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Inactivity Sweep
First come first served is good in theory, but there has to be a limit so the first comer can't claim the whole damn list. :P

Inactivity Sweep
No need to get hostile. Even fish can drown in a river sometimes.

Inactivity Sweep
Mar 28 2007, 08:35 PM
I'd like to take Sorenson and I'd like to adopt An Linh Tuan if at all possible. It seems I might have to fight for them...

EDIT: If I don't get those I'd like to place my grubby little hands on Mitch Gunther and Cathalie Meguro. I have a splendid send off just waiting for them.

Damn right! *pulls off glove and throws it to the ground*

Nah, I kid. I've already claimed Sorenson, but if you get him I'll just claim someone else.

Inactivity Sweep
Claim rescinded. Will look for a new claim.

Spring Break
Eh, 300's probably overrated. As for Spring Break, I'll probably be ramping up my training during that stretch of time if the fight hasn't gone under by then, because by then it'll be so close I can smell the ring. World ends in 2012 anyway, so what's the point?


The Ol' Drawing Board
Odd, I was seeing more of the "GRAAAAAAAAAGH!"*proceeds to eat person it's looking at* side in that picture, but can't get 'em all right. :P

The Ol' Drawing Board
At least we know it definitely does NOT come in peace. :P

The Ol' Drawing Board
Dec 31 2006, 08:54 AM
Seeing everyone's art on here is making me feel more confident of putting something that I'm still kinda working on up for all to see. Some of you may have already seen this one, but here's my interpretation of one of my characters.

Enough jabbering, here's a pic I did of Vesa Turunen:

Posted Image

(If the image is too big, feel free to insert appropriate chastisements wherever you may.)

Those proportions are just fucked up, mostly looking at the arms with that. As for the...I think that's Mai picture, not gonna touch it. I have a feeling the "looking like a psychopathic alien, maybe even an alien zombie" thing was intentional. Looks fuckin' creepy either way.

Me again. As I've mentioned before, I'm an amateur boxer and haven't had a fight yet, but my coach is trying to line up a fight for me on June 9th in Mechanicville, presuming he can find someone in my weight class. Thus, I will have to spend the mean time dividing priorities, especially with preparing for the fight and making weight. SOTF is not on that priority list, for the most part. I'm not leaving per say, but I really won't be doing much.

No No Nanahara
That's true, I guess. Heh, "faceless sensitive assholes".

No No Nanahara
Maybe if you did, you wouldn't get in my face at every opportunity.

No No Nanahara
What, I'm not allowed to have my own opinion? It came across as a ripoff, so I said so. Since when does this board frown upon criticism? Oh, I forgot, I'm not in your little clique, so I don't have a brain. My fucking mistake. :rolleyes:

Well, This Is It
Until the little brat drives you insane with its constant crying, moaning, and generally being a nuisance. *hates kids* Regardless, good luck with life and stuff and remember it's all ending 12/21/12.

What do you do outside of SOTF
School (where I am surprised to have not gotten in any fights yet), watching TV, occasionally playing video games, generally being bored, and being a boxer. Haven't had any amateur fights yet, but I train regularly.

The Third Announcement
Question. Since I said that Walter was headed towards the residential, but I didn't make the topic in time, does that technically mean he's not there yet?

No No Nanahara
To the point of a ripoff.
Edit: For those bleedin' hearts out there, 'cause I know those of you who are are lining up your sights (:P, so you know I'm fucking joking. For Darwin's sake, can't a guy not be serious for once?), that was a criticism, not a personal attack.