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Fallout New Vegas Thread: Mojave, Mo Problems
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New General SOTF Discussion Thread
I think that the escape worked was important for v4's tone, especially as it created a sort of buffer between two very bleak versions.

Fallout New Vegas Thread: Mojave, Mo Problems
I'd say knowing how to mess with the enemy AI to get what you want itself counts as skill. It's not exactly fighting fair, but nor are you exactly using cheat codes.

Resource Thread
Dec 30 2014, 03:21 AM
Dec 29 2014, 08:02 PM
Because god knows we don't want a repeat of a certain other Native American character.
who is this

tell me
"Injun Joe" Gai

Anyone else having trouble getting the chat to load?

Introduction Thread
Dec 21 2014, 05:27 AM
does condor notice you
Probably, he did greet them.

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
Right, I should probably read Maria-

"Good thing nobody in the world knew that Maria Graham died years ago..." She said, reaching up to unzip her head, the zipper running down the length of her body, cleverly disguised enough that nobody could tell it's there. As she unzipped her skin, it fell away to reveal something monstrous.


Maria has been going without a shirt since Woods of Paranoia, having thrown it off after believing it was on fire, leaving her in just her fishnet undershirt and a bra topwise.

(Insert a bunch of posts with Llama being super creepy and Maria being a blatant fetish vehicle)

Fuck off.

Another please, Toben.

V3 Read-A-Thon
Tegan was a character who could have done a lot better with some pregame, though you can say that about most of V3. As it is, she has a lot of the same problems Wes pointed out in his review of Alice, but condensed because she's only in one post, that being the thread in which she decides to commit suicide. Suicide is a theme played with a lot in SOTF, and she wouldn't be the last person to decide she wants to go out on her own terms rather than let the game consume her - the problem is, like Alice, she is just so blatantly a construct for the audience's pity. Both their profiles go out of their way to establish them as people who, in game terms, have nothing going for them, and while Tegan isn't as overwhelmingly negative as Alice it ends up feeling like she is put together just so the reader will be sad when she throws herself off a cliff; the content of the post itself is interesting, but when you off a character in one post without building up to their decision in any way you'd better knock it out of the damn park or it will feel kind of pointless. I'm not sure Tegan did that, which is a shame, because Riser was unquestionably one of the stronger writers of the early versions, and a valuable member of our community.


V3 Read-A-Thon
You said I could be rolled back in on the fourth, it's now the sixth so I thought I'd ask.

Ban sibling characters.

Does he get bound at any point?