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Roll Call
I'm still here. Schedule's finally clearing up some, so I can try to post. Still, I've explained the lack of posting in the away topic. Trying to get one up now.

Same here. Been busy with real life stuff, so haven't been able to post. I am making progress on it though, so I'll get it done as soon as I can.

Happy Father's Day
You shouldn't need an excuse to get drunk. :P

Happy Father's Day
Holidays are for people who need an excuse to get drunk.

Happy Father's Day
Ouch. Talk about a backhanded message.

Happy Father's Day
Father's Day can go fuck itself.

The X-Factor
Clive: Telepathy and Telekinesis

Psycho Mantis? :P

Jack O'Connor: Super-intelligence almost bordering on literal omniscience, proficiency with machines to the point where he can hack literally any computer system with ease. Hacking the Pentagon would be part of his before-breakfast workout. Proficient with firearms, but not perfect. Balanced out by not being very skilled in close quarters combat.

Jacob Starr: Near, but not total, invulnerability, advanced healing powers.

May think of more later. Just seeing if this gives the topic a good jolt.

Allergies are going crazy. I'm trying to post, but no guarantees until I can at least breathe. Oh, also exams and the fact that I've hit rock fucking bottom (again! It's actually starting to piss me off.) and can't motivate myself to do anything in the real world, let alone an online RPG. So yeah, I'll try to post if I can, but this is a notice so you're not surprised if I can't.

The Basics

Handler Name: TBH but my friends call me Worthless Scum.

Your Trademark Character: Dunno. Darnell, I guess?

Current Status of Trademark Character: Heartbroken, headed towards the jailhouse from the airfield, trying to come to terms with having killed three people and beaten the crap out of one of his friends in a rare outburst. Struggling with feelings of self hatred, probably praying when he gets the chance.

Favourite Character: Several

Favourite Weapon: Any assault rifle/submachine gun.

Favourite Scene: BB vs. Josh. No matter your opinion on BB's character, that was a cool way to dispatch him.

Favourite Death: Tilmitt.

Favourite Quote: Sean's tirade against Gabe and Dominica.

Favourite Thread: Several. Of the ones I've personally been in, I have to say the tournament final, just from how much fun I had in that fight. With other threads, though, there are too many for me to pick just one.

Favourite Post: I can't decide.

Favourite OOC Thread: The threads during Pregame where Cyco and Scipher pretty much verbally tore everyone who ever posted in Pregame a new one. Dudes, that was practically your Crowning Moment of Awesome, though I wonder how many people other than myself were convinced to hate Pregame as a whole by those posts.

Favourite OOC Post: See above. Every post in those threads was distilled awesome and asskicking.

The Plastic Hammer Awards!

Most Evolutionary Character: Keeping in mind how he was in v1's start, Adam Dodd's come a hell of a long way.

Most Revolutionary Character: I'm holding out for the day someone makes a character who revolts against Danya, wins, and establishes the v3 island as an independent Communist nation.

Most Unorthodox/Original Character: Can't really say. Every concept has been done at least once.

Most Realistically-Portrayed Character: None. In my opinion, if it goes to anyone it's a tie between a bunch of 'em.

Most Heroic Character: Neil, if just due to his sheer commitment to the cause. Even a bitter old man like myself admires that sort of thing.

Most Villianous Character: Lenny and Bobby are pretty much the only two good villains so far, in my opinion. All the others read like they're from a comic book. John R doesn't quite count, in my opinion, since he hasn't quite done anything villain-like yet.

Most Tragic Character: Don't have a specific character in mind.

Most Humourous Character: Owen was funny, if annoying.

More Characterization

Which character did you relate to the most? To be honest, Dan Brent was pretty much me taking my own image of myself and cranking all possible negative traits to 11. At the same time, Darnell's to some extent the embodiment of the kind of person I wish I was, though over time I've been trying to flesh him out past the self insert/sue stigma. So I relate to them the most since one of them is what I think I am and the other is based on who I'd be if I had a choice. *watches as all possible hope of making Darnell a good character goes down the drain in everyone else's mind*

Which character did you feel the most for? Nobody, so far. I just haven't been able to get that emotional attachment to any character.

Which character do you feel 'played the game' the best? Everyone who's still alive.

Which character do you think had it the worst? *shrug*

Which character would you be willing to kill yourself? You mean I can only choose one?!

Which character were/are you cheering on to win SOTF? None, though I'd feel it a bit contrived if Dodd won again. Just too predictable.

The Drama Category

Most Tragic Scene: None

Most Disturbing/Gory Scene: Lots of gory scenes, no really disturbing scenes.

Most Pivotal Scene/Event: The abductions. Without them, Southridge's '07 class wouldn't be on the island. :P

Most Humourous Scene: None

Most Action-packed Scene: Dunno

Most Emotionally Moving Scene: None

Death, Death, and More Death

Most Tragic Death: None

Most Violent Death: Timlitt, Meg wrote that scene far better than that hack Victor's scene could've ever dreamed of being.

Most Disturbing Death: Timlitt

Most Unexpected Death: Gabriel.

Most Original/Unorthodox Death: Not sure.

Most Humourous Death: None. I've never once laughed at a post on SOTF.

Predictions and Disillusionment

Who are you counting on to be the overall winner of SOTF? Dunno.

How do you predict the ending of SOTF is going to turn out? It'll probably never be posted.

If you could change ANYTHING that has happened thus far, what would you change? I'd move the game starting date up a few days.

How do you think V3 has differed from V2/V1, and has that change been positive or negative? Why? A lot of the characters are more believable, but we still have too many people who came straight from a comic book, still too many fucking self inserts, and a few Mary Sues. I actually think it's positive, since I believe that each game has been at least a bit more realistic than the one before.

Your thoughts on SOTF

How much did you enjoy/not enjoy SOTF? I really enjoy reading some characters' posts, reading about the storyline, and thinking up characters/backstories/posts, but actually trying to play is almost unbearable for me. I try, it's just near impossible for me a lot of the time. Don't know how many posts I've almost finished before saying "fuck it" and deleting them.

What do you like the most about SOTF? The plot, I guess.

What do you think could have been better about SOTF? Can I skip this one?

How would you compare SOTF to the original BR? Better. BR sucks.

How do you feel about the injection of more storyline into the V3 announcements? Great idea, makes it more interesting. Put more storyline in!

Would you like to see a SOTF v4? Would you stick around to RP in it? Dunno. Right now? I'd say "no" because I'm in one of the worst moods I've been in for several years. I tend to change my mind a lot.

What do you think about the dice roll system that SOTF uses? We seem to have it down pretty well. Now if only people would shut the fuck up when their characters are rolled.

What do you think about the BDA/BKA polls that SOTF uses? Interesting idea.

What do you think about the locations that have been chosen for SOTF? Meh. Not bad. Heh, truth be told I suggested at least half of 'em.

As a RP community, how much of a future would you say SOTF has? None.

Do you feel that SOTF has helped your writing style, ability and/or educational performance in any way? No. Unless it's made it worse.

Are you having fun yet? Fuck no. Stupid question. Next!

SOTF Season Three Casting
Meg, your "Tara Reid as Terrie" pic doesn't work.

Rhys' Art-ness
If you find the time, I'd be interested in seeing you try to do Darnell. No big deal if you don't have time with the other requests on top of it, but it'd be interesting to see.

Roll Call
EDIT: Chill, past-me.

Roll Call
All ye ever bloody do is whine about waitin', so yeah, I guess ye could say ye fraggin' mentioned it.

Roll Call
Jun 8 2008, 04:17 AM
Well, uh, given that half the "Last post by:" messages belong to me, I'm pretty much still around. >_>

Only half? I think you understate yourself. :P

Roll Call
Dude, you just signed up. Of course you'd be here, you haven't had time to disappear. No offense, but I think he's talking about the regulars who used to be here.

Roll Call
As for myself, real life isn't just beating the shit out of me, it's kicking me while I'm bleeding on the ground. Even when I can get on to try to post, it's just impossible to think something up half the time. I'm really not going to get into the personal issues, since it's not worth bothering everyone over. Real men deal with that shit on their own. All that aside though, I've been trying to post, it just hasn't been coming to me, and nobody else is doing anything either so there's that "why bother?" attitude.

Roll Call
*shrug* Might be exams. Or SOTF might just have gone through its lifespan already and is at the point of no return. Too far gone. All that good stuff. Six feet under.

Roll Call

Roll Call
Nah, we've just been smoking the reefer while your back was turned. And Xal doesn't like you and tried to get everyone to leave. And Ocelot dies in MGS4.

Posted Image

On that note, who the fuck is Butler47?

The X-Factor
Darnell would be the Badass Normal of the cast, I think, having no real powers beyond being good enough to take down most mutants in hand to hand combat. Might also be a crack shot, simply gunning down enemy mutants who try to stay out of range.

Dan would have some kind of invisibility type power.

Dante might be similar to Wolverine, really don't know.

Adam (character I'm working on) would pretty much be a poor man's answer to the Juggernaut, only slightly more stoppable.

Dunno about the rest.