to be a pretty cool milestone, no?
I are post whore.

Returning for V4, heeeeeeeeeeere's...
You know Xal, I love you so much more now that I know where your avatar is from.

Welcome back my friend.

40,000 posts!
That's a hell of a lot guys. Thanks to everyone who has helped keep this place alive and active all this time.

Introduction Thread
Tuco? Who let you out of your box?

Still on ps3, still no computer, still pissed off.

V4 Teams, Clubs, and Cliques
I refer you to Drop's post. This is neither current nor particularly well maintained. Locked.

Bloody bad predictions. I'm going to be computer-less for longer than I thought. I can log in and post via my PS3 , but it honestly takes ages. Sorry if I'm keeping you waiting - especially the mafia folks.

V4 Characters
That's not how it works, Tuco. Give and you'll receive in return.

My computer is going to the repair shop. I might be out for literally half a day, but depending on how busy they are, it could take up to three. Just a heads up.

Don't Tell And We Won't Ask
At length, Ily reappeared, and didn't look worried now, he looked faintly pissed off. That didn't overly bother Rosa, because hey, it wasn't like he could have made it back to bed and asleep in that time, was it?

"I, uh, can't figure out where I'm going," Rosa giggled, aware of how silly that sounded. She was, however, rather drunk, so losing her bearings probably shouldn't have been much of a surprise. Even though it was her own house... well, it was a big house, and the darkness had got her disorientated.

Rosa, rather gracelessly, managed to pick herself up from the floor, before giving her brother a lopsided smile.

"I got the lefts and the rights the wrong way around and then the wall ran out."

Had she been a little more sober, Rosa would probably have realised that what she'd said made little to no sense, but as it was, she continued to smile obliviously. This was how she tended to go whilst drunk. One of two extremes. Either sharp and completely bitchy, or dafter than a brush and totally goofy.

Still, wasn't, at least in terms of how Ily thought, home and drunk better than sober in the bed of some guy? Maybe. Maybe.


1) There was literally just a thread for the debate team. Honestly, doing another one would be redundant.

2) Couldn't say. I have a character in debate, but I haven't thought about those specifics that much. Being the 'best in school' at any particular thing can be a tricky line to tread though, just as a word of warning.