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The Clock is Ticking
I know, he's almost dead.

The Clock is Ticking
Actually, technically "rocks fall, everyone dies" would be a mass collar detonation, but the same principle applies. And why is it that we have to blow up AT LEAST one building every SOTF?

The Clock is Ticking
Well, I WAS wondering when SOTF would finally have a "Rocks fall, everyone dies!" moment.

V2 vs V1 Characters
I don't see that one all that much, even as anti-heroes (and I've already placed my e-bet that Bryan Calvert would be the next winner, if barely) they are/were taking pretty different approaches to the game. For example, even before he ended up with one of the highest body counts in v2, Bryan seemed a lot more willing to kill. Damien actually seems a bit similar to a "what if" version of Hawley; where he started out with the same approach (getting even with people who tormented him outside the island) but, unlike Faust, wasn't redeemed.

On another note: ANCIENT TOPIC! 0.0

The Clock is Ticking
Jul 31 2007, 04:52 PM
You have approximately 12 hours remaining to kill your characters. No exceptions, no extensions. If there isn't a "THIS STUDENT - DECEASED" tag at the bottom of your current topic by 11:59 CST tonight, you will forfeit all rights to your death. You've had a month, there is absolutely no excuse for this.

On another note, we won't be giving anyone this much time again.

Sorry, I've been having a hard time getting to finishing the post. I'll bite down on finishing it when I get back from training today.

The Bonfire
"Actually, yes, I saw all of that. Hell, I heard the two of them planning to jump you. Don't know what Tyson said to you, though."

Darnell didn't know if Bobby, who was clearly angry about the entire incident, and Darnell and Erick interfering seemed to make things even worse, would be expecting the football player's response, but it was the truth. Darnell had actually been planning to warn Bobby, but hadn't expected Tyson and Troy to get to the boxer so quickly. Darnell looked over at Erick again, seeing that the new kid was still calm and analyzing the situation, but seemed to have tensed up a bit.

"Had no idea about any of that, I just got here," Erick admitted, shaking his head and moving a bit so that McCann could see him more easily, "This true, what Darnell's saying, Troy?" Erick sounded annoyed. At what Darnell didn't know, but the emotion was still there.

"I know they started it, man," Darnell said to Bobby, still placed to hold Troy back, if for no other reason than to stop either him or Bobby from attacking each other, while making eye contact with the boxer, "but come on, just let it go. You know what the cops would do if they saw this? They'd break up the party and arrest all three of ya! This is one of the last times we'll be together as a class, and I'm not gonna let you three ruin it. Just calm down, this isn't worth it."

Darnell was hoping that he could appeal to Bobby Jacks' sense of reason and get him off of Tyson, but he didn't know if it would work. He just hoped Bobby would drop it so the party could return to being just that, a party.

The Bonfire

Few people in Southridge had ever heard Darnell Butler yell, in fact it seemed like he had never raised his voice to anyone as far as most of them knew, but once he noticed what was going on between Tyson, Bobby, and Troy, he had offered Evelyn a quick apology and made a beeline for them, determined to stop the fight before it started. This was one of the last times they'd ever be together outside of a classroom, he didn't want a brawl to break out and stop things. Thus, he had forced his way past the people already forming around the fight-to-be (including Anderson) and between Troy and Bobby. Pushing out one muscular arm, he held it out in front of Troy to show he wasn't intent on letting him pass by, while maintaining eye contact with Bobby. He was waiting to see how the boxer would react to Darnell's interference, and the football player readied himself for anything Jacks might pull. He hoped his wrestling training would come through if blows were thrown.

"Bobby?" This quiet voice came from behind the group before any response could be made to Darnell, "Cool down and let Tyson go, or I will break your fucking arm."

Looking over Bobby's shoulder, Darnell saw who the newcomer was. Erick Rischio, the new kid. He had moved into Highland Beach the past summer, and always seemed to be withdrawn, and a bit nervous. Of course, the cold confidence as he threatened Bobby Jacks (who, as far as Darnell knew, was the best boxer in Highland Beach, if not all of California) showed none of this. Erick stood tall behind the black men, his lack of a shirt showing the many scars on his body. Most of them just appeared to be faded scrapes and the like, but there were a few that drew particular attention. There were a few circular scars with what appeared to be burns around them on his right arm and gut, and during one second where Rischio turned around for a second due to hearing something behind him, Darnell could've sworn he saw a dark diagonal scar in the centre of his back. Rick brought a hand across some of the stubble on his face as he waited. Did he know what he was getting himself into?

"Come on, man," Darnell urged, wishing to break the tension, "Just let Tyson go, let's relax and enjoy ourselves. This is a fuckin' party, don't need to brawl here. Have a damn beer or something, just chill."

He found himself wondering if he was capable of "ejecting" Jacks from the party if the boxer was still intent on causing trouble.

I can't not make a poll
I should've clicked the "Slacker" option just to mess with people, but eh. The "I am Spartacus!" thing was only funny once.

Inactivity Auction
Jul 16 2007, 04:04 PM
Basically what I want to do is have Horace and Justin fight and have them both kill each other so I can kill two birds with one stone.

They'll get into some sort of misunderstanding which will escalate into an arguement which will turn into a fight, you know, that ol' chestnut. It'll be good though.

Horace will trip Justin then drop a bowling ball on his groin and with his brute strength he can ram his tonfa through his eye socket. Just as Justin's brains splatter across the pavement he drives his knife into Horace's gut. He staggers around with his intestines hanging out and trips and falls into the sewer and then Slayer's thing happens to him.


That or he just dies of blood loss.

Wouldn't him having had his head cracked open badly enough to "splatter his brains all over the pavement" kill him instantly? On a more serious note though, if you get the rights instead of me (as now we have to wait and see which of us gets them), I would appreciate it if you did not rip off my death idea.

The Bonfire
Huh...maybe I should warn Bobby about those two...

The fact that he could hear every word of what Tyson and Troy were saying from where he and Evelyn were standing should've been obvious to the two conspirators who were plotting to beat up the champion boxer, after all Darnell and the two of them had exchanged glances not a minute before going into their own conversations, but whatever. Darnell considered warning Jacks before either of them got to him, but that could wait. For one, he didn't know where exactly Bobby was and didn't want to break off his conversation with Evelyn just to search the entire beach for him. Also, he was pretty sure that no matter Jacks's condition, Tyson and Troy wouldn't stand a chance against him in a fight; Darnell wasn't even sure he could beat Bobby in a fair fight. Nevertheless, he listened to what Evelyn was saying, though he kind of zoned out for a second when she asked him about what her mother would think about him getting her drunk.

After a few seconds of said zoning, which was more him being lost in thought and becoming temporarily drowsy from the heat of the bonfire they were standing so close to, he let out a small chuckle.

"For now, who cares what she thinks? No disrespect intended for your mom, she's a very nice lady from what I know, but you're here to relax and I suspect keep an eye on us guys. I'd discourage alcohol, but there ain't anything stopping you from having some if you wanted."

When he said that, Darnell Butler gave Evelyn a very wide grin before laughing, "And if any George Orwell monsters pop up, I'll knock 'em out for ya!"

It was clear from how he talked that he was trying to take her mind off of team matters for the time being. Assuming they made it all the way, their last game together would be in December, and then they'd go their separate ways until college. Even then, it was unlikely any of them would be in the same school, and if they went into football they'd probably play against each other. Of course, then there was the NFL for those of them that made it-the one thing that had been the source of Darnell Butler's (and as far as he knew from their conversations, Evelyn's) dreams for most of his life.

"Of course you'll be drafted," Darnell said finally in response, though his voice and facial expressions seemed to take a darker, almost sad tone, "Players like us, a coach would be STUPID not to draft us, 'specially if he's seen our high school games!" another, weaker, laugh from The Bull (who was a much nicer guy than his nickname suggested), "...fuck. This really is the end, isn't it Evelyn?"

God...to think that after June this year I will probably never see most of these kids again. Such good times. Bad times, too, but good times. Friendships made and lost, hearts broken, virginities lost, these really were the best years of our lives once all the drama was thrown aside...shit it went by fast. Darnell's hand went to the knife scar on his face as he thought silently, his eyes starting to mist up a bit.


Meanwhile, at the parking lot on the other end of the beach, a red coloured Dodge Viper slid quietly into a parking space, and then came to a stop. Two people got out, one calm and the other slightly jittery, and started to move towards the beach.

OOC: Yeah, this post is finished, the arrival of some of my other characters was intentionally left that way for literary purposes on my part. That and I'm tired and my hand hurts, so I don't wanna write any more than this right now.

Inactivity Auction
Here's my request for Justin. Hopefully less one sided:

Basically, Justin left the Botanical Garden out of boredom a little bit after Blake left, and when the topic starts he's on the freeway. He decided he didn't need the extra weight of the chakram and threw it away earlier, and he has his knife drawn in case he runs into anybody on the freeway. He can barely see anything beyond a few feet of him because its so dark, and complains about this while considering playing the game. While weighing the pros and cons of this, he hears gunfire from far off, but due to the volume of the shots these sound much closer than they are. Already starting to get a bit paranoid from being this close to Endgame, he panics and runs away from where he heard the gunshots, eventually tripping over something. When he falls, he ends up accidentally stabbing himself through the stomach with the knife he got from Maggie Heartgreeder. Staggering in pain once he struggles to his feet, he stumbles again and this time falls into an open manhole, bashing his face on the concrete, the ladder, and then the ground when his entire body hits at a pretty good speed, then rolling into the sewage by mistake. As he starts to drown, his collar detonates from being in a danger zone.

The Injustice!
Because your account hasn't been deleted.

As I just said, I could make some fodder characters for you, but I might not have time for a lot of them.

Favorite Roleplaying Games
I don't play many RPGs, unless video games all count (as you're playing the "role" of the main character/characters).

The Bonfire
They had worked pretty much silently on the firepit for several minutes, Darnell personally ignoring most things that weren't on that topic (even Paul Smith's fireworks show, which barely garnered a surprised glance from The Bull) in a way much similar to when he trained in football or wrestling. It had been more work, and harder, than Darnell originally thought, but he and Tyrese had eventually finished. Straightening back up to his full height, surprisingly he wasn't that big, he rolled his shoulders and cracked his neck to get rid of the stiffness. He returned Tyrese's grateful nod with a grin and a thumbs up before he felt someone tap his back. Ignoring Troy, who actually annoyed him with his attempts to fit into the "gangster" stereotype but was otherwise a good kid, as he spoke with Tyrese, he turned around to look at the speaker.

Of course, he would recognize Evelyn's voice anywhere, but it was polite to acknowledge someone talking to you. It turned out he had managed to convince her to come along, after all. He was glad for that; not only because he enjoyed the team captain's company, but because he knew she would burn herself out if she didn't relax once in a while.

"Good," he said in response to her saying that he won and she decided to come, "You need to take the occasional break. That body of yours isn't invincible, it'll break down if it doesn't get any time to recover."

He had wanted to say that when he called Evelyn earlier to try and convince her to show up, but he thought it would've sounded rude. Putting that aside, Darnell knew there were no risks of anything happening to ruin either of their scholarships at the party unless they did something very stupid. Not only did the class president have political connections, but the police were very laid back and wouldn't do anything if the kids didn't majorly break the law (though they probably got startled by the fireworks), they were barely even needed due to the low crime rate in Highland Beach.

One of the best towns anyone could wanna live in. We've got everything. the fullback thought, a smile still on his face as he looked around, laughing a bit at some of the antics of his classmates.

"So, what do you want to do?"

Hey Everyone
What was a ripoff now?

In Search of Friends
I already ran the idea of Erick getting into some kind of relationship with her by you, but I think it could be done if you had nothing against the idea.

The Official Slack Contest!
12 AM in his timezone, Laz.

I partied with Morgan, Jack and Jose

Allow me to clarify; even though we didn't RP it, it is canonically the first SOTF program, but it is debatable whether or not it is actually considered an official SOTF. Basically, I'm asking the opinions of the members in terms of which they believe. Put more simply, whether they think Sydney Morvran or Adam Dodd was the first SOTF winner.