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Character Progressions
awww ^_^ Tori is loved! heehee

I forgot Stephanie. It's weird, I wanted her to be the mean girl who not used her body to manipulate the kids, but plainly just manipulate them with words and what not. She ended up going crazy and killing herself.. bummer.

To Awake And Avenge The Dead
Matthew allowed Rob to help him up from the ground. His body ached and he couldn't help but think, 'Who's next'.

Who else are we going to end up running into on this damn Island.. fuck this.

He had to hand it to the kid for the way her fought. If Rob hadn't gotten himself up to interven he probably would have been a dead man. In Matty's life, he had run into only maybe 3 people who could be the shit out of him. One being his older cousin whom he worked with in construction, one being his dad and lastly, this kid. It was sad to see him turn into such a waste. If they had met on different terms they probably would have been buddies.

Turning his attention back to Rob, who seemed to have a problem with staring at pretty ladies, he released his grip and jokingly shoved Robs shoulder.

"Listen buddy, you're useless... Leave me to do all the hard work, then come in just at the last second to steal the glory." Matthew said as he stepped back picking up his day pack as he did so, along with his gun, and dusted himself off.

The girls. Fuuuuuck.

Letting out a sigh, making it completely obvious he was in a pissed off annoyed mood, he made his way to the girls standing not to far in the distance. Matthew placed his gun in his bag to show that he wasn't going to hurt them. At this moment, he wasn't even interested in the girl who offered herself to him if he had won the fight. Right now he just wanted an action plan so he could figure out what the hell he was going to do.

"Alright ladies. Let's get this figured out right now. I'm Matthew. That's Rob. Sorry 'bout the kid, you know the rules of this island and I don't like it anymore than you. I'm in pain and my body aches. We're headed to the school, maybe pick up some supplies or something. Meet up with others, peacefully or not I don't know. What do ya' say?"

He gave them a moment to let it sink in, then leaned in close to girl he exchanged words with earlier before the fight.

"You got something to you. You can either take everyone on by yourself or you can help us out."

When Matthew stepped back he gave her a wink. He really did think she was cute, and maybe if things cool off by the time they get to the school he'll take her up on that offer. Till then, he didn't think that mentioning anything of the sort after they had just killed the guy who was sticking with them was a good idea.

Character Progressions
I wanted Matthew to be more comic relief also, that was going to be their "thing" in this game.. but it's kinda turned around.. Seriously dude.. stop being such a woman and man up a bit :lol:

For Dan, I wrote him right away to be a death. Nessy had a slipt personality and originally I wanted it to be more well, I don't know. She ended up being sorta serious I suppose. Who's next? Kevin I passed off so he doesn't count. I thought I'd keep Beth as the stupid girl who thinks it's all a game.. but having her have a break down is really working for her. Tori lastly, surprisenly is basically right where I want her. She and Matthew are my favourite I guess.


I'm happy. ^_^

Empty Promises and Broken Dreams
"C..Ca..Can you hel..p me?"

Beth tried to stand up, but her legs were just not feeling it. The site of the body next to her made her inners want to become her outters so to say. In class, she had learned about mental, physical and nervous breakdowns... though she'd never come across someone who's had one, let alone go through one herself. She didn't feel scared anymore, seeing as the boy in the room was offering her safety, yet, her tears were uncontrollable causing her to sputter her words and sniffle like there was no tomorrow. In Beth's case, there might as well not be.

To Awake And Avenge The Dead
Before he could really make heads or tails of the situation, Matthew was once again on his back being pumbled by the boy. Protecting his face with his arms, like a boxer being knocked around in a ring, he tried to shake the kid off to no avail.

"Get.. the.. fuck.. off me!" He huffed between dodges of the quick throws being tossed his way.

This kid is really starting to piss me off. Rob needs to wake his sorry ass up.

This could be anywhere in the world
'Rest up eh?'

"Yea," She said as she leaned against the head board, plumping her pillow as she did so. She leaned back, now comfortable and tried not to think about the event at the water. Trying to take her mind off it, Tori figured she might as well talk about something they both might find interesting.

Movies? ... lame..

Turning on her right side, she was now facing Bryan. He seemed distant, probably letting his mind wander around the past few day on the island.

Is he thinking about the mall?

Poking him lightly in the side, hoping to bring his attention back to the present, she tried to strike up a conversation.

"So... how's the arm?"

V3 Character shorts...
CycoKiller,Apr 9 2007
11:37 PM
I'd rather not give anything away, so these are pretty bare-bones...

Trish McCarroll: Whimsical queen of the abstract, organized the school coffee house.

Nigel Gillespie: Talented football player, exceptional student and genuine philanthropist.

Aaron Boismier: Mildly effeminite A-student and trivia enthusiast.

Jessa Vanallen: Impulsive and boisterous with a generous amount of bad habits.

Harry Tsai: Introverted foreign exchange guitar wizard and J-rock fanatic.

Trish McCarroll: Whimsical queen of the abstract, organized the school coffee house.


The Ol' Drawing Board
I noticed, and it's all really cool. ^_^

The Ol' Drawing Board
Leo, I like yours! You did really well on the eyes.. that's where I always seem to screw up. *shrug*

V3 Character Theme Songs
Kara Holmes : "Suicidal Failure" - Suicidal Tendencies

Trish McCarrol : "The Big Sleep" - Streetlight Manifesto

((and there's more to come))

My puppy Misty who was almost 9 passed away today, because we had to put her down due to her kiddney's failing.. it's been hard on me, so though I'll be in the check up on posts, I don't really have it in me to really write in the threads, so for those whom have character's rping with me right now, I'm sorry. I just need a day or two.

V3 Pre-Game
*does happy dance* ^_^

To Awake And Avenge The Dead
Matthew stood quickly as he saw Kevin get up. He gave the nod of his head, dearing him to come at him again.

"Fuck you. You think you know what you're doing, come on then."

Matthew stood ready, making sure he'd be able to jump anymore rushes at the legs the jerk might try.

in the states too bub. just go to lush.ca and click at the top "go to american site" ^_^ oh I love it so

To Awake And Avenge The Dead
Kevin rushed Matthew, taking him out by the legs, knocking them both to the ground. Matthew managed to quickly make his way to his knees, as to now be leaning over the boy, and threw another strong punch from his right fist, followed by the elbow of his left arm.

Dumb fuck.. I'll teach you.

I've had enough of this shit... (PLEASE READ)
Chips!? where?! I'm hungry, but too sick to eat. Thanks, thanks alot. Why don't you just wave an icecream bar infront of people at the gym eh?!

((.. heehe, done that ..))

not the point there..


.. sorry, I forgot what we were talking about.. :huh:

To Awake And Avenge The Dead
Matthew was getting fed up with the attitude he was getting both from the boy and girl. Kevin grounded himself like he was ready to take another punch. He knew that his last one was alittle weaker than usual, so he decided to throw a surprise knee to the boys gut.

I'll show this sonofabitch!

Final Ten Proposal
Meg: it's okay, I was going to say the same thing anyways. I'm just excited for V3 to get going ^_^

Cyco: way to pay attention!! :P :P

Final Ten Proposal
I've got mixed feelings for this idea so I'm going to remain neutral.

To Awake And Avenge The Dead
"I'll take your word for that... you don't look half bad." He called back to the girl, as he waited for the boy to react. He could care less about the other one.. she seemed to innocent and little for his likings. He turned to the boy again, raising his empty hands to his chest.

"See kid, now, put your money where your mouth is eh?"