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Dylan Harris
I logged in again just so I could say this: Go.



Seriously, do it. Fuck off. There's a fucking limit, and this shit? Crosses it so hard you can't even see the limit from where it is. It's just fucking disrespectful, dude. I hope so hard you're a troll, so I can go back to believing nobody is this fucking callous. And staff, this shit needs to be said, no matter how strongly worded it is, so don't delete it please. Seriously, dude. Just. Fucking. No.

I'm pretty much persona non grata here as is, so I might not even need to say this, but I'm leaving SOTF indefinitely. Not only because I've managed to make it so that nobody wants me here, but because I just no longer have the interest, even when I have time. Besides, only a matter of time before Aaron bans me anyway. Since they're the only people I trust to even try to keep them in character and not use them as fodder, Arch gets Nicole and Dan gets Reeves. Actually, Dan will probably immediately use Reeves as fodder. But as said, I've been here for as long as the site's been up, and it's been such a big part of my life that I'm just burned out. Y'all will be happy I'm gone, anyway.

She's baaaaack.

That is all. Oh, and "hello".

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True, it's possible, especially since a lot of it depends on the individual woman. Some people can withstand certain sizes better, usually due to being taller or heavier (though not necessarily fat, even though it helps and breasts being 90% fat or so means size is almost directly proportional to the woman's weight). After all, there have been similarly endowed characters in the other three versions, though only a few of them were obese. It's perfectly possible to not be fat and yet still be well enough endowed that the back strain is too much without reduction surgery, but it's just more likely that she would be fat, especially since she's mentioned as being heavier than most girls.

v4 Concepts Relapse
Feb 28 2009, 01:56 AM
@Danorum: I definitely think Chloe's a good idea, I like the backstory with her parents in particular, she seems like she could be interesting without being too over-the-top or anything. I can't claim to know much about breasts, but I think she'd have to be suuuuuuper-overweight to have ones big enough to warrant needing surgery to reduce them. Not that I think that's a bad idea or anything, I'm just sayin'. It'll be interesting to see how that affects her while she's on the island, though.

I don't know all that much myself, but I do know some things (mostly because I had to research it while making my own characters). It really can depend, there are women with seemingly ridiculous sizes who merely look busty, for example, but yeah, if they were so huge that reduction surgery was absolutely necessary she would probably be very overweight, which might well have been the intent considering she's described as larger than most girls. Back pain would be an issue for any well-endowed girl, along with the weight thing (basically, you can't have a chest the size of some of the SOTF girls' if you're a stick). What I'm trying to get at with the rambling is that, from what I've been able to learn and stuff, you have it right. Though yeah, there's nothing really wrong with Chloe being fat (is it just me or are we getting a lot more well-endowed girls in v4?).

That aside though, Chloe does seem interesting, Danorum. And we've discussed your ideas on AIM, Clue, so you know what I think, heh. Okay, seriously, I swear I'll eventually have concepts up in this topic.