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OFFICIAL VOTE: Southridge High's 2007 Prom King
Simon Wood
Keith Jackson - The only guy that he is on anywhere near friendly terms with.

Keiji Tanaka
Adam Dodd - most recently seen person.

Tyson Neills
Troy McCann, because of the bonfire.

Sean O'Cann
Himself - what would you expect?

((Continued from Give Me a 'P'!))

Gotta get better. Can't let the guys down again.

Thump. Thump. Thump. The sounds were distinctive to anyone who had ever played or watched basketball. Somebody was dribbling the ball, fairly slowly, by the sounds of it.

Can't be the weak link. Won't be the weak link.

Thump- the sounds suddenly accelerated, coming far more rapidly, and in moments, another sound which would be familiar to most - that of a ball dropping cleanly through a net. It didn't make much of a noise, it was true - that was exactly how it should be, but maybe those close by could hear...

No... that's enough. Train. Train. Train.

Keiji Tanaka tossed his head back, sweeping the little braids he kept his hair confined in back out of his eyes and onto the top and sides of his head. The bandana he wore to stop just this from happening didn't seem to be working too well, so he adjusted it slightly, moving it higher to prevent the same thing happening again.

Keiji wiped his sweaty browd with the back of his forearm, then quickly went to retrieve his basketball from where it had rolled to a stop against a wall. Despite the fact his breath was coming in ragged gasps - since he had been training for more than an hour already, the thought of stopping didn't once cross Keiji's mind. His shirt might have been clinging to him, totally drenched as both a combination of the heat and the exertion, but Keiji didn't have anything to do for quite some time yet, and this was a good a place as any.

Thump. Thump. Thump...

This puppy dog is never giving up.

OFFICIAL VOTE: Southridge High's 2007 Prom Queen
Just so I've got this all down...

Bobby Jacks
Too busy with personal problems to bother with the prom.

Simon Wood
Madison Conner, because, well, they're going out.

Don Joesi
Also does not care about the prom

Chris Joesi
Reneé Valenti, through a mild sense of guilt about laughing at her when the thing with Blood boy happened.

Keiji Tanaka
... Knows nobody. Oops.

Katie Nellt
Reneé Valenti also, because she needs cheering up and they're friends.

Ric Chee
You really expected Ric to vote in something like this?

Tyson Neills
Evelyn Richinson, for a laugh.

Sean O'Cann
Nobody. None of the girls are good looking enough to match up with him :P

There ya have it, both my AIM and my MSN have gone kaput, so if you want to contact me do it the good old fashioned way in the PM.

Party Hardy, Rock and Roll
Don wasn't really paying much attention to the conversation, but since Luis was relatively close by when he started asking for more beer, he did catch the general gist of what he was saying - especially when he spied the near to empty bottle of beer in his hands. Don looked at the similar bottle that he was holding, the chief difference being that it was full. Don desperately wanted to remove the temptation from his path, so he rose to his feet, pressing the beer into Luis' hands. Did it really matter whether or not he should be making the guy drink? He had obviously made that decision for himself, and a random guy in his own grade was hardly somebody to go out on a limb for. Hell, put into consideration, Don didn't even like his own brother. They were closer now, that was for sure, but a lifetime of conflict wasn't put behind you in such a small amount of time.

Don moved off before Luis could process anything, if he was going to drop the bottle in surprise he really wanted to be out of the area. However, he didn't immediately hear a smash, so he guessed that he had done the ordinary thing which was to simply take hold of the bottle. Thinking about Luis' condition, he doubted that he would mind being simply handed another beer. Despite his expectations, the party didn't seem particularly busy, so Don was free to simply slide back into his corner.