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Looking for SOTF Podcast volunteers
We'll upload it to a hosting site once Ciel's done the editing, but we have a recorded MP3 file of the episode.

Looking for SOTF Podcast volunteers
And episode 1 is finally finished! We used Makaze for our guest, but I'd like to thank you all for your support. We've decided 20 minutes will not work, as we went way over that, but we hope you like it.

High Voltage
OOC: Darnell continued from Day By Day. So sorry to come in when you're already so swamped with people, Adam. I didn't think the thread would get that crowded when I originally started this post.

Did you hear the announcement, criminal? Three people! You killed three people, bastard, and you were one of the only ones to kill today! Not only are you a murderer, almost nobody else is! How does that feel, you wretched scum? Tell me, sinner, HOW DOES IT FEEL?!

Ever since he had left Boxer unconscious in the rain, Darnell had not had a moment of peace. True, he had not encountered anyone or anything in the jungle, nor had he run into any traps, in fact he was fine other than the bandage wrapped around his head, the result of him having taken a hard fall in the middle of the night and cracking his head on a rock, and the smaller bandage on the side of his neck (after an hour or so of walking, he noticed that Dan Brent's spear had given him a small cut that he'd been unaware of at the time, having only found out about it when he brought his hand to the side of his neck due to an itch and it was bloody when he brought it back), but his own thoughts were crueler than any bullet or sword could be. He had taken lives. Three people were dead, because of him. No matter how he tried to justify it, if he had not been at the airfield Simon Wood, Daniel Brent, and Eduardo Trinidad-Villa would be alive now. Murder was a sin, a crime, and universally recognized by all civilized peoples as the most evil thing an individual could do. "Thou shalt not kill."

He had, though. He'd killed, and as if that weren't enough he'd followed it up by beating the crap out of one of his teammates, one of the very people he had been seeking out. It wasn't right, he had thought as he moved through the jungle, he was supposed to lead everyone off the island to safety, bring them all home, not kill them and beat them up. How dare he? What gave him the right to do such a thing? The more rational part of his mind insisted that it was out of his hands, Simon had been an accident, and both Dan and Eduardo had attacked him. It was him or them, there was no way both parties would walk away alive in either case, neither of Darnell's opponents would have allowed it.

Doesn't matter, I still shouldn't have killed them.

Of course, if there was anything other than his conscience that had been pounding him and refusing to let up since the announcement, it was the weather. Just before the announcement at the beginning of the day, the merely overcast weather had turned into a torrential downpour, sheets of rain falling almost endlessly, soaking everything and turning the ground slick with mud. At first it had been a relief, especially since under the cover of the jungle it only reached him enough to ward off the heat that had been so relentless until then. After a few hours, though, when the rainfall became so heavy even the thick jungle canopy couldn't keep most of it at bay, the rain had become even more miserable than the heat. Instead of sweat soaking his clothing, it was plain water, and when earlier his clothes were merely damp now both his shirt and pants were soaked almost completely through.

The temperature had rapidly gone from nice and cool with the rain to just plain cold, and the misery that caused was compounded when, realizing that he hadn't brought any changes of clothes for the trip on the assumption he wouldn't need any other than the bathing suit he brought, he'd been forced to take off his shirt and put it in his pack so it would dry. That felt even worse, because the water was hitting his bare skin instead of cloth and therefore he felt even colder, which influenced him to refuse to take off his pants and go in his shorts. The rain as it was, there'd be no way for him to make a fire like he did the night before to keep himself warm, so he'd had to tough it out like that until either the rain stopped, he found shelter, or his shirt dried enough for him to put it back on. On top of that, the soles of his favourite Nike sneakers were now covered in the mud that parts of the jungle floor and trails had turned into. Not to mention that it was annoying to have raindrops fall on his head every second or so, especially when he was trying to think.

So overall, he was tired, cold, hungry, thirsty, his clothes were soaked, the quagmire that the storm turned the jungle ground to was all over his favourite pair of shoes, there was a part of his mind so plagued by guilt that his thoughts had become insults to himself and demands that he commit suicide, he had the vaguest suspicion that someone was following him (though every time he looked behind him nothing was there) and, if the occasional sneezing and the feeling of congestion that was starting to set in were any indication, the rain was starting to give him something of a cold. He'd tried to get to sleep before the announcement, but that had been a total failure. He'd only gotten a few minutes' rest before he found himself assaulted by mental images of the airfield. His sword slashing through flesh, the awful wet sound that came from inflicting the fatal wounds he had inflicted, blood splashing on the runway, Dan Brent's head rolling across the ground, Eduardo's final smug grin, Simon's gasped apology, it was all rushing into his head too fast for him to take it. He'd woken with a sudden start, and for quite a while after couldn't bring himself to get up. Eventually he had kept moving, though.

After that, he had never tried to go to sleep again, the nightmare far too vivid for his tastes. In fact, he'd been going after his way to keep himself awake, and it was taking its toll on Darnell, who had now almost been up two nights straight. His eyes hurt, so did his gut, and he kept stopping to yawn, trying to get more oxygen in. His vision was blurring, too, helped both by his eyes occasionally closing involuntarily and the fact that every once in a while they'd brim up with tears which he had to fight down. Sometimes he had a hard time keeping his head up, and his pace was sluggish and off balance, as he'd occasionally stumble and almost fall. He found it very hard to care about any of that, though. Every time the announcements came on, a feeling of cold dread came over him, not because of the fact that his name was on the last two, but just the fear of not knowing who would be listed among the dead. It seemed that the game was specifically picking off his friends one by one, and he almost found himself desperately hoping that the names of his closest friends wouldn't come up.

At least Kallie, Keith and Guy are still alive...

That thought had kept him going through the last few announcements, that the three that he called his best friends in the entire school weren't on Danya's list of the dead. It had hurt enough when Evelyn and Trey died, he had no idea how he'd react if he lost them, too. He wanted to be sick, imagining Keith with his head blown off, or Guy lying gutted in a ditch somewhere on the side of the trail, or Kallie with horrible wounds all over her body, her ash blonde hair matted with blood, or finding his teammates dead, their corpses contorted in all sorts of sick conditions, some even being eaten by animals. He had spent his entire game looking for them, but every time he found someone they attacked him. Really, he almost wanted to say "fuck it" and give up, as it was wearing him down so much, but he couldn't forgive himself if he did that. No, he had to get them off the island.

Just as the day was starting to lighten, early morning coming to the island, Darnell broke through the treeline and found himself faced by the jailhouse. Having never come across the small two story building, he was a bit surprised, especially since he approached at an angle other than the main entrance (basically, he was facing a wall instead of the door). Part of him knew that it wouldn't be a good idea to call out to whoever was inside, especially after the announcements (what a punch in the gut those had been, he'd have to remember to give Danya a punch in the face to make up for it), but his exhausted body took over on the impulse regardless, cupping his hands to his mouth and leaving the sword sheathed.

"Yo! This is Darnell, anyone in there? I'm looking for someone, and I need shelter anyway, can I come inside? Look, I know what the ann-" his call would be interrupted as he sneezed loudly, quickly covering his mouth out of reflex. Damn cold. When that had ended, he continued again, the congested quality of his voice not overriding the volume he spoke at, "I know what the announcements say. That I killed three people, that I'm playing the game. Well...I'm not gonna lie, I did kill. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't trust me, since three people are dead because of me, but I'm not playing this damn game! Simon was an accident, he jumped me and got stabbed during the struggle. As for Dan Brent and Eduardo...they both attacked me, man, tried to kill me! I didn't want to kill them, but if I hadn't, I'd be DEAD right now! I've even got a cut on my neck from when Brent almost impaled me with a fucking spear! I'm only human, man, if someone tries to kill me I'm gonna try even harder to stay alive. Or do you think I should've just sat there and let them end my life?"

At first, there was no response, and Darnell chuckled as he realized there might not be anyone inside, in which case he looked like a total loon because he was talking to a fucking building, but this just made him say more.

"I don't want any trouble, guys, and I'm assuming there are people in there because otherwise I'm totally nuts for trying to converse with a jail, I just want to find some shelter and preferably my friends too. Tell you what, man, I'm just going to sit here, in the rain, until you say it's okay to come in. At least tell me if you've seen Guy Rapide, Keith Jackson, Kallie Majors, or any of the football players anywhere, if you decide you don't want me here."

And with that, Darnell Butler sat down on the rain soaked ground, and waited.

Silent Waters...
OOC: Sorry for the shorter post, there wasn't much to say.

That was close. They almost saw me...wait, did they see me? Shit, I think they saw me.

It was good that Dante had stepped back as quickly as he did when he accidentally walked into the group, because just as he darted back behind the tree two of them turned around to check out what the noise was about. In the steadily increasing light, he just barely saw enough of the girl to recognize her, though he still couldn't put names to the figures of the two boys. Then again, Marnie Yaguchi's petite frame and clothing choices were pretty distinct. It helped that he hadn't ever really seen any other Asians who had blonde hair like she did, and that she oddly made the hair colour look pretty good on her. Dante normally preferred curvier gals, but he couldn't deny that Marnie was a very pretty young woman, had a knockout face and a pretty good waist and butt to compensate for the rest of her less-than-voluptuous figure. Of course, the pretty ones were always the most dangerous in the last two games, and he had no idea what the tiny Japanese beauty had been assigned as a weapon.

Of course, if she were playing she'd probably have attacked instead of just turning around to see if anyone was here.

With no idea what to expect, and the fact that his strategy for the game revolved around avoiding detection as much as possible in mind, Dante kept his back pressed against the huge tree separating him from the group on the other side, big enough to obscure both him and his nearby pack. A little bit of sweat was starting to run down his forehead despite the still-falling rain, but he didn't dare move enough to lower the hood and risk giving himself away. Moving as slowly and deliberately as possible while still mostly staying still, he slid his right hand into the hoodie's front pocket and grabbed the hilt of the roundel, ready to draw it if he had to fight. Taking control of his breathing, he made it shallower and shallower until he was sure it couldn't be heard. He heard one of the boys talking, presumably to Marnie, and recognized the voice as belonging to Ivan, a boy he didn't know too well but has a class with.

Go away, you didn't see anything...

Hard as it was to suppress his urge to either just grab his bag and run or charge into the group, he forced himself to stay completely still against the damp bark of the tree, making no noise and listening carefully for anything that would indicate that the group was onto him. Fortunately, after who-knows-how-long, he heard footsteps going back in the direction of the lagoon itself, as the conversation continued briefly. He had to restrain himself from sighing in relief as they talked about moving, due sheerly to how glad he was to have not been found out. He wasn't afraid of fighting, but he figured it was in his best interest to avoid conflict as much as possible.

The lookout tower, huh? Why would they want to go there?

His curiosity would apparently not be sated just by listening in, though, as another voice spoke up, he recognized it as being that of Jake...something or other, he only saw him in the halls occasionally, and then the sound of someone walking away from the area in a direction not headed towards him. After that, there was an odd silence, and he risked poking his head out from the cover of the tree for a few seconds to see what was going on. Just out of caution, though, he'd retreat back into cover after those few seconds, to make sure he wasn't spotted.

Hay gaiz
Heatwizard: English, learn it.

In general: Watchmen movie's gonna suck. The whole thing was sorta average from what I saw. Comicon, I mean, not the Watchmen movie.

SOTF podcast?
Go to bed.

SOTF podcast?
We're still talking!

SOTF podcast?
Heh, all in favour of falling asleep in the middle of the chat just to annoy Chad?

SOTF podcast?
Yeah, that was actually the first MSN chat we did. It was on AIM for a few minutes but I moved it to MSN because there were more people there.

SOTF podcast?
Jul 27 2008, 07:14 AM
As in we all get on and talk instead of type to each other? I like that idea. Do you guys still have SOTF chats that I'm not invited too? I remember there being a lot during V1, then I stopped getting invites.

There was one yesterday on MSN, but you weren't on.

SOTF podcast?
And my axe, etc. etc.

SOTF podcast?
True. Biggest worry, I think, would be running out of things to talk about.

SOTF podcast?
Sounds good. One question though, would guests only be SOTF members, or would we be getting people from outside the site?

SOTF podcast?
Jul 27 2008, 03:28 AM
you have audioplays/skits of SOTF? I know your a voice actor, which I think is pretty awesome. I think it would work out perfectly if you were a co-host or something. Or whatever is going on, no details yet seeing as this is just an idea I'm throwing out.

Where are these skits though? I would love to hear them.

Though anyways, you probably have experience then with editing audio files and stuff? If you did, I'm sure you could help in that way, or at least give me advice on the best programs and tips and stuff. I'm not an expert with audio editing, I studied acid pro in school for a while, and I edit movies with Sony Vegas, though I wouldn't call myself a pro.

Um...technically I don't yet, I'm just working on some. None of them are actually done yet. Currently my idea is to turn the announcements into audio productions, full voicing and sound effects and the like, though I've only just started on one of the scrips and am currently looking for lots of sound effects. I don't have a lot of experience with sound editing, but I can try to do that.

SOTF podcast?
Well damn, and I thought my audioplays/skits would be the only such SOTF project. I think this could work, though I don't know the first thing about podcasts. Could easily at least cohost or something.

The little details for realism sake...
No, that hasn't been done before. Not that I remember anyway.

The little details for realism sake...
Three words: Don't be Bukowski.

So, just for the sake of knowing where to look...
Nobody has a problem with that, just have fun with it and make sure the post doesn't just throw everything else in the thread out the window.

So, just for the sake of knowing where to look...
At the beginning of every month, there is usually an announcement made to signify the start of the new day. Before the announcement is posted, the staff do rolls to determine which characters are slated to die. At the end of every announcement, the list of rolled characters is posted so people know who has to be killed off. However, it's up to the handler of the character how they die, it's not first come first served. The inactives are similar in that the staff rolls a random location for the inactive and sends the character there, playing as them under the SOTF_Help account. Once the destination has been reached, the death is RPed out as if it were a normal thread. Incidents like Wade Wilson at the Lagoon are only done in circumstances where the above method cannot be done for whatever reason, but we used to operate on a "first come first served" system, and then a "person with the best idea gets it" system. Neither of them worked out well.

Edit: I should point out that a more thorough explanation of this is included both in the rules and the FAQ, but that's a good summary from off the top of my head.

The little details for realism sake...
I've always assumed that sort of thing, bathroom breaks and the like, took place off camera for lack of a better term, in the time between the character's topics/when they're in transit, though yeah I suppose it is the sort of thing you'd want to at least address every now and then.