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I guess organising those threads would be one of the main hurdles. Figuring out what goes where and such, especially since we'd also have to decide who's in which vehicles with whom etc. etc.

I had been thinking maybe a series of scenes and/or threads, because for sure a bunch of writing posts of people driving would be fucking boring.

Cicada Days
Aug 16 2015, 07:01 PM
This is going to be a present day thing, right? It'll tie up a bunch of characters so we have to make sure everyone involved can keep a reasonable pace of posting or a bunch of people get stuck in the master thread and such... And what would we actually be depicting? The car trip? Destination?
Let's all discuss this, because those are all valid questions and don't want to just arbitrarily make a decision.

Not to mention I would rather rip out my fucking eyeballs than even think about posting, right now.

With pregame well underway, we might want to figure on when we want this to go down. Though it'd help if more than four people seemed to be doing anything in pregame.

V6 Siblings
It's Shakespeare!

I do think the thread would be livened up a bit with the ghost of a murdered father wandering around

V6 Siblings
Something is rotten in the state of Arizona.

Base and Bastardly Ballers We Be!

Slam's Creativity Thread
Vanamania no.