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v5 Rules of Thumb
Rule 23: Cardio

Sorry, had to. :P

V5 begins now
(Something went weird and this double posted.)

V5 begins now
I thought of a not-stupid question! The people back home have no idea what happened until early July going by the prologue - will the "back home" section be set then?

TT Reads V5 Pregame
Give Mike Eastmund a look if you like - it's not like he's in a lot of threads.

Mitadake High/Pryce High
You download BYOND, not the game.

Mitadake High/Pryce High
We need Toben in these games, so we can have a competent killer for once.

MurderWeasel's Brutally Hardcore Realism Litmus Test
What counts as unusually well-developed? 'Cause if we go by being muscular, for example, you ding like... every athlete.

Mitadake High/Pryce High
Spoiler: click to toggle

Mitadake High/Pryce High
Iceblock's hosting a server now! Add Coldwater on BYOND or just put your BYOND name here.

MurderWeasel's Brutally Hardcore Realism Litmus Test
You can recover your skype account really easily, through the same means.

MurderWeasel's Brutally Hardcore Realism Litmus Test
You can download it free at skype.com, and I think it has a simple password recovery thing too.

MurderWeasel's Brutally Hardcore Realism Litmus Test
For appearance, how should we count it if BMI says one thing but the actual body type is another? BMI is borderline useless when considering muscle, for example, so it calls my 210 pound fullback obese. Also, what counts as a "notable" fight? Or "unusually" wealthy? Also, I understand the reasoning behind the sexual questions but it implies being sexually active on any level is unrealistic. :P

ALSO also, I really don't think the player's hopes for their character (get far/win) should result in points being added. It has nothing to do with the character's realism or quality. And you should probably combine the "Is your character racist/sexist/homophobic" questions into one catch-all prejudice thing, because it makes the list unnecessarily long saying those questions NINE TIMES.

...In fact, just get on MSN so I can chew your ear off more. :P

Prom, Huh?
(Getting Mike out of here.)

"Yeah, it really is."

Then a song came on and Mike went back onto the dance floor, because fuck this goddamn thread.

(Continued elsewhere)

Medic's Relationship Thread V2
I recall we've talked about Naomi and Mike being long-time friends, if you're still game for that.

(Mike E continued from somewhere, I give no shits. Katherine Ryan is an NPC due to the fact I couldn't get her registered for v5 in time.)

In the case of 'does it hurt more to get punched by a heavyweight boxer or to be tackled by a 250-pound football player', Mike had to say the jury was still out, but leaning towards the fat guy. Sure, he'd got him back later, but a wall of blubber smashing him to earth out of nowhere just plain wasn't fun. Yeah... he'd rather be running, or having one of Roldan's guys trying to knock his head off in sparring.

That didn't stop him slinging his helmet off and coming over to join his captain and teammates. Besides, seeing girls like Michelle, Kathy and Stephanie in those tight swimsuits after a tough game like that wasn't so bad. He waved to the group of swimmers and footballers, trying not to notice the little wink he got from Kathy. Baxter seemed busy with Michelle, though, so like Cody, he elected not to bother him.

"'Sup, Cap?" Not how he'd usually greet Patton, but hey, he was covered in sweat and grime, something like that was fine under the circumstances. Especially after juuust getting by on their last stand like they had. "Was all that part of the plan or were we just making things up as we went? It can be hard to tell with you sometimes."

Just a good-natured rib. Lord knew he took enough from the captain for it to be justified.

Leaving v5. Chuck Soileau up for grabs
Fuck it, adopting Chuck.