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The Most Dangerous Game
So what exactly was the point of copy-pasting this story? I mean, if you wanted to discuss the story, you could have just made a General Discussion topic about it.

Start - G07
Of course, what Ken, Kristin, and the others didn't seem to notice was that Darnell hadn't even been awake to hear them. Looking at the floor, with his head in his hands, he appeared as if he was in deep thought. However, that wasn't true. The truth? Shortly after Kristin had entered, just before Ken started his rant that destroyed the trust the group had in each other, the exhausted Darnell Butler had dozed off. After having spent so many hours running through the jungle, finally coming across the cottage, he had been almost too tired to think when he was finally let in. Putting his head down quickly, he had figured he could at least shut his eyes for a few minutes, gather his thoughts some as he rested, and at worst he'd be woken up later. This turned out to not be the case; as his eyes slowly opened and he rose his head up, he could see nobody. The entire cottage was bathed in darkness, without a sound to be heard. The door was even left open, showing the night outside. Blinking slowly a couple of times, he rubbed his eyes and let out a loud yawn.

...Huh? What's going on? Did I miss something?

A low groan escaped him as he pushed himself to his feet, blinking again and looking around while he walked to the door. While it had been very hot earlier, at night the island was freezing, so he figured he should at least block off the wind that was blowing in while he tried to figure out what was going on. The island was eerily quiet at the moment, so when the door closed it sounded much louder than it actually was, causing Darnell to step back with a wince. When the noise didn't result in a psycho with a machine gun ambushing him, he allowed himself to relax, his eyes already starting to adjust to the dark. Turning around, he went to his pack and dug through it, eventually finding the flashlight therein. Flicking it on, he moved the beam of light it created through the living room, yielding nothing.

"Hello? Kallie? Matt? Ken...? Guy? Anyone here?"

His call received no response, other than the noises outside. Something wasn't right, but Darnell wasn't ready to give up yet. Logically, if anyone was still inside they would have heard him, but they may have been asleep. Of course, the darker side of that coin was that if anyone hostile was inside, and Darnell had slept through whatever they did to the rest of his group, they were alerted to his presence now. It was definitely too quiet. Shaking his head, Darnell slowly stepped around the couch, making his way to the bedroom door while keeping alert, listening for the slightest noise that would indicate the presence of someone else. There were no signs of life other than his own as he pressed his back against the wall near the bedroom door, slowly moving his hand to the handle.

He hesitated. How could he know there wasn't someone with a gun right behind the door, ready to fill him with lead the second he opened up? Cold fear settled in the pit of his stomach, clenching his guts in its grip. He couldn't stop, he had to be sure. If he let the fear get to him, Danya would win. The terrorists would win. He didn't know where everyone was, but he had to find them. If he never saw any of them again because he was stupid and took a nap, if they all died out there and he never found any of them...

I don't know if I could forgive myself if that happened, especially with Guy or Kallie. Alright! On three! One...

His grip tightened on the knob, his hand twisting it a little.


He started to lean more heavily on the door, slowing his breathing.


Twisting the knob completely and rushing against the door with his shoulder, Darnell pushed the door wide open, quickly bringing up his flashlight as he stepped into the bedroom. There was no killer, no sleeping friends, just Darnell. His first guess had been wrong, and he was wasting time. It was stupid of him to think they were still in the house, if they were there'd have been some response earlier, and the fucking door wouldn't have been left wide open, with all the packs and everything gone. He was being an idiot. Kallie, Guy, Ken, Matt, Kristin...they were probably all out there being hurt or even killed, and he was just fucking around, letting it happen while he couldn't even figure out they weren't in the god damn house.

"SHUT UP!" he snarled at himself, shaking his head, "Shut up! Shut up! SHUT THE HELL UP! They're NOT hurt, they're NOT dead, and you're GOING to fucking FIND them!"

Oh, great, so now I'm yelling at myself.

Taking a couple of seconds to calm down, Darnell took several deep breaths. He couldn't let the stress get to him, he wouldn't be any help if he did. He had to stay calm, keep his head on his shoulders. He'd find his friends, try to meet up with the rest of the team, and they'd beat this fucking game. Yeah, they could pull it off this time. There were smart people on the island; if they found Andrea it'd be smooth sailing. All they needed was a way to get rid of the collars and a boat. His grimace slowly returning to a grin, he flicked off the flashlight to conserve its battery as he headed back into the living room and to where his pack and hedgeclippers were. Putting the flashlight in the bag, he closed it up and slung it onto his shoulder, placing the hedgeclippers back in his hands. He'd have to hurry, anything could happen in the middle of a night like this. Besides, empty houses always gave him the creeps, especially in the middle of the night. Especially in a death game where anyone could kill you. That meant he wasn't entirely comfortable in the cottage anymore, no matter how safe a hiding spot it was.

I'm not here to hide. I'm going to find Kallie, Guy, any other friends that are here, and my team, and I'm gonna barrel straight through anyone who gets in the way if I have to!

It hurt him to think that way, he didn't really want to be violent against anyone, but this was real, and the gunshots and screams he had heard before dozing off to begin with were likely the sounds of kids being killed. If he wanted to survive, if he wanted to protect his friends, he'd have to accept the fact that he'd have to hurt, maybe even kill, anyone who attacked them.

God, I'd be lyin' if I said putting me in SOTF didn't make me a tad pissed off at you, but please don't make it necessary. I don't want to have to hurt anyone.

Taking another breath, he gathered his courage and opened the front door, walking through and closing it behind him. His brain told him that finding Guy or Keith first might be more useful, but his heart told him to go after Kallie. They could all take care of themselves, but as horrible as Darnell felt to think it the thought of Kallie being hurt out there just...affected him more than the same thought of Guy or Keith, for some reason.

"Darnell, you're a fucked up son of a bitch."

To be honest, he had no idea where to start, but he didn't care. He'd search the entire island for them, if he had to, and he figured going in any direction would get him closer than staying still would. Thus, he put as much speed as he could into a sprint into the surrounding jungle. At the least, it'd be good to get out of the house.

OOC: Darnell Butler will return in Best Served Cold.

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Pomme de Terre

In all honesty, Daniel wasn't sure whether or not to believe Paul when he said he'd be willing to work with him if Dan took his spear off of his chest, as he had already decided he couldn't afford to really trust anyone. Cracking a small grin at Paul, he realized that if the positions were reversed he would probably just tell Paul whatever he wanted to hear in order to give him (Dan) a chance to get up and retaliate. How could he know Paul wouldn't just pull out a hidden weapon and kill him the second he was allowed to stand? He couldn't. Of course, Paul seemed honest enough, but anyone could be playing this game. Everyone probably was. Really, killing everyone else was the only way off the island, it was stupid to think escape was possible. This was the real deal, after two years of dreaming, and the only person he could afford to trust was himself. They'd all be gunning for him anyway, the least he could do would be to return the favour. Nothing against Paul, but he had to do what he had to do.

Guess I should've expected him to mouth off to me like this. This is Paul Smith, after all.

"Don't be a smartass, I'm the one with the spear," Dan said, poking his spear into Paul slightly, though not enough to hurt Paul, "I'm about to take this spear off you, so just get up, an-hey, wait a second."

It had been the poke that had tipped Dan off to the fact that something was up. After he had initially "made" his spear, he had stabbed Lance Barret's corpse to test it. Because of that, he knew what pressing a spear against flesh felt like. However, poking Paul had felt entirely different. It seemed more like his spear was against a wall or something metallic than flesh and blood. He had also noticed the positioning of Paul's hand, as if he were reaching for something in his coat. The logical solution came easily: Dan's spear was on top of a concealed weapon. Paul Smith had tried to trick him, proving he could not be trusted. Clearly it was a mistake to think of him as a possible ally. Dan did indeed lift the spear off of Paul's chest, but instead of taking it away he immediately shifted it so that it was resting on Paul's throat, a bit above the collar, pressing hard enough to just barely start to break the skin.

"You little rat," snarled Daniel Brent, his face twisting into a grimace, "you tried to trick me! You were going to use that weapon you've got hidden to kill me the second you had the chance, weren't you?! Worthless one eyed prick, I knew I couldn't trust you!"

This guy would've killed me if I had done what he asked! Too close...can't make this mistake again.

"So...here's the deal," said Dan after he had taken literally a second to gather his breath and thoughts, "you're going to SLOWLY take out whatever weapon that was in your jacket, and you are going to hand it to me. When I get the weapon, I will take away this spear, and you will leave. Your pack stays here, too. If you do anything else other than what I said to do, you're a dead son of a bitch." he pushed down the spear a bit harder, just to prove his point (pun not intended), twisting it just a small bit.


Start - G07
Darnell listened to what Ken had to say, once again convinced that the boy was completely right, but before he could open his mouth to respond the door opened behind him. Turning around to see who it was that had finally decided to let him in, he had to physically suppress the urge to grin as he saw Kallie Majors. She had opened the door quickly, almost as if the presence of Darnell and Ken irritated her and she just wanted to get the whole "letting them in" thing out of the way, and for a second Darnell almost felt compelled to apologize for being there, but instead he kept the hello and the apology in his head, quietly moving into the house after adjusting his hedgeclippers. It wasn't to say that he wasn't happy to see Kallie, he was very much so, but it looked like that would have to wait. Damn if she wasn't dressed to impress, though; seeing Kallie in little more than a tube top and skirt made it a bit hard to resist the temptation to stare. Not like anyone could blame him, he supposed. Still, he followed her inside without objection, immediately being struck by the feeling of how much cooler it was in the house than it had been outside. Sure, it wasn't exactly air conditioned, but anything was better than that jungle he had been walking through for the past couple of hours.

God DAMN this is a relief!

Obliging Kallie's order to sit down, Darnell made his way around what appeared to be a coffee table and onto the couch, ignoring the slight creaking sounds the forty plus year old wood floor made from the weight of his footsteps while pushing past the other occupants with polite apologies while trying to avoid smacking anyone with the hedgeclippers or the pack on his shoulder before he physically flung himself onto the not-too-hard-but-not-too-soft couch, placing the hedgeclippers on the table and the pack on the ground near his feet. As Kallie moved to close and lock the door, he took a second to look around, taking in the identities of the others in the house now that there was enough light to see anything. There was Matthew Wittany, one of the school photographers and one of the few people Darnell didn't know all that well. He didn't seem too bad the few times he had spoken to him, though.

Come to think of it, I haven't spoken to that kid much. Well, looks like we'll have plenty of time for talkin'.

Looking away at Matt, he saw the diminutive Parkour aficionado known as Guy. Guy...he didn't know well at all. He was probably one of the shortest kids in the class of '07, but seemed to be good friends with Kallie. The two had met once or twice, but Darnell didn't know him very well. Still, he couldn't have been too bad if he was friends with Kallie. Didn't mean Darnell had to worship the ground he walked on, though, just that he couldn't have been as unrespectable as he looked. Darnell tolerated Guy most of the time, but individually he didn't really like the kid all that much.

His teasing and attitude are a bit annoying, really I just wish he'd shut up for once. He talks too much. But, he can't be that bad if Kallie likes him.

His knee started to throb a bit, but Darnell chose to ignore it, running a hand through his short black hair quickly as his eyes moved to another member of the group. Outside of the occasional interview or argument about SOTF, Darnell had never really spoken to Ken Lawson before. In the very rare instances that he did, though, Ken seemed like a cool person to hang out with, if a bit withdrawn at times. He was very active in the anti-SOTF community, which had seemed silly to Darnell at the time, but it seemed Darnell had really shot himself in the foot there. Whenever the two argued about the subject, Ken tended to come across to Darnell like he was talking down to him, and sometimes this carried over to interviews after things like big wrestling meets or tough football games, but in most of the conversations where they weren't talking about SOTF, they got along fine.

I wonder how he knows so much about this stuff. Way he talks I get the feeling some of the stuff he knows ain't stuff you can find in a simple Google search.

After that, he brought his eyes around to the front, at Kallie herself, Darnell making a point to look up at her face instead of at her assets, though a bit to the right so it wouldn't look like he was staring at her. What was there to say about Kallie, really? Well, for one, she was one of the hottest girls in the school. That was definitely a plus, especially when she was not wearing much clothing. Regardless, she wasn't a typical hot ditz, either, as she seemed to have a good head on her shoulders, at first catching Darnell off guard with her interest in more typically "guy" oriented things. For some reason the combination of intelligence, personality, and overall beauty she possessed had caused Darnell to be drawn to her. In retrospect Darnell had found himself wondering if he had fought so hard against Paul Smith in the tournament final more because he wanted to win the money for Lance Barrett or because he wanted to impress Kallie Majors. He had been crushed when he found out that Kallie hadn't even attended that fight, but he understood. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't confused about the deal between himself and Kallie, though. She seemed to think of him as a friend, and that was good enough for Darnell a lot of the time.

...Except when it isn't. Gah, I wish I could just make up my mind on this. I'm a Senior, I'm supposed to HAVE IT ALL FIGURED OUT ALREADY!

Coincidentally, that was when Kallie had elected to ask the assembled "group" what weapons they had been given. This was what had snapped him back into reality, and reminded him that he was surrounded by armed classmates. Guy promptly piped up, revealing the impressive looking bayonet the terrorists had given him, eliciting a low whistle from Darnell himself as he nodded approvingly at the weapon and what Guy soon after said about beating the game. That bayonet, and the sword clearly possessed by Kallie, however, served to remind him of the relative uselessness of his own weapon. Seriously, a pair of hedgeclippers? How was he supposed to use that in a fight? It was awkward enough just walking around with it. It was okay at clearing vegetation, but he wasn't sure how it would do any good against a psycho kid.

"Well, as you guys can see I got...hedgeclippers, heh. Talk about bad luck, I don't think I can even pretend to be able to usefully use this thing. But, Guy's right. We can't just give into this game, though I know it's tempting since none of the groups from the last two games actually succeeded in getting off the island. I know I'm sure as hell not gonna let that fatass Danya turn me into some wild fucking animal with a bomb tied to its neck! It may sound like a cliché, but we do have something in the way of that; these collars. We need to figure out how to get these off before we can do anything. I think we can do it though, call it faith."

The Mary-Sue Test
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The Mary-Sue Test
It's more a case-by-case basis. These things only really work as a general guideline, if that.

The Mary-Sue Test
Darnell- 13

Dan- -7

The Mary-Sue Test
Says the guy who got a 44 on that test. ;)

Start - G07
The first thing Darnell Butler (or, as the terrorists called him, Male Student No. 1) did when he heard the voice directly behind him was make a slightly strangled sound as he inhaled out of surprise before completely freezing up. In his eagerness to get inside the house and get some shelter until the place was made a danger zone, hopefully making an ally out of whoever was inside, he had completely overlooked the possibility of someone sneaking up on him. Mentally cursing to himself, he allowed himself to slowly look over his shoulder at whoever was talking. He could only hope it wasn't anyone who actually wanted to play something this twisted, or he was fucked. Getting killed by some lucky asshole who got the drop on him because he was too dumb to not keep his voice down? That wasn't Darnell's style, but fortunately as he looked back he could see the person behind him at the least did not have a gun. In fact, Ken Lawson didn't seem armed at all. Relief took over, and Darnell allowed himself to relax, a small grin appearing on his face as his grip on the hedgeclippers (which was tight enough that if the hedgeclippers were, say, someone's arm, that person would be in quite some pain) loosened.

He didn't know Ken Lawson well, though the boy had interviewed him a few times, but the kid was an okay guy from what Darnell knew. Of course, one of the few things Ken Lawson and Darnell Butler had ever really clashed about was Ken's position as an anti-SOTF activist. Darnell had always thought it was foolish that Ken was so bent on protesting something that Darnell was sure was just fiction. It was like those people that wanted to ban books or censor movies. Of course, now it turned out that Darnell could not have been any more wrong, and Ken could not have been any more right.

He probably thinks I'm a fucking idiot, now...

"Hey...Ken, right?" Darnell said, chuckling a bit, "Yeah, I remember. Can't say this isn't a bit awkward, but at least it's good to see a friendly face. Um...sorry about the arguments we've had about this, though I guess it's a bit late for being sorry. You might be right about the hedgeclippers, but...y'know? I've never used a pair of hedgeclippers before. Hey, did they even give you a weapon? You don't look like you got anything."

After saying that, Darnell noticed that Ken seemed to be paying attention to the cottage the two men stood in front of. Darnell had thought he heard voices inside before Ken started talking, but he hadn't been able to pinpoint anything. Still, the slowly building light made it easier to see, which was always a plus. Turning around to completely face Ken, he offered up a light shrug. It was good, at least, that he'd already found someone that didn't look like a player.

"I'm starting to wonder if anybody's home. Maybe I was just seeing things."

Pomme de Terre
"Well, that was pointless. And an awfully poor performance from the so called 'second best fighter in Southridge'."

Worthless he may have been, but if there was one thing Daniel Brent (Male Student No. 35) was good at, it was feigning confidence. This was especially true when the boy had a plan he was ready to set in motion, such as now. He had woken up somewhere in the jungle at the very start of the game, and had made his way to the hospital before the action there started, quickly falling asleep. Waking up some time after the chaos had died down, he was at first convinced he was dreaming. After all, he had dreamt of being in SOTF for the past two years, and wasn't surprised to find a collar around his neck and cameras in the room he slept in. He had been a fan of Hawley Faust during the first game, as he could identify with the poor boy (well, except for all those wounds and dying of a nasty infection), but he wasn't pleased to find a bobblehead doll of him as a weapon. Fortunately, despite still being exhausted, Dan quickly found something better; a mop. Yes, a mop, but he didn't leave with just that. Bracing the mop against one of the cots, he was able to break it with a kick due to the pressure being put on in two different directions. Using the broken handle to smash a medicine cabinet, he had taken a particularly large and sharp piece of glass and used it to tear a strip off of the sheets on one of the cots, using it as a makeshift rope to tie the glass and mop handle into a makeshift spear, a few test thrusts proved that it worked fine, though Dan took the liberty to tighten the sheet a bit just to make sure it wouldn't come loose when he really needed the spear to work before he headed out the door.

While leaving, he was unsurprised to find Lance Barret's corpse (as he still thought it was a dream) outside, and decided to stab the corpse as a test of the spear. Much to his surprise, not only did it successfully pierce the dead man's flesh, proving the spear's sharpness, but the resistance the body offered to Dan's stab was all too real. He was understandably alarmed at first, but was able to quickly regain his composure, get his pack (throwing away the bobblehead), and leave.

That was what had brought Dan to the abandoned storehouse. Moving quickly despite his fatigue, he was able to climb up to an empty window-frame with some difficulty, climbing in and going down the stairs to the first "floor" of the storehouse. Hiding behind a crate not faced by any cameras (thus obscuring him from view of anyone watching SOTF at the moment), he had started to formulate a plan. Unfortunately, he had more or less promptly fallen asleep. He had woken up again not too long after, right in the middle of the conversation between Adam Dodd and Paul Smith. Frozen in a mixture of fear and surprise, he was only able to slightly turn himself around and adjust the "spear" so that he was able to watch from behind his crate as they started to fight. He nearly shouted in surprise when Adam easily defeated Southridge's second best fighter (which made him wonder how Adam would have done if he had joined the tournament) and ran off, but was able to keep his composure. After a couple of seconds of internal debate, he rose to his feet, took his spear, and walked over to Paul, who had yet to get up, voicing a quick taunt as he raised the spear and placed it more or less over where Paul's heart would be from Dan's position (Dan was standing just behind where Paul's head was).

It was worth noting that Paul Smith, for all of his arrogance and all of the humour Dan gleaned from the fact that Adam had kicked his ass in about two seconds, was one of the only people in Southridge High School Daniel Brent truly didn't have anything against. His antics sometimes made Dan laugh (and sometimes made him sigh), and despite his attitude he struck Daniel as something of a nice guy. This, however, didn't mean Paul Smith was not a threat to Dan. In fact, for a second Dan mused that he might be better off simply slipping his spear between Paul's ribs, killing him, but Paul would be better as an ally than as a corpse.

"First, don't move. You wouldn't want this spear to slip, would you? Anyway, that was some hit you took, Paul. That fight would've been easier if you had some backup. You're a big guy, and one of the toughest people in this school, but even you need someone who can watch your back while you sleep. How about we join up for a bit? It'd certainly be easier than toughing it out alone."

Normally Dan wouldn't have ever thought of talking to Paul that way, but for once his confidence was real. If Paul did anything, a simple push downward on the spear would seal the fate of the cyclops. He was in charge, for now at least.

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Quick Concern for RP
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