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I'm sick of it. Period.
Feb 24 2008, 02:31 AM
I've decided to take a completely different stance on this.

You have periods and childbirth. Ha-ha! :P

Oh no no no bub,

You just went on and on about how you could handle it all, so now you have it. You can give birth to the baby! ^_^ yay for me!

hey hey a hoo hoo a bub bub a tweet tweet!

I'll be away from Friday till Sunday due to more BMQ training! Whoo-pa!

The Kids Aren't Alright
Courtney rummaged through her pack searching for what was supposed to be her 'weapon'. Instead, she pulled out a long white tub with a pointy nose on the end of it, the thing itself labeled "CAULK". Courtney wasn't sure what else to say to Steve at the moment. Everything had become a bit awkward, and she was never good in those situations. That was mainly the reason she ran away from him at the beach, that and being scared shitless that Serenity was behind a bush ready to pounce on her.

Trying to keep it simple and not really give off the idea that she really just wanted to ball her eyes out, Courtney managed to squeak out, "What's Caulk?"

Putting it on the ground near Steve, Courtney zipped up her bag and tossed it onto her back. She knew who they had to find, even though she didn't look forward to seeing her cousin, she owed it to her. There was no point trying to fix any awkwardness between her and Steve at this point. They'd just have to do what they planned, find the others, and find a way out.

Trish McCarroll
Name: Trish McCarroll
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12 [Sr.]
School: Southridge High School
Hobbies and Interests: painting, drawing, reading, walking, working, hanging out with friends and sewing.

Appearance: Trish is tall, about 5'6" with a very slender figure almost boy like weighing about 118 lbs. Her once long thick brown hair now hangs just above her shoulders with enough of a wave to it that she gets angry that she has to straighten it. (though she mostly gets lazy and tosses it in a pony tail) Her hazel eyes are complimented by her thick but shaped eyebrows (that those of a 1940's movie star). She usually wears her contacts though can some times be seen with her brown rectangular glasses. Her face is long but still attractive with some freckles placed here and there. Her lips, a usual natural pink from her gloss aren't extremely full but just nice suited for her face giving her an all over attractiveness noticeable by everyone.

Trish carries herself with a sauvness sought after by most girls. Her influences are the movie stars of the 1940's to the 1970's. Vincent Price is one of her distance relatives as well. Her fashion style is greatly influence by those eras, thus you can most likely find her wearing flowing skirts worn at her waist down to her knees with a cute normal T to go with it. She likes having phrases with her clothes such as "it's just enough hippy without smelling bad!" and many more. Trish hates wearing anything with an empire waist as she fears it makes her look prego, thus anything else she wears she usually pulls it off and is able to look like a knock out. She also loves flip flops.

Biography: Trish has grown up in the same place all her life. Her mother Patsy was married to her father Frank at the age of 18. (he was 20) They lived together and within a couple years had Trish. Though they thought of having another child, at the time neither of them wanted too and Trish was a handful enough as it was. Her father worked in the car business, at a local auto shop while her mother was a stay at home mom till Trish was old enough to go into grade school.

Trish went to John Campell, a near by elementary school where she met her first love, John Witman. He was tall (for a fourth grader) with blond hair and a picture perfect smile. She asked him that year to be her valentine and he turned her down with an "I think you're weird" expression that shattered poor young Trish's heart. After that, Trish decided to take charge and there wasn't going to be such thing as "meant to be... love at first sight" crap anymore. If anything was going to be meant at all, it was going to be because she made it that way. She soon fell in love with movies. Mainly old black and whites. The women of those times seemed to have everything in control that she wanted to be just like them.

After a couple years as she ended her reign over her elementary school ready to enter high school she was glad to have achieved one thing. John Witman apologized to her and even asked her out by grade seven. Needless to say, she turned him down with an "I thin you're weird" expression.

There Trish was, on the door steps of her new high school ready to take on any challenges that might be thrown her way. In her four years there, as she was now in grade 12, she made great friends and some not so great friends. She had some boyfriends here and there, but nothing to serious of whom she wanted to marry. She made friends with Kara Holmes, though after she became the cheer leading cap. she figured that Trish wasn't cool enough to hang out with. Rumor has it they hate each other because Kara stole Trish's boyfriend Gabe, though Trish would say that that isn't true.

As an 18 year old teenager, she doesn't have as many regrets as she though she might have. Just one sticks out, being with her dad. He passed away from liver failure at the beginning of her grade 12 year. He was in and out of the hospital a lot and she never really got to say her final good byes seeing as he passed during the night. Her mother took up a job and Trish got hired at a near by McDonalds and together they became better friends then before. It's been tough for the both of them, but they've been making it through alright.

Advantages: Trish has a keen eye for things and pays lots of attention to detail. She's in good shape and works well under pressure.

Disadvantages: Though she works well under pressure, she tends to fuss easy about things making her hard to work with. When it comes to jobs and duties she's better at a one on one thing rather than a group of people. She'd rather be on her own. (which to some people seems like a bad thing because there's no support factor there)

The Kids Aren't Alright
"Oh how nice for you. First you pretend like I'm not there and now you're bossing me around like a nanny to a school kid! I don't care if they're hunting down Kara and all them, good."

God you're so cute when you're bossy...

If Courtney had really understood what was going on she probably wouldn't have said that, and she probably would be paying more attention to what was going on rather than Steve's lips. Looking around and seeing no other option, Courtney grabbed the bag that was near her with her name on it and repositioned herself into a squatting stance.

"Fine. I'll come along with you but I don't even understand what's going on here. I'm not quite sure how you Americans work but last time I checked, something along these lines didn't constitute as a 'game'."

Courtney couldn't stop thinking about what Steve had said about Nigel just then. He actually liked her? If that was true, then why didn't he break up with Serenity, or at least say something to her at school, or while they were dancing? One thing was true, she shouldn't be thinking about this right now. They had to gather as many as they could and see what they could do.

"So, what now?"

ADOPT-ME-NOW: Elizabeth Priestly
I helped supermom work on her profile and I really liked it, this is me raising my hand. ^_^

The Kids Aren't Alright
"How long have I been awake? We're stuck here with nothing to our names, away from our families and you're asking me HOW LONG I'VE BEEN AWAKE?!"

The hitting Steve's back which had first started in a desperate attempt to wake him up, was now becoming her forceful attack due to her frustration. There he was, sitting there, barely even caring what shit they were now stuck in. Courtney hasn't ever really been one to overly worry about things, though since she met Steve that's all she's been doing. In her mind she was convinced it was all his fault.

"You know, if you wouldn't have been so stupid and ignored my phone calls, none of this probably would have happened! If you didn't like me that's all you had to say. But noooo. You just go on playing this damn mouse and cat game."

Courtney gave her self a chance to catch her breath and gave Steve's back a break. Now on her knees sitting on her feet staring off in front of her trying not to cry anymore than she already was.

This sucks.

The Kids Aren't Alright
((Sciph gave permission for the godmod ^_^))

Courtney woke up to a throbbing pain in her head. She felt like someone had taken a huge rock and smacked her little french head with it. Turning over and over while still trying to lay down under the over grown bushes Courtney tried to figure out what was going on. Last thing she had ever expected when she moved to America that she'd be kidnapped and told she had to kill her friends. Lucky for her she didn't really have many of them here, she guessed that might have made it easier.

What about him though? What if he's....

Courtney's thoughts about her 'friend' Steve were interrupted by the very sight of him no more than ten feet away. He was laying awkwardly on his tummy so much so that he looked to be dead. With everything that had happened in the past 24 hours, she wouldn't be surprised if he was. Slowly crawling over to the boy and began to inspect him.

"You can't be dead! Are you serious? You... of all people... oh COME ON!"

Courtney had kissed Steve that day when they went to the beach when he was giving her a lift home. She thought she liked him so much, almost more than Nigel, though when she tried calling he never picked up and completely ignored her. It wasn't much better when she tried talking to him at school and he ignored her there too. Just when she was ready to move on, being asked to go to prom by Nigel, she was voted prom queen and Steve king. It would have been fine if she didn't feel like Serenity was breathing down her neck. The dance they shared was slow and awkward, leaving her wishing for something so much better.

"This isn't fair!"

Courtney began to smack Steve in the back, trying and hoping that that might wake him up, revive him so be it. Tears swelled up in the corners of her eyes as she did this, cursing in her native tongue.

I'm sorry if this is my fault, please wake up. You're the only one I could have trusted in this place, please please wake up.

Luis Chezinski
Feb 16 2008, 01:44 PM
Name: Luis Chezinski

Here are some pointers. You can follow them if you'd like, or just throw 'em out. Up too you :)

Name: Luis Chezinski
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Southridge High School
Hobbies and Interests: First Aid is the only thing that completely interests Luis, he enjoys helping people.

Appearance: Luis has very light blue eyes what compliment his even lighter blond hair, which reaches down to about the middle of his forehead and is always left uncombed thanks to it's ability to go back to place even after he runs his fingers through it. The sleeves of his red jacket reach far past his hips while the rest of it covers his small frame. His blue-jeans Have been worn to the point of being way past noticeable with ripped up seems and discolored knees. Luis wears only a pair of brown sandals on his feet, since it's the only pair of shoes that he owns.

When you're writing about his appearance, try and vision it from the head to the toe. Think of his eyes, nose, mouth, chiseled features? does he have freckles? Also, you can't forget about the rest of him. How tall is he? how much does he weigh? does he look geeky? or does he take a lot time with his appearance?

----- as for the Bio -------

Biography: Luis' life has been one roadblock after another. Both his parents were murdered by a robber on a street corner when he turned four years old, right before his very eyes. (How was it that he got away? What happened to the robber? What did his parents do to get murdered? What was at the corner??) He was sent to go live with his uncle Chester, who was as sleazy as a man could get. His uncle molested Luis countless times, usually consisting of the huge brute of a man holding his child down on the floor and having his way with him. Finally, when his uncle died suddenly when Luis turned eight, he was sent straight to an orphan home, where he would spend the rest of his natural born life in. Luis was still able to keep a bright smile on throughout all of this.

Luis has a passive-aggressive nature, always looking on the bright side of things even when the going gets tough. Despite his positive outlook in life, Luis is an extremely insecure person, who has the hardest time making the smallest of decisions. This usually leads to him looking towards someone else to guide him. When he speaks to his friends, which he doesn't have many of, his speech is perfectly understandable, but when talking to people he doesn't know that well, he stutters uncontrollably, shivering slightly as if in fear.

Luis believes he isn't good at a lot of things, but if there was something he was a master at, it would have to be First Aid. The first second of the first day he had Health in middle school, Luis has always had a sudden interest in the human body and all about the ways to heal it. It seems that his sudden spark for First Aid sprouted from his almost child-like helpful nature. He always puts others in front of himself, thinking he could do some good helping others before ever thinking of himself. During dreams of completing high school, Luis wanted to become a doctor. A surgeon most likely, because he wanted to help save others. Thanks to countless days of studying on the subject, Luis' skills in First Aid are unrivaled, giving him a clear advantage over the other students.

Even though Luis is physically unfit compared to his comrades, during times of crisis or when someone he knows is in trouble, a rage hidden deep inside of himself, built up over his miserable life, opens up and his personality changes completely. He yells, he screams, and pants like some sort of monster. (Reword that, basically what you're talking about is adrenaline, everyone gets that.) All of the negative energy he has acquired over the years, all of his anger that he has yet to let out due to his sometimes forced gentle attitude. It just might be the miracle that could save him in tough situations.

Advantages: Luis has excellent skill when it comes to First Aid, which sets him apart from the other students.

Disadvantages: Luis thinks of himself as a little child, and forces other people to make the decisions for him. He is also one of the least physically fit students around. His built up anger might explode during a dangerous situation.

(I can also suggest that you add more to his bio when it comes to his family and self. Life lessons he might have learned along the way to where he is now. He's a sr. in high school, maybe you can incorporate what he went through as a child into how he has to interact with girls at school.)

It's that time again!
Today for our anniversary/valentines day, Cyco was oh so sweet.
I got a french singing speaking Winnie the Pooh, two Cd's, and Lush! <3

He found out his present was his tattoo! :)

"Oh baby pooh, I wish I could understand what you were saying." - Cyco

It's that time again!
Yay! Tomorrow is Valentines day, so I thought that for today and tomorrow we could all send Valentines to each other... cause I'm cheesy like that ^_^
(Send as many as you want)

For Starters:

Bryan: Happy Valentines Day and happy anniversary! Your present will be ready for you soon! :)

Dan: Happy Valentines Day you bucket of monkey turd!

Awww. everybody, look at the grumpy Kyle! a-woo-woo-woo. :lol:
What a cuuuute little grumpy baby.


Does anyone else here think that Kyles picture suits him perfectly? anyone? :huh:

:huh: ew! uck! glah! hugs are GROSS!

:P just joshing

Elizabeth Priestly
Name: Elizabeth Priestly
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Southridge High School
Hobbies and Interests: Acting, target shooting, swim team

Appearance: Elizabeth stands at 5'5". She weighs 118 pounds. She has shoulder length blonde wavy hair and brown eyes. She has high cheek bones and full lips making her rather attractive. She has a healthy, toned, and tanned body thanks to the swim team.

She likes to wear form-fitting sporty clothes. She's not too much into the prep look with brands like Hollister and the like, but she likes to buy cute clothes from brands like Nike. Her body measurements are 34'24'34'. She has long legs, which while like almost every teenage girl, if she's wearing jeans for a week straight, she doesn't bother to shave them. If no one else is going to see them, why bother?

Biography: She spent her childhood with her twin brother usually alone in their house. While her family is financially wealthy, they were cold and distant. Her parents chose to spend their time away from her and her twin brother traveling for business and pleasure. She and her twin brother Lenny were left in the care of their twisted Nanny Tabatha. They endured years of psychological abuse by the psychopathic woman. Her parents were so self absorbed that they didn't realize that her and her twin brother were being abused. The years of psychological torment have hardened her heart and made her cunning, tough, and willing to do anything to survive. In the 11th grade Tabatha had the misfortune of falling down the stairs and breaking her neck. Liz and Lenny secretly rejoiced on the day of her funeral, each of them keeping a dangerous secret.

Elizabeth held a strange fascination for weapons of all sorts. She was taught by her father on the rare occasions he was home. She quickly excelled at the sport, even out shooting her twin brother and father.

Elizabeth loses herself in role playing, becoming another person and escaping her reality. It eases her tortured mind. That is why she joined the drama club, so she could be anyone else but herself. Having both an indoor and an outdoor pool at her home, she spent many hours swimming since childhood. She joined the swim team at an urging of a friend, and was quite good at the sport. Her strong will and resolve to be the best at everything she does helped her with the swim team.

She tends to keep most people at a distance, only letting a select few into her circle. She doesn't trust people, and hangs out mostly with her brother and a select few circle of friends.

Advantages: She's smart, attractive, strong, cunning, and an excellent marksman.
Disadvantages: She's too dependent on her twin brother Lenny, she's claustrophobic, and terrified of being alone in the dark.

Courntey Blaggé
Name: Courtney Blaggé
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12 (Sr.)
School: Southridge High School
Hobbies and Interests: Working on her english, going to parties with her cousin, working out constantly and being on the cheer leading team.

Appearance: Courtney has shoulder length blonde hair with dark brown strained lowlights. This compliments her hazel eyes nicely. her lips remind her of her cousins, as does her button nose. She's french, so she tends to carry a swavness to her step. She stands about 5"4 with a size 7 foot. Courtney might look a little underdeveloped chest wise, wearing only an A1/2 32 bra, but she makes up for it for her toned body, nice butt and flat tummy. Her clothes are top name since she came over from France, seemingly taking their fashion style with her. She lives strictly by two rules.
-never wear socks with sandles
-never wear runners/sneakers/flats with skirts.

Biography: Courtney and her family just recently moved here from France, where her father was a corrective surgeon and her mother a fashion designer part time while also running a small coffee shop. They moved because her father, Ted, was offered a better paying job at a near by hospital. It helped that Courtney had her cousin, Kara, in the area. Almost just as soon as she moved into her house, she was on the cheer leading team thanks to Kara pulling some strings for her. She was able to fit into the social world of high school pretty well. She currently has her eye on Nigel, one of the football players, but lacks the courage to say anything to him.

Being a 'frenchy' Courtney sometimes finds it hard to talk to people. She has the looks and the social connections but she cant help but feel a bit self conscious about her accent and her lack of understanding fully the english language. Her father is actually British, and moved to France back when he started his career. He always dreamed of going back, but instead fell in love with Courtney's mom, Sasha, and they later married. Her mother, being french, wanted her daughter to learn the language and have english as secondary. Courtney didn't bother learning English because she figured they'd never move. Her parent, trying to encourage her to learn more of the new tongue then enrolled her into Southrigde High School, knowing that their niece would be able to help her out.

It's been an adjustment for her moving to a completely different country. She misses being able to explore the beaches for treasures with her friends and have crapés every morning, lunch and dinner. She was pretty popular at her school, and had a boyfriend, Jack (who was on the soccer team). He was good looking and took care of her well. He'd always buy her stuff and take her out places, but when she found out she was moving she had to break up with him. He was heartbroken, being as they were each others first, but she didn't want to have a boyfriend in France while she was in across the sea. Courtney got over it pretty fast as she now has her eye on someone else, but Jack will always have a special place in her heart.

Courtney recently went out with her cousin Kara and her boyfriend Gabe bowling after school. There she met Gabe's best friend Steve, who is also Serenity's boyfriend. The same Serenity that she and Kara had both hung out with, seeing as they're best friends. Serenity wasn't there, and since Kara bitched Courtney out, she asked Steve for a ride home. Instead, they went for ice cream and to the beach... the next thing she knew, she was running away from him back to her house because she had just kissed him. Not only that, but she's also been talking with her friend Nigel whom she's also had a crush on and been hanging out with. She's very confused.

Advantages: she's got a knock out body, and keeps in shape. unlike her cousin, Courtney can handle long distance running.
Disadvantages: She's not to good with one on one conversations and is self conscious about the way she talks. She doesn't have very many friends and might be easily taken advantage of.

Kara Holmes
Name: Kara Holmes
Gender: Female.
Age: 18 3/4 (her birthday is coming up really soon)
Grade: 12
School: Southridge High School
Hobbies and Interests: Kara is the head cheerleader, she loves cheer leading practice and hanging out with the football jocks. She likes going to parties, drinking and being "loved" by everyone, therefore getting what she wants.

Appearance: Kara has highlighted blonde hair that just passes her shoulders. She has a slim/slender figure and tells everyone she wears a size 0, though she's really a size 2. She has a pretty face, followed up by her ocean blue eyes and decent sized full lips that make you want to pucker up. Because of her thin figure, she appears more busty than she really is, wearing a regular B/30 bra. She has legs for days and isn't afraid to show them off. She usually sports her short cheerleader skirt with a tiny cuff sleeve top just more so teasing than revealing. Her skin has a nice glow to it, seeing as she's always outside with her friends in the cheer leading squad doing practice.

Biography: Kara has two best friends. Serenity and her boyfriend Gabe (the RB of the football team). She lives at home with her mom and dad and cousin Courtney. Needless to say, they're well off and like to present it as well. When ever someone comes over, they always seem to have the perfect family. That a lose description of them so to say, for when it's just them at home, the gloves come off. Her mother Patsy, a slim and slender older version of herself, a hard working lawyer of a downtown wealthy office, is a chain smoker and has power issues, and tends to beat her husband. Her father Kurt, tall tanned and handsome man from Italy, an investor, though tries to be the ideal father, fails when he can't even stand up for himself. Kara was mostly influenced by her mother, and isn't afraid to say what she thinks and therefore has become accustom to getting what she wants.

Her family has lived in the same place since she was born, and Kara hasn't really bothered for traveling. She enjoys high school, being popular and having everyone adore her, so she thinks. She uses kids to have her way, and has been rumored to have slept with one of the younger male teachers to get a passing grade in science class.

Kara has secrets that even her best friends don't know. She has an eating disorder and has tried to kill herself. This is where the influence of her father comes in. Because she sees him as useless and not worth the air he breathes, no matter how much attention he gives her or how much money hands out, trying to buy her love, she believes that part of herself is like him. The last thing she'd want is to become in anyway like her father, letting someone boss her around and even attack her. She has issues.

When if comes to her boyfriend Gabe, she loves him to death. Before she started going out with him, she was at a party and got drunk, waking up the next morning by the back of Brad who was walking out the door. Feeling ashamed, Kara never told Gabe about that night. It wasn't till she was out bowling with her friends that Brad came up and 'admitted' to everything. A huge fight broke out and the cops ended up showing up, taking them all away. Gabe and Kara since then have been quiet about that day, they talked about it at first and decided to stay together and work things out.

Advantages: She's a cheerleader, thus she's really athletic and can run and is flexible. It's sure to come in handy.

Disadvantages: She doesn't eat properly, so though she can run and jump and what not, it's not for long. Her body gives out sometimes from lack of healthy food. She also, like said before, has a power problem, and that's sure to run her into some trouble. She's afraid to be without her boyfriend Gabe, she might be too worried looking for him to really pay attention to whats going on.

Tanya Bonneville
This profile sounds really good; I think Tanya makes for a good read. Could you add a bit maybe about her family/her background?

I'm always the last to know.... :(