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Sona going into partnership with Mundo's shose shop I see.

Sub-Area Description: Courtyard
The plexiglass of the courtyard's main entrance has been riddled with cracks, spanning out from a distinct bullet hole.

Mass Destruction
It turned into a mess of struggling grappling. Theo was all flailing limbs, wriggling this way and that as Kammy tugged and pulled herself. Not losing her grip, but not gaining ground either. Dammit he was strong - she should've expected him to pull something like this, backed out as soon as she realised who the guy was, or at least hidden things better.

Bianca was there now too, running interference between them. Not appreciated. Bianca was naive to who Theo really was, not naive to Kammy... but Kam knew why she herself had done what she had, barely came out ahead of Theo, morally, but he was the damned aggressor here-

A slithering finger slipped underneath the trigger guard, over Kam's hand, and before she knew what had happened, the gun was firing once, twice, three times, shots ringing in her ears and deafening her. Kammy couldn't help flinching, and Theo took the opportunity to bolt. Kam's hand snapped up and on instinct she fired at Theo's fleeing back. The shot was wild, wide, slamming into the plexiglass wall alongside the aviary's entrance, creating a crazy mosaic of cracks. He was gone before she could adjust her aim.

"Bianca that was Th- Bianca!"

Rio Bravo
((Sunny continue from The Farmer and the Viper))

Cho was more than happy to have had the revolver taken away from her, still shaken to the core from what had happened. Didn't matter that Paris had checked and rechecked the cylinder - he'd said it wasn't loaded the first time either. Sunny was trying to tell herself over and over that Katy had tried to kill Paris, that there hadn't been any other option, and besides, she hadn't even known in the first place. Justifications...It all rang terribly hollow, Sunny couldn't help but think of that one sketch - 'Are we the baddies?'

She didn't feel like a good guy.

Paris was a constant reassuring presence. She knew that he was coddling her and treating her with kid gloves, but she could deal with that whilst she was feeling so emotionally fragile. However, Cho was aware that she was going to have to face up to all this sooner rather than later, regardless of how fucked up. Christ. Losing her best friend and becoming a killer in the space of five days? It felt unreal.

Cho still keenly felt the loss of Gabby whenever a passing thought brushed against her friend. She hadn't even had the chance to say... anything to her. They'd been next to one another on the plane, talking about the first things they'd do once they arrived at Disney, discussing what their next set might be. Nothing more than that, no opportunity for Cho to say 'hey, you mean a lot to me' or... or... dammit that was a stupid train of thought. Gabby knew that, she HAD to have known that. It didn't need to be said, Cho couldn't beat herself up over it.

She did so anyway.

Cho stuck close beside Paris as they ventured into the building. A sign of civilisation was a nice change from the trees, nevertheless that didn't stop a rising feeling of apprehension in the pit of Cho's stomach. She'd barely seen another person since this all began. Just the group not long after waking up that she'd split from, then Paris, then Katy. Paris had asserted that he'd back her up when it came to her name being on the announcements, but what if they weren't in the mood to talk with a killer?

Sunny wanted to cling to and toss away the gun she'd been given all at once.

Mass Destruction
Bianca had picked up on the hitch in Kam's voice. Dammit. She couldn't afford to be giving those kinds of signals. She usually covered them up better, too; just tough to maintain a perfect front when she was under so much damn stress.

Best to try and salvage it.

Kammy put on the most genuine smile she could muster, easily practiced from hours on the stage. "It's nothing," she told the other girl. "Just Noah's not someone I reco-"

Definitely-not-Noah lunged for her, crossing the gap between them faster than Kam would've thought possible. Her hands were snapping up, and she might even had been shaping to fire on instinct, fire knowing that whatever Kam had done, Theo WAS a killer, and multiple times at that, knowing that that was one bullet she wouldn't feel guilty about firing-

Theo cannoned into her and Kammy stumbled, rocked, but stayed on her feet. Theo was taller than her, but he was skinny, Kam had the weight and a lower centre of gravity. Thin, grasping hands wrestled for the pistol, and Kammy clung to it grimly, the pair stumbling back and forth. Couldn't let go, not if she ever wanted to see Michelle again.

"Fuck off!" she barked succinctly, trying to stamp on Theo's foot.

Sub-Area Description: Haunted House
You can't have a character remove items from an area without them having physically visited the area in a thread.

New V5 Reduced Activity Notices
I just got two BSODs and multiple error messages.

So... if I suddenly vanish that's why.

Mass Destruction
No new information. Well, new, just not of the type that would let Kammy track Michelle down any better. Good to know that her girlfriend had people with her, still - Kam had started to worry that the entire group might have just peeled away, after her talk with other Cammy. It was at least a little to go on. That's how she had to look at all this, learning a little more each time, and hey, a couple days ago Kam hadn't known anything at all, so she was getting somewhere.

She had to, had to believe that she was getting somewhere.

Kam gave Bianca a slight nod. "That's fair. Guns sure aren't anything to laugh about," Kammy's was still held down at her side.

Bianca turned, called to whoever she was with. After a moment, they revealed themselves and Kam paused a moment. Noah, Noah... that really didn't ring a bell. Her head tipped to the side as she tried to place the boy. He looked familiar, weird for Kammy to recognise somebody and not remember their name. Noah... the name didn't seem to stick to the face.

It clicked.

Because that wasn't his name.

Under normal circumstances, it might have just been a case of it being someone Kammy only very vaguely knew, because they didn't really run in the same circles and only shared a couple classes. Where they were, what had happened, on the other hand... that made certain names stick in the head, and along with those names came the faces.

Theo, Theodore Fletcher, a triple killer - he'd done Kam one better, and spread apart at that. One accident, one crossfire, maybe that could be justified. Three?

Kam forced herself not to take a step back. He'd lied about who he was deliberately, trying to catch Bianca - and her, off guard. Why though, why deceive just one person and not try and kill someone who was unarmed? There was an angle here, and she couldn't figure it out.

"Hi, Noah," Kam said the name, hid her scepticism. "It's Kammy, if you didn't catch that."

She had to get out, and quick.

The Farmer and the Viper

Fine, good, and all right died in her throat. Cho really didn't feel any of those things right now.

"Not hurt," was all she could truthfully conclude, though Paris had drawn his own conclusion already. A violent shiver ran down her spine for a moment as he talked. A slim part of Sunny almost thought that maybe it was a good thing that Paris had made a mistake, or else she wouldn't have been able to...

A wave of nausea swept up Cho's body and she had to clench her teeth to stop herself from throwing up. What the actual fuck, though? Yeah, sure was great that she'd been able to shoot someone and then kick them in the head so hard she wasn't sure if she'd broken a toe.

"Yeah," she said quietly. "I saw."

She wanted out of here. It'd turn out okay, right? There'd be... some kind of solution to all this, some kind of operation by the marines or... something, and she'd just stick with Paris until it all blew over.

And then Cho would go home and solve world hunger, then cure cancer to boot.

((Sunny Lee continued elsewhere))

Mass Destruction
There was a near-immediate response, and it was sardonic as fuck. Kammy bit her tongue to stop herself from retorting; it wasn't like she'd been standing there and claiming to be amazingly awesome because she could see some silhouettes. It was a precaution, that was all, so they didn't think she was sneaking up on them or something.

The source of the voice stepped out into the open, and Kam was all set to breathe a sigh of relief until she realised that just because she recognised someone didn't mean that someone was safe. Fuck! What had happened to NOT thinking that kind of thing? Out the window round about the same time Alex had taken an iron bar to her head.

Regardless, Bianca was someone Kammy knew, at least. Sort of anyway, they weren't friends, just acquaintances. They didn't really run in the same circles so that was about all that she could-

She knew something about Michelle.

"Wait, you were with Michelle? How long since she left? Which way did she go? Who was with her?" it all came out in a flood of concern and anxiety, and she forced herself to stop, tripping over her own words. "I... crap. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to go all- I just really want to find her, is all," another pause, and then Kammy held out her hand, palm flat. "And uh, I know what the announcements were saying it's... it's not what it sounded like."

Janie Sinneave
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Oh hey guys, allow me to show up super-late to the HOLY SHIT MASS EFFECT IS FUCKING AWESOME party.
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Why only one Swap and Hero card?
As above. It's to prevent zerg rushing and people writing other characters just to take bullets.

The Farmer and the Viper
Sunny's foot was numb. It was hard to plant it on the ground.

Katy had outright cursed her- them with her dying breath. Cho's family, or at least her mother and maternal grandparents, had taught her the concept of karma. She wasn't sure if she believed in it, but if want went around, came around... then she was going to be due some retribution.

Cho looked down at Katy's body and the coughing, spluttering Paris. She wanted to go and check and see if he was okay, and found herself frozen. She felt like she was going to just throw up right there. The gun had been loaded- she didn't... how had the gun been loaded? Paris had told her he'd taken all of the bullets out - that thought kept circulating over and over. That wasn't supposed to happen, everything about it was wrong.

But she'd done the right thing, hadn't she? Katy had wound up trying to KILL Paris, if Sunny hadn't done something, he would've been strangled to death. It was the right thing to do, it was the right thing to do...

Great. Killing people, the right thing. What was she, some kind of supremacist?

Paris got up and wound up coming to her. Swung them around. Sunny didn't want to be swung around. She wanted to keep looking; to look away was to just ignore that it had happened, and it had happened. She leaned into the hug anyway.

"You're... you're welcome. Christ."