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v4 Concepts Relapse
Maybe you should learn your place and stop being a drama queen. Then people would think of you as something other than Douchebag Newbie #59201.

#6: Freedom or Bust
OOC: Darnell continued from the Proving Grounds.

Night was falling as Darnell forced his way through the jungle, checking his map for all the good it was and looking to see if he would run into Keith or Kallie, and it was becoming difficult to see, but when he eventually found himself reaching another clearing in front of a strange building, his eyes had adjusted enough to recognise that it definitely wasn't any building he'd seen so far in nine-ish days on the island. Curious, he held his Uzi up so that it was ready if anyone ran out guns blazing or blades swinging and advanced slowly towards the building.

What he found there shocked him. There was a large crowd of people inside, most of whom he recognised as having been announced as being dead. Needless to say, this amounted to him having a similar reaction to that of most of the new arrivals over the past few days, namely standing there with a "WTF?" look on his face.

"Okay," he finally said after lowering the gun. "You people have ten seconds to tell me just what the FU-" that's when he noticed it. Namely, that everyone except him no longer had a collar. First, he was shocked, but then a deep, relieved laughter erupted from him.

"You sons of bitches...we did it, didn't we?! Haha, I KNEW it was possible!" He said, moving more inside before closing the door behind him. "So, mind letting me in?"

This would've sounded stupid taken literally, considering he'd walked in himself and nobody had shot him, but the wink he gave the throng of other people told them what he meant; asking them to take his collar off and let him join whatever stupid plan they were enacting.

#4: The smell of napalm in the morning
Darnell and Alice had been waiting in this strange part of the jungle for a couple days, now, waiting for Kallie to show up. She never did, though, and minute by minute Darnell felt the concern and impatience pry at his mind and his will to continue. Then there was how Alice was acting, which was making Darnell nervous. He'd never really spoken much to the girl, but it just didn't seem right, and when he did talk to her it gave him a bad vibe, and made him suspicious about the fact that he knew he had left Alice and Kallie together when scouting out this part of the jungle.

The announcement drove any patience he had right over the edge. Letting out a low growl, he exploded to his feet, rounding on Alice with a fierce glare. She had to have done something to Kallie, or she'd have been there by now. With so many people dead, he couldn't bear the thought that he had potentially endangered Kallie's life by allowing this crazy girl to be alone with her.

"You bitch," he said to Alice, his tone low and threatening. "You god damn BITCH! I trust you, I bring you along with me in looking for Keith, and this is how you repay me?! Don't fucking lie to me, I know either you did something to Kal, or let her get lost! What, are you fucking blaming us for Guy dying?! Is that it?! Well, news flash, lady; EVERYONE is dying, not just Guy! He was my fucking friend! Him and Keith, they were like my brothers, you think I'd let them die?! FUCK you!"

Darnell was plainly too upset to listen to reason, instead finding his sword --the sword that'd killed three people, he remembered with a shudder-- and hefting it up. For a second it looked like he'd slash Alice with it, but instead he tossed it to her feet. "I'm going after her, you've done enough damage. Take that so you can defend yourself if you need it; from here on, I don't give a fuck what you do or what happens to you."

With that, Darnell picked up his bag, the Uzi, and headed off into the jungle.

OOC: Darnell continued in Freedom or Bust.

v4 Concepts Relapse
Dec 29 2008, 11:14 AM
You didn't answer my question Super Llama What's wrong with the name Jack Thomps? Also can't any of you peeps take a joke? I mean isn't this supposed to be fun and enjoyable not hmmmpph unrealistic. [/B]hmmppphhhh stop having fun guys. I mean cheer up. Drink some coke, cheer up. Also who said anything about me using the suit! I just said he had the suit, he has a brain, he's not going to put 60KGS on his body and faint all the time due to the weight.

This isn't the board for you. Go play with your clichés and sues elsewhere, leave the intelligent people here alone.

December Mid-Month Rolls
But Jessa's not dead. :huh:

v4 Concepts Relapse
No, it isn't. Even THAT is a stupid idea. Just drop it.

Mum was in a car accident Friday, and I've been spending the whole weekend taking care of her. You can see how this would have priority over some board I'm only half-interested in these days. I'll post when I can.

Wild Phone Sex
I'm sorry that you're quitting like you are, and that I wasn't able to respond to our thread quickly enough. I've been caught up in too many real-life troubles. I hope things get better, and next time you RP you don't end up with a lazy idiot, if you ever do again.

Jeremy's car: They couldn't hit an elephant at this dist- *blows up*


v4 Concepts Relapse
Firebug,Dec 17 2008
12:17 PM
Crash,Dec 16 2008
12:31 PM
Kyle's name is Kyle...

This is absolutely freaking hilarious.


Wow, that's really weird. It just popped into my head... o.O

Sure, I'll change his name if you want. I'd be a little freaked at that too... ;)

I would appreciate that, Firebug. Thanks. :)

Yossarian: Wrestling team members aren't called "players", they're just "wrestlers". Otherwise, seems like a pretty good list. Weird, I thought there were only three wrestlers in v3, though.

Been very busy, haven't been able to really get much together for a post. Will try to post in all needed threads tomorrow. Should get at least a few done.

v4 Concepts Relapse
Actually, on that note, would it be too much trouble to ask you to change his name, Firebug? I'm really not too comfortable with the idea of my name being used (unintentionally) for a RP, so if possible I'd appreciate that.

v4 Concepts Relapse
Firebug,Dec 16 2008
01:33 PM
- TBH, who has been formerly convicted for playing a role in an accidental death.


Um... are dangerzone deaths...
Dec 10 2008, 07:28 PM
Yeah, I know. I'm also a little sore because it seems that Carson's remembered as basically being a massive unrealistic Stu, plus the death post actually outright made fun of the last post I did with him, with him charging in and quoting Gurren Lagann... the death post was him attempting to charge OUT with his pants around his ankles, quoting Pokemon.

That's because he was, and RPed so stupidly and obnoxiously that I'd be surprised if anyone could tolerate your posts. Honestly, you deserved to be made fun of, especially for letting the DZ timer run out and then immediately bitching at us. So are you gonna shut the hell up, or do you want cheese with your whine?

Freiheit unerreichbar
Upon hearing the announcement and hearing his collar start to beep, Adam promptly got his things and ran out of the area as quickly as possible. Getting up once he saw his chance, Dante soon did the same.

OOC: Adam and Dante continued elsewhere.

v4 Concepts Relapse
Shadow of the Sun
Dec 7 2008, 02:53 AM
Imraan seem like a really awesome character, D/N. I wouldn't mind having him as a friend for Dominick, because of the somewhat 'outsider' aspect that both of them have, kinda.

I'm not gonna be running a self insert as such, because I reckon that you lot would think he's too unrealistic. *grin*

Also, we're sick of self inserts by now. :P