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The Plastic Hammer Awards
The Basics

Handler Name: Clueless

Your Trademark Character: Eh... either Bobby Jacks or Simon Wood I guess.

Current Status of Trademark Character: The former is comtemplative and the latter is enjoying life.

Favourite Character:
Damien Carter-Madison or Don Joesi (even if he's still pending approval)

Favourite Weapon: Pot lid. So Pot lid :D

Favourite Scene: Yeah, V1 Endgame, specifically the Adam/Jack showdown bit.

Favourite Death: Justin Moore. It shouldn't have been funny. But it so was.

Favourite Quote: Either:
"Dog eat dog. Dogs don't eat dogs, they eat birds and cats and Kibblebits if they have a family. Those words are silly. But I would have gotten that right if that silly glasses boy hadn't answered before me. Yes, I would have gotten it right." Mitch Gunter
"In any case, we know one thing about you, dude...you're a durable fellow. If you were a company, I'd buy stock in you." Adam Dodd

Favourite Thread: Possibly 'I like shopping!'

Favourite Post: No idea. Perhaps one of Bobby's 'Philosophical' moments.

The Plastic Hammer Awards!

Most Evolutionary Character: Mariavel Varella methinks.

Most Revolutionary Character: Erm... Bryan Calvert maybe.

Most Unorthodox/Original Character: SORENSON!!

Most Realistically-Portrayed Character: No idea. Whatsoever. <_<

Most Heroic Character: I'd probably have to go for Ricky Callahan there.

Most Villianous Character: Franco Sebberts.

Most Tragic Character: Damien CM but well... yeah.

Most Humourous Character: Definitely Mitch again.

More Characterization

Which character did you relate to the most? That's a tricky one. Very possibly Damien, but only in certain ways.

Which character did you feel the most for? Poor Mitch...

Which character do you feel 'played the game' the best? Mariavel or Franco.

Which character do you think had it the worst? Danya. Poor guy is overworked.

Which character would you be willing to kill yourself? All of them. Mwahahaha! Seriously? Most likely Brandon, even though I liked him in a way.

Which character were/are you cheering on to win SOTF? Mariavel, purely to buck the trend ;) . Nah, cuz I like her. Previously Damien.

The Drama Category

Most Tragic Scene: Seth Mattlock's death scene. Well, maybe sad...

Most Disturbing/Gory Scene: Damien's death. That was just plain... well creepy.

Most Pivotal Scene/Event: No idea whatsoever

Most Humourous Scene: A couple of Mitch's were good, but I liked a lot of the Rob Adam's and Matt Drew's too. Maybe some of Danya's announcements.

Most Action-packed Scene: Maybe when Mariavel knocked off Rob and Elizabeth Ebert

Most Emotionally Moving Scene: Damien's death, yup.

Death, Death, and More Death

Most Tragic Death: I don't have much of an idea

Most Violent Death: Brandon Cuthbert killing Johnathon Michaels and Christian Cohen.

Most Disturbing Death: Damien's death once again.

Most Unexpected Death: Franco :unsure:

Most Original/Unorthodox Death: Catlin Evans WTF!?

Most Humourous Death: Justin's death, as I said.

Predictions and Disillusionment

Who are you counting on to be the overall winner of SOTF? It's shaping up to be Bryan.

How do you predict the ending of SOTF is going to turn out? I reckon Mariavel will off Ricky and Whitney, probably Tori too, then there'll be an 'epic conflict' which Bryan will most likely win.

If you could change ANYTHING that has happened thus far, what would you change? Franco Sebberts dying. I really wanted to see him go on.

Who of the existing pregame characters are you counting on to win V3?
*cough*Bobby*cough* Maybe Adam will go for a second time? Quite possibly Clive Maxwell.

How do you think V3 will differ from V2? I'll be participating!

Your thoughts on SOTF

How much did you enjoy/not enjoy SOTF? I get this feeling of 'sighness' that I didn't get to take part. But it was pretty good to read.

What do you like the most about SOTF?
Orginality and its success.

What do you think could have been better about SOTF? Character cap on a little bit later. Either that or allowing me to discover it earlier.

How would you compare SOTF to the original BR? Far, far, better.

How do you feel about the upcoming SOTF V3? I'm looking forward to it with great anticipation!

Do you think V3 will be any more or less enjoyable than V2, or the same? A great deal more. For me at least.

Lunch Broken
"F-fucking c-c-cocksuckers l-like you g-got me h-how I am now," Ric muttered under his breath, but it was very unlikely that Boxer wouldn't have caught it anyway. "T-take m-me to the p-principal's t-then. G-got n-nothing to g-get away w-with,"

Inside his own head, Ric continued his tirade at Boxer, and would have done but for two reasons. A. Boxer would have beaten even more shit out of him if he had. B. Ric didn't think he would manage to get it all out with his tongue mangling his sentences. It would probably have been lost on Boxer whichever way he'd put it.

Well f-fuck y-you then! N-not my f-fault y-you're so g-goddamn stupid y-you'll go a-after s-somebody f-for no r-reason 'cept that s-somebody t-told you t-they done s-something to you. D-don't you even c-consider they could h-have been lying!? J-Jesus, I h-heard you were d-dumb but now I r-realise y-you c-could w-win the w-world m-moron olympics...


"Oh s-shit," Ric squeaked as he realised he had just gone off on one audibly at the biggest and probably strongest guy in their grade whilst that selfsame guy was holding him by the collar.

This is gonna fucking hurt.

Lunch Broken
Ric shot Gabriel a look, but couldn't manage very well due to the massive hand on his collar, and Boxer being right in his face as it was. Despite the situation Ric began to laugh; right in Boxer's face, which was sure to rile him up even more. That, Ric reckoned, was the kind of guy that Boxer was; nothing bugged somebody with Boxer's nautre more than being laughed at. At least, that was Ric's thoughts on the matter...

"W-well what ch-chance does that g-give me then!? I'm f-fucking screwed either way! Either I t-tell the f-fucking t-truth, y-you don't b-believe me then y-you beat the sh-shit out of me. Or I f-fucking lie, t-tell you I did do it and y-you still beat the s-s-shit out of m-me!"

Once again Ric pronounced his newly acquired stammer absolutely awful; where the hell had he picked that up? In all honesty speaking badly should have been the furthest thing from his mind, especially as Gabriel had decided to get involved with that metal cane with his. This could turn nasty in a hurry. Quickly Ric moved on, the more he spoke the less chance Boxer would have to hit him.

"A-and wh-why the h-hell would I d-do that? My b-beef is w-with O'Cann and th-the b-b-baseb-b-ballers. I-i've b-been a-at the s-same school as h-him for y-years. If I was g-gonna take it out o-on th-t-them I w-woulda d-done it ages back. D-don't you see B-Boxer? M-me g-going a-after you d-doesn't m-make any s-sense!"

Words would only do so much good here. It wouldn't be long before the tension eased; or snapped.

Lunch Broken
What the fuck!?

Ric had absolutely no idea what was going on, especially when Boxer lifted him clean off of his feet. Ric wasn't exactly small, but he was most definitely scrawny. However, Ric didn't doubt that the huge football player would have been able to lift him even if he did have more weight on his body.

Panic immediately blanked out Ric's thoughts.
Fuck! I knew that that Keis was gonna get me somehow I saw it... Ric blinked once, then smiled despite himself. There was no malicious entitiy hanging around the place, none of the mysterious lights or shadows existed anymore.
"Fixed..." he murmured, before a brandished object flashed before his eyes. Ric focused on it and blanched; baseball and anything related to it was anathema to Ric. Moreso tha bats, but most certainly the baseballs too. Ric shook his head violently.
"N-no..." he stammered. "H-haven't t-touched a b-b-baseb-ball for years. D-dunno what you're talking about," inwardly Ric winced at his dreadful stutter. Somewhere along the line he had acquired that. Worse yet, it made it seem as if Ric was lying; badly. It didn't take genius to figure out that the somewhat simple Boxer was going to jump to the obvious conclusion.

Lunch Broken
In short order, the lunch laid out before Ric disappeared into his mouth, a feat made difficult by the missing teeth, but nonetheless a barrier that Ric managed to overcome admirably. No food for a little while can do that to you. As such, Ric was just getting to his feet, a content smile on his face, when the doors of the cafeteria came bursting open in a fahsion which turned heads immediately.

Nobody with good intentions opens a door like that; that person is either extremely angry or just about to beat the hell out of somebody. And since the person opening the door happened to be 'Boxer' Carvalho, he would have very little difficulty doing just that to pretty much anybody he cared to. Ric wondered about Boxer, sometimes he was a nice guy and sometimes he was an absolute menace, he guessed that was due to the influence some of the other footballers put on him. Plainly put, some of them were bad apples.

Now Ric faced the prospect of attempting to leave a room past an angry Boxer. The thought that it was him that had so enraged Boxer (or rather, a rumour about him) didn't even cross Ric's mind. If it had, he would have definitely taken cover until Boxer had gone. As it was, Ric now edged towards the door, putting his head into the lion's mouth. The worst thing was; Ric didn't even realise that he was doing it.

Lunch Broken
Ric hadn't been paying any attention to the various goings on of the cafeteria, and he had deliberately avoided watching any of the violence which had seemed to erupt around Eduardo; the one with the Keis protecting him. Somehow, it wasn't doing all that great a job. Most curious... Still, Ric had done his best not to be drawn in, instead staring rather despondently at the tray in front of him, thoughts boiling around his head and resentment rising continually.

Eventually, it got just too much for Ric, who seized one end of the swath of bandages. The warning; not to remove the bandages for a suitable length of time, rushed through Ric's head but he didn't care. If this wasn't a suitable length of time then he was going to starve. It was something of a struggle to remove the tightly wrapped cloth, but after a time Ric managed it, and the bandages fell down to pool around his neck. He immediately scooped up a sandwich and was about to take a bite and start his first meal in a day or so when he caught sight of his reflection in the shiney tray. It was distorted, but the face in the tray was unquestionably Ric, but not this Ric, it was Ric from six or more years ago.

"It's like my face has been dragged back through time..." Ric muttered, using an extremely obscure comparison. Ric slowly smiled, and with the gap-filled smile, all of his spectres seemed to melt away. For the first time in a period spanning more than a quarter of his life, Ric felt happy.

Ric's face was still far from fixed however, there was still a noticeable dent in his cheek, and of course many of his teeth were still missing, added to Ric's somewhat gaunt appearence and you didn't exactly have a good looking guy. But by Ric's standards, it was a good start.

Ric smiled again.
"Come on then world... The real Ric is back, and he's gonna kick your ass..."

Don Joesi
Name: Don ‘LJ’ (Little Joe) Joesi
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Grade: 12 (skipped a grade)
School: Southridge High School
Hobbies and Interests: On the contrary to his older brother, Don has but a select few general interests, and only a small fraction of these would appeal to the vast majority of other people. Don enjoys reading a great deal, and often spends many hours at a time drawn into a world which is not his own, although he sometimes wishes it could be. Don is an especially avid writer, and a competent artist too, much of his time is spent filling small notebooks with tales of fantasy and vivid illustrations. In recent months Don has also begun to display an ability for playing baseball, and he hopes to break into the team. However, having skipped a grade means that Don works and studies twice as hard as he used to, and amongst his other interests Don barely wastes a moment of the day.

Appearance: Don is rather tall for a sixteen year old, measuring up at fully six foot and one inch. However, despite having a lot of height, Don is lean, not quite scrawny, but definitely slim, with a fairly low proportion of muscle on him compared to his overall bodyweight. Although this has the effect of making Don look just a little scrawny, he does have one major thing going for him in looks. Simply put, Don is handsome with a capital H. Don’s skin has a healthy tone to it, and whilst it isn’t tanned, it is naturally fairly dark. Just like the rest of him Don’s face is lean, but this only seems to accentuate his pleasant appearance, with his chief virtue being a wonderful smile. Don has a nose that is slightly smaller than usual, which is also hooked to a minute degree. Don’s hair is spiky and often messy, short, and a fairly nondescript light brown in colour. A peculiarity of Don’s face is his eyes; as he suffers from an eye condition know as heterochromia, also known as having two-toned eyes, causing one of them to be brown, and the other, hazel.

In general, Don wears uncomplicated but casual attire. His only truly distinctive article of clothing is a faded, worn and torn denim jacket, which used to belong to his older brother Chris. The jacket has half-length sleeves (although this is probably due to one of them being torn off and the other being shortened to accommodate it) and a surprising amount of pockets, several of which Chris put into it himself, and even more that have been added by Don. By this point, the inside of the jacket is almost made from pockets, some of the pockets even have pockets, as Don is always finding new things to cram into each and every space he can find on his person. It is a rare day that more than a few of these pockets are left unfilled.

Biography: Don Joesi could not be more different from his older brother Chris. Where Chris is average, Don is exceptional, where Chris is settled, Don is turbulent. Considerably more conservative than his brother, Don has always been the quiet one, or at least, that’s what you would think to look at him. Nowadays it is hard to imagine Don being any different from his shy, quietly intelligent self. In earlier years Don was anything but quiet, constantly bombarding his older siblings and parents with demands for attention in a fashion that could have been deemed extremely annoying. Indeed; this was exactly what Chris did end up declaring, but not about his demands, about Don in general.

It wasn’t long into Don’s life that tension began building up between Chris and he. Next to the devotion Chris attached to their sister Sophie, the amount of attention Don was paid was almost negligible, and being a small child, this afflicted him a great deal. Eventually the brothers’ relationship became so strained that it could only do one thing; snap. Thinly veiled hostility became an all out war, barely a day went by when the brothers were not at each other’s throats over some dispute or another. Chris, larger and more physically tough, got the better of Don more often than not, despite falling victim to many of Don’s plans, pranks and traps.

All of this in-fighting and frequent brawls took their toll on the bright young Don, he became far more withdrawn, and began to suffer from huge bouts of depression, thankfully his parents learned to draw him from these as time wore on, but the early teenage years were very grim indeed for the youngest Joesi. The feud between the brothers only got worse as the years went by, and in time Don began to avoid going home altogether. Often he would stay out of the house for days at a time, worrying his parents almost into a frenzy. The situation was growing worse by the day and everything came to a head on Don’s fourteenth birthday.

An accidental incident with a tack caused yet another fight to erupt between the Joesi brothers. Hurtful words were exchanged and one comment particular served to drop Don into a huge pit of despair. Indeed, the feelings were so overwhelming that Don was on the verge of killing himself when Chris fortunately arrived to make his apology, being cut with a knife for his troubles but ultimately preventing far worse consequences.

It beggars belief that something positive might come from such a bleak encounter, but astonishingly what was the worst day in Don’s life resulted in it performing a 180 turn and steering a course solidly back into the light. Don was prescribed anti-depressant pills to be used sparingly, and agreed to attend rehabilitation to sort out his general issues. Somehow, from a dark event had emerged a beacon of hope.

Following the rehab scheme Don hurled himself into the world at full stretch, giving his maximum effort in everything that he did; school most of all. Without personal and family problems holding him back any longer, it was discovered that Don was extremely intelligent, so much so in fact that it was decided he should skip a grade; ending up in the same grade as his older brother. Amazingly, Chris was nothing but pleased for Don, and didn’t even seem to mind that his brother was considerably more intelligent than he.

Since skipping a grade Don has grown rather more self-confident than he was previously, and has slowly begun to emerge from his shell to see the rest of the world. At sixteen years old, Don is trying to live life to the fullest.

Advantages: Don is resilient, many fights and scrapes with his brother have made this a necessity, and extremely intelligent; he had to be to skip a grade. As well as these, Don is rather good at coming up with traps, although it is rather doubtful if he could show a similar aptitude for lethal versions of the same.

Disadvantages: Don is rather fragile mentally; he’s attempted suicide once before and an extreme situation such as SOTF could well shatter his mind completely. In addition, Don is not world-smart at all, and as such is not a good judge of character and is pretty naïve.

Chris "Average" Joesi
Name: “Average” Chris Joesi, nicknamed “Average,” or “Joey”
Age: 18

Appearance: Chris’ appearance is fairly well summed up by his nickname; average. Chris is about 5 foot 9”; with a fraction less weight on him than you would expect for somebody that height. Chris is built slightly more slender than the norm, as he is more athletic than muscular from his numerous sporting endeavours.

Chris’ hair is a fairly nondescript light brown, and his eyes are a similar brown in colour. Chris is fairly tanned, though he’s inside a lot he is outside for an almost equal amount of time and although he wears a “cowboy” sun hat very frequently, this is just about never whilst he is outside, a peculiarity that he has. Chris has a face which is mildly attractive, though he doesn't exactly have girls fawning over him. He has a small vertical scar begining at his lower lip and extending to the bottom of his jaw which is quite livid and fairly recent.

Chris has no standard code of dress; his scope of clothes is as wide as his scope of activities, so Chris has a look for every occasion and a miraculous ability to change clothes in an instant. Given 20 or so seconds and a convenient place to hide and Chris will be in completely different attire.

Those are the only changes, I didn't want to take up a lot of space with the whole profile for only minor things.

Sean O'Cann
Name: Sean “Lucky” O’Cann
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Southridge High School
Hobbies and interests: Baseball is his number one sport, but he also dabbles in football (soccer) and basketball. Sean is also a keen study of literature, dance, and mathematics.

Appearance: Sean has unruly blond hair, which hangs just above his eyes (which are brown) untamed, though he usually gels it into even more untidy spikes. Sean’s face is smooth and lightly freckled, though he takes pains to reduce their appearance as much as possible. (he even wears a small amount of makeup). He has a very slight tan, which has been carefully cultivated so as to be completely uniform. Sean looks generally well formed and proportioned, though his nose tilts slightly to one side (he once took a baseball in the face whilst practicing without a helmet) Sean also wears a stud in his left ear, the stud is circular in shape with intricate patterns carved into it, though Sean hasn’t told where he got it from.
Sean stands at 5ft 9, and has an athletic physique, as well as a strong arm, Sean weighs 179 pounds, and moves gracefully.
Sean usually wears a long sleeved shirt and smart trousers, he always carries a cap around, though he does not wear it all of the time.

Biography: Sean was born in Dublin, Ireland, and was on the move almost immediately thereafter. Much of his life was spent travelling to various places and seeing various sights.
His father (a keen biologist) his mother (a researcher, and a follower of art and music) and his much older brother (a novelist and sportsman) all taught Sean a great deal in his early life. This was almost exclusively lived on the family boat, which Sean grew to love.
Perhaps due to his isolated origins, Sean isn’t an especially social person, and he finds it difficult to get on with most people.

By the age of seven, Sean had been to more than twenty different countries, and survived three brushes with death. (This, along with his Irish roots, eventually gave rise to his nickname of “Lucky”) All three were dangerous, but Sean, strangely, had loved every minute of it. When he was eight, the O’Canns took a break from their somewhat extreme lifestyle and lived in England for a while. This, of course, being where Sean met lifelong friend Tyson Neills.

It was three years later that Sean stopped courting danger altogether. In an incident involving a harpoon gun and hammerhead shark, Sean very nearly got his brother killed. His idol lost most of his arm and was badly ill for over half a year.
Sean, badly shaken by this, began to avoid anything dangerous altogether.
At the same time, his parents decided it was time to settle down for good (especially as Sean’s brother, John, wasn’t going to be going anywhere for the time being).

Sean, at the age of eleven, then realised this would mean he could have far more time to play baseball, basketball, soccer, and do just about anything that he couldn’t do trapped on the confines of a small boat.

It was around this moment in time that Sean started to become increasingly fussy about his appearance (even a little vain at times) this seemingly inexplicable occurrence might have been explained by the aforementioned occasion when he broke his nose.
However, it is also known that Sean took a swing at the cause of his injury with his baseball bat (a boy a deal older than he), resulting in a serious head injury. This also led to Sean being cautioned strongly by the police, and it is strongly suspected that this injury has caused lasting damage.

There have been rumours that Sean is homosexual (most likely due to his tendency to wear makeup) but he isn’t telling. That, along with his liking and ability for dance, has caused the rumours to spread even more.

Since his reunion with Tyson Neills, Sean has never really felt the need to attempt to make more friends. Whilst he is fairly close with some of his baseball teammates Sean doesn’t get really get along with the vast majority of people, as he is competitive to a fault, as well as rather arrogant in general.

Sean in himself is, while vain and arrogant, also intelligent and thoughtful. Sean does move gracefully, which is a result of his dancing prowess, sometimes he seems to exude an aura of calmness. Sean’s vanity is a bit of a problem for him however, as any damage to his face or appearance as a whole looks to be the only thing that can seriously rile him.

Advantages: Sean is a sportsman, which should help in overall terms of fitness. He’ll do almost anything to win (he is incredibly competitive) however, if it comes down to his best friend, Tyson Neills, it could be a terrible decision to make. Sean is also pretty perceptive, although he has been known to completely misread the situation on occasion.

Disadvantages: If anybody harms his face, Sean is going to flip out, no question. Whilst he has his friends, mostly amongst the baseball team, his nature does not readily endear him to others. Whilst having previously been a lover of dangerous situations, Sean has an almost paralyzing fear of being killed or injured, so he is prone to freezing up in a tight spot.

Your top ten
Recently, I got curious/restless, and I started figuring who my Top 10 favourites were (my mind, at times, is very random) Since this is spawned solely from a wandering head, I'll not lay down any limitations, they can be your own characters, V3, V2 or V1 or anybody else's, and I'd ask for a reason too but I'm none too fussed if there isn't one.

Here are mine :)

10. Vesa Turunen.
I was intruiged by Vesa as soon as I stumbled upon him in one of the first threads I read on the site. I enjoyed his background and I like the way Croco portrayed him on the island.

9. Robert Adams.
Quite simply; I found him pretty funny a great deal of the time.

8. Danya
I'm not actually kidding, I like the character of Danya quite a lot in all honesty

7. Brandon Cuthbert.
I really liked the way that Slacker rped Brandon, so it was a bit of a shame he died so early on.

6. Adam Dodd.
I am a Dodd fan, a deep character and was highly amusing at times, I'm also looking forward to seeing him in V3.

5. Hawley Faust.
Hm... not entirely sure how to qualify this. Suffice to say, I liked him.

4. Bobby Jacks/ Simon Wood
This of course, being the reason I mentioned that you could pick your own characters ;) I like both of these lads, because they seem to have a lot more depth than them to most of my others. That is open to interpretation, it's only my opinion.

3. Mitch Gunter.
Mitch was funny, and just plain cute, an adorable character methinks.

2. Mariavel Varella.
Some people don't seem to like her but I think Mariavel is a well developed and well thought out character.

And finally... *fanfare*

1. Damien Carter-Madison
Where can I start? The list was great, his death scene was extremely creepy, I think that LaZ did a wonderful job with him, and I'm looking forward to seeing his old friend Eduardo too. Kudos to you LaZ man.

And that'll be it, my top ten (for now at least) any other takers?

A place in the world
"Now guys, we know that you don't always get along, but today is a special day for the both of you. So can you keep the arguments out of it? The family is coming today and we'd like for them to have a nice time," David Joesi was the father of Chris and Don. He was a kindly man given to worrying, and almost as if in testimony his hair was thinning rapidly as he aged. The two brothers, sixteen and fourteen respectively, locked gazes for a moment, there was a strained second of silence then Chris gave his younger brother an almost imperceptible nod. The meaning was clear: I won't start anything if you don't. David smiled, clearly pleased at the acquiescence of his two sons, for father Joesi, family came first, and it broke his heart to see the younger pair of siblings at each other's throats for so much of the time.

The uneasy truce between the Joesi brothers lasted for all of twenty-five minutes: about, or rather, exactly as long as it took for the pair of them to get dressed and head down to the kitchen, where breakfast was about to be served. Their older sister Sophie was already there, and Chris greeted her with a smile on his face. Sophie, twenty-five years old but confined to a wheelchair and sickly almost all of the time, offered her favourite brother a grin and a weak thumbs up. Don watched sullenly, wounded that Sophie would favour Chris over him, but soon cheered up when Sophie flashed him a similar gesture. Sophie’s methods were ponderous at best, as she wasn’t the fastest of thinkers. She might have liked Chris best, but that didn’t mean she neglected her youngest brother. The friction between the pair hurt her too, and mystified her as well; Sophie was an intelligent young woman trapped in a frail body and the mind of a ten year-old. In some ways, she was like a small child, in others, she was the wisest of all the family.

Scarcely thirty seconds (twenty-six point seven, by Sophie’s reckoning) after the boys entered the kitchen their silent agreement collapsed like so many matchsticks. Afterwards, brooding on the incident, Chris’ mind screamed that it was all Don’s fault. Conversely, Don believed that Chris had overreacted. Regardless of whose fault it was, or the reactions of either member of the pair, the upcoming events would have huge implications for both of the Joesi brothers.

As Chris sat down in his chair; the chair that he always sat in, the one with ‘Joey’ stencilled across the backrest there was a tiny, tiny sound. It was the sound of something sharp puncturing a pair of jeans. Chris’ eyes sprang so wide open it looked as though they might have tumbled straight out of their sockets. Don was momentarily puzzled, then was immediately horror-struck as he realised just why Chris had such a terrible expression on his face. Seeing Don’s face Chris’ suspicions were confirmed.
“You snake!” he snarled. “You put a goddamn tack on my chair you son of a bitch!” Don was about to point out the ironic implications of that statement to his brother when he was suddenly knocked clear off of his chair, tipping the thing over as he fell, Chris having launched himself clear across the table to punch Don in the face. Dazed, Don picked himself up and balled his fists, and the pair of them were at it again.

Since Chris was sprawled across the table, Don didn’t hesitate in capitalising on the current awkward posture of his brother. As a horrified Sophie looked on, Don charged at Chris and kicked him in the head, causing him to fall right off of the table.
“Chris, you’re the biggest jackass I know, don’t you get that this entire thing started with you?” Chris, down on one knee, looked up at his younger brother malevolently and rubbed his jaw.
“Cause and effect Don, you wouldn’t feel so neglected if you weren’t such an attention seeker,” the youngest Joesi roared in anger and tried to kick his kneeling brother again, but this time Chris was ready, catching his brother’s foot and sending him smashing to the ground. ‘Average’ used the time it took for Don to recover to shake off the kick to his face and stand, before long the brothers were confronting each other in a wrecked kitchen, complete with a screaming Sophie. The lull didn’t last long.

Chris charged at Don and although the younger brother got a good punch in he was knocked flying by Chris’ lowered shoulder. Don went smashing into a kitchen drawer and he winced as his back screamed in pain at the impact then as Chris advanced his hands frantically scrabbled for something to use to help him. Each of his hands alighted on a handle, one plastic and one wooden. Desperately Don brought forward both of his weapons, giving Chris pause for thought.

“Well,” the elder brother said thoughtfully. “That is a spoon, a wooden one at that, and somehow I don’t think it’ll be a lethal weapon. That on the other hand, is a knife,” Chris leered at his brother. “Feel like a jail sentence little brother?” he moved forward and was surprised to look down and see the kitchen knife pricking at the front of his tee-shirt.
“M-m-my life would b-be better w-w-without y-y-y-you in I-it!” Don stammered as he clutched the knife handle like it was an anchor to life.
“Hell little brother, the world would be a marginally better place without you in it!” both Chris and Don froze. Chris at the realisation that he had just gone too far, and Don at the insult itself. The silence lasted for another couple (One point seven four was Sophie’s estimate) of seconds before Don burst into tears and fled the scene.


Later, and Chris was staring at the ceiling of his room, feeling completely numb inside. At first he had tried to justify what had happened, what had been said, what had been done, but as the time wore on and their co-birthday ticked away, second by second, Chris finally realised that ultimately, it was all his fault. Kids would be kids, Chris shouldn’t have treated the younger Don in such a way, to the point of neglection at times. Chris shouldn’t have begun to dislike, even hate his brother. The way that Chris had looked upon Don, it was little wonder that his younger brother had started to hate him back. Chris sighed and stared at the ceiling for another terribly slow minute. I’m sorry little brother… Chris’ eyes narrowed, determination filling them. I’m not just going to think it, I’m going to do it, man up and apologise, get a fresh slate. Chris ‘Average’ Joesi got up off his bed, put on his favoured ‘cowboy’ hat, then quietly left his room.

A world of hate… a world of shame… A world where families are torn apart by a tack… tears brimming in his eyes, Don Joesi lay curled in the centre of his room, the kitchen knife and spoon clutched to his chest like trophies. Yes… a terrible world and one, regretfully, which will be marginally better for me not being in it… Don’s occasional fits of depression had always been difficult to handle, and his parents had figured he needed a little time to himself. It was a bad call. Guess you were right Chris… Nobody needs me, least of all you and the others… Mom and Dad should have stuck to just a couple of kids, it would have saved a lot of hassle and more than a little blood… thoughts flashed through Don’s mind, coming and going at the speed of light, or fluttering elusively like butterflies, to be reached out for but never grasped. Will it hurt? A click, the door swung open, Don paused with the knife at his throat.

”Hey Don I wanted to…” the apology was never finished, and Don never found out what Chris had been about to say. Quick as a flash he sprung up a lashed out with the knife at Chris’ face. YOU RUINED MY LIFE!!! WERE YOU PLANNING ON RUINING MY DEATH TOO!?!? the silent thought screamed through Don’s mind as the knife cut deeply into Chris’ face, almost splitting his lower lip in two and scraping horribly at his jawbone. Blood burst from the wound and Don fell back with a scream, sending the knife clattering to the floor, trailing blood from its blade.
“Don… I’m sorry…” those simple words cut straight through the fog clouding Don’s mind and all at once the tears returned, spilling freely down his cheeks, the younger Joesi almost failing to see matching streams on Chris’ face, mingling with the blood from his injury. Don collapsed and begun to sob and Chris murmured to him soothingly.
“It’s okay little brother… everything’s going to be just fine,” and miraculously, for a time, Chris’ prediction proved true. Life began running smoothly from awhile longer, but for the Joesi family, and Chris most of all, there’s was to be another story entwined with that of Survival of the Fittest…

Sports Teams Sign-ups
Bobby: Boxer
Sean O: Pitcher
Tyson: Tailback, track running
Keiji: Basketball (unspecified)

That'll be it I think unless I've forgotten something <_<

Please make sure you don't get hurt.

I hope everything will go okay for you.

The Mind of Angelic Ones
Bobby quieted for a little while after Serenity spoke; just as he had done before. It took him, and always had taken him, some time to pick out the right words when he was dealing with important instances. When he was interviewed by a reported following his win of that local tournament, he was pretty sure he'd come across as stupid; taking so long to answer. Typical jock.

"I heard somewhere that the worst thing you can do with your feelings, or maybe even fears, is bottle them up. People need other people, even me, and I spend most of my time keeping away from them." Bobby shrugged, his muscles shifting around at the movement. "I don't claim to be a physchologist, but I'm pretty sure putting on a face is bad for you," Bobby chuckled ironically. "Look at where hiding my feelings got me; not a friend in the world..." Bobby refrained from adding that, until recently, that hadn't bothered him.

((Continued in Round One, Fight Four; Bobby vs. Darnell))

The Mind of Angelic Ones
"Good question," Bobby said softly, regarding Serenity for second or two, then joining her in looking back out to sea. In a way, wasn't he hiding too? Certainly he was reclusive but so far as hiding? This little beach run had given him far more food for thought than he would otherwise have considered.

Bobby glanced over at Serenity again. Although he felt awkward in most social situations; this one included, he felt it might not be the best idea to bring up why she was crying. It risked further upsetting her. Or did it? Bobby frowned, this was most vexing, he hated indecision.

"Well..." Bobby said, choosing his words carefully as he went on. "Whenever I've been afraid, I've always tried to take whatever I was afraid of head on. It was funny, because once or twice I took a huge beating, but afterwards... I wasn't scared anymore,"

The Mind of Angelic Ones
Bobby gave Serenity a curious glance, his expression unreadable, not quite blank, but not enough of a suggestion to discern what he was thinking. At least, that was what Bobby hoped. It threw him to think that people might be as good at reading others as he was. He considered that to be one of his best skills, picked up from many hours of playing the observer.

Bobby wasn't entirely sure what to make of what Serenity said, for some reason it seemed as if she was almost saying it to herself. Nevertheless Bobby felt obliged to say something, but every response that came to mind he dismissed as somehow innane. Bobby paused for a few moments longer.

"If that makes you feel calm... well then... are you hiding from something?" Yourself? Bobby added silently, though he considered that to be a little too deep. And rather depressing at that.

The Mind of Angelic Ones
It sure had been an awkward situation, and even after Bobby broke the silence it didn't seem to get any less so. Even more strangely, neither did her reply. There was something about it that didn't quite ring true, it sounded... false somehow, and Bobby was almost certain Serenity had been crying. Eyes a little wet, and a little red too. Well if she said she was fine then Bobby wasn't going to pry.

Pausing for just a moment too long after Serenity spoke, Bobby shrugged and made his own apology, deciding after a moment or two to sit down beside her.

"It's alright. My fault really, I didn't think there'd be anybody out here so I wasn't looking where I was going. No harm done I guess," Bobby wasn't so sure that was true. He knew he hadn't touched her, and falling onto your knee on a beach didn't hurt much. But the way she'd bolted upright like that... Inwardly Bobby shook himself, he was reading waay too much into things. He needed to be more social, he supposed that now would be a good time to start.

Bobby absently brushed a little sand off of his knee beneath the leg of his running shorts ((English sense)) and wondered whether his vague suspicion had been correct. In all honestly despite the glimmer in her eyes, Serenity seemed quite composed, although you had to wonder at her being out on the beach at this time of night. Bobby smiled to himself; he was out too, it wasn't all that odd.

The Mind of Angelic Ones
Thump. Thump. Thump.

Rhythmical beats, not musical and you wouldn't expect them to be either. If anybody reached the right conclusion, it would be that someone was running along at a steady; though rather fast pace. Somebody near at hand might also hear the runner's measured breathing, with no trace of tiredness in it. He might have been asleep, that was just how steady it was.

Bobby Jacks usually enjoyed his nighttime runs along the stretch of beach. They gave him time to think away from the hustle and bustle of other people. The fitness benefits were kept in mind too, although for somebody who spent as much time in the gym as Bobby, those were almost negligible.

Nevertheless, the time it took for Bobby to complete his run was marked down as his much cherished thinking time. Unfortunately, he'd had a lot on his mind lately, so he wasn't finding these runs as much fun (insomuch as they were fun) as usual. For one thing, he had been trying to secure a renewal of his boxing contract, and the agent his father had insisted on hiring was demanding more money. He thought Bobby was 'worth more than that,'. Bobby couldn't care less about the cash, he just wanted to box. The net result of these factors was that the society was delaying on a decision and Bobby's relationship with both his agent and his father were quite strained.

Not only that, but for some reason Bobby just couldn't get the night of the bonfire out of his head. Had Darnell not intervened, Bobby could have been in serious trouble right now. It wasn't exactly likely that the victor of Bobby vs. Tyson and Troy 'Mac' would have been the latter two. Bobby could pick Tyson up with one hand, and had done so previously, and Troy wasn't exactly a muscle-bound tough guy. Still, he had to admit, Troy had guts, but he suspected that his involvement in the incident hadn't been entirely accidentally.

So preoccupied was Bobby in his brooding that he didn't see Serenity until he was almost on top of her. By chance he happened to look down just at the right moment. Oh damn. Bobby jumped akwardly, leaping over the girl lying on the sand and falling heavily the other side of her. Ouch. Well... at least I didn't stamp on her, that would have been embarassing.

Bobby hesitated, unsure of what to do. Talking to another person was a little alien to him; that was just how long he'd isolated himself for. However, it was clear to him something was up with Serenity, he was sure there were tears on her face.

"Serenity," Bobby said quietly. "Are you alright?"