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G10 - Roivas, Cassandra[/DECEASED]

Killed by: Kiyoko Asakawa

Collected Weapons:



Mid-Game Evaluation:

Post-Game Evaluation:

Memorable Quotes:

G10 - Roivas, Cassandra[/DECEASED]

Name: Roivas, Cassandra
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Grade: 10
Extra Curricular Activity: N/A
School: O'Leary High
Appearance: Cassandra is a little on the short side, though she is of a fairly average height. She has long, blonde hair that goes down to the small of her back; though she tries to keep it neatly combed it is usually messed from her day’s activities. Her eyes are light blue, usually calm looking in expression. Her skin is a pale white, she does go out in the sun quite a bit, but she was born with partial albinism. Her skin is fair and relatively monotone, she doesn't have any acne or blemishes. She is not overweight, but she’s not exactly in shape either. Probably the most noticeable feature about her is her arm; she was born missing her right arm from the elbow down and thus has to wear a prosthetic arm. As far as clothing goes, she usually wears a long sleeved shirt, or if it’s really hot out a t-shirt. She almost never wears a tank top and has never been one for very girly clothing. Her pants are baggy, black pants held up by a belt that resembles a sling of bullets.
Biography: Her family is of average wealth, though she is leaning towards the poor side due to her parents being divorced. After she was born her parents began to fight constantly, she doesn’t remember it very well because she was only a few years old but she does know that it ended with divorce. She never really cared that much, she lived so few years with both parents in her house that she never really had anyone to miss.

She was an artist from a young age, but she was also exceptionally gifted in intelligence. She was allowed to skip one grade earlier on in school, but later regretted it. She was always the youngest kid in her class and was too shy to really make any friends. Even though she skipped a grade, she always excelled in her schoolwork until she hit junior high. When she got into her junior high school, she had found that she lost the motivation to do well in school and started to question the work and why it is important to her life. She became a rebellious girl and started to focus heavily on her artwork. Her parents and teachers did not approve of this decision, but she didn’t listen. Her grades slipped to the point where she almost failed certain classes, bus she didn’t care, she was only there because she had to be.

She was always a very introverted girl; she found that her classmates tended to pick on her not only because she was the youngest but because of her arm. Though she was normally strong-willed and didn’t take crap from anyone, her arm was a very sensitive issue. Once, some time in middle school, she had punched one of the biggest guys in the class upside the head with her fake arm and sent him home in pain. She has had the guilt of that decision with her long after; she is normally quite a kind and caring girl who really didn’t want to hurt anyone. She had a bad reputation for the rest of middle school after that and no one would talk to her, people found her to be scary.

In high school she managed to make some friends, though the people she made friends with were generally considered to be a bad crowd, not so much among the kids, but the adults. They weren’t bullies or anything, but they all did poorly in school and were known for vandalizing. They weren’t really a gang, they didn’t have a leader or anything, and they were just a group of similar people hanging out together. She was still a very nice girl; she just didn’t have much care for anyone who didn’t earn it. By this time, her reputation was now that of a slacker and a rebel, her previous reputation as the good A+ student was gone and long forgotten.

She sometimes starts to worry about her future, more so when she’s alone, but she has always been a live for the moment type of person and does not like to worry about anything beyond tomorrow. Most of her peers do not really have an opinion about her; she’s much too introverted to really stand out to anyone aside from her circle of friends. She doesn’t normally care what others think of her, unless they touch on a sensitive spot. If her arm is brought up negatively in a conversation, she take great restraint to stop from doing something she’ll regret.
Other: N/A
Number: 10
Designated Weapon: Saiga 12 (Shotgun)
Conclusions: A+ student turned into one of those no-class little punky kids. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing her die off, as she's just a punk, and if not that, a punk wanna-be hanging around other punks. But, no matter, stereotypes are nothing in SOTF. I think, if she has to go down, she'll go down fighting until the end.


G09 - Marks, Katherine[/DECEASED]
Kills: Aaron Redfield

Killed by: Slingshotted through the eye by Chi Masumi, "brained".

Collected Weapons: Meat Hook (designated weapon, to Chi Masumi, Plastic Hammer (from River Garraty, disguarded)

Allies: None, may have percieved Cillian Crowe to be an ally since he saved her from Jacob Starr.

Enemies: Jacob Starr, Chi Masumi, it's debatable whether or not Aaron Redfield was an enemy of hers (since she intentionally killed him, but didn't seem to bear any ill will towards him).

Mid-Game Evaluation: During the start of Katherine's game, she ran to the school building and lurked outside, watching on in horror as Sydney Morvranwas accidentally executed by Tayli Vreeland. After Xian Chun escaped the building, Katherine ran off in horror, making her way through the nearby woods. In the woods, Katherine settled down, only finally deciding to leave her secluded hiding spot after the third announcement, which announced her spot as a danger zone.

Finally succumbing to her desire to escape the rain, Katherine headed toward the small house, only stopping momentarily to witness some crazy boy running toward the woods that had just become a danger zone. Not paying the boy any mind, Katherine proceeded to the small house to find it was completely abandoned. It was here that Katherine found an empty bag containing a plastic hammer as a weapon. She contemplated whether or not she would play the game, before she was interrupted by the arrival of Jacob Starr. Katherine tentatively inquired as to whether or not he was playing, and was met with a barrage of bullets for her efforts. She threw the plastic hammer at him in a vain attempt to distract him and managed to reach her bag and remove the meat hook inside. After lunging at him, Katherine attempted to escape from the small house, but Jacob followed en suite. It was only when Cillian Crowe appeared on the scene and tossed a rock in Jacob's direction did his assault relent, and Katherine was able to escape.

Katherine's hasty escape from the small house took her to the warehouse, where she encountered Aaron Redfield. Perhaps it was the attack from Jacob, but Katherine had by now decided to play the game, and Aaron would be her first (and only) unlucky victim. The injured girl conjured up a faux story about Jacob Starr and the horrible things he'd done to her, effectively reeling Aaron into her trap in the process. When Aaron had let his guard down enough, Katherine struck, paralyzing the boy with her meat hook before ending his life and detonating his collar in the process. Katherine barely had time to enjoy her victory, however. As the contemplated the future she'd have to kill for, Chi Masumi, who had been watching from the shadows, took the opportunity to strike. The marble Chi fired from her slingshot pierced Katherine's eye and went clean through to her brain, ending her life abruptly.

Post-Game Evalution: Such a shame. After her encounter with Mr. Starr, Katherine was willing to step it up a notch and do whatever it took to win. That's the right line of thinking, Miss Marks! Fight with gusto! It's a shame Chi caught her offguard like that, Katherine never seen it coming. Oh well, you can't win 'em all, I suppose.

Memorable Quotes: "You...haven't killed yet, have you?" - to Jacob Starr when he entered the small house

"Aaron...I'm sorry, but I plan on having a family one day. Kids, grandchildren, everything. And to do that, I think I'll have to kill everyone else on the island. Don't take it personally...you were actually kind of cute." - last words to Aaron Redfield before finishing him off

G09 - Marks, Katherine[/DECEASED]

Name: Katherine Marks
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Grade: 10th
Extra Curricular Activity: Painting/Art Club
School: Barry Coleson Highschool
Appearance: Katherine wears her long, blonde hair unbound. Her pale gray eyes are hidden behind blue colored contacts, most likely so that she can fit in with the cliche deal of blonde hair, blue eyes, and limitless beauty. She often holds an expression of boredom on her face, and a smug look as if she knows about something that no one else does. There's always a mischevious aura surrounding Katherine, as if she knows a secret, or two of yours that not even you know. Katherine has perfected pouting, smirking, and raising a single eyebrow. She uses these techniques to get her way, and to manipulate others.
Biography: Katherine wasn't always labeled as the beautiful, manipulative witch (yet surprisingly pretty) of the school. In fact, before 9th grade came around, Katherine was the overly clumsy, dorky kid that knew how to paint. She used to wear baggy overalls, large glasses, and have her hair messy as if she had just gotten out of bed. Her older sister would often tease her for it, but Katherine just shrugged it all off. She didn't care about her looks, so why should anyone else? Of course, her little belief changed after she fell for Shaun, a boy in her 8th grade class. After afternoon homeroom, Katherine had corned down Shaun and asked him if he wanted to go out. Shaun said yes, much to the surprise of Katherine.
Blinded with love, Katherine didn't notice the fact that Shaun used her to get better grades, or the fact that Shaun was often going out with other girls aswell as Katherine. When a good friend of Katherine confronted Shaun about all his extra girlfriends, Katherine immedieatly fought her friend, calling her many harsh expletives. Katherine and her "friend" were suspended for a week. When Katherine came back to school after the suspension, a terrible sight was brought to her eyes. Shaun was kissing another girl. And right infront of her, too. This enraged Katherine. She asked Shaun why. Shaun's macho answer was that Katherine was only good for grades...she was average at best in the looks department. He made fun of her hair, her glasses, her overalls, and her attitude completely. Katherine screamed after he was done rattling off Katherine's bad points, and tackled her ex to the ground, punching and clawing at his face making him bleed. This quickly gained her the reputation of being insane, and rabid, on top of being a dork.
But, when 9th grade came around, all her past reputations seemed to melt away. Katherine had traded her large, thickly rimmed glasses for brilliant blue contacts (and thusly hiding her pale gray eyes), she had exchanged her baggy overalls for tighter fitting, and more "fashionable" clothing, and actually took the time every morning to fix her once overly messy hair. She was quite the sight to see in 9th grade, even getting several boyfriends whom she manipulated to fit her needs, much like Shaun had done to her. She realized how easy it was using her good looks to manipulate boys (and even some girls) into doing what she wanted. When she wasn't manipulating the kids in her class during school, she was doing schoolwork and coloring rather abstract works in her personal notebook.
She planned on just relaxing in the sun and painting a few pictures on the day of the trip, away from most of the kids. For once, she wanted to have peace and solitude without having people drool all over her. Shame she'd only get the opposite...she was going to get chaos, murder, and death, and people at home drooling over the pretty girl.
Other: A big secret of hers is that Katherine is deathly afraid of cats, for reasons that she keeps to herself. Rumors have it that a cat attacked Katherine as a small child, but alas, it is only a rumor that Katherine herself hasn't even confirmed. She hates being nicknamed, and prefers her full name to anything. She's a little violent when she doesn't exactly get her way...violent to almost killing someone if she has taken the time to plan everything out perfectly.
Number: G09
Designated Weapon: Meat Hook
Conclusions: She hoped for peace and solitude...the SOTF ACT is exactly the opposite. Good eyecandy for the viewers, not much else. I don't see this girl surviving for very long...


G03 - Rapler, Venka[/DECEASED]

Name: Rapler, Venka
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Grade: 9th
Extra Curricular Activity: Lazy, She didn't do anything.
School: Barry Coleson High

Appearance: Dark Brown hair cut very short and boyish, but she is far from being like one. She has a slim figure and is tall, but is not very strong. Usually covered in outlandish makeup, mostly bright eyeliner. She wears vintage looking blouses, with low-rise jeans and fashionable medium-heeled boots. Her eyes, which are almond-shaped, are dark brown and she has nicely arched eyebrows.

Biography: Venka was a climber on the social ladder. With native american parents, she had an exotic look to her. However, it was never appreciated until she reached high school. She was a flirt, an awful flirt who never really gave anything up. Except her grades. Venka was to the point where she failed all her classes, when the end of the year trip landed her in SOTF.

Her personality is very sincere, though being a very social person changed it to be that of a gossipy twit. She has all those thoughts that any pretentious, superficial teen has. With nothing else to do with her mind, she spends hours with makeup and magazines, hairstyles and (though she never uses them) sex tips.

Other: She's loud.

Number: 03


Designated Weapon: Baton (Night Stick)
Conclusions: Loud...I don't think you want to be loud in the SOTF ACT, now do you? She's pretty lucky, I think, winding up in the SOTF ACT (what?!). Her grades wouldn't've gotten her anywhere, and she would've had to repeat the grade, most likely. Atleast she can keep her dignity if she survives the SOTF ACT by not having to repeat the grade (but I doubt that'll happen anyway...heh).


B08 - Kelecks, James[/DECEASED]

Name: Kelecks, James
Gender: Male.
Age: 16
Grade: 10th grade
Extra Curricular Activity: James occasionally does some volunteer work in his community through a school club, although it is by no means his lifelong passion and he only does it when he’s in the mood to 'do good'.
School: Barry Coleson High

Appearance: At first glance one could easily overlook James as your typical American teenager. Not particularly well built, but not scrawny either, James’s medium-length black hair (just short of the length required to form a ponytail) can force many to the conclusion that he is just another degenerating American youth. It is only when one takes the time to look beyond that first impression that James inspires a sense of uniqueness that makes him different from the rest of his peers. His striking blue eyes seem to hold a captivating power as they make one feel, only upon a closer look, that there is some sort of hidden intellect or information that only James knows.

Biography: As far as James is concerned his life did not exist before high school. Before that he was a different person, a different persona. It was only in his last year of middle school that he actually figured out the kind of person he really was. His middle school years were not easy, but not the hardest in the world. Picked on by some, but ignored by many, James never gave much thought to the popularity game. Instead, he slowly gained a circle of friend who he knew he could trust completely. To him, the word friend was sacred and a term he would not give lightly.

However, in Barry Coleson High School that began to change. James slowly noticed more and more people being attracted to him, both females and males alike. Something about him seemed to captivate people, to make them want to be his friend. Charisma they called it. James preferred to think of it as luck. However, as he slowly made more and more friends his connection with each one seemed to be less powerful. The more friends he had, the less time he had for each of them. This was his major social dilemma when the ‘School Trip’ began.

James doesn’t like to talk about his life at home. He hasn't always gotten along with his parents but he knows they are relatively good to him. He never was a fan of the popular, ‘look at the shit my parents give me’ excuse for screwing up in life. James believes that it is purely one’s own responsibility for how they turn out in life. Sure, some people have it harder than others, but there is no excuse for screwing yourself over in life because of it.

Other: James is very clear on his morals and opinions of the world, although he is not too arrogant to think things over if new information comes his way. He is clever, but knows he is such, and that at times has led to an overconfidence that can cause problems. But then again, most of the time James has been correct to think that he is one step ahead of the world. He is, however, quick to anger if something he believes in is challenged in an aggressive manner.

Not much can surprise James, but as he is about to be thrust into a situation that he never could have imagined, the first of many surprises has already come.

Number: B-08

Designated Weapon: Dagger
Conclusions: This is probably one of the biggest surprises of James's life, the SOTF ACT, that is. One thing he won't be worrying about during this is about his little "social dilemma". He can just kill them all...problem solved.


B07 - Garraty, River[/DECEASED]

Name: Garraty, River
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Grade: 10
Extra Curricular Activity: Hockey, biking.
School: Barry Coleson High

Appearance: River's appearance is probably the most organized thing about him. Even though he tends to slip behind in other areas (grades, for example), he always makes sure that he looks presentable. His sandy brown hair is neatly combed back aside from being slightly gelled up in the front so it stood up on end. His greenish-brown eyes give off an intimidating look; he’s had practice with that from all those years of hockey. He doesn’t like to give this information away, but he is missing his very back top-left molar due to having it shattered by a rough blow from a puck. He is an average sized boy, slightly tall, but not so much that he towers over his classmates. He has an athletic build, and is fairly muscular, but he’s still no bodybuilder. His legs are more muscular than his arms due to years of biking and skating, his arms would probably be one of his weaker points; he’s only really used them to swing a hockey stick. He usually wears casual clothing, a T-shirt, perhaps with the logo of some band or a popular sports brand, and some blue jeans that might have a few holes in them. On the day of the trip, he was wearing his hockey jersey(he’s number 43) and a pair of blue jeans that are fairly new with a few ruffles around the bottom. He brought two changes of shirts and one more pair of blue jeans, an older, faded pair with the knees worn out.

Biography: River was born into a nice, upper-middle class family to a mom who is a journalist for the local newspaper and a father who is an engineer. He has one brother, two years older, and a sister who is one year older. Being not only the third child and the youngest, he was often teased for being the ‘baby’ of the family and grew very competitive with his brother and sister at an early age. His brother was bigger and tougher than he was and often spent two hours at the gym every day. Despite having such athletic potential, his brother was a rebel at heart and didn’t do much of anything but hang out, party, and play video games.

His sister always got straight A’s on her report card and despite his brother’s reputation when he entered High School the teachers had high hopes for him based on his sister’s reputation. He felt rather insecure, as much as he liked to compete with his siblings he just wasn’t into studying all night and giving up pretty much everything else in order to keep a very high grade average as his sister was. He began to feel as if the teachers were marking him harder because he let down their expectations and went through a period of brief depression before he requested his parents switch him to a different school, which is how he ended up in Barry Coleson High.

His grades still weren’t stellar, mostly B’s and C’s, but he was happy as not much pressure was put on him, in fact, he was sometimes even congratulated on his grades! His main focus wasn’t school, however, he spent most of his time thinking about the out of school hockey team he was on and has been on since age 8. River Garraty, number 43. He put a heavy emphasis on his performance in this sport, and most of his friends were also his teammates. This cost him a little as he didn’t go out of his way to make new friends in school, but he didn’t really care, he didn’t want to hang around that place much anyways. A few of his friends also introduced him to biking, an activity that was second to hockey but he actively pursued when it wasn’t hockey season.

He had a mixed opinion from his peers, some admire him for his athletic ability, some find him a funny, cool guy, some ignore him, and some despise him for being a ‘stupid jock’. The girls especially are varied towards him; he is quite the stud and goes out of his way to impress the ladies. However, he tends to think of himself a being better than he really is, and though some girls find him cute for it some want to give him a good slap in the face for it.

He usually was uninterested in school trips or other activities, though this end of year trip seemed quite interesting. He’d get the chance to leave a good last impression on some girls, perhaps score a summer date or two? He loved flying as well, though he rarely ever got to do it. Of course, as usual, he was confident that nothing could go wrong…

Other: N/A
Number: 7
Designated Weapon: Plastic Hammer
Conclusions: ...His weapon. It's...hilarious! (I can't stop laughing about it.) Shame he had to get that weapon of all things. If he had gotten something good, then he probably would've been a contender, seeing how athletic he is and suchandsuch. (Heh...)


B06- Hunter, Uriel[/DECEASED]

Name: Hunter, Uriel
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Grade: 10th grade.
Extra Curricular Activity: is a member of the schools wrestling team.
School: Barry Coleson High

Appearance: Quite long and muscled. Uriel Keeps his head clean shaven. He wears a long, black robe and a priest gown, but unlike you would think, he can still move as good as anybody else. A large, silver cross hangs around his neck, another interesting detail are the words ‘ innocence proves nothing ‘ that are tattooed on his right arm. Uriel also carries “ the witch hunter handbook ‘ wherever he goes.

Biography: Raised by a priest , Uriel started his life as a servant of god. The first ten years of his life where filled with study. He could read small books when he was six, and started to read the first half of the bible
When he was seven. The next tree year of his life were filled with memorizing the bible, praying, and doing his best on school. The next important step in his life took place when he was ten years old. His father thought the time was ripe for uriel to take his devotion to a higher level, and gave him his first book about the inquisition for his birthday, and Uriel loved it. The blind passion of the ancient witch hunters entered his veins, and he knew he would someday start a new crusade against the witch and the heretic. His father couldn’t be more happier about his sons passion, and started to learn him everything he knew about torture, the use of weapons and martial arts.

Uriel reached the age of thirteen when he started to use his knowledge against his classmates. And he felt a strange pleasure while doing it. One day, uriel saw a kid preaching the words of his arch enemy, and something inside uriel snapped. He pushed the boy against a nearby pole and bound his arms around it with a belt. A lighter and some gasoline turned the demon into a screaming ball of fire. Uriels teachers knew this couldn’t go on any longer, but instead of sending him to prison, they let him go to Barry Colson High. In the first days on this school, Uriel hunter got in a fight with the leader of “ the wrestlers “ Jason Giovanello. And surprisingly won. Jason accepted his defeat and welcomed Uriel in his team, where he learned even more techniques to hurt someone.

Now, 2 years later , Uriel hunter transformed into one of the best high school wrestlers of the US. His team mates agreed to send uriel as representative of B.C high to one of the most popular tournaments : High School Wrestlemania. It was there were he earned his nickname “ the witch hunter “.he fought his way up to the finals, where he was matched against another servant of satan. The heretic entered the ring completely dressed in red, his head was decorated with two little horns and a tail was attached to his behind.
Filled with anger, Uriel dashed towards this devil and beat him to a pulp. The next thing he remembered was the sound of a tranquillizer gun.
ok kids, is everyone here ?
the teacher looked around and noticed that one of his students was missing. has anyone seen uriel yet ?
two guys just dragged him into the plane a few minutes ago,
so I guess he got a little to drunk yesterday, one of the students replied.
good, then we're all here.

i'ts time to board the plane guys.
advantages : his strength and devotion.
Disadvantage: he hates everybody that doesn’t believe in god, so he has a lot of enemies. He’s a little paranoia.
Number: 6


Designated Weapon: Pipe Wrench
Conclusions: He'll certainly make everything into a bloody mess, probably claiming everyone to be heretics. B06 will definately be a fan favorite for that reason, what with his talk of heretics and demons and all, and the fact that everyone might aswell be demons anyway, what with the fact that they'll eventually start killing eachother like crazy.


To Sleep, Perchance to Dream.
Survival of the Fittest > School Building > To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

Posted by: Megami Feb 27 2006, 05:54 AM
(OOC: Continued from http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...#entry1050405.)

It was a long walk from the lighthouse to the school building, especially for a person who had a bullet embedded deep into their calf, but Lyndi had made the trek nonetheless, and in her vain attempt at finding Elsie Darroch, she had found herself at the school building, a place she had not yet seen during her travels around the island. The dirt from the ground danced its way around her sneakers and up her tan legs, which were looking a little worse for wear these days as she slowly dragged herself up to the building. At this point, Lyndi did not care who was lurking around the next corner, and as she happened to glance at the fresh corpse of Jamie Robins, she simply cast a look at it before continuing on into the building.

The smell from inside the small school building was almost overpowering, and as Lyndi peered in through the door, it was obvious why. Inside, strewn in various places, the bodies of the dead lay all about the school house. Some of them seemed fairly fresh, they had died recently. Others, one of which she barely recognized as fellow classmate Tayli Vreeland, had been there for nearly a week and the odor coming from the bodies was unimaginable. To someone who had not been on the island for a week, the site would have been gut-wrenching. However, her time on the island had clearly started to affect Lyndi. She had a gaping wound in her leg that blood was continuing to ooze out from, she was exhausted, starving, and at this point, she could have cared less that her current company consisted of a bunch of rotting corpses.

Shutting the door behind her, Lyndi took another glance at the dead bodies that surrounded her. Her eyes moved from the door to the bodies, then once again to the door. Almost not believing what she was about to do, Lyndi found herself grabbing ahold of one of the corpses in the immediate area, a thin young man with long red hair, and dragging him, albeit with a great amount of difficulty, to the front of the door, where she left him as somewhat of a doorstop. That'll stop them from coming in... or at least warn me first. The human body isn't a light thing. Sighing quietly, Lyndi's icy blue eyes scowered over the one-roomed building, looking over the corpses that littered it. Stripping off her light pink sweatshirt, she found herself tossing it in the floor, leaving her in just the t-shirt she had adorned underneath it. Casting another glance down at her almost bare legs, Lyndi was disgusted by the fact that she had worn shorts on this trip.

After a moment, she found herself walking over to the slowly deteriorating corpse of Tayli Vreeland, and a faint smile formed on her lips. It was nauseating to see Tayli this way, she had known the girl from school, but Tayli had gone to a better place. At least, that's what Lyndi would have liked to think. And since she isn't among the living anymore... Almost before she knew what she was doing, Lyndi found herself stripping the pants from the only female whose corpse lay before her, leaving her in her t-shirt and underwear.

"Sorry girl, but I need these way more than you do now," Lyndi stated simply, as if the corpse was going to comply in some way.

Sitting down in the floor of the school building, Lyndi proceeded to shread the sleeve of her hoodie, with quite a bit of difficulty, and after a pause, wrapped it tightly around her ankle, hoping to stop the blood loss from the bullet that Cody had embedded in her calf when she had tried to escape from him. Once satisfied with the dressing she had provided for her wound, Lyndi once again forced herself to her feet and slid off the shorts she had adorned throughout her stay on the island, momentarily revealing the light pink underwear she had worn the day of the trip. At this point, the last thing in the world Lyndi cared about was who was getting their rocks off back in the States from the little peep show she had just given. Besides, you'd really have to be one sick fucker. Pulling the jeans up around her waist, she found them to be several inches too long, but quite a snug fit around the waist.

Satisfied that her legs, including the wound she had suffered, were not exposed, Lyndi once again sat down and bundled up the remainder of her pink sweatshirt. A yawn escaped her lips before she lay down, using the sweatshirt as a pillow. It was an inappropriate thing to do at the time, and she knew this much. Nonetheless, she found her eyes closing. It had been what seemed like eons now since Lyndi had gotten any sleep at all, and here, with the corpses of the other seven students littered around her, and the Jamie girl outside, Lyndi almost felt safe. After all, the boy she would never know as Daisuke Andou was standing guard at the inside of the door, right? And Jamie was outside, watching for any of the crazies. And she was here, surrounded by her friends, and they would protect her.

She should have shook the dillusional thought from her head in that instant, but she didn't. Lyndi almost liked the thought. It made her feel safe. Safe enough to drift off into a light slumber, something that at this point, she desperately needed. She had no weapon, no daypack, and at this point, virtually no hope. Even if she didn't die from the bullet wound getting infected or some other sort of tragic death, and even if she didn't get shot up by some crazy floating around out there on the island, at this point, Lyndi had no food or water, and before long, she would probably starve to death anyway.

I'm coming Elsie, I promise. But right now, I just need to rest. Just for a little while, okay? I won't leave you alone, not anymore. If we have to go to Heaven, we'll go together.


Posted by: MooCow Mar 1 2006, 10:11 PM
Elsie Darroch had stumbled across the island in fear. Her head was throbbing and her bleach blonde hair stained crimson from her own blood. She was beyond tears. She had found Lyndi and lost her... as she neared a dilapidated building that judging from the map was the schoolhouse she prayed no one hostile lay in wait inside. She ran towards the door and attempted in vain to open it... something blocked it's arc.

Fuck I gotta find Lyndi...

Posted by: Megami Mar 2 2006, 05:30 AM
The sound of rain beat down harmoniously on the walls of the hotel room walls as the sun rose over the horizon, giving birth to a brand new day. The light seeped in gently through the window, awakening a sleeping Lyndi. Her eyes opened with a start, and she rose from the bed, a flustered expression plastered on her face. The commotion Lyndi caused as she arose caused her roommate, Elsie Darroch, to cast her a sleepy, if not a little irritated, glance.

"Have a bad dream?" Elsie questioned.

A... dream? It was all a dream?

Sighing aloud, Lyndi nodded her head quietly, still trying to shake the terrible mental images she had had out of her memory. The dream she had had was a shocking one indeed, and she was ready to spill the entire story to Elsie, hoping it would make her feel better.

"We were abducted," Lyndi stated quickly, "They put us on an island and we had to... we had to kill one another."

Elsie stiffled a laugh as Lyndi began the story of Survival Of The Fittest, it was all quite amusing her in opinion. Rolling over to face the other direction and placing a pillow over her head to drown on the light seeping in from the window, Elsie muttered something inaudibly before closing her eyes and attempting to return to bed.

"...Overactive imagination... or something."

Despite Elsie's insistance upon sleeping in later, Lyndi forced herself to her feet. It had been a surreal experience, to say the least, even if it was just a bad dream. The door creaked open quietly as she turned the knob, and after a moment, she stepped out into the hallway. Her bare feet pattered against the luxurious carpeted flooring silently as she walked down the hall in her pajamas, simply trying to shake off the events. Further down the hall, a familiar face came into view, and Lyndi easily recognized the back of Fred Hughes. A smile crossed her face, and she walked up behind him quietly, and after a moment, called out.

"Good morning."

No answer. Lyndi frowned somewhat, then placed her hand on the boy's shoulder. He had been included in the horrific dream she had just had, and she almost wanted to mention it to him.


As her hand touched the boy, he slumped forward, falling flat on his face. It was then that she saw it, the contents of Fred's stomach splattered all over the floor of the hallway, having exited from the three bullet wounds to his torso. Letting out a scream of terror, Lyndi wheeled around and took off in a full sprint back to her hotel room. Before she could reach the door of her hotel room, however, she encountered another familiar face. Ryan Ashmore trudged down the hallway toward her, his hands frantically grabbing for the knife in his throat. Lyndi sidestepped Ryan and continued running as fast as she could, flinging the hotel room door open with all her might.

"Elsie! ELSIE!"

As Lyndi dashed into the room, she was nearly knocked to the ground as she impacted against a figure standing in the doorway. The figure was that of the redheaded boy she had encountered in the school, his neck twisted in a bizarre fashion. A sadistic smile formed on the boy's lips as he shut the door, effectively locking Lyndi in the room. Much to Lyndi's horror, the next thing she observed in the room was the body of her best friend, swinging wildly from a noose tied to the ceiling fan. In the corner, a muscled boy stood up, handaxe in hand, and a gleam in his eye. The boy was Cody Jenson, the student who had kidnapped her on the island.

"You've missed quite the party. Allow me the pleasure of helping you catch up."

In the blink of an eye, Lyndi saw Cody take off in a running dash toward her. She saw the glimmer on the blade of the axe as it was raised wildly in the air, and could only watch in a mesmerized state as the blade began to come down, as if in slow motion...

Lyndi awoke with a jolt as a loud thud was made against the body of Daisuke Andou, who was still sitting in his solemn position, keeping the door shut and sealing out all the predators who may have been hunting her down. She yelped at the sight of the corpse, but after a moment composed herself, and the memories once again rushed back to her. It had all happened, this was no dream at all. Now, someone really was right outside the door, and now, they were coming for her.

Oh my God, what do I do?

"Who's there?" Lyndi called out, trying to quiet the quiver that had formed in her voice. "Listen to me, I'm in here with a group of people, and we're armed to the teeth. If you're looking for a fight, I suggest you leave before we make you! ...W-we aren't looking for any trouble!"

Well, it was true, she was in the school building with quite the group. Shame none of them were living. Lyndi hoped it would be enough to scare off the crazies lurking outside, and if not, well, she could only play dead and hope they would leave her alone...

Posted by: MooCow Mar 2 2006, 10:13 PM
Elsie heard the voice... it couldn't be... but it was.

"Oh my God! Lyndi is that you in there?! Oh my God, Lyndi it's me! It's Elsie! Oh please open the door... is it really you??"

Elsie could not believe her luck... of all the thirty something people that must have been left on the island for her to run into she had found the one true friend she had left. As she waited hopefully for her friend to open the door nothing could have prepared her for the corpse of her social arch rival and the cousin of her ex... Tayli Vreeland. At the moment she was merely happy to hear the familiar voice of her best friend.

Posted by: Megami Mar 3 2006, 11:02 PM
Startled, Lyndi drew back from the door as the voice called out to her. It was not a predator at all, in fact, it was the very person she had gone on her expedition across the island hunting for. How's that for luck? Somehow, though, something seemed unsettling to Lyndi. What if this was just another bad dream? What if she was dillusional by now, and that voice really belonged to someone else. It may not be Elsie at all, maybe Lyndi was just losing her mind. Maybe the person at the other side of the door would kill her when she went to let them in. Despite the negative thoughts running through her mind, Lyndi forced herself onto her feet and slowly moved over to the door.

It took quite a lot of energy on her part, but she managed to move the body of the red headed young man away from its position barricading the entrance to the school building, and after a moment, called out once again from the other side of the door. As much as she wanted to throw the door open and let Elsie in, she could not take any chances. Besides, who knew if she was even the same person this far along in the game. Better safe than sorry, right?

"Is there anyone with you?" she inquired.

After her experiences with the last group she had been pulled into, and after discovering that all but herself and Elsie of that group had already been killed, the last thing Lyndi wanted was another alliance that was going to shatter to pieces... to get close to another person who was simply going to fade from existence.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Mar 13 2006, 10:58 PM
((Continued from: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...pic=661&st=15))

( Apologies to all since Michael has diseppeared and since I lost track of where I wanted him Ill just place him here :Shrug: )

The two friends re-united at last..You would be alright if you had a friend, someone to be trusted right? Someone to be care for you and watch youre back but more likely someone to stab you in the back when you least expected it.

Michael had found his friend..He had found a group but then things were so rushed. People were running and for the first time in his life he couldnt catch up with them. He had ran through the forest calling out their names but in the end he was out of breath, lost and oncemore alone.

His cheecks were red and his palm was running through the bristles of his short hair. Finally his running slowed down and somehow the building of the school loomed in the distance, whered that come from? Surely he would have noticed it.

No more friends now...He had to protect himself, he had to. The butterfly knife would be slid up the sleeve of his long baseball jersey out of sight as he began his trek towards it. Maybe they were there? His friends. All of them..most likely chugging beer or playing pool, throwing a ball around. A Big place like this, they had to be here. It was just so..them.

Posted by: MooCow Mar 14 2006, 10:22 PM
"I'm all alone," Elsie whimpered.

She thought she could hear rustling from somewhere in the direct vicinity, "please Lyn I think someones out here."

Elsie knew it was coming down to the wire, and she had not made it this far to die, God willing.

She felt her perfectly shaped torso and remembered the baby that would rob her of her figure in several monthes if she made it out alive... but no. It wasn't about having the perfect body, the perfect face, the perfect clothes. It was about looking out for those you really cared about. Like Lyndi and the little one on the way.

"Lyndi open the fucking door I'm playing for two out here and you're the only one who can help me!" Elsie screamed. She needed to tell her friend everything.

Elsie hadn't gotten herself into this mess with the help of a broken condom and a complete prick... for the first time in her pregnancy however she realized she was going to have to get herself out of this mess alone... and at this point she was too confused to know which mess she was thinking about... the Battle Royale or the baby.


Posted by: Megami Mar 16 2006, 03:09 PM
Hearing Elsie once again, Lyndi flung the door open, it emitting a loud creak as she did so. All that had really registered to Lyndi in the past few moments was Elsie screaming that someone else was outside. This far into the game, they were all playing. They had to be, right? Even she... even she had killed someone with her own two hands. Would Elsie understand that? How could she explain it to her? It wasn't as if she was playing to win, of course. It had been a matter of life or death, right? RIGHT? Ryan had lunged at her, he was gone, the look in his eyes was vacant. If she had not stopped him, he would have... would have... Lyndi hated to think about what might have happened. How he might have hunted down Cassie and Drew, how he might have taken her own life. Even though, given the circumstances, she had been thinking of doing the same thing.

Practically pulling Elsie inside the school building, Lyndi turned her attention away from the other girl momentarily, and once again, with a great amount of effort, dragged the body of Daisuke Andou back in front of the door as a form of barricading it. After all, he had served his purpose quite well so far. Turning to Elsie, she shuddered at the thought of someone else being outside... and killing Ryan... how would she explain to Elsie that she'd killed Ryan Ashmore? It truly was an act of self defense, but would Elsie believe that? And then it occured to Lyndi... Danya had not been announcing the killers in the past few announcements. Maybe she wouldn't have to tell Elsie at all! She didn't have to know... nobody had to know.

"If whoever's outside wants to come in here, we're screwed, Elsie. I lost the flashbangs back in the woods. The guy who killed Fred, he took them... he killed others too, Arsenio..." shaking her head somewhat, Lyndi was visibly starting to break down, but somehow managed to hold herself together, "I don't have any food or water... I'm starting to think dehydration and starvation are going to get to me before this game does..."

Finally, Elsie's words outside dawned on Lyndi, and she all but fell silent for a moment, before casting the blonde haired girl a rather inquisitive look.

"Wait a minute... you're... playing for two?"

On any other occassion, a sort of congratulations would be in order, Lyndi supposed. But now, in this place, that was some of the worst news anyone could possibly hear. Playing for two meant Elsie wasn't just fighting for her own life, but for that of an unborn child, who, if it was ever born into the world, would probably suffer from malnutrition and all sorts of horrid side effects because of this ... this game. Once again falling silent, Lyndi extended her arms around Elsie in a tight hug. She had found her best friend, and learned that Elsie wasn't just playing for herself, but someone else. Lyndi had been contemplating taking her own life before that, but now that she knew Elsie's predicament, something changed.

It was almost a despairing fact, but Elsie had to survive this game, because she wasn't just playing for herself. Someone else's life depended on it. There had already been one mother-to-be on the island who had lost her life toward the beginning of the game, but Lyndi would never know that. If Elsie survived, that meant Lyndi would have to die, and so would the rest of the students on this island. Trying to take out a terrorist never crossed Lyndi's mind, as both she and Elsie appeared completely weaponless. Indeed, they were in quite the doomed situation. Neither appeared to have food or water, both had long since lost their weapons; Lyndi herself had managed to lose not only hers but the ones she had accumulated from Fred's bag, and in essence, she was helping Cody Jenson survive by leaving them for him. And now, to put the icing on the cake, there was someone outside, in the bushes. Who knew how long he would stay out there. He might have heard Elsie and been hunting them down. If they left the sanctuary of the building, they risked being attacked by an armed-to-the-teeth maniac. If they stayed here, they'd inevitably die anyway.

Could this day possibly get any worse?

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Mar 16 2006, 09:53 PM
The large building of the school was getting closer and the constant slapping at his faces by the branches of passing trees got more and more annoying with each step he took. His free hand swiped at the air trying to batt them out of his vison as he moved closer to the school but to no avail. They still slapped at him happily till finally he was out of the brush around the school and into open ground.

The girls cries had met his ears back in the brush but he had just guessed they were in the general area. Why bother himself with some girls arguing? He had just kept on task but as he got closer he had realized the sound beacon was outside of the school.

Someone was beating on the door of the school with her fists while shrieking out at it in a tone that hurt his head. One hand was raised to his mouth as would start to call out, he only got to "H-" before the girl diseppeared inside of the school with a flash of the door moving.

He burst into a short jogg, those athletic muscles already strained from his previous marathon and ached as he would run over in a vain hope of geting to the girl. A inquiring "hello..?" would be given before he kicked at the door a few times getting only a couple of creakes in response.

Knuckles rapped on a window as he tried to peer into the darkness but to no avail. A sigh was pushed from his empty lungs as he took a few empty steps back and spoke in a almost yell as he stood before the window. Maybe she could see him?

"Im not trying to hurt you! Im not playing this stupid game! Come on I know youre in there..The rescue parties should be here soon so just relax! Its nearly gameover!" he said with a hopeful smile on his face. His speech stopped but he the door didnt swing open.

"Watch!" he said as he turned his back to the window and threw the kikiri knife a few feet away from him.The metallic object hitting the dusty dead ground with a thud. His shirt was tugged up exsposing fairly muscled abs as he would do a quick spin showing bare flesh.

"No hidden weapons..No nothing...Aww come on" he just shook his head as he would slam his back into a wall and slide down it to a sitting position.

People were giving in so easily to this game.. this was stupid..this was real, forget it, the navy seals would be here to save them all but still..he didnt want to be alone not that he would admit that to anyone well maybe his school friends but they were gone.

His bag was pulled from his shoulder and a bottle of water plucked, the cap would be un-screwed and raised his lips as his eyes closed. He had nowhere else to go and the girl seemed scared..maybe he could help? he could just move on but it could be one of those longhair kids.. the ones who would lapp this stuff up. He didnt want to die, with his arm he was going to the major leagues that was for sure.

He didnt die here.

The cold water flowed down his throat as he ran through his thoughts and sat. He was doing a service here right? He was a big strong guy..He could protect her. Knight in shining armour and that. As he swallowed a mouthful of water he couldnt help but look over at his discarded weapon.

That wasnt smart.

Posted by: MooCow Mar 21 2006, 03:08 PM
Elsie felt the tears coming as perhaps her only real friend embraced her with genuine warmth.

I can't cry, damn...

Elsie had never let others in. She'd alwways been the strong on. If anyone ever cried at Barry Coleson it was her enemies. But now the wall Elsie had put up, her defense mechanism against anyone who might want to hurt her, was coming down. The tears flowed

"Oh my God Lyndi what am I gonna do?!"

Having kept her pregnancy a secret from everyone but Matt for so long had taken it's toll on her and now here she was breaking down, on live television.

"I was so scared Lyndi... I was so scared. What are we gonna do? I'm sorry I didn't tell you but I was so scared."

Posted by: Megami Mar 26 2006, 11:54 PM
Shaking her head despairingly, Lyndi bit down on her lower lip, unable to answer Elsie's question. Instead, she became wrapped up in the noises coming from outside. The calling out. The beating on the door. It was a voice that sounded all too familiar to her, a voice she'd heard at Barry Coleson quite often. It belonged to one of the baseball boys, Michael Suarez. Clutching onto Elsie tighter until the rapid drumming on the exterior of the building came to a hault, Lyndi cast a wary glance at the door.

"Isn't that... Mikey?" she inquired quietly.

Bringing herself to her feet, Lyndi hesitantly drew closer and closer to the window, finally peering out and hoping that he wouldn't see her. She watched at Michael disarmed himself for she and Elsie to see, then continued to watch him as he cast a glance over at his disguarded weapon. Mikey had been a decent enough guy back in school, though he always struck Lyndi as being somewhat girl crazy. Then again, that Mikey and the one standing outside now could very well be two completely different people. The game did that to you.

"Elsie," she all but whispered, "Should we... let him in? He has a pack and a weapon, it's more than we've got right now."

After a moment, Lyndi shook her head quietly and slumped down against the wall, where she couldn't be seen by Michael. Bringing her knees up to her chest, the cast a worried glance at Elsie and sighed quietly. The last people she had trusted were all dead, except for the blonde haired girl sitting in the middle of the room. Fred had met a horrific death when he'd attempted to protect the two, and Lyndi still felt quite responsible for what had become of him. Callum too had lost his life at the expense of another, that Beth girl. Even Samsa had met his end, and now, the two girls who didn't stand a chance were the only survivors of that group. After that fiasco, Lyndi never wanted to let anyone else in. Ever.

"I don't know if we can trust him... it could all just be an act. You've got to stay safe, no matter what. We can't risk you getting hurt... can't risk them hurting the baby."

It sounded so foreign as the words rolled off of Lyndi's tongue. Elsie's baby. Even if Elsie lived and had the child, even if the child survived the colossal amount of birth defects it was bound to have due to this atrocity of a program, Lyndi would never be around to see it. There was no way she could be, not if Elsie survived. At this point, Lyndi had all but given up on surviving anyway. Losing her life on this island was inevitable, she had decided, and now the only thing keeping her going was the fact that she had to protect Elsie. No matter what.

"We don't need him," she finally decided in reference to Michael, "I can take care of us both weapon or not. I won't let anything happen to you, El... not as long as I'm around. One of us has to make it out of this place, right? We'll stay together, til the bitter end."

She said the words with a false sense of courage and a false sense of pride. Lyndi fully intended on staying with Elsie and protecting her best friend until the end. Little did Lyndi know, the end of her story was coming at a rapid pace. Huddled in the corner, staring over at the other frightened girl, Lyndi had no idea that Michael Suarez, the Barry Coleson baseball boy, was certainly not a predator they had to worry about. However, the menace approaching them was much more formidable than even Cody Jenson had been.

Posted by: MooCow Mar 29 2006, 10:57 PM
Elsie looked at her friend panic stricken.

"Oh no, Lyndi it's over it's one of those monsters they warned us about we're all gonna die."

She cowered into a corner of the building and whimpered unable to formulate a rational thought in her pretty blonde head.

Posted by: Megami Apr 1 2006, 05:04 AM
Closing her eyes tightly and biting down on her lower lip, Lyndi nodded her head solemnly as if she'd finally decided upon an answer to a difficult question. In an instant she was on her feet and pulling Daisuke's body away from its position blocking the doorway. Using her weight to hold the door closed, she turned back toward Elsie and shook her head somewhat, then cast one of her trademark fake smiles across her face. Elsie'd known her too long, and she definitely knew her too well, and Lyndi knew she could see right through the optimism she was trying to convey. Despite that, Lyndi continued to smile the almost ficticious smile, and after a moment, spoke up.


Casting another glance back outside, Lyndi eyed Michael Suarez warily, then looked back at Elsie. Elsie had to survive, and even though Michael didn't really seem to present a threat, there was no telling if he would become one. Lyndi wasn't willing to take that chance. She had promised Elsie that she would protect her and the baby, and now she had to live up to that promise. Almost not believing what she was going to do, Lyndi exhaled slowly, continuing to watch the boy outside, not able to face Elsie while speaking the words that were coming to her mind.

"Listen to me. I'm going to go outside... going to distract him, lead him away from here, okay? When the coast is clear, get out of here as fast as you can. Meet me at the lighthouse, alright? We're going to get seperated, so meet me back there. I'll wait for you, okay?"

Casting an almost hesitant glance at Elsie, Lyndi quickly turned to face the door once again, not wanting to wait for a reaction from her best friend, from words that may pull her back from what she'd set out to do, words that might make her stay. If she stayed, Michael would surely get in sooner or later, and it could spell out their doom. Either way, if Michael was going to kill them, this next action she was planning on taking could spell out Lyndi's demise. However, even if she didn't make it through what she was about to attempt, Lyndi half smiled in the satisfaction of knowing that Elsie would be safe, at least a little longer.

Turning the handle on the knob, the door squealed loudly as Lyndi pushed it open and stepped outside, only to virtually come face to face with Michael Suarez. In an almost desperate action, Lyndi reached down, grabbing a handful of pebbles and dirt from the ground, and threw them into the boys eyes, trying to provoke him. Turning around watching him as she did an almost backward sprint, Lyndi watched him momentarily, hoping he would follow her and try to attack her, as opposed to trying to enter the school where she assumed Elsie had stayed hidden. After a moment, Lyndi's backward sprint ended and she turned forward and took off in a quick dash through the foliage surrounding the school building, and and off into the unknown.

(Continued at the Hillside Cliff; http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...?showtopic=805)

Posted by: MooCow Apr 9 2006, 01:27 AM
Elsie didn't know what to do. She remained silent hugging her chest and squatting as tears poured from her eyes without a sound. She would remain hidden for the time being.

God please let Lyndi be okay...

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Apr 9 2006, 03:38 PM
He had been fixated on a twig that he had scooped up from the ground and was toying with it between his long agile fingers when his concentration would be broken. Had the girl finally decided that they could trust him? Seen some sense? The answer to was a sudden stinging in his eyes and his eyelids forced themselves togethas his hands raised to his eyes as he let out a couple curses.

His hand shot up with a "HEY!" being screamed over at the girl as he pushed himself to his feet, before he could even raise to his feet she had diseppeared off into the undergrowth with only the shaking of a few tree branches to hint at where she had ran to.

"Fucking..Come back!" he screamed at the top of his voice. His bag was pulled up onto his shoulder as he looked into the direction where she had diseppeared to.He stared at the direction for a moment or two with bloodshot eyes in a hope that she would come back..realize the error of her ways. Of course she never did..The back of his hand rubbed at his eye as with a sigh he moved over the plateau of grass. His knife would be picked up and slid the weapon in the back of his jeans, tugging his shirt down to keep the blade inside.

"Yeah this is why chivalry is dead" he commented before spitting a think globule of saliva into the dirt nearby before he headed back to the school. Well at least now he had somewhere to camp this thing out even if he had just missed a possible ally.

Fingertips would push at the door while his mind caused his other hand to reach for that blade in the back of his jeans. ".....Anyone there? Come on..I Wont hurt you I promise..Another dead end, great. Im Alone again.."

((Continued in: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...t=0&#lastlast))

Posted by: MooCow May 19 2006, 10:14 PM
Elsie was paralyzed with fear...

NO... pull it together for the baby!

She crawled unseen towards a low laying window and hoisted herself through the opening as carefully and quietly as she could. She could hear someone else in the backround but she leapt and with a loud rustling tumbled onto the grassy knoll outside the school building. Disoriented she stumbled into the woods loudly and disappeared from the vicinity. She didn't look back to see if the other was in pursuit.

CONTINUED IN THE WOODS: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...772&st=30&#last

You'll have to excuse me, I'm not at my Best
Survival of the Fittest > School Building > You'll have to excuse me, I'm not at my best...

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Feb 22 2006, 05:50 AM
((Continued from: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...showtopic=719))

After leaving the warehouse, Adam Dodd hadn't really settled on a specific place to say that he was actually heading towards. In fact, he more or less had found himself simply wandering the island, trying to stay away from the four areas that Danya had marked as Danger Zones. The idea of having his head explode from the rest of his body was not exactly an appealing one, especially not now, when he was so close to finding Cody Jenson and extracting the revenge that he felt that he was due.

He didn't, of course, have any real idea as to the location of Cody, but rather, he just had a feeling that sooner or later, he was going to run into the guy, and sooner or later, he would become embroiled into a fight to the death. To him, it was interesting how much his morals had shifted from what they were at the beginning of the week. He'd gone from following a strict moral code that had prevented him from hurting anyone (he hated getting into fights, and felt awful whenever he hurt anyone), to doing whatever needed to be done, and trying not to think twice about it. He'd killed what seemed like so many people while he'd been on the island, and it scared him to think that people in the United States might view him as one of the biggest game-players still alive. That thought disturbed him a little, for he had to admit, that was NOT how he wanted to be viewed.

"Can't you see? I'm doing what I need to do in order to survive..."

The words he spoke aloud, seemingly to himself didn't really do all that much to soothe his clouded conscience, and as he wandered amongst the debris outside of the school building. Stopping for a moment, he remembered the last time that he'd been at this place. He'd been fighting for his life alongside Hawley Faust, as Jacob Starr and Uriel Hunter threw molotov cocktails at them, trying to incinerate the two of them. Adam'd shot one out of mid-air, which had let them escape, along with River Garraty.

It all seemed like such a long time ago, and it seemed like he'd been on this island for weeks, months even. Truth was, he'd been there eight days. Eight of the worst days of his life, and to tell himself the truth, probably eight of the last days of his life.

The United States has done nothing up to this point. If this is being broadcast around the world, non-stop for the past eight days, then how can we expect any chance of rescue. If the US isn't going to do anything, neither is anyone else. God only knows how many people are left alive at this point, and they could be waiting for it all to end before they strike. Who knows.

Disillusioned, Adam walked amongst the rubble, trying to remember what it had been like when he'd spoken to Hawley, both of them trying to pretend like it was just a normal field trip, a game of Capture the Flag, or something like that. No matter how hard he tried, though...it wasn't. It would never be just a simple game. It was a war, a fight for life, one that most of them were losing.

Amanda, Madelaine, Hawley, Andrew...they all lost. All of them lost the battle, and now I'm the only one trying to keep up, trying to win...trying to win for all of them, so that they'll never be forgotten. As long as I'm alive, they'll never die...

Sighing deeply to himself, Adam kicked a burned bush, which tumbled heavily to the side. As he kicked the bush, however, the dirt moved aside, and he saw a flash of blue fabric, that was quickly covered by dirt again. Blinking in surprise, he bent down and brushed the dirt away.

"There's no way...it can't be..."

Brushing enough away to get a grab on the fabric, he pulled until more of it came free. The deadened look in Adam's eyes faded, and the scowl that he'd been wearing on his face slowly turned up into a wide smile as he unearthed the entire object from beneath the remnants of the burned area in front of the school. Shaking it out like a beach towel twice, he brushed off the ashes from the object, and held it up in front of himself. Looking at it, he laughed out loud.

The object that Adam held up was his intact, apparently undamaged but dirty Toronto Maple Leafs jersey that he had thought was long gone in the blaze. He'd dropped it when him and Hawley had fled the area, and he'd assumed it gone. But here it was, amazingly enough, still intact and wearable. Slipping the jersey over his head, he felt as though he'd been reunited with a part of himself, because he had to admit, he felt twenty times better than he had before. Grinning, the twinkle having reappeared in his eye, he turned around and began to walk out of the burned area. No sooner than he'd done this when he felt a pinch near the top of his leg. Looking down, his eyes widened as he saw a dart sticking out of his leg.

"What the hell...?"

Alarmed, Adam stared at the dart for a second when a second one whizzed in and pegged him right in the shoulder. Cursing lightly, he pulled both of them out quickly, and drew one of his pistols from his pocket. Holding his original Ballestair-Molina in his hand, he cautiously looked around, trying to figure out where the darts originated from.

Goddamn, if those are poisoned darts, I am utterly FUCKED...

Another dart whizzed through the air, missing his ear by inches, and Adam finally realized where they were coming from - the roof of the school. Unable to see much due to the sun, Adam aimed his pistol where he thought the darts were coming from and squeezed off three shots with a two-second interval between each. He then squeezed off a fourth one for good measure. Hearing what appeared to be a squeak from the roof, he watched as a body dropped from the roof of the school, an explosion ringing out as the body was half-way down, sending the body flailing to the left, and the head bouncing to the left. Eyes wide, Adam cautiously stepped over to the body, and observed that a professional-looking pipe was clenched in the left hand, a dart halfway into it. Leaning down, he carefully examined the dart itself. It appeared to be a standard tranquilizer dart, but Adam had no way to be sure.

Glancing at the head, he shook his head on the ground and mouthed 'fuck' to himself. He surmised that he must have pegged the girl (what appeared to be a girl) in the collar with one of his shots, and the shot must have activated the destruct mechanism, which...

Goddamnit, can't I go anywhere on this fucking island without killing someone? This is just getting ridiculous! I just want to fuck up Cody Jenson...and Danya...that's it!

Looking down at his Leafs jersey, he sighed a little. Though it had seemed like he'd been reunited with an old friend, there was no denying that Adam was still fighting for his life, and while he may have felt a lot better about finding his jersey, a part of him still hated the fact that with every person he killed, it just got easier and easier to shrug off.

Glancing up at a camera mounted on the west wall of the school, Adam walked up to it and looked directly at it.

"Man, this must be a real fucking thrill for you, Danya. I swear, try not to shoot off too much, your dick'll shrivel up and fall off. Or your palms'll get hairy. Choose one. I don't even know why I waste my sarcasm on you. I guess the one little thing that gives me even some form of solace is that with every person who dies by my hand or another, it's one step closer to me getting a little one-on-one session with you. And Danya...while here, on this island, I've been shot at, stabbed, lost my best friend, my girlfriend, most people that I've ever come to trust, my innocence, I've almost been raped, and I've probably come pretty damn close to losing my sanity. Just...just think about that for a second. I'm sure going to have a lot of crap to get out of my system when you're standing there in front of me. Just think, man. If I make it though this - am I going to have much left to lose?"

Blinking his eyes once, briefly disoriented, Adam looked down at the corpse of the girl who he'd just killed.

"Sorry, whomever you were."

As Adam Dodd walked away from the area, the tranquilizers beginning to work their way into his bloodstream, he would never know the whole truth - that the girl, Jamie Amy Robins, had simply been a frightened girl who was trying to hide and had simply just panicked, like so many others, and when she had stuck her head out, she had been calling down to apologize. Things like that, he would never know, but for his sake, there were things that he was probably better off just not knowing.

((Continued in: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...showtopic=769))

Girl #52, Jamie Amy Robins...DECEASED

I am Legend/Out for Blood
Survival of the Fittest > School Building > I Am Legend/Out For Blood

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Jan 17 2006, 01:17 PM
((Daisuke continued from: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...showtopic=635))
((Stevan continued from: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...showtopic=730))

It seemed Stevan had been revisiting the places he already traveeled to. Of course he wasnt using his map so really he had no one to blame but himself.

He remembered that last time he was here, he'd started off the gunfight that ended up with him reuniting with peri and finding someone new and trustworthy, eh-sun.

The teddy that he had threw to antonio(greg) was still laying on the floor, only it was accompanied by small staines of blood around the surrounding floor, He smiled at the thought that he actually hit the greaseball, Gregs going to be pissed and hes probally going to come a huntin for the freak.

As he rounded the doorway into the school he could see a dark shadowy figure, He could slightly recognize the slumped over boy as one of the gang that stevan had shot at. They must of been to worried about themselves to care for the poor bastard.

The boy hadnt seen him yet, It was a good oppurtunity to act in 'stealth' that word that peri cared so much about yet stevan hated more and more every time he heard it.
Small light footed steps would be taken as he climbed the three or four staires that led up to the doorway. Then, he entered the school building, hiding in the shadows close up to the wall. He could just about make out a face. 'must be an asian kid' he thought to himself.
One more step would be taken, and a loud creek would come from the old floor boards of the building.

Stevan, shocked, looked to see the other staring right back at him. The two students shared a moment as they stared each other down waiting for the other to make a move.

Daisuke would be first to act. Shooting up and kicking his powerful legs on the floor, coming quickly into a sprint.
Stevan smiled and was quick to persue his victem.
The crashes of each footstep echoed through the old building only to be broken by, what can only be described as thunder. The shotgun booming into life as it released a shell towards daisuke. His aim a little off due to recoil and the running, the buck shot mostly embedded itself into dais leg.

Screaming in pain, dai fell to the floor, smashing his head down hard and leaving a tasty crimson gash down his eye.
Now in another room, stevan promptly followed dai and threw his gun down as he flung himself ontop of the victem. Grabbing dais head with both hands and slamming it to the floor a couple times left that gash to open up even more, crimson liquid pouring down his face and onto the already stained hands of the freak.

Releasing the boys red hair, stevan wrapped his arm around daisukes neck, squeezing as hard as he could. Stevans face was filled with rage, His teeth gritted as he yanked back more and more, bending dais back to the limits of abnormality. Cracking noises occured as the young mans vertibre snapped, Bit by bit, the legnth of his spine would snap into pieces, All the while stevan was squeezing his neck and pulling back as hard as he could, Teeth gritted so hard to the point of pain. The boy actually drooled with rage.

As dai's arms went limp, and a couple of twitches in his hands occured, stevan being as merciless as ever, he gave a couple more tugs for good will, before letting the corpse go and flop onto the musty old floor.

To be honest stevan did feel a little remorse for him, But it was the name of the game, The freak was doing what he was here to do and there was no harm in taking pleasure in his work right?
Thats what they teach you in school right? you have to equal out work and fun.

Stevan rolled off the boy and layed next to him, staring at the ceiling as he patted the boy's back, as if to say 'Job well done'. Well it was a good job, one less contestant and one less student to get through before he'd go home and back to england.

The boys pockets as well as his bag would be searched throughly before he found the weapon he had been designated. Some kind of silenced gun. It would be slid into the inner pocket of his leather jacket.

And so the freak was finally making a noise. True to his word, Two more deaths to his name and fuck knows how many more would follow in the upcoming days. Not long now before its all over, he thought to himself. He sorted through his own pack for another pack of cigarettes. The 'Royal' brand cancer stick was placed into his lips and his fathers zippo lighter would be flipped open and lit up to flare the cigarette into a sea of smoke. He would of preferred a cigar but, beggers cant be choosers right?

He walked down the corridor of the school, picking up his shotgun and dusting it off as he left the entrance.


((OOC sorry it had to be done))

((Continued in: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...opic=739&st=0))

Survival of the Fittest > School Building > 여아 제 99을 위해 시작

Posted by: Kuze Nov 20 2005, 06:01 PM
Eh-Sun Choi (Girls number 099) sat quietly in the school 's hallway, her bag next to her. Half an hour ago she woke up outside with her designated day pack tossed hapazardly next to her, she grabbed the near by bag and walked into the school whitch reeked of dried blood from the 6 corpses in the school. eventually sitting where she is now.

"저 악취 오하이오 나의 신 악취 (That stench, Oh my god, that stench)"

Eh-Sun tucked her legs closer to her chest, that debreifing told her that it was exactly the same as the program in Japan, so she should have a weapon in the bag she picked up.

Forcefully unzipping her bag laying on top of all of her supplies was a baton with two prongs at the tip, pressing the switch on the baton's handle caused a short spark at the end it was a Electric cattle prod. (even though she didnt know what it was at first:P)

"What the hell"

(okay when i have Eh-Sun talk in Korean or Japanese it will be in special characters)

Posted by: riserugu Nov 20 2005, 09:14 PM
((Continued from: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...showtopic=603))

Keeping a protective arm about Mallory’s back in order to support her, and keep her from falling Glenn followed along trough the woods on route to the school. Glancing back over the other members of the group ever so often, frowning a bit as he looked toward Heather. The girl’s personality hadn’t made a drastic change from standable annoying, to just sheer annoying almost.

Sighing none the less he continued walking along, sometimes stopping and running a hand along his left knee trying to adjust his knee brace. It hadn’t started bothering him till recently, probably because he hadn’t taken any of his medicine for the sudden bouts of pain these days he had been on the island.

Forcing the pain to the back of his mind, he continued along through the underbrush of the forest till the school building came into view. It looking almost like something out of those horrors shows he used to watch with Fred and their older siblings when they had been younger, the really cheesy ones…

Though this time, the cheesy run-down schoolhouse sent a wash of fear through him… one could only guess what awaited them inside. Players of the game where no doubt the worse, unless it was something else like a… rapid polar bear or something…

But polar bears wouldn’t be here, right?

Shaking his head of the thought, he glanced over toward Mallory before glancing back awaiting the rest of the group to catch up.

Posted by: Swoosh Nov 20 2005, 09:36 PM
Mallory smiled as she made her way along with Glenn with his arm around her back. It really would be a nice scene if they weren't in the situation they were in, and if her leg wasn't stinging like a bitch, but she tried not to let it get to her as she hobbled along.

The school building came into view and Mallory, for the first time in a while, felt nervous. The building looked old and creepy. Were there people inside? Were they still alive? She looked at Glenn with wide eyes as they waited for the rest of the group to catch up.

"So we're going in there, huh?" she asked.

Posted by: MooCow Nov 20 2005, 10:48 PM
COMING FROM 'Survival of the Fittest': http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...=15#entry857566

Aiden slowly followed behind Glenn and Mallory. He felt like he and Dai were growing distant... he'd have to make it up to him somehow.

Posted by: Theseus Nov 20 2005, 11:22 PM
((Coming from: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...showtopic=603))

Jeremy walked in, carrying his sickle, he had been watching intently for any dangers along the way, also, for Fred. Jeremy still couldn't get over the nagging feeling that Fred was in trouble, but he had to trust Glenn. Jeremy would stay with the group, and could only hope Fred finds his way back.

Jeremy was relived when they reached the school. He made one quick glance around to make sure no one was hiding in ambush...but if they were any good he wouldn't have saw them anyways, before he started sprinting to the lead of the group, despite the bullet in his foot and the bullet in his left arm. He dropped his pack, fell on his knees and said, "Finally! If only Fred was here now....this is like an oasis in the desert!"

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Nov 21 2005, 04:47 PM
((Coming from: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...opic=425&st=0))

((Keep in mind this happened while your group was on the other side of the school, you can choose if they heard the noises stevan made or not))

Stevan had finally found his destination. The school ground that he had wanted to visit since he got here. Yes once again he and peri had split up but what did it matter? At least he got an extra gun out of him.

He came up at the back of the school. There was nothing but an old dusty playground riddled with weeds and thorny plants, There was an old filthy doll on the floor on the path that lead to the schools back door. He leaned down beside it as cold blood stained fingers grasped around its softness. His legs pushed against the ground as he raised himself back up again. He carried on walking as he put the bloodied doll into back pocket.

Now the school, How was he to get in? He grabbed hold of the back door and pushed, Carefully at fist but when it didnt busge he took a step back and gave it a couple of hard kicks But to no avail.
He Saw a window beside the door that looked weak. He walked closer to the filth ridden window and gave it a couple of light taps before slamming his fist through it. A couple of small cuts on his knuckles but thats nothing to worry about here.
He moved some of the left over glass from the window frame and jumped in. This is where his clumsiness comes in. He caught his foot on the wall as he jumped and as a result he was now on his ass starring up at the ceiling, Steve could feel aslight thumping in his head.
"Shut Up?" He hit his head. "Shut the fuck up?" He hit his head harder but obviously that technique wouldent stop his headache.

His fingers reached into his pocket and rumaged around a bit. Thine wqhite smokey good ness would be taken out of its broken up casing and slid between his blue lips. Yet again that zippo would be flared into life and held to the cigarette untill it blazed into life.

He still lay there. His arms spread out and his legs dead ahead of him. He raised his head and saw the only door into the room dead ahead.

"Yeah i better board that up soon" he said out loud, relishing in this moment of rest.

Posted by: Kuze Nov 21 2005, 10:07 PM
Eh-Sun slightly jumped when she heard something crash behind the door whe was sitting near(note shes sitting at the rear of the school). Carefully standing up, she gripped her Cattle prod fairly tightly as she opened the door to the room something crashed behind.

Behind the door was a boy holding a cigarette between his lips and... a shotgun by his side. Eh-Sun shreiked,much like in those cheesy american horror films when the Female lead Character is getting chased or finds a corpse.

"오하이오 성교, 좋고, 좋은 오하이오 성교, (oh fuck, oh fuck, not good, not good)"
(continued from the woods)

Heather limped slowly from the woods towards the school, she may not be able to keep up well but she'll be damned if she gets help from that Bitches fanboys. when she finally got to the school a shriek filled the air nearby.

"what the hell? is someone getting stabbed or something"

Heather said as the rest of the group gathered around the door, like it was a Japanese electronics store when the Playstation 2 was released. Glaring at the girl on Glenn's back, she imagined what a shotgun blast would do to that girls head.

(Bloody be gentle on Eh-Sun she only started yesterday.)

Posted by: MooCow Nov 23 2005, 12:20 AM
Aiden was about to enter the school when he heard the bloodcurdling scream.

'What the fuck?'

Against his better judgement he looked back at Glenn, Mallory, Heather and Dai and ran inside to see who was in trouble.

Posted by: Theseus Nov 23 2005, 01:29 AM
Just as Jeremy was basking in the happiness of the moment he heard the scream, and reality hit him like a brick. Quickly standing back up he winced as the pain in his foot set in. Gripping his sickle he looked around and watched as Aiden ran inside the school, Jeremy wanted to come with him, but he was going to stay back. None of this looked good.

Out of the fire into the frying pan

Jeremy thought about that as he was rady to make yet another stand against some threat, he was determined to overcome any obstacle that was set, he was going to fight with his new friend group, die if it came down to it, but he was done running.

Posted by: Kuze Nov 23 2005, 01:46 AM
Eh-Sun heard the front door open and people run inside, turning to face whatever came in. Seeing a boy run in with handguns, her face went blank, before she screamed again, and eventually fainting from fear. falling back onto her bag whitch was on the floor.

"Wow fainting now ill be suprised if i wake up"


Heather watched as Aiden ran into the school before hearing another scream and a slight thud.Limping to the School's doorway she saw someone laying on the ground.

Heather stood there speachless, and her mouth gaping open, as if she was having a What the Fuck moment.

(okay. posted)

Posted by: riserugu Nov 23 2005, 11:27 PM
Standing there he watched over the school carefully for an signs of danger, glancing to Jeremy as he appeared on the scene mentioning how glad he was to make it here as well as mentioned his brother. ‘Jeremy must really be dedicated to my brother… it’s kind of funny really… he seems more worried about Fred then I do.’ Glenn found himself muttering in thought.

His attention was turned away from Jeremy when the scream ripped through the air, he glancing to Mallory as he removed his arm from about her form, hoping she’d be maybe to be able to stand upright for a moment without his him. “Well, I can’t let Aiden just go in there by himself. Be back in a bit.” He mused with a grin and a wink, before heading up and into the school, pausing where Heather stood peering about.

Looking onto the form Heather’s attention was on, he wondered if he was looking onto the form of another dead body but by the breathing… it just seemed as if she had fainted, or was badly playing dead. Shaking his head, he removed the pistol from his jeans, stepping forward a bit as he continued to glance about in signs of anything.

Posted by: Sephy Nov 24 2005, 04:03 PM
((Continued from: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...showtopic=603))

Daisuke watched as a scream was heard and people began moving so fast, he followed everyone else into the building, seeming rather sluggish to himself ~what's going on?~

Dai felt disconected from the rest of the group, from Aiden....

Posted by: Swoosh Nov 24 2005, 04:13 PM
Mallory watched Glenn leave with dismay. She was more or less able to keep her balance but it was more of a sting to see him leaving. The scream that emitted from the inside had alarmed her somewhat, and seeing Glenn going into the school... it was dangerous.

Glancing at Jeremy, who had opted not to go into the school, she bit her lip.

"This is trouble. There's something in there. Something... or someone." She looked over at Glenn as he entered the building. Something in her was telling her this wasn't right. They were walking into a trap... or something worse.

"Have you got a weapon better than this?" she asked quickly as she took out her handcuffs from her backpack, waving them about. "I'm going in there, but I need something more powerful than these..."

She didn't particularly want to hurt anybody, but going into a building with just a pair of handcuffs when her fellow students were armed and dangerous wasn't the best of ideas.

((Edited, Sephy posted just before me, the crafty minx!))

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Nov 24 2005, 06:24 PM
As the girl entered stevan looked up at her. For a moment he stared blankly into her eyes before winking at her with a smile on his face. Then she screamed, A fucking deafining screech traveled through his ears. "Jesus christ shut up" he whispered through gritted teeth.

She fainted. Well atleast this one was obidiant, Unlike like jacob, Elise ans Shinya. Yet again his lazy nature would resolve his problems as he put the cigarette butt between his lips. He could hear voices out there. Many of them, but he wasnt paticulaly worried. He felt the floor boards gently shake as bodies shuffled around the building.

He just lay in his corpse like position with a cigarette held between his pale lips. A long drag was taken from it and smog billowed out into the already murky air. He waited for the reactions of whoever was there.

"I know its comin' theres gonna be violence" He thought to himself.

Posted by: riserugu Nov 25 2005, 12:52 AM
Glenn watched Heather a moment, before looking up over the fainted form to that of another… which he found himself blinking at. Was it smoking? A number of questions ran through his mind at that point, had this person on the ground now been the reason for the girl screaming and fainting… had the reason been sudden surpise of the girl screaming like scared him into a fainting spell as well?

Whatever be, cocking the pistol and pointing it between the bodies he frowned. He didn’t want to hurt anyone… but why was this sick feeling in his that had been left in his stomach when Fred had left them grew in pain as he pointed the gun.

‘Fred damn it… where are you? I can’t handle stuff like this by myself…’

Gulping a bit, he breathed before speaking toward Heather; “I don’t like this… this doesn’t feel right.” He muttered lightly, giving the girl a brief glance.

Posted by: Theseus Nov 25 2005, 02:24 AM
Jeremy stood outside the school, he decided not to go in with the rest of the group. He was going to stand outside and keep watch, he didn't want to go in, the more people who rushed in the greater the risk was. Jeremy turned to Mallory and said to her request, "I know you want to go in with Glenn, but Glenn would want you to be safe out here, whatever is in there might be a threat and Glenn and everyone else who went inside might be in danger, it would be best if the rest of us stayed out here and kept watch." Jeremy gripped his bloody sickle though, just incase.....just incase.....

Posted by: MooCow Nov 25 2005, 02:47 AM
Aiden gingerly approached the fainted girl...

...'poor thing'...

He gave her a little nudge, "hello, are you okay, we're not gonna hurt you." He hoped she would respond... in any way at all.

Posted by: Sephy Nov 25 2005, 04:11 PM
Dai stood close to Aiden, waiting to see if the fainted girl would wake up.

Posted by: Swoosh Nov 25 2005, 05:19 PM
Mallory looked at Jeremy blankly. His words were true, of course; the more people that were inside, the unsafer they would all be, but still she couldn't deny the slight pain she felt inside her stomach. The fact that Glenn was in the building, potentially unsafe. If anything should happen to him...

No. It wouldn't. The chances were too small. Even if there was someone in there, Aiden, Heather and Daisuke were in there as well, they had just as much chance of getting hurt. Why would they go for Glenn? Feeling slightly guilty, she thought about how she'd rather the other three got hurt, even killed, so that Glenn would escape unharmed.

Rather pathetically, she hobbled over to where Jeremy was stood, dragging her injured leg slightly. She felt slightly more calm but still had a nagging worry in her mind. Trying not to think about what she'd do if anything happened to Glenn, she looked up at him.

"Keep watch? How exactly am I supposed to keep watch with these?" Looking at his sickle, she felt slightly sick at the sight of her own blood giving it a reddy brown sheen.

Posted by: Theseus Nov 25 2005, 06:49 PM
Jeremy turned to mallory, "Well, whatever is going on inside that school, it can't be nothing to bad, I didn't hear any sort of a struggle or gunshots. As for keeping watch.....I don't know, just keep an eye on the woods....we're not in the most safest of spots right now, and i'm almost positive if a group like us could band together, there are many more groups banding together on this island, and some may be more dangerous than others, and if one of those groups decided they wanted this school..." Jeremy stopped. He didn't want to scare Mallory, and he didn't want to scare himself, which he was doing. He just smiled at her his old smile and said, "Don't worry, I'll keep you safe out here until Glenn comes out and tells us it's all clear in the school."

Posted by: Kuze Nov 25 2005, 08:14 PM
"ow whos kicking me"

Eh-Sun's eyes slowly opened to see two boys holding handguns standing over her. Her eyes widened, Switching on the cattle prod that had been in her hands the entire time, she pushed the tip towards the boy closest to her, aiming for the thigh.

Not looking if she actually hit or not, Eh-Sun grabbed her bag from underneith her and darted out the door avoiding whoever was in her way. Blatently ignoring the boy who was standing watch she ran into the distance not knowing where she'd end up

(continued elsewhere thanks to the lack of rememering who was where, and no Heather post)

Posted by: Theseus Nov 25 2005, 08:34 PM
Jeremy saw a girl running out of the school, completely ignoring Jeremy and mallory the girl dissapeared and Jeremy watched in awe. Quickly turning around to face the school thousands of thoughts were running through his mind. What had happened in there? what's going on? Is anyone hurt? Who was that girl? Jeremy wanted to go in and make sure everyone was ok, to see what was going on, but he knew he had so stay outside, to keep Mallory safe for Glenn, to make sure no one was coming to the school. Jeremy was now gripping his sickle tighter than ever, his face red, his heart was begining to slow down.....he was trying to calm down.

Posted by: riserugu Nov 26 2005, 05:41 PM
Glenn had to admit he was a little more than surprised when the fainted girl suddenly sprang back to life, and lashed out at them with the weapon he hadn’t noticed she had been holding. The urge to electricity coming from the weapon, though not directed toward him sent him jumping back in an attempt to keep from harm’s way, though as he did and the girl ran past sent him tripping over his own feet, and onto the ground. His pistol bouncing from his hands, and landing a foot or so away…

Muttering curses lightly, the young man slowly moved to sit up a bit, rubbing the back of his head where it had come in connect with the opposite wall. Sighing a bit, as he glanced about at the other two boys and Heather, “Meh… you lot alright over there?”

Posted by: Swoosh Nov 26 2005, 06:27 PM
Mallory's eyes widened as the girl rushed past them. She wanted to stop her, to ask her what had happened, if they were all safe in the building, but the girl was too fast for her. As she disappeared off into the woods, Mallory turned back to face Jeremy, nothing short of panic displayed on her face.

"What was that you were saying?? That girl could have killed Gl- some of the people in there! They could be dead! You can't still seriously be thinking about staying out here and keeping watch??" her voice was frantic. Grabbing Jeremy's arm, she tugged it hard, but to no effect- Jeremy didn't just look bulky, he was. And especially in her current state, her tugging was entirely futile.

Abandoning that idea, she called out. Perhaps a foolish idea, but she didn't stop to think about the consequences could be.

"Guys! Are you OK in there??"

Posted by: Theseus Nov 26 2005, 07:48 PM
((bulky lol? are you calling Jeremy fat! *gasp* j/k j/k))

Jeremy continued to stand there, even after having Mallory desperately tug at his arm, she was obviously worried about Glenn, and so was Jeremy, but he wouldn't risk Mallory or the group by going in there, that killer with the machine gun could come back from outside when they were in there.....or if there was a killer in there Jeremy and Mallory would be walking to their deaths. No Jeremy wasn't going to risk lives like that.

Jeremy then listened as Mallory shouted inside the building, well....it would be the best way to see if they were ok in there....but she had just given out their positions to anyone in earshot, not that it mattered now. Jeremy said to Mallory, "I'm sorry, I'm not going to risk your life, or their lives by going in there. Staying out here is not only going to help keep them safe, but us. Don't worry.....I don't know who that girl was but I didn't hear anything, so I'm sure they are safe."

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Nov 27 2005, 06:12 PM
Stevan was surprised that no one had really aknoledged his presence yet, instead they were all too worried about a terrified passed out girl.

He sat up straight and took a drag from his cigarette. The flare on the cherry lit his face for a moment. "Boo!"
Smoke was realised as he spoke to alarm the group that he was there, they would of found anyway, may aswell get it over and done with.

He slowly reached over for his gun. He grabbed it by the barrel and the other hand gripped the stock, his fingers wrapped itself around the trigger.

Posted by: MooCow Nov 29 2005, 12:11 AM
Aiden slowly recovered from the shock of the cattle prod's shock, "whoa."

Posted by: Sephy Nov 29 2005, 07:49 PM
Dai watched in confusion as the girl rushed past, hearing Aiden make a noise, but not paying attention, his head spun, why did he keep zoing out? things were making no sense, he wasn't safe here, the thoughts he was having..~what's happening to me??~

His head throbbed and he felt sick, suddenly, he turned and ran out of the building, past the gourp of people stood outside, and off into the undergrowth.

((continued in...uuhh the woods I think, pickle you coming? gotta kill Dai off today >_<)

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Dec 1 2005, 10:22 PM
((Continued from: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...showtopic=648))

On his little travels the saber would have oncemore been slipped into the strap near the side of his bag the blade pointing towards the ground and the well carved handle pointing up towards the sky.The weapon was most fun but if it came to it he would have rather placed his faith in one of his firearms and so the weapon had been oncemore placed against his bag and the Ingram had been brought up into his hands.

The thoughts of the greasy looking male student had been pushed away from his mind along with the beheaded fat kid.He had done what he needed maybe he had even dealt out some mercy and it was for the best.One hand was wrapped around the trigger of the Ingram while the other pulled the branches out of his way.

The chatter of new students, new prey would pull him from what thoughts he had been playing with on the inside of his head.Three? maybe four diffrent voices he could catch? He moved to a crouch and took a few steps being careful to stay within the treeline he would find himself a nice cool place in the shadow of a tall oak tree.

There he stood watching towards the school,he wasnt far from it maybe a few feet of open ground before the brickwork would be found.There he stood in the darkness with his semi-automatic weapon clutched and that grinn on his face.

Posted by: riserugu Dec 1 2005, 10:29 PM
Glenn blinked first at the sight of the both Daisuke and Aiden taking off without much of a warning, gulping loudly as he glanced back noting that the figure he figured to be alive was indeed alive. Frowning to himself as the other spoke, the younger Hughes twin hurriedly pushed himself onto his feet and grabbing at his gun before turning and rushing from where he had came from. Jogging quickly up to Mallory and Jeremy, looking them both over briefly as to check to make sure nothing had happened, before sighing and speaking. “This place… it isn’t safe.” He muttered in a stained voice, glancing back to the school. “I think we should leave and try to find Fred –“

As soon as those words left his mouth, Glenn felt himself freezing up. A sick feeling washing over him, as he swayed a bit before forcing himself to stand still mind still wondering as too what was befalling him. ‘I don’t think it’s me… unless I’m still dizzy from the blood loss… but it just feels like something else is very wrong. And my chest is hurting me so much now…’ He muttered to himself in thought, thumb rubbing an area along his chest as he awaited the other two’s answers, glancing back over his shoulder to the school every so often.

Posted by: Swoosh Dec 1 2005, 10:52 PM
At the sight of Glenn emerging from the school, Mallory's heart instantly felt lighter and relieved, she smiled as he approached her and Jeremy. However, her smile faded slightly at his warning.

"Right, we should go th-" She paused as Glenn looked nauseous. Had he perhaps seen something in the building that had made him feel sick? Daisuke had ran out of the building pretty quick; maybe there were dead bodies inside. Was Aiden OK? All sorts of questions raced through her head as Glenn rubbed his chest, and after shooting a worried glance at Jeremy, she stepped forward so she was stood to the side of him.

"Are... are you OK?" she asked, worry ringing out in her voice.

((uh oh. *braces self for Mallory!angst))

Posted by: Sephy Dec 1 2005, 10:54 PM
Daisuke returned to the school, mentally yelling at himself for running off, what the fuck was he thinking?! his friends needed him!

He rushed back into the school, noting something in his peripheral vision but dismissing it as paranoia.

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Posted by: Bloody_Fists Dec 1 2005, 11:15 PM
He watched and smiled as everyone rushed away. What did he have the plague? He saw the shadowy figures run down that small and slim corridor. They all stopped by the door for a chit chat before they decided to do anything drastic?

Stevan Arose from the floor and stood firmly on his feet. That boomstick of his was raised and aimed to what little of the figures he could see. His eye looking straight down the barrel and through the sight at the end. His blood drenched trigger finger would be wrapped around the metallic lever and pulled down.


Shot after shot was let of continuoisly, Well to be precise three, He had to kep count of those prescious bullets now.

The SPAS 12 would be let out of his grip and left to hand from his shoulders by the Strap. His hand was brought down and he took the Berreta from his jeans and held it up to where he was shooting. One more shot would be let off into the mass of shadows and figures.

Posted by: Slayer Dec 1 2005, 11:28 PM
((Continued from: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...showtopic=648))

IC: Antonio could hear the gunshots from where he was, arriving at the School from the path (he had taken the long way around so he wouldn't take Peri by surprise again, he had a feeling that wouldn't be a good idea). Taking the last turn of the path, he saw the group in front of the building, but not Peri. Lightly cursing to himself, he ducked behind a tree, watching to see what would happen next.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 2 2005, 01:57 AM
Jeremy had watched everything...it seemed to all go in slow motion....people were running out of the school, Glenn was one of them. Mallory was obviously relieved for Glenn when Glenn froze up, something was wrong, then the gunshots. Lots of gunshots. Jeremy gripped his sickle, he knew he had to get Glenn and Mallory out of here, and something was wrong with Glenn. Running forward, pushing the thoughts of danger out of his mind, Jeremy ran up to Glenn, and said, "Glenn, what's wrong? we need to get out of here? NOW!"

Posted by: Kuze Dec 3 2005, 07:47 PM
Heather who had been standing next to the schools door after the girl darted out of the school,she had zoned out before she buckshot started flying, 4 shells were fired only one left an impression on the door.

"God damn it "

Heather lifted her Shotgun, causing her to fall over on to her ass. Raising the shotgun so the barrell is ipointed up, she looked over at Jeremy who was standing there like an idiot, screaming and making a scene.

"Hey, Silent Bob dont you have a gun if so shoot the fuck back."

Posted by: Theseus Dec 3 2005, 08:29 PM
Jeremy listned to heather, then looked back at Glenn, then shouted back to Heather, "No, all I got is this sickle! no gun!" Jeremy watched as she raised her shotgun to fight whoever was shooting. Jeremy was now wishing to have a gun, he wanted to shoot back, wanted to help, but he need to also get Glenn and Mallory out of here, and something was wrong with Glenn.

Posted by: MooCow Dec 4 2005, 07:15 AM
Aiden groaned as he tried to raise himself...

Dai, where is Daisuke?

(Note to the reader: Aiden Ambrose goes inactive from this point onward. Handler d0ddi0slave took control of Aiden for his death sequence and simply moved Aiden for his own convenience. Therefore, any and all information after this may vary from what you have previously read. We at Survival of the Fittest apologize for this inconvenience.)

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Posted by: MismatchedEyes Dec 4 2005, 06:53 PM
He couldnt help but flinch at the shotgun was fired, the sound was like thunder tearing through the surroundings.It sounded like a shotgun..Stevans maybe? someone who had killed Stevan and taken his weapon? There had to be more than one of them on the island and as a testament to this thought he noticed the heather girl had produced a shotgun.

He stood there in silence watching the small group screaming at each other and a weapon..a sickle? being produced as the group screamed at each other.What would they do next? He didnt intend to hang around to find out wether they would attempt to fight back or simply run away.

That ingram with its strap wrapped around his arm was clasped in one hand while the other rested under the barrel.The small group in the distance would be targeted with his crosshairs before he squeezed the trigger of the weapon oncemore sending it into a series of quivering fits as it released rounds.The trail of fire moving as if he were hoping to cut the students in two.

Posted by: Kuze Dec 4 2005, 09:40 PM
(continued from Bamboo coppice)

Eh-Sun walked down the path towards the school, where she started out. After a while gunshots went off and a figure of a boy's back appeired on the path.

Eh-Sun smiled as she tucked her Tarus PT 92 into the front of her grey jeans, and reached into one of her bags and gripped the handle of the Bayonett.

Eh-Sun started walking up behind the boy,raising the bayonett preparing to stab. After getting near the boy she swung it down at the boy's sholdier.

(eh tired and brain sleepy)

Posted by: riserugu Dec 4 2005, 09:46 PM
At the concerning question coming from Mallory and Jeremy, Glenn slowly nodded his head. An almost confused look passing over his face, “Oh, yes. I quite fine, just had a bit of a dizzy spell is all.” He mused, laughing a bit. Nodding at Jeremy’s statement of leaving, but as he thought over where they could go the thunder like booms from a gun sent him trying to duck out of the way, pulling Mallory with him off to the side as Jeremy also went to move.

Once it had paused a moment, Glenn lifted his own weapon pointing and firing off three shots in rapid order from where the other shots had come from, but as he went to fire off a fourth. The gun dropped from his hand, falling and bouncing against the ground as the wave of sickness came over him again. Causing him to stumble a bit trying to move out of the line of fire, pressing up against the side of the school building and pushing a hand against his face, eyes watering a bit as he tried to figure out what was happening in the mists of all the panic at the school.

‘Something feels wrong… something’s happened…’ He muttered in thought, blinking some, as another sound ripped through the air, this sounding different from the other weapon that fried. “Get down!” He called hoping to reach the other two in time, as he took a hold of Mallory’s hand and pulled her down toward the ground as he went.

Though as he went down, a sharp pain entered his shoulder along side of where his collarbone was a gasp admitted from his throat, eyes watering again in both the physical and mental pain he had begun feeling. “Jeremy…” He got out, turning back toward the other. “Grab my gun, we’re leaving now.”

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Dec 4 2005, 09:56 PM
The shadow he had enjoyed hiding in was rapidly being beaten back by the light flaring from the barrel of the ingram as he would fire it.The shadows would give him somewhere to hide and they gave him peace.The shadows were alot of things to alot of people but one thing they were not was a person and so he would turn to the rapidly appearing black covered shape.

The light from the Ingram stopping suddenly as he turned to look towards the figure,Stevan? there was no time for thought but before he could bring his weapon up that blade had swung foreward.

The ingram would be released from his grip as his hand shot up to grab the one that was rapidly bearing down on him with that bayonet.White fingertips wrapping around the wrist of the attacker while the other arm would search for the throat of whoever had come to attack him..Whoever it was they were a mystery guest draped in shadows.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Dec 4 2005, 10:15 PM
Stevan watched and waited for a moment to see what impact his shots had on the crowd of students. Suddenly he heard another sound of gunfire, This time a sucsession of gunshots. He dived To the safety of the wall, But, there was no bullets flying past his head, Was he imagining things now?

He brought the pistol to the side of face as he shuffled his way over to the door frame. He was about to desend from his safety net and let rip some bullets, But then out of no where, he heard a whizzing sound fill the room. A twang was made against the window glass as it shattered and spread across the room. More bullets thudded against the door frame as he swung back behind the wall once more. His arm slithered around the door and on the wall of the hallway as his head poked out maybe a couple of inches, More shots were fired. Boom Boom Boom, as the trigger was pulled and released. The spark from the gun lighting up the darkened smokey room with each shot.

Posted by: Kuze Dec 4 2005, 11:11 PM
Eh-Sun felt as the boy grabbed her wrist and her throat with out warning. She let out a small choked yelp, as she reached with her free hand into the large bag she picked up at the Coppice. Grabbing the first thing she could grab a small metal spanner(wrench).

Sliding her hand out of the bag, with the Spanner in it, she produced another small yelp before swinging the spanner at the boy.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Dec 4 2005, 11:40 PM
His grip on her wrist was tightening as he reached forward to try and reach for her throat as that Ingram at his side would swing freely as he pushed that bayonett clutching hand a little further away from his flesh and especially away from his jugular.

His grip on her throat would intensify as he would squeeze harder and harder as his own sharp teeth would be pressed together.The wrench would be brought up to make contact with the side of a few and he would stumble back a few steps holding his face, he could feel a tooth inside of his mouth become loose and some blood being freed from his gum as he did so.

"Fucking Bitch" he would growl at her before he would reach for that Ingram at his side to bring it up to aim towards her.

Posted by: Slayer Dec 4 2005, 11:43 PM
When he heard the gunshots, Antonio ducked further around the tree, occasionally searching to see where the shots were coming from. It wasn't that he was afraid, he just wasn't stupid enough to jump into enemy bullets. Hearing the gunshots end close to him and a struggle sounding, he looked to his right, where he saw two figures (one male, one female, and the male looked a bit like the one he saw at the path) fighting and one swinging a Spanner at the other. Deciding to ignore it for now, he ran towards the enemy group.
Saving that guy's ass might help an alliance, but so does respecting that they can handle themselves. he thought. He knew how alliances were best made, you had to do something for the other party that made them want to be on your side. Respect was a big parrt of that. Thinking that, he picked up speed, dashing towards Glenn's side and preparing to swing as hard as he could.

Posted by: Kuze Dec 5 2005, 12:35 AM
Eh-Sun dropped the spanner after the boy brought the large gun up to her face. Hastilly digging in her bag she found an object shaped like a curved pole. Pulling it out, she noticed that it had a thread wrapped around a handle, and given the shape it might be a sword.

Eh-Sun gtrabbed it by the handle and raised it up at the boy's face, but stopping short, because if she whacks him with the sheathed sword, she might end up getting a lead enema.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Dec 5 2005, 12:41 AM
She raised the blade and he adjusted his grip on his weapon tigther as his sharp teeth pressed against each other as he stood there glaring at her.Then the blade was produced and he couldnt help but look towards the blade.That familiar blade.

"Where did you get that weapon?" he asked as he took a step closer to the young girl.The barrel of the Ingram brought up so that the cold steel of the weapon could be pressed to the girl`s forehead.Let her try and slash him but the best she would get would be a few nerve endings causing her to twitch and maybe cut his leg a little.

Posted by: Kuze Dec 5 2005, 12:46 AM
So this is how someone fells when their staring down the cold barrel of a gun

Eh-Sun stared at the boy blankly thinking he lost all reason from that whack to the head. Lowering the Sword she answered in a soft voice.

"Where else a corpse...of a long haired kid."

Eh-Sun said remembering that the 2nd boy she killed was looting a corpse of a long kaired kid who killed himself or the other boy killed him but who knows.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Dec 5 2005, 12:49 AM
"The Kid have mean features? a couple bullet wounds in him...mostly grazes but enough to make them noticable.Speak up" he said in a equally gentle voice that was released as little more than a hiss from his lips.

The barrel of the Ingram was pressed into her forehead a little harder as he stood there waiting for some sort of response from her.Had this girl killed Shinya?..Shinya was a wiley bastard to kid so how had she pulled it off?..

Posted by: Kuze Dec 5 2005, 12:58 AM
Eh-Sun winced as the gun pressed harder against her forehead and the boy seemed to be asking for confermation about the boy.

"Well his hair covered alot of it but some of the hair was covered in blood, and the front was bloodstained at the bottom, like mine is."

Eh-Sun anwered as she motioned with the sword to her head. the boy seemed to know the previous owner of the sword, perfect.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Dec 5 2005, 01:04 AM
"Shinya...We used to call him Samara because of how he looks like the girl out of the ring.Guess the bastard is dead now...well he deserved it,I tried my hand at it but somehow he got away with only a few bulletholes" he said concluding his little tail.

The hand not holding the Ingram would move to the hand holding the Kitana,fingertips wrapping around what of the handle she wasnt grasping.

"If I was going to kill you I would have pulled this trigger in a second and then taken youre weapon so do as I want and let go of youre sword.Fight if you want but its youre demise..Ill still be breathing at the end of it" He said with his voice oncemore leaking with menace.

Posted by: Theseus Dec 5 2005, 01:20 AM
Jeremy saw Glenn go down again, the gunshots, everything erupting around them, Jeremy knew this day was going to come soon enough. He heard Glenn's words to get the gun, Jeremy ducked down, picked up Glenn's gun in his right hand, while holding the sickle in his left. Jeremy then said, "ok Glenn...let's get out of here...." He turned around only to see a boy charging Glenn.....

((how many rounds are in the chamber? oh and I hope that boy was charging Glenn....that's how I read his post lol))

Posted by: Slayer Dec 5 2005, 01:21 AM
OOC: Yeah, I'm attacking him.

Posted by: Kuze Dec 5 2005, 02:44 PM
Hearing the boy's threat, Eh-Sun let go of the handle of the sword and mused the story of that boy that she found dead at the coppice, apperently named Shinya.

(yeah quickie post beause Mismatched told me to post)

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Dec 5 2005, 09:32 PM
( Whipcracking sound )

He would take the kitana from her grip and toss it a few feet behind him but the barrel would be kept pressed against her forehead as he stared into her in silence for a second or two as screams and gunshots were heard not far from where they stood but still he made no movment.

"So you killed Shinya?...Are you armed?" he asked giving a head tilt to look her over although the arm grasping the Ingram never moved from its place to her head.Luckily for her she didnt have a twitch or her face would be spread across the nearest tree.

Posted by: Kuze Dec 5 2005, 10:25 PM

Eh-Sun watched as the sword was thrown behind the boy and the stupidest question she had ever heard.

"well of coarse i have weapons "

Eh-Sun slightly glared at the boy as she spoke, as if he was the king of idiots.

"well are you going to lower the gun now?"

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Dec 5 2005, 10:29 PM
"No,Dog tits. I said are you armed..meaning firearms..Do you have any firearms on you like this one? Im just checking for youre safety because if youre weapons like mine do have a hair trigger one wrong breath and it could go off and cause a nasty accident" he said through gritted teeth.His speech hurried as they were standing next to a gunfight and the lack of movment and indeed lack of controll of his surroundings was annoying him.

His bag stil sat on his bag and now the Kitana lay dirt covered on the floor behind him in the shadows.

Hellhouse Rock
Survival of the Fittest > School Building > Hellhouse Rock

Posted by: MooCow Aug 14 2005, 10:01 PM
'When will you release me,' the girl asked the man, 'you know you must release me, or for God's sake please let them know I'm alright.'

'You know what I want,' the man replied calmly.

'But I can never give you that.'

'You could... you're just not trying hard enough,' the man said, becoming frustrated.

'Mr. Clegg, Fred, please, let me go and I will never say a word ab-...'

'I can't trust you anymore.'

'At least let me go outside, into the sunshine,' the girl pleaded with the man. But he ignored her, and with that he got up to leave.

'Goodbye Miranda.'

'No! Don't leave me here! Please what you're doing, this isn't love! You must understand that! You must understand that...'

But the man was gone, and once again the girl was alone, in the cellar that had been her prison for almost one month and counting.


Miranda Grey (Female Student No. 24) was angry. She was angry at herself for going on the school trip, she was angry at her school's administration for providing her and her classmates with such lax security on the plane, she was angry at her classmates for participating in such a wretched game, and most of all, she was angry at Mr. Danya and his totalitarian terrorist regime. If she could have, Miranda would have likely used her supplied weapon, a chinese fighter sword, to tear the bastard limb from limb. And that was saying something, because, being a Buddhist since the age of twelve, she severely believed in the sacredness of all living things. Mr. Danya however, she deduced, could not possibly have a soul, so killing him would scarcely be of the same calibre as killing say, an innocent buttefly, or god forbid another human being. Soul or not, she was willing to compromise her values in this case.

She had desperately hoped to- find a familiar face, a friend to spend her last days with, but so far, her search had been futile. Most of her friends were dead now... she had learned that through the announcements. It just made her hate those bastards more. Being the fighter that she was, Miranda did not plan on dying. If she had anything to say in the matter, she would live forever, or at least well into her ripe years.

If only she could find Eddie Serjeantson... sure they hadn't even really spoken since all that had happened the summer before their freshman year, but he was the only one that she had ever felt truly safe with. Not even her parents had given her the secure feeling that Eddie gave her whenever he was around. She had been searching for hours in vain, for anyone, Eddie or otherwise, a search which had all culminated in her arrival here, at the spot where she now stood, in front of the dilapited school building. If she had noticed the severed head only several feet away, obscured by the dense foliage she would have no doubt turned around and ran screaming in the opposite direction, but she did not, so instead Miranda made her was up the steps and through the open door.

The hall was devoid of life, but this had not always been so, the place looked as though a hurricane had hit it. Opening the door to her left, she screamed as three bodies toppled onto her, two of which lacked sizeable chunks of their heads, and whom she would have otherwise known to be Tayli Vreeland and Naoji Hideyoshi. She screamed in bloodcurdling agony. Where in the hell was her knight in shining armour? She scrambled out from underneath the only recognizable corpse, which she identified as the religous zealot, Uriel Hunter, and feebly attempted to retreat in the direction from which she had came.

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Aug 16 2005, 08:08 PM
((Continued from: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...showtopic=324))

As he was slammed into by a girl that he hadn't even known was there, Eddie Serjeantson couldn't help but take a step back. His muscular frame absorbed the blow and he was able to stay on his feet, but he assumed that was more than the other girl would be able to say. As he glanced into the room, his eyes grew wide at the sight of the three bodies lying on the ground. Quickly, he whipped out his pistol, aiming at the girl, whose face he wasn't able to see. Ever since he'd left Glenn and Marie, it had seemed that he hadn't run into very many people at all.

Perhaps the game's getting down to the wire, here...

It was a thought that he couldn't help but have - it was a thought that he actually almost hoped was true. As sick as it sounded, if the game ended, and he was the only one left standing, then he'd get to go home. This was something that definitely appealed to him, as he really hadn't been scarred all that much as of yet. As he pointed his pistol at the girl, he took a quick glance around the room to ensure that nobody else was around.

Eddie had been wandering for some time, and after leaving the Gazebo, he had wandered through the open field, and through an empty small house that looked as though people had been there recently. He hadn't, however, found anyone, and to him, that was probably just as well. He was better off sneaking around by himself, trying to figure out how to remove the collars. If he could do that, he could vanish from the island without a trace, get back to the mainland, and blow the whole operation wide open.

Yeah, that'll be awesome...

Until then, though, the Sarge figured he had bigger problems to deal with, and he continued to point the gun at the unknown girl.

"Okay, I've got to admit, I didn't see you coming and I'm sorry for basically bodychecking you across the room, but frankly, I can't take any chances. Get up slowly, and if you've got a weapon, drop it on the ground. And I mean SLOWLY, as in molasses. You got me?"

Posted by: MooCow Aug 17 2005, 04:38 AM
Hearing the voice, Miranda breathed for the first time since she'd come across the three bodies.

"Eddie Serjeantson," she said cooley, "I should have known it was you. You never did know how to treat a lady did you? Now please point that gun elsewhere, or I might have to consider you deadly and kick your ass."

She hoped that even in light of the situation Eddie would find some comic relief in this exchange. She secretly thanked God that she had found him.

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Aug 17 2005, 04:12 PM
Wow, what an awfully sarcastic little b...

Eddie couldn't help but blink in surprise. Who the hell was she to be telling him that he didn't know how to treat a woman? And kick his ass? I'm SO much bigger than her, what the hell is she on, crack?

Eddie looked at the other girl. The darkness obscured her face so he couldn't tell who it was, but she had to be crazy. Then again, how did she know who he was...?

And then it hit him. It was, of all people to run into here, his ex-girlfriend, Miranda Grey. The two hadn't last spoken on the best of terms, as things had been quite awkward for Eddie once she'd published that ol' diary of hers. Grimacing, he lowered his weapon a little.

"Miranda...fuck sakes...of all the people to run into..."

He sighed. THIS was going to get interesting.

Posted by: MooCow Aug 20 2005, 12:21 AM
She watched him with a rye, obnoxious look. Many would have thought her stupid, but Miranda knew (or thought she knew) how far she could push Eddie. She knew he wouldn't blow her face off... at least unless she gave him no other choice. She hoped it wouldn't come to that.

Miranda took a step forwards. She was glad to have found him of all people, but was just as glad to play hard to get.

"Now if you'll kindly get the hell out of my way darling, I'll get the hell out of yours."

As she passed him she looked back and then paused at the door and pretended to think, "you know it's dangerous out there Eddie. I implore, no omit that, I insist, come with me and I will protect you."

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Aug 22 2005, 03:15 AM
Eddie couldn't help but laugh out loud, the booming laugh of his seeming somewhat odd and out of place amongst the corpses and blood that seemed to litter the schoolhouse. His face turned a little red, and he couldn't help but double over in laughter. Finally, he pulled himself up and looked at the girl in front of him.

"You're going to protect me? Save me from all those spooky kids out there with shotguns and rifles? Well shit, hun, why didn't you tell me you had super-powers?"

Eddie chuckled again.

"If it's company you want, I suppose I COULD let you tag along with me...yet I was under the impression that if i ran into you out here, you'd probably shoot me rather than team up..."

Posted by: MooCow Aug 23 2005, 12:36 AM
"Eddie," she continued, "it's alright, I know you're scared. You don't have to be scared any more baby, I'm 104 lbs. of pure fighting machine and I won't let anyone harm a hair on your head. You can cut the faux macho protector act."

She smiled as him mischieviously.

"Seriously though, can we get the hell outta here." The bodies were making her feel quite queasy.

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Aug 26 2005, 12:27 AM
Eddie took a long sniff of the air and grimaced as he realized that the bodies were certainly beginning to smell. Nodding to Miranda, he guestured with his hand to the door.

"Yeah, let's get the hell out of here. Any thoughts on where you'd like to go?"

Posted by: MooCow Sep 1 2005, 08:39 PM
"No clue," Miranda said, responding to Eddie's question.

"You've probably know the island better than I do at the moment... just take me anywhere but here... please."

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Sep 2 2005, 01:37 AM
Eddie shrugged his shoulders, and looked around the area a little. Thinking for a moment, he guestured to the east with his head.

"I think we should head this way. From what I remember about the island, there's a waterfall, a gazebo, a well, and some things like that. Might be good to stop and replenish our water."

He looked at Miranda.

"What'dya say, huh?"

((Continued in: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...showtopic=459))

Posted by: MooCow Sep 13 2005, 02:43 AM
"Waterfall huh?" Miranda looked sceptical. "Well... okay, but if we run into trouble along the way, remember it was your genius idea to head there ... and if it turns out to be the most prime of positions we could have selected, you should kindly recall that I made no objections... now shall we?"

Murder 101
Survival of the Fittest > School Building > Murder 101

Posted by: MooCow Aug 8 2005, 03:28 AM
COMING FROM ‘Coppice Land of Waste’: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...t=0#entry560552

For nearly six hours, Clemence had been biding her time. The boy she had been stalking had barricaded himself inside the school. And then the announcement had come. She hadn’t been fast enough. Now the whole island knew that Clemence Ceillet de Rousseau was a cold blooded murderess, and she would be able to fool no one… unless, she looked at her list of students. Unless she pretended to be someone she most certainly was not… And then she heard it, the rustling in the leaves and the figure approaching the barricaded door to the schoolhouse.


James Kelecks (Boy Student No. 8) was used to hiding, or so he felt. Not exactly the kind of hiding he was doing now; hiding physically away from anyone who might want to do him bodily harm. No James was a master at hiding emotions. At least that was how he often felt at Barry Coleson High.

He was a popular boy, but he hadn’t always been so. In middle school he was shy and awkward, and when he entered high school and started to bloom, people who had never noticed him before looked to him for superficial reasons. He was good looking enough to be popular, and eventually he all but forgot who his real friends were and got sucked into the whole game of the cutthroat social hierarchy. He became a fake, something that hadn’t altogether bothered him until now. Before, being fake allowed him to have all the friends in the world, but as it was, with every new friendship forged, James only isolated himself more. He had popularity, and social power, but no one he could truly confide in or even trust. It wasn’t all bad before, and for once James had felt like he had a ‘life’. However upon awakening in this hell, he realized that popularity would be next to nothing in a game where everyone was out to kill you, and that maybe he should have taken the time to establish better friendships.

He had awoken in the forest, at the start of the game and simply waited. Through two announcements he stayed perfectly still unable to move because of the shock. The third announcement got him moving. Once he learned that the forest would become a forbidden zone he had hightailed it out of the area as fast as his legs would allow.

That had led him to the school. It couldn’t really be called a school in the sense that Barry Coleson High was a school. It was ramshackle, essentially one or two main rooms and a hallway with a closet. There wasn’t even a bathroom, but rather an outhouse several yards into the foliage behind the edifice.

James wouldn’t have normally stayed there, but he was tired. It was the best shelter he could find, although the two dead bodies severely creeped him out. His weapon was a pitiful dagger, and he knew he’d be no match for anyone with a gun.

He had set about barricading the one entry with chairs and desks. He would be safe, at least until the school became a forbidden zone again.

He thought of Helena Van Garret. He had really liked her. And now he would never get the chance to tell her how he felt. If only he hadn’t been such a coward in the first six hours, maybe he would have sought her out and been able to save her from Hawley.

Hawley had been friends with James once… before James became to cool for him. Maybe if James had stuck by Hawley instead of making his life miserable, Helena would still be alive. He couldn’t really know though. For all he knew, Hawley was a killer by instinct.

It had been almost four hours before the rapping at the door came. James had contemplated not acknowledging it, just sitting back and pretending he wasn’t even there, but his curiosity got the better of him and he called out to the newcomer to see who they were.


Naoji Hideyoshi (Boy No. 15) was a rain soaked mess. Feeling sorry for him, James had taken the time to undo the barricade and let his acquaintance inside. Naoji’s weapon, a whip, turned out to be worse than James’s. They now sat huddled in the middle of one of the classrooms. The schoolhouse had originally been built with only one room, but the islands population grew, and a wall had been built in the middle to create two separate classrooms. As they sat in the dreary classroom, they talked.

“Are you scared,” Naoji asked genuinely.

“Oh course I’m fucking scared. I’m scared shitless. I’m so confused right now I don’t know what to do. I’ve got terrorists telling me I need to take this dagger and shove it in your throat if I ever want to see my home again. Scared is an understatement.”

There was an awkward silence. Naoji spoke next, breaking it.

“I know you wouldn’t kill anyone. I trust you.”

James felt uncomfortable, “are you hitting on me?”

Naoji looked taken aback, “NO! No, no, no. God that’s just the problem with your kind, you always think everyone’s in love with you or something, when the fact is everyone thinks you’re a backstabbing jerk. I was trying to cheer you up jackass, not get in your pants.”

James was about to retaliate when he realized he could think of nothing to say. His reputed lightning fast tongue was saved when there came another rap at the door.

“Don’t get that,” Naoji said immediately.

“Why not,” James asked, “I opened the door when you knocked.”

“I have a bad feeling,” Naoji whispered.

“Yeah right,” James sneered, “or maybe you just want me alone. Listen if they’re dangerous we’ll know. We have your list of everyone who’s killed.”

Not giving the hurt Naoji time to react, James strode out of the classroom and called out, “hello. Who’s there,” in the bravest voice he could muster.

“‘Ello,” called the source of the rapping, “please let me in.”

James didn’t recognize the voice, but it was obviously that of a girl. She couldn’t be too dangerous.

Just to be on the safe side, James thought, “first, what’s your name?”


Shit. This was exactly what Clemence had been dreading. Luckily she was prepared as she stood talking to one of the two boys on the other side of the door.

“My name is Cassandra Roivas,” Clemence answered as if she’d gone by the name for years.


Scanning his list of murderers, James saw no Cassandra Roivas. It wasn’t a fake name either. Her name was right on the student roster. He’d let her in.

“Okay hold on while I undo the barricade.”

Working at the strenuous project for the second time in less than an hour, James moved the chairs and desks back far enough to open the door enough for the girl to step inside. The first thing James noticed was her hair. It was almost hypnotizing, very light blonde, long and past her shoulder blades. Her hair was nothing compared to her face though. She was beautiful, and with a body it seemed to boot.

“Oh thank you,” Clemence sighed, “it vas terribly vet out there.”

James could only stare at her, in her school wet school uniform as she shook her hair dry.

Acting oblivious, Clemence added, “is there anyone else ‘ere?”

“Just one,” James choked, “a kid from my school Naoji. You’ll be safe here with us Cassandra.”

Clemence didn’t doubt that. “I’m so glad I found two strong boys to protect me from those psychos out there who could actually kill their friends. I’m so terribly scared right now you can’t even imagine.”

Her accent was thickly French, and James wondered if Roivas was a common surname in France.

“Let’s go in here,” James said awkwardly, beckoning her to follow him into the room Naoji occupied.

“Naoji,” James said, all business, “this is Cassandra Roivas. She’ll be staying with us for a while.”

“Hi,” Naoji said, trying to be friendly but falling short. How could James trust a complete stranger?

“Thank you for letting me stay vith you two,” Clemence AKA Cassandra replied.

“Why don’t you two get to know each other while I go and barricade the door… again,” James suggested, leaving the two alone.

Clemence seductively unbuttoned her blazer, flipping her hair and smiling at Naoji.

“Do you ‘ave a girlfriend,” Clemence asked him.

“No,” Naoji said coldly, “but I have a boyfriend.”

“Oh,” Clemence snipped failing to hide her newfound disinterest, “is ‘e…”

“No,” Naoji cut her off, “my boyfriend wasn’t on the plane. He’s not in this… for lack of a better word, game.”

“Vell is ‘e,” Clemence continued, “vhat do you call, ah yes, straight?”

“James? I’d assume, yeah.”

“I see.”

She had been worried, but it seemed that her plan would work out after all.


“Monkey,” James guessed.

“House,” Naoji quipped.

Clemence shook her head. They were playing charades to pass the time.

“I don’t know I give up,” Naoji said having not wanted to play a game anyway.

James eyes lit up, “the Eiffel Tower!”

“O’ yes! James you are so good at this game,” Clemence said jumping on him and giggling. They rolled on the floor. James began to laugh as well. It was just about enough to make Naoji sick.

“Yeah you to Cass,” James gasped for breath. They were becoming fast friends.

“Your turn Naoji,” Clemence sighed as she finally stopped pretending to laugh.

“I don’t wanna play anymore,” Naoji shrugged and walked out of the room, “I’m gonna take a nap.”

“Vhat’s his problem,” Clemence asked.

“How should I know,” James said, “I think he’s like in love with me or something.”

She giggled. Caught up in the moment James kissed her. He immediately regretted it, until she kissed him back. Before James knew it they were naked, making out on the carpet by the ‘story circle’. James was in heaven.

“You… are… so… hot,” James panted, “I think… I love you… Cassandra…” He’d never felt something so genuine for anyone. He’d finally found someone he could trust.

If Clemence were one to laugh, it would have taken all she could to contain it. She wasn’t however. She simply cooed, “I know,” into his ear and kept going. This boy was a dirty vile commoner. She needed to make sure people like him didn’t win this. They were all dirty vile commoners except her…


Naoji was awakened by a bloodcurdling howl from the next room. He was unable to move for several minutes before he ran towards the source. He was in time to see the bare naked Clemence, or to Naoji it was “Cassandra’, on top of her latest victim, James Kelecks. Naoji about vomited. The scene was too sick to imagine. It appeared they had been in the middle of sex, her riding him, when she had taken James’s own weapon, the dagger, and begun to impale him repeatedly in the chest. Her back was turned to Naoji. He ran.


Clemence’s face was like ice as she brought the dagger down again and again into James’s rib cage. He looked at her with bewildered eyes, unable to cry out in shock anymore.

He managed to choke out, “Cassandra,” as she jumped up, scrambling for her underwear and blouse.

“My name is Clemence,” she hissed, grabbing her throwing knives from her pack and stalking out of the room into the hall.


It was taking Naoji too long to undo the barricade. He had known all along that girl was trouble. He threw the desks back, but he wasn’t as strong as James so it took longer. His mind was racing and he knew he didn’t have much time. He managed to open the door enough to perhaps squeeze his body through. He thought he heard her coming. He squeezed his head out. A desk gave way and pushed the door tight against his neck. Naoji struggled to push back words on the door, but resistance was futile.


Walking into the hall Clemence watched Naoji struggle like a little worm to free himself. How pitiful. She threw her knives impaling them in the door. On the other side, one grazed Naoji’s temple causing blood to spurt everywhere.

“Help,” she heard him scream. Dream on dirty Jap faggot boy. Standing at the end of the hallway she braced herself for the kill. She was like a bull, and then she was off, full stride down the rather short hall. She jumped, twirled in the air, and let her foot collide full force with the solid wood door. Closing it in a split second and decapitating poor Naoji Hideyoshi.

She panted. She had bruised herself landing sideways on one of the desks, and received a nasty splinter in her left foot from the unfinished wooden door, but she had gotten the job done. The other boy way dead, and James would be too, very soon. She was sure she had punctured his lung.


James was coughing up blood when she returned to the room and began to dress herself. How could he have been so stupid? He was sure she was harmless. He wished she would look at him, acknowledge that he was there and he was dying but she did nothing of the sort. She was so cold. James knew from the announcement that she had killed. Clemence de Rousseau, the girl had ‘femme fatale’ written all over her. How could he have been so stupid? She wouldn’t even look at him. She was that cold. And to think for a moment he thought he’d found something genuine… love.

All in all it was only lust…



CONTINUED IN 'Clemence': http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...t=0#entry817632

The Smell of Blood
Survival of the Fittest > School Building > The Smell of Blood

Posted by: Kaishi Jul 27 2005, 12:12 AM
((OOC: Coming from http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...howtopic=180.))

In terror, and on pure adrenaline, Mason had ran from Cillian. Running towards the gunshots, and the figures in the distance, and then to the large clouds of smoke. Sure, it might've been a stupid move in the end, but Mason didn't care. As long as he got away from that madman. Besides, other people were probably drawn to the smoke aswell, and maybe they were all meeting there to discuss a way off of this island. Mason smiled softly at the thought of everyone getting away, but the smile sooned turned grim as he reached the School Building. If he had been following the map correctly, he should've been at the Bamboo Coppice, and not the School Building.

Cursing himself inwardly, he covered the lower half of his face with the map of the island, and then jumped over a dense part of the flames surrounding the School Building. They danced menacingly, getting dangerously close to the School Building and then jumping back away, as if to mock Mason. With one last look at the flames, he jumped through a broken window, and into the School Building. "Hello." His voice came out hoarse, instead of the loud shout he wanted it to be. "Don't shoot, don't shoot."

The smell of blood soon made its way to Mason's nostrils. He fought the urge to throw up as he dropped down to his knees. Because of the smoke outside, it smelled like the blood was burning. Almost like burning flesh, yet not quite. Either way, it still reeked of death. Mason spotted the laptop, laying broken nearby. He sighed. If only someone hadn't been clumsy enough to drop it like an idiot. He laughed at the hopelessness of it all. Maybe the laptop was a way of saying that there was no way out of this nightmare. If only, if only... He turned slightly, and his eyes widened as his mouth feel open on its own accord.

A dead body...of a girl. Her neck was torn open. No, more like blown open, as if there was some sort of explosion on her neck. Ah...collar explosion. Mason crawled over to her body. If her body had been completely intact, Mason would've recognized her as Tayli E. Vreeland. Sure, they never really talked in school, he knew her from the student council. He placed a hand on her stomach with a frown. "Poor, poor you...what an unfair death." But, really, girl, you must've been an idiot just to sit in a danger zone like that. ...I'm not going to die like this. Definitely not. Mason began to get a little dizzy from the smell. He stood up, his legs trembling. He soon fell back down onto his knees when he spotted the other deadbody.

Now this was just too much...not only had a girl gotten her neck exploded, but there was some guy lying in a pool of his own blood, blood running down from his mouth and a grand bullethole in his chest. Too much, too much! Mason threw up, barely missing the head of the dead Sydney Morvran. Although Sydney was intact - more or less - Mason didn't recognize the boy. "God, what happened here?" There were so many peices of the puzzle missing. Perhaps, someone ran in and shot the boy, killing him, and the girl just sat there weeping over her love's death? Maybe, the boy got in the way of a shot for the girl, and the girl simply weeped over his death eventually getting killed via collar explosion? Perhaps the boy shot himself for the sake of being with the girl, but like an idiot missed his heart, and the girl wrestled away the gun from his hands and yada yada?

Or, maybe - Mason laughed at the thought - the girl was carrying in the laptop, thinking she had found a way out of there, tripped, and the laptop fell and broke, and her gun went off, hitting the boy in the lungs. Mason wiped his mouth with his sleeve, snickering all the while. "And then, the girl is crying over his death, instead of getting out of the danger zone. That has got to be one of the stupidest things I've heard." He smacked himself in the forehead, realizing that he was laughing over someone's deaths. People were playing this stupid game. They had given in already, those idiots. Didn't they realize no one had to play? Or, maybe they all decided to start playing, having heard the announcements?

"Idiots, idiots, idiots!!" Mason held his head in his hands. "No one has to play..." Angrily, he shoved his bag off of his back, and unzipped it in a haste. He pulled out the GPS Scanner, staring at its screen. It was an overview of the island map, with dots every which way. Dots representing people all over the island. Some were alone, others in groups of two, three, four, five and six.... He sighed. Shame the dots didn't tell you who anyone was. They were just that...dots. He sighed, his gaze falling on the girl once more. He hadn't noticed it before, but on her belt was a gun. Mason smirked. Maybe I'll take part in the game... He reached over, and took her Glock with a small chuckle. He walked around, looking for the two's bags. He only found one, but he didn't care.

He transferred all the food, drinks, and random things from the first aid kit into his own bag. Mason hid the Glock inside of his bag, before wandering about. He took what he figured were hand grenades off of a nearby desk, and put them into his bag aswell. "Sigh..." He took out a water bottle and began to idly take small sips, glancing every now and then to the broken window leading outside.

Posted by: Kuze Jul 27 2005, 12:33 AM
(occ continued from http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...c=69&st=0&#last

Heather slowly stumbled from the dirt path untill she reached a decrepit building supposedally a school building.She started to slightly drag her leg towards the front door looking around to see if anyone was there.

After a good 5 minutes she reached the front door, Pushing the door open with her right hand, Heather walked into the building still looking in every direction,hoping there was another person with a gun here.

Posted by: Kaishi Jul 27 2005, 12:39 AM
Mason pulled the Glock out of his bag, keeping his water bottle in his other hand just in case he had to use it as a suprise tactic. He began to walk along in a crouch, keeping low to the ground, a hard glare on his face. He stopped, seeing Heather. Phew...just a terribly injured girl. Nothing to worry about. Unless, of course, it was some sort of act. He aimed the gun up at her, not caring how goofy he looked practically crawling on the ground towards Heather. Maybe, aside from him looking like a goofy idiot, he kind of looked crazy. He scrunched up his face, trying to copy what Cillian did to scare Heather. All that look did was make Mason look rather...constipated, but Mason wasn't aware of that.

"What do you want?"

Posted by: Kuze Jul 27 2005, 12:47 AM

Heather looked at the boy like that guy from that terrible horror movie what was it again Oh yeah Tomie:Re-play who looked like he was tring to pop his eyes out.

"Are you consipated or something"

Great tring to humor the crazy looking kid with a gun nice move Heather. If I ran he would still probibally shoot her tring to limp away try to make freinds Repress that goddamn memory.

Heather still stared in fear at the boy who had a strange smell came from the room he came out of it smelt worse than the smell of the fresh blood that she had been bleeding.

Posted by: Kaishi Jul 27 2005, 12:55 AM
Mason broke out into a roaring fit of laughter at the way Heather asked him if he was constipated. "The look on your face...oh my gosh." He wiped his mouth again with his sleeve, looking Heather up and down. Seemed as if she had been in some sort of fight with someone. A dangerous gunfight, at that. "C'mon in, gosh...do you look terrible, Girl." He didn't know her name, so to him, she would be dubbed Girl. Mason stood up with a small yawn. He needed the company so badly. "Watch your step, seems as some lovestruck couple died here, or something. Might wanna cover your nose, too."

He walked backwards, keeping his eyes on Heather all the while. He didn't recognize her, but that didn't matter much to him. "Sit down, right there." He sat down, and pointed right infront of him with his gun. "And tell me your name, please."

Posted by: Kuze Jul 27 2005, 01:06 AM
Heather nodded and followed the boy into the classroom to find 2 dead students and a fresh puddle of vomit on the ground,"Oh...your...god" She said as she looked at the corpses and gagged tring to hold in the vomit.

"My name..Is Heather,and I dont reconize anyone here"

Heather said as she covered her nose with her right hand and sat down infront of the boy and struggled to move her Half-circled glasses up her nose with her left hand whitch was connected to the arm that was wounded

"Dont worry im unarmed, some Jockish looking guy stole my gun than shot at me 14 times..5 hit."

Posted by: Kaishi Jul 27 2005, 01:15 AM
Mason narrowed his eyes, not really believing her. He put down his waterbottle, and then crawled over to his bag. Picking it up, he sat back down next to Heather. "Your assigned weapon was a gun, huh? I got a pretty useless tracking thingamabob. Still trying to figure out what to do with it." He pulled it out of his bag and placed it gently next to him with a small sigh. "Are you playing this game? I think I might, I don't know." There were still so many things out there to figure out. Whether or not to play was one of those many things. Mason hugged the gun before putting it down into his bag and pulling out a first aid kit.

"My name is Mason. Now, show me that arm of yours, and any other wounds you might have. It might help to take off your clothes so I can help you better." Mason commanded smugly. "Don't think nothing of it, Heather. I'm going to do my best to not hurt you in anyway, alright?"

Posted by: Kuze Jul 27 2005, 01:22 AM
Heather Stared at Mason like he was crazy.On the dirt path she did her best to bandage her wounds but she may have fucked soemthing up.

"I'm not playing ,and I did bandage my wounds earlier but,Your eyes deviate I hit you"

Heather said as she placed her bag on the floor. Unzipping her vest and slipping it off. Heathers eyes never unfocused off of where Mason's eyes were looking.

"Got it Mason"

Posted by: Kaishi Jul 27 2005, 01:34 AM
"I got it, Heather. No worries." He held her arm, undoing the bandages on her arm. "Ouch, that looks like it hurt." He winced inwardly, opening up the first aid kit and taking out the roll of gauze. He slowly proceeded to wrap her wounds in the gauze. "Now, my hands and eyes are going to wander a bit, okay? Only to check where more wounds are." Mason winked, letting his hands wander over her thighs to check if she had any leg wounds. "Sorry, but you're going to have to take off your pants, and tell me where all your wounds are."

Of course, he could've just asked her in the beginning instead of feeling all over her legs, but he didn't care. For all he knew, he was going to die tomorrow. Why not have a little fun before venturing off?

Posted by: Kuze Jul 27 2005, 01:45 AM
Heather felt Mason wander along her Thigh,She raised her right hand up and swung it at Mason's face.

"That includes the hands too, Mason"

Heather brushed Mason's hand off of her thigh.Pervert being in a death game doesnt give you the right and if you rubbed the wrong area you'd get a shock a bigass one.

Posted by: Kaishi Jul 27 2005, 01:55 AM
"Ow!!" Mason cried out, getting hit. "You're lucky I'm a nice guy, really you are." He glared. "I'm not going to force you to do anything, but really..." He rubbed the side of his face with a small sigh. "Don't you know that we might die as soon as we walk outside? Don't you just want to be touched, just once? Or, to touch a boy just once?" He smiled, his eyes slightly pleading now. "You know, I've never kissed a girl before...you'd be my first. My first, and probably my last." His smile turned a little grim as his last words dawned on him. Any breath could be the last. Any step, any sip of water. Anything.

"You must like someone at your school, right? If it'll make you want to, you can call me by his name. I'm sure that you liked someone." He moved a little closer to Heather, his smile softening a little.

((OOC: Whomever doesn't really like Mason at the moment isn't alone. ))

Posted by: Kuze Jul 27 2005, 02:05 AM
Heather backed away from Mason.Bad memories returning from when the baseball team took turns raping her,And the fact that she has Squishy man parts.

"no way Mason,No way in hell, not gonna rape me like they did no fucking way"

Heather continued to back away from Mason who was desperate for sex.The only way out of this was in his bag...The gun!

Heather circled around Mason, grabbed his bag, Unzipped it and produced the Glock that could get her out of this. Aiming the glock at Mason, She said No, means NO!" slightly gasping for air.

Posted by: Kaishi Jul 27 2005, 02:17 AM
Mason's eyes widened, and he practically froze when she mentioned being raped. When he finally moved, she had already taken his bag and gotten out the gun. "Alright, alright!" He held up his hands. "I...I wasn't going to force you. Honest, Heather, I wasn't. I'm not that desperate. I mean, c'mon." He slowly lowered his hands with a small sigh. "I'm sorry if I was coming onto you like a pervert, or anything like that. I'm not really like that you know. I'm a nice guy when you get to know me. Bad gambling addiction, but I'm a nice guy.

"But you know...I couldn't really help feeling that way." He smirked, hoping that she was like the brainless, guy-chasing girls of Barry Coleson High. "You're very pretty. And I mean it." Nope, he didn't. Not really, anyway. More or less, he was trying to butter her up, just so that she wouldn't shoot him then and there. "I can't believe those guys did that to you.... That's terrible. Girls should be treated nicely, not forced into things." He smiled, trying to look honest.

Posted by: Kuze Jul 27 2005, 02:28 AM
Still aiming the Glock at Mason she walked over to her bag to pick up her vest. Picking up her vest she said "I'm leaving now and im taking your bag with me."

Holding her vest in her Left hand and the glock in her right hand and walking back towards the door pausing breifly to look back towards Mason.

"I dont beleve you,and I dont trust you anymore,so good bye"

Heather Said as she walked out of the room than paused to turn around and shoot a 9mm bullet at Mason than walked towards the exit of the building.

Posted by: Kaishi Jul 27 2005, 02:49 AM
"Wait, what?" Mason's eyes widened as she talked about taking his bag. Inside were the grenades, all the food, all the drinks...the extra first aid kits, too. She even had the gun, leaving Mason with that stupid GPS Scanner. His jaw dropped as she started to leave, his mouth only closing when she turned around and shot at him. He fell sideways onto the floor, and in the process got shot squarely in the shoulder. "It hurts!!" Mason wailed, grabbing his shoulder. "Heather! Don't go!!" He bit his tongue lightly, to silence himself. His shoulder hurt...it felt as if it was burning.

What did he have left now? His waterbottle, his GPS Scanner, and the first aid kit he had been using on Heather. No food. Unless, Mason was prepared to convert to cannibalism and eat the corpses. "It's not fair, Heather!!! I just wanted to help you." His other arm clutched his injured shoulder as his blinked back tears of pain.

Posted by: Kuze Jul 27 2005, 03:05 AM
Heather ignored Mason's pleas and walked out of the school building turning around slightly to see that Mason was begging her not to leave.

"Oh, Please.. I dont trust you, You might as well be speaking Latin"

Heather raised the Glock at Mason and fired twice at Mason,Than turning back to leave, her eyes behind her glasses starting to tear.

Posted by: Kaishi Jul 27 2005, 03:20 AM
The bullets found their way into both Mason's chest and his arm. The shock of her shooting him again numbed the pain for the moment. Just blinking back the tears didn't really work anymore, now they were falling freely. "I told you I didn't want to hurt you. I told you I liked you!!" It was a lie, but maybe it would be enough to make her stay and not leave. And then when her back is turned, I'm going to take the gun and shoot her. And then the power's going to be all mine. "Trust me, darn it, trust me!!!" His shouts turned into loud wails. "Have heart! I like you too much to see you go!" Yes...add more sappiness into it. Like those soap opreas.

"Don't leave me here to die, Heather!"

Posted by: Kuze Jul 27 2005, 03:48 AM
"Lies...all of it you just want the gun so you...you...can score a kill for yourself, I cant Beleive i trusted you!"

Heather turned around facing Mason who was bleeding profusely yet still sitting up. Her face contorted with anger and with the glock raised and pointed at Mason's crotch.

"Dont Fear the Reaper!"

Heather yelled as she pulled the trigger,With Tears of anger in her eyes. Bang! the bullet flew out.

Posted by: Kaishi Jul 27 2005, 04:05 AM
Mason roared out in pain, white flashes blinding him. She had to shoot him there. No, she couldn't've just walked away after shooting him thrice. She couldn't've even shot him in the face. Anything but this. God, it hurt so badly...he couldn't even move to crawl towards Heather to bite her ankles, or something, it hurt that much. "Heather..." He managed to croak out. It was...gone. In peices now. No force on the whole damned island could bring it back. It was gone forever!! Even if he managed to survive and crawl away from this, and eventually win the whole Survival of the Fittest (how unlikely...)... The nicknames! The ridicule!!

He heard it enough being called the messy kid. Dirty boy. Whatever the nickname was. He had lost track after the teacher had called him messy. Even the teacher had ridiculed him. "Kill me." There was practically nothing to live for now. Was there a point anymore? "...Please."

Posted by: Kuze Jul 27 2005, 04:43 AM
"Hmph... now your begging me to kill you.."

Heather started to walk back to Mason who was holding himself and placed the gun up to the back of Mason's head and prepared to pull the trigger.

"dont fear the reaper,Pervert"

Heather slowly pulled the trigger with a mix of anger and repusion being releced with the trigger pull expelling another 9mm round at Mason.

Posted by: Kaishi Jul 27 2005, 05:02 AM
Mason didn't hear a word. He closed his eyes as soon as he felt the cold muzzle o the gun upon the back of his head, a warm smile forming on his face. He knew it. He had messed with the wrong girl, and officially had messed up. He wondered what the viewers back home were thinking. He wondered if there was anyone out there watching, and laughing at him. He wondered whether or not he'd get any websites dedicated to him. Heck, even one mocking him would be nice. But, most of all...he wondered whether or not his father was going to be alright alone now.

He mouthed a single word - sorry - before the trigger was pulled. Of course, the viewers back home would probably not even note of it. All they would think of is the death of one smug, horny loser.

Boys #21 - Mason Lucien...dead.

Posted by: Kuze Jul 27 2005, 05:34 AM
"Oh ....god..What have I done"

Heather's jaw dropped open along with the Glock dropping to the floor."I..Just Killed someone...no Its a Lie! I didnt kill him it was the bullet's fault"

Heather sat there next to Mason's corpse and started at it vacently like she had never seen one before.in fact she was surrounded by corpses.

Posted by: Slayer Jul 28 2005, 12:57 AM
OOC: Continued fron "Start for B29": http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...p?showtopic=190
IC: Jacob and Uriel finally arrived at the School Building, having had to take a long detour due to the woods and Dirt Path becoming danger zones. Jacob took a second to wipe sweat and rain off his brow (and accidentally backhanding a deactivated camera.) then drew his gun and knife, walking to the school door.

Posted by: Kuze Jul 28 2005, 02:15 AM

The little device in Mason's hand went off. Heather jarred the device from Mason's hand and looked at it 2 new dots appeired in the vacinity.


Heather picked up the Glock and rushed to the corner of the classsroom with unzipped bag on her sholdier the entire time. Noticing the open bag she dug in it and felt a can type object and pulled it out it was a Flashbang.

Holding the flashbang in her left hand and the Glock in the other she hid and waited for a prisine moment to attack or run.

Posted by: Slayer Jul 28 2005, 03:35 AM
OOC: If you don't mind, I think we should wait for kiri666yama before this encounter starts.

Posted by: Kuze Jul 28 2005, 03:43 AM
(occ yeah and next time place notifications to me in a PM or if applicble AIM ,MSN,or YIM)

Posted by: kiri666yama Jul 29 2005, 05:12 PM
(Coming from: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...?showtopic=190)

ooc: sorry to keep you waiting.

Uriel drew his wrenchpipe and followed his ally.

Posted by: Slayer Jul 29 2005, 05:17 PM
Slowly opening the door, Jacob leaned his head and gun in, and when his head wasn't shot off, put his whole body in the building.

Posted by: Kuze Jul 29 2005, 07:52 PM
Heather slunk back further underneath the desk as the boy walked into the bulding and he was holding a knife and..... a Gun! Holding the Glock 17 and a flash bang she was moderately armed but what if he has another gun or an ally...with a gun!

Heather looked at the broken window it may be her only means of escape If she doesnt try to fight back, But it seems this kid's out for blood.

Posted by: kiri666yama Jul 29 2005, 08:07 PM
Uriel followed his friend trough the door.
fresh blood has been spilled here, the witch hunter mused.
he looked around the room again.
accept for the fresh corpse, nothing had changed.
the place looked as messy as it did the last time.

uriel walked towards the corpse and kneeled beside it.
Mason, the class perv. , isn't it ?
his wounds look quite painfull, jacob.
the witchunter stood up again and looked at his ally.
no need for prayers here. i'm afraid this guy sold his
soul a long time ago.

Posted by: Kuze Jul 29 2005, 08:25 PM
Seeing the other boy with only a wrench pipe,Heather pulled the pin on the flashbang, and turning away from where the blast would come from tossed the flashbang at the boy,who knelt next to Mason's corpse.

(occ yeah i know its short but cant think of anything more for this post)

Posted by: kiri666yama Jul 29 2005, 10:33 PM
Uriel knew he was dead.
what else could it be?
the loud bang was probably the sound of an incoming
a bullet that brought him to the divine light.
the whole room was filled with it.
but something was wrong.
he stood alone in this white emptiness.
no god, no angels, even the gates of heaven where missing.
but what disturbed him the most, was that he could still feel pain.
his eyes felt like they would burn right out of his skull.

Posted by: Slayer Jul 30 2005, 03:18 AM
Jacob's eyes narrowed as he turned his head from side to side, looking through the room. "There's someone still here, probably the one who killed Mason." he let out a shout of surprise as the flashbang went off, temporarily blinding him from the light and damaging his ears. Angered from the ambush, he fired in a random direction, unable to aim.

Posted by: Kuze Jul 30 2005, 06:25 AM

Heather slightly cried out as the bullet hit next to her right. She struggled to stand up (because of the wound in her leg), and aimed at the boy's crotch and fired one shot at the boy's crotch. She was probibally the only one not blinded from the blast.

Heather readjusted her aim to the boy's hand that was clutching the revolver. "well bye-bye hand." Se said as she pulled the trigger of the gun.

Posted by: Slayer Jul 30 2005, 06:37 AM
OOC: Well, I'll try to understand that.
IC: Jacob winced as a bullet penetrated his hip, temporarily knocking him down (he was thankful it didn't hit just one inch to the left though) and felt a bullet graze his wrist on the descent. Aiming slightly to the right of his first shot and rolling when he got up, he fired again, still unable to see and shooting where he thought the shots came from.

Posted by: Kuze Jul 30 2005, 07:13 AM
The bullet the boy shot went further from her than the first bullet. "Oh its on now bastard." Heather said as she aimed at the boy's torso, the largest target on the boy and fired 4 times. A muffled bang was slightly audable from her daefened ears whitch was a result of her not plugging her ears after throwing the flashbang.

Posted by: Slayer Jul 30 2005, 07:25 AM
When Jacob's damaged ears heard the crack of four gunshots, he tried to turn to the side to make a smaller target, but too late. One of the shots hit before he turned, lodging itself in his gut, but not going in too far, at the most reaching the muscle. The second shot hit him while he was turning, hitting the corner of his elbow (blocking the ribs and vital areas, so it was hit because it was in the way) and sending him to the ground again with a spin, where he felt the third shot hit his left shoulderblade and the fourth go overhead as he slammed into the floor.

"I am not going to die like this! There is no way!" he shouted, staggering to his feet and struggling to get the knife out. When he did, he fired to the left of his first shot, where the six shots had come from, and tried to charge that position (easier said than done with his left leg nearly crippled), not moving in a straight line, but more of a zig-zag formation to make himself a harder target to the person shooting. He also fired twice more at that position to hopefully distract the person shooting.

Posted by: kiri666yama Jul 30 2005, 10:57 AM
Uriel finally realised what was happening.
they where ambushed.
the ringing in his ears finally stopped, and uriel could
hear the gunshots.
most of them came from a place in front of him,
the other probably came from jacob.

the next shot was enough to locate there
the witchhunter concentrated and tried to visualise the room.
the gunshots come from that undamaged desk, he thought.
he counted the steps in his mind, and prepared himself to
launch his attack.
at the same time as jacob made his last charge, the witchhunter
ran as fast as he could.
1..2...3 jump !
uriel jumped on the desk, ready to smash
they're attackers head in.

Posted by: Slayer Jul 30 2005, 11:01 AM
Hearing Uriel pummel the desk hard enough to put a dent in a M1-A1 Abrams tank, Jacob dragged his leg and sidestepped until he was (according to his guesses from sound) directly behind the desk. Angling the gun so it would be pointing to the front or back of a crouching person's (since he was assuming the attacker was crouched) head, he pulled back the hammer and squeezed the trigger hard enough so he could fire if hit. "Please surrender, whoever you are."

Posted by: kiri666yama Jul 30 2005, 09:49 PM
Surrender ?! are you out of your mind jacob , the witch hunter yelled.
Suddenly, the desk couldn't hold his weight any longer and collapsed.
the witchhunter lost his balance and took the young girl with him in his fall.

Suffer not the witch to live !
Filled with righteous fury and bloodlust, the witchhunter started
to punch his victim in her face.

Posted by: Kuze Jul 30 2005, 10:06 PM
Heather fell back from the force of the boy landing on her knocking her Glasses and her gun somewhere. Frantically digging through her bag for something as the boy unrelentlessly punched her in the face.

Heather felt another Can shaped object, another flashbang. Pulling out the flash bang, she didnt throw it, iinstead she shoveed the flashbang into the boy's mouth, pulling her hand away she pulled the pin, and attempted to shove the boy off of her while her head was turned away.

Posted by: kiri666yama Jul 30 2005, 10:40 PM
Uriel prepared to place another punch when heather
pulled the pin out of the flashbang .
the witchhunter hit heather again and felt her nose break
under his fist. but this didn't seem to affect the little girl.
instead of being parrelyzed by the pain, she just hit him back.
theeth broke or got knocked out when the flashbang entered his mouth.
he tried to pull it out of his mouth, but the grenade got stuck
in his troat.

pieces of skull, teeth and blood sprayed all over heathers clothes
when a bright light tore it's way trough uriels jaw and troat,
the witch hunter placed his hands around his atackers neck and started to choke her, while blood poured out of the enormous wound.

Posted by: Kuze Jul 30 2005, 11:09 PM
Heather felt parts of the boy's face hit her crismon shirt and the boy's hands wrap around ther thoght and attempt the strangle the life out of her.
Using both arms she attempted to shove the boy off of her even though her left arm was wounded.

"Get offa me motherfucker!"

Posted by: Slayer Jul 31 2005, 10:54 AM
Jacob, his vision still impaired, heard the struggle and the explosion. Realizing he could not talk sense into his opponent, he decided to finish things. Since his revolver was right where he had it placed, he lowered it to the voice's level and fired.

Posted by: kiri666yama Jul 31 2005, 11:49 AM
Uriel wouldn't go down alone.
he was certain of that.
his oponnent tried to strugle her way out of his arms,
but the wrestlers grip was to strong.
heathers facecolor turned from a healthy pink to deadly blue.
soon her eyes would start to turn away, and then, uriel would've
performed his first kill.
but something came in between.
a loud bang followed by darkness.

Suddenly, his vision and hearing returned to normal,
and even the pain that troubled him a few minutes ago, dissapeared.
the witchhunter stood up, and looked to his left.
there he saw his former ally, with his gun still lifted, and in his
current state. FUBAR.
then he looked down and saw little heather, completely in shock.
her beautifull face under a tick layer of blood, pieces of skull and most
part of his brain.
Am I dead? he wondered.
then something in the corner of his eyes drew his attention.
uriel looked at his own, headless body.
that proves it, i'm dead.

Finally, a ray of bright light struck uriel, and slowly lifted
him up. he looked down and saw the schoolbuilding becoming smaller and smaller, until it couldn't be seen any longer.
then he turned around, and looked at his destination.
the place of his dreams: Heaven.

Boy #06 Uriel Hunter : DEAD

Posted by: Slayer Jul 31 2005, 01:58 PM
Jacob sighed as he heard a body hit the ground. He was sure he had killed their attacker, and their trouble was over for now. "Uriel, let's go." when he heard no reply as he walked away, he turned. "Uriel?" when he again heard no reply, the truth dawned one him. He had accidentally gunned down his ally, instead of shooting his adversary. He was alone again. Come to think of it, he wasn't too sorry about Uriel's death- he had never liked the zealot anyway. Nodding to the area his opponent was at, he clumsily put away his gun and knife.

"We'll meet again, I assure you. But for now, our quarrel is over." then he walked (well, limped anyway) out the door.

OOC: Continued in "Attack at the river": http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...p?showtopic=245

Posted by: Kuze Jul 31 2005, 08:42 PM
Heather's eyes opened wide as the boy who was choking her fell back onto Mason's corpse. "A flashbang can do THAT." She was suprised that a flashbang could make someone's head taller and wider.

Heather crawled over to the boy's corpse and looked at it with her blurred eyes. Moving her hand to her face, she realized that her face was covered with blood,This boy's blood.

Heather crawled over to the boy's bag and unzipped it, Rummaging around in it she found a shirt. Rubbing the shirt over her face and her shirt to get rid of most of the blood on her. After rubbing the blood of of her she crawled back to where her gasses are and picked them up along with the Glock17 which whould have to be reloaded soon.

Putting on her glasses, Heather looked under the desk next to the one that colapsed under the boy's weight and found her bag and her vest, Picking them up she slowly stood up and slid on her vest, slowly zipping it up and transfering the clips to her pocket. Leaning over she picked up the Pipe wrench from next to the collapsed desk.

Heather walked out of the school through the front door and walked south avoiding the Dirt path and the forest whitch were the new danger zones.

(continued in the Old wherehouse)

On the Run
Survival of the Fittest > School Building > On the run

Posted by: NyteDarkness Jul 18 2005, 09:47 AM
Continued from http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...30&#entry467690

River ran as fast as he could deeper into the woods, he didn't know how far the boundried of the lighthouse extended, but he knew he wanted to get as far away as possible to avoid being spotted by whoever was in there, they could have killed someone for all he knew. He slowed a little and came to a stop when he saw a building before him, a school to be exact. Wait, wasn't this a danger zone? No, his collar wasn't beeping, he remembered that both of the previous danger zones had been lifted.

That meant that there would be no one here for now, it had to have been deserted for the past day. The building wasn't huge, but it would do for hiding, though it might not be good to go too far in in case someone did attack he wanted to have a nearby exit. He opened the doors which made a rusty screeching noise, how long had it been since this school was fixed up? He could see some old, dirty papers on the wall, most of them ripped to shreds, though he could still make out the faded colors. He couldn't really picture it now, but once this school had been colorful and full of students, the papers plastered on the walls with bright vibrant colors announcing a school dance or something of the sort. How long ago would that have been, he wondered, how long had it been since he had seen his school? He has always hated going there, but right now he'd give just about anything to be there. Especially with his fricking plastic hammer(he made a note to himself to see if he could find a better weapon here).

He trudged once more down the halls, he saw some spurts of red, blood, perhaps? There was, apparently, more than one game held here, but was that true, or had someone been killed her before he awoke? He peered inside a classroom, the desks were hacked to bits. Man, someone really did a number in here, he thought. A classroom would not be a good place to hide, it only had one door. He'd be an easy kill in there. He shut the door and jumped back a little as it creaked and the top hinge came loose, leaving the door open at a very akward slant.

He saw a dip in the wall by the back door where the remains of a destroyed drinking fountain lay. That would be a good place to stay for now, he thought, if someone came in with plans of attack he wouldn't be seen and he could run for the back. He leaned inside the small, wedge-shaped break in the wall, taking out some of the food provided in his bag. Food was a term he used lightly. He could barely chew the bread, and it tasted rather stale. He only ate half a loaf, he'd need more for later, though he did drink a fair portion of one of his water bottles. It wouldn't be cold for long, that could've been the last time he drank cold water. Pity that fountain was broke.

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Jul 20 2005, 10:05 PM
((Continued from: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...showtopic=152))

It had not been all that long since Adam and Hawley had left the burning bamboo coppice. The trek to the school was surprisingly not as long as the journey they had taken from the clinic to the lighthouse, and Adam was silently thankful for that. With his Leafs jersey tied around his waist, Adam was again silently thankful that he had worn a t-shirt underneath his hockey jersey. The long walks, and the heat were beginning to make it rather hot out, and if there was one thing Adam didn't like, it was the heat. Still, a nice breeze would occasionally burst through and cool him down. As the school came into view, Adam couldn't see anybody outside, at least, and as he shifted his shotgun from one hand to the other, he couldn't help but think that there would undoubtedly be someone hiding around them. Death had seemed to follow them, or at least Hawley, wherever the poor kid went, and Adam was determined to be somewhere for at least more than an hour where they wouldn't be shot at, or have one of them killed.

Dying was not exactly in Adam's plans at the moment.

As he looked over the run-down school, he glanced behind him to make sure that Hawley was still with him. Adam had occasionally found himself getting a little ahead of the injured student, and had been forced to slow down a little. He must say, he worried about the well-being of Hawley, simply because Adam didn't know how much his body would take before it just simply decided to shut down. He'd been through the ringer already.

"You okay back there, man?"

Posted by: Slayer Jul 20 2005, 10:12 PM
OOC: Continued from "Resting and Suffering": http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...p?showtopic=152

IC: Jacob finished patrolling the outside of the school with a breath of disappointment. Edward and Garret had not gone to the school like he and Uriel expected, so they escaped. Uriel was in another part of the area with his patrol, but Jacob thought he could handle himself. Needless to say, he was incredibly surprised to see Hawley and Adam, two of his opponents at the coppice, not too far in front of him.
"You again?!" without a second thought, Jacob lifted his Manurhin MR73 revolver and fired one bullet at both.

Posted by: riserugu Jul 20 2005, 10:16 PM
((Continued from: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...showtopic=152))

In the last few moments of walking Hawley had found looking to the ground somewhat appealing, as he found the layout about the island growing tiring on him to a degree. Though every so often he would look up to Adam and finding that he allowed himself to fall behind wound push somewhat harder to keep a steady walk with the other boy.

Pulling his finger under the collar of his shirt, he tried to cool himself down somewhat though he knew it probably be better to change out of the shirts he was wearing whenever he got the chance. Though with the luck he was carrying around, that didn't seem to want to happen.

Glancing up at the old school building Hawley found himself gulping somewhat, though casted his attention to Adam when he spoke, “I’m fine…” He muttered softly, walking up toward the school a little sifting his pack as he looked it up and down.

Nothing seemed out of place, and no one had ran at them with a weapon yet so that was good… but of course what if there was someone lying in wait, waiting to attack them from the shadows or sniping at them from a near by tree. Shaking the thoughts, though making his head ache somewhat worse he eyed Adam somewhat before glancing to the door, “I suppose we should go inside now, and pray there isn’t a crazy with a gun…or a knife waiting for us -- Speak of the devil.” He muttered hotly, glancing toward Jacob moving out of the way quickly from way of the shot... wondering if this guy ever ran out of bullets.

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Jul 20 2005, 10:16 PM
Adam almost did a double-take as he looked back at Hawley and saw Jacob Starr standing several feet behind them.

Son of a bitch... Adam was shocked, but his mind sprang into action. Getting hurt wasn't on his priority list. As he saw the gun rise from Jacob's side, Adam dug his foot into the ground and bowled over both him and Hawley, jumping out of the way of the incoming bullets. Rolling into a nearby bush, he aimed the shotgun in the general vicinity of Jacob and pulled the trigger, unleashing a blast.

Posted by: Slayer Jul 20 2005, 10:19 PM
Jacob dove behind the corner of the school to avoid the majority of the blast, but part of the shell grazed his arm. After emitting a breif hiss of pain, Jacob went back to face them and fired another shot at Adam, due to the fact that he was more of a threat.

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Jul 20 2005, 10:24 PM
Adam spun around as the shot buried itself into his knapsack, twisting him around and knocking him over. Tossing off the pack, he tossed his Leafs jersey on one of the bushes in the hopes that it would attract the fire of Jacob. Glancing over at the injured Hawley, he quickly pointed at Jacob's spot as he rolled over to another bush and fired off the shotgun towards the corner again, hoping to catch Jacob as he fired off another shot.

Posted by: riserugu Jul 20 2005, 10:29 PM
Hawley allowed himself to fall into the grass close to where Adam had begun firing off the shotgun, moving to pull the pistol from his back pocket and spare ammo from another. Shaky hands forcing each in, each gunshot made his body give a jolt of slight fear… it hadn’t even been half-an-hour and he already found himself in the mists of it all again.

Lifting himself and the weapon up, he pointed off to where he had remembered seeing Jacob go of to, firing off a shot before sinking back toward the ground allowing his mind to compose before he wound shoot again.

Posted by: Slayer Jul 20 2005, 10:31 PM
OOC: Why are you trying to attract the fire of a dead guy?
IC: Jacob would have fired at the bag if he didn't hear another shotgun blast. Instead, he took cover again, sighing in relief as the shell took a piece off the building instead of one off of him. Leaning the gun around the corner, but not actually stepping around, he blindly fired in the direction of the bush before withdrawing his hand again.

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Jul 20 2005, 10:38 PM
Adam saw the bullet hit the dirt rather close to his face, and he shuddered as he realized how close he'd come to getting shot. Picking up some nearby rocks, he threw them into the bushes to his right, hoping to expose Jacob so that he could get off a better shot. Adam couldn't help but wonder if he was really prepared to kill someone, but at this point - it seemed like it was him or them.

Adam wasn't ready to have it be him.

Posted by: Slayer Jul 20 2005, 10:41 PM
Instead of exposing himself when he heard the rocks hitting the ground, he leaned his hand out and fired off another round, quickly withdrawing his hand before it could be hit by return fire.

Posted by: riserugu Jul 20 2005, 10:44 PM
Hawley remained in his spot, lightly looking toward the corner of the school Jacob was hiding behind. Gathering a thought, and keeping his crouched position he begun moving though the bushes to where a better angle of the school could be seen.

Raising up somewhat, he narrowed his eyes beyond his glasses and fired another shot. Before ducking back into the bushes, and moving away from he had fired.

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Jul 20 2005, 10:48 PM
Feeling another bullet whiz past his ear, Adam swore lightly and rolled to another bush just behind where Hawley had been. He didn't make a sound as he found his new spot, and realized that he would able to blend in fairly well, keeping himself right down to the ground.

Posted by: Slayer Jul 20 2005, 10:48 PM
Yet another bullet chipped away at the corner Jacob was behind. He was glad that he didn't expose his whole body during these exchanges, or the gunfight may have ended a whle ago, with the accuracy of the two enemy students. Jacob fired another shot in the general direction of the most recent shot, withdrew his hand, and quickly reloaded.

Posted by: riserugu Jul 20 2005, 10:53 PM
Hawley allowed a frown to press against his lips as the shot lodge itself in the ground where he had been, peeking through the leaves of the bush he was currently hiding behind he could only pray that Jacob would run out of bullets soon... he couldn't have that much left, hopefully.

Posted by: Slayer Jul 20 2005, 10:56 PM
Damn it, where the hell is Uriel?! I could relly use a Molotov right now! Jacob thought as he fired another shot in the direction the enemy bullets were coming from. He did not know how much ammunition they had, but he hoped they'd need to reload soon.

Posted by: kiri666yama Jul 20 2005, 10:56 PM
(Coming from: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...?showtopic=134)

Uriel looked thru a window .
He had an excellent view on their attackers, and he was almost certain that nobody
Noticed him.
He slowly opened the window, took one of his molotovs, lit it and threw it towards The shotgun wielding boy.

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Jul 20 2005, 11:01 PM
Adam was crouching behind a bush when he heard a loud crash and the area began to get quite hot. He glanced up and saw that the tree immediately above him was on fire, the remnants of a molotov cocktail on the ground several feet from him. Shit, thank god for small favours... Adam thought as he jumped away from the bush to avoid being cooked like a Christmas turkey. Diving over to another tree, he aimed the shotgun up at the open window and fired once quickly, before running over to the path and diving behind another one of the trees. He couldn't help wondering where Hawley had gone off to...

Posted by: Slayer Jul 20 2005, 11:04 PM
Hearing the rush of flames, the sound of running feet, and the shotgun blast, Jacob leaned his hand out again to fire at the area the footsteps stopped. He was starting to really think he could win this gun battle.

Posted by: riserugu Jul 20 2005, 11:04 PM
He blinked hearing glass break, not surpised when he saw flames. Swore these two where trying to rid the island of all forms of woodland by setting it ablaze.

Hearing another loud shot from the shotgun, he shot up from his hiding place and tried to angle his shot around the corner of the school building, firing another round.

Posted by: Slayer Jul 20 2005, 11:07 PM
Jacob couldn't help but flinch a bit as he heard the whistle of a bullet passing in front of him but missing both him and the school wall. Once again he fired, noting that it was getting quite monotonous. The life and death struggle almost becoming a routine as he waited for the return volley, then opened fire in a seemingly never ending cycle.

Posted by: kiri666yama Jul 20 2005, 11:16 PM
Uriels hart filled with fear when his target rolled out of danger and fired his shotgun.
The witchhunter ducked as fast as he could, and dodged the shrapnel that would’ve end his quest.
Holy father in heaven, give me the strength to survive this epic battle.
He knew that he wouldn’t be safe there, so the boy crawled towards the door,
Rolled thru the opening and ran down the hallway, towards his ally : Jacob Starr.

Posted by: Slayer Jul 20 2005, 11:19 PM
Seeing Uriel exit the school and approach him, Jacob gave a curt nod to the other boy and motioned at the other two while firing, silently telling Uriel to throw the last Molotov at them, preferably right between the two.

Posted by: kiri666yama Jul 20 2005, 11:23 PM
My last chance, uriel thought.
He took his last Molotov, lit it, and threw , hoping that it would land where he wanted.

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Jul 20 2005, 11:25 PM
Adam looked up again and saw yet another molotov cocktail hurtling towards the space between him and Hawley. Already having his shotgun ready, he did the only thing he could think of to syop it - he raised his gun and fired at the approaching cocktail. The pellets ruptured the bottle and the momentum of the pellets send the gasoline and bottle hurtling back towards the school, leaving what seemed to be a wall of fire between Uriel and Jacob and Adam and Hawley. Looking around, he tried to scan for Hawley in the fire and smoke that was filling the area. They needed to leave, and quickly.

Posted by: riserugu Jul 20 2005, 11:28 PM
Coughing through the smoke, Hawley sat up somewhat readjusting his bag onto his back and begun crawling, at least the best he could on his knee, back toward he remembered seeing Adam.

"Oi... Adam?" Hawley questioned softly, blinking and looking about trying to spot his ally.

Posted by: Slayer Jul 20 2005, 11:30 PM
"Damn." Jacob muttered as the Molotov was shot out of the sky, making a wall of fire between the two groups. Aiming where he last heard the shotgun, Jacob fired all three rounds in the chamber and went behind the wall to reload.

Posted by: kiri666yama Jul 20 2005, 11:31 PM
Uriel screamed in pure frustration .
Smoke filled the no mansland between the two groups, making it almost impossible to see.
They will not escape us again !
Brother ! Let us use this Chaos and attack the enemy while they are disorganised .
Now is the time to engage them in close combat. What do you say, my friend ?

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Jul 20 2005, 11:32 PM
Finally spotting Hawley a few feet away, Adam took a chance as he got up and started to run over to his ally. Diving behind the bush, he grabbed his pack on the way and rolled to a stop beside Hawley. Coughing in the smoke, he nodded to Hawley.

"Hey man, what's up? These fuckers sure like to burn things, eh?"

Posted by: Slayer Jul 20 2005, 11:34 PM
Jacob nodded in agreement. "We'll charge them through the flames while I keep them pinned with my bullets." he said, drawing his knife in his left hand and shooting where he had just heard voices. "Charge on my mark."

Posted by: kiri666yama Jul 20 2005, 11:37 PM
Ready when you are, uriel said, with his wrench pipe in his left and his bag in his right hand.

Posted by: riserugu Jul 20 2005, 11:37 PM
Hawley lightly covered his head when more bullets sounded, glancing back out at the fire between them. "I say we get the hell out of here, what do you say?" He questioned with a light smile.

Posted by: Slayer Jul 20 2005, 11:40 PM
Jacob held his knife forward in a way any military historian would recognise as an order to charge and ran forward, firing at the voices as he pushed through the flames and rolled to the side to avoid any bullets awaiting on the other side.

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Jul 20 2005, 11:45 PM
Adam looked at Hawley, and grinned.

"Fucken'A, man. Fucking A. Let's GO."

Motioning to the path, Adam jumped up and began to run away from the school building.

OOC: I'm gone for 'bout an hour or so, so from here, riserugu can keep care of good ol' Mr. Dodd.

((Continued in: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...showtopic=167))

Posted by: kiri666yama Jul 20 2005, 11:48 PM
Suffer not the heretics to live !!!
The witchhunter ran trough the see of flames, raised his wrench pipe and smashed it towards one of the figures. Hoping it would deal some serious damage to the boys skull.

Posted by: riserugu Jul 20 2005, 11:48 PM
Hawley didn't take a second look at the two charging and quickly took off where Adam had went, soon dissapering off into the darkness covering the woods in thanks for the smoke of the fire.

(( Continued in http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...=167&st=0&#last ))

(( I'm taking off as well for a bit. I'm going down to the 24, I'm craving some cheese doodles and a slushie. ))

Posted by: Slayer Jul 20 2005, 11:50 PM
Jacob cleared the firewall only to find that the two men had fled, and were probably out of the vicinity by now. "Damn it, they got away!" he shouted in frustration, holstering the gun and sheathing the knife. "Let them go for now, Uriel. Our spirits may be willing to fight, but our bodies are tired, let us rest for now and take care of the burns we suffered." he said, trying to reason with the witch hunter.

Posted by: kiri666yama Jul 20 2005, 11:54 PM
I guess you are right.
he was burned on several places across his upper body,
and he could use some rest.
We will let them go for now.
the witch hunter turned towards the fleeing boys again and
Repent kids, For tommorow you'll die !

Posted by: Slayer Jul 20 2005, 11:57 PM
OOC: Not to state the obvious or anything, but Jacob's right in front of Uriel.

Posted by: NyteDarkness Jul 20 2005, 11:58 PM
The last thing River remembered was nodding off by the fountain for a while. He didn't exactly expect to be awoken by gunshots. Yeesh, takes a little nap and all of the suddent there's a huge commotion outside. Figures. Perhaps he should be a bit more careful from now on. Did those people from the lighthouse follow him? There sure were a lot of them outside, what the Hell was going on? He looked out the windows, the trees were on fire even. Looks like he missed one heck of a fight. He ran out the door, "What the freakin' HELL is goin' on here?" he yelled, the smoke from the fire making him cough.

He recognized one of the people as Uriel, that ultra religious kid who looked like he was going pretty crazy right about now. River figured he'd better run fast before Uriel attacked him for using the word 'Hell' in a sentance. He also noticed someone else, it was Adam! He was relieved, Adam was his buddy from Hockey, he wouldn't kill him, right? He noticed him running off quickly, River grabbed his bag and ran after him.

"Adam! Yo! Over here!" he said, "C'mon, don't leave me with the crazies!"

If he could join up with Adam at least he might have a chance at survival, far better than just staying alone with a damned hammer, that's for sure.

(Continued in: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...?showtopic=167)

Posted by: kiri666yama Jul 20 2005, 11:59 PM
ooc: thought so, that's why i changed my last post

ic: Crazies ? nobody calls the servants of god crazy.
Bow down for us and pray to the allmighty, or we shall smite you.
and god nows i'm more than willing to do that right now !

the witchhunter prepared to run after him, but then he
realised what he had promised a few seconds ago.
i'll get him to, uriel said.

Posted by: Slayer Jul 21 2005, 12:04 AM
"Calm yourself Uriel, River is no immediate threat, a waste of my ammo and your energy." Jacob said, trying to hold the other man back.

Posted by: kiri666yama Jul 21 2005, 12:07 AM
Guess you are right.
let's go back inside and rest a little bit.

ooc: i'm going to rest to, cya

Posted by: Slayer Jul 21 2005, 12:12 AM
Jacob nodded in silent agreement, going through one of the doors and into the school.

Posted by: kiri666yama Jul 22 2005, 02:48 PM
Uriel followed his partner, and entered a small room.
The desks , chairs and blackboard indicated that the room had been used as a class.
This place seems good enough, you should get some rest jacob.
I’ll make sure no one will disturb you

Posted by: Slayer Jul 22 2005, 04:22 PM
Nodding slightly, Jacob sat down near the chalkboard in the room and leaned against the wall. He was more tired than he thought, and actually fell asleep quickly.

Posted by: kiri666yama Jul 22 2005, 06:26 PM
When Jacob closed his eyes and fell asleep, uriel started yet another prayer. he asked why he couldn't kill a single heathen , and how he was supposed to stand against such well armed foes.
he ran out of molotovs, and his wrench pipe is useless in a gun fight.

he sat there, silently for more than an half our, talking to his god,
hoping to find some answers.
but none came.
he opened his eyes again and took a bottle of water and his first kid
out of his backpack.
he had half a dozen burns across his body that needed his attention.

Posted by: Slayer Jul 22 2005, 07:48 PM
After waking up from a short rest, Jacob overlooked the map again, plooting on where to go next. He wasn't sure where to go, though he was trying to decide on that.

Posted by: kiri666yama Jul 23 2005, 06:54 AM
Goodmorning jacob.
what should we do today ?
i think we should try to gain some better weapons.
don't you agree ?

Posted by: Slayer Jul 23 2005, 07:08 AM
OOC: 1) He's only been asleep for the half hour you were praying. 2) Would it kill you to put dialogue in quotation marks?
IC: Jacob yawned as Uriel asked him what to do next. "To be frank, I don't know. I agree we need better weapons, but the trouble is we don't know who has said better weapons."

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ooc: 1) it's something i allways say when somebody wakes up, but i'll work on that if it bothers you 2) i'll work on that to.

uriel: finding these weapons isn't that hard.
uriel: we just have to follow the gunshots.
uriel: But as we saw an hour ago, most of these
gun wielding foes hunt in group.

Posted by: Slayer Jul 23 2005, 07:29 AM
"Agreed. If I read the map correctly, there's a cliff not too far from here that we can get a good view of the island from." Jacob said, standing up.

Posted by: kiri666yama Jul 23 2005, 07:05 PM
Good idea, uriel answered while he stood up as well.

Posted by: Slayer Jul 23 2005, 07:21 PM
"Let's go then." Jacob said, heading out of the chool and walking in the direction of the cliff.
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Uriel followed his friend towards yet another location.

(Continued in: http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...?showtopic=190)

Threesome on the Move
Survival of the Fittest > School Building > the 3some on the move

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The past several minutes seemed to have whizzed by in a blur. The explosions, the blinding light, and the ringing in her ears made Xian dizzy. Somehow, the three of them managed to make it to the schoolhouse, and they were indoors, and safe...for the moment.

Xian guided Tayli to a desk, and had her sit down. Unsure of how to help, Xian opened a bottle of water, and dipped some onto one of her spare undergarments. She wiped Tayli's eyes, unsure if it would help.

So....we made it to the school. We're inside....we're safe. Maybe we should just sit here for awhile....get our heads on straight.

Posted by: Kaishi Jun 26 2005, 10:56 PM
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Sydney sighed, his fingers tracing the lenses of his goggles, in memory of the school building. It was here where he had met all of his friends. They were going to barricade this place up...until something happened. Something terrible. Syd winced, frowning as he moved his fingers away from his goggles. Although the goggles were tinted, he could still make out the hacked desks and chairs, now piled up into a corner. He clutched his left hand, which was wrapped tightly with a cloth. From the places where his pinky and ring finger should have been, he was bleeding.
"I don't think we're exactly safe..." He forced on one of his trademark, childish grins, trying to fill himself with hope. That was the second time he had smiled on this island. The first was when he had met up with his old friends. Although they were few, he knew back then that there would be a way out. A way to end the SOTF ACT once and for all.

"We should try barricading ourselves in. That's what me and my buddies did when we were here." Syd continued, snapping himself out of dwelling on his past. He took off the cloth wrapped around his left hand, retying it on tighter, wincing all the while. "Of course, we could use some more allies. There were only five of us, so...two more should work, right?"

Posted by: batspleenfriend Jun 26 2005, 11:21 PM
Anya finally reached the school. She had not been walking for very long but each step she took had seemed like an eternity. She could not wait to get inside the building and not have to worry about being picked off while she was on the move. She stood in front of the building and stared at it for a moment, holding her gun at her side. "Hello," she called out sounding infinitely more confident then she actually felt, "is anyone here?"

She took a step forward, waiting for a response. "Please, answer. I am not playing," she said very matter-of-factly as she approached.

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Xian looked over at Syd, as she continued to try and help Tayli clear her eyes.

"Wait...what?? You've been here...with another class? I...don't understand. That Mr. Danya...said everyone had been cleared off.....so...how long have you been here?? what happened to your friends??"

Xian patted Tayli's shoulder, and stood up. She kept her distance from Syd, not sure what to make of this revelation.

"If you baracadded yourselves in here..what went wrong?? Where are the rest of your friends??"

Xian had more questions, but the voice calling out startled her. They weren't alone, someone was in the school with them.

Posted by: batspleenfriend Jun 27 2005, 12:00 AM
Anya heard voices, but they weren't responding to her.

What have you gotten yourself into now Anya, she thought to herself pointing her gun in the direction the noise was coming from. Maybe she should try to just leave. They might be playing, or they might just be frightened. "If you are not playing then please answer me," she said still sounding very calm, "otherwise I am going to have to think you are." She was sickened by the idea of killing someone, but honestly if they were prepared to do it to her then she had to do what she had to do. "Hello," she said holding her gun up in front of her as she stood completely still. She knew she should move but as brave as Anya could be, she just could not bring herself to do it.

Posted by: Kaishi Jun 27 2005, 12:16 AM
Syd drew in a breath of air. He wouldn't answer Xian's questions just yet... "You hear that?" It sounded like someone's voice. They wanted in. Sydney raised his voice, shouting out to Anya. "Hello there." He made his way towards the door, resting a hand on the doorknob. "When I open up the door, throw your weapon inside. If you can't do that, I'm going to shoot. You understand? I've got a gun, and I'm not afraid to use it." He looked over at Xian, looking to her for answer. He didn't know Anya, and expecting that Xian did. He lowered his voice, "Do you know this girl? Is she a friend?"

Posted by: yumi22 Jun 27 2005, 12:24 AM
Syd's remarks shocked Xian.

"Syd..wait...don't! Anya? Is that you? It's Xian, and Tayli's with me also. That boy's voice you hear...his name is Syd...his class was on the island before us. None of us are playing...its ok...Ill make Syd lower his gun, then tell you to enter...please...let me know if thats ok?"

Xian looked at Syd, "It's ok, she's a friend, we can trust her. Please Syd, put the gun down...please?"

Posted by: MooCow Jun 27 2005, 12:31 AM
"Syd, Xian is right, we can trust Anya," Tayli said.

She was finally getting her sight back.

"As for that gun, it was my supplied weapon so please don't use it to shoot our friend."

Tayli held out her hand as if to take the gun... she waited to see if Syd would return her weapon...

How does Xian know he's not playing... if he's the only one left doesn't that mean he had to kill someone? At least one?

Posted by: batspleenfriend Jun 27 2005, 12:36 AM
At Syd's first response Anya's face drained of all its color. It took every bit of will power not to pass out or have a nervous breakdown. "I have a gun and I'm not afraid to use it", the words echoed in her head and she took deep breaths trying to steady herself. Just who the hell is he? she thought to herself. She had never heard that voice before.

But then suddenly a familiar voice joined his. Xian, she thought to herself trying to remember who the girl was. She had never really had a full-on conversation with Anya but Anya knew who she was and she had always seemed to be relatively nice.

"Y-yes it is me," she said responding, mentally kicking herself for stuttering. "That sounds all right to me Xian." She was about to drop her gun when she remembered the safety. She clicked it back into place and slid it towards the door. Well at least I did not make it easy for him to shoot me with my own weapon.
"Can I come in now?" she asked calmly in her usual bored tone of voice.

Posted by: Kaishi Jun 27 2005, 12:48 AM
Sydney lowered the gun, placing it into Tayli's hand with some hesitation. He opened up the door, and motioned for Anya to step inside. "Welcome. Enjoy your stay, I guess." He yawned a little. It wasn't out of being bored, as only the psycho killers would yawn for that reason. It was mainly because he had been deprived of sleep for many long nights. Sleep deprived because of the fact that he had to stay up many long hours to defend himself.
He walked over to the corner of the classroom, sitting ontop of a desk. Syd pulled off his goggles, swinging it around, keeping close eye on Anya. Who knew if she'd pick up her gun and start firing at everyone in the room? He pulled a flashbang grenade off of his belt, ready to pull out the pin and throw it nearby.

Posted by: batspleenfriend Jun 27 2005, 01:00 AM
She nodded in greeting at Xian and Tayli and smiled at them rather warmly before turning to the boy that was with them. "Syd," she asked quizzically staring back at the boy who was watching her warily. "I am sorry but did Xian say you were in this program before?" she asked skipping the pleasantries. Her gun was still lying by the door and she felt completely naked without it. If they wanted to blow her brains out they would not really have a problem at the moment. And although Xian and Tayli had always seemed nice, she didn't really know them all that well.

"Should I leave it there?" she asked indicating her gun with a tilt of her head. She wasn't going to shoot anyway but she didn't like feeling so bare.

Posted by: MooCow Jun 27 2005, 06:01 AM
She was used to taking charge of situations such as these. She had always been popular, very popular in fact. Basically this was because her father before her had been popular at Barry Coleson in his day, as had his own father in the schools founding... it was a tradition for those within the Vreeland bloodline to be among the golden, social royalty... there they had sat, were sitting and would sit at the top of the heirarchy of the social matrix of the Barry Coleson Community for eternity as destiny would seem. Tayli was different however from a great many of her social 'equals' as THEY would put it. Unlike the other more popular girls ( for instance two prime examples being the catty and malicious Lindsay Robb and the truly evil queen bee Amanda Darroch, the acidic mastermind behind all of Lindsay and the rest of her entourage's cruel crusades), Tayli had a genuine practice of being friendly to her classmates... it was another Vreeland tradition. For this reason she had made no enemies she knew off. People genuinely liked her... they weren't filled with a strange mixture of fear and awe when they were around her. People were comfortable around her... they came to her for help solving their problems. And so it goes that some Queen Bee's threaten to sting anyone who dares to defy their rule, whilst others use honey to keep the worker bees contented and carefree. Tayli was amongst the latter breed. She needed to take control of the situation. Of course Syd was the real leader now, he had been through this before and his insight would be first rate, but for this, Tayli needed to step in before it was to late for disaster to be averted. Anya wanted her weapon, a gun, what kind Tayli didn't know, but she wanted it. Syd obviously did not trust Anya, and it was clear he probably didn't trust Tayli either...

He must have seen things that eyes were never meant to see...

Tayli wanted everyone to feel comfortable.

"Anya... can I call you Anya? I think we're all a little tense right now. So that everyone feels safe, I think we should maybe we should unload our arms..."

Tayli thought. A lightbulb went off in her head. "We'll need the weapons, the guns especially to protect ourselves, but we also don't want someone to betray us. Until we get this place boarded up we'll keep the guns locked in that old birchwood cabinet over there, and the ammo in the instructor's locked desk drawer. Xian can hold onto the key for the drawer, and I'll hold onto the key for the cabinet. This way no one can betray our trust and we can focus on getting this place secured. After that we'll know if we can trust eachother and then we'll take double shifts keeping lookout. What do you all think... this is a democracy, you can all opt for a different plan if you think this one is... err stupid?"

She waited to see what the others thought.

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Minase finally arrived at where he thought the blast had come from, pretty near the school. It was obvious whoever set it off would head in that direction, and if not, then the school woulkd make a good base. As he neared the building he heard voices, several voices. This meant peaceful people, or easy prey. No sooner had Minase finished thinking this that he scolded himself, these people werent his friends, but he had known them for a long time now, and several people had been okay to him. But in this game, killing was right and friends had no place.
Minase was suddenly struck with an image. Himself, standing over his fallen school mates, his smoking gun in one hand, a figure of fear, teaching all those that had hated him a lesson. They had brought this on themselves.
"What am i going to do..." he asked out loud.

He stood for a while, thinking, then realising he stood out like a sore thumb, headed to the school, there he couldnt be hurt at least, and he could make his mind clearer.

As he arrived by the entrance, he saw it was left open and he was able to peek in and see who was there. Mostly people he recognised, but one he did not, and they had guns. Fine. Assume worst case scenario. Minase clicked down the safety, and entered the building, his face contorted into an expression that he hoped conveyed the message,
'Mess with me and you get shot, but i'm willing to talk.' But he wasnt sure if they would understand, and he wasnt sure if he could pull the trigger, and take such a big step, but he knew if he did, then he was 'playing' for keeps. He aimed the gun.

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Anya was just about to respond to Tayli's suggestion when Gabrielle entered the room. She turned around to face him, all the color draining from her face. Although she felt like she was going to pass out she turned her gaze towards him and managed to fix her bored look on her face.

"Gabrielle, right?" she asked very conversationally flashing a bright smile at him, "What do you want to talk about?"

Posted by: Minase Jun 27 2005, 01:59 PM
Minase flashed her a cute, mocking grin that vanished faster than it appeared but always kept his eyes focused on the boy, he appeared to be holding a grenade or something of the sort and this made Minase uneasy, he kept the barrel aimed at the boy, and awaited a response from him alone. A fear gripped him but now he had gone too far to back out, it was the boys move.

Posted by: MooCow Jun 27 2005, 07:14 PM
"I'd point that somewhere else if I were you," Tayli said pointing her Glock in Gabriel's direction.

"We don't want any trouble Gabe... please don't make this harder than it is... no one here is playing, and if you are you can just get the hell out of here."

Was she really saying this? Never had she been so assertive... still Tayli kept the gun fixed on Minase, and waited to see if Minase would continue to point his at Syd. Anya and Xian stood by in nervous anticipation.

OOC: This is sort of like the cover of the second manga!

Posted by: Minase Jun 27 2005, 07:37 PM
Tayli may have been trying to help her friends, but she only made matters worse. Minase was an adrenaline freak, he was scared and this made his adrenaline flow ever faster. He envisioned himself staring down a powerful back line, or throwing himself into a full back making for a try. He pictured himself pumping iron in the gym, or pounding someone into the floor. He imagined his first trie, or the time he took out a prop twice his size and continued to a winning try. He imagined fighting his step-father. He imagined all his great achievements accumulating to this one moment, and smiled, a small laugh escaping his lips. The rush was almost overpowering, so much so he was laughing from fear, excitement and anticipation.

He did not however wish to die and he had no interest in Tayli either, he knew her from school and did not like her very much at all. He ignored her and kept his barrel trained on the boy he did not know.

Posted by: Kaishi Jun 27 2005, 10:33 PM
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Syd didn't make a sound, taking his time to place on his goggles. He didn't particularly like Gabrielle's type. The big, macho man whom would never pass the ball to the little guy. That's exactly how Syd's basketball games were like. Short Syd, terrible at shooting in the ball wouldn't ever get to shoot. Sure, he could pass fine, but never shoot. Syd glared at Gabrielle. The glare was concealed from view thanks to Syd's tinted goggles.
"Hello there, Gabrielle. Squeeze the trigger, and as I slowly die, I will pull the pin out of this grenade. But, here's the catch..." He smirked, filling himself with false bravado. "What kind of grenade is it? A hand grenade that will explode, and kill you and my friends here? Or, is it a smoke grenade that will cloud up the whole room, causing everyone to fire in a frenzy? Or, better...is it a flashbang grenade that will both blind you and deafen you for about an hour's time, considering how you're so close to me." The smirk slowly turned into a full-fledged grin.

The glare behind his goggles had dissapeared. It had turned into a look of fear as all his confidence was slowly draining. He knew for a fact that if he got ripped apart by Gabrielle's gun he wouldn't have the time, nor breath to pull the pin out of the flashbang. There was no way. Syd wasn't a big guy, unlike Minase. He was small, short...and all he could do was pass the ball. Pass it...if I pass the grenade to one of my friends... He gripped the flashbang tighter, formulating some sort of plan. "Gabrielle, I would drop that gun if I were you. Really, I would...this place can go up in smoke if I want it to."

Posted by: Minase Jun 28 2005, 09:53 AM
Minase wanted an excuse to lower his gun, he really didnt want to kill but the lack of fear in the room made him mad. This guy was arrogant, Minase hated arrogant people. A guy comes in with a machine gun aimed straight at him and he doesnt even get scared, he just puts up this whole macho man aura and begins tossing about threats.
Maybe he is scared and hiding it? thought Minase, but no there was no way to be sure and Minase was getting very angry. If his gun couldnt stir fear, he would gain power over the situation some other way.
"You look a little dirty," he said to the boy "I wonder how someone gets so dirty in a single hour or so. How did you manage that? Looks like more than just mud too...tell me, how long are you going to keep the girls here, are you just going to wait till some better body armour turns up? Is this how you survived before, hiding behind girls then stabbing them in the back at the end?!"
He was making wild accusations, but he hoped that they were true enough to instill fear in the party. He didnt care for the girls, if they died that was their mistake, but he had to gain power somehow.

Posted by: KaishiJun 28 2005, 10:54 PM
Syd's eyes widened in shock. Hiding behind my friends... Using them as body armor... "No...no, no! It wasn't all my fault!! I didn't mean to do it! It wasn't supposed to happen, it really wasn't...it wasn't, it wasn't." He stood up from the desk, holding his head protectively. "I didn't mean to drop the flashbang...the pin wasn't even out. But, then he...Eugene shot it. The flash went off!" Now his eyes were tearing up as he told the remainder of his story between choked sobs. "And then everyone started to shoot, okay? Jess had the blade...some kind of knife, or something. She cut me bad. I grabbed her, okay, I used her as a shield! I didn't want to die, all I wanted to do was stop it all, stop her from killing me." Human shield...

"And when it was over, everyone was dead but me! I killed my friends, I killed them..." Sydney pulled off his goggles, the tears now streaming down his face. "Ralphie, Eugene, Jess, and Harvey. All dead. And I had used Jess as a shield! I used her to live!!" He threw the flashbang at Minase's hands, hoping to knock the Mac-10 out of them. The pin was still in the flashbang, so it wouldn't detonate, or anything of the sort.

Posted by: yumi22 Jun 29 2005, 04:15 AM
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While the group debated heatedly, Xian remained in her spot, biting her lip, wondering what to do. She had trouble accepting that they were all breaking down before her very eyes. Even Tayli, who was usually very sweet and very nice, was now pounting a gun, and threatening to shoot. Thats when it dawned on her...she didnt have a gun, or even a knife. All she had was a stupid corkscrew. Xian really had no idea why she did what she did next.....but she just did it.

As Gabe, Tayli and Syd shouted back and forth, waving their weapons, Xian felt she had to put a stop to it, at any cost. She knew in her heart, that each person there in that classroom was a decent, kind person...and what was happening was just a product of their fear. Bodly, she stepped to the center, basically in the line of fire of all the guns, and held her hands up.


She had so much more to say, so much she wanted to express, but that was when a metallic, oblong shape, slamed into the small of her back, making her knees buckle out from under her.

Posted by: Minase Jun 29 2005, 11:07 AM
<OOC-i'm assuming the shape is the flashbang.>

At that point Minase was finally feeling the power he craved, the other guy had broken down which made him the alpha male. He even smiled, but soon enough grim reality took hold and the smile left his face. Xian was yelling at them all, not just him, but even her friends to stop. Minase felt nothing against her for this, she was treating him equally, like one of them, in fact he respected her for this.

His emotions were always like a whirlwind and never under his control, Minase prefered to act on a first impulse than to think situations through. This was most likely because of his lifestyle, he was competitive, dominant, agressive and because of all this he was highly incapable of controlling his emotions, which were very deep, he just liked to hide them. Now his emotions had rapidly changed him from the agressive domineering Minase he was assosiated with, to the deeper, more caring side of Minase, he felt a twang in his heart. This was not love, but a strange emotion for Minase to feel, respect. What Xian was doing took bravery and a kindness of heart, something Minase truly respected, without any sense of bitterness or envy. For once he actually liked someone.

Suddenly she buckled and began to fall and in a moment of abstraction Minase foolishly dropped his weapon and threw himself forward to catch her.

Posted by: yumi22 Jun 29 2005, 01:37 PM
'Oh god...Im dead..this is it...someone shot me!'

Xian eyes fill with tears, as a hard blow strikes her square on the low back, knocking her legs out from under her. It seems like an eternity as she falls, her eyes darting around the classroom, wondering who shot her, and why.

'Mommy...Daddy....' she moans aloud, sobbing that she'll never see them again, 'Just wanted everone to get along......trying to help...'

It seems like forever, but actually, Xian collpases to the ground in a mere second...or does she?? There is no hard impact, she is not sprawlled out. Someone has her, in their arms, someone is holding her.

W..who...wha...what happened? Am...I...d..dead?

Posted by: Minase Jun 29 2005, 07:07 PM
Minase took a few moments to realise what exactly what he had done. His well honed rugby skills had enabled him to instinctively grab Xian before she hit the floor. Now he had her in his arms he had no idea what to do with her.

She seemed to be asking someone a question, but he was too out of it to hear for the minute. All he knew is he no longer flet the sense of power his gun brought him, which meant he was no longer holding it.

Both Minase and Xian seemed in a state of shock and just stood in the same position for an awkward while, until Minase's mind finally registered what was going on.

'No your not dead.'

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Posted by: Kaishi Jun 29 2005, 08:18 PM
Sydney gasped. "It's...happening again." He began to shake, his lip quivering as the tears continued to pour down from his eyes. He dashed for the Mac-10, scooping it up into his arms. Syd cradled the heavy weapon in his arms as if it were a newborn baby. "I didn't want to hurt Xian...I didn't want to hurt Jess, I didn't want to hurt any of my friends! But they all die in the end. That's what this game is about, isn't it?" Syd stood up, trembling slightly as he pointed the Mac-10 down at Minase. "Step away from Xian, Gabrielle. I know your game, I know your plan!" He bit down on his bottom lip, hard. "You get close to Xian, and then you're going to kill us all. I'm not going to let any of my friends die. Not anymore, not anymore!!" He walked over to Gabrielle getting so close to him that the muzzle of the gun was directly ontop of his head. "Put Xian down. Now!!"

Sydney didn't know if it was truly wise to do this, but he didn't care. He just didn't want to see another one of his friends die...not after Jess and the others.

Posted by: yumi22 Jun 30 2005, 02:05 AM
The tension was slowly weighing down on Xian. For the moment, she felt safe, cradled in Gabe's arms, but the shouting was starting again. She closed her eyes, and pressed her fists to her ears.


She rocked gently, tears streaking from under her closed lids. It wasn't supposed to go like this. She was supposed to find her friends, they were going to join forces, and somehow escape this horrible place. But, it seemed, that despite her best efforts, all hell was breaking loose.

Before she knew what she was doing, she bolted from Gabe's arms. Her arms out in fornt of her, she pushed past the classroom door, and was out in a hallway. Quickly, she ran up a dark corider, thick with dust and mold, till she burst into another classroom. She ran, almost headfirst, into the far wall, before she collapsed into a heap, her face buried in her hands, sobbing uncontroably.

Posted by: Kaishi Jun 30 2005, 05:30 AM
Sydney breathed in, taking a deep breath of air as if he were about to jump head first into a pool. His eyes took on a somewhat wild look. With the Mac-10 in his hands...he really could do anything. Such an interrogate this Minase guy, and get him to go away. Instead, Syd picked up the flashbang that was meant to hit Minase. Not Xian. Never one of his friends. This time, this time I can make sure that nothing will happen to my friends. He grinned, taking a positive look on the situation like he once did before this dreaded SOTF ACT. This time I can stop the killing. The deaths. All I have to do is now reason with Xian, explain everything...calm her down. His grin widened as he placed the flashbang on his belt, while the wild look in his eyes continued to increase. He pointed the Mac-10 at Minase for a few more moments before running after where Xian had gone off to.

He peeked into classroom after classroom, calmly taking his time. It wasn't until he had visited the fourth classroom that he saw Xian. "Xian?" Sydney walked closer, gently placing the Mac-10 on a nearby desk. "Are you okay?" He wiped his face with his sleeve, making sure that there were no more tears. Not like it mattered, anyway. His face was dirty as it was.... Blood, dirt, sweat, and now tears to top it all off. But, who really cared? It was the SOTF ACT, afterall.
"I'm sorry...I just wanted it all to stop, too. That's why I threw the flashbang...I didn't want it to hit you, I swear." He kept his distance from her, dropping down to his knees. The Mac-10 sat ontop of a desk, giving off a menacing aura, as if it could be picken up and pulled at any moment.

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Posted by: Minase Jun 30 2005, 07:29 AM
Minase was shocked. He had lost his power. He was nothing now. In this state of shock he motioned over to the corner, where he sat, not moving, contemplating. He would cause no more trouble, at least for now, he would keep silent until he was needed.

(okay, i will be posting on saturday but this is it for the next couple of days, just leave me in the corner unless we're attacked. I suppose syd dying could be my wake up call so leave it as late as possibel, please.)

Posted by: yumi22 Jun 30 2005, 02:10 PM
Y..you?? You threw that grenade at me?? You atacked me??

Xian lifts her head from her hands, her face drenched with tears. Her eyes seem...wider, unwavering, a bit glossed over.

Liar...liar...all boys..liars!!! want...want to be friends...but....liar!!!

Gingerly, Xian gets to her feet, wobly, but with a steely determination. Slowly, she reaches into the waistband of her jeans, and extracts the corkscrew.

I....dont wanna.....dont make me....I..Im not a killer. P..please...l..leave me alone..g..go...away..far away. Take Minase with you.....all boys....liars....go away!!!

Posted by: batspleenfriend Jun 30 2005, 03:25 PM
Anya had watched the whole scene wide-eyed and silent from a corner. As Xian left and Syd followed she suddenly remembered that she still had her bag on her shoulder. She dropped it onto her lap and searched through it pulling out another bottle of gin, thinking that joining this group might have been a mistake. She glanced at Gabrielle not able to conceal her suspicions. What had he been thinking anyway? He had been completely outnumbered. Sure her gun was still lying by the door but Syd and Tayli both had guns. Even if Gabrielle had gotten a few shots in, he would have been killed anyway. She shook her head to herself, finishing off the bottle. Well, another comrade I suppose. Although not exactly a MENSA member is he? she thought to herself.

The silence in the room was becoming rather oppressive. "I was thinking," she said clearing her throat and addressing the room, "the government has to find out where we are at some point. I mean they're going to broadcast this whole thing on television so it's not like we're just a mysterious plane that just disappeared off the face of the earth. And I mean it's already been going on since Syd's been here so a few days at least. Maybe if we can all last long enough there won't need to be a winner," she finished. It wasn't a very good plan, but it might stall them all from killing each other, and more importantly her, for a few days at least.

Posted by: Kaishi Jun 30 2005, 09:17 PM
"I didn't want to attack you...I just wanted to hit Gabrielle. He had a gun...he might've shot me, and then you, and then Tayli and Anya." Syd unbuckled the belt that held all the flashbangs on it, gently placing it on a desk behind him. "Friends, remember? Always friends, right...?"
"Jess? Jess?" It was all over. In a corner of the room lay Ralphie's body, his throat having been cut open, most likely by Harvey, whose dead body lay closeby, riddled with bullets. Eugene's body was propped up against a wall, his mouth set in a saddistic grin. Judging by the way he was, he was probably tasting victory, ready to shoot down Sydney next, until Ralphie shot him up. And Jess...? Held in Sydney's arms, coughing and gasping. She had been shot up bad. And it was all Sydney's fault.
"Syd...? You...you killed me."
"No, it wasn't my fault!"
"You dropped the flashbang..." Jess stopped herself mid-sentence, coughing out blood onto Syd's shirt. "It was you."
"No, no! It was an accident...friends forever, right? Friends forever!" He began to shake her, trying to revive her. Her eyes were slowly closing, despite his efforts, she was slipping away.
"That's what I thought, too...friends forever, right?"
"Yeah, that's right." Syd forced on a grin, stepping closer to Xian. "Friends forever. Definately!" He held out a hand to Xian, blinking back tears.

Posted by: Minase Jul 1 2005, 07:20 PM
(i couldnt stay away, lol)

Minase shook his head, they were all falling apart already. 'Sydney' seemed totally insane, Xian wasnt too far behind and Anya was just grinding his nerves with all her diplomacy crap. He wasnt going to allow the insanity to carry on. This place was a good base and Minase wasnt prepared to have it ruined by a bunch of headcase teenagers. His fear had subsided now, replaced with shock and in his present state Minase was prepared to take charge. His gun was nearby, begging him to take it back, take his power back.

A blank look fell on his face, revealing the emptiness he felt as he retook his weapon. All emotions had left him as quickly as they had boiled within him, now he was merely desperate, desperate to regain order.

*cclick* He checked the magazine, more to gain attention than for any real cursiosity with regards to his weapons ammunition supply.

'Sydney, Xian, both of you calm down now or one of you's gonna go over the edge, Anya forget being rescued we've gotta rely on ourselves right now so everyone shut up and get in one room!'

Posted by: batspleenfriend Jul 1 2005, 07:37 PM
Anya blinked back at him boredly and pulled out another bottle of alcohol. She held it out offering it to Tayli and figuring she'd turn it down anyway drank it without waiting for a response.

"This is all ridiculous," Anya thought to herself. She was sitting, weaponless essentially even though her gun was only lying a foot away from her, in a room full of armed crazed people who she had never actually spoken to before in her life.

"Gabrielle, we are all perfectly capable of listening to you without the use of your gun. Would you at least put the safety on?" she said looking down the hallway instead of at Gabrielle, "Forgive me, but I don't think anyone here is too keen of having a gun pointed at them this early in the morning."

Posted by: Minase Jul 1 2005, 07:46 PM
Minase was serioously angered by Anya, her arrogance was more than he could bare. Her attitude made it seem as though she couldnt be scared, as though she was some superior being. Minase was sure he could disprove this.

'You want the safety bitch, whereabouts is that button, HERE?!!'
Minase aimed the barrel of the gun just over Anya's head and in a whirlwind of crazed frustration he let loose with a flurry of bullet fire to the roof.
'Shut up the lot of you or i'll fill you full of frigging lead alright?!!'

The rage that had overcome Minase was a product of an anger problem that had led to countless issues in the past, excaserbated by the insane situation in which they were placed. He was positively skitzophrenic now, switching between no emotions, to rage and back, reasoning with him would be impossible.

Several lumps of plaster fell from the ceiling and Minase slowly lowered his weapon.

Posted by: batspleenfriend Jul 1 2005, 08:12 PM
Anya screamed as the gun went off and nearly wet herself but regained her composure a moment later. She brushed the plaster out of her hair in a "dignity at all times" sort of way and opened up yet another bottle of gin downing it in an instant and staring into the hallway waiting for Syd and Xian to return and perhaps rid her of having to deal with the insane little boy.

She stared into space innocently pondering how many ways she could kill Gabrielle. If he kept firing at random things he'd soon run out of ammo. "Then we'll se who's full of lead," she thought to herself taking another sip of her gin.

Posted by: yumi22 Jul 2 2005, 02:22 PM
Xians arms were unwavering, the corkscrew pointed squarly at Syd's forehead. Her eyes were matted with tears, her teeth clenched, and her expression was a wild mix of confussion, anger and fear.

Lying...lying to me. All boys lie...take what they want..then lie, lie lie!!!! He...he lied to Kathy. Told her he loved her...never leave her. Kathy got pregnant.....had to leave school..and where was he??? I SAID....WHERE WAS HE!!!!!! HE LIED!!!! L....I.....E...D!!!!

Xian was now standing up fully, her arms pressed out, the corkscrew pointed straight ahead.

Go away...go away liar!!! Leave us alone.....go away now!!! Dont make me kill you....dont make me....I'll do it...I swear!!

Posted by: MooCow Jul 2 2005, 02:57 PM
"Listen," Tayli said, tired and frustrated with Anya and Gabrielle's apparent inability to work together for the sake of their own lives, "I'm going to check on them."

The pair looked suprised... had this crazy girl not seen or heard Minase's warning shots? Tayli had been in some other land, merely jumping when she heard the gun fire. She was thinking about something very hard. She had surrounded herself with such an incompatible group, how would they ever survive. Xian so fragile. Minase so arrogant and macho. Anya, the one looking for the solution to all of their Battle Royale problems at the bottom of the bottle. And of course Syd, who had in fact survived to the end of the last game... he'd obviously had to take out at least one in the end... it had driven him to partial insanity... something she feared was coming up on her fast. She wasn't going to lose her cool so quickly. As she walked into the hall she heard Xian yelling at Syd... she figured it would be thereputic for Xian to bitch a little for once. Scraping plan A and moving onto plan B she searched for a place to be alone and rest. She needed to recharge. Stepping into the janitors closet, she closed the door behind her, the smell of toilet cleaner and orange clean invaded her nostrils. Snuggling down near a dirty mop she fell asleep almost immediately. If she had known what she would discover in the closet upon her awakening, she would have skipped sleep altogether.

Peace at last...

Posted by: Kaishi Jul 3 2005, 03:13 AM
Syd stepped a half-step forward, feeling the cool point of the corkscrew on his forehead now. He gulped a little, biting down on his bottom lip trying to think of what to say. Nothing to say about Kathy and her disappearing, good-for-nothing boyfriend. Nothing really to say, anyway. Syd smiled weakly. "Xian, please. Not all boys are liars...not all of them."
He held out his arms now, trying to show that there wasn't anything in his hands. No weapons, no strings attatched at all. "...Well, even I lie sometimes, but not now. I'm not lying. We're friends, right? Friends protect eachother, not kill eachother. Friends, friends, friends!" He repeated the word thrice, trying to put a lasting effect on Xian, to snap her out of it. "Xian, please..." The weak smile was still on his face. He was tremblin ever-so-slightly now, the smile slowly fading from his face.

Posted by: MooCow Jul 3 2005, 04:06 AM
Tayli jolted awake. She had been having a horrible nightmare about an old man touching her in places she didn't want to be touched... private places. Sweat lined her brow. She sighed gripping the metal shelving system and hoisting herself up. It wouldn't support her weight even though she was as svelt as a new york model. Cursing she was stunned to find a laptop. Knowing this could be the golden oppertunity, she checked for a modem chip. Finding none she swore again... only to look over in excitement to see one lying on the floor... an internet connection could mean outside contact and outside contact could mean they might be able to organize an escape! She squeaked with utter delight. She had to tell the others. She could hear Xian and Syd still arguing. She must have only been asleep for a few minutes. She put her Glock in her belt loop and pushed open the closet door. She raced across the hall.

"Guys, guys I think I just found something that can save us," she burst into the room Xian and Syd occupied to see Xian in pretty bad shape and Syd not much better.

"I think I may have found a way out! It's okay now guys because I think, I think..." she stuttered as she slipped on the cold slick floor. Reaching out for anything she missed miserably hitting the floor with a loud crack followed by the sound that could only come from a fired gun. She looked over in horror to see what a terrible thing she had done...

Oh what a terrible thing she had done...

Posted by: Kaishi Jul 3 2005, 05:15 AM
He didn't dare move his head to look over at Tayli. He didn't want to get another cut, even if it was probably going to just be a minor flesh wound. He still didn't want another. He was dirty, and bloody enough, anyway. His weak smile slowly became a true blue smile. Something that can save us...we're out of here. Thanks to my new friends, we're -- His thought was interrupted by a loud cracking sound, and an unearthly pain filled him. It was like something had exploded within him, and filled him up with some red liquid that tasted like some sort of copper. He stepped backwards, his vision clouding up now, the blood dripping down his lips. The shot had hit him in the lungs, narrowly avoiding the heart. Shame, he wouldn't've minded an instant death.

He collapsed down to the floor, clutching his chest, still gasping for air. "I can't...breathe." Syd wheezed. What had happened? He turned his head, seeing Tayli and her gun. "Shot...me." To think, Xian had called her a friend... He hacked out a large glob of blood, splattering it all over the front of his shirt. "Xi...Xian..." Syd reached out a hand, as if trying to call her over to give her something. He was drowning in his own blood, to put it simply, every gasp of air now only another hack up of blood. He didn't have long now...

((OOC: Alright. Gonna give everyone time to say bye-bye to Syd here. And then he'll be officially dead in my next post. Boo hoo. ))

Posted by: Minase Jul 3 2005, 07:19 PM
Minase saw Sydney collapse, breathing (or rasping) heavily. He seemed to be bleeding but Minase took a little while to take in exactly whay was progressing before his eyes. 'shit' he whispered.

This was serious, regardless of how he flet about sydney or the situation they were in, it wouold be imposible for him just to watch someone die. First he considered just leaving, finding a room, finding a window and just legging it. But he couldnt do that, he had to at least look at sydney's wound.

With a frustrated moan he run over to where syd was crouching, clutching his wound,. One hand still held his gun but with the other he tried to part Sydneys hands and get a look at the injury. He didnt want to be the only one involved in this, he wasnt having all this pressure placed on him,

' SOMEONE COME AND SUPPORT HIM NOW! Anya, bring over one of them gin bottles, it might sterilise it or something, Xian help me pressure it!'

He had no idea what he was doing but the basics could be learned from books and TV, he could at leats attempt to save him...

Posted by: batspleenfriend Jul 4 2005, 01:09 AM
Anya shot a quick gland at Gabrielle before following him into the hallway, first picking her weapon up off the floor. As she entered the room where Xian and Syd had retreated to minutes before she saw Syd lying on the ground bleeding, and Tayli looking shocked and holding her gun. "Holy shit what happened?" she asked weakly point her gun at Tayli.

She suddenly realized Gabrielle had said something to her and pointed the muzzle of her gun at him before realizing he had asked her for her bottle of gin. She gave a quick nod at him and ran into the hallway slipping and falling right outside the door. She stood up and quickly ran and grabbed her bag from the other room. Anya ran back and opened one of her bottles and shoved it at Gabrielle.

Syd did not look good. Anya pointed her gun (the safety still on) back between Tayli and Xian. "What the hell happened?" she asked a little hysterically.

Posted by: Minase Jul 4 2005, 03:56 PM
The blood was getting more and more uncontrolable. Minase attempted to stopper it with his bare hands but it oozed all over his fingers, warm and sticky, it made him feel like vomiting.
In a panic Minase looked around for something to stopper the wound and placed his gun on the floor beside him. There didnt seem to be anything, so he tore of his schoolcoat and ripped the sleeve clean away, then pushed it hard against the wound.

But Sydney only choked harder 'shit shit shit!' growled Minase,


Posted by: yumi22 Jul 4 2005, 04:16 PM
Xian just stood there, trembling, the corkscrew still in her hands, her eyes fixed on Syd. Her mouth opened and closed over and over, but no sounds were made. She simply watched what was going on, taking it all in, unsure what was real and what was not anymore.

My fault...my fault.....I did it...I did it...I killed him. I...wished him dead, and he died. I was scared...I didn't mean to...but I wished him dead.....and now he's dead. I...I..am a danger..danger to you all. I killed him...with my mind...I wished him dead....I...can't stay here...I.....I..

Xian turned on her heels, and bolted for the door. She chrashed through it, nearly knocking the rotting hinges from the frame. She turned towards the exit....running down the long corridor...heading back out into the open.

<Leaving Schoolhouse for parts unkown..unless someone wants to follow/catch me>

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Posted by: batspleenfriend Jul 4 2005, 05:27 PM
As Xian ran past Anya fell against the wall moving out of her way and her finger squeezed the trigger of her gun by accident. It have an empty click and she breathed a sigh of relief glancing down at it. Thank god I had the safety on, she thought shoving in down the back of her jeans for safekeeping as she plopped down next to Gabrielle. She glanced helplessly at Syd who was gasping for air as blood poured out of him. She went on autopilot and sat there motionless lost in watching the boy die. Had Xian really done this to him?

Posted by: MooCow Jul 5 2005, 04:23 AM
Tayli Vreeland was in shock. The sudden events had brought out memories repressed in her psyche for years. She quivered and curled into a fetal position, her body on the classroom floor, her mind racing somewhere far far away.

Posted by: Kaishi Jul 6 2005, 03:29 AM
Syd's eyes were flickering open and closed. He was dying...and no one knew how to help him. He was going to die. And he had been so close...Tayli had found a way off the island. She had found a way...and she had shot him. He would turn his head and glare at the girl, but that would take up too much of his draining energy. His blood was creating a sticky pool all around him, as he closed his eyes for a few agonizing moments. As he closed them, he was able to hear Xian yelling...and leaving.
"N-no...she did not." He smiled, showing his blood-stained teeth. The blood was flowing out of the miniscule spaces between his teeth, dribbling down his chin. He couldn't be more of a mess. But, still...the angel floated down to him, not caring at all about his messy appearance.
I must look very bad, huh? Look at me, I'm basically lying in my blood.
Don't worry about it Sydney, don't worry about it.
Dwanye? His brother...his brother killed by the law enforcements because he brought a gun to school and went on a shooting spree. Tell me, why'd you do it?
Heh, we'll have all the time to talk later.
Another angel, this time female, and with that perfect angelic glow. Could it be...?
Jess! I'm sorry, I'm sorry...
It's okay, Syd.... She held out a hand to him, smiling back down at him. Syd outstretched his own hand, their hands meeting. Friends forever, right?


Posted by: Minase Jul 6 2005, 10:41 AM
'shit' growled Minase, he was dead.

For a little while no one spoke, Minase just sat by the bloodied corpse, one hand still pressed against the wound, soaked in deep red, sticky blood. It took him a long time to finally pry his hand away, expecting a burst of blood but in fact there was nothing but a slight oozing. The diaphragm has stopped moving, he wasnt breathing and his pulse had stopped, no way he was coming back. Minase lay him down on the floor and closed his eyelids. Then, taking back his gun, he stood up.

'I'm leaving now, i need to wash up, and all this noise will draw potential players. If anyone wants to come with me, i'm fine with that, if not...fine.'

The tone of Minase's voice revealed something about him, he had changed. Seeing someone die is a life changing experience. For Syd, it drove him mad, for Minase, it made him grow up.

Posted by: batspleenfriend Jul 6 2005, 02:00 PM
Anya stared down at the body of the boy. She pressed her hand firmly over her mouth trying not to throw up. Poor Syd. She had just met him and she wasn't even sure if she liked him or trusted him for that matter but she had felt sorry for him. Somewhere deep in the back of her mind she couldn't help thinking that it was one less player to compete against.

"N-no...she did not," he had said smiling sickeningly. But if Xian didn't then...

"Tayli," Anya said standing up and turning towards her ignoring Gabrielle's statement, "did you do this?"

Posted by: MooCow Jul 6 2005, 06:14 PM
"Accident... it was... it was an accident...," she burst into tears. How would these people ever believe her... she hadn't meant to trip... she hadn't intended for the Glock to go off and in a freak series of sickening moments take the life of one of the poor innocent contestants forced into this sick game.

"I... never... never I didn't I...," she could only cry as she wrapped her arms around Anya's waist in a death grip and sobbed for comfort. The laptop lay, screen shattered across the room, broken when she fell...

Hope had died along with Sydney Morvran.

Posted by: batspleenfriend Jul 6 2005, 06:36 PM
Anya stared down horrified as the girl wrapped herself around her. She tried to pry her arms off but it was hopeless. "I think we should all split up," she said directing the statement at Gabrielle, "nothing good came of this alliance."

She finally managed to rip the girl's arms off of her and shot a withering look at her before taking off down the hall, grabbing her bags, and exiting the building.

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Posted by: Minase Jul 7 2005, 05:59 PM
Minase frowned. Fine, he thought. It was clear there were no alliances to be made in this game, nothing succesful would come out of them. He had seen death now, it wasnt pleasant and there was no way he was going to go that way, not without a fight anyway. This is a game, and Minase planned on playing for keeps. He wasnt prepared to just mow down these two girls where they stood, but the time would come.

'fine, lets split up, if we meet again, its as enemies.'

Minase left the school.

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Posted by: MooCow Jul 7 2005, 08:49 PM
Tayli rocked herself back and forth. She had definately lost all grip on sanity. She quivered as her darkest memories flooded back to her, vicious nightmares. She hummed to herself... the end for Tayli Vreeland was near.

Posted by: Kaishi Jul 9 2005, 02:22 PM
Tayli's end was near, indeed. The infamous beeping sound of a collar detonating filled the room. The School Building was a Danger Zone and Tayli was in it, no doubt about it. No way of backing out now...she was going to die.
Beep, beep, beep!

There was the noise now. And there goes Tayli's neck...