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henlo you stinky character concepts
henlo you smelly gay

So we talked about things in chat yesterday and I'm just gonna post about them here so that I definitely don't forget.


* Lyra + Bryan -- LYRAN. I feel like they could be very good friends, especially if they've possibly known each other for a long time (if not then it might be a bit more distant, since I can see Bryan being WALL O MUSCLE making him come across as possibly being a pop jock). He's a calming influence, is pretty much ride-or-die for his friends, and will stand up for other people basically 100% of the time. Straight up he just refuses to be a bystander. This I think might make him good for Lyra to be around when they get especially anxious or depressed. He also likes to help other people out in their hobbies and interests even if they're not really things he'd be that into on his own (or good at in like any way), which I think feeds in nicely to some of Lyra's more niche hobbies. So yeah, I think that they could be very close. He's best bro. If he happened to be someone they came out to, he'd be 300% supportive.

* Lyra + Malik -- They would probably find him pretty fun to be around. It is hard not to have fun being around Malik. Probably they wouldn't be super duper close because he gives off the impression of not taking things seriously and so isn't really what people look for in a confidant. But you know. CAPTAIN DISNEY.

* Lyra + Sam -- She toll and she also stron. She maybe Lyra's type??


* Stepney + Bryan -- Bryan probably disapproves of the cheating if he catches wind of it. On the other hand Bryan is just the kind of person that will listen while you talk about your interests, even if he's never seen or heard of them before, so he'd totally be like 'oh cool what you up to'. He also isn't bothered when people make fun of him so hey.

* Stepney + Sam -- 'Hello giant disembodied afro!'. I feel like they could go either way? Sam is super loud and over the top--it sort of depends on how he'd deal with that level of exuberance and slight no-selling of jokes.


* Katie + Bryan -- Hello angry girl have chill boy. Another person where I really think the calming stuff would help a lot and she'd probably be able to diffuse around him, unless for whatever reason she found his mild-mannered calm to set her off. ++ he's also very LGBT friendly and understanding and tries to be good ally man so might be someone who she feels she can vent to +++ he goes gym and works out so maybe they are fitness buddies also??

* Katie + Malik -- Maybe they could make music together! He is more traditional and tends to stick to guitar/singing/acapella but he'd love to have a fellow musician to work with on things and he wouldn't even get bothered if she wound up losing motivation or flaking out or whatever.

* Katie + Sam -- OH NO SHE'S GAY?



* Dean + Malik -- good hangout vibes.


* Garren + Bryan -- like for real garren probably hates him so much

* Garren + Malik -- He is impossible to get a rise out of. Garren loves trying to get a rise out of people. Match made in heaven?

* Garren + Sam -- She would not like his behaviour at all and would be upfront about calling him a dick for it.


* Boyd + Sam --


I Wordcounted V4
this is peak Toben focused weird amazingness and I love it.

I'll draw your character when I'm bored
*plays sad tiny violin*

Club/Team Masterpost
Bryan Merryweather is GSA also.

I'll draw your character when I'm bored
fuckin nice

Club/Team Masterpost
Samantha Harley is center for the girls' basketball team.

I'll draw your character when I'm bored

I'll draw your character when I'm bored

*tosses characters upon burning tyre fire altar*
It wouldn't let me edit that in. : (

*tosses characters upon burning tyre fire altar*

I'll draw your character when I'm bored
adorable boys

Taking Requests for Character Art
*thumbs ups intensifies*