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*totally revives the thread, because he'd feel bad if he didn't post*

The Basics

Handler Name: Clu

Your Trademark Character: Bobby Jacks Judging by her popularity, probably Maxie Dasai.

Current Status of Trademark Character: Running blindly/half-nakedly into the jungle after attempted rapage.

Favourite Character: V1: Hawley. V2: Matt Drew. V3: It remains to be seen for absolute certain, since I change my mind so much. Right now, either Darnell or Neil.

Favourite Weapon: Bag o' leaves or the Hawley doll.

Favourite Scene: Close encounters of the Boo kind.

Favourite Death: Possibly Petra's, very peaceful and not overblown.

Favourite Quote: 'D'aw man, I don't wanna get wet. I'll get like, all cold and stuff. And I'll be wet and soggy and soaked and drowned and drenched and wet. Rain sucks, it's like... rainy and stuff. Silly girl though, if she just wants to sit there and get drowned. Can you drown in rain? Oh no! What if I'm just standing here and the rain comes in and it's like heavy and there's lots of it and I stand here and get drowned!?' - And yes, I'm aware it's from my own character. :P

Favourite Thread: I liked Sound and Fury a whole lot.

Favourite Post: Maybe one of Wade's earliest, just as he was losing his grip.

Favourite Location: Lookout Tower or the Barracks.

The Plastic Hammer Awards!

Most Evolutionary Character: Trish and Darnell have both come a long way.

Most Revolutionary Character: Has to be Neil Sinclair, he's one of the only guys to ever actually come up with and attempt to execute a plausible escape plan, plus, he's heading the largest long-term group in any of Vs1-3.

Most Unorthodox/Original Character: Wade Wilson

Most Realistically-Portrayed Character: Brad or Terrie.

Most Heroic Character: Holeman.

Most Villianous Character: Goodman couldn't have been any more villainous if had carried around a dog to kick. If you're looking for guys not too over-the-top (and, y'know, a joke) then I'd say Reeves, the bastard ;).

Most Tragic Character: I'll stand by Neil for the time being, but it seems as though Heath Trennoby might be getting there.

Most Humourous Character: Wade, whenever he has one of those hallucinations.

Most Likely Winner: If current trends/opinions are anything to go by, then I'd say Trish McCarroll.

Most Epic Character: Adonis Zorba, like, whoa, he totally blew me away... [/sarcasm]

More Characterization

Which character did you relate to the most? That's a toughie... maaaybe Elizabeth, sentient shoulder angel that she is.

Which character did you feel the most for? I feel kinda sorry for Neil, he just keeps getting knocked back over and over again.

Which character do you feel 'played the game' the best? Actually I think people like Keith have got a pretty good gameplan – find a group of people you trust, hole up with them and try and dissuade anybody who you think might compromise the security of said group.

Which character do you think had it the worst? Matt and Alice have both had crappy times of it.

Which character would you be willing to kill yourself? Madison.

Which character were/are you cheering on to win SOTF? I don't have a clear favourite right now. We'll see.

Which character do you think should NOT have died? Selfishly, I would say Simon or Keiji, non-selfishly... well, Owen Fontaine had potential and I also I liked Branca a whole lot.

Which character do you think deserves to die? Or for the characters already dead, which character do you think totally had it coming? Brent has it coming. Madison and Riz both deserve to get killed.

The Drama Category

Most Tragic Scene: Making my choice here just causes the 'Tragic Death' category to become redundant.

Most Disturbing/Gory Scene: Outside of deaths: Alice finds a new friend in Guy's head.

Most Pivotal Scene/Event: Either the formation of SADD, or SHORYUKEN!

Most Humourous Scene: The one with Branca.

Most Action-packed Scene: Sound and Fury. Hell of a lot happening.

Most Emotionally Moving Scene: Psh. I have no emotions, didn't you know?

Most Drama-filled Scene The showdown with BB and SADD: dangerzone, collars bleeping, all of that. Made for pretty awesome reading.

Most Unexpected Scene The latter part of Sound and Fury.

Death, Death, and More Death

Most Tragic Death: Mostly down to personal involvement, which made me feel a lot closer to it, Petra's death is right up there.

Most Violent Death: Possibly Riz killing Cara, or Wade's decimation of the group at the lagoon.

Most Disturbing Death: Heather's/Guy's/Mary's/Viktor's deaths.

Most Unexpected Death: Reginald Robson. Either that or BB.

Most Original/Unorthodox Death: Oh God! NOT THE BEES (well, hornet)

Most Humourous Death: Branca's, stupid to the end :P

Predictions and Disillusionment

Who are you counting on to be the overall winner of SOTF? I'm kinda hoping somebody will come out of nowhere and claim it (not saying some nobody, just a character who hasn't been incredibly prominent)

How do you predict the ending of SOTF is going to turn out? At this point, I can't really presume to say.

If you could change ANYTHING that has happened thus far, what would you change? Simon shouldn't have died when he did, there was a lot more to be done with him, and really, it was a poor use of a hero card.

How do you think V3 has differed from V2/V1, and has that change been positive or negative? Why? *shrugs* Obviously there's a whole lot more people, which I'm not a huge fan of, but overall, I think SotF is just growing and growing.

Your thoughts on SOTF

How much did you enjoy/not enjoy SOTF v3? Mostly epic, with a few niggling annoyances.

What do you like the most about SOTFv3? That it takes its basis off Battle Royale whilst both being original and a whole ton better than it.

What do you think could have been better about SOTFv3? Less students, and my own writing.

How would you compare SOTF to the original BR? Kinda different mediums to explore. Suffice to say, I've had much more fun on SotF than I did Watching/Reading BR.

How do you feel about the upcoming ENDING of SOTFv3?? Like I said earlier on, I'd have to wait a bit. I'm looking forward to it though.

Would you like to see a SOTF v4? Would you stick around to RP in it? Hell yes, and hell yes.

How do you feel about v4? I have a feeling it's going to be great, Pregame is one of the highlights on the horizon.

Which v3 couple, canon or fan-made, appeals to you the most? Pairings ain't really my thing, but I must say, Bobby/Shameeca strikes me as a laugh.

If you were a tree, what kinda tree would you be? A Tumtum tree. Or a Bandersnatch, which isn't a tree, but eh.

Removability of collars
It could be a viable plan, but 'fraid I'm gonna have to shoot it down again, cuz:

1. I find it unlikely that the terrorists will have all their eggs in one basket, so to speak, by basing the collars on a jammable frequency, heck, no signal could cause the things to explode for all we know.

2. How would you get the schematics/frequency? There's no Shogo Kawada's in this game, and Danya's been making damn sure that nobody can get their hands on the kinda tech (hey, Jack O'Connor is STILL giving him headaches, some three years after he's dead) that will give the students the ability to hack anything.

3. Why would somebody just be carrying around a toilet paper tube? Furthermore, as a razor could be used as a weapon, I highly doubt (these bags have been searched remember) that the terrorists would leave somebody with it. Why give somebody an advantage by letting them keep something potentially lethal?

4. Ditto the other stuff. If it looks as though it can be used to cause trouble, the terrorists are gonna confiscate it, and there's plenty of techy people on Danya's team to know what can prove dangerous (in the sense of disrupting the program). So even if a character just so happened to have the stuff needed to construct a makeshift radio, they wouldn't have it by the time the terrorists were done searching them.

PS: I'm not trying to be a killjoy here, I enjoy and encourage this kind of debate, I'm just pointing out the logical flaws in such a plan. Hey, who knows, you might come up with something that really stands a chance of working from the crit ;)

The Ever-So-Important-and Late Seventh Announcement
Whew, well done Aaron. Shame to see Meg step down, but I guess we knew that it was going to happen.

Anywho... roll on v3 I guess!

This Is How I Disappear
Dacey removed her sunglasses to rub a little sleep out of her eyes - she hadn't slept for quite a while, and she was running pretty low on energy. Dacey brought her hands up to put the glasses back on, then hesitated, beginning to turn them over and over between her fingers. It was dark for god's sake, who was going to see anything anyway? Wearing sunglasses in this kind of light just made her look even goofier than she already did. Besides which, Rick had already seen her sans sunglasses, any suspicions he had were unlikely to be roused further if she stopped wearing them. Dacey tucked them safely away, in case she needed them later.

I'm just tired of this. All of it. A whole year of pretending to be something I'm not, and why? Because some guy wanted to get himself some and was a little annoyed when I turned him down, big deal. You think every pretty girl who got asked out on a date or something had to freak out and start this kind of deceit.


Hell of a time to come to terms with things, isn't it?

"I..." she cleared her throat, realising she hadn't really lowered the pitch of her tone much. "It's not something I thought about that much," said 'Dawson' "I get pretty high grades and that, I kinda figured I would work something out." she coughed again. This was really starting to tax her. "So, uh, why did you want to be a marine anyway?"

For now, Dacey could put up with things, she wasn't sure how long that resolve would hold out that.

Removability of collars
There's a number of flaws in that ideas, although not knowing absolutely everything about the collars, I couldn't say for sure whether it will succeed or not.

A) Unless you can find somewhere that the cameras aren't covering (which, being that this on TV, shouldn't be anywhere) the guys behind SotF are going to see exactly what you're doing, and tampering with a collar is one of the criteria for getting it blown up, as is (circa v3) screwing around with the cameras.

B ) The collars are pretty damn durable things, and I suspect that there's a failsafe detonator in case of the severance of the seperate parts of the collar.

C) These things blow quick unless you're in a dangerzone (in which case there's a delay for beeping) even if you managed to shoot it off, I'd assume it would explode as soon as it's been comprimised. These terrorists have gone through the real thing three times and have done about eight test runs, by now, problems with the collars would likely have been dealt with.

Salutations. Unfortunately you'll have something of a long wait until v4 (it's like, halfway through v3), but there's always the AU RP section and such. You'd have plenty of time to get to know everybody I'm sure.

Anyhow, welcome, hope you stick around.

When We Die
Rob didn't say a word, just kept his aim steady on Lenny. His finger tightened momentarily on the trigger as he caught hold of Heath, but he reminded himself that Shameeca was still to make her appearance. Firing now would only endanger the already hurt Heath, and in that case, he would be guilty of sparking off a gunfight, which would almost inevitably lead to the death of at least two people.

In short, taking Heath hostage? Extremely good move on Lenny's part, although it was something of a desperate gambit. If Bobby hadn't cared about Heath at all, then the gesture would have been utterly useless. But Lenny was a smart guy, he knew that if Rob was here to help somebody - rescue James, then something had to have changed.

"Rob. Please," he said stiffly, after a few moments, breathing slowly in and out and willing his hands to stop shaking so that he could concentrate. Where the hell was Shameeca? If this went on much longer, he would be forced to start shooting, and Bobby doubted he could place a shot over Heath's shoulder to hit Lenny with any degree of reliability. McCann? That had been fluke, he wasn't a sharpshooter.

He was greatly relieved when Shamee came onto the scene, even if he wasn't entirely happy with what she proceeded to do.

Great, now there's two hostages instead of one. That... well, helped, because both sides have got reasons not to shoot, but at the same time... do you really think Lenny is just going to stand there and grin when somebody has a gun to his sister's head?

"This isn't going to go well," Rob muttered under his breath. Hearing James shouting, his voice turned harsh. "James, he kidnapped you! If we'd come just a little later, he would have shot you, just like that. If you don't have anything useful to say, kindly shut the hell up!"

Put up your bright swords, for the dew will rust them.

When We Die
Time to get killed.

Rob checked his gun one last time then cocked it just as he stepped out from the trees, emerging just behind Heath, who was having some kind of coughing fit, which was either an unfortunate coincidence or a needlessly elaborate interpretation of the agreed 'signal'. It didn't matter, this was part of the distraction.

"Good morning Lenny," Bobby said calmly, gripping his gun with both hands and pointing it squarely at the one he was addressing. "I wonder if I might trouble you to release one James Martinek from your custody? I understand there are a few people around here who would rather you didn't blow off his head," Rob didn't really expect Lenny to just give in, but that wasn't the point now, was it? Hopefully, by now Shamee would have worked her way around the other side of the group, and would be able to get James away...

Of course, there would then be the problem that Bobby was standing directly in front of somebody who would have very few compunctions about trying to shoot him full of holes, and there was of course always the possibility that the others in the area would simply see Rob as a threat. Seven kills didn't breed trust, he'd found already.

But if I die, at least I will have done something worthwhile with my life.

This Is How I Disappear
Dacey nodded slowly. Rick had a point, a building with only one entrance, whilst easily defensible, could quickly become a death trap. The biggest advantage was also the most telling weakness, especially since they had very limited weaponry between them. Rick... well, he definitely knew what he was talking about, that was for sure.

She stepped inside the building, averting her eyes from the bodies inside carefully. She felt she had a strong enough constitution to avoid being sick or anything like that, but there was no sense risking it. As for who they were... well, Dacey didn't really care all that much, it wasn't as if she had a best friend or beau to look out for on the island. Protecting people was fair enough, but she couldn't do anything for those that were already dead.

"Fine," said 'Dawson' "I'll get edgy if we stay here too long anyway," 'He' felt like continuing to talk, but the strain of putting on the gruff voice was starting to give Dacey a sore throat - it was hard to maintain a deep voice when your ordinary tone was so much higher, especially as Dacey had rarely been required to keep it on for such sustained periods of time.

She sat down, leaning against a wall, staring out at the jungle upon which rain continued to fall, and pondered: why did she even care any longer? If there was anywhere that she needn't put up pretences any longer and just be herself, it was here.

How weird can you get?

This isn't the sort of thing I should be worrying about.

But... if it iI shouldn't be concerned about this, then why am I...?


Pssh, ignore him, this is TBH on a good day :P

Although I don't see the point in attributing 'blame' to something which is to most people a positive thing.

Anywho, away from the TV Tropes stuff, welcome to the site Safetyman, I hope you'll stick around for v4, though you'll need some patience, seenas we're only about halfway through v3, haha.

Sorry for that little mini-absence, my computer screwed up in a big(ger than usual) way and I haven't been able to even get on it, let alone internet, for a few days/

When We Die
It wasn't too long before Shameeca caught up to him, and Heath soon thereafter. Rob was impatient to get moving again, but decided that they needed a little time to reform and get into a good walking order once again before simply haring off. Obviously, the beach would be a much faster route to take, since the going would be far easier than the jungle, but Rob worried that the trio would wind up merely following the beaches and not actually covering much ground. The coast hardly cut into the island at all, and they needed to find James, and more importantly: Lenny, fast.

Still... moving along the beach for a while couldn't hurt. The view it offered was considerably greater than that which the jungle offered, so in a sense, a short time spent on the coast would make for valuable searching. If they were out on the sands, the pursuers would see them.

"It's never safe," Bobby told Shamee, then looked up and down the beach again. "I suppose we can head out onto the sand for a little while, just to see if we can spot anyone, but the less time spent out in the open the better I think. But we're wasting time, we need to hurry," Rob took one last look, and froze. "What the hell is he doing?" Bobby hissed, spying a familiar figure. Heath had stepped out of cover and was brazenly strolling down the beach, from the looks of things, he had seen somebody... And... he hadn't called for the two of them?

"Shamee!" Rob whispered urgently. "I think Heath's spotted Lenny! Quickly, move into the trees, and circle their group. I'm going to go provide a little backup for Heath," he sidled along, keeping to the treeline and the shadows, crouched right over, and hoping fervantly he wouldn't be seen.

We're only gonna get one shot.

This Is How I Disappear
((Dacey 'Dawson' Ashcroft continued from: Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer))

Rick hadn't been in a talking mood and that had suited Dacey just fine. The less she needed to talk, the less she needed to feign a gruff voice, the less general strain was put upon her, easier all around. Dacey had used the time in which they were simply walking together to cautiously look around, keeping an eye out for trouble, and for traps. She had seen them more than once during her time wandering, looking viciously dangerous, even if she didn't know exactly how all of them worked. Dacey had no wish to stumble into an unfortunate part of the jungle.

Dacey was so fixated on the ground that she didn't notice Rick had plowed on ahead. Her head snapped up, and her heart missed a beat as she realised nobody was there. But wait, wasn't that the treeline? Rick had probably just seen it and quickened up a little, which had caught her out. It was no big deal. Right?

So long as Rick hadn't got himself into trouble by foregoing caution that was...

What, and I can protect him can I? Butter knife, Dacey, butter knife. If somebody can take him out, gun and all of that marine stuff included, then what chance would I stand?

"This is suicidal," Dacey said, stopping in her tracks and leaning against a tree, staring morosely through the thinning tree cover at the still-clouded sky. At least day was coming. "Go around with a guy looking for trouble, what a choice idea," But now that she had decided, something compelled her against logic to stick with Rick. Dacey couldn't just leave him all on his own, now that Jim had disappeared...

And why, precisely? I thought the idea here was to not get killed. Trapising around with somebody who is searching for 'bad guys' is just inviting a bullet!

"Tch," why was it then? It couldn't be...? Dacey felt a slight curiousity rouse within her. It wasn't that...?

No. Out of the question. I've spent a long time running from ... that ... There's no reason for it to be brought up now.

Dacey pulled off her bandana, running a hand through her short hair distractedly. Things like this weren't something she should be concerned with... not any more. Did it matter why she didn't want to leave Rick? Should it make any difference between her being loth to leave him to face killers alone, some sense of duty towards her classmates, or that... other thing?

I'll stay, for now I guess.

Dacey folded the bandana and placed it in her pocket before coming out of the trees. Seeing Rick standing in the doorway of a building, she waved casually, then hurried across, wondering abstractly what he would make of her scantly-revealed hair.

And... that is pertinent... why?

When We Die
((Rob continued from: Mano E Mano))

Well, this certainly wasn't the hollow tree, but there was no harm, Rob supposed, in following the beach enroute to the location. Who knew? Heath, Shamee and himself could get lucky in searching. But... there was a whole island to go through, minus dangerzones, and from the look of things, it was almost daybreak. Luck was something they needed... in abundance.

He hesitated at the treeline, peering down the beach. This was an exposed area, and Bobby had no wish to be caught out in the open, best to play it cautious... He tucked back behind a tree and checked that the SIG was loaded. Filled to capacity he found, which was no surprise, since he'd checked it not five minutes ago. Now only to wait for Shamee and Heath to catch up, and continue their frantic search...

They'd better hurry.

I can't let this guy die.

Petra... I think she was a lost cause, but this guy isn't.

If we don't make it in time?


My fault.

It will not happen.

Will not.

Mano e Mano
"Alright, I'll keep the sword on me for now, you never know when it will come in handy," Rob scooped up the blade and shoved it awkwardly into his belt, from which it protruded at an odd angle. He shuffled from foot to foot impatiently. Sure they couldn't just charge in without a plan, but didn't they know what the time was? It wouldn't be long before dawn, the next announcement, and then... well, they could say goodbye to rescuing James.

Funny that, Bobby didn't even really know who James was, and he was now standing here, anxious because he life was in danger. Was this what everybody felt like right now? Had been feeling for the last week? Urgh... there wasn't time to worry about it.

"Less planning, more trying to find this bastard. Let's fucking roll,"

Rob didn't wait for a reply but headed off into the jungle. Waiting now... wasn't a good idea, Heath and Shamee could bring him up on his manners after they'd stopped a murder from happening.

Bobby Jacks, trying to stop somebody being killed? Surely not.

((Rob continued in: When We Die))

Laz's Art
*is in concurrance*

That is some nice stuff LaZ, I really like them both.

Mano e Mano
"Well if what you're saying is any indication, Lenny is going to be with James, what do you think he'll do if he runs into anybody that isn't you?" Rob said after a while, an idea beginning to form in his head. "He isn't going to risk... well, I doubt he'll risk comprimising his 'fun' by killing them. Why don't we try and find him, and when we do... Heath and I can get in close, then we can converge on him when he's off guard," Bobby shrugged. "Heck, if you want to run a distraction, I think the sight of a guy who has... who has..." he took a deep breath, shook his head quickly, then spoke again. "...Killed eight people is going to cause enough of a commotion to occupy everybody's attention,"

He paused for a few moments to allow all of that to settle in with the others, then began to talk again, this time on a different tack.

"So, how are we all for weapons? It doesn't look as though either of you two drew a lucky number," Rob neglected to mention that his starting weapon hadn't been the greatest in the world either, but he figured that Shamee and Heath would figure out that he couldn't have amassed so much equipment by chance. "I've got a whole ton of stuff here," as he spoke, he opened up his daypack and began extracting various weapons. "Some kind of sword, a carbine, this pipewrench would sure pack a bit of a punch, and I know from experience this syringe is pretty useful, that scalpel sure can cut too," Bobby winced, knowing that his statement would just make them wonder how he knew some of what he had just said. "Anyway," he continued, indicating the row of weaponry on the ground. "Take your pick, although..." Rob retrieved the scalpel. "I think I'll keep ahold of this one. As for the carbine... well it boils down to which of you would use it better. To be honest Shamee I think that Heath should have it, because he's no way going to be able to use something like a sword with his arm the way it is. The only problem is the loading will be really cumbersome without two good hands, hm..." Rob stepped back and inclined his head. "Decide between the two of you I guess..."

Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer
And... Dacey followed along after Rick.

((Dacey continued in:
This Is How I Disappear

Don't really feel like posting but she's holding the place up))

Mano e Mano
(horrible post, but I'm not in the mood and don't want to hold anybody up.)

After Rob finished speaking he stopped to listen to Shameeca. That's... just messed up, killing people is one thing, playing that sort of game with somebody is quite another. Fine, that decides it, I'll help.

"What are you waiting for then? It's getting late. Unless Lenny has run into something that will stop him from killing James then you've got no time to lose. Where have you looked already? We've got a better chance of finding him elsewhere in that case," Rob ran a hand through his hair distractedly. "Nobody should be able to get away with this. For what it's worth, you have my help."