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OOC: The mention of Kathleen Martin just standing there isn't controlling, it's just that since Chad hasn't posted I have no logical reason to assume she did anything else.

Well shit, that wasn't supposed to happen.

Everything had gone perfectly up until he had gone to rip Maxie's shirt open. Well, that wasn't right, that had gone perfectly too, but like his elbow attack earlier he had done it too well, forgotten his own strength. He must've gotten carried away after flipping her on her back and kicking her (for fun, admittedly), because instead of just ripping her shirt open he tore right through it. His first clue had been the odd amount of resistance the shirt put on, it was true that he didn't really rip shirts often but it felt like he were trying to go through two things at once. What really tipped him off was the flash of white he saw as the practically shredded tanktop, which was a pale colour but not white, started to slip off of the shocked girl underneath him, and the odd snapping noise he'd heard. As the ruined shirt and bra started to fall off her, Adam couldn't help but do a double take.

Wait, what?

Looking closer, Adam found that he hadn't been daydreaming. He'd put way too much force into it, and not only practically ripped her tanktop to shreds but snapped the band that held the cups of Maxie Dasai's bra together. The undergarment, now useless, fell off of Maxie like some creature that had been killed, and the gun appeared from where she'd stashed it. More or less next to the left of her ample breasts, Maxie Dasai's Mauser C-96 pistol lay just as exposed as the girl's voluptuous upper body, right where she'd hidden it. He wasn't sure if it was because of the nice gun, the fact that Maxie's breasts had suddenly appeared in his face, both, or some sick and twisted hybrid of the two, but a grin started to appear on his face, definitely pleased at what he saw.

A guy could definitely get used to this. Guess I was wrong though, a trigger guard like that, and there was no way she was going to accidentally shoot herself.

As evidenced by the fact that his shorts suddenly felt quite a bit tighter as he straddled Maxie and pinned her down, he was enjoying every moment of this awkward situation, even if aside from the grin he looked just as confused as she looked surprised during the few seconds of silence that followed. After all, he had wanted Maxie for quite some time. If one looked at her right they'd realize she really was one of the hotter girls in the class, if not the entire school, at least in his opinion. It helped that as far as he knew only a few could (naturally, at least) rival the size of her bust, the very one he appeared to be leering at even though he was merely examining the gun. At the same time, though, they didn't look stupidly huge. Just big and round and inviting.

Maybe I could have a little fun with this. Have wanted this chance for a while after all, and it's not like she can fight back effectively pinned like she is. But I can't afford to waste time like that.

Almost greedily, Adam quickly moved to grab the gun off of Maxie, admiration in his eyes. Of course, as he picked the Mauser up it brushed and pressed against Maxie's breast, but that was coincidence. It really was a grand piece of work, the Mauser. It was nothing like his favourite, the FN-P90, but it was still a good enough gun. A bonus, it appeared to be loaded. The gun looked tiny in his big hand, but he couldn't wait to pull the trigger and send a bullet flying into someone. The lustful look in his eyes turned vaguely evil for a moment as he looked down at Maxie underneath him, his eyes meeting hers as he experimentally pointed the gun at her face just to see how it felt. The weight would take some getting used to, but the feeling of power the Mauser brought was worth it.

Might as well do her in, she was gonna do the same to me.

The grin faded from his face as he steadied his aim with the gun at Maxie's face, so close that the barrel almost touched her skin. Could he really do it? His finger wandered into the trigger guard, his other hand moving onto the gun to steady his aim, trying to steel his will to prepare himself to pull the trigger. Could he end her life? Adam didn't disillusion himself by thinking he was a good person, he wasn't; he was a horrible, mean, person, but murder was a step beyond that. Losing control of yourself while drunk? Can make up for it. Killing someone, especially a young woman? Nothing could make up for that. His finger stopped right before the trigger, unable to budge.

I was perfectly willing to kill her earlier! No, that's different. I had to, or she would've shot me. She's not a threat now, can't even move freely. Why would I waste a bullet on her? It's not right...hah, besides, what good's a piece of ass if it's dead?

After that thought, Adam couldn't help but flinch visibly. Sometimes his own subconscious disgusted him. It would come out of nowhere with a vile thought like that, and even Adam Reeves himself would be wondering where the hell that one had come from. A sigh escaped, as he shook his head, lifting the gun from Maxie's forehead even if he didn't release his grip or the fact that his finger was on the trigger in case she went ballistic. There was no point, really, she wasn't a threat. He'd just wanted the gun, so she couldn't hurt him. No point in pushing that even further. He'd won, got what he'd wanted. Sure, killing Maxie would bring him one step closer to winning, killing anyone would, but would it even have a point? It'd just be a wasted bullet on someone who wasn't a threat, who couldn't attack him anyway.

Had he not spotted Kathleen Martin, that train of thought may have convinced Adam to put down the gun entirely, but he did. In the heat of battle, he'd forgotten all about her, and it was lucky for him that she seemed content to sit and watch or she could have ambushed him by now. True, she would never be a physical threat to him no matter how hot she was, but she was still a threat. A threat that would kill him if he wasn't careful. Adam would probably never find out that Maxie had no intentions of killing him had he left her alone, but Kathleen was, from what Adam knew, one of those nuts who prayed to be put in SOTF, and that meant she was probably a killer.

Almost out of reflex, which was odd since he'd never handled a gun before, Adam quickly brought up the gun, both hands gripping it, and pulled the trigger at Kathleen, sending a bullet aimed right for the area just below her left breast, Adam's specific hope being to hit the heart. What recoil the gun had was negated by Adam's semi-seated position, his own strength, and his proper grip on the gun, but to his uninitiated ears the crack of the gunshot was still remarkable. It took all his self control to not flinch at the sheer noise. He hadn't thought he'd be firing guns at the school trip, so he hadn't brought ear protection. He was regretting that now, especially since that one shot had probably already damaged his ears.

Well let's hope it doesn't make me go deaf.

Yes! Got you!

Adam almost felt relieved when he was able to grab a hold of Maxie's ankle and drag her right back to him, but he knew she wasn't done yet. He doubted Maxie was even capable of giving up on anything, especially not murdering him. He wasn't going to give up either, though, if he gave up he died, and he didn't want to die. If he didn't want to die, he knew he had to keep fighting, and he'd eventually need that gun. Then what, though? What would he do with the gun when he had it? Shoot her? He wouldn't be any better than her if he did that. But he had to do it, to survive, to go home back to his life in Highland Beach. Friends, trust, that kind of crap didn't have a place on the island, the explosive collar on his neck and the fact that he was fighting for his life against a girl from school told him that much.

There really is no choice. Not like escape is possible, and she wouldn't have a gun if she wasn't gonna use it!

Adam let go of Maxie when he had finished dragging her back to him and started to back up from his lunge, and this would prove to have been a good idea as she started to turn around, bringing her other foot around in what appeared to be some weird horizontal stomp or something. If he hadn't moved back, the kick would've been a direct hit, and even despite the fact that Maxie was nowhere near as strong as he was it wouldn't have been pleasant. As it were though, the kick started to pass right in front of him before it actually made any impact, and as he started to rise Adam reached out with his right hand to grab Maxie's kicking foot around the ankle, standing and pulling up in the hope that with his strength it'd cause her to be lifted up a bit. When/if that happened, he'd forcefully push the leg to the side, the intention being to basically flip her onto her back as she fell to the ground (falling because the move was intended to lift her). If that didn't work he'd just grab her shoulders and move her until she was on her back.

Have to get that gun!

More out of spite than anything else, Adam aimed a quick kick at Maxie's ribs with the right of his steel-toe clad boots before trying to more or less drop onto her, straddling/mounting Maxie and at the same time pinning her to the ground. His eyes focusing on her shirt, he noticed he could see the outline of the gun there due to how wet the fabric had gotten and the fact that Maxie's tanktop was already pretty skintight. The shirt was now covered in mud, but he could still see the gun's outline. He knew he needed to get the gun from her before she could kill him, then she'd stop being a threat. Reaching his hands into the neckline/collar area of her shirt, he'd pull downwards with as much strength as he could muster, hoping to rip the shirt open. This was for no real other reason than that it'd be easier than trying to reach inside the shirt, really, and he'd be able to get the gun more quickly. For now, that was all he was after.

It hadn't taken long for Adam to get up into a sitting position. He had taken much harder falls before, especially in tougher wrestling matches against teams like Northside's or Westwood's, and every time he had gotten up quickly. Maxie's kick, interesting and unexpected as it was (did Lucas teach her that kick? Adam had no way to know), was more of a trip than the takedowns he was accustomed to. All he'd had to do was push against the ground with his arms and force his upper body to move up. As he tried to do this as quickly as possible, he was sure he'd gotten up before Maxie could stand, draw her gun from her bra (heh, told you that was a stupid place to put it, bitch), aim at his head, and fire. Considering he wasn't dead yet, he was confident that his attempt had worked when he looked over to Maxie.

Heh, running away, huh? What would Lucas say if he saw what a coward his kid sister was being?

Indeed, the first thing Adam Reeves saw when he sat up and prepared to stand again was Maxie's rear end as she scrambled to get up in the mud and then stood. However, instead of turning around and attacking, she tried to run away from Adam, in the direction she was facing. This amused but baffled him. She had him where she surely wanted him, but she chose to flee? His sword was not too far from him, she could have grabbed it and impaled him. Her gun was within easy reach of her, she could have shot him. Instead, she was running. That just didn't make sense to him, until he figured it out after a quick thought. She wasn't trying to escape, just put some range between them. At this range he could fight back, defend himself honourably, and if she killed him he'd die with dignity, but she wouldn't have any of that. She wanted to put as much distance between them as possible so she could pick him off like a dog, leave him begging in the mud until she splattered his brains.

I'm not going to die like some pussy, hiding in the mud! You fucking bitch, get back here! I'm not going down like some loser!

Adam couldn't help the anger that started to push through his sheer terror as he prepared himself, the fury at what he saw as Maxie's cowardice. If he weren't scared out of his bloody mind he'd have realized that if she wanted to kill him she would've just taken his sword while he was down and stabbed him, but he waved that away by reminding himself that the sword was too big for her to use effectively, and she probably didn't have the courage to kill that personally. She'd kill him, sure, anyone would in her circumstance, but she wanted to crush all hope he had of defending himself first. Wanted to make sure the last thing he ever felt was abject terror as he waited for the bullet to take him.

Fucking whore...

Adam wouldn't let Maxie get far. As her leg pushed off the ground again to power her run, his fury reached a boiling point, and he burst from his position sitting in the mud to lunge at her, bellowing a scream of rage mixed with panic.


During the lunge, Adam's massive hand would shoot towards Maxie's somewhat-less-massive ankle, hoping to take a firm grip on it and drag her back to him after pulling her to the ground. The lunge would've made him land on his stomach, and some mud would splatter into his beard as it touched the ground just below him, but he was more focused on fighting for his life and didn't care. He couldn't die today, he wouldn't.


Adam's move had worked too well. The elbow strike did its job perfectly, catching Maxie off guard and knocking her back. However, he had forgotten about the sheer size difference and his own strength, which coupled with the mud on the ground sent Maxie down right on her ass. Adam hadn't expected that, perhaps due to overestimating the girl, and had actually half-expected her to duck and therefore take the uppercut square in the face. Instead, with his attack already having too much momentum to stop, he completed his turn and the uppercut with it, the powerful punch going over Maxie's head as she fell. Trying to steady himself as his left hand lowered after the punch, he looked down to Maxie just in time to see her shove the gun down the neckline of her completely soaked shirt and into her bra, though even with her tanktop completely soaked through he couldn't see just where, especially since he was trying to avoid looking down her top this time.

Okay, why the FUCK would you put a gun down there?! This isn't a movie, it's just not going to fit! And even if it did, that's just a violation of common sense. Man, Maxie, you're just asking to accidentally shoot yourself! Not to mention how uncomfortable it'll be, if it doesn't just fall down your shirt. Wait a sec, why do I care?

Past his reputation as a good wrestler and ruthless bully, Adam was known as being a bit of a gun nut. He liked guns, and made no secret of it. He liked learning about them, even wanted to buy some for himself when he graduated, they always had some sort of appeal to him. Because of that, he knew a good bit about them, but it also gave him an odd habit of being compelled to correct people when he noticed they were handling firearms completely wrong. That made it difficult to ignore the fact that, outside of films, holding a gun in one's bra came across as a stupid idea.

Unfortunately, today it wasn't just a pet peeve, it was a distraction that could prove fatal. Right after tucking her gun in her bosom, Maxie propped herself up on her hands and spun around in what could only be described as a sweeping kick. Adam had put almost all of his weight in the previous uppercut, and the precious few seconds it took to prevent himself from falling over due to abruptly unbalancing himself by taking the risk of throwing a fight-ending punch could have been used to pre-emptively counter Maxie's attack. If it wasn't bad enough, his annoyance at the gun (he still couldn't make out what model it was) being used improperly had distracted him even more for the couple extra seconds it'd take for Maxie to set up and throw the attack, which in itself was unorthodox enough that Adam didn't expect it, having never seen such a kick used before.

The result was that Maxie's Capoeira kick worked just as she hoped, spinning around and knocking into Adam's ankles and lower legs from behind just as he was recovering from his already lost balance. Surprised, Adam couldn't react in time to do anything as his feet were swept from under him and he fell to the ground with a thud right next to Maxie. Letting out a low grunt that sounded a bit like "urk!", he blinked rapidly for a second or so to try to stop the world from spinning around, quickly shaking off the stunned status the attack put on him, trying to force himself up into a sitting position before Maxie could get up. She still had that gun, after all.

I'm not gonna let you kill me, Dasai! You and your bum of a brother can rot in hell!

Shout-outs to other media...
Aug 30 2008, 05:59 AM
Aug 29 2008, 07:54 PM
Heh, dude? There are WAY too many media references in SOTF to list, even if we took each game and listed every reference in each of them.

Hey, that's the challenge of it, same as how there's WAY too many TV TROPES in SOTF to list. That said, people HAVE stepped up to the challenge. ^^

I thought we were talking about media references. :huh:

Shout-outs to other media...
Heh, dude? There are WAY too many media references in SOTF to list, even if we took each game and listed every reference in each of them.

Yeah, not working for me either. Most likely a server problem.

OOC: Expansion on flashback done with permission and cooperation of Clueless.


Adam had thought that he'd been (relatively, with the muddy ground) quiet enough for him to not be noticed, and he hadn't exactly heard anyone call out to Maxie in a warning, so he wasn't expecting her to turn around as he ran at her, noticing him just as he had already committed his momentum to the attack and diving to the right under his swing just as he started to carry it out, effectively ducking under his attack before he could adjust to take her dodge into account and then cartwheeling away to the side (what the?!). Frustrated at having come so close to a kill only to miss, he internally cursed a bit at his lack of speed. He'd always been slow, and that had never done him any good, quicker fighters always managed to outrun him. Despite his attempts to improve his speed, it seemed that weakness was betraying him even on the island.

If I was just a bit faster...wait, shit! The gun!

Old grudges notwithstanding, Adam's primary reason for going after Maxie first was the gun he'd seen in her hands. He knew she'd be the primary threat, and if everyone was playing the game he'd have to get that gun before she shot him. It wouldn't be pretty, but it was the only way he could keep himself alive in a game where everyone else was a psycho murderer. Of course, he'd missed what would've been a sure-kill had the attack landed, and as he stopped with the blade near the ground, a bit hunched over from the momentum of the strike, he froze up. How could he have missed? It seemed impossible, but in the back of his mind he knew it was too late. Nobody could move fast enough to beat a bullet, especially not him, and he was sure she was drawing a bead at him as soon as she had gotten her footing.

Oh gods, this is it! I'm gonna die here, because I was just a second too fucking slow! God fucking damn it! I don't wanna die!

Seeing no alternative, as his failed attack plus the gun Maxie possessed and the close distance between them made the split second he had to react impossible, Adam couldn't help but wince. Everything he had done in eighteen years, all the training and fighting and tormenting, it would all be undone because of one second. One second too slow, one second's instance of bad luck. Of course, he knew better than that. It wasn't bad luck, it was fate. He never had a chance of killing Maxie, she would've avoided his attack no matter what he did. It had all been determined before either of them were born, and he could only hope fate was merciful enough that Maxie ended him quickly.

"Reeves! Ya motherfucker! Jesus. D'ya ever stop bein' an asshole? I wouldn't let ya fuck me so now y'wanna kill me? Is that it!?"

Fate, however, either had different plans for Adam entirely or wanted the affair to be a bit less anticlimactic than Maxie simply dodging and shooting him point blank in the head. Instead of returning his attack by shooting while she had the advantage, she instead shouted at him, causing him to slowly straighten up and cast a glance in her direction out of the corner of his eye while she yelled. His gaze moving to her shirt for a split, barely noticeable if at all, second before returning to her face and then turning back away, the whole aside glance being maybe a second or two long, he wondered if she realized said shirt was so thoroughly soaked that she may as well not have been wearing one with how easily her bra and the bust it contained were visible. If she was stupid enough to talk when the right choice would've been to shoot, he wouldn't let her finish.

The baseball players had always thrown some pretty good parties, and since Adam had been particularly bored that night he thought he might as well drop by as he usually did. He couldn't remember which it was, wasn't Cooper or Riz or O'Cann or Hardy, but it didn't matter anymore, just that it'd been one of them. He supposed they were good for something, as their parties were usually pretty fun, and this one didn't seem to be any exception. It wasn't anything too over the top, but it wasn't too bad either. Plenty of booze, though either no real drugs or very little (fine by him, he didn't like the heavy stuff like LSD or coke or heroin, and even something like marijuana would get him booted from the team), lots of people (both tough looking guys and hot girls), pretty good music, all in all the making of a good night.

Adam had been hanging around the party for a while, having fun listening to whatever was playing, dancing (he wasn't very good, but he managed), messing with partygoers and the like, and had put away enough alcohol to be somewhat tipsy, but for most of the evening it was something of the standard fare. Except perhaps that he had yet to pick a fight with anyone, which some people had pointed out as being odd, but he didn't really feel like it. Eventually though, while hanging around in the crowd, he noticed one Maxie Dasai leaning against a wall, apparently taking a small breather. He was just drunk enough that it was noticable, and considering he'd had his eye on her for a good bit of time by then, he couldn't help but excuse himself and move through the crowd towards her.

By the time he reached her Maxie didn't seem to have noticed him, but Adam didn't really mind as it gave him time to give her a good look-over. He didn't know her too well, though they'd met a few times during parties and concerts and the like (where, more often than not, Adam had eventually managed to pick a fight with at least one person) and occasionally had a conversation, and while on the one or two occasions he saw her brother Lucas he seemed to dislike him, he didn't really know either of them well at all. Still, he'd always thought she was pretty hot, so when he was intoxicated like he was making a move seemed perfectly logical. She was wearing more or less the same thing she usually did, old jeans, a denim jacket, trainers, and a tight pale tanktop cut just low enough to give a good view of her impressive rack (sure, she didn't exactly have the biggest tits in the school, but they were big enough without being too huge), and he took full advantage of this as he loomed over her, especially with the difference in height between them, until she noticed his presence and looked up to his face, seemingly startled. With her basically cornered, he took a second's silence to form his words before uttering some pickup line that had sounded more clever in his head than it did when he actually spoke it with the alcohol on his breath, a veiled offer for her to sleep with him.

Much to his surprise, however, she gave him a disinterested look and then politely but firmly refused. Adam actually hadn't expected that, since even with girls who didn't like him he was often good looking enough that they didn't mind a quick one night stand (especially if it had been a long party and/or they were drunk), but he'd never been good at taking no for an answer and if you asked the right people you'd find that where he lacked in charm he made up for in tending to be able to coerce a girl who refused him given time. He had never been one to take "no" as a valid answer, so Maxie's refusal just made him more insistent. As she continued to refuse, he got more frustrated, asking more and more persistently. Before too long, the liquor in him combined with his already annoyed demeanour, and he found himself grabbing hold of her.

The combined din of the music and the noise of the rest of the party seemed to make nobody notice, if anyone even cared, Adam using his strength and hold on Maxie's upper arms to pin her against the wall as he said something about how he didn't intend on going home "empty handed" from the party even if he had to force her (whatever he'd said, he didn't remember it the next morning). Of course, just as he started to press his body against hers, but before he could do anything more than quickly grope her breast once and move in to steal a kiss, a hand appeared on his arm, the grip on his bicep just firm enough to get his attention.

"Dat's enough."

Even if the sudden hand on his arm hadn't gotten his attention, Lucas Dasai's distinctive Cajun-ish accent would have easily, especially the annoyed tone it carried. Looking over to the much smaller man, who barely reached his sister's own height despite being three years Adam's senior and a legendary fighter, said to be one of the only people around capable of fighting Montezzo Valtieri to a stalemate, he found himself not allowed to reply before the obviously angry Lucas continued.

"Hey idiot. Didn't ya hear my sister say no? Leave her alone," he had said, extracting an annoyed grunt from Adam as he released Maxie as Lucas said to, only to slip out of Lucas' own grip.

"Well I don't see you having the guts to do anything Lucas, so shove off," Adam replied, his hand lashing out as he pushed Lucas away. Even when drunk, Adam was very strong, so Lucas was knocked back a good distance and fell over, but when he got up the look in his eyes would've made Adam raise his guard if his reflexes hadn't dulled, as he knew he'd just provoked one of the best fighters Southridge or Highland Beach University had seen in a long time. True to form, Lucas lunged at him and socked him right in the jaw, a surprisingly strong punch that caused Adam to step back some. Not a good way to start a fight, as he would soon learn.

If there was any lesson Adam had learned that night, it had been "never get into a fight while drunk", because he hadn't stood a chance against Lucas back then, even after several hard hits. Even over a year later he hadn't forgotten the pain and humiliation Lucas tearing through his lip had caused, the several minutes he had spent on the floor screaming in sheer agony as a disturbing amount of blood poured from the wound. Someone would later describe him as "bleeding like a stuck pig."

He hadn't bothered Maxie again after that night, but that was just because he had been hoping to find Lucas to take his frustrations out on, and he didn't see Maxie around the halls or any parties or the like very often if at all after that. Even when he did, it was usually a fleeting glimpse, and a lot of the time he got the feeling she was trying to stay out of his sight or at least put as many people between them as possible. He didn't really care, though, so it all worked out, but his failure to find Lucas after that day combined with the two of them (Adam and Maxie) being among the seniors abducted for the game set the next best thing for him.

Well, if I can't hurt your body, Lucas, I guess fucking your mind over by taking your sister out is the next best thing. Besides, if I don't, I'm going to die here. Ah well, we'll see how it rolls. Fate acts as it wills and we just have to go with it.

Realizing that he probably wouldn't have a second chance if he failed to take Maxie down or at least stop her from firing, Adam forced his thoughts back down as Maxie started to finish her tirade, as he let go of his grip on the sword with his right hand and turned his upper body at Maxie in a slight twisting motion as his right arm shot out in an elbow strike aimed between her eyes. Normally, Adam was a slow fighter, powerful but lumbering in movement, but he was capable of sudden bursts of speed when he tried enough (and considering his life was on the line, he was putting no small amount of effort into it), and since Maxie was almost right next to him he hoped the close proximity they shared and straight trajectory of the attack would increase the likelyhood of the attack hitting. It wasn't a knockout blow by any means, though he hoped it'd stun Maxie and force her back, buying him time to let go of the sword with the other hand and finish his turning movement to face her, his left hand rising up in a fist with the turn and torquing motion of his body to fire an uppercut at Maxie's gut, near the solar plexus. The punch would have a lot of Adam's weight put into it, so it'd be a powerful blow, Adam hoped it'd be enough to take her down.

I'll get the sword in a second, but I have to keep her busy, can't let her draw a bead on me with that gun so I have to keep punching. Heh, and here I thought I'd never like hitting a girl.

Who here HASN'T seen/read Battle Royale?
Aug 26 2008, 04:56 PM
I'm convinced that manga!Kazuo is a robot.

"In the year of 200X, a super robot named Kiriyama was created. Dr. Light created Kiriyama to stop the evil desires of Dr. Wily. However, after his defeat, Dr. Wily created eight of his own robots to counter Kiriyama."

Heh, seriously though, he was one of the few characters to be even worse/more Sue-ish in the manga than in the film or novel. Well, nobody was a Sue in the film because NOBODY had any characterization except Kitano, but you know what I mean. Biggest problem with the book and manga (though, of course, the Japanophiles that make up 90% of the BR fandom will argue that this is just because of the translation) are that everyone's either a Sue or cannon fodder.

Project: Wiki
It's basically a summary of what the character did in the game up to either the current point they're at or their death. Or in the case of Adam and Bryan, the part where they won the game.

SOTF Podcast Episode 2
Pigeon Army
Aug 25 2008, 08:48 AM
Interesting and informative, as usual. As Cyco said, the theme song (which I like, and would like to know the name of so I may hunt it down) needs cutting down, and I still think you could cut down the pregnant pauses just a cinch, but overall interesting listening.

It's "Tank!" from Cowboy Bebop.

Who here HASN'T seen/read Battle Royale?
Aug 25 2008, 10:18 AM
Well, I did like how in the manga, Kiriyama's eyes didn't reflect light. And I visualize Danya as looking like the manga's program director. It was alright, but I do like SOTF better, because (among other things) I enjoy the whole nonlinear format of the website and the devotions to all the characters.

Yeah, in the early parts of v1 SOTF was rather obviously based on the BR manga, but we've branched off from that now for the most part, though Danya probably still looks like Kamon at least a bit.

SOTF Podcast Episode 2
That'd probably be a good idea, Cyco. Ciel's cut down slightly on the length in this episode compared to the third, but it could probably work. I'm assuming you lot have more experience than I, so kind of playing it by ear.

Edit: No, Ciel, he's talking about the length of the song clip itself. We can still use Tank and have it work.

SOTF Podcast Episode 2
Talk more this time, that one was practically the Chad/TBH hour. :P

v4 Concepts Relapse
Aug 23 2008, 01:04 PM
Aug 23 2008, 01:31 AM
Aug 23 2008, 01:22 AM
I ought to do a character blog for Carson. He has his DS with him; it wouldn't be too insane for him to have the DS Web Browser and for there to be a weak wi-fi hotspot nearby.

I don't really think it would work on the island too well, Danya & his happy terrorist gang seem like they have their bases covered pretty well. I'm pretty sure there's zero cell & wi-fi service on the island

edit: also, I just realized something else. If I remember correctly Opera for the DS was released late in the summer in 07, right? & the game is taking place early in the summer of 07 I think. So there wouldn't be internet access from the DS anyway

Yeah, he basically said it all.

May '07, so late Spring or early Summer.

v4 Concepts Relapse
Aug 23 2008, 04:12 AM
There are plenty. Read the character bios. For every Blood Boy or Kouji Ginsenshi, there are a bunch of normal characters. Shit, read any Endgame. Most of the characters that live that long are normal.

I know, I was joking. :P

v4 Concepts Relapse
Okay, next hurdle to get over is making normal characters that aren't real people the handler knows. :P

v4 Concepts Relapse
And a bit tasteless.

v4 Concepts Relapse
choic,Aug 23 2008
03:17 AM
TBH,Aug 22 2008
11:14 PM
Oh, like a Character Blog? That concept actually sounds pretty awesome.

Yeah, exactly. The only big problems I can forsee with it is that the Youtube post dates would contradict the canon dates, but I don't think that really matters too much

Considering the SOTF world is a year behind our own (in v3 it's 2007, for example), I think the contradiction is understandable.

v4 Concepts Relapse
Aug 23 2008, 03:12 AM

So I was thinking of having a character being a Youtuber & having a video blog. But rather than just quote the blog in flashbacks or something like that, I want to actually tape out the blog itself with me playing the character & maybe having a few friends play the parts of other characters. It just seems like it'd be really interesting to insert that ARG-like aspect into SOTF, & I'd love to be able to flesh out my characters through other mediums

Oh, like a Character Blog? That concept actually sounds pretty awesome.