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Heartbeat Symphony
Anybody who knew Brock particularly well would have recognised him at a moment like this. He was usually a quiet type, reserved, content to stay in the background even when hanging out with his friends in the football team. But then, those in the know would say to not take that for being all Brock was. He might have been happy to be part of the scenery 90% of the time, but Brock had a fuse. It was a long one, as it happen, probably above average, but the explosives it was attached to... my were they potent.

And all of that energy was concentrated into the force of Brock smashing into Sarah. A tackle from the footballer on the field of play was bad enough. A tackle with all the built up frustrations of the island behind it? That was something else indeed. The proverbial red mist was down, and the impact of the two bodies sent a shudder through Brock's body. It felt good to let it all out. Sarah swung at him once, twice. They seemed to Brock more like mosquito bites than actual blows, laughably weak. He grabbed hold of her then, yelled something about him not being so dumb anymore, almost unintelligible through his anger.

Then, naturally, Brock was immediately proven wrong on that count.


Brock let out a wordless yell, both hands snapping to his head. Fuck! What the fucking hell hit him!? Brock had made it to his knees, slightly dizzied, when he realised. The other girl. The sidekick. What was her name? She was from France or something. Alice, she wa-


He hadn't-


-Such a








Bump. Only a couple of days left.

Project: Wiki
Yes, but only if they're, like you said, not an active member.

Project: Wiki
This seems to need bumping as it was quite a while ago I stated this.

Guys, don't evaluate my characters, please. If it's already done, I'm not going to get anybody to take things down, but it's something that I like to do myself. I know I'm waaaaaay out of date on actually doing it for say, v3... but it's still my preference.


Lean on Me
As Kris grasped Etain in the tightest embrace of her life, tears flowing practically straight onto him, she wasn't sure if she'd have cared if Reiko had made good on her threat. Kris didn't know why the other girl hadn't done so, as it happened. Reiko had the right to shoot, far moreso than she'd ever done when ... well pick a time. There were four. They all qualified for the comparison. Maybe she wanted to savour it. Maybe she actually had a conscience about shooting people.

The skater didn't reply to the mocking taunt, it didn't matter. Etain was there, it was all that mattered. She hadn't wanted him before, couldn't deal with his... understanding. Because he would've done. He would've made excuses for her, he would've forgiven her for killing Reika. He would've told her that it would all be okay and that Kris wasn't a bad person, it had all been an accident. And it hadn't been. Kris had made the decision not to toss that gun all that time ago. How could she have shot somebody without meaning it? In a way... Amber, Albert... killing them made seeing Etain again... bearable. He wasn't delusional, he couldn't fabricate reasons for her in the face of so much evidence.

Kris wouldn't let him lie about her, no matter how badly he wanted to.

She shifted around to look at Reiko over her shoulder, eyes glistening, regarding the gun that was being pointed at her. It was almost repugnant to her. She didn't want it back. Kris thought of those tendrils, wending their way through her arm, dark, spined tentacles burrowing into her flesh... shuddered. Clung to Etain like an anchor to reality.

And in spite of the threat of Etain blowing them to kingdom come, Kris was perfectly calm on that count. There was inner turmoil about... everything. But going out with such a bang, vapourising all of them? ...She didn't mind. Kris turned her face back into Etain's chest, closed her eyes, and just waited.

It's...okay. Contentment? ...Resignation. Deserved

Heartbeat Symphony
Crap. Turned out that Brock's paranoia was on the mark. There were people about and what's more, one of them had a pretty damn big gun strapped across their back. Not in a state of readiness but still, damn big gun. Actually, now that Brock gave her more than a second glance, she seemed almost fami-

It was one of those 'disability' classes that Brock always hated so much. They were only weekly classes, but they served as a repeated reminder as to everything that his disorder had put him through - as if the issues Brock had making it through the school day weren't enough. He supposed that he took enough from them to get past his dyslexia to an extent, but the fact was that he just wasn't too bright.

Still, this was the very first one he'd been at since having been told he'd need to repeat a grade. The faces of the other kids (only a couple of them) were pretty new to him, so the tutor had asked for a little roll call just to make sure they were all introduced.

Rankling in the knowledge that these guys were his new peer group, he'd mumbled "Brock Mason," and they'd moved on around the little circle until they'd come to a girl with brown hair and a ponytail. A girl Brock would later learn didn't suffer quite as severely from dyslexia as he did (lucky). A girl who was called...

"Sarah Atwell."



She'd won a best kill award.

Oh fuck.

Brock was about to book it from the killer and her crony but at that moment, Sarah started to speak. The footballer stopped in midturn and looked back at her, an incredulous look coming onto his face as she came up with some story. Brock might've believed her, since that Danya guy was clearly an utter asshole, but for the best kill aspect of it. That rifle, whatever it was, had to have been the prize. Brock just didn't see giving out a gun like that for a lie. No, the guy was a twisted fucker. He'd give the award to somebody he thought would make use of it. What kind of moron did Sarah take Brock for anyway to think he'd buy a line like that?

Oh wait. The kind that couldn't even get over a stupid disorder that she'd coped with fine.

Actually, fuck her. Fuck Sarah Atwell and her assessment of his intelligence. Fuck her stupid little sidekick and fuck this 'island' bullshit. Brock knocked the bottle aside with his trainer and started stalking towards the pair of them, not even thinking about his gun (or hers, even), teeth gritted, breath huffing through his nostrils like some kind of bull.

"I get it Sarah. You think just cause I ain't that smart that I'll fall for any line you feed me. Well you ain't FURTHER from the truth! I'm no genius but I ain't no moron either you bitch!"

Brock picked up the pace, starting to flat out charge towards them, the shale crunching beneath his feet. It was like being on the football field again. That there was the quarterback. As his footfalls thundered closer and closer, the adrenaline rush was setting his blood to pumping and his heart to hammering. Thump thump thump thump.

Joining the symphony.

Heartbeat Symphony
((Brock Mason continued from Dirty))

Brock was compiling a mental list of things he was really fucking hating at that moment. Even setting aside the inane, like 'wet feet' and 'nachos' (normally an indulgence, turned out they didn't go so great with dry crackers), the list was getting pretty damn long. 'Brock Mason' probably rated highest, because goddamn was he pissing himself off. Alright so he was no Einstein, but surely it should've occurred to even him that taking off alone whilst in the middle of a freaking swamp had been a moronic idea? Well no, no it hadn't because it turned out that right about now, Brock didn't have three brain cells to run together. He'd found Deidre, an actual honest-to-goodness friend. He'd found Jimmy, somebody else on the team. And then what had big dumb Brock done? He'd gone and fucked up, that's what.

Moving off so suddenly had obviously taken the others off guard, by the time Brock looked around to make some remark to Deidre, he was alone. Naturally that left him feeling like a prime idiot, and being in the middle of a swamp - those could go on the list too - really hadn't helped his navigation. Long story short, when Brock emerged from the marshland a couple of hours later, it had been by himself and in an utterly foul mood. He'd pissed away the only good piece of luck he'd had on the island. On that kind of form, Hilary would show up and Brock would crush her ribs hugging her or something.

Then along had come the next reason 'Brock Mason' was heading the list. He'd lost his map. Yup, 100% tried, true and moronic. Brock had made the colossal fuck up of losing the only thing that had the slightest chance of telling him where he was. He had no freaking idea how he'd managed it, but he'd put his hand in his pocket and... bam, it was gone. And Brock was trying to find Hilary to protect her? The way things were going, he needed to be babysat, let alone look after someone else. So that was strike two, and Brock was stuck to using his compass to get a vague sense of where he was going. At least if he kept to one direction, he wouldn't get (more) lost. So Brock had headed south, hoping against hope for another piece of blind luck that would see him run into somebody trustworthy and inwardly assigning item after item to that list of his, always coming back to himself...

Brock's stomach gurgled and he winced. But seriously. Fuck nachos.

The ground shifted slightly under Brock's feet and startled, he stumbled. Snapped out of his thoughts, Brock stopped plodding along and looked at his surroundings for the first time in what felt like hours. Somewhere along the line, dirt and grass had given way to a scattering of shale and rough rocks. Had he really been paying so little attention? It had been gladdening when he finally broke free of the forests, wading across that river dampening his spirits to the point where Brock was just trying to keep moving. He swore softly, head snapping this way and that as he took in what was around him. It looked like he'd run across the entrance of an abandoned mine... but there was no telling who else could have found it first.

You really ain't a smart one, are you, Brock?

Read this, bromies.

'Away' Protocol Amendments
Hey folks, this is a message from your staff team about a few amendments we're going to make on how the 'Away' thread and absences are handled. For a little while, even to some extent in v3, it's become clear that the current protocol has some big holes in it at the moment. We won't name any specific incidents because that's not the point, but there have in the past been some loopholes that we'd rather see closed in the future.

Therefore, as of this post, these are the new pieces of *ahem* 'legislation' we're bringing in where the away thread and absences are concerned. Please pay close attention because we wouldn't want people to go inactive through ignorance of the new rules.

* If a handler has not posted 'away' for the entirity of one month, then they must post at least once per character in said month to be considered active.

* If a handler does not give an exact duration (or a ballpark estimate, e.g 'I'll be gone about two weeks), then their away notice will be considered to stand for five days only.

* One day inactivity notices do not count towards the inactivity timer, as they are not considered to be significant enough to prevent posting.

* Any given handler cannot post as 'away' for more then four weeks of any six week period. Away notices exceeding this cap will be ignored and the inactivity timer will continue.

* Posting on the general boards, or spending a lot of time in chat will be considered violation of an away notice and the timer will start again. If you have time to shoot the breeze in chat or mess around on the board, then you have time to dash off a post.

Thanks for reading guys.

Cluevara and the staff team.

How to Win Friends and Influence People
((Rosa Fiametta continued from Calculations))

Rosa finally decided that it was about time she slowed down and stopped running, having been moving at a gentle jog for the past couple of hours, just to make sure she was putting the appropriate distance between her and any potential pursuit. Rosa stopped moving, leaned back against a tree and heaved a couple of deep breaths, feeling exceptionally grateful for the fact she was in good shape. She was tired as it stood, she dreaded to think of what would have happened if she'd tried that kind of run, say, eight months ago.

As Rosa settled back, a few thoughts were going through her head, some of them mere concern for her siblings (they still hadn't been on the announcement, thank god), some of them just grumbles about various aches and pains. Some, however, were more distinct, sharper.

Point for the agenda number one: not keeping her bra on had been a REALLY fucking stupid idea. It was yet another of those long line of things that had seemed like a good idea at the time but had turned out to be pretty fucktarded, and probably would've shown themselves up as such if Rosa had actually been paying more than superficial attention to them. To put it bluntly, when Rosa had bailed on the killer Madelaine and the others in that mad dash, an unconstrained bust had NOT helped matters.

Point for the agenda number two: no more implicitely trusting anyone! What the fuck had that been!? Rosa had gotten changed like, five freaking feet away from a killer! Madelaine had been armed with a gun for crying out loud - she could've popped Rosa then and there if she'd been so inclined. ...That also made Rosa think that Madelaine maybe wasn't a cold blooded killer as she'd first assumed, but there had been no sense taking chances. After all, she could have been waiting for an opportunity.

Point for the agenda number three: where the fuck was she anyway? Rosa hadn't paid much attention to direction whilst running away - for pretty damn good reason so far as she was concerned. She must have come quite a way though, Rosa could've sworn that at the edge of her hearing, there was the sound of waves... Either way, she needed to figure that out sooner rather than later. No good trying to search if you didn't know where the hell you were, right?

Before starting to look for Ily and Frankie again though, Rosa really needed to find somewhere to change. Middle of the woods hadn't gone too well last time around. Too exposed - and she was stilll pretty goddamn sure that one or the other of Harun and Rashid had seen her getting dressed, because not meeting her eyes like that sure as hell meant something.

So the Fiametta set off, steadily getting her breathing back under control, wincing as she looked at how sweat soaked her tank top was. The damn thing was plastered to her... it was going to reek when that dried off. After a second, Rosa chuckled and shook her head. That really wasn't the kind of thing she should be worrying about. Hygiene could take a backseat to the more pressing issue of not getting her brains blown out.

A few more minutes of walking and... a clearing. An occupied clearing. Rosa swore under her breath, but didn't immediately back away. Whoever was there (a guy it looked like, but Rosa was behind them so she couldn't identify him) was both quite slender and without a visible weapon. Maybe she could try and get her search back on track. Asking people would sure help Rosa, maybe give her a location to base things off. This guy didn't look armed so... worth a shot.

Staying back in the treeline, visible but not in the clearing so that she could take off if necessary, Rosa called out.

"Hey! It's Rosa! Don't freak out, alright? I'm not hurting anyone."

Lean on Me
I'm sorry.

Didn't mean...


She startled...

I freaked out

I can't...

It wasn't my...

Why would you

My gun was...

Didn't try to

I-I'm sorry...

Scraps of thoughts came and went in her head. Sentences half formed, then simply blew away on the wind, died on her lips. Reiko's words were wrong, weren't true, Kris told herself, but somewhere, they hit the mark. Nobody normal shot somebody else, no matter the circumstances, nobody with a clean conscience had nightmares of skulls terminating in corpses, nobody who wasn't a killer, a player, pulled the trigger. Reika startled her, but Kris chose to fire.

Reiko had all the right in the world to rail against her.

So Kris took the abuse the other girl hurled at her with blank eyes, just staring straight at Reiko's face. They seemed like... justice, they seemed like all the things that Kris had been telling herself ever since that first moment in the swamp. She was worthless, a nothing, craven. A selfish coward who put their life and well-being above all else, even the lives and happiness of other people. And she... deserved this.


Part of her... strained at a leash, rattled the bars of an internal cage. Gnashed its teeth and snarled at the world. It wanted her to raise her hand, still clutching the gun, raise it right up, point it straight into Reiko's stupid angry face and pull the trigger. Watch, smile and enjoy as the hot lead punched through the centre of her nose and blew a bloody crater straight through the centre of...


Kris' hand twitched violently, unseen to the enraged Reiko, then lay still. The girl probably never realised how close she came to being tick box number four. Kris didn't move again, not even when Reiko seized hold of her in her rage, just let herself get shaken back anf forth like some kind of rag doll. As Reiko tailed off a little, Kris' eyes sharpened their focus, and locked on Reiko's. Her eyes, on a normal day, bright, exuberant and lively, were little more than pained.

"What... what do you want me to say? I can't make this right. Not now, not in a hundred years. I can't change what I did and I can't excuse it either. Reiko I... what can I say? It won't... it won't change it. I killed her, I took this fucking gun and I... I shot her. Is that what you want? A fucking confession? You want me to fucking write it out and sign it!? YES I FUCKING DID IT LOOK HOW FUCKING HAPPY I AM YOU FOTZE!"


She froze.


Kris hadn't wanted to see him. Hadn't wanted to confront him over what had happened in the swamp. Just... couldn't face up to it. But now? Three days later and with another two corpses to her name? She needed him so badly. Kris didn't know where they stood, didn't know where their rleationship was going and at the moment, didn't give a flying fuck.

She scrambled up, shoving Reiko aside without a single thought, and ran for Etain. Kris' grip on the gun loosened and for the first time since pulling it out of her pack some 60 hours previously... it left her hand. The pistol went tumbling to the ground, bouncing once before settling in the dirt. Kris hurled herself at her b...friend, leaped, really. Clasped him fervently around the chest and buried her face in the crook of his neck.

He sits. Winks at her. ""Fer future reference, Ah'm a firm fan ah the flyin' hug. Jus' ta let ya know."

Unashamedly and without reserve, Kris started sobbing against Etain.

Sorry for this being late! It slipped my mind, what with being ill and all.

* You must have a good reason for your nomination. We're not asking for dissertations, but 'Cuz he's mai favrite' is not going to stand.
* Try to nominate on merit as opposed to simply people you like or RP with. This is about acknowledging good writing, not a popularity contest.
* There is no reward for winning except praise.
* Winners will not be eligible for nomination in consecutive months.

THIS IS NOT POLITICAL. Please don't start making it that.

Killer Vole and Jonny's characters are ineligible this month.


It happened Brock agreed with Deidre about the first priority. There were plenty of viable places for a conversation and a swamp didn't strike him as one of them by a long shot. Finding somewhere nice and dry would be a good start to regrouping and setting up a plan. Besides, Brock could be happier about reunions when they weren't taking place knee deep in stagnant water. Or not on a godforsaken island where they were all likely to die, but that one didn't seem immediately attainable.

So when the other guy with Jimmy spoke up, Brock was only listening with half an ear. For one thing, it wasn't somebody that Brock really knew, although if Jimmy vouched for him, he couldn't be too bad... But mainly, Brock just wanted to get the hell out of there. Discussion could happen in better environs, right? From what Brock did catch, defiance by sitting out sounded... interesting, but they were still gonna wind up dying, so either way, it wasn't much of an idea. Better than killing each other like dogs? Well, maybe it was. Or maybe somebody would decide to put themself in front of the plan and start to kill again anyway. Seemed more likely.

Even with that pessimism though, things - god forbid - were actually beginning to look up. A couple of people that Brock could actually rely on to be on the level, a possible third if he trusted in Jimmy's judgement. That was the makings of a pretty solid group. Brock hoped Deidre and Jimmy didn't have anything else on their agends or had a problem with accompanying him... it would suck if his search for Hilary broke a promising group up. Especially, a cynical part of himself observed, since these two were much better allies than his girlfriend. Hilary would need shielding, Deidre and Jimmy could tough it out for themselves.

"Hold that thought. I ain't discussing a thing more 'till I'm on something like dry land again. We can talk about the plan then, alright?"

With that brusque remark hanging in the air, an energised Brock didn't wait for the answer. He just took off. Such a people person.

((Brock Mason concluded in Heartbeat Symphony))

Jessie Anderson
Jessie Anderson lives here

In place of the usual message, ima kick in here with a bit of a low blow. Obviously Brock just got rolled, meaning naturally he's imminently dead. I don't know how many people were aware of this, but Jessie was originally my character, who I decided NOT to write... but to let get put into the game on account of her storyline ties to another couple of characters.

Basically the thrust of things is this: I'm eligible to adopt once Brock dies... but right at the bottom of the priority list save people that are formerly inactive. Effectively that means more or less anybody has first dibs. I'm not going to make a big thing of this and if anybody wants to bid, then fair enough for them, it's cool.

But I'd kinda like the chance to write her myself, is all.


Check the stickied topic and submit bits if you're interested and eligible, bearing in mind Jessie has links to both Daniel Kensrue and Imraan Al-Hariq which should be taken into account.

October Mid-Monthly Rolls
Remember to link the death here when you're done, and additionally that you should only PM people for death rights/ideas if they specifically ask for it.

This said, hit me up.


S.O.T.F is the biggest promotion in the USA, although loss of key talent in recent times has left their position looking a little less secure.

(I love how for a good chunk of the lower card, I talk about 'time on their side')

Enhancement Talent:

Niniko Kishinawa
22 year old middleweight, regular wrestler.
Best Stat: Selling (84%). Heel

Niniko Kishinawa, in spite of being mediocrely skiled, has somehow found consistent employment with S.O.T.F for the past two years. This may be because every roster needs a couple of guys to get consistently destroyed and one thing that can be said for him is that he sells extremely well. All the same, given his age, a definite case can be made for having time on his side, though given Kishinawa's abilities, he probably needs all the help he can get.

Kishinawa, interestingly enough, is also utterly deaf, meaning he's prone to massive mistiming on his entrances.

Takara Asano
18 year old very small wrestler, cruiserweight
Best Stat: Aerial (63%). Heel

Takara Asano is a fairly raw rookie high flier, who graduated from S.O.T.F's dojo in 2007. A work in progress, Asano's small stature is making it a bit of a struggle for her to stand out from the pack, though she certainly has youth and time on her side.


Thom Chuck
20 year old lightweight, cruiserweight
Best Stat: Athleticism (75%). Face

Thom Chuck is part of a high-flying tandem signed to S.O.T.F, teaming with his best friend Waldo Woodrow. Thom isn't particularly skilled at this point in his career and mostly acts as cannon fodder for higher card heels to destroy, although he does show glimmers of brilliance. With experience, he may improve, since youth is certainly on his side; only time will tell.

Waldo Woodrow
20 year old lightweight, cruiserweight
Best Stat: Athleticism (78%). Face

Waldo Woodrow is part of a high-flying tandem signed to S.O.T.F, teaming with his best friend Thom Chuck. Waldo is perhaps a slightly better wrestler than Thom, but there's hardly a lot in it. Time and experience may improve him, but right now he's a work in progress.

Fun fact: He hates it when people announce that they've found him.

Jill Gatling
19 year old small wrestler, regular wrestler
Best Stat: Charisma (72%). Face

A promising rookie with a lot of raw charisma, Jill Gatling, whilst a work in progress, could go far if handled properly. Unfortunately, that may never happen, as she was snapped up by S.O.T.F, a promotion which very rarely looks to develop actual skill, in her rookie year - the result of a pressing need to fill the gaps left by the exodus following Aiden Ambrose's high-profile departure from the company.

Johnny Lamika
30 year old middleweight, psychopath
Best Stat: Hardcore (71%). Heel

Johnny Lamika is a decent brawler that masks his weaknesses with weapons and blood, meaning that his wild style fits into the S.O.T.F product perfectly. All the same, he lacks any real wrestling ability, and will be lucky to ever rise from his lower card niche, especially if he doesn't work on improving his fundamentals. Amazingly, he actually has a title reign to his name, a stint with the BKA championship which lasted precisely three days and was entirely the result of a botch, wherein Lamika legitimately knocked out Clemence De Rousseau (the reigning champ) and was forced to pin her to give the match some semblance of credibility.

Or so he claims.

Xian Chun
19 year old small wrestler, psychopath
Best Stat: Intensity (78%). Heel

A rookie that is already displaying a worrying inclination towards bloodbaths, Xian Chun has plenty of rough edges; with most of them unlikely to ever be smoothed off given she has seemingly no intention of changing her style. Any hopes of that happening have indeed been almost totally dashed with her signing to S.O.T.F, which actively encourages chaotic hardcore action.

Lower Midcarders:

Adib Harrabbi
19 year old lightweight, cruiserweight
Best Stat: Flashiness (76%). Face
Current v0 champion.

A young, masked high-flier, Adib Harabbi is clearly considered to be a hot prospect by S.O.T.F, whose dojo he trained at. He definitely needs work, but that hasn't stopped the promotion throwing a lot of weight behind him, including a great manager in Elsie Darroch to shore up his very poor mic skills. He earned his first title reign at the tail end of 2009, capturing the v0 title.

Chance Burton
25 year old light heavyweight, regular wrestler
Best stat: Charisma (76%). Face

Chance Burton is a good brawler, with a couple of technical strings to his bow too. His main problems currently are a distinct lack of conditioning and complete ineptitude on the microphone, in spite of his natural charisma. Should he work on those aspects of his game, it would not be unreasonable to suggest he would start to climb from the lower card mooring he currently occupies within S.O.T.F.

Garrett Langston
35 year old heavyweight, brawler
Best Stat: Good performance stats (80s, 98% consistency) Good physical stats (70s). Heel

An experienced brawler, Garrett Langston was a shock acquisition for S.O.T.F in 2008, though more because he was seen as below their range than because it was any particular coup. Dependable, but little more than that, Garrett seems to be entrenched in the midcard. Outside of wrestling, he's the lyricist for the acclaimed rock band, Red Flame Rising, something which he's arguably better known for than any accomplishment he's made in the ring.

Hannah Juett
29 year old small wrestler, regular wrestler
Best Stats: Basics/Psychology/Stamina (74%/68%/72%). Face

Reasonably skilled, Hannah Juett is a decent worker but lacking in charisma, which is why it was something of a surprise when S.O.T.F picked her up in 2003. Undoubtedly, the reason she has remained employed for so long is her friendship with Lucinda Garnett, who she encouraged to enter wrestling. Were management not afraid of upsetting one of their up-and-coming stars, Juett would definitely be long gone.

Ryan Torres
27 year old light heavyweight, regular wrestler
Best Stats: Most performance in 80s. Face.

Ryan Torres is the younger, less-skilled cousin of the famed Jeremy Torres. He isn't entirely untalented, but the constant comparisons to his relative don't do him any favours. Ryan enjoyed his best run working alongside his cousin in a tag team, but with a hefty push going behind Jeremy, the younger Torres' momentum has died off. A solid member of the S.O.T.F roster, he seems to have settled comfortably into a midcard niche.


Alan Shinwrath
27 year old light heavyweight, brawler
Best Stats: Brawling (72%), physical skills mostly 80s. Heel
Current BKA champion

A former boxer, Alan Shinwrath uses his past profession to give his brawling a very realistic look to it. Shinwrath has found a comfortable home with S.O.T.F, his style fitting in very well with a lot of the roster, but his poor attitude is beginning to get him a bit of a bad rap amongst his peers.

Clare Shepard
28 year old small wrestler, regular wrestler
Best Stats: Technicals in 70s, Performance in 90s. Heel
Tag team champion (reigning for a year)

Clare Shepard is a worker with a good technical base and fundamentals of steel. One of her main selling points is how easily she can play both face and heel roles. She debuted for S.O.T.F alongside Dorian Greywood in 2001, and since then, has become his regular tag team partner. Dorian wows the fans, Clare gives their matches substance. Thusfar, S.O.T.F management has been smart enough to realise that their strengths lie as a team, not apart.

Dorian Greywood
27 year old lightweight, cruiserweight
Best Stats: Aerial/Flashiness (82%/86%). Heel
Tag team champion (reigning for a year)

A good high-flier, Dorian Greywood is only improving as he gets older. Equally adept at playing the face or heel, he's a very versatile performer. He currently works for S.O.T.F as one half of a tag team with Clare Shepard, which, despite being cobbled together, has held as one the most long-lived in the entire company. Providing the flash and sparkle to Shepard's solid base, the duo are most effective as a team and so far, S.O.T.F has been smart enough to ensure that they turn as one.

Ian Hargrave
32 year old big heavyweight, regular wrestler
Best Stats: Toughness/Power/Menace (89/88/82%). Heel

Ian 'Meat' Hargrave is a slightly atypical monster heel, in that whilst he is large, it is purely in terms of weight and as such his physique is very stout. He isn't too bad in the ring, but there's certainly a lot of room for improvement, particularly because he is a poor mic worker. In spite of this, he was a high profile acquisition for S.O.T.F in 2005, mostly on the recommendation of his friend and fellow indy star, Jason Andrews.

Jason Andrews
36 year old heavyweight, regular wrestler
Best Stats: Performance ranges from 77-92, Athleticism, Toughness (95/100%). Heel

Jason 'Hawk' Andrews is tough as nails and has charisma to burn, his look and athleticism shoring up distinctly average skills. A twenty year veteran of the sport, Andrews has kept himself in great shape and even at 36, he's showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. He was signed by S.O.T.F in 2004 to provide them with more of a solid backbone to their midcard, as well as be a role model to their youngsters.

Lyndi Thibodeaux - This is why I told Rocky this had happened already >>
27 year old small wrestler, regular wrestler
Best Stats: Performance 70s. Face

Formerly quite the high flier, Lyndi Thibodeaux had to reinvent herself after a serious knee injury made a cruiserweight style impractical and indeed dangerous. As a result of this, Lyndi has developed a pretty good base of technical skills and brawling, and in recent times has been starting to make up for lost time after being somewhat lost in the shuffle of the large S.O.T.F roster.

She is the younger sister of Revolution Survival Wrestling's head road agent Jared Deux.

Michael Suarez
31 year old heavyweight, regular wrestler
Best Stats: Performance 80-93. Face

A reasonable talent, Michael Suarez plied his trade on the independent scene for several years before S.O.T.F made a surprise move for him and his regular tag team partner Scott Jameson back in 2009 - probably because of the gaping holes torn in their roster by the fallout of head booker Aiden Ambrose's departure. Solid but unspectacular, Suarez is at his best when tagging with Jameson, the pair acting as a well-oiled machine that for purists, is a true delight to watch.

Scott Jameson
30 year old heavyweight, regular wrestler
Best Stats: Performance: 81-89. Face

A good worker by anyone's standards, Scott Jameson worked the independents for several years before S.O.T.F made a surprise move for him and his tag team partner Michael Suarez in 2009. More than likely, this was to fill the gaps left in the roster left by the Aiden Ambrose debacle. Solid, but without real flair, Jameson is at his best when tagging with Suarez, the pair acting as a well-oiled machine that for purists, is a true delight to watch.

Peri Barclay
26 year old light heavyweight, regular wrestler
Best Stats: Acting/Tougness (72%/73%). Heel

A fairly good all-rounder, Peri Barclay debuted alongside his childhood friend Stevan Hyde for S.O.T.F in 2002, quickly rising to the top of the tag team rankings. He's the less charismatic of the pair, but also a better wrestler, especially technically. Barclay and Hyde were the subject of a sensation of sorts when they were discovered to be in a relationship, but the backlash has now all but died out. The rumours of singles runs for the pair are, if true, likely to cause Barclay some harm without his partner's mic skills to support him.

Shinya Motomura
27 year old middlweight, psychopath
Best stats: Brawling/Hardcore (76/79%). Heel

With an innate bloodthirstiness and affinity for weapons, it came as no surprise to many when S.O.T.F swooped to claim Shinya Motomura from the independent scene back in 2007. His crazed style means that his body has taken a beating over the years, and the length of his career may well suffer for it. Given the fact his wild hardcore style hides a great brawler behind all the blood, this would be something of a shame.

Toby Valerik
32 year old light heavyweight, regular wrestler
Best Stats: Performances 84-95, Technicals 70s. Face

Toby Valerik is a good all-rounder and a seemingly permament fixture of the S.O.T.F midcard, as he doesn't quite have the 'It' factor that the promotion usually desires of their big stars. Certainly, Valerik's skills don't get the spotlight they deserve due to his lack of charisma, so unfortunately his company loyalty seems to have tied him permamently to the midcard.

Uriel Hunter
28 year old heavyweight, brawler
Best Stats: Brawling/Power/Menace (72%/82%/84%). Heel

Uriel Hunter is a fairly good brawler with a lot of raw menace and intensity, and has been a part of S.O.T.F from day 1. He's held tag team gold alongside Jacob Starr on two occasions as part of a great brute heel team, but his career took a heavy blow after the high profile firing of his partner. Hunter foundered for a while solo before being folded into the stable of Ryan Ashmore - The Disciples of Freedom, a move which has rejuvenated his career somewhat.

Upper Midcarders:

- This section of the card has a lot of variance between games for some reason. Hyde in particular likes to go into the main event, but I've seen everyone except Aero rise up, Clemence and Amanda usually dropping, although Ed and Ryan do too sometimes. Jack stays in the upper midcard a lot more than he SHOULD as his popularity is very high, but it's because of his style not suiting the promotion, which is pretty much the point.

Aaron Redfield:
28 year old middleweight, regular wrestler
Best Stats: Microphone (78), Charisma (76). Face
Current Intercontiental Champion

Former baseball star Aaron Redfield came into wrestling fairly late, debuting at the age of 28 after training with the S.O.T.F dojo. He's still rather green in the ring, but that hasn't stopped him shooting up the card in a matter of months, the promotion wishing to exploit the popularity retained from his previous profession. Indeed, some might argue he's been pushed beyond his abilities, though to his credit, Redfield is working hard to improve.

Angelina Kaige
34 year old lightweight, regular wrestler
Best Stats: 70+ almost across the entire board. Heel

Angelina Kaige is one tough customer, capable of looking genuinely intimidating even when standing toe-to-toe with male wrestlers. Back in 2004, she was a big steal for S.O.T.F and even enjoyed a world championship run at one stage. However, her stock has fallen somewhat since then and though she remains a reliable upper-card talent, age is beginning to slow her down. A recent tag team with her protege Nevara Aero has given her a new lease on life.

Jack O'Connor
33 year old middleweight, technician
Best Stats: Technicals 88-94%, Acting (95%). Heel

Jack O'Connor (nicknamed, ironically, 'Hack') is a fantastically talented technical wrestler that is near-synonymous with S.O.T.F; although arguably his skills are wasted in such a heavily entertainment based promotion. Though skilled, O'Connor has struggled to make an impact on ability alone and has been fortunate to have been embroiled in a number of feuds with far more charismatic opponents that have helped him gain popularity (mostly through said opponents carrying the non-wrestling side of affairs).

Lucinda Garnett
30 year old small wrestler, entertainer
Best Stats: Charisma/Acting (98%/100%). Face

Ultra-charismatic Lucinda Garnett was an actress long before a wrestler, something which shows in her limited in-ring skills. Although she isn't terrible, her form-over-function skills make her a perfect fit for S.O.T.F, the promotion for which she began her wrestling career (at the urging of her friend, Hannah Juett). Steadily gaining momentum and popularity, Lucinda seems set to begin making huge waves sooner rather than later.

Marcus Roddy
31 year old big heavyweight, regular wrestler
Best Stats: Good physicals (70-85), Menace (77%). Face

Early in his career, the muscular, intimidating Marcus Roddy was commonly used as a very generic monster heel. However, he got his big break in 2005 when S.O.T.F decided they saw something more in him and signed him. After languishing in the lower reaches of the card for a while, Roddy was given a massive push when he was thrown into the hugely popular 'Intrepid Six' storyline, something the promoters hadn't yet realised would catch on quite as much as it did. Roddy gained a huge popularity boost from his involvement in the storyline and even now he remains at the fringes of the main event, although he lacks the skills to truly break out and become a star.

Nevara Aero
19 year old small wrestler, regular wrestler
Best Stats: Sex appeal/Star Quality (84%/76%). Heel

Trained by the esteemed Angelina Kaige, Nevara Aero is a young all-rounder that is showing some potential, especially with her incredibly stiff kicks. She's far from the finished article yet, but has time and the assistance of a great mentor on her side. Currently teaming with her teacher on a regular basis, working alongside Kaige so much should provide Aero with much-needed seasoning.

Stevan Hyde
26 year old light heavyweight, brawler
Best Stats: Entertainment stats (76%-84%), Brawling (78%). Heel

A natural heel, Stevan (sic) Hyde is a good brawler, best known for his part in a vicious tandem with Peri Barclay. Undoubtedly the less skilled and well-rounded of the pair, where Hyde delivers is on the microphone. It was a minor sensation in 2008 when he was discovered to be dating his partner, but by now the majority of the backlash has died down. In spite of being a multi-time tag team champion, Hyde has been enjoying a strong singles push as of late (including a Minase Memorial tournament win) something which calls into question the future of S.O.T.F's most enduring and bankable tag team.

Vince Samsa
37 year old big heavyweight, regular wrestler
Best Stats: Microphone/Charisma/Power (84%/84%/86%). Face

Vince Samsa is a massive competitor that, in an extreme breaking of the mold, is a fantastic face. As with many big men, he's pretty limited within the ring, but he makes up for this deficit with great mic skills. A stalwart of the independents for almost fourteen years, he was a stunning signing for S.O.T.F towards the end of 2009 and though he hasn't yet won a title, he looks like a lock to break into the world championship scene sooner rather than later.

Main Event

Amanda Jones
26 year old middleweight, regular wrestler
Best Stats: Athleticism/Star quality (83%). Face

Amanda Jones breaks the mold in many ways. A towering 6ft 3", she's simply huge for a female competitor, with abnormal power. The daughter of a prominent politician, her continued role within S.O.T.F is something of a scandal, causing her father to attract a fair amount of flak for her profession. In wrestling, she's part of the famed Intrepids, playing a prominent part in the blockbuster 'Intrepid Six' storyline of 2005-7, meaning she's rooted firmly at the top of the card.

Clemence De Rousseau
29 year old small wrestler, cruiserweight
Best Stats: Aerial/Athleticism/Charisma/Star Quality (80%/81%/81%/90%) Heel

Clemence Celliet De Rousseau is one of the biggest female stars in wrestling today, having made her name as part of S.O.T.F's highest echelons. A talented, charismatic high flier, Clemence has got to where she has today through politics and strategic alliances, in spite of the fact that her ability would quite easily have done the same thing. Becoming head booker of S.O.T.F in late 2009, the promotion is already beginning to see the effects of having such a politician in a position of power.

Cody Jenson
31 year old light heavyweight, psychopath
Best Stats: Good rumble (78%-86%), good physicals (80s), Intensity (91%). Heel

Cody Jenson is a bona fide lunatic. Formerly a hockey player, he left the sport at the same time as his arch rival, Sam Castro, pursuing him into wrestling (and S.O.T.F) with a worrying level of obsession. Getting over thanks to his athleticism and charisma, Jenson has developed into a fairly good brawler, as well as an utterly insane hardcore practitioner. Jenson is probably the promotion's biggest heel, and has been at the centre of some edgy, controversial angles during his time there. This includes an incident during the height of the Intrepid Six storyline, wherein he brutalised manager Madelaine Shirohara, alledgedly without clearing the attack first. Needless to say, her boyfriend Adam Dodd wasn't happy.

David Jackson
31 year old light heavyweight, regular wrestler
Best Stats: Perfomance (70-92%), Good Entertainment (70s), Good Physicals (80s). Face

Once upon a time a completely unremarkable wrestler, David Jackson seemed destined for a career of being midcard cannon fodder before he was swept up into one of S.O.T.F's all time hottest storylines: The Intrepid Six. Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Adam Dodd and Hawley Faust, Jackson's stock shot up tremendously and he became a star almost overnight. The departures of Faust and Dodd left Jackson the de facto leader of 'The Intrepids' and now, having developed greatly due to his time working with the big names, Jackson actually looks like a credible main eventer.

Fun fact: He once fought off a shark with his bare hands.

Edward Rommel
27 year old light heavyweight, entertainer
Best Stats: Microphone/Charisma/Acting/Star Quality (93%/100%/91%/95%). Face

Ultra-charismatic Edward Rommel is almost hilariously bad in the ring, lacking skill and polish in just about every area in spite of his ten years in the business. His main (some would say sole) selling point is his fantastic mic work, which very nearly compensates for how poor he is between the ropes. A certain school of thought believes that he missed his calling as a manager, but that hasn't stopped him finding a stable home with S.O.T.F since 2002.

Rommel is (in)famous for an incident in 2008, in the middle of his intercontinental title run, when a defence against Ryan Ashmore became so downright awful that the pair grabbed microphones and had an impromptu promo battle in the middle of the match to salvage it.

Jeremy Torres
31 year old light heavyweight, regular wrestler
Best Stats: 70s and 80s in pretty much EVERYTHING. Performance (86-100). Face
Current SOTF Last Man Standing champion

A consummate professional, Jeremy Torres has been training to wrestle since he was a kid, and it certainly shows. Breaking into the ranks of S.O.T.F early on, Jeremy slowly but surely rose to the top and with the departure of Adam Dodd in 2007, has managed to cement himself as the best face in the entire company. One of the most under-rated stars in the business for a long time, he's finally getting the spotlight his excellent all-round game deserves.

Ryan Ashmore
33 year old heavyweight, regular wrestler
Best Stats: Entertainment (84-91), good performance (75-93). Heel

Ryan 'The Liberator' Ashmore is a charismatic submission specialist, whose arsenal of holds can come out of seemingly nowhere. He makes a wonderfully creepy heel with his finely-polished cult leader gimmick, purporting to 'free' others from themselves. Sadly a lot of the nuances of the character are probably lost on the audience of S.O.T.F, so it hasn't taken Holmes as far as it could, given the right platform.

Probably the most memorable moment of Ashmore's career came during an awful Intercontinental title match against Edward Rommell. The competitors eventually gave up trying to make the action watchable and resorted to an improvised promo battle in the middle of the ring. It just about worked.

Sam Castro (Sidney Crosby)
31 year old middleweight, entertainer
Best Stats: Athleticism/Stamina (100%). Face

A former hockey player, Sam Castro decided to transition into wrestling for a shot at something new in life, joining S.O.T.F just as it was taking off. He quickly became one of S.O.T.F's biggest draws and consistently headlines shows, mostly due to his great charisma and pure athleticism rather than in-ring abilities. Castro is widely considered to be one of the nicest guys in wrestling, though one black mark on his record is his serious heat with Cody Jenson, something which reportedly stretches back to their hockey days.


39 year old referee
Refereeing: 82%

S.O.T.F's head official, Achyls has been part and parcel of the promotion since day one.

Andrew Lipson
29 year old announcer
Announcing: 91%

Wheelchair bound Andrew Lipson is an enduring part of S.O.T.F's commentary team, although he came close to leaving in 2007 along with his good friend Adam Dodd. Persuaded to stay at the announce table, S.O.T.F without the voice of Lipson now seems almost unthinkable.

Antonio Franchini
42 year old color commentator
Color Commentating: 67%

Antonio Franchini has a good shout at being just about the most foul mouthed colour commentator of all time. Formerly a wrestler with sub-par skills but fantastically controversial mic work, Franchini would be a great asset for any company... if he could cut out the swearing, that is. As it stands, Franchini is relegated to backup duty with S.O.T.F.

Cassie Weber
32 year old manager
Managing: 81%

Once a promising rookie, a serious concussion put paid to the in-ring career of Cassie Weber. However, refusing to allow this to force her out of the business entirely, Weber decided to go into managing instead, and has developed well at that craft over the years. Indeed, Weber recently signed a deal with powerhouse company S.O.T.F, becoming the sly mouthpiece for heel stable 'The Disciples of Freedom'

Dahlia Riveria
34 year old referee
Refereeing: 66%

Dahlia Riviera is a decent referee signed to S.O.T.F.

Elijah Rice
37 year old color commentator
Color Commentating: 76%

The voice of S.O.T.F, Elijah Rice is a pretty good colour commentator that has certainly made his mark on the announce table over the years. Given his tenure with the promotion, which is nearing a decade; S.O.T.F without Rice intermittently yelling 'Lord almighty!' or 'They're insane!' or even 'THEY'VE GOTTA BE DEAD!' is almost unthinkable.

Elsie Darroch
35 year old manager
Managing: 77%

Smoking hot Elsie Darroch has been working for S.O.T.F as a valet since 2005, and brings a lot more to her ringside role than just eye candy. Charismatic with the ability to work both face and heel, Elsie is certainly a valuable asset to any company.

Ken Mendel
26 year old road agent
Road Agenting: 61%

Ken Mendel is a young man learning the craft of a road agent. He needs more experience to be considered anything more than competent, however, as he currently lacks a true connection to the in-ring action. In spite of this, S.O.T.F signed him in 2009, perhaps with the intention of grooming his skills in the long term.

Madelaine Shirohara
28 year old Manager
Managing: 86%

A talented manager, Madelaine Shirohara found herself picked up by S.O.T.F in 2004, her good looks and mic skills getting her noticed early. She's probably best known for her part in the massively popular 'Intrepid Six' storyline, which took place across 2005 to the beginning of 2007, where she enjoyed an excellent dynamic with Adam Dodd. Madelaine still manages 'The Intrepids' even now, and it's rumoured that her relationship with Dodd wasn't just onscreen... and hasn't ended with his departure to Spontaneous Championship Wrestling.

Mason Lucien
41 year old manager
Managing: 79%

Mason 'Mace' Lucien is a decent fast-talking manager, best known for being the mouthpiece of the monster heel Ian Hargrave. When S.O.T.F signed his client in 2005, Mason joined them as part of the same deal. He plays the character of a self-serving gambler, always looking to play the odds.

Mr. Danya
54 year old... can do a bunch of things
Managing: 78%, Colour: 78%, Road Agent: 70%, Personality: 82%

'Mr.' Danya (first name unknown) is famed for being the founder of S.O.T.F and onscreen authority figure, sometimes colour commentator. A classic heel in charge, he's made a career of screwing the good guys over and putting them at disadvantages to champion his favoured lackies. Danya has quite the reputation for being difficult to get along with, and the number of massive falling-outs he'd had with talent over the years suggests that the rumours are more than likely true.

24 year old announcer
Announcing: 68%

Martyn Ferdinand - better known as Murdoc, is a former radio DJ that S.O.T.F hired to take a position up at their announce desk following the departure of Gillaume Archambault. He hasn't quite grown into his new role yet, but his former career means that he has a solid base to build from.

Naoji Hideyoshi
34 year old referee
Refereeing: 70%

Naoji Hideyoshi is a decent referee working with S.O.T.F, best known for allowing his head to be slammed in a door as part of Cody Jenson's rampage after losing the S.O.T.F LMS title.

Shannon McLocke
47 year old road agent
Road Agenting: 92%

A poor competitor in his time, Shannon McLocke soon realised that his ability lay not within the ring and retired from competing at the age of 28. He resurfaced soon thereafter and became a road agent, a role which he has grown into with time. Twenty years later, he has a strong shout at being one of the best in the business, certainly a valuable employee to S.O.T.F.

Sydney Morvran
49 year old road agent
Road Agenting: 91%

When S.O.T.F opened in 2001, the veteran Sydney Morvran was more than happy to take them up on their offer of work, bringing some sorely-needed name value to a roster of unknowns. However, Sydney wasn't getting any younger, and injuries took their toll, forcing him to retire early in 2003 (albeit with the last hurrah of never losing the BKA title, his reign lasting until he hung up his boots). All the same, S.O.T.F still had a place for him, and Sydney now works as a very good road agent, as well as head trainer for S.O.T.F's dojo, passing on his experience to the next generation.

Vince Neir
45 year old announcer
Announcing: 68%

Vince Neir is a veteran announcer that has been bouncing from federation to federation for years. Recently, he's finally found a stable home as part of S.O.T.F's commentary team, although given the number of announcers the promotion has, it's questionable whether his average-at-best skills will actually secure him a spot at the announce table.

October Mid-Monthly Rolls
#1. Brock Mason (Che Cluevara)
#2. Clio Gabriella (Inky) - Craig Hoyle (MK Kilmarnock, hero card used)
#3. Saul Fetteralf (Egads) - Luke Templeton (Egads, swap card used)
#4. Marybeth Witherspoon (Solomir)
#5. Gary Griffiths (Yossarian) - Simon Grey (Grim Wolf, hero card used)
#6. Daniel Blessing (Chibinashi)
#7. Katelyn Wescott (banthesun)
#8. Simon Fletcher (Tagabasa)

As per usual, card playing time is three days (The 28th at 8pm, GMT), whilst you have a further FIVE days to get the deaths done. (2nd of November).

Remember to link the death here when you're done, and additionally that you should only PM people for death rights/ideas if they specifically ask for it.

Happy slaughter!

Mitadake High/Pryce High
Dom and I ended up in a 1 on 1. this ensued.

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Lean on Me
Kris' vision was blurred, out of focus. Fatigue tore at her and though she wanted to get up, keep moving, away from... away from what? Away from something, she found that her limbs weren't responding. Completely leaden. She couldn't even muster up the energy to care that whatever it was she was moving away from was en route to catching up wif she didn't move.

Kris had a feeling that it, whatever it was, had made up the difference already. Or maybe... maybe it hadn't even needed to chase her. Maybe it had caught up a long time ago. Maybe it was looming over her right now with a smug little grin, exulting in all the things she'd done, bouncing bleeding skulls off the terrain.

Maybe it hadn't even had to pursue her in the first place.

Somebody spoke. The skater turned dull eyes around... and then up to the source of the noise. She wondered if it would be another spectre, something that would turn out to be an illusion of the truth. But no... standing there was a person person, they looked a little familiar, they...

All the fog was instantly dispelled, Kris' eyes snapped wide open, recognition dawning. Reiko, oh god, it was Reiko Ishida. Kris just stared at the other girl for a long couple of seconds. What was there to say to her? Kris had shot her sister dead, had two more names to her tally at this point. What did Reiko's own kills matter? They didn't alter Kris' crimes, they didn't take away the feelings that the other girl had to be experiencing. What if somebody had killed Alexander, her little brother? Exactly. Everything else would just... pale into insignificance. Whatever judgements, insults that Reiko could throw at her... would sit easily on her head.

...No apologies...

Great, people.

After what had gone down at the cottage, Rosa really wasn't too thrilled at the idea of getting tangled up with another group. It had proven pretty damn clearly that when little bunches like that assembled, things went to hell in a handbasket fast. One person that Rosa wasn't sure about was hard enough to deal with, keeping her eyes on three wasn't exactly her idea of fun. Call her overly edgy, but there were only a couple of people that Rosa would have felt comfortable turning her back on at this juncture. Two of them shared her surname. Ily and Frankie... god, how were they dealing with this?

Perhaps the positive to seeing new people was potential information about Rosa's triplets (which reminded her that the new arrivals had forestalled Madelaine's reply...). All the same, the chances of that seemed relatively slim. Whatever they could tell her would probably be out of date anyway. Directions from others would only give her a vague location at best.

This new pair of guys, Rosa actually recognised, which she supposed was one pro of being such a socialite. Neither of the boys were really anything more than passing acquaintances, but at least she could put names to the faces. Rashid Hassan, Harun Kemal (who, for some reason, wouldn't look at her. Interesting). Still that was about all Rosa could bring to mind. She didn't know much of importance about them, which meant things remained ...guarded. Naturally, there was a world of difference between knowing somebody and being able to nod your head and saw they wouldn't stab you in the back or hurt you. That was something that Rosa knew from back home in Minnesota. Knives included.

Rosa was about to ask a wary question, but the announcement picked that moment to start up. Rosa's heart began to hammer, and as the sadistic host began to rattle off the list of those that had died on the second day, the Fiametta's ears strained. She hoped, prayed that she wouldn't hear...

Not Ilario or Frankie... please not Ilario or Frankie.

Except then, something more immediately pressing came up. The snickering voice of Danya referenced Madelaine Smith. Hoshit. The girl she was standing right next to was called Madelaine. It didn't take a master mathematician to put two and two together. She'd killed somebody, she was standing three feet away from a fucking killer with a fucking gun Rosa reacted in the most logical fashion her brain could come up with after a split second's thought. She wasn't hanging around to hear the excuse or the delaying tactic whilst Madelaine went for the gun, inch by inch. Rosa swore, spun around and scooped up both duffle and daypack, heading off into the woods at a flat out sprint, abandoning the scene altogether. She felt the vaguest tinge of regret at bailing on Rashid and Hassan, but not as much, Rosa imagined, as she'd have felt if she got herself shot.

Sorry boys... but you're the distraction. ...Best of luck.

((Rosa continued in How to Win Friends and Influence People))