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That would be lame MMR

There's like nobody around and pregame's so close to ending I question if there's a point. 80% of the people who signed up for this aren't even here any more.

V6 Final Apps, Coming Soon!
Well, shit.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
That seems more for the resource thread than here.

In Regards to Jane Madison and Isaac Brea
If this is still open, I might like to put one in for either/both. I have no idea who of mine is going onto the island, if anybody. I have to finish them and do some pregame first.

Yet Another Podcast
Toben and I were talking about doing one but he ditched me. I'd be willing to guest or co-host.

Cochise High Clubs and Teams
I forgot to note this but Curtis would be involved in choir too.

Cochise High Clubs and Teams
Baseball: Crisanto Luz (starting pitcher, team captain(?))

Wrestling: Roderick Kanuho (varsity, 195 pound class, also possible captain)

Theatre: Kaylee Lytton

Anime: Curtis Weldon