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Is it too late for friends?
It is always both too late and not too late.

I will post more of a thing later. Tired.

The Critique Game
Is this the right forum for this sort of thing?

Kingman info thread
I'm gonna update this thread now that pregame is open! Anyone want specific info for the next post?

Fenris does sprite stuff!

Crisanto Luz description

Now that we know the school colours you can try him in a baseball uniform if you like too.

*flies through the gates of oblivion with characters*
Baseball and softball seasons happen simultaneously and would thus be mutually exclusive.

Base and Bastardly Ballers We Be!
Updated! I hope for all our sakes he's better at baseball than MMA! Any runner will obviously be going to him first so he'll have to be a good fielder with quick reflexes to catch throws and stop plays, and teams will often put their power hitters in the corner positions (first and third, right field and left field), something to keep in mind when putting him together.

Speaking of updates, I wanted to note that this isn't just restricted to the first nine people to post. Baseball teams generally have a lot of players to work with, for purposes of positional depth - if you only have one guy who can play first base, what happens if he gets sick or injured or can't play on a given day? The starting lineup are the nine guys playing on a given day, and teams seem to often have a first string that are usually the starters, but substitutions and such are a thing. For example, look at these lists for the New York Mets, as well as these rosters for actual high school teams in the area (or at least the division Kingman's schools seem to be in for 2015). As you can see, there's room to put people in without worrying too much about room, and we can always hash out who's generally starting where among ourselves (or I guess assume the first nine to sign up are the usual starting lineup); plus, if you'd rather your guy be more of a backup player, the option is there.

*flies through the gates of oblivion with characters*

Rod might occasionally forget about the genderfluid stuff but not out of malice. Dunno how often they might interact but I could see them getting along reasonably well when they do. Rod might try to push Enzo to not slack so much because he's super ambitious.

Curtis thinks Enzo is a weirdo trying to be a special snowflake, but that's in part due to the more conservative background he was raised in, and he figures Enzo isn't hurting anyone so why hassle him.

Cris has mutual friends with Enzo since IIRC he and Ulysses are pot buddies, I could see them chilling. Cris might be a bit of a downer at times though. Might also think Enzo is a bit odd but hey, it's Enzo's life.

Kaylee is nice and friendly and non-judgemental so I think they'd go pretty well together if they hang out. She'd like him being a calming presence and sympathetic ear.


Rod is a wrestler and into MMA, and before the injury trained at probably the same gym as Noodle (the main one in town seems to be the KCC). Possibly had a few fights himself. He'd be supportive of her hobby, and they have similarly serious, really driven attitudes, though I could see Rod being concerned that Toby is pushing herself too hard. He has probably told her that college and fighting aren't mutually exclusive.

On the face of it Curtis seems to be similarly busy but not as much of a workaholic. Not sure how much they'd interact though.

Cris is quite amused by Noodle, though it's tempered with seeing a lot of how he burnt out in her. He's probably half-seriously told her to just unwind for her own sake and spend at least one weekend not giving a fuck. When it comes to things he still cares about though, he is still highly competent and really hard working, so that could mix things up a bit for her too.

I could see Kaylee being friends with her. She works hard for her own ambitions so there's some common ground, and like Abby could be all "please actually sleep and eat and stuff" with Noodle, looking out for her as best she can and whatnot. Noodle can come by the diner Kaylee works at if she wants.

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
Can you produce a log showing permission? :O

[Help!] I Forget Who I Have Relations With (´・ω・`)
While I'm waiting on you, I'll throw up ideas for your lot with the four I have so far.


This isn't SOTF-TV, so if they were to know about Jazz being an SOTF "fan" all four of my current lot would be shocked and disgusted. Curtis would remain polite but be more distant, Kaylee would probably be even quieter and sorta avoid her - or if pressed be all "that's horrible!" - Cris would kinda be like "That's fucked up, yo" and Rod would basically tell her to fuck off and that she disgusts him. Something to factor in before any of the other ideas with her, since we'll have to figure on how much any given character knows about her hobbies. Due to my own personal interpretation of mainverse (mainly, that SOTF fandom wouldn't be a thing, or if it were only insofar as there's sickos out there who fangirl over the Columbine killers and such) this will probably be a universal thing to note for further characters I come up with too. Now, otherwise:

Curtis is the most likely one to actually know Jazz, because of anime club stuff. He's likely nice to her and reasonably friendly, though she comes on a bit strong for his usual tastes; her weeaboo stuff probably irritates him and he tries to discourage it, without crushing her interest in Japanese culture overall. I could see him recommending lots of non-anime Japanese cultural stuff to her, like insisting she read Murakami or whatever. He comes from a pretty conservative background but has slowly been breaking away from it, and maybe her interest in social justice is helpful to that. It could be another thing he thinks she overdoes a bit, though, depending on how Tumblr she is with it. If she does anything drugswise he could sell to her, if he can trust her to keep it on the down low. He is very careful about his business, and would have most likely observed for a time before offering his business at all to see if she can be trusted. The most likely to stay somewhat friendly if he knows about the SOTF fan shit, because he doesn't believe in burning bridges.

Rod could go either way, with liking her to a reasonable extent (for one they have similar interests in social justice) to being annoyed by her being so loud and overbearing and boundary-less. Maybe tries to get along with her, if he doesn't know about what she's into. Would find her disgusting if he learned about SOTF interest, but doesn't care about drawing and roleplaying and stuff; that's sort of a "hey, you do you" thing.

The boisterousness and lack of boundaries would startle Kaylee a little and generally make her feel a bit uncomfortable around Jazz, but I could see her being friendly in a way where Jazz isn't hurting anyone and Kaylee generally tries to get along with people, and Jazz thinks of them as friends and Kaylee isn't the type to be all "Uh, no we're not." Maybe Jazz frequents the diner Kaylee works at? They have some mutual interests, especially since I think part of Kaylee's artistic side came from her mother being a court sketch artist who does other art work for a side income.

Cris might be a bit of a downer for Jazz, but that could possibly just be a balancing influence. She doesn't seem possible for him to deflate without really putting effort into it. He likely thinks she's fun to be around if a bit tiring. A lot of her eccentricities would kinda roll off him because he doesn't waste a lot of energy caring about a lot of things. He might snark at her a bit though.

Any of them are reasonable candidates to have been kissed (except possibly Kaylee) but it would've been her idea and depending on context reactions would vary. If she's pretty enough one of the guys might've even kissed her back. :P This would've been before any fallout from SOTF fan stuff of course, so it's something to discuss.


Scout is going to be stepsisters with one of Rod's closer friends, so they know each other. He's generally decent if not pushed, and I think they can bond over their mutual hatred of Kingman, not to mention her being into video games. They can play together and maybe he can beta test stuff she makes. All of my characters hate Kingman in one way or another and want to escape it; the variance comes in to what level they dislike the place, why, what "escape" means to them, and the like. I could see them being friends, especially since Rod tends to make it clear to people when they're starting to tread on thin ice, which could help her with picking up cues from him and whatnot.

Kaylee gets bullied by some, so Scout could have come across her in her anti-bullying stuff. Dunno if they have much in common but they could either be acquaintances on good terms or maybe Kaylee finds her a bit off putting. I get the vibe she'd try to be nice to Scout but success is up in the air. Been thinking she has an interest in horror, though not so much occult stuff, if that helps to know. Her dad is on the city council, dunno if Scout would care about that while interacting with Kaylee since she hates Kingman so much.

I dunno how much Scout might interact with Cris or Curtis. Let me think on it, or we can discuss it. Curtis would be polite to her if they interact, Cris doesn't really care what Scout might think of him but might identify with how she always looks so tired.


I dunno what prep is in this context.

Dunno if Ashley would know Rod unless she went out of her way to approach him, it's another one I'll think about. He'd probably be reasonably nice to her if approached though.

Kaylee is a dedicated member of the theatre club and likely to be good friends with Ashley. She's straight but won't judge Ashley for her orientation. She has her own insecurities to wrestle with and cover for, but I could see her being willing to help Ashley deal with her anxieties.

Cris is ace pitcher on the baseball team and thus likely to at least be known to Ashley, since she's a baseball fan. He could be familiar with her from seeing her at his games and stuff, plus mutual friends with Alex and the like. He's a bit of a downer but pretty nice, in a "good listener and doesn't care enough to judge people" sort of way. Plus he's a pothead so they could smoke up and talk stuff while high and whatnot.

Curtis is likely to be nice to her and is perfectly willing to sell good stuff to her. Possible she got hooked up with him via Ulysses or Cris.


I'll keep you posted because future concepts might be going in for student council.

Rod would at first like her for her maturity and intelligence and what seems to be an ambitious nature, but things would get icy if she doesn't turn off that pious, better-than-you attitude around him. He absolutely cannot stand feeling condescended to, and would make it clear she is in no way better than him. He does like animals though and isn't that bad a guy deep down. If she doesn't piss him off with her pious air and rumourmongering and such, and he doesn't scare her away with his fiery temper and intense, intimidating demeanour, there could be something good there.

I could see Kaylee being someone she simultaneously looks down on a little and goes all momma bear for, especially since Jaylen would be aware of the rumours around her and her (not entirely justified, but not entirely unfounded) rep for being easy. She's pretty conflict averse and would thus try to not cause an argument, though it might not be hard to tell she's uncomfortable with Jaylen sticking her nose in her business. Kaylee's got a big soft spot for animals and probably has a couple dogs, so that's good bonding material, especially since like Jaylen Kaylee is an intelligent person with big goals.

Cris would think Jaylen is hilarious and maybe like being around her, half to snark at her and half due to seeing some things to like about her. He can respect ambition and getting shit done, as depressed and nihilistic as he is, and when he can actually motivate himself he's highly competent. Her looking down on him would slide right off him.

If Jaylen is dumb enough to try blackmailing Curtis she would quickly, and painfully, learn how bad an idea it is. Jaylen might have heard the occasional rumour Curtis is someone to talk to if you need a hookup for substances of a not-exactly-legal nature, but not in much detail, and Curtis would probably deflect any questions asked. I see them being polite and cordial to each other but Curtis feeling it's best they tread carefully around each other. Curtis is likewise a decent fellow deep down, but I'm not sure I see him trusting her enough to let her in to any real extent.


Rod and Piers seem like they'd get on well out of shared contempt for Kingman, though Rod might be baffled as to what the hell someone like Piers is doing here.

Kaylee would think he's cool and I could see them being friends. Depends a little on if she would be seen as guilty by association, since he hates Kingman and her father is on the city council.

Cris and Piers definitely seem like they'd be pot buddies.

Curtis would happily deal to Piers. There might be some slight, instinctive discomfort around Piers due to the environment Curtis grew up in but he would be polite and tolerant and not actually discriminate against him.

NAFT'S character dump
The wrestling thing team is fair enough, part of why I mentioned the KCC is there don't seem to be any Judo dojos in Kingman, though I don't think anything'd stop anyone from making one up. I could see Asher and Rod being on good terms but not knowing each other super well because they move in different circles like you said. The rest sounds good too, though you didn't respond to any ideas with Trevor; maybe Kaylee and Asher could have dated for a bit, possibly recently? Though her current boyfriend is De's Travis, so it wouldn't be a thing happening right now. We can hash stuff out at some point. I'll see if I have any ideas for Kelsey (I didn't know she was still going to see any use) and your other one, too.

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
I think what he's saying is it's kind of taboo to request characters played by other handlers for this kind of thing. There's no rule against it in writing, but it is seen as a faux pas.

V6 Concepts Thread
I'd say focus more on who your characters are than what they can do.

V6 Concepts Thread
Some of my concepts are pretty burly if that counts.

V6 Concepts Thread
Apr 16 2015, 05:47 AM

Apr 16 2015, 05:47 AM
scrawny and undermuscled

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General Video Game Discussion Thread
That sounds like quite a sworded affair.

New Official V5 Away Thread
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Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
I've site-PMed you. Also Mikaela should probably not look like Gaston!

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
We talked about drawing him in chat, I assumed that counted as a request.

Sent you the PM!

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
You forgot to put Crisanto Luz on the list.