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#6: Freedom or Bust
Lucy took another nap after she'd finished with the second round of collars. She had doubted she would have much to contribute on any discussion of their objectives. Lucy was just the techy, not a leader like Andrea. She wasn't even one of their fighters. On the other hand, they could have any number of people with guns and a limitlessly inspirational leader, and that wouldn't have got the collars off, would it? Lucy just had to keep on reminding herself that without her knowledge, they never would have made it as far as they did.

She awoke with a start when a hand fell on her shoulder and gently shook her. Lucy looked up to find that it was Maxie, who still had not said a single word. She pointed to the doorway, and Lucy looked over to the entrance to see another new arrival. Lucy had no idea who the guy was, although she nodded Maxie a thank you. Fortunately, that problem was solved moments later, and with the resolution came a flood of mixed feelings.

It was Neil. Neil Sinclair.

He was the leader of another group trying to escape, if Lucy remembered her announcements rightly. But then, she also recalled that his plan hadn't gone as well as their's... Lucy didn't know whether to be sad or just angry. Disarming the collars was so much better than just going around wrecking cameras and hoping something good came of it. But they... SADD, they hadn't had the resources Lucy's gorup had. After all, the laptop had been Andrea's 'weapon'

Luckily, Andrea came forward before Lucy had the chance to say anything to Neil. She was thankful for this intervention, as she wasn't entirely sure if she would have been able to keep ahold of herself. After all, he'd caused so many people to be killed with his plan. Derrick and Jessica too, had their collars not already been removed. It had after all, been announced ealier that Danya had blown their collars due to SADD's actions. Lucy wasn't sure whether this was just covering up for the fact they'd exploded whilst Andrea was tinkering with them. For the co-ordinators, that must have seemed a technical fault.

Soon thereafter, Lucy was surprised to see even more people arrive at the armoury. After all that time it had been just the four of them, and in the past couple of days all kinds of people were locating the armoury. She was glad of it though - the more people that joined them and got, well, de-collared, the better this would be.

"Just hold still," Lucy told the girl behind the shotgun-toting newcomer. She went to work on her collar, keeping an eye on Andrea as she did so. By now, the process was becoming close to automatic, enabling her to check that the class president wasn't about to blow somebody's head off. A shrill beep later, and the collar was gone.

Lucy made her way over to Ianto, but was once again frustrated by the issue of height. Although she could grasp the collar, reaching up, the difference in size was too big for her to properly see what she was doing. Embarassed, Lucy returned inside, where she took great pleasure in removing the chair Sean was leaning his head against from beneath him. His head smacked against the floor with a loud thunk, but he barely stirred. Good thing he was still sparked out. Soon enough, she went back to Ianto and dealt with his collar too.

We're on our way out. We can do this, we really can.

This Is How I Disappear
You don't want to kill anybody? But you have done, so excuse me if I don't believe you.

Dacey was a naturally suspicious and anti-social person, something that made it a little odd, now that she thought about it, that she had trusted Rick so implicitly. But what the hey. If Rick had been thinking of stabbing her in the back, he most certainly would have done so by now. Besides, it wouldn't have been like he needed to be sneaky about it. He was, after all, the man with the gun.

"Be careful," 'he' muttered as Rick headed on out there. Frankly, Dacey didn't care what was wrong with Will. If he was ill, or hell dying, then it was none of her concern. In fact, she was glad. It stopped him from having the capacity to cause them much harm, and if he died... well, that was one less complication and killer to deal with.

It wouldn't really have been a great idea to just let Rick go there on his own. What if it turned out Will had been faking or something? If Will took Rick by surprise, marine-training or no he'd be down in seconds. Dacey followed along after him, her (finitely useful) knife in one hand. She stood to one side of Rick, behind him, sidling around so she could approached from one side. Even if Will decided to start shooting, he'd have two targets, and both in opposite direction. It was morbid to consider, but one of them at least would be sure to survive.

Just try it. Just try it.

When We Die
Rob had just been biding his time (and attempting to shake off the winding effect of the bullets that had impacted against his vest), waiting for the right moment. The situation just seemed to escalate as time went on, with yet more and more people being drawn into the conflict. He lay there unflinching though, even as shots continued to ring out. He might have felt like crying that everything just kept on going bad, but now... what was the point?

He'd tried, he really had. Bobby had given it his all to save Petra's life, but it had been to no avail, she'd wound up dying after all. From wounds he'd given her. It was Petra, really, that had snapped him out of things. That shout to him after he made... well, a plee for pity. Rob smiled. She wasn't having any of that bullshit, and gave as good as she got verbally. He'd stumbled around the island after that, trying to puzzle out what to do, and when he'd got the chance, he'd done his best.

But it hadn't been enough, had it?

So Bobby just kept on doing the best he could to help. He'd offered to help Shameeca right away, chalk up a few more celestial brownie points, that kind of thing, earn his redemption and all of that jazz. Well... this had been the result. Just as things had been about to end peacefully, he'd said the wrong thing, Lenny had bristled and said something else which caused Heath to flip out. A couple of moments later, and the good deed was undone. Heath, who had been... protecting him? Bobby had never understood that... wound up getting himself killed, and James, the very person they'd come to save, charged out and died too.

Whose fault?

None but his.

It seemed no matter what he did, no matter his intentions, it all led back to death, death, and then some more death.

Well fuck it, if that was the way it was going to be, he'd use it.

Rob rose up from the ground, sand streaming off him as his face settled into a look of grim determination. He cocked his weapon, having forgotten to do so after reloading and charged headlong into the trees, sticking by them for the purposes of cover. He blasted past Shameeca at top speed and just kept on darting from side to side, covering himself with the jungle. When he came to Lulu, Anna, and the unconcious Elizabeth, Rob merely moved around to dive behind yet another tree. Now there was nobody between him and Lenny.

"You're as guilty as me Priestly! I'm no saint, but I see three dead bodies in the vicinity that weren't there before you decided to get twitchy with your trigger finger! Come on! At least have the fucking guts to admit to what you've done! You hear me? YOU HEAR ME!? CONFESS!" Bobby began firing again, not caring for accuracy, just towards the general direction that he knew Lenny was in. The others didn't matter, he just wanted to take this guy dowm and bring something good out of this godforsaken mess.

This Is How I Disappear
((Well... shit, I somehow failed to notice that it was my turn. I'm sorry))

Dacey wasn't buying it one bit, no way in hell. She didn't care if it was a mercy or a murder. It was still killing. If somebody wanted to take the soft option, they should have the balls to kill themself rather than force that burden onto somebody else. But that wasn't important. It reflected poorly on Christian that he requested to be killed (which she had only Will's word and a vaguely remembered announcement to verify), but worse on Will that he had agreed.

"Fuck him," 'Dawson' hissed. "He can try find his help elsewhere. He was fine enough with capping Christian, he shouldn't have a problem with slaughtering somebody who isn't his best friend," she regarded Rick seriously. "I don't want to be the one to test that theory out is what I'm saying," 'Dawson' elaborated.

It wasn't that Dacey was paranoid... she'd first seen Rick and Jim dumping bodies into the sea, but that had been different. Hell, they'd straight up admitted they had shot somebody, though they'd have had a much easier time of it through denial. This guy had probably heard them talking about him. Whatever, Dacey still wasn't trusting him. Did the fact that it was his friend that he killed make him worse than her partner, who had killed a stranger? Maybe so.

The fact was, the whys and the justifications didn't matter: Dacey had made up her mind, and she was not going to change it under any circumstances.

The mystery of Death
Just a note here, as I'm sending information to all participants.

I don't want to sound overbearing, but I'm forbidding you to speak with each other or to outside parties about a couple of subjects. First off, you cannot tell anybody that you are/are not the killer, OOC. You'll know if you are, and know if you're not, but nobody else should know without their character finding out through proper investigation. Similarly, if you tell somebody not involved, well, who's to say they won't sign-up before the RP closes to new participants? Furthermore, ANYTHING in your PM's that I don't make public when I get the info thread up is to be known by you and you only. It's important that people don't find out various things ;)

So yeah, sorry to get all Rules Nazi on you there, but it's important to the health and overall fun of the RP.

Edit: Also, I know the names in the relationships won't make any sense to you yet. It's because they're other people's characters.

Sticky it then. Needs it anyhow.

The mystery of Death
'Kay, I guess this has dawdled enough. I'm giving it another day and then I'm going to set about getting the ball rolling. I'll keep sign-ups open for a reasonable interval after the whole thing starts, but once things start heating up they'll close, as I don't want somebody just showing up at the last minute to save the day or anything like that.

Be patient, and it won't be long before this murder mystery gets underway.

When We Die
((Meh, not in a posting mood, holding things up though.))

There wasn't time to be shocked or stunned by what happened. Rob saw both Lizzy and Lenny go down, but it was clear that neither had been killed, especially as Lenny started shooting everybody in sight.

Fuck! Heath! James! Jesus Christ! They're both... FUCK!

Bobby felt three hard impacts to his stomach and he folded over, half in pain, half in defence. He rolled away swiftly, using the uneven sands to give himself nominal cover.

"You saved my ass again," Rob muttered, looking to his vest as he reloaded the Saeur. "That's getting to be too much of habit,"

The mystery of Death
Well it doesn't look as though LBD is frequenting the forum any more, which is a bit of a shame (hasn't signed on for almost a fortnight)

Alrighty. I think this scenario is too fun to pass up. If you still care to take part, then PM your proposed characters to me (hopefully you saved the messages from when you sent them to LBD :o ) and I'll see if I can't get this running.

Heya people!
It's where most people are finding the site nowadays anywho.

Weeelcome and such.

When We Die
It had come so close to ending peacefully.

Needling comments from Lenny aside, Rob had just finally been considering relaxing. James had made it to safety, as had Elizabeth and Heath was making his way out of harm's path. Rob was glad indeed that they had brought the situation to a close without undue blooshed. He was under no illusions about what would happen, should they have started a fight. Lenny, much as he disliked the guy, was bang on the money. He had a gun, and that was bound to wreak some havoc. Unless either Rob or Shameeca could have taken Lenny out in one shot - without hitting either Heath or Elizabeth, then Lenny would have started blasting. Nobody except Bobby had any protection whatsoever, and with the area as crowded as it was, people being hit would have been inevitable. Rob was just about to let out the breath it felt as if he had been holding forever when it all went horribly wrong.

All of a sudden, Heath turned around and went lunging at Lenny, declaring him a liar in the process. It seemed, to Rob, to be happening almost in slow motion. A fight had been threatening to break out since they had arrived on the coast, and now, what anybody sane amongst them had been dreading came to pass. Bobby screamed inwardly, declaring Heath an idiot, a fool, every name under the sun. His mind raged at the sheer stupidity of his actions, railing at Heath for instigating the carnage that would ensue afterwards. But yet... there was a part of Rob looking on that favoured Heath's attack with a sage nod. Was this the intelligent, rational thing to do? No, no way in hell. Was it the right thing to do? ... Yes.

Bobby couldn't just let Heath run at Lenny, pipewrench or no pipewrench and just get slaughtered. He'd be gunned down in moments and the situation would move straight back to impasse, whereupon all hell was sure to break loose moments later. Decrying himself for as much a fool as Heath, Rob, with his sights already on Lenny, opened fire. As he pulled the trigger no less than fifteen times in a row, the recoil jerking his aim all over the place, Rob opened his mouth to let out a wordless roar of rage.

This... was not going to be pretty.

This Is How I Disappear
Dacey had been fortuitous enough so far - each slip had gone unnoticed by Rick, but surely the suspiscion would be accumulating by now... Attempting to reform her thoughts and compose herself, she barely paid attention to her companion, nodding when it seemed appropriate. Right now, Dacey barely had any idea what she was doing. Keep the pretence? Drop the pretence? Stay? Go? Urgh, it was just way too complicated right now...

However, any decision she might have made was curtailed by the sound of a new voice. Dacey didn't recognise it offhand, but soon enough, a name was provided. The moniker that was spoken immediately began setting off alarm bells. Sure, she had no way of knowing about all of Will's kills, but Dacey had paid close attention to the announcements, and she had heard his name.

"He's killed somebody," 'Dawson' muttered under 'his' breath, though loudly enough for Rick to hear. "Christian Rydell. Supposedly a mercy kill. Who the fuck shoots their best friend in the head, injuries or no?" Dacey shifted over to the entrance and peeked marginally around the corner, before quickly ducking back. "Don't let him any closer is what I'm saying," 'he' advised.

*was totally wrong*

'Kay... erm, time to slink back into the shadows I do believe, haha.

Well that sucks a tad... thanks for the warning Llama, I almost certainly would have been caught out by that.

It's largely unscheduled. v3 pregame started when v2 was down to about twenty people, if my memory serves me correctly. Being that v3 has been much larger than v2, I don't think it would be too far out to suggest it commencing (or at least, registrations) by the time we're down to about 50.

However, I'm not staff, so I'm just making an educated guess here :P

#6: Freedom or Bust

The chance to finally stop working and get some sleep had been a welcome one for Lucy, and it was safe to say she'd taken it with both hands. Her body had pretty much given up on her, sucuumbing to the fatigue that came with boycotting sleep in anything more than fitful naps for near-on six entire days. Despite having managed to do nothing but slumber for some considerable time, Lucy still found being roused unpleasant. After what she'd done, she could have quite happily slept for a week.

Eyes bleary, Lucy sat up, wincing at the various aches and pains that had arisen from crashing out on an area barely superior to the naked floor. Her back hurt from where she had been hunched over the laptop, and Lucy could tell she was suffering from eye strain. But for all that... hadn't it been worth it? She allowed herself a small smile. The collars were off. There was still an island to escape from - terrorists (and fellow students, she reminded herself darkly) to elude, but this was a step further than anybody else had ever managed! Another thought came to the shy girl, and her smile widened a little more. This had been all her; the lonely 'wiz' had been the one to figure out how the get the collars off.

Wouldn't it be nice, when everybody knew that it was her that they had to thank for getting them off the island? But... that was getting ahead of herself, and really, it was Andrea who had got them all together. Forget acclaim, Lucy just wanted to get out of there alive.

Lucy stretched for a moment then got to her feet, looking across the room curiously to see who it was that had woken her. She knew a voice had broken her sleep, but, barely-awake as she had been hearing it, Lucy hadn't been able to identify who it belonged to. For a moment, seeing the compact sub-machine gun that the newcomer was holding, her guts clenched in fear, then, all of a sudden, relaxed. If he was going to attack, he would have done already. Besides... Dean Portman was 'the hockey guy' - the student who was going to turn professional in the sport. Even a loner like Lucy knew about him, and she felt confident he wouldn't be hostile.

"U-um..." she said quietly, when it looked as though the others were a little too shocked by Dean's arrival to speak up. "I... that is, uh..." Lucy fidgeted a little, feeling tiny beside the tall, muscular athlete. "I can get your collar off. I already removed 'Drea's, Jessi and Derrick too," Lucy didn't wait for an answer, hoping being assertive would prevent Dean from making a fuss. Timidly, she reached up, but he was too tall. Flushing, she returned to the middle of the room to get a chair, which she placed behind Dean. "Now if you'll just hold still..." Lucy told him quietly as she got up on the furniture. "This will be off in no time,"Hoping that the fact that she had her hands on his collar would dissuade Dean from jerking away, Lucy began going through the motions that, by the fourth time, were becoming familiar to her.

Take ahold of this wire, pull this like so... give that one a little jerk and then carefully shift this one along... watch out for the thick cord, I've seen those schematics... now, grab this bit and with a tug...

There was a loud beep, Lucy's heart leapt into her mouth, as it had every time that noise had been emitted, then... the collar came away soundlessly. In her relief, Lucy hurled it clean across the room, to smash against the rear wall of the armoury and clatter onto the floor. She hugged Dean reflexively, the sportsman dwarfing her diminutive frame despite the aid of the chair. There was nothing romantic about the gesture - Lucy just felt that it was the best way to show how pleased she was that there was another person to join there group.

Free. That's what we are. Free.

"Sorry to just grab your collar," Lucy said meekly after a moment. "I thought the best way to prove it was to show you. Um, that we can get them off I mean. Talk to Drea if you want to know more. I've got to..." Lucy made a vague motion towards the entrance, before starting towards it. Finally, the rain was stopping - she wanted some fresh air.

Lucy never even made it outside, almost bumping straight into a bespectacled student who appeared to be... She blinked once. No... that's definitely gatorade. Don't tell me that's his ... Lucy shook her head abruptly to dispel the distracting thoughts. He was carrying a drink, wow, big deal, there was other stuff to worry about. This guy directly requested his collar be taken care of, so Lucy didn't hesitate in walking behind him to start working at it. Just as before, her hands were becoming surer, the act of removal quicker (although she took care not to speed up too much, pulling the wrong wire in haste would lead to disaster). The loud beep sounded, and it heralded the sixth student to be freed from the stress of having a bomb strapped to their neck.

She opened her mouth to say something to the new guy, perhaps ask for a name, maybe give one, offer some sort of encouragement or comfort, but she didn't get the chance to say a single word. Somebody else stumbled in, and Lucy's eyes went as wide as saucers when she saw what a state they were in.

“W-what...?” she was struck speechless. Maxie Dasai looked an absolute wreck. Her face was badly bruised, especially around the left eye. Along with its counterpart, it had a wild look about it, darting back and forth across the room. What little clothing she was wearing was mud-spattered, and well, speaking of clothes... The poor girl had to have run into some bastard, because frankly, she was barely wearing any. Indeed, she stood in the doorway completely topless for such a long time before realising that Lucy very nearly ran over there to cover Maxie up herself. Lucy quickly ran over to her, catching hold of the taller girl's arm and leading her inside, making wordless comforting noises. She glared fiercely at Derrick, Dean and the newcomer – the boys in the room, wondering if they'd been 'enjoying the view' so to speak. Whatever had happened to this girl (and Lucy didn't want to venture a guess), it had been bad enough without people staring at her chest.

Lucy found a too-small shirt in her bag to give the girl. Given the size of Maxie's assets, and the general discrepancy in height and weight between the pair of them, the clothing was barely modest, but at least it was clothes. She was about to offer to deactivate Maxie's collar when there was a skittering sound. Lucy turned to see a blond-headed, rather muscular boy stagger inside. He made a rather cynical comment, then sat down like he owned the place. Lucy felt like ticking him off, but decided there were more important things to worry about, like...

She went to work, and another collar was soon tossed to the floor like a discarded toy. The girl barely seemed to notice what had happened, and instead sat there, staring into space. Lucy decided not to invade her privacy, then went over to the irritating blond.

“This is no joke. Be quiet whilst I do this,” Lucy was surprised when he actually shut up – he seemed the type to be the motor-mouth. He let out an amazed laugh when the collar dropped away, and he rubbed his neck, as if to check it was still there.

“Damn, I guess karma owed me some slack,” he said, then slumped backwards, passing out straight into Lucy's lap. She looked at him with a faint expression of disgust, gently lowering his head to the floor as she shifted backwards.

That makes... wow, eight! This can just keep growing and growing. We might not have been in time to save everybody, but we can surely get the people alive out. ... Right?

laZ. YOU give the Wikipedia vets a bad name.

Also, since it seems to be bothering you so much: Yeah, Kyle started the article, I'm the one who coerced him into helping me add all of the entries. If you're gonna have a go at somebody, get your facts straight.

That said, welcome to the site landlocked, it's great to have you with us. Don't worry, we're not all like him ^

Hope you stick around for a long time to come, chill out, get to know some of the guys and hopefully be around when v4 rolls into play ^^

Holy Crap!
That's both incredibly disturbing and absolutely hilarious at the same time. Yes, my sense of humour can be a tad strange occasionally.

v4 Concepts Relapse
Interesting =/= Good

Original =/= Good

Sorry but I'm pretty sure SotF has had enough pre-generated psychopathtic murderers to see itself through for a long time. His hobbies say it all really 'Sadistic murder'? I know this guy is supposed to be planning a Columbine, but are you serious?

Actually here's a point I'm gonna make right now, which no doubt will sound incredibly pretentious being that I'm neither staff nor have ever held or even applied for a position of authority on this forum. This is not a call-out to anybody in particular, because if I'm talking about you, you should definitely know, and if you don't twig, then I hope you're looking forward to a lot of work going down in the dust of rejected profiles:

What, might I ask, is wrong with a relatively NORMAL person?

Why does every other guy have to be a lunatic, a cold-blooded killer, have some new obscure disease or condition that you think will make the board 'Oo' and 'Ahh'? I know you want your characters to be memorable, but for God's sake drop the ridiculous premises!

Example! (and I don't care if this is ego, I'm annoyed). Look at a couple of the most widely known/highly regarded v3 characters. Neil Sinclair! What is his main quirk? He is in a BAND dammit! We're talking about somebody who is arguably THE MAIN HERO of SotF v3, and the most remarkable feature of his initial profile is that HE WAS IN A BAND! Trish McCarroll is another very popular character and she is preeetty damn normal as far her traits go! Maxie Dasai, heck, the most distinctive thing about her is her accent. I only made her because I thought there were too many male characters! Now she's in the Dream Final Tens of several different members!

The! Characters! Do Not! Have! To Be! Remarkable!

Look at some of the concepts ffs. Sure, you have your cold-blooded killers and your far-fetched guys, you have the ones that make you snigger and think 'man, that'll never work'. But then what else do you have? A Samoan dude, some guy who is a bit of a jerk, a bit of a COWARD for chrissakes. A nice rich guy! A racist, a deaf kid.

You don't need to have some super genius who will single-handedly rally the island behind him to come up with an excellent escape plan to thwart Danya's evil plot!



*deep breath*




This is a realistic RP which is trying to put emphasis on the slightly more ordinary.

Seriously, before you make posts in this thread, step back, take a look at yourself and your idea, and just think about it. This is quite frankly getting ludicrous, and I doubt either you guys, nor the staff are going to have fun with all the denials which I promise you will be dished out.

Good evening, everyone!
Weeeelcome to the site friend, nice to see a new member, as always. I'm sure you'll find the community friendly and welcoming.

http://editthis.info/sotf_wiki/Main_Page - Is the place to find all of our information. To keep track on a particular character, all you need do is find their profile, scroll right down to the bottom (close your eyes if you don't want to know who killed them or how they died! ;) ) and then start browsing through the section which says which threads they have been in. There's no real chronological archive, so in order to follow the story, I'd suggest that you read by character - going through one's entire story first, then going to another. It isn't ideal, but it's the best we have right now.

Catching up, well, you'd have to read through a deal of threads. For the absolute plot, I recommend the rules section and the announcements, but be warned, announcements well... announce dead people, so I'd avoid them for the sake of preventing you from spoilering yourself.

3. People feel like that when here, it's awesome :P

Anyhow, welcome, hope you stick around.