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Seediq Bale
Enzo kind of shrugged.


Not much more than 'sorry' to say, was there? That was the same, regardless of whether it was verbal or awkwardly spelled out. Vinny didn't really have another comment to make either. Cameron was just gone, and every time he thought he'd maybe got to the point it didn't hurt, all the emotion just came flooding right back in, gouged a black hole through him.

This was how it felt for Vanessa too, probably. It didn't bring Vinny any closer to calling what she'd done fair. He hoped she was still okay, though. She was Cameron's friend, and Brady's, and B.B's, and he'd sort of mostly been cool with her up until yesterday where she'd blamed him for all the world's ills.

Vinny looked at Kimiko for a long time as she spoke. The sad expression on her face was one thing, but again and again—she killed Bradley. She killed that jerkass, who was nevertheless now leaving a big jackass shaped hole in the world. That was the choice she'd made.

"I reckon that probably says more about how you feel than god does, Snake," he shook his head. He didn't empathise with how Kimiko had acted, but he understood, at least a little bit. "You don't want to die. So if that means number one means more than every other number, then..." he trailed off, another shrug. "Guess that's your call, isn't it? Nobody can make that decision for you. Not god, not some terrorist, and sure as hell not me."

Seediq Bale
Enzo waited patiently as Kimiko signed. He'd said that she'd listen; the least that he could do was actually follow through on that.

He felt bad for her, and then felt bad for feeling bad. This was something that Kimiko had been forced to deal with pretty much as long as he'd known her; funny about it having to be that stark to actually give a damn about it. That was one hell of a communication barrier to have to handle on a daily basis, and naturally there wasn't anything here to write on either. Vinny had to wonder if it would make things less frustrating to Kimiko to respond in kind, or just come across as kind of condescending. Probably the latter.

"All right, well. Probably not moving for a bit, offer's open."

He really wished he had his phone. It'd have been morbid as all fuck, but making a couple vines of this would have made him feel better. Kinda like he had a bit more control over all this, more agency to actually produce something. There were cameras, Vinny knew, but they could chop and change that footage however they wanted, pick what to show and what not. How much had happened on these islands that never got 'released' by the terrorists?

Fuck. It was probably someone's job in the government to watch this shit. Poor bastard.

Not quite as poor as all of the people actually here and dying, but that had to fuck you up. Vinny wondered if anyone ever really thought about that.

Vincenzo leaned down for his bag, paused, held one hand up, and moved slow. Kimiko had been courteous enough to do that to set him at ease, so he should return the favour. After a second, out came his water bottle, and he took a sip.

"So my best friend died yesterday," he said, absently. "I was there when it happened. Know who did it. Could try find him if I wanted. Just I don't see the point. Like, why waste the energy on hating Alessio? Could have been anyone," he resumed his spot resting on his arms and closed his eyes for a second, reopening them when he remembered he wouldn't be able to tell if Kimiko was talking. "Fun time adventures in deathsmurderton, right?"

Seediq Bale
The level of murder in Kimiko's vicinity was remaining at what was apparently an all time low. Enzo wasn't reassured, although realistically if she really wanted to kill him, then she probably would have done it already. She was armed—had to be—and Enzo was not. Vaguely, he remembered something in one of the pockets of his bag. A knife? He'd still never actually got it out other than to move it away from the rest of his stuff, cause he didn't want to reach in for a water bottle and shitty food and get stabbed by his own gear, thanks.

Point was, Vincenzo wouldn't have bet on himself in a fight here.

She backed up a bit, there was a little awkward miming. Vinny did not relax even slightly but vaguely appreciated the gesture, and also felt vaguely bad that Kimiko had a language that he didn't speak.

Enzo went ahead and sat, spinning one of the desk chairs by the chess set and plunking down on it in reverse, leaning their arms on the back.

"I don't know how this would feel, I guess, but if you have things you need to get off your chest, feel free to sign," Vinny sighed, resting his cheek on top of his arms. "Sorry, that's kind of shitty, isn't it? Telling you to speak a language I don't understand. If you want I could talk Italian at you, Snake, make it a two-way fuckup of a conversation."

He tried to smile. Almost.

It's a Snap
She connected, and then again.

The tiniest piece of her, beneath the focus and beneath the frustration, was just the littlest bit satisfied. Toby didn't really do the measuring up thing, but as one of the few members of her own weight class at club, she couldn't help wondering. How would she do against some of these guys in non-sparring, in not just rolling? Full contact just didn't happen in training—which made sense, it was just guys like Jerry taking things too seriously and then getting sat down.

So she'd speculated a bit. And honestly, she'd thought she could take Jerry, and here she was, taking it out right on his smug prick face-

The knife slid cleanly between her ribs.

It did not exit nearly so cleanly.

The blade tore out as she ripped herself backward, crying out in alarm and pain. Something ruptured and all the biology and school in the world couldn't tell her what it was over the burning agony in her chest. Her hands went to the wound, like that could staunch the flow—and maybe it could, maybe that would prevent the blood from pouring out, but it couldn't mend what had been punctured.

Toby's eyes, wide as saucers, fixed on Jerry.

She tried to think of some remark to spit at him.

She tried to think of what apology she could make.

She tried not to think of what would happen to her family without her.

Her mouth filled with blood as she fell to her knees, and then slumped to the side.


Seediq Bale
Kimiko looked at him.

She didn't launch herself across the room to visit bloody murderisation upon him, so that was... nice. Enzo supposed. He didn't think anyone could blame him for being worried, given the circumstances. Kimiko had done that before. Done, well, murders.

She'd killed Bradley, for instance. Solid gold pain in the ass, but hardly deserving of dying on a shitty island in the middle of nowhere.

Probably, he would've appreciated shitty jokes being made at his expense. That was very Bradley.

He was also ice-cream husband's cousin. Kimiko had killed Brady's relative, and it was... difficult to know how to feel about that. Kimiko didn't look threatening to Vinny. On the other hand, you didn't need to look threatening if your reputation preceded you. People didn't just go 'whoops dearie me!' and accidentally kill three times.

If asked who amongst his class he thought would become a multi-murderer, Vinny would have retorted by asking what the fuck was wrong with the questioner to even have that in their head.

He also knew that he wouldn't have picked Kimiko.

She still hadn't moved.

"Uh. Hi, Snake."

Vinny took a step inside and shrugged off his bag, slowly and nonthreateningly.

"Just so you know, I'm on a pretty firm 'no-stabbing' platform right now. Key part of my campaign actually. Not doing stabbing."

It's a Snap
There was definite satisfaction in landing a solid punch. Jerry tried to ride it, but he didn't move enough. She didn't smile—tight, razor focused. It had gone from Jerry being annoying as fuck to being a fight.

Toby could do fights.

And that, quite likely, was why she didn't calm, or deescalate, or take things less seriously. Because this wasn't an argument anymore.

Jerry was still talking, saying something, but she didn't listen and didn't care.

She'd already rolled into a combination, leg kick, jab cross straight cross.

Shut up, Jerry.

It's a Snap
Toby didn't shout, she didn't yell.

She didn't even really change expression.

She just pulled back a fist and swung it straight at Jerry's face.

It's a Snap
He just kept talking. Not even just talking, but continuing to make idiotic jokes about idiotic shit—cause hey, this was the greatest time to make movie references, wasn't it?

"Shut up, Matt," as much attention as he was going to get right now.

A logical Toby might have said she was stressed out—like normal. She might have explained that she was worried sick about her younger sibilngs and her parents back home. She may have begrudgingly apologised, attempted to refocus, return to their goals.

She wasn't.

Jerry was taller than her, just barely. It didn't stop her from lunging forward and grabbing two fistfuls of his shirt.

"I am this close to ruining your fucking day, all right? Shut the fuck up before I make you."

Seediq Bale
((Enzo continued from Shock Me))

By the time Enzo got a name for the not-face of mystery-murderer 2k16, he'd kinda stopped caring.

Okay, that wasn't true. Vinny cared about what had happened with Cameron. He cared a hell of a lot because he wasn't a psychopath. What Vincenzo didn't care about was Alessio Rigano. What was the point? He'd already killed Cameron. There wasn't anything Vinny could do to change that, and heck, maybe it would mend the gaping empty pain in his stomach if he tracked down Alessio and kicked his ass ten times over. But probably not. Almost definitely not. She'd still be... gone. One of his best friends. Enzo had better things to do than chase him down.

He just had to, y'know, come up with them.

He hadn't got very far. What he'd managed today was to pin down the feeling that this was more of a guy day. Enzo wasn't sure yet if it was a guy few days, but at this stage, he'd probably be lucky to make it as long as reassessing that. So, huzzah for when Enzo had 99 problems and gender and sexuality was only like 80 of them, tops.

Something shattered in a room nearby. Enzo jumped.


Fuck it.

"Hey, who's in there-shit."


It's a Snap
He called her 'Noods' again.

He said she was being a bitch.

Yeah, fuck the peacemaking and fuck Jerry. Fuck his coping mechanisms and fuck this.

Toby straightened, and then twisted around.

One step forward.

"Say that again. Go on. Go ahead. Go. Ahead."

It's a Snap
Hands on her knees, Toby proceeded to straighten up and fix Jerry with a baleful glare. Oh good, they had food. Oh good, Travis hadn't either killed anyone or be killed. Those were just peachy. Sure they were better than the alternative, but the rest was hardly something to be flippant about. Call it gallows humour or just Jerry being an insensitive dick—frankly she'd ceased caring. It wasn't funny. Jerry wasn't funny.

"Okay, how about I just get my magic fucking carpet and fly us all home? I didn't realise I wasn't allowed to get pissed off!" there was a second where, glancing back to her bag, she was tempted to pick it up and just move on. Then she remembered that it was Jerry who had followed her in the first place in spite of her moving quickly, who was still here, still smarming at her, and her irritation got a second wind. "Do you not get it, Jerry? Do you seriously not fucking get it? How the fuck are you making light of people being dead?"

Back home, people were depending on her. It'd been two, three months of crunching the numbers, busting her ass with the budget to even be able to go on this trip in the first place, to make sure her family would be okay whilst she was... away.

She kicked her bag, picturing Jerry's head.

It's a Snap
((Toby continued from Ain't Nobody Got Time For This))

More time, more death, and still no Travis.

Toby had managed to eat. Hurray for Toby—she was now functioning on almost a good a level as she would have been back home. Twice in one day, even.

What she hadn't succeeded in was actually doing anything. No people, no supplies and no ideas. She may as well have sat in the bell tower sucking her thumb for as much good as it would have done her. Same amount of accomplishments. Nothing. Nothing. Fucking. Nothing.

The company wasn't helping. In fact, the company was on the verge of getting its throat ripped out.

The cove was barren and empty.

"Why is nobody ever fucking anywhere!?" Toby flung her bag off her shoulder in frustration. She was about to lose her shit. Tired, haggard—she was trying, she was doing her damn best and that was supposed to be good enough. Not this limbo, not sitting around and hearing more and more names added to the dead each morning.

V6 Third Announcement
I feel Toby has a few cool places left to go with how things are, and there are some opportunities I'd enjoy exploring - so, I would love a hero a lot.

That having been said; I don't really have anything lined up for death and so on if no save is forthcoming so go ahead and drop me a line if you're interested in the final countdown.

Shock Me
Vanessa responded by cursing them out again and then kicking a box. It went airborne, barely clipped Enzo as they dropped their arm and it bounced off their shoulder. Didn't hurt, either; no weight to it without anything inside. Really, the whole thing was more frustration than violence, just the same as Vinny, taking out just some small fraction of emotion on something else.

But as much as that, as much as Enzo knew that, they didn't care any more. The switch was flipped. Vanessa had done nothing but belittle and blame them when Cameron was laying there, dead on the floor. She was dead, and no amount of screaming and swearing and picking her up and cradling her was going to make the slightest fucking bit of difference.

Vinny stooped, picked up their bag from its spot on the floor, and swung one strap over their shoulder.

"I'm sure you'll figure something out," they said. Low, tight with anger. "Bye."

They headed for the doors and didn't look back.

((Enzo continued Seediq Bale))

Ain't nobody got time for this
Toby wasn't fond of how much Jerry was playing with that gun. Maybe she'd be more enthusiastic if she had one, although she didn't want to admit as much. Kind of hard to say, wasn't it? Wasn't as if Toby had ever spent much energy on thinking 'if I was in a lethal situation, would I rather have a gun or not?'. Being armed didn't make her feel much better either. Toby had barely spared a glance at the knife that had shown up in her bag. Didn't want to use it, didn't want to think about using it. She was trained, wasn't she? Better to defend herself using her fists and grappling than with a weapon she didn't know the first thing about other than 'stab them'.

"Just relax, Matt."

She felt no confidence and conveyed less in her voice.

"I bet we can keep an eye out for... well, whoever you might want to see, too."

Toby didn't feel up to a reassuring smile, she just nodded, pushing herself back to her feet. She rubbed some feeling back into her legs, and then paused.

"And stop calling me Noods, Jerry," she said, before backing off from the doorway and setting off at a run.

((Toby continued elsewhere))

Ain't nobody got time for this
Yes. Jerry. Thanks. She got it.

This was stupid. This was hopeless. This was throwing a dart at the wall blindfolded and hoping for a bullseye. Travis could be anywhere. This wasn't a small island. She. Got it.

But if she didn't stay in motion, she was going to go insane. The next step was already leading her somewhere off a cliff, she didn't need the people she was with kicking the foundation out from underneath her.

Toby crouched down. Any other day and she'd be telling Jerry to shut the fuck up for calling her 'Noods'. Sounded like nudes for one thing, and for another, she didn't even like him calling her Noodle in the first place. Only reason she even let it slide was because he came to club. Kind of a dick move to tell someone in club that they couldn't use her club nickname. Any other day, and she wouldn't have been going insane trying to fit into her head that her friends were dead and dying and she couldn't find anyone better than Jerry freaking Fury to group up with. (Matt didn't count, because he was too much of an unknown quantity).

"I know, Jerry, but what's the other option? Not like we can text him, is it?"

She balled up a fist and clunked it lightly into the ground.

"Yeah, he would," to Matt, then back to Jerry "Yeah, we should."