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We survive by friendship
OOC: Sure.

We survive by friendship
OOC: Considering the mauling Tori is trying to perform on your character, I don't think it's a good idea to completely ignore all her actions.

Now that things have begun to take shape...
That makes more sense, but in that case you might want to change "evaluations" to "reviews" to prevent a misunderstanding like that. Contrary to the beliefs of certain beligerant members, that was just advice.

Now that things have begun to take shape...
You mean like the evaluations on the wiki? We already have 'em.

A Rivalry I Would Have Loved To See.
Feb 20 2007, 06:53 AM
Fuck you, Slayer. I've had enough.

I didn't even do anything and you're starting a fight with me, and you call me pathetic. It's the internet, Adam, grow up.

Edit: In response to Jotun, Ali/Foreman was just one fight, if I recall, and thus wasn't a rivalry in the most classic sense.

No No Nanahara
As in everybody's better off not reading it because it's just a waste of time that will only result in the pointless genocide of the indigenous peoples we know as our brain cells.

A Rivalry I Would Have Loved To See.
That's just being stupid.

A Rivalry I Would Have Loved To See.
I know, I was just saying that for some reason that was what came to mind.

A Rivalry I Would Have Loved To See.
For some reason, I was expecting this thread to be about the Ali/Frazier fights. Therefore, I was about to tell you that both are still alive to my knowledge, along with the fact that Adam is not a god.

Look like the cub is now a lioness...
Feb 17 2007, 11:30 PM
A little bit later during the day, but nonetheless: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

How does it feel to be a woman? I guess I could just ask Slayer in a few years, but that's not the point.

The point is this:

Posted Image

All hail the lioness! Now where's your Simba?

I'm a guy, you stupid fuck.
Edit: Don't fucking bother telling me it was a joke either, I'm not stupid, I know that was an insult.

Ideas for Life/Death
It's not as fun when it's all been done before.

Ideas for Life/Death
It's not as fun when it's all been done before.

SOTF V2 Villains
Feb 6 2007, 07:14 AM
Please for once and for all shut the fuck up and stop being such a horse's ass, or I will start deleting your posts whenever I damn well please because you're being such a fucking dick all the time.

Abuse of power? Maybe.

But you're quite frankly being a pompous arrogant dickface all the time, and spamming as much as anyone else. To think that I once stood up for you when everyone else was putting a hate on you. What a waste of time that was.

Look who's talking. You're the only "pompous arrogant dickface" or "horse's ass" here, and you're most certainly the only one who's a dick all the time, unless it's to someone who masturbates to your posts (which I do NOT do, which explains pretty much everything). Back the fuck off, if anyone else had that opinion, you wouldn't bother them at all. I have this post copied, so if you delete it I'll post it right back.

SOTF V2 Villains
Please stop spamming.

SOTF V2 Villains
Feb 6 2007, 12:16 AM
Walter Smith.

Nuff Said. :P

He is not a good villain. He is a waste of time.

The Character Cap
175 seems like a good idea. 200 is too much considering v2 is on a smaller scale than v1, but 150 is too few right now. 175 is the closest thing to "in the middle" that's a choice.

Currently things on my end have taken a nose dive right into the shitter, and I have a very busy schedule. So basically schoolwork, a hectic change of pace in general in life, having to keep in shape for boxing training, and going to said training will cut my availability in posting in half, and that's if I'm lucky.

V2 vs V1 Characters
Oh shut the fuck up Adam. Don't you have anything better to do than start shit whenever you see I was the last poster? Besides, the exceptions would naturally be a matter of opinion anyway.

V2 vs V1 Characters
Just checking to make sure you realize you just insulted your own character, that's all.

The Second Announcement

Edit: Apology accepted, same's been happening here, I see your point.