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Enemies for my little queer
Don't fucking double post. You need to add something to your post like that, use the edit function.
Edit: Speaking of which, if I ever get him done Montezzo is a rather old-fashioned Sicilian who happened to be taught how to be a "gentleman" by a mob boss. That'd pretty well lead into a not exactly accommodating view on homosexuals, especially if your guy does something to piss him off. Perhaps it could be of use.

The Final Three
Sure you will...

And Presenting! :D
Congrats to both of ya, hopefully they won't be too unbearable in a year or so. :P

What's in the Past is History
Darnell listened quietly while Kallie answered his question of where she had moved from. He hadn't noticed her own inquiry about the joke he made at Whittenburg's expense, but it was too late for that at the moment. There was an impressed look in his eyes when she was finished, and he let out a low whistle out of admiration. He hadn't been expecting that, though it was less of a surprise to find that she was rather wealthy and had traveled around, something about her looks had given him a similar idea beforehand. Being from a pretty well off family himself as being one of the heads of the biggest construction firm in the city meant Mr. Butler made a lot of money even without the sizeable paycheck of his wife, he knew the basic ways to spot someone who was from money and someone who wasn't. He could hear the hushed noise of idle chatter all over the room now, so he knew there was no chance of the lesson continuing on its course today.

"Whoa," he allowed himself to say with a tone as impressed as his expression, "so you're from Vegas, of all places? Talk about cool...y'know, I've always wanted to visit that city, but enough about me," he chuckled after saying this and moved his hands behind his head, leaning back in his seat a bit, "you said you weren't there a lot. Did you like Vegas, though, when you were 'home'?"

Darnell Butler had a way with words that was almost as renowned as his physical ability. What from many people may have sounded intrusive or pushy, Butler had a knack for wording so that it just seemed like a friendly inquiry. He had learned how to do this over the years, it made making friends easier. One could tell just by listening, or by looking at him, that there was real interest in the questions he asked Kallie Majors. Not only was it the desire to make a new student feel welcome, but he was interested in the bombshell herself as a person. Even if he did allow his eyes to look Kallie over quickly, he found the conversation more intriguing than superficial desires at the moment.

Whittenburg's ranting was quickly interrupted by a loud coughing fit from the coach, but when he gasped out a surprised "I'm fine. Anyway, where was I?" a few seconds later, Darnell decided it wasn't worth taking his attention away from the conversation. He always thought, why bother conversing if you don't pay any attention to your partner? For that reason he paid the rest of the class no mind while waiting for the girl's response.

When Shit Hits The Fan
Yeah, I knew that trying to RP the actual abduction couldn't work, I was just musing on the fact that it'd be interesting in theory.

Sep 5 2007, 12:57 AM
Grade Eleven for me, I officially start tomorrow.

Grade nines are stupid assholes.

I resent that.

School starts Thursday, year 10.

User Poll: Everyone and anyone.
Probation =/= ban. All mod preview does is require the staff to approve your posts. I share your doubts, though.

User Poll: Everyone and anyone.
Not the point. Someone asked about probation, so I told them that was the forum equivalent.

When Shit Hits The Fan
Interesting, but considering we're not actually going to RP the hijacking (though that'd be kinda interesting itself) that might be better suited as just a suggestion to the staff for a plot idea.

User Poll: Everyone and anyone.
Biggest problem with that, though I also believe he should be given a chance once he gets his shit back in gear (after all, I was given the same chance), is that he might instantly go right back to how he was pre-banning.

User Poll: Everyone and anyone.
Mod preview. If I recall, the staff has done that with Slacker before.

User Poll: Everyone and anyone.
He has ways to contact Melissa, myself, and yourself, Adam. There's every opportunity to show a change in attitude, as long as he isn't making it up.

Drunken post #Who knows?
Yeah. I like the fact that he's supposedly made Michael able to talk and run, just because it makes more sense (how many times in the original could he have easily caught someone just by sprinting down the hallway at them?). Hopefully they changed the way he was "killed" to something more realistic.

Drunken post #Who knows?
Yeah, I was just playing around. Haven't seen the movie yet, and I'll wait 'till then to make a real judgment. If it were a carbon copy, the remake would be even worse, actually. For example, when they re-made Psycho it was the same shot for shot, and it sucked.

Slacker 2
Adam, the topic was locked because it's in all of our best interests to just drop the issue. You won't be harassed by the staff unless you do something against the rules, and that's enforcement (not harassment. :P), but all this thread is doing is making a much bigger deal out of something inconsequential.

Drunken post #Who knows?
I'm just playfully egging you on, since you said you didn't like people describing something as "sucking". :P Just a bit of fun, no insult intended.

On another note, why do you keep calling Adam "Chuck"?

Drunken post #Who knows?
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Long Druuge is not amused. Anyway, the movie still sucks.

It was his idea of a last "fuck you" to the staff, I'd imagine.