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Stevans illustrations
You stay back this time. >:(

Cooking Club
If you're still going ahead with this, cooking is one of Viktor's major passions in life, alongside wrestling. He'd probably try to squeeze some time in.

SOTF - Not what you're thinking!

'Second Chances' (Interest Check)
Aug 7 2011, 10:54 PM
I'm leaning towards "no" when it comes to actually playing, but if anyone's interested I have characters from v1-3, plus Kevin Fielding from TV. Here are my characters:


Jacob Starr - Claimed by Sean (?)
David Jackson
Jason Andrews
Aaron Redfield
Jack O'Connor
Michael Suarez
Ian Hargrave
Andrew Klock
Jason Andrews
Scott Jameson


Seth Mattlock
Walter Smith - Claimed by MK Kilmarnock


Darnell Butler - I'll be keeping an eye on if you take this one.
Dante Cooper
Adam Reeves - Might need some reworking with Maxie being off-limits.
Nicole Husher
Daniel Brent - I'm leaning towards him being off limits, but not sure yet.
Re: This list, contact this account for any inquiries. Other one is, obviously, no longer in use.

Manny Minstrell's Men
Personally, I think you should start simple. This is something that would have been fine in v2, but nowadays I don't think it'll fly.

Edit: Unrelated, but I thought this would be about minstrels when I first saw the title.

v4 novel.
I'm seconding Rocky on it. This really strikes me as a massively bad idea.

Wrestling team
Anyone who wants to discuss stuff about this, contact this account. It's my old one, Toben fixedit and I forgot to update this thread.

v5 Rules of Thumb
Yeah, Bathurst's classes were abducted from a sex-ed seminar. Still, it'd be interesting to see some more non-trip abductions. I have a hard time believing people in SOTF-verse even go on class trips any more. :P