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Bastard Mafia Fallout Thread
To speak of the elitist remark, you need to understand that my mafia background is a place where people are and were very blunt at all times. That's why I was forthright about it. I wasn't trying to call you, personally, an elitist, but the way that the 'weak' point was made, that was how it struck me.

I didn't mean to insult you, however. My comment was directed at your words, not at your person.

Bastard Mafia Fallout Thread
There's very little way that Vyse and/or Doc could be the final players left, because the nature of their roles virtually confirmed them as town right off the bat. It's not a matter of me saying 'okay it's unwinnable because they're BP', it's me pointing out that for them to be the final players left, the anti town factions would need to specifically manuevere around them being confirmed town or close enough to confirmed as makes no difference, all the while avoiding getting caught in any way themselves.

The mentor/mentee didn't shoot goose because there was almost no way of us otherwise thinning the town numbers, especially with two bulletproof players, as I mentioned already. Also, cult would be opting into recruiting somebody who would certainly die, which is rough to do when you don't have every night recruitments.

Bastard Mafia Fallout Thread
I'm going to be blunt in the interests of getting my point across; this game was very town sided. Specifically, I mentioned this to some extent already, but it was almost impossible for the SK duo to win. Vyse couldn't die and got his PR softened twice. Doc couldn't die and didn't have the actual drawbacks of treestump. I, had I not been recruited, was also one shot bulletproof. Town had a whole cadre of power roles (including two point five flavours of cop and two flavours of doc) and little to inhibit it - the cult's failsafes included one of their two members needing their leader to die and their leader dying if a townie died. Goose was essentially both unrecruitable (because he'd immediately show up as cult) and confirmed town immediately.

It didn't matter since the rest of the cult was dead but Ricky shouldn't have been recruitable - if a cult member can be stolen that outs the entire cult.

So yes, I'm not trying to be overly harsh here, but town had all the cards in their hand.

Edit: Also me being recruitable by the mentor meant that it was impossible for me to win.

I wanna be king of the pirates!


I wanna be king of the pirates!

Bastard Mafia Game Thread

Bastard Mafia Game Thread

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Oh my god, you suck.

It is mafia slang for a minimal-logic 'You voted me so now I am voting you', or 'Because you said I'm scummy, that makes you scummy'.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
It's not the pushing of Toben inherently that is provoking that reaction from me, it's the manner by which you have been doing it. I can certainly see the logic, albeit I disagree with it. Of course, I have a different angle in that regard because I've known Toben's alignment and role since the beginning, and of course I'd really rather not die. That's all largely a given. What I have disliked and consistently highlighted is the way you've portrayed the situation in your posts. It looked very engineered, and like I've mentioned previously, when you have a known vigilante who can be judge/jury/executioner, the impression I get isn't 'Town looking to clear the waters'. It's 'Non-town trying to get a vig to go off half-cocked'.

The post about Prim was just a reference to the fact that they've been on-and-off pushing me as scum from the moment I sent any suspicion their way. OMGUS at its finest.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Jan 25 2016, 01:44 AM
Jan 24 2016, 08:33 PM
Jan 24 2016, 04:55 PM
That's not entirely true, 'cause as you said here.

I'm just going to say what it is anyway.

I am The One Who Understands, Private Investigator. At night, I can target one player to investigate. Upon the conclusion of the night, I will learn if my target is cult aligned or not.

Now you know why I am trying to find out who may be cult. And I know someone who is a part of the cult or may be the cult leader.

You can't see if they're an SK or not. So if there's an SK they wouldn't need to kill you straight away.
We're ignoring the increasingly-obvious holes here then?

I think it's pretty clear by now that Prim has something funky going on/hasn't been quite forthcoming about her role.
Posted Image
I have no idea what you're trying to say.

This milling around from Prim is getting old.

Penguin not!town reading Pippin has little bearing on his alignment. Penguin is good enough to obfuscate and was a usurper.

Hey, I know it'll be later, but I'm planning on compiling all my information and reads into a big post that'll be posted up this evening, so look out for that.

2nd-3rd time you've done this.

Conflicted. Kinda think MK is clever scum, or obvious cult choice. :-/

Flare = okay though.

RE: Kilmarnock. I had no strong feelings but his play today has set me off badly.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
I, too, would like to lynch everyone red.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
OH. It's bolded beneath.

Well. Nevermind.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Quick google-fu indicates that Speaker = leader?

Very nice.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Jan 24 2016, 08:42 AM
Well, there is a chance that I might get recruited by cult tonight or mafia/serial killer might kill me, I still want MW to get lynched. I'm still positive about you being cult and I think that Namira might be as well. I just have a feeling and it's making me uneasy. I'm starting to think that there is no mafia (probably) and that there is only a serial killer. I just think a lot of people are being too quiet and it is making me uncomfortable.

Actually, has there been a game with only a serial killer and townies before?
Here is my level of surprise:

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
MK Kilmarnock
Jan 22 2016, 01:14 AM
With slightly less flourish, I wasn't really on board with Elena's argument because it really just seems like she's trying to save her own skin (plus I'm starting to get it in my head that she and Toben are in cult-cahoots with each other), but now that you mention it, it's really not worth it to nab Toben if he's not the leader, and take out a POSSIBLE townie when we could be going straight for the leader.

Which, now that I go back and read, you're thinking Penguin?
Just gonna point out how idiotic it would be to drag a teammate under the bus WITH you, as anti-town.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Yeah I got awakening on monday and beat it yesterday.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Fremblem's pretty fun.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
MK Kilmarnock
Jan 20 2016, 02:31 AM
Somehow I think what we're REALLY discussing here is your unwillingness to die.

... Which is pretty fair.

What's more fair, actually, is that I forgot to consider the difference between how lynches and daykills work. I think what you're saying is that if we daykill Toben, you're probably dead by night's end where if we lynch him, at least we have another day with you. So, sure, it would be better to lynch him rather than shoot him. At the same time, let's not ignore the potential upside which comes at the expense of losing you (but we also have no idea if you're actually town, soooooo). We get proof of the validity of Toben's claims only once he's dead, or somehow get all the details as to Boogie or Prim's powers (which, again, generally only happens upon death).

I'm for a Penguin claim. We haven't heard from her in kind of a long while though. Combing through, her last post was ten days ago (it was a vote for Boogie, which probably looked pretty good at the time). Now that I think of it...

Turtle, what's the status on Penguin's activity?
No, that's not how lovers work. It doesn't matter how Toben dies, I will die at the same time.

I'm not stating that there would be no upside. Objectively I can see one. Objectively I can also see that the numbers game makes the extra information not worth it, ESPECIALLY when there's a cult which can render the 'proof' of Prim and Boog's roles absolutely moot.

That's twice, now, that you've sidestepped the real negatives to what you're proposing - saying 'oh well maybe you're not town' doesn't cut it.

I have a bad feeling about your last two posts.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
See I was going to just be a little bit sarcastic because like... so far as I'm seeing, no, everyone doesn't want to play russian roulette on losing two townies for the price of one.

But like, now even moreso than before, that is an incredibly leading statement, implying that a course of action so cavalier has more support than it actually does, which is pretty dangerous when you're discussing a daykill rather than a lynch.

No, I ... really really don't like that post. It ignores the consequences of killing a townie in favour of playing up the benefits.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
MK Kilmarnock
Jan 19 2016, 06:50 PM
So basically, here's my deal: I'm not cult. I think Prim likely is, possibly in tandem with Pippin. Everything there lines up perfectly. Prim was roleblocked night two, as claimed. Pippin was roleblocked last night. They're backpedaling incredibly hard because Boogie's claim exposes the entire situation and catches out two members at once since Prim mistakenly cleared Pippin on a night she was blocked.

So if Goose shoots you and we get your flip, we know the path to go down. Sounds reasonable to me.


FoS: Kilmarnock