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Timothy "Tim" Questiare

Patrick Pennington
'kay. Approved.

I'd like to see more about Patrick's interest in Sci Fi novels when it gets around to submission for the game proper.

Disney Mafia Game Thread
Sorry for not being about, I've been busy.

Day ends, no lynch.

Night phase begins until the 1st at 20:00 GMT

When do you visit?
Only home ever.

I don't have anything that can access the net on the move, and school filters block everything/are for work and work ONLY.

What Inspires Your Characters?
Jan 27 2010, 04:19 PM

I made them both virgins, as I figured not everyone gets tail in high school (I certainly didn't...), and quite inexperienced in ways of the women. Another way to look at it, was it gives them something that girls who are 'playing' can twist them around their little fingers.
Well, that kinda went out of the window, didn't it?

Introduction Thread
Greetin's. Welcome to SotF. Nice to meet you both.

Reds are admins, blues are Senior mods, pale blues are juniors... just mods, according to some.

Bring issues to the mods via PM or float them on the chat (url=http://www.chatzy.com/183891065778]here[/url], password is faust), admins are in general quite busy.

Sig Freude
It doesn't strike me as too obnoxious, but this really isn't something that tends to bother me.

Let's face it, I'd be quite a hypocrit if I did get annoyed about it, lol.

Layla Lombardi
Okay, I'm going to bring down the hammer here.

Permamently denied.

The thing is, Layla's 'transistion' (for want of a better word) isn't covered here in enough detail, and nor are the reasons that led up for the desire for a change in gender. A psychological diagnosis of gender idendity disorder is required for any kind of sex reassignment therapy to begin, and there's not even the merest mention of that.

I find it impossible to believe that one day, Marco went from 'I am attracted to boys' to 'As a matter of fact, I want to be a girl' - which is more or less exactly how it's written into the profile. That just doesn't fly with me, not one bit. As well as that, there's almost no elaboration on the reaction of his/her parents, because I find it extremely hard to believe anybody would be liberal enough to be okay with something like this after only a short while.

Overall, I just think that this would need a ton of work to be approaching workable, and to be just plain blunt, I don't think this is the kind of character you should be concentrating on. Go with more normal people (that doesn't mean boring, just less out there, and build from there. Layla's concept isn't the kind you want to be running with in your first rodeo.

What the ...
Rosa Fiametta was a lazy rouser. Her lie-ins could stretch into mid-afternoon, often because the sleep itself hadn't started until the small hours of the morning. She didn't, mercifully, tend to get particularly hungover, but there was something very reassuring and pleasant about just dozing. However, that rule was usually waived where parties were concerned. The last place you wanted to be when some kid's parents came home was dead to the world in their bed.

She hadn't intended to go to sleep after having sex, more just have a little nap, but as Rosa returned to wakefulness, it seemed that the little nap had turned into a full length snooze. Still, Rosa didn't jump up or anything. Nobody was beating down the locked door, were they? If some kind of consequences were going to bear fruit from an... unfortunate place to fall asleep, they would have done already.

Rosa was about half awake when she felt movement on the bed she was lying on, and didn't do anything further than let out an incoherent murmur. The previous night had fallen very quickly back into place, because hey, this wasn't the sort of thing she forgot. Well, not in the space of a night, anyway.

Not long afterward, somebody said something that was indistinct to her. Still, it served to wake her up a little, and Rosa rolled over on the bed, offering a sleepy smile to the blonde girl - Charlene, looking down at her.

"Hey there good looking," Rosa said in a voice clouded by her drowsiness. "You're up early."

Introduction Thread
Don't worry about him. He's just a junior.

We were uh... a bit rough in uh... inducting them.

Yeah *shifty eyes*


Disney Mafia Game Thread
Vote Count:

Grim Wolf (2): MK, Kelley
Ciel (1): Leaky

Jeez, serious activity we have going on. *pokes game*

Jeananne Gilpatrick
*buried under mounds of detail*

My old friend still looks ship-shape, so I have no problem getting out my stamp and saying Approved.

Jessie Anderson
Changed my mind. Disregard what I said earlier.

Call Jessie a reserve.

Clu's Sims thread
Yeah, this isn't strictly speaking art, but I figured, hey, it is writing, right?

Anyway, I felt bad about essentially jacking the older Sims thread (not the SOTF Sims one) just to go on about my stuff all the time, so I decided I may as well make a nice shiny new topic for it.

I'll mostly just be posting links to LJ, maybe the occasional picture, but I'm not really big on making Sims 'just cause', so there you are.

Oh hey, look, a Riddell update.

Disney Mafia Game Thread
Grim Wolf

Oh, and 15 alive is 8 to lynch.

Disney Mafia Game Thread
Late, sorry, I've had stuff on my plate.

Needing to see more from Leaky and Grim Wolf, as well as Sunny to a lesser extent.


This night, all manner of parties leave their homes or their hideouts, intent on mischief, murder, and some altogether more noble aims...

Gaston was abroad that night, walking threw the streets, having to sternly remind himself he had a job to do every time he approached a reflective surface, as he was in danger of admiring himself for simply too long.

At the end of the street, a certain somebody caught his eye, a certain somebody by the name of D/N. Gaston raised an eyebrow, then swaggered his way up to the other, who regarded him with a singularly unimpressed look.

"Well hello there," Gaston drawled. "How I about I show yo-"

"Not interested," D/N cut him off. Gaston looked a little upset, but then brightened.

"Wait - I can show you my swordsmanship!" Gaston enthusiastically drew his weapon, accidentally impaling D/N in the process. "Oh, erm... sorry," Gaston edged away from the body, only to have a hand fall on him from the darkness.

"I did nothing!" he screamed, fleeing like a small girl, leaving a disgruntled Pigeon Army behind. After a moment, he fell to one knee, onto his face, and died.


Elsewhere, a confident Yossarian was out and about, sure that he would be safe from harm. Well, this, perhaps, was misplaced. Ursula came storming out of the darkness, swatting aside his attempts at defending himself with her tentacles, and in general doing her utmost to utterly murder him. The pair struggled for a few moments, then a shot rang out.

Yossarian stiffened up and collapsed, leaving a stunned Ursula to wonder what the hell had just happened. Not far off, Clayton twirled his moustache and grinned.

"I think you'll find that's my kill, good madam!" he chuckled, before making good his escape.


YET elsewhere, Jarke was standing on a street corner, hand cupped to his ear as he listened for... something. He could be heard, by anybody standing close (let's assume for the purposes of narration, we're hovering right behind him), to be muttering.

"Have to watch for the ticking... the ticking gives him away every time..."

However, Jarke wasn't paying much attention to his back, and as such was entirely unprepared for a roaring Beast to set upon him from behind! Jarke let out a shout, then rolled away from his ravening attacker to draw his sword, which looked altogether ineffective in the face of Beast's claws.

Sword rapidly knocked aside, a swipe of the claws ended Jarke right then and there, and Beast, satisfied, loped away.



D/N - Snow White. Town Doctor
Yossarian - Mickey Mouse. Jack of All Trades
Pigeon Army - Jadis. Cult Recruiter
Jarke - Captain Hook. Lyncher

Day... 5 begins, until the 27th at 20:00 GMT.

Amber Whimsy
Okay, I'm going to go ahead and say Approved.

However, you're also going to get a hefty caution about exactly how you use Amber's 'secrets'. Please try not to metagame too much, and be reasonable with it. Knowing some secrets won't equate to knowing every nuance of a character's backstory - especially if it's not something they'd talk about or happened a long time ago. Just be careful with how you use the advantage is what I'm asking. It's not a 'sense motive', it's 'Hey, did you know X slept with Y?' type stuff, on my understanding.

Disney Mafia Game Thread
Jeff, it's the night phase, stick a sock in it.

What the ...
Rosa loved it when her partners were vocal. To her, it meant that she had to be doing things right. If either person involved was silent or quite quiet, the whole thing lost all intimacy. It became strictly mechanical, and although Rosa had had (more than) her fair share of meaningless flings, even a one night stand did mean something... sometimes. Rosa wasn't going to say that making a few noises gave it some deep significance.

The Fiametta was almost tempted to stop fumbling about with the sex toy and just continue with the oral, especially with Charlene softly stroking her hair (surprisingly tenderly, Rosa was surprised the blond wasn't clenching a fistful), but it was what the other girl had said just a little earlier that made up her mind.

Take her? Sure can and sure will.

Rosa finally got the strap-on secured, giving it a tug either way to make sure it wouldn't slip from its position. It felt a little odd to have the weight of the fake cock at her crotch, but she quickly got used to the feeling. It wasn't the first time she'd used it, after all. She pulled her face back, then clambered up from her knees, onto the bed, and on top of Charlene.

"Alright, you ready?" Rosa asked, lining the strap-on up. "Just say the word."

SOTF Sims!
...huh, not sure why I didn't feedback this.

Bounce is a complete cutie. I think you've done a fairly good job with Brock, too, given the obvious limitations you have with regards to hair and the like.