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Ricky's wrestling matches
Is it just me or do these guys really like their team matches? Almost all the ones I've seen so far have been team matches or ones with a bunch of people in the ring.

Kinda like what we've seen of Thorn though, shame he got hurt. Kid looks like he could go places, and you two worked pretty well together while it lasted.

How To Go Far in SOTF
Oughtn't this be in RP Guides?

(Also, any pointers on improving some of the bad habits listed as negatives here?)

The Self-Analysis Section
Thread necromancy. >:(

You Know That I Could Use Somebody
Jul 27 2011, 02:49 PM
-Maximillian needs some HATERS. He's a rich, snobby type who's pretty smooth with his words but isn't afraid to upset someone to get what he wants. So, I need a few people to hate him for being so pompous. Also, since he tends to pick up girls and dump them pretty easily, I'd like some ex-girlfriends, along with maybe one or two girls who could date him during pregame and most likely have their hearts broken.

Spoiler: click to toggle

Huge bump, I know, but Flare's recently handed over the character of Max Sawyer to me. Because of that, I was just wondering who in this list was still game to have their characters connected to him; this seemed easier than tracking down and PMing everybody. Thanks!

Sell Soul->Acquire friends
Well we just discussed things between Cassandra and Mike and Max, so there's that. Mike'd prolly get on with Virgil, as would this other concept I'm working on.

Relationship Rumble Revival
Flare's handed Max Sawyer off to me if you're game for them still being connected.

Characters sharing your name
Someone tried to name a character after me once, then they took an arrow to the knee.

I mean, don't care long as they're not an actual insert of me. I've found there aren't really any fictional characters with my name anyway. Probably because no character worth a damn would be named [REDACTED].

One More Time - Relationships/Thread Making
Mike'd probably get on decently with him if you like, and I'm open to whatever we think could work between him and Kathy or Max.

Single Handler Seeking Good Info
(Join V5! :|)

I think I've read teen pregnancies are actually going down, but I could be wrong. I think Mary in v3 was the furthest along? Her or Heather, since you did that whole forced-abortion-kill thing to kick off the game.

Single Handler Seeking Good Info
Elsie in v1 was pretty early in I think. Can't remember if anyone else was though.

Single Handler Seeking Good Info
Janet was supposed to be pregnant, I think.

Edit: Just asked Slam, she wasn't apparently. Nevermind.

Single Handler Seeking Good Info
Makes sense! Just found myself curious. Not gonna argue about the fact it's overdone for no good reason; think the damn thing's shown up in all four versions.

Single Handler Seeking Good Info
Nov 21 2012, 01:34 PM
Pregnancy will almost definitely see the character denied.
Why? Just an overdone thing?

V5 Final Applications are Open!
Why would not being in pregame mean you can't be in game proper? That is silly.

You're silly.

V5 Final Applications are Open!
How soon is fairly soon? When x amount of people are approved?

(Yay, I'm Boy 1 again!)

Unto the Breach
(I'm out of ideas, and v5 proper regs just opened, so here's a fast thing)

"Called you a bad planner, that's about - whoa - it."

Phew, okay, out of the drive with no trouble. That mailbox had got a bit close, but maybe it was perspective playing tricks. Stop screwing around, Mike, don't come this far and then mess up getting out of Amy's driveway. Not to be short with her, she'd know that he always hated talking when backing out of a parking spot. Everything looked a hell of a lot closer in a car, he'd never hit anything with his Buick and he wasn't fixing to start because he was distracted.

Everything was smooth sailing once they were out of the drive, though, so Mike was content to just let himself enjoy the way over. In a way, doing it himself felt better than riding a limo.

"So, any plans for after the dance...?"

Small talk in a Buick while all dressed up. Classy.

(Michael Eastmund continued at prom)

V5 Final Applications are Open!

Pregame itself is still open for a little longer, right?

Introduction Thread
They actually do look copy-pasted.

Further V5 Rules Changes
Suggested one! I do think there should be a prize with some substance to it, but I agree that giving out roll nulls is kinda game-breaking. Both the late games of v3 and 4 had a lot of drama about nulls 'cause they could effectively choose the winner.

Further V5 Rules Changes
If nulls are no longer a BDA prize, will there be any BDA prizes from now on? And how will nulls be awarded?