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An offer you can't refuse (or, Maromar's relationship thread)
The kind of role you're assigning your guy would generally go down more to the school's athletic director, a faculty position, than a member of the student council, I'd think.

[Help!] I Forget Who I Have Relations With (´・ω・`)
I was in the whole time but you left. :(

EDIT: ALSO, there's totally a real Justice living in Kingman. I thought he was an actual Justice Armstrong but his last name is Jackson, as seen here.

Edit edit: Also also, what is a paternal father? Scout's father on her father's side? This is a weird family tree.

Introduction Thread
MK Kilmarnock
Mar 29 2015, 12:12 PM
You can only make students from junior or senior grades, NOT freshman or sophomore
Not to contradict Ricky here, but to clarify a little, in pregame you can theoretically put a character in any grade, but only juniors and seniors will be able to go into v6 proper.

what are friends
I dunno about my others, but if Jake does weed, Curtis Weldon can hook him up with the good stuff, especially since he deals to the Furies. He's a competitive powerlifter and about as big as Jake, so he's someone who wouldn't find him intimidating, especially since Curtis' dad is a serious player in the business. I'm not sure how much they'd interact outside that official capacity, but they'd get on at least reasonably well considering Jake's friendly demeanour and the fact Curtis tries to treat people well if they haven't crossed him.

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
I dunno if it's the shading on her face, but Stacy looks a lot older than she's supposed to be I think.

Base and Bastardly Ballers We Be!
Mar 24 2015, 10:19 PM
Based on the re-writes I'm doing for Alex, I'll put him in for consideration for catcher. It seems like the position he'd most likely angle for and suit him best, since he's at his top game when he's a defensive, overarching position. He's played for a long time and baseball is how he maintains tentative peace with his uncle, so he's pretty knowledgeable about the game. I'm only casually familiar with the sport but I'm throwing in hard on research for him anyway because I'm an obsessive nut. If the team'd prefer somebody else in that position, that's cool too, since it's an important one, just seems to be the best fit for him so far.
One thing I'd say to note well is the catcher is the most physically demanding position in baseball, them or the shortstop. Make sure Alex is someone who could handle the strain, especially since a lot of catchers end up developing knee problems down the road.

Base and Bastardly Ballers We Be!
Kingman seems like a pretty old school Americana kind of place, and what's more American than baseball? Especially since Kingman's real high schools seem to have some pretty good ballplayers, and the American pastime has something of a history in SOTF as it is. Cochise already has a few team members, so I thought having a one-stop shop thread would be a good way to organise who's where, figure out team dynamics and for people to express interest in joining up! While there's nine dudes on the field at a given point on the team, don't feel too pressured, because there's other roles needed after all. If you're interested in putting a guy on the team, follow the format here, name – handler name – position in mind.

Like Sansa did with the cheerleading thread, it'd probably also be cool to jot down known associates of the team.

Current Members:

Crisanto Luz – TBH – Starting pitcher
Cristobal Morales – backslash – Second baseman
Morgan Jones – Pippin – ???
Tony Lambert – Fiori – Shortstop
Alex Darby – DuckyB – Catcher
Jerry Fury (Who? :P) – MK Kilmarnock – First baseman
Gary Merlino – MurderWeasel – ???
Meryl Weaver - Namira - Starting pitcher
Irene Djezari - CicadaDays - Reliever
??? - Bro - ???
??? - yugi - Third baseman


Other positions needed:
-More fielders; even if all the infield positions fill up, we'll need people who can play backup and stuff.
-More starting pitchers; your typical baseball team has a five man rotation, to allow its pitchers to get enough rest between games, and high school baseball has mandatory rest periods for its pitchers, because pitching is actually super hard on your arms
-Relief pitchers; the guys in the bullpen waiting to pick up after the starter if he starts underperforming, getting tired, whatever

Friends and stuff
Bump with further ideas!


Roderick Kanuho (formerly Hashké) has mutual friends with Kimiko, since Clarice is an ex and one of his closer friends. I think they'd get on well since Kimiko seems like someone who would've been familiar with him long enough not to get scared off by his intense demeanour. I could see him knowing just enough sign language to communicate with her, or at least understand what she's signing. He did date Ivy for a while, dunno if that would matter to Kimiko, but he also dumped her pretty viciously, so there'd be that.

I don't know if she would know Curtis much but there's a chance they're familiar. Any interaction between them might go reasonably well because she's really friendly and he's in general a pleasant person to be around if you haven't pushed his buttons. There's a chance he wouldn't get that she's mute until told, though.

Newish concept Crisanto Luz might know her, especially if she follows sports other than basketball. If Kimiko can put up with Cris being a downer sometimes (he doesn't go whining and complaining unprompted but he definitely gives off a pretty down vibe, and when he gets all philosophical it's not a happy discussion; however, when he actually cares about something he's driven and highly competent, which Kimiko might have seen) and that it might take him a bit to adjust to the muteness stuff, I could see it going reasonably well. Chance he might have hit on her before because she seems pretty nice looking, up to you if anything came of that for good or ill. If she shut him down he'd respect that. I figure he's probably pretty popular because as baseball players go, the shortstop and the starting pitchers tend to get the most spotlight.

Kaylee has problems with bullies, so I could see Kimiko having stood up for her in the past due to the anti-bullying thing. Kaylee'd be grateful and really nice to her when they interact. I don't remember if I've told you anything about her so if you need I can fill you in.


We've talked about the fact Travis and Roderick would be buddies and training partners at the Kingman Combat Club. Likely even post-injury Rod supports Travis' MMA stuff and helps where he can. I think it's not impossible Rod has had an MMA fight or two himself, maybe Travis suggested it to him.

If Travis has any vices, Curtis can hook him up. I could see them being acquaintances on good terms in general.

Cris and Travis have enough in common I think they'd be friends, especially since they both have that vibe of preferring to relax and try to have a good time rather than worrying about things, plus they're actually really serious and competent when it comes to their chosen passions and areas of expertise. We could play some contrast there with the fact Cris isn't so much laid back as burnt out from being unable to stop worrying about everything, which has resulted in a general feeling of apathy. Or if not apathy, a desire to just chill and go with the flow because it's not like he feels like he can affect anything. They might work out together too, because Cris hits the gym a lot to strengthen his body and keep in shape - he especially focusses on his upper body, to strengthen his arm for the huge strain pitching puts on it. There's a reason pitchers get elbow surgery so often!

I think Kaylee would like Travis. His laid back, no worries approach would feel good to be around considering how much she stresses about stuff. She's not super into MMA herself but I think she'd support his fighting, going to his fights, cheering for him, congratulating him on his wins and comforting him for his losses, that kind of thing. They could easily be friends, and if Trav had any interest in anything more I could see her being up for it, we could figure out how serious anything might be because I could see anything from a steady thing to more of a FWB arrangement.

I'm drawing a blank on Faith-Hope, I'll get back to you on her. Rod might like her blunt mannerisms though, and it's possible Faith-Hope could judge him for having dated Ivy or appreciate the very public way he dumped her. Just the first thought off the top of my head.


Rod is an ex of Charity's but they're on good terms and still friends; it was more that they both knew it was a casual thing and moved on from it without any worries, especially since I figure Rod's obsessive attitude towards his training has probably got in the way of a lot of his relationships. I could see Cameron knowing Rod through that, and they probably go decently together. If nothing else I don't see Rod disliking her unless in one of her no filter moments she insulted him.

Like with Travis, if Cameron does anything Curtis would be willing to supply. I think he'd find her music and body paint interesting. They could get on well but maybe Curtis would be a little wary of that complete lack of a filter; he might be careful what he lets her know in case she goes and blabs to someone she shouldn't.

Cris would like her chill, amiable approach and enjoy hanging out with her, and wouldn't mind the lack of a filter because sometimes he's like that too, mostly when he's high. Not to mention that while he does listen, he lets insults, rude things, etc. slide off his back like water off a duck because he's generally apathetic towards that kind of thing. Like with Kimiko, might've tried his luck but he wouldn't be too bothered by being turned down.

Kaylee, like Rod, has Charity as a mutual friend and thus could know Cameron. Things are a little awkward between Kaylee and Charity currently though, because long story short (and Flare can let me know if I've got any details wrong) pre-Cameron Charity was interested in Kaylee and had to be gently shut down after making a move. Kaylee feels really guilty because she feels like she led Charity on, even though she still likes her as a friend. I could see her being friendly with Cameron in general but let me know how that awkwardness could affect the dynamic.

V6 Q&A
Does staff like hurting other people?

V6 Q&A
Where in the city will Cochise be located? We talked about locations a bit on the last page but will any notable real locations get their own forums?

Ba-wumpa-bump. Cris Luz is a notable athlete who at the very least would travel in the same circles as the popular crowd, maybe on the borderline because he's well known and shows up at parties and such but is a bit quiet and sometimes kinda depressing to be around.

Love Me & I’ll Bake You Cookies
Some stuff still needs to be sorted out when we get a chance, including stuff I PMed you about a while back, but Oskar would at least be acquainted with (or mutually aware of) Roderick Kanuho and Crisanto Luz, since he's a cheerleader and they're notable athletes. We've said he would know Curtis from the choir as well, and he's a fellow bookish sort so there's that too. Kaylee needs to be updated because in your lists she's still ??? when her last name is Lytton. We discussed the possibility of Rod being one of Hazel's exes, but never hammered out anything definite. I doubt there's competitive badminton in Arizona but hey. I can't remember what we've established with Josh but I do have a concept who might know him from student council.

MW's Tiny Critiques: Strength/Weakness
For some reason when you said character-breaking asides I didn't connect to the fact you meant the OOC notes. The one leaving We're Above It miiiiiight have been partly meant to call people out for totally ignoring me until I almost went inactive, admittedly not my finest hour. I'd put a lot of effort in and was annoyed nobody thought I was worth a reply. :P And the one going into the bazaar thread was like, that was the only chance I had to post anything before a big move and all, so I needed everything there. But thanks for the look over, it's appreciated as always.

MW's Tiny Critiques: Strength/Weakness
Mar 23 2015, 12:01 AM
Secondly, and on the super nitpicky level, I counted eight explanatory notes or character-breaking asides in Max's posts and maybe two of them were necessary.
Just wanted to ask a bit of elaboration on this? It's been a while.

And yeah, definitely needed more outside the action bits, but I didn't really get a chance to. Everyone ignored his first thread until I almost went inactive, then in Hanley's Bazaar I started running up on deadlines.

Tardy for the Party
Ba-dump! Here's a new character for you to look over and see how he fits with your lot. Being a rather good looking athlete who walks in similar circles to the popular kids, I could see him being an ex of Rhiannon's, amicable or not is up to you (she might like him but be pissed off by how much of a downer he is? Or maybe they knew going in it wasn't a super serious arrangement and they went back to being friends, or whatever.) and things could maybe be made awkward by him having a casual thing going with Graciela. His attitude with girls is basically "Is she pretty? Is she interested? Fuck it, why not." Dunno for sure if he'd know Rochelle, but he does know the Furies and Ulysses is into the tabletop stuff, so maybe there's crossover.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
While a retrospective discussion on 72 Hours would be fun, especially in light of the definite influence it had on SOTF to some extent, I think actually making a game out of it would be more trouble than it's worth. Especially since a lot of those characters definitely wouldn't fly by today's standards (Damien, anyone?) and we have our hands full with the current minis and mains.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Yeah, 72 Hours and for a while its sequel used to be the big dog in BR fandom - hell, it's the reason we have BKAs. Nowadays though it's nowhere near as high profile, especially since its author disappeared, and I'm of the opinion the fic hasn't aged well.

V3 Read-A-Thon
Reroll me when allowed, too.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Seems pointless, especially since it doesn't address the reasons BRAURP failed.

Resource Thread
The Absolute Write forums are positively overflowing with all sorts of useful stuff.