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New League of Legends Thread
It's kind've astounding how badly flaming destroys performance.

I had the game the other day where we were quite clearly ahead, even after we had a bad teamfight (and not terrible at that, just a poor exchange). However, the second our top started to criticise and get toxic (including talking shit about the builds of our ADC and jungler), the entire team crumbled and we didn't win another engage for the rest of the game. He then, hilariously, said that he was going to report me for raging when I spent the whole time pretty much going 'guys just chill it's not the end of the world ._.'

(This may have biased me against kha'zix)

Also featured; an incredibly bad throw where we were acres ahead and then our incredible Rammus decided it was safe to start screwing around and just like that we were getting outscaled -_-. Didn't help that people kept on roaming randomly in the jungle and getting caught (We probably would've won if I'd taken my ult off of smart cast properly. I missed two kills because Rumble's ult is outright impossible to use with smartcast)

New League of Legends Thread
MK Kilmarnock
Oct 26 2013, 11:20 AM
Teeeechnically you can.

It's called 'unskilled player' and all it does is shunt somebody further down in matchmaking. You can't actually get punished for it.
Yeah, s'why I said 'imo it doesn't count' because it's not a legit tribunal thing. Report for feeding implies that they want to properly report as opposed to 'you suck' report. I got yelled at and 'I'll report you for unskilled' a while ago, and they seem to actually bring it up when they do that.

New League of Legends Thread
I find it confusing when people say 'report for feeding'

You can't report someone for doing badly (unskilled player imo doesn't really count). It's intentionally feeding.

New League of Legends Thread
It's really something that I see too much, and in a way completely baffles me. I know most players hate supporting, but if you play ranked, you should be able to at least fill every role. If your only support is blitzcrank, who is all but permabanned in low elos, then you're doing it wrong.

Personally I do think at least... 40% of the time, people saying they don't know how just really don't want to, as opposed to not knowing. I think it's dumb. I find supporting really rewarding in a lot of games, and a little vision can go a long way.

National Novel Writing Month 2013
I shouldn't but I'm tempted.

I disagree that they're a bastard role. Naive and paranoid cops kind've are, but that's cause they have implied use and are actually completely useless.

But I play in a place where the meta around cops is different.

New League of Legends Thread
Test 2.

New League of Legends Thread

V5 Reduced Activity Notices
I'm going back to university today and am looking like a full schedule for the next few days after I get back, just so everyone's aware.