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Fantastic milestone
Dang, I need to stay a step ahead of them.

Fantastic milestone
Making a thread for this type of thing is my tradition.

Fantastic milestone
*glances down at the bottom of the board*

Give it a second. I'll wait.


As of what's probably a couple of days, maybe a day ago, we've just surpassed 100,000 posts as a board.

That's... wow. That's to be frank phenomenal. 100,000 posts in 6 years (well, and a third) of the board's existence. Incredible.

Thanks to everyone who got us over that line.

And here's to the next 100,000!

Rugga's Shutter!
The lynx is adoraaaaable.

I mean uh. Great photography skills! ^__^

SOTF Death Battles
Right, I thought so. In that case some wiki editing is required.

SOTF Death Battles

Steve Digaetano (did his name get changed? If so it's still Digaetano on the wiki, for reference) vs. Nick LeMonde

Dan Liu
Okay Dan is mostly good, I just have a couple of issues I'd like to see fixed before approving him.

During middle school, he was relatively popular. He mostly became popular due to his participation on the basketball team. This continues to the present. He tends to make lots of jokes to other guys, although they can sometimes move into the realm of the mean-spirited. These jokes didn't have a negative effect on his popularity due to many people being fine with it as long as it wasn't directed at them. With girls, he tends to be more reserved and makes sure to be respectful.

I'd like to see his 'respectful' views towards girls to come in a little earlier in the profile. In addition, I'm not 100% sure why someone who s stated to be as gregarious and easygoing as Dan wouldn't pick up on the fact that he could upset people. Either way, I'd like to see some more elaboration on the 'joking' part. Is he just insensitive? Is he trying too hard?

Socially, he’s still pretty popular. He tends to hang out with other sporty kids. He started dating as a sophomore, but hasn’t done it too much due to being afraid of rejection. This is mainly due to having relationships that will last awhile, the shortest being two and a half months, and then he'll avoid dating for long periods due to hating breakups. He’ll normally say he’s trying to be respectful by not getting in a girl’s face if she doesn’t seem interested.

This entire section is really confusingly phrased. I don't really understand what's being said here. He started getting romantically involved in sophomore year, and then...? The whole part needs some restructuring because right now I'm struggling to see what you're getting at. Dan doesn't like break-ups is about all I can get out of this right now.

In terms of schoolwork, Dan does well. He gets mostly As with a few Bs, notably in history classes. This is partly due to a lack of interest, but also due to a lack of study skills. He normally does not have to work as hard in other classes. Other classes come easily to him. Plus, he also chose not to take advanced classes due to not wanting to work as hard. He takes some business classes, such as accounting, as electives. He plans to major in business at the University of Seattle, seeing the degree as something that has widespread need.

Can you expand a little on this? I'm getting the impression that he gets good grades because he takes easy classes, for the most part, right? In this case you need to expand a little bit on Dan's slacking tendencies, as that hasn't really come up previously in the meat of the biography.

Disadvantages: His tendency to go too far in his joking would lead to some guys as seeing him as hostile. He also has rather inaccurate views on women in thinking they wouldn’t be aggressive.

I'd like to see a couple more fleshed out advantages/disadvantages in general, but both of the current disadvantages need some more expansion in the biography, as I mentioned earlier. He seems to have a lot of quite interesting views on women that are never particularly brought up at length.

SOTF Death Battles
Well. I'm going to feel a little bad for not writing an essay here.

On the other hand, I don't think it's necessarily correct to assume that this is taking place IN the Garden. That's not the indicated zone for the fight, and I'd in fact argue that setting it up in the Garden is actively giving Liam an advantage. That, in my opinion, doesn't change the actual result, but it's not neutral ground - it gives a psychological bonus and a terrain-knowledge bonus. It'd be effectively the same as saying X vs Y (in Y's hideout). So yeah, that's just a quick PSA from me. It would alter the course of the fight to an extent but I don't feel the ultimate result - however, this SHOULD be about the competitors, not about where it's happening.

For me, the deal is pretty straightforward. BB talks too much. He's arrogant and a significant proportion of his play revolves around, well, rendering people helpless so he can screw with them. I'd argue that to be fair Brooks has a track record of dwelling over neutralised opponents too - at least one kill I could think of isn't too far off BB levels of violence. But in general, the objectives aren't the same. If he needs to Brooks will still straight up try and kill someone. BB to my recollection is always making it a show.

So BB being anything but conventional scores him some points in a fight. He'll land his share of shots, for sure - Liam won't come out of this unscathed. On the other hand, there's a gulf in physical class and although BB has put a larger opponent on his back, his focus in game is always on his weapons, not a straight up fist fight. Brooks wins because he's far, far less likely than previous BB opponents to fall victim to a psychological scare tactic, far less likely to let BB's rep and appearance unsettle him, and also less likely, between the two of them, to let his guard down to gloat. BB loses because he's cocky, overestimates his abilities and won't cotton onto either mistake before it's too late.

The Realism Litmus Test Revived
Yeah, I'm on board with that sentiment, for sure.

In my opinion - as I've expressed before, realism and mary sueness is FAR more in how a character is played than how their profile is written in the majority of cases. I've seen fine profiles have MS (or unrealistic) writing attached to them.

Stylistic choices
I feel I have a bad habit of 'clarifying' what I write. Every other sentence seems to be working towards a 'but' where I'll maybe refine a little of what was already said. I also default towards 'not exactly' and so on quite a lot.

Scrolling Quote Suggestion Thread
I agree. Sometimes I feel that line gets pushed out there a liiittle too much - not in a bad way, just in the context that she didn't think it that many times, to my recollection, though it did reoccur.

The Mafia Waiting List
I'm not sure who's currently editing the list.

But please bear in mind that if someone hasn't run a game for quite a while (like a year plus), they shouldn't still be getting skipped.

Worst Cliches
(Moved to roleplaying discussion, cause it is one)

Worst Cliches
For me it's when someone is 100% set in their objective/strategy for the game within their first three posts.

Especially if that's playing.

(With the caveat that this CAN be pulled off well. It just usually isn't).