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Reality Bites Back
Odd, I think it's been the other way around, where characters are reacting more to the killings and deaths in this game, on an emotional level, whereas a lot of v1 characters didn't really care and in v2 it was a bit of a balance. The main thing is that most of the people who kill in this game are the psychotics and the like.

Halfway Mark
Holy crap, we're finally halfway through. Almost there, everyone, haha. It's to the point where it'll get down to the wire soon. Heh, I always get far in these games. Good luck everyone else.

Inactivity Warning
I hope my characters are still redeemable. I'm feeling better than I was, not quite 100% but still better, so I'll be trying to post today.

Sicker than a dog right now, gah. Gonna try to post, but we'll see how that works.

#4: The smell of napalm in the morning
OOC: Darnell continued from High Voltage.

It was some time in the early morning now, judging by the light. Everyone had gotten out of the jail alright, by Darnell's reckoning, though every once in a while he had the nagging feeling that he had left someone behind, though whenever he looked back everyone was there. Boxer had run off on his own when they'd left the jailhouse, but whatever. Shortly after he had found that out he'd also realized that he didn't much care. Didn't care? What kind of fucked up logic was that? People like Boxer, his team, those guys were who he wanted to get off the island. Why wouldn't he care if Boxer had been left behind?

The fucker attacked me at that airfield, and someone that dumb is just a liability.

It was a harsh truth, but walking through the jungle with his friends in tow (after about twenty minutes it had become a small habit to occasionally look back to see if the others were following) he had eventually brought himself around to recognizing it. Aside from his freakish size and incredible strength, Boxer didn't have anything to offer Darnell, Kallie, or Alice, not even enough intelligence to pitch in on escape ideas, and one thing that constantly came to Darnell's mind was the incident at the airfield. Boxer's hands going for his neck, the blows that knocked the giant unconscious.

Damn it! Why couldn't I have just kept my head? For even one second? The guy was distraught, wasn't thinking straight! No, that moron never thinks straight...but he just wanted answers. He wanted a friend, someone who could help him, make him understand what happened. Gah, I should've kept my cool.

Darnell shuddered just remembering the sudden ferocity of his attack, a fresh reminder of what happened when he really stopped reigning his temper in. Then there'd been their interactions at the jail, and just by Boxer's speech and body language Darnell had gotten the vibe that every second around Boxer was another second closer to someone else trying to kill him, and Darnell couldn't trust someone like that. Not around him, and not around his friends. Much like football, rugby, (Keith had convinced him to try it a few times way back, and Darnell liked it enough to play it semi-regularly if not on the actual team, but he stuck with football because that was where he was happiest) and wrestling, he couldn't afford to always be looking behind his back to make sure Boxer wasn't trying to snap his neck while he wasn't looking during this plan. No, he had to always be looking ahead, where the opponent was.

So far the journey had mostly been uneventful. After escaping from the danger zone, he had been able to hook up with Alice and Kallie fairly quickly, Boxer having apparently been overly-literal about his order and dumping Alice just outside of the jailhouse area before going off in whatever direction so that he came across her pretty much as soon as he got out, and Kallie seemed to have followed him when he left. Getting their bearings and making sure everyone's supplies were in the right places, they'd tried to decide what to do. After the idea of finding Keith and then burying what was left of Guy came up, nobody really seemed to argue it, so they'd set off. Darnell elected to lead the way, saying that his reason was that he had the gun and would therefore be better able to fight off attackers, but it was also just because he didn't want to risk losing them (he did not say this), and if someone started shooting at them from the front his body being there to take the shots could be the difference between life and death.

A meatshield...a sacrificial lamb? Since when have I wanted to be one of those?!

It hadn't taken long to find a crude sort of trail, not the same one that spanned the entire island but a good enough path (if muddy), which had greatly increased their progress, as they weren't dodging branches and thorns constantly or always watching for traps or snakes and other such animals. It was a relief that the rain had slowed down, though, as there was less cover from it there. There was occasionally some chatting, especially as the weather became steadily more tolerable or when they'd stopped to rest or whatever, but Darnell didn't know if he was succeeding in gaining any trust in either of them as he hoped he would, though he had at least some confidence that he'd made it clear he wasn't playing and wasn't going to play.

I don't know how many times I've said it and tried to prove it, if she can't see how much I mean it, she just isn't listening.

He'd even promised to tell them exactly what had happened at the airfield, though he said he'd do it later, most likely after they'd found a spot to give Guy's head (which still made part of Darnell want to puke every time he saw it or Alice holding it, and after a while he'd consciously tried to fend off decomposing insects and the like when he saw them) a proper burial, but maybe a bit earlier. To be honest Darnell wanted Keith to be there, but after a while (including straying off the trail to search the jungle surrounding them) he started feeling like they'd searched every nook and cranny of the damn island, and it seemed increasingly less likely they'd run into him soon, which clashed with his desire to let his friends know the truth. He had to tell them though, especially since he'd explicitly promised that he would, every detail he could recall.

And "every" detail is quite a few too many

He had gulped at thinking about that, how just about every second of the incident was still as clear in his head as if it had just happened. It was burned into his brain like the brand on cattle, and refused to leave. It was almost like having a gruesome song stuck in his head. If he didn't talk, though, Kallie and Alice might never trust him, so after that he'd been spending quite a bit of time steeling himself for that inevitable task. Much like the rest of the game, it was one of those trials that showed just who a person was, as his father had always said. God always picked the times of greatest strife in a man's lifetime to reveal to them their true character, whether they are saint or monster, saviour or killer, hero or coward.

I won't let myself be a coward.

Of course, his refusal to back down meant he was dwelling on the killings more, and that made it very difficult for his stomach to actually settle. Though he refused to let anyone be any the wiser he occasionally felt ill thinking about it. Simon's gasped apology, Dan's head rolling on the asphalt, Eduardo impaled on what was technically his own weapon, Boxer collapsing to the ground in a heap, not having expected his team mate to turn on him so viciously. Sometimes he felt as if their spectres were watching him, waiting for a sign of weakness so they could devour his soul, but when he looked there were no spirits. However long they'd actually been going, for Darnell it felt like their trek had taken years.

I wouldn't mind never walking again, if I get out of this game alive.

Eventually though, the travel would come to an end. At first it looked like what they were approaching yet another nondescript clearing, but an odd feeling in his gut gave him the idea that they'd be walking into a trap if they just ran in. It may not have been true, but he was starting to find that the game was really good at making him see ambushes when they weren't there. Either way, the possibility that he was wrong ended up outweighed by a sudden sense of terror that gripped him, fear as much for his friends as for himself, so he'd told them to stay back while he went to check if anything was up ahead.

I'm not sure if I want to be right or if I want to be wrong.

Forcing the thought down, he shifted the bag- earlier he'd gone through his bag and John's to find out which was which, and as much as he hated himself for it he'd sorted through John's bag and taken what he needed, especially the uzi ammo and instruction manual which he'd occasionally stop to read afterwards, distributing the food and water between himself, Kallie, and Alice -on his shoulders and gripped the safety of the Uzi, his hands gripping the gun tightly as his finger rested just outside the trigger guard. He didn't want any accidental discharges, especially after he'd almost filled Ed Sullivan with bulletholes earlier. As he'd learned on the way, the weapon had a shoulder stock that could be opened to help with accuracy, so he did that, the weapon raised to shoulder level and aimed as it was supposed to be, like how the military and cops held submachine guns. In a small crouch, he moved carefully but deliberately and quickly towards the clearing, putting his back to one of the trees near the clearing opening as he reached it. If anyone was there, he clearly hadn't been seen or heard, as nobody called out or fired.

Here we go, Darnell. It's do or die. Possibly both. You were talking about giving your life for your friends, got the balls to put your money where your mouth is?

A few seconds passed as Darnell breathed in, and tentatively put his foot in the opening for an instant. No tripwire, apparently. Leaning around, he raised the gun in front of him so he'd turned to the opening, looking inside the clearing. There was nothing there, just some ditches and what looked like barbed wire. Not thinking too much on it, he stepped forward and turned/leaned to the right, so he was looking into that side of the clearing but still using the trees as cover and keeping his gun up. Nothing there except more barbed wire and ditches and mud, and the same results (except for a couple larger ditches that looked like small trenches) when he looked to the left. It was nothing more than what looked like a more travelled part of the jungle. Well, now he felt a bit dumb, but at least there wouldn't be any bullets flying at him. Relaxing and standing back up, he released the grip saftety with a sigh, closing the gun's shoulder stock as the weapon hung limply from his side, in the grip of his right hand.

His right wasn't what he was looking at though, his eyes temporarily found themselves transfixed on his left hand. The open left hand he couldn't help but hold in front of himself. Was he just tripping? Was all this a bad high? Part of him hoped so, it would explain everything so well, but he couldn't see anything odd with his hand. Not that he'd done any acid before, but he'd heard that you could tell if you were tripping by looking at your hand and seeing if there was any "trailing". There wasn't any, just the left hand he'd been born with. One of the hands that had done so much for him in his life. Fought, made love, studied, manipulated, eaten, even killed. His two hands were the ones that ended three lives. If those hands hadn't existed three people would still be alive. He loved his hands, but at the same time he hated them and wanted to destroy them.

At least, he supposed, there wasn't blood on them this time. It had been a couple hours ago, he'd had to go to the bathroom, especially since he'd been holding it in for a while, so he'd given the gun to Kallie and gone off behind some trees to urinate. When he'd done that and gotten his pants back on and everything though, he found his hands entirely covered in blood. Some fresh, some old, some hardened, some still liquid, some parts almost like molasses. Just the horrid dark red blood everywhere as he gasped loudly and tried to shake it off. Some bits flicked off, but most stayed put, refusing to move. His pulse pouinding, he couldn't figure out why there was blood all over his hands, as if he'd disemboweled somebody with them, and eventually he had cried out something along the lines of "Oh my God!" and tried to run back to where he was, only to trip and see the bloody hands again.

Eventually he'd either made his way back to the group or they had gone to see if he was all right, but by then the blood had disappeared. He was asked what had happened, so he simply said how it was. For a few seconds, there was blood absolutely covering his hands for no reason. He could smell it, feel it, it was almost as if it were real, but then it disappeared. Hesitantly taking the gun and his things back, he'd tried to look as if nothing had happened, but he was sure he had never really been able to get rid of that visibly shaken look about him, and sometimes when he wasn't looking carefully sometimes he thought he saw a coat of red on his hands.

"Stupid hallucinations...can't let the game get to me. Danya must've drugged the water or something..."

The muttering only helped him a little, but it was enough to break him from his seconds' long trance directed at his hand, which had no blood on it at all. Forcing his thoughts down, he called out.

"Hey, Kal! Alice! You still there? Area's clear, come on up! Just watch your step, there's barbed wire laying about for whatever reason."

Backing up, he waited for them to come after him in the clearing or...whatever the place he'd ended up in was. He probably looked like hell now, but the face he put on was confident, if a bit tired. He owed them that much, he couldn't fail either of them by showing weakness now.

Congrats, kick some arse. When is this, specifically? As in, what day?

As far as fighting went, Adam had only been knocked out once before, so he wasn't used to the feeling. One second, he had just driven Maxie into what had to have been an orgasm, one that sounded as if it were pretty intense, and was readying himself to go all the way, her reaction making him too horny to think straight. All he could think about was fucking her, and hard. The next second, however, he was suddenly face down on the ground as the steadily weakening rain poured down on him, soaking his hair and washing some of the mud out of his beard. Blood was going down the side of his head from an opened cut, but he didn't even notice that fact, only registering that the side of his head was wet. He had landed near his Mauser, and his huge hand had fallen on the gun when he hit the ground, but he didn't entirely register that either.

Ugh...what the hell...?

His head still swimming as the world appeared to almost spin about him, Adam tried to piece together just what the hell was going on. He'd been making his first thrust into Maxie, but just as he was inside her for the first time, relishing the tightness of her pussy, he'd ended up on his back, rolling on the ground once or twice before he settled there, trying to keep his face out of the mud enough for him to breathe. Then there was a voice, though it was out of focus and he couldn't really make out what it said or much about what it sounded like. From what he could hear of the accent, it was similar to Maxie's, but deeper in pitch and angrier. After the voice stopped yelling at him though, a second voice, this time discernable as Maxie's, joined in, as if they were conversing.

Okay, I give up, what the fuck is going on?

"Gah...did you get a sex change or somethin', Maxie? Why're you talkin' to yourself? No, wait, that's stupid..."

After blurting that question out slightly above a mutter, he gave up and looked up slightly, what would've been directly in front of him earlier. Feeling the Mauser's handle in his hand, his addled mind gathered the sense to grab a hold of it just in case as he took a glance. What he saw made much more sense than Maxie having a sex change and talking to herself, but still caught him off guard. There she was, clad in her panties and covered in mud and dirt, but standing next to her was one Keith Jackson. While known more for his prowess in football and rugby than any real fighting ability (Adam didn't know if the guy had ever even been in a single fight) he was still impressive in stature, and looked pretty tough. Definitely not the best person to end up in a scrap against.

And then there was the fact that he had a fucking shotgun, and the announcements had said he killed two people. By far not the highest kill count the game had had, but it still made him a player. A player who was idly pointing his shotgun at Adam while he talked to Maxie. Of course, if he were thinking straight he would've realized that if Keith were playing he would've just blown both him and Maxie away the second he showed up, but he wasn't thinking straight. Still, in a moment of cautiousness, he took advantage of the fact that neither had noticed him moving again by lowering his head back down to how he was earlier.

Until his mind cleared and the pain set in, anyway.


In one split second, his head had started to pound like a drum, the pain of the sudden hit from earlier finally rebounding back to him, every noise he heard being amplified to excruciating extents. His head throbbed from the pain, and he couldn't help but cry out, his free hand going up to his head and covering the side that had been cut. It may have been a stupid thing to do, but at least for a few seconds that pain would be all he was aware of.

OOC: I wanted to do more with this, but I'm tired, stumped, and I have other posts and homework to do.

Computer seems to have finally deigned to stop fucking up every two god damned seconds, so I should be able to get some posts up today, hopefully.

SOTF Podcast 4
Yeah, just saying that we couldn't know that because Dan didn't tell us.

SOTF Podcast 4
To be fair, Dan didn't say that. :P

v4 Concepts Relapse
We had one in v1, but the character went inactive and wasn't really used much.

SOTF Podcast 4
Stop being late, then. :P

Ratio Decidendi
OOC: Ugh, I really just don't give a fuck about this post anymore, but I just want Dante OUT.

Dante had been so relieved, and then gotten comfortable, after finding shelter in the caves with the group that even as he kept his eye on everyone and tried to figure out how to dispatch each of them if they turned into threats, that almost against himself he'd eventually started to doze off. It was just so dry and comfortable, and even a bit warm, in the part of the caves they stood in that he'd just sat against one of the walls and let himself relax. He chuckled as Kathy was startled by the loud "SHORYUKEN!", but was quiet after that. A low yawn was covered by his free hand, but without any input from his mind his eyes started to droop and close, and eventually it took physical effort to keep them open and watching.

However, despite his efforts, eventually he felt himself nodding off, and everything went black for a while. It was Marnie's telling him to follow her as she left that roused him, and with an irritable groan he opened his eyes, rubbing them with the hand that didn't hold the dagger as he took in his surroundings. He could've been killed while he napped, that wasn't a risk he could afford to take after this. Becky called out to Ryan after that, as Ryan had apparently left, and gone after him, but with her feet fucked up she didn't get far. Kathy stopped to support her - people supporting each other in this game? Inconceivable. - and then asked if he was going to follow Marnie.

Fuck that. She's not even fun.

Still tired, Dante muttered incoherently to himself as he rose to his feet, taking his bag and putting the dagger back into the hoodie pocket. The hood went up, and he started to walk forward.

"Eh, fuck you guys. The lot of ya are 'bout as interesting as watching paint dry. Actually, I've done that, and I can say it was a bit more interesting."

The insult barely out of his lips, he'd keep walking forward, eventually reaching Kathy and Becky. Without warning, his free hand would dart out in a quick shove as a glare appeared on his face. He didn't know why he was annoyed, but he hated it when people stood in his way, especially when they wanted him to leave.

"Shut up and get the fuck out of my way. Stupid bitch."

With that, he left the caves for the jungle he was used to. His eyes falling on Marnie Yaguchi's retreating figure, he briefly considered going with her, but decided against it. She'd pretty much done nothing but get in his face since they'd met up, and company or not he didn't find her interesting enough to risk his life by hanging around her.

"Hey, Marnie!" he called to her before she could disappear, "Good luck finding your fuckbuddy, assuming he isn't already dead!"

It sounded mean, but Dante had tried to come across as genuinely meaning well with it. Didn't matter to him though, he just continued to walk. You don't win by leaving your back a target for people to put their knives in.

OOC: Dante continued elsewhere.

Been busy with school this week, haven't really been able to get much of a post done with my characters. Should have some time today, tomorrow, and the weekend, though.

SOTF Episode 3
Already done the next one and planning episode 5. Might take that idea into account later.

v4 Concepts Relapse
Yeah, what Crash said.

Another concept, though this might just be me being eccentric because I'm tired: Making a bunch of characters in v4, and naming them all Adam. Female characters will get a female version of Adam as their name. Oh, and just for hilarity I'd be required to put at least a few of them in the same topic.

High Voltage
OOC: Temporary control of Boxer was given by Laz to get him out of the danger zone. Boxer carrying Alice was also done with permission.

Laz's PM
Because I'm having a bit of writer's block trying to get Boxer out of there, I'll give you one-post control to get both Boxer and Darnell out of the Jailhouse.

I'm also seriously thinking of heroing Boxer in if Darnell gets rolled. Still working out the details.

Maka and I's IM session
Kyle says:
Have a second? Writing the post in the Jailhouse and need to get your input. Laz gave me one-post control over Boxer to get him out of the jail, so I was thinking that Boxer would go to try to get Alice to come along, and if she didn't try to basically pick her up and carry her out. Are you alright with that?
Maka- Rage against the karaoke machine! O_@ says:
Sure sure
Maka- Rage against the karaoke machine! O_@ says:
Go ahead.


Darnell hadn't been expecting the pudgy form of Ed Sullivan to appear out of nowhere as he went for the door, so when Ed suddenly showed up in front of him asking to come in Darnell was understandably startled. Having prepared himself mentally to do so, he found himself stepping back and raising the Uzi up at Ed, his free hand grabbing the grip safety as his finger slipped inside the trigger guard and prepared to pull the actual trigger. Fortunately for Ed, however, Darnell didn't get past that point. Instead, he froze up, disgusted and shocked at himself for so easily pointing a gun, a tool for killing, at a classmate. Sure, he'd killed three others already, but it didn't feel right to him that he could so easily prepare to kill a fourth. Still, he didn't lower his aim, instead opting to leave his gun as it was in case Ed tried anything, though loosening his grip on the trigger so he couldn't accidentally shoot him.

This isn't right. Ed hasn't been on the announcements, he wouldn't hurt a fly! Why am I pulling a gun on him?! If anyone deserves to have a gun pointed at them, it's me!

Darnell wasn't sure what to say to Ed's request to be allowed entry, but Kallie and Boxer almost immediately spoke up, denying him. Really, as much as he hated to say it, Darnell had to agree. This far in, anyone could be playing, and if too many people joined the group they'd be a huge target. Not only would Ed be safer on his own, but Darnell wasn't going to allow anyone to attack Boxer, Kallie, Keith, or Alice, and if Ed made that prospect more likely he just couldn't afford to let him in.

Man, what happened to the Darnell that actually had some fucking compassion?!

As if the idea wasn't making him hate himself enough, his conscience joined in, berating him for leaving Ed in the rain, possibly to die, after holding him up at gunpoint. At the start of the game, Darnell would've let him in no problem, but that kept getting him attacked, and he was sure at least some of the many friends that had died were killed for just that mistake. Way too many of his friends had already been killed, and regardless of whether he survived or not he wasn't going to let one more die on his watch just because he was a bleeding hearted good samaritan.

Is there such a thing as being too nice, sometimes?

"Look, um..." Darnell started to say, trying to recall Ed's name and where he knew him from, "Ed, from Physics, right? Ed Sullivan? Anyway, I'm sorry, but we can't fit any more people here right now. Kallie and Boxer are right, we can't afford to have too many people, we'd be like fish in a barrel if we were attacked after that happened, and really I've been attacked by almost every single person I've come across, so I've got no idea how I can even trust you around me, or around my friends."

Darnell sighed, lowering the gun some as he stopped his particularly long winded comment, but he continued speaking after that pause if Ed hadn't started to talk. He was usually pretty quiet, so he wasn't used to long answers like he'd just spat out, and would've stopped for a second even if it weren't to see if Ed had a reply.

"I'm not trying to be mean, but I think we'd both be safer if you went your own way. The jungle's got some pretty good shelter from the rain, and it's huge so your odds of running into a player are low. Wish ya luck, man, but we can't afford to have too many people here, so yeah. We'd prefer it if you left."

The way Darnell worded the last bit would carry the implication that he'd force Ed to leave if he didn't go away willingly, but he really hoped he wouldn't have to do that. As odd as it sounded, he'd really had enough of violence for a while and would rather have at least one day where he didn't see someone hurt and/or killed, especially if he was the one doing the hurting and killing.

Just go, man. Trust me, you'll be better off.

Regardless of if Ed left or not though, Keith soon spoke up about how he had to leave, causing Darnell to turn around. His friend was walking out of the cell Alice sat in, looking deeply disturbed. This caused a look of concern to appear on Darnell's face, but before he could ask what was wrong he saw for himself. Alice was stroking Guy's head as if it were a small child, and just like Keith (unknown to Darnell) he found a chill going down his spine. He suddenly felt a great deal of pity for a girl who he'd been enraged at only a bit earlier, realizing that Guy's death must've made her crack entirely. Maybe she had witnessed it?

Nobody should have to see something that horrible, if Danya's description is anything to believe.

After quickly looking around the room at each of them, Keith took off before Darnell or anyone else could say anything, bolting out the door with surprising speed for his bulk (Keith was more toned as opposed to Darnell's stocky and powerful build, but he was still strong and muscular). Soon after, Keith disappeared in the treeline, and as Darnell turned to face out the doorway to call out and possibly go after him, he noticed one forboding fact.

It was dawn, day seven had begun. True to form, the speakers blared to life as Danya's voice rang out, cheerfully reading off every kill from the last day, and the sheer number was still horrifying to Darnell, even though part of him had been desensitized to hearing about the deaths. Turned out Blood Boy was the Nathanial Harris Danya had been talking about, and he'd died. The first person to kill in the game, and definitely not the last. Darnell didn't really know whether to be happy about that or not.

Blood Boy...damn, it's always the people I don't expect to play...

Darnell wouldn't have time to dwell on it as Danya reached the dangerzones, though, and his eyes widened noticably. The area his group was standing in was a danger zone, a building that would make their heads explode if they didn't get the fuck out immediately.

Shit, what do I do?!

Half of Darnell just wanted to turn around and run like Keith did, considering his back was already to the open doorway, but looking at their faces he knew he couldn't do that. What if they got killed? He'd never forgive himself for surviving. Of course, then he realized he was blocking the door while debating with himself and immediately snapped into action.

"Alright, you heard the man! LET'S MOVE!"

Moving with a panicked speed granted to him by his years of grueling training in football and wrestling, Darnell was stepping forward before his booming shout even stopped reverbarating in the jailhouse air, stooping down to pick up both his and John's pack (he was moving too quickly to discern them immediately and didn't want to risk taking the wrong one) and sling them over his shoulders before returning to full height, fixing everyone a quick look before starting to talk again. If the broadcast wasn't fucked (again, Darnell didn't know that it was) viewers would say he sounded almost like a drill instructor.

"Boxer! Quit being a fucking fifth wheel, get Alice and get the hell out of here, we'll bury what's left of Guy later! If she dies, I'm holding you responsible!"

Daniel "Boxer" Carvalho was taken aback for a second by Darnell's authorative tone, but even he knew that there was no time to contest the issue. Darnell may have been a cold blooded killer, he may have been the one who took Eddie away from him and ruined his face and sense of smell by literally smashing his nose, but he couldn't afford to dawdle, and the threat on his teammate's lips was readily apparent. He'd always found three things easiest to understand: orders, threats, and violence, so even as thick as he was he knew not to fuck around with what Darnell told him to do. Getting shot wouldn't help Eddie, though some part of him still refused to believe that there was nothing he could do to help Eddie anymore, that even if it were possible Eddie would've refused to be helped even up to the point where he'd forced Darnell to kill him in self defense.

Your time will come, pendejo, but not now. I may not be the brightest, but I'm not dumb enough to pick a fight with you while you've got a fucking machinegun and I've only got my fists.

As Darnell turned, Boxer moved into the cell towards Alice, narrowly avoiding banging his head on the doorway with a quick duck. Moving urgently but nonthreateningly towards the girl, he took the head from her and tucked it in his armpit before hoisting her up (easily, considering how much lighter and smaller Alice Jones was than the hulking Boxer Carvalho) onto his opposite shoulder, the pack also being grabbed in his hand as he walked out of the cell, ducking low enough for both of them to clear the doorway of the cell, making a run for the actual exit once he got the chance. Once he got to the treeline and safely out of the Jail area, he'd set Alice and her pack down, absentmindedly pass the head to her, and run off.

Darnell was ignoring this though, putting his hand on Kallie's shoulder for a second. The touch was urgent and quick, but not as forceful as his words had been earlier.

"Look, Kallie, I don't know if you still trust me, and to be honest at the moment I don't care since we can talk about it later if we get the fuck out of here on time, just run already, I'll be right behind you once everyone's gone, but I'm not going to leave you behind and risk your collar going off! You've got all your supplies, right?"

If she didn't, Darnell would go back to find and grab them, before handing them to her and repeating his instruction to get out. Of course, if she still hadn't left by that, especially if Boxer and Alice were gone, he'd let out an exasperated "fuck this" under his breath, too low for Kallie to really hear, and attempt to grab her hand and hold it as he himself ran out. If she had left, of course, that wouldn't be necessary and he'd just run after her, though slowing down for a second if Ed was still there to give him a "what the fuck are you still doing here?! RUN!" type look before again continuing to catch up. His delay would mean his collar started to beep just as he was exiting the area the SOTF systems defined as the "Jailhouse" (basically the building itself and the immediately surrounding area, including a bit of the treeline) but his speed meant he'd make it out fine.

Heh, all those sprints were good for something other than the football field after all.

An inappropriate thought, maybe, but a relieved man who'd been afraid for his life tended to think of inappropriate things.

OOC: Boxer, Alice, and Darnell continued elsewhere, if maybe not the same elsewhere. Same for Kallie I think, since Darnell's not leaving until she does even if that means he blows up, but I'll wait for Meg to write that post or at least say something on the matter.

She's really enjoying this, isn't she?

It didn't take long for Adam to notice that Maxie was starting to get turned on by the lavish attention he was paying to her body, and that realization made the grin widen on his face. Oddly enough, not in a creepy or lecherous manner, but just a pleased-looking smile which definitely looked odd as his right hand's fingers almost greedily stroked and rubbed Maxie's genitals. He'd first gotten an idea of it when he'd kissed her nipples and almost immediately felt them harden as they perked up and her breasts swelled slightly. The way she was moving and occasionally shivering when he touched her wasn't all disgust, he assumed, so it wasn't long before he caught on. Especially when she unexpectedly failed to resist one of his kisses, their tongues tangling together and pressing against one another for a few instants, which served to make him even more excited than he was.

Heh, well if you want it that badly...

Maxie may or may not have known, but he was hoping to get exactly the reaction she was giving. Well, not the struggling and disgust, but the fact that her body was steadily becoming more and more aroused. On the one, more malicious, hand, it would be far more humiliating for Maxie if he actually forced her to want him, to actively consent to what he was doing (and really, considering as far as he knew she had all but kissed him, he had no real reason to assume otherwise). On the other hand, though, he wanted to enjoy every inch of her body while he had the chance, and due to old habits was approaching it just like he used to when sleeping with girls. Maybe he was hoping that if he pleasured her enough, she'd give in and give herself to him, old wishful thinking. Could have been something else entirely.

"What's wrong? You look like you're having a good time," he said as his left hand temporarily rose to cup her cheek, the tone being a disturbing mix of mocking and loving or affectionate, "just relax and enjoy the show."

A kiss on the cheek, and then his hand would go into her panties, causing Maxie to gasp audibly. As far as Adam was concerned, the proverbial last straw came when he found Maxie's clit and started to stroke it, drawing a slight gasp of pleasure from her before she stopped and glared at him. Another kiss, a few more seconds of sensually stroking the inside of her, and then he withdrew his fingers from Maxie and actually seemed to back off. That wasn't the case however, as his hands soon went down to her trainers and pulled at them to try to get them off, doing the same for her socks if he succeeded. Kicking off his own boots, assuming there wasn't any resistance, his hands would move back to the waistline of her jeans and pull down until he'd slid them off of her entirely. His shorts and came down and then he was on her again, kissing and groping and grinding, touching and caressing her nearly naked body all over before he made an effort at her panties too. If that worked she'd be entirely nude underneath him, the fabric of his underwear being the only thing that kept him from actually penetrating her with his erect member all but trying to push into her as he continued to press his body close to her.

If you want it so much, who am I to say no?

At the moment his hands were actually around her back, one on her back and one behind her head, almost trying to pull her up close to him. They'd snake back around to her front though, still fondling her almost gently but with the element of lust still there. Trailing down her abdomen and waist, still softly kissing her neck, face, and lips, they slipped around to stimulate her rear and upper legs some more before he pulled down his undergarments, leaving both of them naked in the rain. Seizing her legs and wrapping them around his waist after fingering her a bit more, he again started to trail kisses down her body, but this time not stopping until he'd reached her entrance (naturally he had to back up a bit to reach said entrance). Touching the clit a few times with his tongue while his hands manipulated the inside of her thighs, he began to thrust inside of her wetness with it, penetrating her repeatedly. Almost too aroused to think straight, part of him was wondering why he didn't take her right now, but he thought that could wait a bit.

Announcement Lag
You're gonna break it. :P

Adam, on the other hand, didn't notice the cameras around him at all, and therefore it never occurred to him that the entire world was watching him take advantage of Maxie. He was far too caught up in the moment, their bodies pressing together, his lips against hers while his hands went to work on the massive rack that her soaked shirt had so teasingly displayed earlier. In fact, it briefly crossed his mind that he didn't even know why he was doing what he was doing, how he had gone from attacking her to trying to make love to her in the span of a couple seconds.

Maxie tried to bite his tongue as it moved around in her mouth, and even though she couldn't put enough power into it for it to be a nuisance he found himself almost habitually taking his right hand off her breast and throwing a punch to her ribs before going back to it, hoping it'd knock the wind out of her. He broke the liplock after that, taking some air into his lungs and ignoring the slight saliva trail between them as he nibbled the lobe of one of her ears lightly, not enough to hurt, and started trailing kisses down her jawline and neck. He continued this down her body, past her breasts and solar plexus (naturally giving each nipple a kiss), and stopped at her gut, pulling back up.

While he did this, his hands were at Maxie's arms to pin her down, but as he rose they moved to his vest, undoing the zipper so he could slide the garment off of his shoulders and throw it to the side. Later he'd realize that the rain would make him cold as hell because of this, but he didn't notice for now, especially since it'd be a while before that happened. Shifting his position so that he went from straddling Maxie to laying on her, he again started to kiss her, though more gently this time, his hips grinding against her own, as his hands started to travel down her body, caressing it bit by bit. The grinding started to slow down as his hands reached her jeans despite the fact that he was even harder than he was before, his fingers moving to undo the button on the front of her jeans and pull down the zipper in a practiced motion, too caught up in what he was doing to notice if Maxie was trying to fight him off.

After that, though, he didn't pull down her pants or anything, instead his hands went around to under Maxie, almost lifting her hips up as his hand went on her rear and the back of her legs, lightly squeezing and stroking that area as his hands moved down. He'd gone back to kissing Maxie's lips at this point but was still concentrating on where his hands were, especially when they moved to the inside of her thighs. Then Adam started moving the fingers around in a sort of semicircle pattern, trying to stroke and massage that area of her legs, since from what experience he had the inner thighs seemed to be a source of pleasure for girls when stimulated right. Eventually though, his hands would move to the waistline of her jeans, trying to pull them down.

He didn't know if it was something Maxie did or he just realized the full extent of what he was attempting, but around the point Maxie's pants came down to about thigh level his thoughts started to get at him, and he found himself stalling. Shocked, he broke off the kiss and removed his hands from Maxie's jeans, moving back some and looking over her, as if just realizing what he was doing.

What the hell? I can't do this, this is wrong!

At that moment in time, Adam was completely and totally disgusted with himself, seeing Maxie disheveled and nearly naked underneath him. His body had been acting faster than his mind could keep up, and he'd completely lost control, his desire overriding his sense of survival, every thought after he'd stopped hitting her being clouded by lust. He really couldn't believe how he'd gotten so derailed, from fighting for his life to trying to rape someone for no reason.

I've been an asshole all my life, I mean it's been kind of warranted with how worthless the idiots I go to school with are, but rape? That's just low.

How long had he been lusting after Maxie? Adam couldn't really remember, though he thought it'd started with him having a bit of a crush on her way back, but he had no idea how it had spiraled so out of control, to the point they were at now. It was the second time he had lost control of himself, the first time he was drunk and the second terrified for his life, and it repulsed him that this kept being the outcome. Was he really that weak-willed? It was inconceivable. With a sigh, he prepared to get off of Maxie entirely.

Tch, fuck that. 'If you want something, take it, if you're strong enough to take it it's yours', remember? How long have I wanted this chance, anyway? Not like I'm gonna get it again. Girl isn't even putting up a fight, should have some fun with her before I go.

The thoughts from before were forced down with startling speed as the lecherous look returned to Adam's eyes and he again moved to pin Maxie down. While his left arm would alternate between groping Maxie and trying to hold her down, his right would move towards her exposed panties. Once he got through those, she'd be all his, he knew it. He wouldn't take them off if he reached them, though. Instead his hand would slide inside her panties, brushing up against her pussy inside. The grin from before reappearing on his face, he started to rub and stroke Maxie's vagina, and one of his fingers would be reassigned to flicking and rubbing against her clit once he found it. That done, Adam slowly slipped a trio of digits inside of Maxie, although not thrusting or anything. Instead, he was hoping to turn her on enough that she was practically begging him to finish her off.

Everyone has a breaking point.