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What's in the Past is History
When he initially spoke, Kallie seemed to grin and then, with a shake of the head, laughed a bit. The humour wasn't lost on Darnell, who knew full well the irony of a football player disapproving of the coach taking lesson time off to boast about the previous game. That game was one of the easiest Darnell had ever played, but that was irrelevant. She seemed to be silent for a short bit before shrugging her shoulders and finally responding. While she took his hand and shook it, a shake Darnell returned firmly but not gripping tightly enough to cause pain (which was something Darnell could easily do), she told him that she hadn't been in the city for long at all and that she had just moved in at the start of the school year, laughing again while mentioning that it was more interesting than homeschool.

Homeschooled, eh? That's interesting. Darnell thought while lowering his hand, listening idly to Whittenburg's chatter gradually increase in pace for a moment, before hearing Kallie's question about whether he had grown up in Highland Beach. He felt Troy's eyes on his and Kallie's head, and shot him a look out of the corner of his eye before taking his attentions back to Kallie, the bonfire incident wasn't all that worth remembering. He managed to keep his eyes right on her face the whole time, which might have been surprising considering that he was a high school senior but he had always found it disrespectful to spend an entire conversation with a woman leering at her breasts. Besides, he found it difficult to break eye contact for some reason.

"Yep," Darnell responded, having taken the smile off his face and replaced it with a smaller grin because he was worried the smile would look creepy after a while, "been in this good ol' city all my life. Hell, my dad's construction company has built most of it at some time or another. It's a real nice place, Highland Beach. You sure made a good choice moving here." he found his focus temporarily brought to Whittenburg as he got more intense with his story-telling and bragging, his arms flailing at good speed while his face turned red. He couldn't help sighing as he watched his coach do this, but shook his head to dismiss it as he heard Kallie giggle.

"I swear, he's gonna pass out again at this rate." by the time he said that, he was looking at Kallie again, this time sitting in a more relaxed position, Whittenburg still hadn't noticed them, "So, where'd you move from anyway? If you don't mind me asking."

My brain exploded watching this.
You forgot to put "being American" in that equation.

The Final Three
Aug 26 2007, 08:45 AM
this is SOTF, dammit.

(say it with me, kids...)


Goals for V3!
You want to be involved, but you'll be trying to be stuck on the sidelines? Buh? How does that work...? :blink:

Goals for V3!
Don't forget having the Adagio for Strings playing in the background and the whole scene being in slow motion. :P Damn good movie, in all seriousness.

The Final Three
Maybe he'll lose a hand and become a janitor working at Bathurst, pretending he lost the hand to a machinery accident, and befriend his past self?


Changing Skins
Black and green? Since when are the Borg black and green? And if you make Borg jokes with the board, I'll make Dalek jokes with your character. ;)

alot has happened in a year.
Aug 25 2007, 12:20 PM
im back, doubt if you remember me but i controlled stevan hyde in v1 and created seth mattlock and the bloody fists gang in v2, i said it would be about a month till i could get back on but that didnt happen obviously. I wont be able to come online very often untill i get my own connection which yet again im hoping wont be too long.

So how have you all been?
Thought let you all know that i know have a baby son, yeah i know im just another stattistic, anyway, hes called seth stuart hyde and he's the cutest baby ever.

could someone please link me to seth mattlocks death

Welcome back, Steve. I'm sorry I adopted Seth and basically tried to take the character in a different direction, I thought he had the potential to be an interesting character and wanted to see what I could do with him.

The Final Three
50 bucks on Calvert.

Goals for V3!
I hope to either win/get really damn close to winning, take part in the first successful escape from the island, or have one of my characters die in a way mimicking Elias' from Platoon.

Changing Skins
Yeah, things will be easier with that change.

Your Attitude
I'm only playin' around, baby_g.

Changing Skins
I like it. I also get to make X-Box jokes. It's in the contract.

Your Attitude
Hah! I'm doing this one! :P

Your Attitude
Why isn't "I'm gonna eat you!" there? :(

The Final Three
Son of a...now that IS ironic. Not a setup though, ya paranoid bugger. :P

Request: Friend(s)
*proceeds to take several months to finish the post* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :P

The Final Three
Yeah, once all the rolls are done it'd be Bryan and Mariavel one on one.

The Final Three
Also, we have six students, so it turns out I was mistaken above. It actually would leave us at the final three. D'oh.