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#6: Freedom or Bust
Lucy extricated herself from the argument with some difficulty. She'd said her piece and had being trying to steer the subject onto the important thing: what they were going to do next. Whether or she cared for Adam or his attitude was irrelevant. The guy had a point, and they didn't have time to waste in argument.

Lucy hadn't thought about exactly what she was getting herself when putting herself between Adam and Darnell. Both of them were armed after all, but fortunately, it hadn't been a problem. She counted herself lucky Darnell hadn't been startled or something and decided to pull the trigger. However, she was kept from dwelling on it when a voice spoke up, asking a question Lucy knew the answer to. When she turned around to find the source of the voice, Lucy found it was indeed her being looked to. It was the girl that had stumbled in most recently. What was her name? De... Den... Denise, that was it. Or she hoped so.

"Well... 'Drea already left," Lucy told Denise quietly. "Spoke about trying to find more students, help them get their collars off and all..." she trailed off. Come to think of it, hadn't 'Drea been recommending they move on if she wasn't back by ... well, this morning? Inamongst the altercations, Lucy had forgotten about the rendevous.

Oops... I hope she's okay... it would be awful for anything to have happened to her after all she's done to help us get out of here.

"'Drea said something about heading for the coastline, so that's where she probably is right about now."

Of course that was where Andrea would be. Lucy didn't need to get worried about her, right? She'd be fine. Heck, she'd probably even picked up her own group of students to accompany her. Lucy and the others would go to the coastline and wind up finding an entire other collar-less group, and then Andrea would ask them all what took so long.

...I hope...

#6: Freedom or Bust
As her initial shock and fear from Darnell's outburst drained away, Lucy found herself filled with another emotion that she'd been encountering rather a lot lately. Anger. She had managed to hold herself back earlier, at least with Adam, but as the winner of v1 talked, Lucy found herself becoming more and more enraged. There was focusing on the bigger picture, there was thinking about how they were going to get off the island alive, but then there was this...

Did he really think there had been no plan? Andrea had something in mind, Lucy was sure of it. Was it bad that they weren't putting anything in motion until as many people as possible were safe? The more collars that were removed, the fewer the number of people who had any obligation to continue the game was, it was as simple as that. They could figure out how to get off the island itself after people stopped dying.

That's it, that is it. Neil was enough, but this guy too?

“The easy part,” Lucy's voice wasn't loud, but it trembled with restrained emotion. “Let me get this straight. You, Adam Dodd, the guy who killed his way off the first island, think that getting these collars off was the easy part,” she took a deep, shuddering breath, trying desperately not to begin screaming in anger and burst into tears all at once. “I'm not going to wave that in front of your face, because I don't doubt that you're a good enough guy to feel remorseful about what happened. I'm not going to blame you for all of this because there's no point. It's happened, we're on the island, people have died. Yelling at you, whether it's your fault or not, will solve nothing,” Lucy stepped out properly into the open, until she was standing right in front of Adam. The size difference was quite pronounced, but Lucy didn't let the fact that Adam was taller put her off.

“Do you know just how it feels to be sitting, typing away at a keyboard, knowing that every second you waste, somebody could be killed? Do you realise what it is like to be racked with guilt every time you stop working even to sleep, knowing that because you're too weak to stave it off a little longer, you're allowing people to die? Have you listened to those announcements rattling off the namers of people you knew, grew up with, knowing that you had the means to save them, but you weren't fast enough? It's one thing to not be able to protect somebody with your gun Adam, it's quite another to fail to save their life solely because you hadn't managed to crack a code. We've had the means to save every last person on this island in here, and I am the reason that so many people didn't make it to see these collars removed. Do you know. How. That. Feels?” as she spoke the last, Lucy even seized hold of the front of Adam's shirt, but she let go a moment or so later.

“Fine, you know about the terrorists. I'm all ears. We could use your help, yeah you're right. Just don't you ever, ever presume again that removing these collars... was easy,” Lucy looked around, saw Neil. “I'm sorry for yelling at you... what was your plan?”


Jesus Bloody Wept. I feel like somebody decided to tap dance on my head. With spiked shoes.

Conciousness had been a long time coming for Sean O'Cann. After his initial faint, the accumulated fatigue of his time on the island had caught up with him, resulting in probably the longest nap he had ever had in his life. With his head pounding once again, Sean sat up carefully, wincing at every slight jar, each of which causes jolts of pain to assail him.

“Hoo boy. It would be my luck to have broken something important wouldn't it?” Sean muttered under his breath, too quietly for anybody in the room to hear, crowded as they were. In all truthfulness, his head was worrying. This was the tenth day now, and Sean had hurt himself on day 1. Something was wrong, badly wrong. He knew head injuries were complicated, but if you were still suffering symptoms after more than a week... yeah, he was badly hurt.

As everybody talked, Sean remained quiet and listened. Some kind of shake-up was going on, with that Adam Dodd at the centre of it. Sean was glad the veteran was all right. He'd been there when Sean had been reunited with Andy, and hadn't seemed too bad a guy at all. With... well, the way things had turned out, Sean felt a whole lot of empathy for Adam. Perhaps he was one of those who could understand him... hell, by this point, next to all of the Southridge kids probably could.

He's right... this isn't over yet. I have to... make sure what I do is worthwhile. It doesn't matter if I don't make it. I just have to ensure that... somebody, at least, does.

v4 Concepts Relapse
I think if we're going to set up some recommended reading it might be a good idea to make a new thread for it rather than posting it all in the concepts thread, where it doesn't really belong. (although I know it was requested so I don't mean that to reflect badly on ya Rob).


Well I'd say something on topic but an't think of anything to say about my characters I didn't already.

Hm, Darkling, I like the sound of that, although I hope he doesn't wind up being some kind of demonic trickster on the island, xD.

Introduction Thread
Hey there was a life before TV Tropes. I managed to find it at random too :P

Miracle high five!

Anyway, Rob has said the most of it Wash, although if you scroll to the top of this page you'll find links to the board Chat and the SOTF wiki, which are both handy indeed.

Also, I am Clueless, Clu, Hey You or Irritating Person, depending on the situation.

Yeeup. Greetings.

What you are, I was.
((Don't sweat it guys.))

Dacey had been keeping low ever since she had spotted the figure in the distance, but now that she had a gun in her hand (which her mind just wouldn't let her forget where she'd got it from), Dacey was feeling a little more secure. But only a little. She had mixed feelings about getting out of her crouch to get her bearings. Whilst the plant life offered her concealment so long as she kept low, Dacey couldn't actually see past her own cover. Sure, she could just turn around and leave, or at least retreat until Rick arrived, but what if he was already there? Dacey could go right past him and never realise it. It might prove impossible for them to find one another again.

Eventually, Dacey decided to take the middle ground - she'd have a quick look, just in case Rick had caught up already, then head back for the treeline to wait. Holding tight to the firearm that she didn't even know how to use, Dacey slowly raised her head so that her eyes were just above the level of the majority of the flowers. The sight that greeted her filled her with equal parts relief and dread. Rick had managed to make his way there, although apparently he'd reached the field from a different direction than Dacey. However, the figure Dacey had earlier spotted had been joined by another, and they were facing off against somebody else...

Dacey stood and began to make her way through the flowers, hoping that whatever the dispute was, it would sort itself out, but she hadn't made it five steps before shots rang out.

Oh no... not again.

Dacey had, by now, had her fill of getting into scrapes. So far, she'd been shot at by somebody she wasn't even looking at (on two separate occasions, shot at by somebody she was looking at and desperately wanted to get away from, narrowly avoided getting caught in a dangerzone and been assaulted with a hatchet. The last thing she wanted was more violence. But with things getting down to the wire as they were, it really wasn't all that surprising. There weren't that many people left alive. What were the odds that there were still people amongst the living that weren't willing to kill?

Am I?

Even as Dacey flinched away from the gunfire, going to ground instinctively, the thought began chasing itself around her head. Was she? Was she? Was she? For her, sticking with Rick had long ceased to be all about taking down the players. It was some measure of protection and some measure of... attraction. When it came down to it, Dacey had never really subscribed to the entire idea of their group. It had seemed worthwhile enough at the time, but her enthusiasm had been half-hearted at best. Her eyes had been one Rick and Jim's guns, not their objective.

It was noble and all, but I wasn't taken in.


I'm the one that needs the shield, I should never have gone along with anybody proposing that we held it.

Dacey cautiously picked herself up. There hadn't been any more shooting, so hopefully things had either blown over or... she hit the deck moments later as further gunshots rang out. This time they didn't just fade away, they were replaced with shouts of pain. Sure, people had been yelling earlier, but that was clear anger. Somebody had been shot... could it have been Rick? Once again, she got to her feet. One of the figures had gone down and another was standing there with a hand weapon of some kind. Even as she looked on though, the person Dacey had originally spotted brought a gun to bear and begun firing.

I feel like such a spectator... why it have to happen all the way over there? I could have done... something.

As it was, all Dacey could do was stare in horror at the violence being dealt out on the other side of the field. The distance couldn't have been huge, but it might as well have been the moon for all the good Dacey was capable of...

V4 Character Relationships
Jeez Kyle. You're angling for a slap. An internet slap. Leave the newbies alone.

Been AWOL for the past couple of days due to internet trouble. Just a heads up for ya'll wondering why I'd not been around.

What you are, I was.
((Just to drop a quick OOC note in here, given that I've been away for a few days and I don't have time to post properly this instant. Bobby's bag isn't actually on him, he threw it into the field before he killed himself. The other thing is that Dacey wasn't anywhere close to Lulu and Madison, so it's a bit weird for Rick to be talking to all of them at the same time. Anywho. Be posting soonish.))

What you are, I was.
((Dacey continued from: Break Out, Break Out))

There was little Dacey hated more than being confused. It was probably as a result of how she went about her life in general. Other than in disguise of course. Dacey was a bright girl and she was used to understanding coming naturally to her. When she encountered a problem that stumped her, she became annoyed indeed. Wasn't Dacey supposed to be one of the more intelligent people around? Shouldn't she be able to see through to the root of her problems?

Apparently not.

Dacey had never really been able to understand just what the big fuss was about relationships in general. Oh sure, she wasn't some kind of naive innocent, but... Dacey was pretty, yeah, couldn't they get over that and move along? She wasn't just a pretty face with a reasonable figure and nice legs. She was a perosn... not an object. Where did the obsession come from?

The trouble was - Dacey couldn't figure it out herself, and it felt to her like she was experiencing something of the same. Her advances at Rick hadn't been some kind of bizarre method of flirting - her intent to make him feel uncomfortable was geniune. But at the same time... there was a lot of underlying feeling admidst the slightly malicious objective. Doubtless, given time or experience, Dacey would have been able to figure out where she stood with Rick by herself. Unfortunately, she had neither.

Hell of a time to finally start feeling what had caused her so much trouble in life.

Dacey was feeling a little guilty (as well as bemused) for leaving Rick behind. Judging by the bullet that had buzzed past her head as she made tracks from the brook area. Of course, she'd looked over her shoulder to check Rick was okay, but really, she should have doubled back instead of plowing on ahead... well... now she'd made it to an area wihich at least had distinguishing features, she'd wait.

Even though her thoughts were scattered, Dacey was collected enough to be at least paying attention to her surroundings. In the distance, she caught a glimpse of another person in the field, and the tall girl quickly ducked down. She was greeted with a decidedly unwelcome sight.

"Oh god..." Dacey's hand clamped reflexively to her mouth. Somebody had run afoul of a dangerzone... However, even though the ... headless corpse was sickening, there was something interesting about it. "Something the scavengers didn't pick up yet," she murmured, eyes alighting on the weapon held in one hand of the body. Gingerly, Dacey attempted to pry the gun from the body's fist, but it was harder than she anticipated, the fingers stiff and unyielding.

"Jesus..." there was a sudden snap and Dacey's stomach roiled as two of the fingers broke, flopping at an angle that no living person could possibly endure. This was sick. Still... Dacey managed to retrieve the pistol, and proceeded to pull the blood covered daypack from the corpse as well. Hopefully there would be ammunition of some description.

She felt... dirty, doing this. It was a body, this poor guy didn't deserve to have his fingers snapped off... but... she couldn't go around with a butter knife forever.

"I'm sorry..." Dacey whispered to the body, stepping well back from it and hoping fervantly Rick would arrive soon.

v4 Concepts Relapse
Jan 20 2009, 02:49 AM

One last mark of a bad character that I wanted to discuss is the murderer, the sadist, the manipulator, etc. First off, the most blatant example of this, someone who murdered someone before the SotF act happened, is almost always a horrible character. The other versions, the milder versions, are people such as the sadist, the manipulator, and 'Mr. No Empathy'. Do not describe your character like 'All he enjoys is causing pain to others', or 'He manipulates all his friends around him for personal gain', and especially don't use 'He feels no real connection, or empathy, towards anyone' (or some variant of that). Those types are all quite unrealistic, especially the no empathy guy. Are there people who have a sadistic streak, a manipulative streak, or who are more colder than average? Yes, yes there are. And if your character has just a little bit of that, it's fine. But if (and this crosses over with my above point) that is the main part of his personality, don't use it.

I can has exception?

Also, if anybody wants to help, this is the most current list of tropes since things got vandalised.

Author's Saving Throw
Chekhov's Skill
Everybody's Dead Dave
Everything's Better With Penguins
Haven't You Seen X Before?
He's Just Hiding
It's Personal
It's Popular, Now it Sucks
It's The Same Now It Sucks
Recycled IN SPACE!
Smite Me, O Mighty Smiter
This! Is! SPARTA!
What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made On Drugs?
What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?
Why Didn't You Kill Him?

SurvivalOfTheFittest found in: 396
articles, excluding discussions.

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Abandoned Warehouse
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Absurdly Spacious Sewer
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A Date With Rosie Palms
A Death In The Limelight
Adults Are Useless
Aerith And Bob
Age Appropriate Angst
A Good Name For A Rock Band
A House Divided
Air Vent Escape
Alas Poor Scrappy
Alas Poor Villain
Alas Poor Yorick
Alliterative Name
All Of The Other Reindeer
All Part Of The Show
Alternate Character Interpretation
America Saves The Day
Anachronic Order
Anachronism Stew
Angry Black Man
Annoying Arrows
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Anti Villain
Anyone Can Die
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Apologetic Attacker
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Better To Die Than Be Killed
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Blast Out
Blond Guys Are Evil
Blood Knight
Blown Across The Room
Boarding School
Boarding School Of Horrors
Boat Lights
Body Double
Bond One Liner
Bring Out Your Gay Dead
Brother Sister Incest
Bullet Proof Vest
Buried Alive
Bury Your Gays
But We Used A Condom
Cain And Abel
Caught With Your Pants Down
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Chivalrous Pervert
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Contemplate Our Navels
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Dark Skinned Blond
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Enfant Terrible
TroperTales/Entry Pimp
Epileptic Trees
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Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting
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Genius Ditz
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Good Scars Evil Scars
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Hannibal Lecture
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Heroic BSOD
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Improbable Weapon User
Improvised Weapon
Informed Ability
Instant Death Bullet
Instant Expert
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One Handed Is Cool
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TearJerker/Other Media
Out Damned Spot
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Play By Post Games
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Posthumous Character
Post Modernism
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Present Day
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Psychopathic Manchild
Quicksand Sucks
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Archive/Rape The Dog
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Rasputinian Death
Realistic Diction Is Unrealistic
Reality Is Unrealistic
Redemption Equals Death
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They're at it again, must be using a proxy server or something.

I think this is going to go on for a while.

City and School Names Suggestion Thread
That smacks of over-the-top/unrealistic to me. Not to mention that it would result in somebody having a 'special' character.

We've also sort of established that a precedent doesn't mean it's going to fly in v4.

City and School Names Suggestion Thread
I'm neutralish as far as country goes (although I don't think it should move off the American continent) but small just isn't going to work. I live somewhere you'd consider small and in my grade in my high school (Americanising for ease of reference) has only about 80 kids in it - and I'm not even a Junior yet, whereupon the number will drop more...

So yeah, small leads to a plot hole in that you'll have a bloody huge group of kids that are disproportionate to where they actually come from.


Good god, putting 63 tropes back is not fun.

Thanks for your help. I've been at it for several hours now, and I'm still not quite finished restoring examples, however, there is some good news: I managed to get the vandal IP blocked. Whoop.

City and School Names Suggestion Thread
Given that the majority of the members seem to come from that Western continent I agree that it is unlikely, if only to limit research headaches.

Also, 800 posts. I be a premium spammer to be sure.

V3 V.I.P.'s
Me. Clearly.

I think Evan and Ric deserve at least a passing mention for being founding members of SADD. Julie for her prominence early on. That... Lawrence gal ( can't spell her first name, heh) also seemed to have quite an influence on a number of characters. Lenny, for being a jerk :P.

S'bout as much as I can think of *returns to troping warpath*

City and School Names Suggestion Thread
I'm from the original Jersey. Not the rubbish 'New' one.

Also... I know nothing of America *fails at states*

... North Carolina!

Alright, some bugger has apparently decided this website no longer belongs on TV Tropes. Needless to say, since I spent a rather significant amount of time adding examples for us there, this has not best pleased me. The site has lost about 70 wicks (links to the Survival of the Fittest) page within a week or so. That represents a hell of a lot of work being systematically removed because some asshole thinks Survival of the Fittest doesn't count.

So this is basically an appeal to any frequent troper members on this board for them to keep an eye out for our wicks - try and monitor where they're being lost and if possible put them back in.

Yeah I know some of you reading this are probably rolling your eyes at the trope drama, but I spent a lot of time (and so did TBH, come to mention it) getting this site out there and this has both strongly annoyed and rather upset me.