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Coulda Been a Contender
((Rosa continued from Looking for 'Company'))

The gym wasn't Rosa's favourite place around school, at least if you considered the excercising part of the whole deal. Rosa wasn't out of shape, not majorly anyway, but she definitely couldn't be considered fit. What the gym was good for though, was an excuse to flaunt a little, not that Rosa needed one... but at least she could do it there within dress code.

Sort of.

However, no sooner had Rosa started to enter than she made an abrupt about face and ducked straight back behind the door. Where others might have blushed, Rosa's face merely broke out into a grin. Seemed as though her... 'friend' Felicia and that jockish guy Quincy Jones were up to some business. Her kind of business...

The slight infatuation Rosa had had with Felicia since the start of the year came to the fore once again. It had never really been a serious kind of feeling, yet, well, it was more attraction than she usually felt. Besides, messing with her all those months ago had been so much fun. Prom was coming up soon, and given how familiar those two seemed with one another, well...

It didn't matter if you wrecked somebody else's night if you made your own, that's how she saw it.

Rosa smiled and took off before somebody spotted her lurking outside, looking forward to prom now more than ever.

((Rosa continued in Don't Tell And We Won't Ask))

The Gameplan
Oct 27 2009, 09:02 AM

...Yeah, I know that was random, I just don't feel people have been exactly understanding/patient about the whole deal.

I don't want to disagree with you Josh but I believe a good deal of the members have been patient and understanding. There's just been awhile since a status update, and I think Korazon did the right thing with explaining how things will be happening. Personally I was around when you were and I understand just how much of an improvement this is over the wait we had to go through. xD
I'm not saying most haven't, just that I've seen a fair few whining about it.

So far as staff work goes, it's pretty much all in hand - not that we don't appreciate you guys offering of course. We're just unlikely to need assistance in the near future, it's, after all, what we hired all these new helpers for ;)

Introduction Thread
Echo Hawk
Oct 28 2009, 01:30 AM
*stands up* My name is Chibi, and I am an addict. No really.

Okay fine fine, I'm not an addict, but I am an RPer, I've been doing forum RPs since 2004, and am quite talented at it. (read: talented, but not enough to avoid getting flamed by the hardcore "1337 roleplayers" for being "inferior" to them)
OMG you suck so much! You're the inferior-est RPer I have ever seen! (read: Just kidding ;))

Welcome to the both of you, I'm part of the friendly neighbourhood moderating team (dark blues are senior mods, reds/orange are admins, paler blues are normal mods), and if you have any questions or problems, my figurative door is always open.

Winston Parry
Winston is now a pregame only character. Sorry to anyone this inconveniences.


Come back soon Stefs!

Also, I'm back in order now.

The Gameplan
Eh, nice to have a schedule laid out, but really, at least people have something to do. It's not like it was 'Wait for v3 to finish, you can do no RPing'

...Yeah, I know that was random, I just don't feel people have been exactly understanding/patient about the whole deal.

D&D Night
Bounce cocked an eyebrow.

Is he mocking me?

Aaron was never that verbose, and Bounce wasn't sure if he was deliberately making fun of her, or just trying to pander to her by speaking on 'her level'. Bounce was fully aware that her English was very precise, but it wasn't something she did to try and make herself sound more intelligent. Fact was, even though she'd learned it fairly young, English wasn't her first language, and definitely not that of her parents. Both of them had taken painstaking steps to ensure Bounce spoke exactly correctly, and well, that'd kept with her for a long time.

Bounce decided to let it slide. So far as she was aware, Aaron wouldn't be that obvious about an insult, so he probably was just trying to match her kind of speech. Irritating, but not worth snapping at him about.

"Fine. I will bring it up with Alice the next time I see her. It shouldn't be too hard to get hold of Steven either. Next week, we can talk about it."

The Russian girl found it difficult to see what Aaron had said as anything other than a delaying tactic. However, well, if he thought she was just going to forget... not a chance. Not after what he'd done to the group.

"See you at school, I suppose," Bounce concluded, pushing away from the table and gathering up her paperwork. As she headed on out, she began to wonder whether she should do some more work on the SOTF wiki. She'd spotted some factual inconsistencies there and it had been really irritating her...

((Bounce --> De-Evolving))

High Gloss Highs
Brock did a double take right then and there. It was Hilary? Well, that put a whole new complexion on things, and one that Brock was sure he entirely liked. It wasn't that he didn't like Hilary, and that was exactly the problem. Their first meeting had been bizarre and awkward in spades. Since then, well, he'd thought about it often. She hadn't poked fun at him, if anything, she'd seemed wary of him doing that same to her.

Which... well, wasn't that unreasonable to think, was it? Brock was pretty much a henchman to a number of the more unpleasant sporting elements of Bayview, although there were plenty of nice guys on the teams too.

It was... just complicated. That was all.

Anyway, Hilary seemed a bit more comfortable this time around, less like she'd been caught doing something criminal (was ice skating really that bad?), but given all the booze that was going around, maybe she was a bit tipsy. Going from being desperate to avoid him telling she was at the rink to offering to go for a drink... definitely a little drunk. Maybe more than a little.

"Well, uh..."

Before Brock could say anything else, Ricky Fortino stumbled past the two of them, neatly treading on Brock's foot as he did so. He winced a little, but didn't say anything. Ricky and him hung round the same sorts of crowds, and hell, they were teammates. No sense making something of nothing, especially since it was obvious Ricky had already had quite a lot.

"Right. Thanks. I'll steer clear then."

Brock looked back to Hilary again, frowning.

"You sure you're good to drink? You look a little pale."

Board Mafia Fallout Thread
I think the mafia in general was unlucky with its night kills. I mean, town barely lost a power role (or at least an unsupported one) until fairly late on in the game. But there you are, I guess that's how things fall.

Randy Beecher
This character biography has had no alterations for more than two weeks and has been put in the abandoned characters forum. This profile is eligible for resubmission by the handler upon alterations requested from the staff.

Board Mafia Fallout Thread
I'm not planning on running another one in the immediate future. Not saying fullstop, just not saying full speed ahead either. If somebody else wants to, they can feel free.

Board Mafia Fallout Thread

Day 1

Early going, it's pretty standard joke fare, although some eyebrows may be raised by the willingness of some to allow several votes on a person. KamiKaze adding a fourth vote to Mimi for example. Then again, with thirteen to lynch, four isn't that much of a cause for concern.

Moth has some valid points on needing to lynch, although killing aimlessly isn't always the best way to go. Discussion beginning to emerge between him and TDS - which may herald the end of the joke votes and some more productive talk. Nice and subtle fishing from TDS to try and get Moth to say something he can lie detect, but it's going to be difficult to get such clearcut statements out of people.

Not sure exactly how much good the number crunching is going to do. To be honest, I've always put it in the 'Yeah a lynch might hit town, but if we don't lynch, there's no chance of getting mafia' terms, but ah well. There is a name from the situation that arises when both sides try and make sure the odds favour them... it's called 'Happily Ever After', because nobody gets killed.

Pigeon is playing erratically, which I'm almost certain is deliberate. He has to be careful, because exasperated town might wind up lynching him, but on the other hand, he might be seen as a seemingly 'useless' townie by the mafia/Vole, and slip under their radars.

If anybody has noticed post restrictions, they're keeping it to themselves, although I should think Yoss' was pretty obvious, especially as he hinted at it. Zabriel's might go unmarked though, given that some people might not be aware he's not a troper.

Some jokeness amongst the emerging discussion still, I think people need to start getting their game heads on. Still, there's little spectacular to report.

So, mass Zehk votes because... he suggested the town shouldn't lynch. I don't agree with no lynching, but it's better than killing somebody for the sake of it. You need a decent reason before killing somebody, otherwise you find you've accidentally wasted a power role because you went off on a hair trigger. Believe me, I've been on the receiving end of something like that. A lot of people on the bandwagon are mafia or Vole, but enough are town to make this cause for concern. Props to Arch for starting the wagon though I guess. Still, Zehk noticed the trope, and I don't think it has been noted. Since when has Arch been a trope-dropper?

Also, I just noticed that R-S-Lee forgot to unvote before voting Geno, which means that his role is revealed to anybody paying attention. ><

Meek as hell defence from Zehk, although Solomir scores points for not jumping onto the wagon, which makes him look less suspicious. All the same, poor play from Zehk, who really should have mustered some kind of retort to the eyes looking at him. Nobody had anything on Zehk, and in my opinion this was a really bad lynch. Just a good thing Zehk doesn't have a power role.

Overall... not a very good day for the town, but it could have been worse.

Night 1

Vole (Kaishi/Psychopath) kills Zabriel (Ragged/Miller)
Adam (Cyco/Vig) No-kills.
Blastinus (Kaldskal/Roleblocker) blocks Moth (Vole/Townie)
TDS (Arch.Lie Detector) lie detects 'And I'm still torn between killing someone day one (it increases our chances) or giving everyone at least one night to live.' from banthesun (Super Llama/Townie)
Greg (the GODDAMN Bubba Dover/Hitman) kills banthesun (Super Llama/Townie)
face (Kyle/Usurper/Framer) frames PA (Korazon/Psychiatrist)
D/N (Crash/Watcher) watches Solomir (Deckmaster/Godfather)
Geno (Clu/Doc) protects Mimi (Dan/Roleblocker)
PA (Korazon/Psychiatrist) cures Yossarian (Mimi/Mason). Fails.

Not too bad for the mafia and Vole. No Mimi roleblock might be helpful for ANYONE, but unfortunately she's away. Pissed at Anderson, as his no show of the cop will hurt the town. All the same, the kills haven't hit anybody too important, so it's not that bad for the town either. Good to see Adam being cautious with his kills.

Day 2

Lame as hell play from R-S-Lee sets the tone of suspicion, and worse yet, his post restriction means he's not going to be able to say a whole lot in his defence. Joke or random voting on day 2 is pretty much a no no, and it's drawn a lot of undue attention onto Lee. Moth's picked up on the double voting thing, although I'm not going to confirm or deny that. However, Vole has come to a poor conclusion, and it's been quite rightly picked up on as flawed. All the same, it doesn't really matter to Vole if it's town OR mafia getting lynched does it?

Still, that conclusion might see people thinking he's mafia trying too hard to get town lynched.

Looks like the heat's off R-S-Lee, but he's gotta be a prime target for a NK right now. Anderson is on the ropes due to his play being lurktastic and really not very helpful to the town. Given the deputy, I think him getting lynched might even help the town, seenas he completely screwed up his cop responsibilities. Vole's dictating a lot of the play late in the day, and face's vote is looking a lot less suspicious than that of TDS/Moth. Good maf play by face, as she's now unlikely to be the first person suspicions turn to if Anderson does get mislynched.

Hm, no lynch in the end. Perhaps that's good, because the two main candidates for the day were both pro-town power roles, though it depends if Anderson gets off his ass tonight. Vole was catching a bit of suspicion, so he's going to have to be careful, or he'll wind up getting lynched.

Night 2:

Mimi (Dan/Roleblocker) blocks Wheeler (face/mason)
Anderson (choic/cop) investigates R-S-Lee
TDS (Arch/Lie Detector) lie detects 'I'm innocent and the rulebook proves it' from R-S-Lee (Risergu/Double Voter). 'I'm innocent' is true. 'the rule book proves it' is not.
Vole (Kaishi/Psychopath) kills Wheeler (face/mason)
Pigeon (Korazon/Psychiatrist) cures Geno (Clu/Doc) fails.
Korazon (Cyco/vigilante) kills Moth (Vole/Townie)
D/N (Crash/Watcher) watches Yoss (Mimi/mason), sees Geno
Blastinus (Kalskal/Mafia Roleblocker) blocks ZeM (Zehk/Nurse)
Geno (Clu/Doc) protects Yoss (Mimi/mason)
face (Kyle/Usurper/Framer) frames Vole (Kaishi/Psychopath)
Greg (Joemamma/Hitman) kills Wheeler (face/mason)

Again, a reasonably good night for the town. The loss of a mason hurts, but that group is still a duo. It only becomes worthless if two of them are dead. A fortuitous double-pick of Dan means that even with Adam's miskill as the vig, the town again only loses two members. Two people now know R-S-Lee is town, so maybe they'll be able to stop him getting lynched if suspicion falls on him again. D/N now knows at least a couple of people Geno isn't, but hopefully he'll play his cards close to his chest, because if he doesn't, he risks exposing the Doc.

Day 3

A lot of discussion heating up today, which is good. Vole again leading the charge out there, which at this point has quite rightly garnered him a lot of attention/suspicion. Most everyone else is ducking to one side in this huge PA/Vole argument, but Pigeon seems to be knocking back Vole's arguments a lot better, and this might be the breakthrough the town need.


That thar roleclaim, is a piece of mafia brilliance. I'm not sure if everyone will take it for truth, but if so, Vole will probably have a free ride to endgame. The whole NK immunity if a bluff, but the mafia KNOW he isn't one of them, and as such, how can they tell he's not telling the truth? Furthermore, the town are likely going to be reluctant to lynch an 'outed townie' with a protected role. However, if anybody is to see through this, I'd think ZeM or Pigeon himself. Do the numbers. ZeM is a back up doctor, implying there's a first doctor out there. A doctor, a replacement for said Doctor, AND a NK immune townie? Same deal with Pigeon - if he psychiatriarises the right person (ironically Vole), then there'll be two Doctors. Too many protections out there for the SOTF_Help claim to entirely fly.

But DAMN that was good play.

BAH GAWD Anderson is floundering! All the attention is going his way and it seems every eye in the game is trained on him right now. His defence isn't convincing and Blast and face of the mafia pounce. Anderson's teetering on the brink and Adam brings down the hammer! There goes the cop! Single worst town loss of the game so far, but it isn't like he doesn't have a back up. Now it's down to Kaze to provide investigations.

Also, I need to see Arch and Carol. If they don't post by a couple of days into Day 4 they're both wasted.

Night 3

TDS (Arch/Lie Detector) lie detects 'As SOTF_Help, I am on the side of the mods and the non-mafia.' from Killer Vole (Kaishi/Psychopath) and is told that it is LIES! ALL LIES!

Kaze (Land/Deputy) investigates Dropbear (Moth/Townie)

Vole (Kaishi/Psychopath) kills Dropbear

PA (Korazon/Psychiatrist) visits ZeM (Zehk/Nurse) fails

Geno (Clu/Doc) protects Sunny (Sunny/Mason)

Mimi (Dan/Roleblocker) blocks face (Kyle/Usurper/Framer)

Blast (Kaldskal/Roleblocker) blocks Sunny (Sunny/Mason)

Greg (Joemamma Kenobi/Hitman) kills Yoss (Mimi/Mason)

Face tries to frame PA and is blocked.

D/N watches TDS, sees nothing.

Well the mason group is essentially useless now, being that only Sunny is left, but once again, the town power roles get off lightly. However, 12 town to 4 mafia and a Psychopath means the numbers are getting whittled down quite rapidly, and at this point, town REALLY need to lynch scum. Hopefully TDS can get something out of Killer Vole's lies being unveiled, but yet more grief for the cop as the investigation target is killed.

Day 4

Interesting day going on here. TDS comes straight out to reveal Vole, but he instantly takes a 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em' stance, which was smart, I have to admit. once he was revealed, there was no way he'd have a chance as the Psychopath. This way, at least, he could still pick up a win. He also has a goodly proportion of the mafia picked out in his suspicions - it just depends if the town believes this 'change of heart'

His plan to sound out the mafia is cheap as fuck, and overall wouldn't be a particularly nice way to play the game. However, it's flawed. Greg the hitman is still at large, meaning that unless I'm very much mistaken, TDS is a goner. 'Follow the cop' (or in this case, lie detector) is not gonna work in this set up.

Anyway, the mafia, well aware of this, all claim town, which might stand them in better stead later on, not sure. Still, there's not much discussion of note after that, because Carol and Arch get modkilled, meaning the town are down yet another member, but there's a mafia goon down too. Nothing too spectacular either way.

Night 4

Vole (Kaishi/Psychopath) kills Sunny (Sunny/Mason)
TDS (Arch/Lie Detector) lie detects 'I am pro-town' from D/N. This is true.
Blastinus (Kaldskal/Roleblocker) blocks Adam (Cyco/Vigilante)
Kaze (land/deputy) investigates Vole, gets innocent
Adam kills ZeM (Zehk/Nurse)
Geno (Clu/Doctor) protects TDS
face (Kyle/Usurper/Framer) frames Sunny
Greg (Joemamma/Hitman) kills TDS
Pigeon (Adam/Psychiatrist) cures Mimi (Dan/Roleblocker) and fails.
D/N (Crash/Watcher) watches TDS, sees Geno and Greg.
Mimi blocks Sunny

Dammit, I messed up. Did another 'multiple PMs' making me only see one of them and missed Blast's roleblock. Crap. Ironically, this mistake is actually better for the mafia than the actual roleblock would have been.

As expected, TDS gets wasted due to everyone overlooking the possibility of a hitman (but really, he was a dead man when he roleclaimed). Another bad hit from Adam means one of the reserve doctors is gone, but Sunny's death at this point is equivalent to losing a townie, so it's not all bad. Admittedly, tonight would have been better for the town if I hadn't screwed up, though.

HOWEVER! D/N's intelligent watch of TDS means that he sees both Geno and Greg, and since he'd already seen Geno before targeting somebody who hadn't died, this means he now knows who the hitman is! This needs to be used desperately.

Day 5:

face continues to push Solomir for a lynch, and I really have to wonder if he's thinking something's up with that yet. Of course, if that lynch takes place, and Solo's revealed as the godfather, face will wind up being looked at pretty damn firmly as town. Nobody would expect a godfather bus of all things. Plenty of talking going around, which is good, but it has to be remembered, mafia were claiming FULLY aware that TDS would be rubbed out, so the order of roleclaims means little.

And here D/N pulls out his trump card, and is safe enough in doing so as he knows Greg is the hitman - i.e. protection will be working on him tonight. I'm a little hesitant about how eager the town are to exploit Vole in their plans, as I'm not sure it's occurred to them that this 'curative role' might DIE. Heck, Vole might actually be a bonafide Serial Killer pretending he can be cured to try and pull out a victory. Of course, that's not the case, but the town are a little too ready to believe what they're told.

Anyway, there goes Greg in an avalanche of votes and the town finally get a reprieve. However, I'm worried for the town tonight, as there's not a single hit left that I would call 'expendable'. Every last living townie is a power role, and further losses are going to hurt. The ratio, after all, is 7/3/1 so far as town - anti-town goes. This is still very much in the balance.

Night 5:

Geno (Clu/Doc) protects face (Kyle/Usurper/Framer)
face frames Adam (Cyco/Vigilante)
D/N (Crash/Watcher) watches Geno.
Solo (Deckmaster/Godfather) kills Mimi (Dan/Roleblocker)
P/A (Adam/Psychiatrist) cures R-S-Lee/Dom (risergu/double voter) fails.
Blast (Kaldskal/Roleblocker) blocks D/N
Vole (Kaishi/Psychopath) kills Solomir
Kaze (land/deputy) investigates D/N, gets innocent.
Mimi (Dan/Roleblocker) blocks Kaze.

With Vole onboard with the town, this is another positive night. Although the town are down their roleblocker, in truthfulness, Mim hasn't really been all that helpful. Not through any fault of her own in fairness, but there were worse power roles to lose. Anyway, this means that Vole can grass Solo in as Godfather, meaning that I'll be very surprised if Solo doesn't wind up dead tomorrow. We'll see.

Day 6:

Yep, quick day phase, Solo's dead. However, Adam is barking up the wrong tree ENTIRELY with his role guesses. I hope people don't follow him. Heck, I hope he doesn't jump the gun and waste Kaze tonight, otherwise, town are gonna be in deep shit. Town currently have 7 votes, mafia 2, and Vole 1, but a miskill, a good night kill and an SK kill could get that to 4/2/1 or even 3/2/1 if ZeM is killed. Still, depends if Pigeon fulfills Vole's request and cures him.

Night 6:

Vole (Kaishi/Psychopath) kills Kaze (landlocked/deputy)
Pigeon (Korazon/Psychiatrist) cures Vole and succeeds.
Geno (Clu/Doc) protects Vole
Adam (Cyco/Vigilante) kills Kaze
Blast (Kaldskal/Roleblocker) blocks D/N (Crash/Watcher)
face (Kyle/Framer/Usurper) frames Adam and kills Pigeon
D/N watches ZeM (risergu/Double voter) sees nothing.
Kaze investigates Adam and gets innocent.

Order of actions is critical here. Vole's NK being in first means that he's the one to take out Kaze, not Adam, meaning his kill is good for Night 7 if he makes it there. Pigeon cures Vole before he himself is taken out, making votes at the end of the night 6/2 in the town's favour.

Rosie's primary role is now useless due to the fact that both cops are dead, and town now only have the one doctor left. D/N isn't getting anything useful even if he WASN'T blocked.

Essentially, things are close. Very close. I think from here on, things may well depend on how Adam makes up his mind with the vigging.

Day 7:

Attention today falls squarely on Blastinus after some pretty good reasoning from D/N, although at this point, there are so few people left it had to wind up somewhere around there. A couple are confirmed right now, with a couple more being treated as such. Still, Blast pretty much committed suicide with that claim.

Can see what Vole is trying to do. Draw off town targeting by emphasising that he's not important, yet try to attract mafia by emphasising he's confirmed. Good play. Honestly, the game hinges on how the night falls, and even then, face is going to have a hard time pulling off a mafia win at this point.

Night 7:

face frames Dom (RS Lee/Double Voter) and kills Geno (Clu/Doc)
Adam (Cyco/Vig) kills face (Kyle/Usurper/Framer)
Geno protects face
D/N (Crash/Watcher) watches Adam, sees nothing.

And that's a wrap. Ironically, face kills the person who protected her, meaning it doesn't go through and Adam can kill her unhibited.

Board Mafia Fallout Thread
Role PMs - the text is what they received, the heading is the basic rundown.


R-S-Lee ((Dom)) - Risergu (PR Double Voter)

You're the one and the only Risergu, a veteran of SOTF who goes all the way back to the beginning of version one. This means you hold a certain amount of respect about the place, especially as an honourary staff member. This reputation affords you a valuable extra vote to your name.

That's right, you're the town Double-Voter. Either vote can be made publically or privately - you may PM me both, or post both, or post one and PM one, etc.

However, these days, you're active only sparingly, and that means that you have a post restriction: You may post a maximum of five times in any one day phase. Unused posts do not stack. For the sake of fairness, your 'Role received' post won't count, nor will PMed votes. Use your limited number of posts sparingly.

Kaze - land (Deputy)

Question: What has mighty fine arts, lulzy Sims, and one awesome piece of headwear?

landlocked of course!

You're well liked about SOTF, and although you're not a staff member, you do help now and then. mostly with the shiny new board in the works. As such, you're available on stand-by to take on some of the slack, if necessary.

This makes you the town Deputy. Although you don't start with any powers, should the town Cop bite the dust, you'll be able to retrieve the results of their investigations, and begin making some of your own - PMing me the name of one player every night to check out.

Pigeon - Kurazon (Psychiatrist)

You go almost all the way back with SOTF, and have the distinction of being one of only two people to have their character/themself win the game itself. Naturally, that means you're d0ddi- er... Kurazon.

Not all is well in the lands of SOTF - that you feel from a kind of sixth sense. A feeling that spreads right to the very centre of your Maple Leafs jersey. There's a familiar presence out there... and not a friendly one. Somehow, you know that only you will be able to deal with this problem.

You're the town Psychiatrist, and it's your job to discover and cure the Psychopath. To do this, you send me the name of one player to check up on. If they aren't the person you're looking for, there will be no effect, if they are, they will be 'cured' and become town. After this (or if the Psychopath dies), you will revert to an ordinary Doctor, and be able to PM the name of one player each night to protect.

Dan - face (Mason)

Cats, cats, cats! You're faceinabook, and when you're not looking after kittens, or writing some real good stuff, you're busy in the Chatzy. This makes you one of the Masons. The others, who you may communicate with at any time during night phases are Sunny (Sunny), and Mimi (Yoss)

Just to clarify: You can communicate with Sunny and Yoss.

I've created a chatzy for your use, if you wish, it can be found at http://www.chatzy.com/540117196013 - the password is 'mason'

Yoss - Mimi (PR Mason)

Oh hai thar. Ur role is liek awezum, cuz ur the ttly sxc Mimi.

When you're not propositioning everyone you see, you're chatting with your friends, and this means you're one of the Masons. The other members of your group are face (Wheeler) and Sunny (Sunny). You may talk with them during the night phase.

Just to clarify: You can communicate with Wheeler and Sunny.

I've created a chatzy for your use, if you wish, it can be found at http://www.chatzy.com/540117196013 - the password is 'mason'

HOWEVER. Your l33t mason skills have not come without price, as you have a post restriction! You must use either ':C or C:' at least twice during any one of your posts, and you must comment on how sexy a particular person is - be they part of the game or not.

Zehk - Yoss (PR Townie)

There's awesome people, and then there's awesome Polish people. Guess what category you fall into, Yossarian.

Despite the fact that you're a nice guy and help us in dispelling rumours that everybody in SOTF is in fact either American or Canadian, you don't have any powers, making you an ordinary Townie. All you have is your vote - use it wisely.

But wait! Horror of horrors, you have a POST RESTRICTION. During every post you make, you must throw in at least one strangely placed comma in each sentence you write. Nobody ever said English as a secondary language was a picnic.

banthesun - Llama (Townie)

Lesbians! Robots! Arts!


Except, not really. It would be cool if you could like, drop llamas on people, or distract them with rather suggestive drawings, but alas, on this occasion, you are but an ordinary Townie. All you have is your vote, make sure it is used wisely.

Moth - KillerVole (Townie)

You comprise part of SOTF's 'dangerous animal brigade', and of course, you're a reaal killer.

That's right, you're Killer Vole!

By the way... that bit above you? The killer bit? Yeah, that's a lie, you're but a normal Townie. Claim to murderous ability notwithstanding, the only killing you'll be doing is if your vote happens to be the last one needed to cause a lynch. Remember to use it wisely.

Adam - Cyco (Vigilante)

Once upon a time, there emerged a terrible and violent force, that threatened to lay all of SOTF to waste. It ravaged the landscape, dominated the General and Roleplaying Discussion boards, and was generally making the place look untidy.

All of a sudden, however, a lone figure stepped forward, dropkicked the shit out of the force, drank a beer, then rode off into the sunset, proclaiming that should anybody do the same thing again, he would reach through the internet and rip their throat out.

This man called himself... Cyco.

As SOTF's patron saint of badass, you're not content to just sit around and wait for the mafia to be flushed out. No, you're going to take it into your own hands. Vigilante justice. Each night, you can PM me the name of one player you wish to target for a kill. However, if you should kill a member of the town, you will be unable to kill the following night, as you will be busy drinking to drown out the bad memory.

Sunny - Sunny (Mason)

You are Sunny.

Yes, I know that sounds like I'm stating the blindingly obvious, but far from this being a worryingly silly declaration, it is in fact, true.

In this case, you are also part of a group of Masons, which includes, as well as yourself, face (Wheeler) and Mimi (Yoss), who you may talk with during the night.

Just to clarify: You can talk with Wheeler and Yoss.

I've created a chatzy for your use, if you wish, it can be found at http://www.chatzy.com/540117196013 - the password is 'mason'

TDS - Arch (Lie Detector)

There are archers, and then there are detectives, and then there are some people who somehow managed top bring both of these things together into one big package of unbridled awesome. But of course, you are Detective Archer.

You've always got your eye out, and this means you can sometimes latch onto things that others might not have done. You're, to put it simply, something of a Lie Detector.

Every night, you may submit to me one sentence via PM, I will inform you as to whether it is true or false. It is then up to you to decide what to do with your new knowledge.

D/N - Crash (Watcher)

Out in the lands of SOTF, there is one man who is always working tirelessly. What he does might not always be seen, and it might not always be appreciated, but it is work nonetheless. This man calls himself Crash.

Although people don't always see your good work, you're always, unfailingly, looking out to see that of other people's. You're quite, as they may say, the Watcher. Every night, you may PM me the name of one player, and I will inform you who, if anyone, targeted them that night.

Mimi - Wheeler (Roleblocker)

There are some that say you are a bear, others, that you merely wrestle them, before smacking some unsuspecting victim in the face with a hockey stick and proceeding to fuck their mother.

Some call you Wheeler, others, Dan. still others 'That man shagged my girlfriend!'. Nevertheless, you don't take any shit from anyone, and you have your trusty stick (two of them, in fact) to back up your side of an argument. This ability to beat others senseless makes you the town Roleblocker. Every night, you may PM me the name of one player, and they will be, as they say, KTFO'd and unable to act.

Corrupt Dropbear - Moth (Townie)

SOTF has quite the menagerie, from Voles to Koalas to... dare I say... Dropbears. Only one such animal can take to the skies however, and though you have an unhealthy attraction to light sources, you're still a Killer Moth.

Unfortunately, your lethality isn't quite enough to have a bearing on this game, and you'll just have to be content with the use of your vote as your only weapon. Though you are Townie, never dismiss the value of this single vote.

Anderson - choic (PR Cop)

One person in particular in SOTF has ... a condition. This... condition causes him to explode in RAAAAAAGE whenever the dread tro- but wait, I should say that. Don't want you to get all riled up now, do I choic?

All the same, anger notwithstanding, you are a valuable member of SOTF, and can be relied ono to read whteher or not somebody is sincere. Each night. you may PM me the name of one player, and I will inform you as to whether or not they are innocent or guilty. Keep you head down Cop.

HOWEVER. As choic, there is one thing you must closely observe - that's right, you have a post restriction. In any post you make, you may not use the word 'and' instead replacing it with the symbol '&'. I'll be checking.

ZeM - Zehk (Nurse)

Of Brits in SOTF, there are few, but you have the good fortune to be both one of them, and one of the sexy ones too. Isn't that right, Zeeehk? (What, you didn't think I was talking about that ZeM loser did you? That guy's fugly ;))

At the start, you have no powers, however, you do hold something of a backup role. You're the Nurse, and if anything should happen to the Doctor, you'll take over their protective power. That means once per night, you can PM the name of one person to protect - if and when the doctor is killed.

Geno - Clu (PR Doc)

Every board needs a token British contingent, and of that contingent, at least one has to be tokenly barmy. In the lands of SOTF, this person is known, quite aptly, as Clueless.

Nevertheless, amidst your crazed haze, you do try to watch out for the other denizens of SOTF, and attempt to offer them your 'protection'. As the Doctor, each night, you may PM me the name of one player to protect.

HOWEVER. Your latent Britishness, even in such a dire situation as this, simply CANNOT be suppressed, and that means a post restriction! In every post, you must, at least once, say a stock British phrase - for example 'Toodle-Pip- 'spiffing' or 'Old chap'. Have fun hunting down those scummy blighters.

Zab - Ragged Druid (PR Miller)

Some people have made mistakes in the past, and while some of that group just give up, others try and pick themselves up and do better next time. You fall into the latter category, Ragged Druid.

All the same, determination asides, you don't have a whole lot going for you, and are but an ordinary Townie. Your sole weapon is your vote, make sure it is used wisely.

But wait, as an avid troper, you can't resist to quote your favourite sight - meaning you have a post restriction. In every post you make, you must refer to at least one trope. Find them http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HomePage

Carol - Greg (Townie)

Bearded Norwegians are great right? Well, for everything in the world, there has to be sort of an... opposite. An... anti-viking of sorts, right Greg.

Although you lay an impressive claim to being the antithesis of any viking, you have few other powers. As a townie, you have but a single weapon, and that is your vote. Ensure it is used wisely.

??? - Solo (Townie) ((Not used))

You are Solomir, and something of a dab hand at mafia... but on this occasion, you're not playing it, you're part of it.

Unfortunately mafia aptitude doesn't translate to this situation too well, so all you've got to rely on are your wits, your eyes, and of course, your vote.

Go get 'em Townie.

Solo - Deckmaster (Godfather)

The puny minds of those at SOTF simply CANNOT COMPREHEND the level of your writing ability! You have fleshed out your characters in a multitude of circumstances, and you know that one day your book will sell a hundred-thousand - nay, a MILLION copies! All the same, you know that now is the time to bring upon SOTF the wrath of DECKMASTER.

As the Godfather, it is your job to direct your troops - or is that tropes? Anyway, you can call upon the expertise of Joemamma Kenobi (Greg/Hitman), Kaldskal (Blastinus/Roleblocker), Kyle (face/Framer) and mimefan (Arch/Goon) - you may talk with them only during the night phase. Furthermore, your absolute disdain for others is such that you are immune to being killed at night, as you know that you can never be harmed by the puny attacks of others.

I've created a chatzy for you to use if you want. It's located at http://www.chatzy.com/409489128109 - the password is 'Bubba'

Greg - Joemamma Kenobi (Hitman)

There's only one mind that could have ever conceived the GODDAMN Bubba Dover, who, should he have been allowed in, would have brought down his GODDAMN wrath all over the island of the GODDAMN version 4. Alas, Bubba Dover shall never realise his potential as a character in SOTF, but maybe his handler, the GODDAMN Joemamma Kenobi can take some measure of revenge?

Anyway, in order to show those GODDAMN SOTFers what's what, you've taken a couple of choice items from the GODDAMN Bubba Dover - specifically his platinum plated pair of desert eagles. Of course, this makes you the GODDAMN Hitman - every night you can PM me the name of one person to target, and no amount of GODDAMN protection will save their ass. Despite the fact that you're so GODDAMN awesome that you need no backup, you do have something of a posse - Deckmaster (Solo/Godfather), Kaldskal (Blastinus/Roleblocker), Kyle (face/Framer) and mimefan (Arch/Goon). You may talk with them only at night.

I've created a chatzy for you to use if you want. It's located at http://www.chatzy.com/409489128109 - the password is 'Bubba'

Blast - Kaldskal (Roleblocker)


If only Pontius... if only.

Still, though Pontius Sextius may have suffered the ignominy of rejection, you, Kaldskall, are determined not to take this lying down.

With your spamaliscious skills, you can get somebody all bogged down in trying to sort out the multitude of profiles you post, making you the mafia Roleblocker. Each night, you may PM me the name of one player, and they will be so inundated with spam they will be unable to act. Your fellow misfits are as follows: Deckmaster (Solo/Godfather), Joemamma Kenobi (Greg/Hitman), Kyle (face/Framer) and mimefan (Arch/Goon). You may talk with them only at night.

I've created a chatzy for you to use if you want. It's located at http://www.chatzy.com/409489128109 - the password is 'Bubba'

face - Kyle (Usurper/Framer)

All the newbies suck. This game should never have gone past version two. Version four is never going to happen. Version three and everyone involved in it are shit. The staff screwed you over. And for you, Kyle, that's looking on the bright side of things.

Although you're part of the banned/rejected crew, you feel you're above the mindless spammers and the pretentious prima donnas. Your objectives might be the same, but that doesn't mean you have to like them now, does it? All the same, you were part of SOTF for a long time, and you can use your knowledge of the place as a Framer. That means each night, you may PM the name of one player. should that player be investigated, they will turn up guilty. The guys who you have teamed up with (albeit reluctantly) are Deckmaster (Solo/Godfather), Joemamma Kenobi (Greg/Hitman), Kaldskal (Blastinus/Roleblocker), and mimefan (Arch/Goon). You may talk with them only at night.

I've created a chatzy for you to use if you want. It's located at http://www.chatzy.com/409489128109 - the password is 'Bubba'

HOWEVER! You have an ulterior motive here. After all, you don't want some moron like Deckmaster running the show, do you? You're also the Usurper, meaning that you must strive to get your Godfather lynched. Should the game end, even in the mafia's favour, without this happening, then you lose.

Arch - mimefan (PR Goon)

Nobody thinks like you, because nobody can think like you, and you were and will always be denied for just being you. But for crying out loud, what did mimefan ever do to hurt anyone?

...Best not to answer that. Nevertheless, you believe that the time has come to take your revenge, and you're going to fight tooth and nail, despite the fact that you are merely a Goon, with only the power of your vote to sway things the way of your side. Speaking of which, these are Deckmaster (Solo/Godfather), Joemamma Kenobi (Greg/Hitman), Kaldskal (Blastinus/Roleblocker), and Kyle (face/Framer). You may talk with them only at night.

I've created a chatzy for you to use if you want. It's located at http://www.chatzy.com/409489128109 - the password is 'Bubba'

Unfortunately for you, you just can't resist to drop in trope references here, there, and everywhere. In each post you make, you must refer to at least one trope, using http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HomePage to help you.

Vole - Kaishi (Psychopath)

When SOTF moved on to the new, successful pastures of v2, there was one person that got left behind, and this was something that did not best please them. Well, [color=purple[/color]Kaishi[/i][/color], it's time to get your revenge.

Neither town nor mafia, you're the Psychopath, and you want to take out everyone. Each night, you can PM me the name of one player to target for a kill. In addition, you yourself are immune to investigations, and cannot be killed on the first night, although thereafter you are as vulnerable as any other player.

Vole's role after being cured was of a Paranoid Gun Owner - he'd kill anybody targetting him at night.

Board Mafia - Game Thread
PS, I'm making a Fallout thread, post there, not here.

Board Mafia - Game Thread

Rap. Rap. Rap

Geno looked over to the door and cautiously stood up, heading over to it. Nightly visitors were rarely a good thing, or at least, they hadn't been so far.

Just as he reached the door, Geno was knocked back by the door itself being violently kicked open from the outside.

"I say old bean!" he protested. "Was that really called for?"

"Oh shut up," Kyle growled, charging towards Geno and neatly carving a hole in his chest with a knife strike. Geno collapsed.

"Toodle...pip... chap..."

As Kyle turned to leave, however, the computer that Geno had been at hummed into life, and startled, Kyle could only stand and gape as a shaven head poked its way through the screen, quickly followed by 200 pounds of badass.

"That's ENOUGH of this bull!" Cyco roared, launching himself up onto the computer desk, then, as Kyle ran towards him, diving off with the MOTHER of all dropkicks. The impact shattered Kyle's ribcage, and his head ploughed straight through the floorboards with a disconcerting crunching sound.

Cyco dusted off his hands, stuck them in his pockets, and grinned.

"Now let's get a drink!"


Geno, Clu, Doctor
Face, Kyle, Usurper/Framer

Winning and surviving:
R-S-Lee ((Dom))

face (as per her Usurper task)
ZeM (First role)
Killer Moth

That's all folks, hope you enjoyed.

Board Mafia - Game Thread
One more day folks. Night actions are very important at this stage, so please send them in ASAP.

Oct 16 2009, 10:25 AM
Sorry to the people I'm holding up. I'm not 'away' per se, but I'm still trying to puzzle out WTf I'm doing with my characters and hence am a little off it so far as posting goes.
This still stands. I'm just refreshing this on account of the fact I'm closeish to making up my mind, if you were waiting on me.

Noah Dudley
I hate to interject here; makes it seem like you're getting dogpiled, but I'd thought I'd let you know that I dislike the inference that the entire football team is homophobic. Remember a number of members of the team are actually RPed, and these characters might not necessarily have those kinds of views on homosexuality. i.e. It's controlling other people's characters. That really needs some adjustment.

Board Mafia - Game Thread
The town were quick to make up their minds, and Blast was sent towards the noose. Suddenly though, he managed to struggle free, and putting his back to a tree, drew a sword from what was apparently hammerspace.


However, Blast then paused to admire how incredibly witty and subtle his reference was, and whilst his guard was down, the boarders jumped him, stringing him up in short order.

Looking grimly up at the corpse of Kaldskall, the boarders knew full well from the information of Kaishi that this wasn't yet over...

Blastinus, Kaldskall, Mafia Roleblocker

Night 7 begins, until the 22nd at 20:00GMT

George C. Hicks
This character biography has had no alterations for more than two weeks and has been put in the abandoned characters forum. This profile is eligible for resubmission by the handler upon alterations requested from the staff.