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The General SOTF Discussion Thread
Aug 31 2013, 12:29 PM
Finally, while we're explaining thread titles, Steven's latest oneshot is of course alluding to the fact that, like Cody Jenson, he is going insane after getting hit in the head with a crowbar. ;)
Uh oh...

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
Seems like it would lend all too easy to favouritism, too, which was a big problem in v3 and sections of v4. Otherwise yeah, my suggestion would've been one-time roll immunity for the BDA winner so they don't get run out of v5 too quickly.

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
The "immune to one roll" thing would effectively be the same as a roll null, except affecting multiple characters.

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
Aug 29 2013, 09:41 AM
Aug 29 2013, 07:44 AM
So how many kills is Max Sawyer allowed to rack up before the Maxwell Lombardi jokes start
Already being made!

(Four people isn't that excessive. :( )

Sub-Area Description: The Pools
Amy Bachelor is face-down in the pool, drowned. Ilya Volkov is at poolside, face down, with the tip of his nose bitten off, a broken hand and a gunshot wound to the chest. Lydia Robbins is towards the entrance of the pool area, also face down with gunshot wounds to chest and back of head.

V5 Reduced Activity Notices
So my computer won't turn on at home, pretty much kneecapping my ability to post. This might turn from reduced activity to a full-on away if I can't figure out what's up.

V5 Fifth Rolls
So my plan didn't work out and thus I have no idea what to do, I might want to ask for another week or so? Still prefer not to be bothered with ideas unless it can't be worked out in this thread I'm already in.

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
V1 and 2's locations were never given, actually, though I like to imagine v4's and v2's were in similar general areas. V2's island definitely seemed, like v5's, like a place where people lived - it was very urbanised and had lots of residential areas and such. V1 was somewhere a lot more remote.

EDIT: Also, while the v3 island's exact coordinates were never given, I should point out the location was always pretty clear for the players - that is, it being an abandoned Vietnam-era military base somewhere in the Pacific, that fact being spelled out repeatedly in many of the location descriptions.

V5 Fifth Rolls
Don't bother me with ideas. I know what I'm doing.

V5 Fifth Rolls
I haven't had nearly the time I'd like to do with Mike what he's capable of, and still think the character can do a lot of good stuff once he gets the momentum under him, so I'd be very appreciative of a hero.

Getting Motivated
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If you will not serve in posting, you will serve on the firing line!

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
How do y'all churn out such massive posts like they're nothing? Jesus.

Hanley's Bazaar
(Skipping because Max really has to be somewhere, sorry folks.)


It was a good word, a word he'd used a lot back in reality. Making two trips when you could do something in one was pointless. Getting up early on Sunday was pointless. Correcting Jimmy the Freshman's golf swing was almost pointless. Doing homework was pointless because he'd been a shoo-in for Princeton from day one. Most things the little people did were pointless, and they were the little people because they couldn't realise that. It was why he was supposed to be somebody, and if they'd not ended up here most of the rest would've just rotted away in cubicles for the next few decades.

It was a good word, and it was perfect for what he was doing right this second, standing at the edge of a forgotten camp watching people he only knew in passing milling around as if hoping to be let in. Why, in hopes a "yes, you can stay at our camp for the night" would serve as absolution? That it would take away the smoke that filled his mouth and he could watch the sunlight through the branches all around them without thinking about all the red?

What would they do tomorrow when all was told and they knew about poor Becca? He doubted the terrorists would much care about how she'd been going to blow his head right off its shoulders, splattering his brilliant mind all over some tacky wall. People usually weren't terribly understanding when you gunned someone down. In civilisation they locked you up and condemned you to live like an animal until you died, no matter what the reason.

Here there were no locks. They'd probably skip the "live like an animal" part. Besides, even if he cleared people out, others would come, drawn to the excitement. He didn't want more red. He was better than that.

Let the animals tear each other apart, the wind through trees and the chirps of far-off birds said. You can always find this place later. Find somewhere better, somewhere you could see people coming as opposed to all this green and brown where anything could be in any shadow. Shadows that got longer by the minute, as the Earth continued its journey around the sun without once giving a shit about the things crawling on its skin.

Pointless. Staying here when he could keep moving, put distance between himself and that town, be harder to find, was pointless. So he didn't stay.

(Maximilian Sawyer continued in Hollow Stars)

Official V5 Away Thread
Back and reliably online, though there's still work to do with getting stuff where it's supposed to be so I might be slow.