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Jessie, for a few moments, felt the tears welling up in her eyes. For Imraan to actually be here, in the flesh... not some kind of cruel mirage or dream (and on those rare occasions she'd snatched sleep, Jessie had dreamed of seeing both Imraan and DK), it was incredible and in many ways, almost too good to be true. She wanted to cry for everything that had happened, for what had happened to DK, for just... finding her friend, at long last.

But she wouldn't let herself. It wouldn't be fair to Imraan, not in the slightest. Hadn't he gone through the same things as she'd done? Heck, Imraan was in GODspeed, half of them were already dead, and Rachel herself had apparently gone the path of so many others and degenerated into murder. Crying wouldn't be fair on him at all. Jessie couldn't let any tears out, for his sake... she had to hold it together, stay strong.

It'd just be... selfish to do otherwise.

When Jessie looked up from Imraan's chest, she was dry-eyed. She managed a smile, which dropped when she heard his request.

"Oh oh! I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking at all," she loosened up... slightly, only really to the point where she wasn't in danger of imminently crushing Imraan's ribs. She didn't want to let go for a second.

"Is it... is it wrong of me to feel like things are okay now?" Jessie ventured tentatively, after a short while. "...I feel like it should be wrong."

So many people dead... DK included. Finding a moment of happiness seemed almost criminal when everyone around her was suffering.

Beyond Awkward
Rosa's heart was pounding as she awaited Jimmy's verdict on her little crock of bullshit. That he hadn't cut her off with a faceful of buckshot was one plus, the fact he was nodding like a spastic bobblehead was another. As each lie spilled out in turn, what became clearer and clearer was that... Jimmy was buying it. Holy fucking shit, the guy was actually buying it. Rosa tried not to let her relief show, maintaining her mask of earnestness, of the camraderie she alledgedly had with Jimmy. Just because he'd swallowed the bait didn't mean Rosa had landed the lie. She had to be careful, very careful. If she let anything slip then it was more likely he'd kill her now than ever.

So she kept eye contact and hoped and hoped and... Jimmy apologised. He apologised for walking in on her. Fuck. Yes. Okay, alright, that was good, that was step one. Now that he wasn't going to immediately blow her to shit, Rosa had to keep things going, maintain the relations. And that meant resisting snorting when he said he hadn't seen much. Yeah fucking right, so she should take it that Jimmy had another gun in his pocket. Still, at that moment, Rosa couldn't really have cared less what Jimmy had and hadn't seen. At that moment, she'd have stripped her skirt off without a murmur if it meant not dying.

Sad? Maybe. A little disgusting? Definitely. Survival was the priority LONG before dignity.

Deciding that telling Jimmy that she was thinking of him would be stretching the lie a little far, Rosa opted to shrug. "Somebody like you, I don't mind seeing anything," ... Wow. Really?

Then, Jimmy asked her what she'd been up to. Great, time for another lie, because 'looking for her siblings' was just going to have awkward implications and also raise the question why she was such a kindred spirit with Jimmy. After all, she was playing the angle that she was an outcast too, that had to include by family otherwise what was the point? Ilario was on the student council, he was... well, as far as Rosa could see actually fairly well connected as astonishing as that was. A plan formed. Rosa had learned the hard way how to think on the fly. She'd always had a natural talent for bullshitting, but years of lying around her siblings and father had got her to refine it into an art.

"Honestly, Jimmy, I was looking for somebody halfway competent to watch my ass. Tell you the truth it hasn't really been going so well, because nobody wants to touch my rep. ...Same boat as you, I guess," Rosa paused... figured that if she was going to sway him one way or the other, now was her chance. "Jimmy I..." she scrambled towards him on her hands and knees, wrapped her hands around his waist and pressed her cheek up against him. "...Let me come with you? Please?"




Was something poking her in the face?

Only a couple of days to go. Let's get our skates on folks.

Introduction Thread
Oh hai newbies. ^^

Mitadake High/Pryce High

Not hugely exciting, but my first in pretty much forever. Like it purely because I played a pretty dang good game.

I'ma Chisato.

Spoiler: click to toggle

Irony: Green was dead at the point I announced anyway. Note that I messaged Rino twice, first to tell her that gray had died, next that pink had attacked me and that I needed help.

You can consider me back, I guess. It's not like I really went anywhere. I've done with exams for now, so I'm at least not getting a school/personal life double whammy anymore, which means I should be able to make time for SOTF from here on.

Thanks to everyone that put up with my 'absence' whilst still hanging around on chat - and thanks to everyone for their support. Things are bit rough right now, and you guys have been a huge boost to me. I don't expect my issues to be resolved instantaneously, but I've got a plan in mind (which I've probably bored you with far too many times already), and so that's what I'm going to set out to meet. However things pan out, I'm hugely appreciative of everything you guys have done for me, even if it's just been a few kind words.

Gotta agree, SLR is starting to get stupid unreliable.

...Also I don't like our constant 'guests'

((Nothing But Soundwaves))

And at last, her legs and her back and her leaden arms just couldn't bear the weight any longer. Kris Hartmann collapsed in a heap. Etain's body, carrying it as she'd been, landed on top of her and drove what little wind was left in her lungs out. She lay there on the ground for a while, she couldn't really say how long. Maybe it was minutes, perhaps it might even have been hours. Kris couldn't feel anything to tell the time and the discomfort by... so what did it even really matter?

She felt numb. Empty. Why the hell had Ilario fucking Fiametta not just finished the job? He'd destroyed her heart, why the fuck hadn't he just killed her and been done with it? But no, he'd missed. Kris Hartmann lived. Or had an approximation of life, whatever you wanted to call it.

Live. Life. Alive. Simple not to. Just a little tug and... oblivion. Collar. Right there. Feel it... smooth, cool... one pull and...


I don't want you to be dead.

Kris shivered, trembled on the ground. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, face pressed into the dirt. Unless anybody were looking closely, she would have seemed for all the world like another dead body, covered in blood. The dead weight of Etain's corpse on top of her, masking her, smothering her. ...

Don't want...


...He's gone.

Gunfire. Ilario. Blood gushing. Can't...

Kris levered herself up onto her elbows, then her hands and knees. Etain slid off of her, hit the ground with a slight thud. Kris didn't look at him. She wasn't ready to do that. Instead, she tried to take stock, think rationally. That took a while. Kris' rationality was a little rusty.

She didn't have the gun loss anymore. She didn't have Reika's bag... how long ago had that happened? Swamp? Earlier? Kris couldn't remember. Her own bag... Etain had been carrying, gave it back to her. That was lost as well. ...Wait no. Hadn't she swiped up something? ...Kris didn't want to look. He was there, right next to her. Right next to whatever she thought she might have grabbed.

Kris sat staring off into the opposite direction for far too long, tears trickling down her cheeks, forming small runnels in the blood splattered all over her face. All over her, really. Kris' hair was tinged pink in places, simply matted with darkly dried blood in others. Her clothes (still those pilfered items from Amber) were no better.

Enough clothes... Etain. What I picked up.

She looked.

She burst into tears again.

Etain's throat was a bloody cavern, a pit of gore. He was smiling, but that expression was a grotesque mockery on a crypt pale face. It was frozen, dead, the emotion it once contained driven away by death. Kris couldn't help herself, apologies tripped from her, stumbling, frantic, in spite of her knowing that there was no way he could ever reach her. A couple of seconds later, she scrambled over, hugged the body tight.

"Etain I'm sorry I... I I'm sorry," Kris kissed him fervantly on the mouth, hard, feverish. Passionate, in some perverse way. Walking dead loving the restful dead.

January Mid-Month Rolls
Two. Each.

Can't really do anything for you Ricky cause you're not the person getting the dying done, sorry.

Just over a week for this.

January Mid-Month Rolls
Guys you have approximately three days to get these deaths done.

Stay Frosty
((If it comes up, feel free to skip me, guys, as per my away notice)).

As you've probably seen on chat, I'm going through a great deal of turmoil at the moment, something extremely personal has cropped up and I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to deal with it right now. I'm not sure it's necessarily a bad thing, but I'm very preoccupied with it all, and I don't know how much I'm going to be able to concentrate on the site. Basically just please please be patient with me if I'm slow and I'll be trying to keep up with everything in the meantime.

January Mid-Month Rolls
We return to our regularly scheduled lack of fluff.

#1. Julian Avery (Jonny) - (Crash - Roll Nullification Card Used)
#2. Sapphire McLeod (Dropbear) - Ben Powell (Corrupt Dropbear, Swap Card used)
#3. Ridley Landon (KingKamor)
#4. Charlene Norris (Decoy) - Jason Clarke (decoy73, Swap Card used)
#5. Jimmy Brennan (LittleBoy) - (Little Boy - Roll Nullification Card Used)
#6. Duncan MacMahon (SuperLlama)
#7. Victoria Logan (Yvaine)
#8. Jacob Charles (Inky)

As per usual, card playing time is three days (The 19th), whilst you have a further SEVEN days to get the deaths done. (26th).

And now, something that I'm not best pleased about having to do, but this is frankly getting a little bit ridiculous, so we're putting our foot down.


From here on, this is how we're going to go about it.

* We're still treating these subjectively and on a case by case basis. We're going to decide what warrants an extension. If you are 'busy', go into details unless it is a seriously personal issue, and even then, I would prefer if you PMed your most trusted staff member with the details. We don't like to intrude, but equally, life catches up with everyone to a greater or lesser degree. Just having a bit of extra schoolwork isn't going to cut it.

* We won't, however, be accepting reasons such as 'The person I want to do the kill is in another thread' - that's frankly just tough. We don't really care if it's the other person's fault, if they're not clearing their occupied thread IMMEDIATELY, then you're the one that should be looking into alternative avenues of death. Writer's block is also not a good enough reason unless you can qualify it with something else going on. Creatively drained does not mean you can't get up a death post. Will it be the ABSOLUTE BEST death you can do? No, but at least it'll be on time. Nothing says you can't spruce it up a little later.

* From here on, only your first extension will allow you to remain eligible for BKA/BDA. If you get two, then sorry, but you're no longer allowed to be in those competitions for this particular character. You took to long. If the second extension expires, then we're taking control of the death ourselves. Note that if you DON'T ask for an extension and go over the ten days, we're going to take the character off your hands.

Again, sorry for being a hardass on this, but the level of procrastination and the number of deadlines not being met have made this a serious issue. Hopefully we won't have to take your rights from you, but we will if you make it necessary.

That said, have fun with this round of deaths, folks.

With the exception of the scat, my stuff is more things I wouldn't want to write because I think I'd suck at it, rather than having a problem with it on principle. :P

Ah nevermind, missed one.

Slam is asking you, Holly.

And I'm going to take this moment that I would not like to write anything involving scat, vore, or BDSM.

Edit: That's right. I don't trust Kami one bit.

Okay, full house.

Random.org hath spoken.

The people on the left are making the requests of the people on the right.

Kami is asking ... Clue
KGarrett is asking... Dom
MK is asking... Slam
Casey is asking... KGarrett
Ban is asking... Rugga
Holly is asking... MK
Dete is asking... spoiler
Dom is asking... Dete
Laz is asking... Casey
Rugga is asking... Geno
Geno is asking... Laz
Clue is asking... Kami
Spoiler is asking... Ban
Slam is asking... Holly

I'm going to say our deadline is the 1st of February.

Beyond Awkward
If there was any slight consolation within all of this, it was that probably-Jimmy was apparently even more taken aback and shocked than Rosa herself. He stood there and gaped at her for a good long while, making her feel horribly exposed, before almost wrestling his gaze up to her face and locking eyes with her. Much as Rosa didn’t want to be ogled, that was infinitely preferable to maybe-Jimmy actually bringing that shotgun of his to bear.

Were Rosa not both scared out of her mind and still somewhat hot under the collar, she would probably have smirked at the effect she had on Jimmy. Poor guy most definitely hadn’t expected something like this. Hell, judging by his reaction, Rosa guessed that he hadn’t had too much experience of this sort of thing. Seeing a girl exposed, that was, not walking in on somebody whilst wielding a shotgun. Either way, it took Jimmy a while to compose to himself, in which time Rosa alternated between cursing her libido, hoping against hope she wasn’t about to die, and vaguely wondering if Junior was having a heart attack right about now.

She’d just decided that Junior had probably dropped dead the second she’d taken her shirt off earlier when Jimmy actually spoke to her, this time with something more coherent than complete babble. Rosa’s slender hope solidified a little. You didn’t introduce yourself to somebody that you were about to kill, right? Well… not unless you knew you’d been announced as a killer and were sadistic enough to want to scare your next victim.

Crap. Now she’d scared herself again. Her heart was hammering to an impossible beat as she zoned in completely on Jimmy. The shotgun was still down, it was still down. Christ, was he peaceful or just over confident? The guy was a mess, Rosa realised. He’d definitely had the shit kicked out of him, maybe more than once. The nose was the most obvious, of course, but everything about the guy just screamed that he’d been on the wrong end of a beating. Dirty clothes, bloodstained in some places. Yeah. Even if he was toying with her, Jimmy had been through hell already.

…Why was she even thinking about this? Beaten down or not, Jimmy had a shotgun, and just because he’d been injured didn’t mean she had to be sympathetic. He could shoot her in the face, if the fancy took him.

For a good few seconds past Jimmy’s introduction, Rosa remained silent, attempting to calm her mind to the point where she could actually formulate a reply. One that would encourage him not to shoot her, hopefully. Further silence, then… inspiration struck. Perhaps she’d heard of him. Perhaps Rosa had heard about Jimmy. Yes she had, nothing except the butt of jokes, nothing except about how incredibly annoying and mouthy he could be. But the question hadn’t been asked angrily or defiantly, slightly stumbling, maybe, but also…

A little proud?

He wanted her to know. He wanted to remind Rosa that he’d been on the announcements. That he’d killed… Phil Ward. Holy shit, the burly hockey player with a big time mean streak. Jimmy was pleased with himself, pleased that he’d managed to beat somebody like that. Which meant…

Pray you’re right, Rosalia, or you’re fucked.

“Of course I’ve heard about you,” Rosa had no earthly idea how her voice was so level. “Back home, you were practically the talk of the school. Seemed like everyone always had something or other to say about Jimmy Brennan,” Rosa hesitated, weighed up her options, then decided that if she was going to bullshit, it was probably best to lie as little as possible.

“Bad stuff, mostly,” before hastily adding. “But I never really believed it. See Jimmy… you’ve probably heard about me too, right? Rosa Fiametta? Of course you have. People talk about me all the time. And Jimmy… I think you and me are kind’ve the same. I mean… look at you, had the shit knocked out of you, but you’re still going, right? If everyone else was telling the truth, you’d be crying in a corner somewhere, but you’re not, because they’re full of shit, right?”

Rosa shifted around on the floor until she was kneeling rather than sprawled out. It made her feel a little less vulnerable. “And it’s the same for me, Jimmy. It’s just a fat chunk of nothing but fucking jealousy. They don’t like either of us because of what we have. Fuck, Jimmy, if you were some kind of pussy, would you have killed somebody like Phil Ward? No, you have to be a total badass to do that. And I can tell that you are just by looking at you.”

“So… yeah, Jimmy, I have heard of you. But it was all bullshit.”

It is, by the by, acceptable to request your own characters.